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'Royal B
the Food
fulness of its ingredients.
Royal Baking Powder leavens the food perfectly
by its own inherent power without changing or
impairing any of the elements of the flour.
Thus the hot-breads, hot-rolls and muffins, and
the delicious hot griddle-cakes raised by the Royal
Baking Powder are wholesome and digestible, and
may be eaten without distress, even by persons of
delicate digestion.
v Alum baking powders are low priced, as alum costs but
two cents a pound ; but alum is a corrosive poison and
it renders the baking powder dangerous to use iu food,
- A Modern Instance.
The wonderful advance made in the
science of farming during the last few
Tears is one of the best examples of
American progresaiveness. A little in
cident recounted by the Ashtabnla
(Ohio) Sentinel is characteristic. One
evening, a short time ago, a society in
Jefferson needed a gallon of cream.
The committee called up by telephone
the proprietors of a milk farm two
miles north of the town, and asked If
they could furnish it. The reply was
that they oould as soon as milking was
done. In 30 minutes from the time the
call was made, the cream was deliv
ered. ... The milk had been drawn from
the cow, put into a separator, the
cream extracted and sent to town by a
man on a bicycle. A few years ago
the committee would have had to send
a boy in the afternoon, "yesterday's
milk," would have had to be skimmed,
and if the boy had not treed too many
chipmnncks on the way, he might
have got back in time for the festival.
the Bock Iilui Personally Con
ducted. Weekly Excursions.
Always mindful of the comfort of
their patrons, the Great Bock Island
route has again come to the front with
a new feature in connection with their
popular personally conducted weekly
excursions. All through tourist cars
on their personally conducted excur
sions are now provided with the illus
trated weekly periodicals, vis.: Life,
Puck, Judge, Leslie's, Harper's and
Illustrated London News, fresh each
week, for the free nae of their patrons.
They are placed in substanital binders,
properly marked with name of periodi
cal, etc. .
This is a distinctive feature of the
Bock Island tourist excursions, and
will no doubt be much appreciated by
the traveling public The Rock Island
excursions are np to date in every par
ticular. For full information in regard to
Bock Island personally conducted ex
cursions to all points East, write to A.
. Cooper, O. A. P. D., 246 Washing
ton St., Portland, Oregon.
When Nineveh and Babylon were in
the splendor of their might men in
China were predicting eclipses making
catalogues and giving names to the
stars. But Nineveh and Babylon were
mere mounds of earth and rubbish
when China was great, and to this date
the civilization and life of the empire
is the wonder of the world.
Home demand absorbs almost all the
street cars onr builders can turn out,
bo that the export trade in this line has
been temporarily abandoned. One or
two export houses in New York, how
ever have been doing a lively buslnes
in second hand horse cars, a large num
ber going to Mexico.
The Swedes are probably the tallest
people in Europe, and have, on the
whole, erect, handsome figures. To
some extent this advantage is due to
physical exercise, for Ling's Swedish
gymnastics are compulsory in the ele
mentary schools, and much used in
other schools and colleges.
The queen of Saxony possesses four
sapphires equal in size and beauty to
the one that glows in the crown of
England. The favorite wives of the
shah of Persia and sultan of Turkey
wear turquoises the like of which no
western queen can boast.
Every workman in the building
trades of Scranton, Pa., is on a strike
to enforce their wage scale and work
ing rales. Every Job is tied up, all
work being stopped on fair and unfair
work alike.
There are still four widows of revo
lutionary soldiers on the pension rolls
of the government at Washington. At
this rate the United States will be pay
ing pensions to soldiers of the civil
war or their widows well on in the last
quarter of the coming century and to
soldiers or their widows of the Spanish-American
war nearly to the close of
the first quarter of the twenty-first cen
tury. -'
The Boot and Shoe Workers' Na
tional Union will begin the publica
tion on January 1, of a Journal to be
ftsvotod to the interests of the craft.
Royal Baking Powder
"possesses peculiar quali
ties not found in other
leavening agents, which
arise from the superior
fitness,purity and health-
Should Women Smoke.
I have no earthly objection to women
smoking; only, if they do smoke, they
should smoke seriously. Most of them
just fool a little with a cigarette.
Now, that scarcely amounts to smoking
at all. If they really mean it, let
them take to cigars and pipes. I know
a dignified old lady, a Polish countess
what is her name? oh, well, Thing
amojisky it ends in "isky," anyhow
and I respect that woman. She gen
uinely smokes, and no mistake about
it. There is no playing there. She
looks on it as a sacred duty. She has '
a long pipe with a wooden stem and
the bark on, and a fine big bowl a
regular man s pipe, wnen sua was
visiting me, she just loaded up and
smoked, and loaded np and smoked,
am! loaded np and smoked again. She
meant business. I know another lady
who has a long Turkish pipe, and she,
too. means business. If women are
ever to be genuine smokers, that is the
way they must go to work. Mark
Twain. j
, In Germany the capital for carrying ,
on the pawnshops by the municipal au
thorities is derived either from the city
treasury or the city savings bank,
which is usually operated in connec
tion with the pawnshops. The articles
offered in pawn are valued by sworn
Information for the Fnblle.
In selecting yout route to the East
yon cannot afford to overlook the ad
vantages and comforts offered by the
Bio Grands Western Bailwsy in con
ection with the Denver A Bio Giande
and Colorado- Midland railroads. It is
the only transcontinental line passing
directly through Salt Lake City, nd
in additiou to the glimpse it affords of
the Temple city, the Great 8alt Lake,
the salt palace, and the picturesque
Utah valley, it offeis choice of six dis
tinct routes to the East and the most
magnifloent scenery in the world, A
double daily train service and through
Pullman palace and ordinary sleeping
cars, free reclining chair cars and a
perfect dining ear lervloe are now in
operation via these lines.
For pamphlets descriptive of the
"Great Salt Lake Route," apply to J.
O. Mansfield, genersl agent, 268 Wash
ington street, Portland, Or.'
Climate, Sooner? and Mature'! Sani
tarium. Scenery, altitude, sunshine and air,
constitute the factors which are rapid
ly making Colorado the health and
pleasure grounds of the world.
Here the sun shines 867 days of the
average year, and it blends with the
crisp, electric mountain air to produce
a climate matchless in the known
world. No pen can portray, no brush
can picture the majestic grandeur of
the scenery along the line of the Denver
& Bio Grande Railroad in Colorado.
Parties going East should travel via
this line which is known all over the
world as the Scenic Line of the world.
For any information regarding rates,
time tables, etc., call on or address B.
C. Kichol, general agent, 261 Wash
ington street, Portland, Or., or any
agent of the O. B. & N. Co., or South
ern Pacific Company.
Of 25 countries 19 have flags with
red in them, the list including the
United States, England, France, Ger
many,' Austria, Italy, Spain, Denmark,
Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Tur
key, Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Venezu
ela and Cuba.
The United States silk flag offered
by German Typographia No. 6, Cleve
land, to the union securing the largest
number of cash subscribers for the
Citizen was won by the Granite Cut
ters' union. '
Only commercial houses that have
paid taxes for the privileges can do
business through agents in Bussia.
Traveling men are also obliged to pay
individual taxes for permission to sell
goods as representatives of these
houses, whether they are domestio
or foreign enterprises.
It is averred by a famous Chinese
doctor that nervousness is kept out of
the Celestial Empire by the use of soft
soled shoes. The hard soles worn by
the Anglo-Saxon race are said to be the
cause of their extreme nervous temperament.
Twin Chickens.
Twenty-five dollars tor a pair of
spring chickens is a liberal price, yet
a Massachusetts farmer rejected It.
His pair of chickens, be thinks, are
quite uniqne, for they are twins, five
weeks old, and it is said that two
chickens born from a single egg have
never before been proved to live beyond
eight days. The buff brahma hen laid
rather a large egg, but no one thought
much about it until one morning the
farmer saw two bills instead of one
trying to break out of the shell. He
quickly removed the egg to the kitchen,
extricated the twin chicks, wrapped
them in cotton batting and placed them
in the oven. For three weeks the
chickens were kept in doors on a diet
of malted milk and brandy dropped
down their throats with a medicine
dropper. The twins are now hale and
hearty and run about the yard as vig
orously as any of their comrades.
One peculiarity, however, distinguishes
them from their mates. They are ex
elusive little aristocrats and neither
of them will associate with any other
chicken except his twin.
Aid. Chase approves a suggestion re
cently made by Comptroller Wolf for a
solution of the problem of the rate of
fare to be charged by the Milwaukee
Electric Bailway and Light Company.
Mr. Wolf suggested that a 4-cent fare
be charged for a single trip without
transfer privileges, and that a 6-cent
fare be charged when the passenger de
sired a transfer. This plan has been
adopted in Cleveland.
The assessors of Montreal are having
no little discussion with the street rail
way company, the Bell Telephone Com
pany and other large companies, as to
the machinery tax. The street railway
company has now, through its lawyer,
informed the assessors, that it does not
consider any tax can be legally placed
upon its poles, rails, etc.
100 RIWABD S1O0.
TO readers of this paper will be pleased to
Iters tb.l there is at least one dreaded dlMtse
Ibat science baa been able to cure In all lu
stages, and tbat la catarrh. HaU'sCatarrb Cure
U lbs only poettirs core known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional d is
sue, requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting
directly anon the blood and mucous surface
ol the system, thereby destroying the founda
tion oi tne disease, ana tiring toe patient
strength by building np the constitution and
assliting nature In doing Its work. The pro
nrietors hare so much faith In Its curative
powers, that they offer On Hundred Dollara
lor any ease thetlt falls toeure. Bend lor list
oi testimonials. Address
F. J. CH KNIT A CO., Toledo, 0.
ooia try aruggists. voo.
Ball's family fins arc the best.
The California state board of health
urges a strict quarantine against con
sumptives, as being much more danger
ous than those afflicted with smallpox
or yellow fever.
Wood carvers are in demand in New
York and the trade is booming. Mem
bers of the craft are coming from Lon
don to secure work.
' The man who condemns all others
condemns himself most.
Improved Train Equipment.
The O. R. & N. and Oregon Short
Line have added a buffet, smoking snd
library car to their Portland-Ctiioag-o
through train, and a dining car service
has been Insnguarsted. The train
equipped with the latest chair curs,
day coaches and luxurious first-class
and ordinary sleepers. Direct connec
tion made at Granger with Union Pa
cific, and at Ogden with Bio Grande
line, from all points in Oregon, Wash
ington and Idaho to all Eastern cities.
For information, rates, etc., call on
any O. B. at N. agent, or address W,
II. Hurlburt, General Psssenger Agent,
A trade paper mentions that another
new molding machine has been per
fected, by the operation of which three
men can do the work of some 60 odd
The Painters' and Decorators' union
of San Francisco inaugurated a sched
ule providing for $3 per day of eight
hours. The employers have accepted
the union's terms.
The recent raise of 20 per cent of the
wages of the employes of the Atlantic
(Ua.) Railway as Power Company
without solicitation, is commendable,
the Yukon and Tapper Rivera Close
Sooner Than Usual Thli Tear
8cowl la Danger,
Beports from the Interior Indicate
that winter has come to stay, and es
says to make a record date for closing
navigation on the Yukon and upper
rivers, says the Alaskan. The weather
from Le Barge northward has been
much below aero for a week past, and
since then telegraph Information was to
the effect that the thermometer was 18
degrees below aero at Hootalinqua,
which Is about 20 miles below lower
Le Barge, and 82 degrees below at
Great quantities of ice are coming
out of tributary rivers, and it would
not be surprising if the Yukon should
block with ice soon after the 27 Inst.
To all appearance a moderation of the
weather is the only thing in human rea
son to prevent the river from closing a
full week earlier than It did last year.
A gentleman who la pretty well ex
perienced in Klondike navigation says
that the chances are very good for
catohhig fully 100 scows in the ice
when the Yukon closes. This Is a high
It is well known that a number of
scows left Bennett with the expecta
tion of wintering this side of Dawson,
and some scows will yet leave Bennett
with the intention of waiting for spring
at Lower Le Barge.
There were six men on the two scows
wrecked In White Horse rapids lately.
but four of them were rescued. Mr.
Robinson had life in his body when
broneht to shore, and J. T. Bethune
triedevery means to resuscitate him,
but his efforts were in vain, and the
cold water or internal injuries proved
fatal to him.
It turns out that the steamboat
Lindeman may not be a total loss.
At Windy Arm the owners of the
Lindeman saved the cargo of a Dawson-
He's wrecked scow, for which they
will get. 13,000 salvage, so they are
ahead on disasters, as the total cost to
them of the Lindeman was only $1,600,
although she originally cost $0,000.
Proved n Boomerang.
Hon. C. W. D. Clifford is satisfied
with the Atlin onntry as a mining dis
trict, but he asys it is not a great pro
ducer. He thinks valuable quatra will
soon be discovered, but pronounces the
country on the whole no poor-man
camp. He says further to the Alaskan:
From what I can learn ol the banks
of Atlin the output in placer this year
will be from $760,000 to $1,000,000,
'The Anaconda group of quarts
claims, purchased not long ago by Lord
Hamilton, are being developed by a
small crew. A day and night shift is
at work, and already the men have
tunneled 80 to 40 feet and the prospects
ret better the farther they go.
"The alien exclusion law discouraged
the investment of capital in Atlin this
year, but I look for hydraulics to take
the lead in the development of the
placers. The exclusion law has proved a
boomerang, I have been opposed to it
and shall stand for its repeal."
Todd Lees, en route from Atlin to
Vancouver, cays that he has reliable
Information that up till October 10,
royalty paid on the Atlin placer out
put for the season amounted to $410,
000, and it was estimated in otlicial
circles that the output will be more
than a million.
General mining along the creeks will
continue three weeks more, says Mr.
Lees, and after that drifting will be
done to some extent on some of the
creeks through the winter. He esti
mates 600 people will remain in the
Atlin country this winter.
Are Salmon Trout Trout T
This is the closed seson for trout un
der the new law. There is some dis
agreement as to whether the fish popu
larly known as the salmon trout should
be called a trout, says the Portland
Many persons, particularly those
who like to fish for them in the winter
time, insist that the salmon trout is a
young steelhead, and tbat fishermen are
opposed to them because they eat eggs
which chinook salmon nave deposited
It will be left for the courts to decide
this mooted question, over which
learned doctors disagree, and most
people believe that they will decide it
in the matter of fact way and call the
salmon trout a trout.
This species is the only kind of trout
that will bite in the winter time, and
many Portland sportsmen have been
accustomed to fishing for them all
winter long. They are gamey, and the
meat is of excellent flavor, and the
fish form a good change of diet during
the winter time.
Improving Juneau Wharf.
The city wharf at Juneau has nn
dergone wonderful changes during the
past 10 days, and the Pacific Coast
Company, which owns a net work of
wharves along the water front, has now
started in earnest to construct its mam
moth bunkers with a capacity of 2,000
tons of coal. This is a $10,000 im
provement. The old warehouse has
been out in two, and one-half now pre
sents a broadside to the incoming
steamers, leaving a large dockyard be
tween It and the other section. The
new bunkers will be directly to the
south and the plledriver crew is now at
work putting in torredo-proof piles,
which come directly from Puget sound
These piles are covered with tar and
wrapped in heavy canvass, and by this
means are insured against the ravages
of the torredo. -
Locations for New Salmon Hatcheries
One of the prime objects of the re
cent trip of Fish Commissioner Beed
along the coast of Oregon was to find
locations for new hatcheries. He suc
ceeded in determining upon but one site,
The one decided on is on Coos bay.
or rather on the south fork of Coos
river, above the head of tide water.
Forty-Mile Victim.
W. M. Johnson, who has just returned
from a trip to Jack Wade creek, ro
ports the drowning of Henry Hornung
in the waters of Forty-Mile river on the
27th of September.
Blockade-Runner Captured,
The steamer Lebuan, of Hong Kong,
of 600 tons, with a prize crew from
the United States gunboat Castlne on
board, has arrived here. She was cap
tured while running the blockade off
Zamboauga. She had unloaded her
cargo of merchandise, says a Manila
press dispatch.
Has Helped
B. G. Dun & Co. ' trade review says:
Fears and not facts made a war in
South Africa seem a meuace to property
here, and a week of contiiothas cleared
sway the fear. British market tor
securities have been helped by the be
lief that mining shares would be worth
more without Boer control in mining
Large purchases here of ammunition
and meats have swelled the balance
due this country. Money markets have
grown less embarrassed, stocks have
gradually advanced, industries are still
supported by a volume of demand for
which no precedent can bo found, and
payments through the principal clear
ing houses for the past week have been
80.6 per oeut larger than last year, and
67.8 per cent larger than in 1802. So
great an lnorese shows the net business
of many potent forces making for pub
lio prosperity.
The heaviest transactions in steel rails
ever made so early cover 1,500,000
tons for next, year's delivery, or two
thirds of the entire oapaclty of the
Markets for minor metals are react
ing, tin having fallen to $30.62, with
a recovery to $31.25 on sales in Octo
ber 400 tons larger than nsual, and
Lake copper is largely offered at
$17.87. Lead is a shade lower at
f4.57.Hi, nd sputter is demoralised and
offured at $5. Coke holds strong, short
ness - of cars hindering deliveries,
though more ovens than ever before are
Wheat remains practically un
changed, while Atlantic exports, flour
included, have been 12,933,812 bushels,
in four weeks, against 18,488,060 last
year; Paoiflo exports, 8,197,771,
against 8,124,306 last year.
Failures for the week have been 180
in the United States, against 220 last
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla Walla, BS68o;
Valley, 68o; Bluestem, 60o per bushel.
Flour Best grades, $3.26; graham,
$2.66; superfine, $2. IS per barrel.
Oata Choice white, 8436o; choice
gray, 32(3880 per bushel.
Barley Feed barley, $15(310.00;
brewing, $18.60(320.00 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $17 per ton; mid
dlings, $22; shorts, $18; chop, $16 per
Hay Timothy, $911; clover, $7
8; Oregon wild hay, $0(87 per ton,
Butter- Fancy creamery, 6065o;
seconds, 42 i45o; dairy, 87)g40o;
store, 2535o.
Eggs 28X5o per dozen.
Cheese Oregon foil cream, 13o;
Young America, 14c; new cheese 100
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3.00(9
4.00 per dozen; hens, $4.60; springs,
$2.003.60; geese, $5.60(0.00 forold;
$4.60(40.60 for young; ducks, $4.60
per dozen; turkeys, live, 1314o
per pound.
Potatoes 60 70o per sack; sweets,
22io per pound.
Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, 80c;
per sack; garlic, 7o per pound; can it
Bower, 76o per dozen; parsnips, $1;
beans, 66o per pound; celery, 70(3
5o per dozen; cucumbers, 60o per
box; peas, 84o per pound; tomatoes,
75o per box; green corn, HX
15o per dozen.
Hops 70 Ho; 1808 crop, B6o.
Wool Valley, 1218o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 8 (3 14c; mohair, 273
tOo per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, "wethers
md eweB, 8sc; dressed mutton, 6)4(3
7c per pound; lambs, 7 Wo per pound,
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $5.00;
light and feeders, $4.50; dressed,
16.00(36.60 per 100 pounds.
Beef Gross, top steers, $3. 50 13 4.00;
cows, zss.ou; dressed Uect, t9
7J4O per pound.
Veal Large, 6i7Xc; small, 80
84c per ponnil.
eattlo Markets.
Onions, new, $1.00(91.25 per sack,
Potatoes, new, $16(318.
Beets, per sack, 85c.
Turnips, per sock, 76o.
Carrots, per sack, 75o.
Parsnips, per sock, 90c.
Cauliflower, 76o per dozen.
Cabbage, native and California, $1
1.25 per 100 pounds.
Peaches, 6580o.
Apples, $1.250 1.60 per box.
Pears, $1.0001.25 per box.
1 "runes, 6O0 per box.
Watermelons, $1.60.
Kutmegs, 50O75o.
Butter Creamery, 28o per pound;
dairy, 17022c; ranch, 20o per pound,
Eggs Firm, 80o. '
Cheese Native, 13 (314c.
Poultry 11012)e; dressed, I8X0,
Hay Puget Sound timothy, $12.00;
choice Eastern Washington timothy,
Corn Whole, $23.00; cracked, $28;
feed meal, $23.
Barloy Boiled or ground, per ton,
$21; whole, $22.
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.05;
blended straights, $3.25; California,
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $3.50; gra
ham, per barrel, $2.00; whole wheat
flour, $3.00; rye flour, $3.75.
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $18.00;
shorts, per ton, $16.00.
Peed Chopped feed, $20.50 per ton;
middlings, per ton, $22; oil cake meal,
per ton, $35.00.
San Francisco Market.
Wool Spring Nevada, 1214oper
pound; Eastern Oregon, 12016o;Val
ley, 18 20c; Northern, 8OIO0.
Hops 18U9 crop, 8110 per
Onions Yellow, 7685o per sack,
Butter Fancy creamery 28 0 80c
do seconds, 27)4 28c; fancy dairy, 2(
27c; do seconds, 28 0 240 per pound
Ekkb Store, 25028o; fancy ranch
Millstuffs Middlings, $10.00 O
20.C0; bran, $17.50018.00.
Hay Wheat $7.600 10; wheat and
oat $7.0009-00; best barley $5,000
7.00; alfalfa, $5.0007.00 per ton;
straw, 25 40o per bale.
Potatoes Early Kose, 40 0 60c; Ore
gon Burbanks, $1.2501.60; river Bur
banks, 60 0 76o; Salinas Burbanks,
$1.0001.10 per sack.
Citrus Fruit Oranges, Valencia,
$2.7508.25; Mexican limes, $4,000
6.00; California lemons 76ctl.50j
do choice $1.76 0 2.00 per box.
Tropical Fruits Bananas, $1.80O
2.60 per bunch; pineapples, nom
inal; Persian dates, 66io pel
i a iuirsuiiuhu He miuina
ookM with contempt at the men loll
ing in the sand. ' Shucks," said he,
'they think they are having ran.
nave to come ashore to gut in the mud.
They ought to live In old Missoury, on
the river. You get the sand and water
mixed there. Sometimes a man gets
more saud than water and has to go
home and be washed off. Them mud
baths in the northwest that yon hear
so much about ain't In it with a wash
in the old Missoury."
Thorite, the New Kxploslve,
Distinguished itself by passing through a
i inch steel plate. If its success contin
ues, it will mass as great a record in the
military world as Hosteller's Stomach Hit
lers til ths medk-al world. Nothing; has
appeared which can equal this woutlarful
medicine lor an uis-ases or me sioniavn,
liver or kidneys.
Panama canal construction employes
over 8,000 men.
Plan's Cure for Consumntloii has saved
me large doctor bills. -C. I,. linker, i2
Kegeiil Bq.. l'lillailelplila, fa., Uoo. s, 'UO,
pluinbeii got $8 for eight
Mothers will find Mrs. Winsiov's Rnnth.
big Hyrup the best remedy to use for their
Children during the teething period.
Comfort depends on thinking, not on
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. V. Grove's signature
la on each box. 25c.
The king's business
requires haste,
but not hurry.
CtTt Permanently Curefl. !o fltaornarveuanaaa
III after ".rat dav'a ua of Dr. Kline's Ureal
Mem Kaatorer. oend for FRKsl JM.OO trial
bottle ami treatise. Dil. H. U. sLLUTs), 11., IMS
aroa si-eei, ranaocipeia. re.
The National Consumers' League
have adopted a label to distinguish
ladies' garments whloh are made in
sweatshops or under unfair conditions
as to wages and hours. It Is not a ri
val of the regular trades anion label,
but will be used on goods produced by
working men and women who get just
treatment from employers, even if they
do not belong to labor organizations.
The Walter Bteel Company's plant
in Beading has been absorbed by the
Walter Steel Company of Jersey City,
N. J., recently organised with a capi
tal of $100,000.
The agricultural department, Wash
ington, D. C, has a machine for tak
ing continuous photographs of growing
plants. It works automatically, talc
lug a picture each hour, and daring the
night an elect rio light is thrown Into
circuit as the exposures are made.
"Daly Feed
Man and Steed.
Feed your nerves, tlso, on pun blood If
you wuU uw them strong. Men nd
oomtn H)Ao ah nervous art so btcsus
their nerves trt stsrvtd. Whin they
nuke their blood rich and pure ith Hood's
SrspritU their nervousness dissppesrs
becsuse the nerves n properly fed.
dtoctbS SaUofyq
280. AMPLt BOTTLI lOo.
iiokM wltu contwmnt at the men ion-, 1
rcur sflllctli.ru. " limps" is a spa.
lam. Neuralgia, Selatlen, Lantbaa
In case of Rheumatism Is curing more than all His dortir,pateiit rurdii lm a, elsittrlu balls and
batteries eoinbliu-d, lor they cannot sure Coronle Hheumall-m. Thorslots waats no more valu
able litns and money. Inn try " Drops" and he promptly t li ll:i. "& linn.i" It not only the
beat medicine, but It li the eheepeal, for a II 00 bottle camellia MaidoeHt. Pr1s per bull). l (,
prepaid by mall or siprvaa, or Sbottlts lor $... Kor I lie nest Suds wo will M-nd a tt sample
VuaK to auyons sanding III osnts to pay for the mailing, agents wanted, Write to-day.
Fenee and Wire Works.
and Iron leiiciiig; office railing, sic. SM Aldsr.
Machinery and Supplies.
tbiasry, supplies. is-Ml first St., Portland, Or.
A Bargain.
A twenty-five ton locomotive and tender
with i track, fur sale at a barveln. Call
on or write John Tools, foot of Morrison
... Ka.irUTACTUlSD BT...
.earn Pumps
and Water
Pumping Hants of
Any Capeolty.
to SS Flrat Street, Portland, Or.
Machinery-All Kinds.
No hniisolioM can afford In lie Willi
out It, Kvery linuwliolj can
afford to have It.
rilnglsn. U. C.. Ihey will re-
writs lo NATHAK
SICK'uSU. Waihlnslsa.
lve (mlck renlu-s. II. Ath N. II. Vols.
HiaR Win Corps. Prosecuting claim since IH7H.
treatrd tcleii
lineal I r and
cnundpntl al-
C. H. WOODAhu k CO.. I0S lesend It., Peruana.
iTriiff jMy Monthly Rasulstor CAN NOT FAIL.
UUIUI r..n. ItowiWwSnrSr.'vVlS.
Thnt tired, languid feeling, Iho pallia In the
back snd the chronlo headache will disappear
quickly If you take
noore's Revealed Remedy
It Is sn Ideal mulleins for women, eury and
pltmnaut to take. (l.UU pur bottle at your drug-giat'a.
hi Beat tMixh Syrup. Taates Uood. use t I
I Ci3 In time. Hold hr oroggtlltll',.MMIIir 1
'- Herbert M. Flsb. a protreaalve and
-espeoted resident ol tape Vtnoent,
N. V., said i Tlie doctors disagreed
la my case, one said 1 bail tlie trip,
war utai it was jeunaioe. aim so
on. i tried many remeuiss nut am
not receive lbs sllshleel benefit.
Diruea ana nervous ana
had become reduced In weigh! Irons
IU pounds to less than IM. One day
a friend recommended t'r, Williams'
Fink fills fr I'sls Psoitis. 1 tried
them ana ins result was masea mnr
velone. My appetite returned and 1
began to fcel rested and restored.
Altbeend of the tenth bos my phy
slral condition was better than II
had been lor years and 1 was a wall
latin, la.
nSSSHTM, rleJ.',
.worn to and subscribed before soe
tills I7U day of November, IMS.
Lt.e DO. WooKHUrr,
Votary JuM.
Jvem the Kagtt, Ou fines nl, if. T.
Dr. Wllllsete t ! t Ml tor Pels seels
re ser lets t"s sorsa er miner...
aia.s la eseksssa. At sli Srusoltls,
rr street treat IM Dr. WHllsmt Mtdicle
t.. leksesclad,. N. ., tO cent er set.
ssim UN.
A gorgeous bicycle bos recently Ixn n
sent from France to an Indian rajah.
The parts which on an ordinary ma
chine are nickel plated are in this bicy
ale of gold. Kven the sjiokes are cased
with gold. . The gold-cased rims are
studded alternately with tuninoUes and
rabies. A scarlot cloth held down
with jewels covers tho saddle.
There is a walnut tree 1,200 years
old In the Haider valley, near Balak
lava. It belongs to Ave Tartar fatuilius,
and still yields nearly 100,000 nuts an
nually, which are divided equally be
tween the Ave owners.
The board of charities' tabulated sta
tistics show tliat out of a population of
816,842 in Porto liico, there are 2U1.
OHli indigent and 11,858 sitk. The
nam tier of deaths as a result of the re
ceut hurricane was 2,010.
A llurglary Story.
They were telling "burglary stories"
on the veranda in front of the grocery
store In a down-east town, "The
man's hand was thrust throtiith the hole
he had cut in tho door," said the star
talker, "when the woman seised the
wrist and held on In spite of tho strug
gles of the man outdid. In the morn
ing the burglar was found dead, hav
ing cut his own throat when he found
escape iropwwililo; but the brave wo
man had not known he was dqnd, and
so hod not relousttd her grasp on hit
wrist all night long." "Huh!"
prowled tho skeptic in the corner;
"why didn't sho ftwl of his pusle?"
Buffalo Commercial.
i:i U:( lire Tea Id M "S Cc;iM Withcat Titty Bel?
Do yon not think yon bars wMled prerlimi lime and iuffrrid emrnihf
sn, thun try tbe "6 trop" and Im prompt! snd prrtniipiul rnrl ot
aaooaiiirlwl), K Ulnar itiaeaaae.
Asthma, Hay re.er. dyspepsia, ( alarm or an stitua, nrnnrnitis,
I. a Grippe, Headache (nervous and ni-tirsliilu). Heart Weakness,
lirnpsy, Kurarhe, Hpaainoille and I'atatrnal t'ronp, Teolharb.,
Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Creeping Numbness, Malaria, and
kindred d Issues, "i I'ropa" has cured mora ple itnrint the peat (onr
veara. of the above-named dlaeaars. than ell other rummies known, and
and Mule Lantern Ttargaln List
No. 16 now ready lor mailing.
T. P. ANUKKWH, lot Montgomery
8L San Pranclacu.
You Cu't Itkt i Mistake bj Taking the
For h is the favorits through Dining Car
and Buffet-Library Car Lin East.
Por further particulars call on or address
), it. NAUfcL, O. P. A. V. K.( uMAN, U. A.
124 Third Strsst, Portland, On.
tX NARTgT.1l snot.
lief for Women"
k- Smlvaa. la plain, aMUndanvalnita. Writs
Llaj l..r Uili noolr mmlaiiilnir PaniKS.
m sad Tasuaaoiuaia f KK. eUkTaiS
French Ferula Pills.
lmlMd by ihsMaaftmla i4 sui.stV! foils
(. -vlwsnrt rstllsUii stud aril bout mi sviusU.
Htililhvall rtrutsriaraln tng-i kvu....k
BMfJ im nsju in UI'Mr. WT Stliil UU, I Bj ftp
fruwb Pru Co., ttl k KM Vmti it,,
D Oi
ONE FOR A DOSE, Cure Slrk Haadsehe
J., "ft-ian. Ill-mote I'lmplessnd Purlly the
Blond. Aid I 'lit -allon n nd Tre von l llllloii.naaa. la
notOrlpeorHlnkan, Tucniivlnra van, w will mall
ample fraa, or full Imi for IV. lilt. ItOHANKU
CO., ritlUilu , tfouua. Sold br Urucgltu,
..MprtMsUiiA mnUWrftftndeanawi IttTiiiisj.
Till form. mII m Hllml, BUoillut; ,r I'mirmflug
PtlM fliirsH hr Or. foiunko'f Pl) R nmndy
(HifUst Ur It in at 111! blfjft'liiig, AiiHorhM ttiuinrsi. tVi; 1 ,
Jftrat drutfviatfttirMtil liy MiH,'fri'M.i frni. Wrlisj
In about f uur OaM,
MIV. uwoAti lay. I'liua
Kor 0'innrrhiM. tvtiil Ultwt tft Pl-Ii Okay Hpv?lfld. II
m Mi M1,Y iNiMUfltn whit, will uur kucIi mwI avitrV
osuM, NO f'AHK known It tiM vBf rnlri to niir, IIA
ii.bm.mit uiiw aw riots ur ui now lung aidiMiHttgf,
II est allslllllteIV SkkfA
Hrau list
insn itst usnv win susMiniaw yy. fi
rivi)la sjtiiftura, .anil on bn teki
gsifiw and dfOntion from htmli.,
taknn without Iticcnivf.
hIa by ail rlialil ilrifirK'iitN, or mnt pruufUti by oiDrvam,
ItUlnly wrapped, un rat-,! nf prh. by w
rtmnMt tuA LV.:i cutiiioACoft,ito in
run h, tJ.m. frir
CfnvlsW MsvtietJ on rmjuoat.
tlsa llltM far unnatural
Irrluituua or Hlcaiatlons
of ma iion a nianiliraiiaa,
I'slulaaa, snd not satrla
gaul sr polaunous. ,
old by nrnnlata.
or sant n rtUi,, wrappav.
hr iprai, prepaid, il
imi. uraimtti,.;, ttV
(Jlruular aunt u rnguaat.
M. P. N. 0.
MO, 4S-'W.
Iirss nau ...
Wna.iv writing -firertisr ul
tn sant. In as tit 1 at r
f is.t y.
MJJM OwaaiMsl
KM Mt la ftrlsjurt,
rrfau tonurlsw,
lrHlEVAs)lOHEM!flM Oft,
, "Til-

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