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fcao 1 uauut 1 iniwi lhA CiaiCULATl'
.. A. PATTISON....
Idllor tad Proprietor,
r :ettml earts.
...11 Wast ajontk
una en nam ..
1 to Mr Bud
... I M Mr mnntk
... I DO m' mouth
..-..10 00 per moat
Ooa-onaiter cnlnmn..
UOne ball eolimn
On year (In aaano), ft M
If not imid lu kdrtuut...... ...... 1 00
III ninntlii ,.,.......,...,. 1 (M
Three UiOllthS((.,,.M.e.iM.M. ...,...... W
Inula bIi.
SIS 'MtllMeflMtl
Sulneei local! will ke oUtricd t 18 oenia mi
Mas far I ret nuertoa tad I oeatt Mr Um Uer,
Legal MVaTtiaaaenM U IB til MM k
kui4 t the Mrty ordering tkm, et lag)
BMW, an Mid for Mfn efldavtt U furnish
NO. 52.
Epitome of the Telegraphic
News of the World.
Ah Interesting Collection of I tains From
tlla Two llvniiapliarea Presented '
lu a Condansad Form,
Lord Holier!' casualties at rards.
berg, were 721, iu on days' lighting,
lrofltaof the Kiinlterley Diamond
Mining Company last year were $10,"
Democratic offlcem (or minor state
offlne in Kentucky have been given
Evnville, InV, people are lml re to
tin estate in the Fiji islands, valued at
k 110.000,000,
F. D. Armour, Jr., who died tecenl
ly In Pasadena, Cal., left An estat
valued t $8,000,000. ,
Several Klondiker were arrested Id
Esquimau fortification, under tho be
lief tlint they were spies.
Astoria. Dr., physicians urge the peo
pie to extriiiltiHt the rut iu order to
keep out the buboulo plague.
Juat 10 yean Aftr the Boer victory
at Majub hill, Cronje and 4,000 wen
surrender to the British force.
The tnnsport Hancock lias Airived
t Hun Francisco from Manila, with
the bodice of 000 dead beroee.
The president haa nominated Henri
fl. Miller, of Josephine county, Or., to
be consul at Chung King, China.
The UriKab intelligence department
estimates the total lkmr strength at
81, HOB, while England be over 180,
000 men.
Prince PouUtowskl, , of Ban Fran
Cisco, bat purchased the Inland of Haul
Ian, one of the Philippines, for $500,.
000. The Isluitd ia valuable for iti
pearl flaheriei And hemp trade.
Hie Baldwin Locomotive Work oi
, Philadelphia, ha received an ortlei
I room the Pal in fc Orleans railway ol
i j-ranee, ir ou ivwneei pananngei
tiylnee. Thia ia the tint locomotive
contract ever placod by the railway la
The Chamber of Commerce of Han
Francisco, hna appointed a committal
to consider Ilia advisability of en tab
lishing a branch of the New York
American-Asiatic Association, the pur
ioae of which ia to increase trade with
the Orient.
The ateamer Australia Arrived At Pan
Franciaco from Honolulu. Bhe bringt
newa that after IS daya bod paaaed
without a aign of plague, three cater
were dlacorered on February 19, and
all ended fatally. The vlctlma wen
two Chineae, nmlea, and a woman,
half Chlneiw and half Hawaiian. Tai
council haa appropriates! another f 100,
000 to allow the board of health t
carry on the work of lighting tbl
Cronje haa anrrendiired.
l'uet fiouud aalmon packer hava
National Dimotalllat will meet ii
Kan City in July.
In a battle with the Yaqala, Mexican
troupe lout over 200 in killed and
Hamilton H. Oreyaon, former pot
maatur at Manila, died iu I'hiladel
pbla.'of hlcoougli.
Two ritUborg tin plat work havt
reramed operation, giving employ,
went to 1,000 workingmen.
Dr. A. Wright, of Buffalo, preaidenl
of the American Inatitute of Honieo-
path, U dead, aged 74 year,
Fire In Montroal destroyed thi
Theater rrancaia and nearly ail eutir
block, cauiug A lot ot f 100,000.
CAtholic In New York Are seeking
the privilnue of teaching their religioo
la the public avhool at certain hour.
The Utiitod ft Into government will
build road and wharve and 2,400
inilea of telegraph line thia year la
fv I'ugiliat Tom (jbarkey threaten to
fyr Retire from the ring unlet he can ar
i -"K8 match with Fitaaimuion oi
'' Jeffrie.
The United Htute aupremo co-rl
haa deuied the application of Captain
Oborlin Carter to bring hi caae lute
that court.
The Interstate Commerce Commi
alon'a aeHNiou at Norfolk, Nub., ia luve
tiguting alleged dlouriiuinution In
freight ratoe.
In London, the (Jrnnd tlmator, when
Henry Irving and other Actor hav
been in the habit of beginning previa
oial tour, waa gutted by lire.
Admiral Dewey ot hi prico money
oaau. the court of claim docidinu thai
the Spfliiiah Hunt in Manila bay wai
not iupcrior to the Amoriouu. lie wai
awarded $U,750.
Full power have been granted to
Henry L. Wimon, United 8tute miu'
irttur to Chili, to igu a treaty of extra
dition he hua nogotiuted with th
Chilean government.
Mitt Susan B. Anthony recently cole.
bratud her eightieth birthday auul
veraary. .
lu Uannntt cities morchant are not
Allowed to put up aigna nulesg th
fording is Uue.
I'rinoe Henry of RnaaiA was robbed
by bandit while on hi way to viult
the king of Hlnm,
Col, George T. Perkins, of Akron,
0., ha preseutod that city with 80
Acre of land valued at $100,000 a f
playground for children.
Prospects for the termination of the
Colombian revolution are poorer than
At Vienna, the Crown Princes Steph
anie, of Austria, was married to Count
Von Lonray.
The total number of Boer prisoner
oaptnred at Paardeberg by the British
li 4,000 men. '
A party of ix American robber pros
Doctor have been massacred by Indian
in the wild of UratU.
The twelfth convention of the Nation
al Uepnblloan League bus been called
to meet la the city of tit. Paul, July
17, 1800.
Fro aen meat, (applied to the Ameri
can army in the Philippine, 1 reported
by officials in Manila to be highly
A passenger train on the Canadian
pAoiflo, near Toronto, Canada, jumped
the track, and several member of par
liament were injured.
The Kentucky legislature has passed
a bill Appropriating 1100,000 to carry
on the work of hunting down the as
sassin of William Ooebel.
In An engagement between Mexican
and Maya Indiana, near Hsnta Cms,
800 Mexican defeated 8,000 Indiana.
Indian killed numbered 82.
Filipino Insurrection ha not yet
been anbdued. The rebel are prepar
ing for th rainy season and will carry
on guerrilla warfare on a large scale. .
William Henry, A half-breed Indian
of Ooreto, Cal., ahot and killed Nettle
Smith, a young Indian woman, and
then killed himself. Jealousy was the
Forty-three and one-half incbea of
snow in 88 hour is the new record
established at Kocheiter, N. Y. The
railroads are recovering from the biggest
fight against the element) they navt
bad In many year.
The Carterivllle, HI., union miners,
who have been on trial fur the past 40
days at Vienna, charged with murder
ing negro miners, were acquitted by
the jury. Four other obargea are pend
ing Against the miners.
Belief in the efficacy of prayer aa a
sura cure for disease waa the cause oi
the divorce granted to George E.
White, ex-congressman and A wealthy
lumber dealer of Chicago, from nil
wife, Minnie A. White.
The Canadian Papermakers' Asso
ciation at Montreal, adopted a scale ol
prtoe for oarload lota, five-ton lota and
itU-reatn lots ot different grades ol
paper. The increase In present price
i from 10 to 13 per cent
British troop have again occupied
Ren berg,
Jonbert oppose Buller with more
An arid land conference will be bold
At 8aU Lak April 18.
The Maya Indiana an giving th
Mexican a hard tight.
Th Puerto Bican tariff bill ha passed
th house by a vote ot 172 to 100.
The Innlskllling fusilier were
caught In a Boer trap At Hallway Hill
and unmercifully slaughtered.
Two person were killed and several
badly injured ia a collision between
two passenger train near Kansas City,
During the carnival procession At
Caracas, Venezuela, two shots were
fired at President Castro, without
All ohanoe ot saving any of the Span
ish Armored cruisers sunk off Bantiago
baa gone. The Cristobal Colon haa
alid into deep water.
The Russian pies la clamoring for
Intervention. They contend it la time
to end the most infamous war England
ha ever waged through lust for gold.
The greatest fire Newark, N. J., ever
experienced swept through the retail
dry goooda district, destroying a soot
of buildings, causing a loos of 81,000,
000. .
Tho Swedish mail steamer Rex
stranded off Lohmnrgut IoUnd, off the
coast of Germany, during a fog. .Five
stewardessea were drowned in attempt
ing to leave the ship.
General Miles say thatCronje's sur
render I not a serious injury to tho
lloer cause. He expressed admiration
for the 4,000 patriots who stood off for
10 daya 50,000 of the British army.
Lou Curry, one of the train robbers
who was eugaged in tho Wilcox, Wy
anting, hold-up on the Union l'aclllo
last June, when something like ISO,
000 waa secured, waa ahot and killed
by officer near Kausa City while re
sisting arrest.
Two meu who hava arrived at Ana
heim, Cal., from the Rautlago moun
tains, report that there have been many
earthquake shocks In the section since
last Christmas. No' serious damage is
known to have been doue, aa there are
few habitation there.
At a meteing in Ran Franeisoo, a
plan ot organisation ha been agreed
upon by the promoter of the 1'anitlo
Commercial Museum. All commercial
bodies on this coast have been asked
to request their congressmen and sena
tors to support the pending bill to ap
propriate $200,000 tor a publio mu
seum at Philadelphia.
"Women sailor are employed in Don
mark, Norway and Finland.
Report from 45 oollegea show dis
couraging religious conditions ia but
Booth-Tucker cay God use America
aa a connecting link between other
uationa, ,
Thomas Yates, of Toledo, O., la the
only living American who tosk part in
the charge of the Light brigade At
j liulaklava.
The Senate Passed the Gov.
eminent Bill.
Puort Rleo Tariff Bill Ilopvrtad Front
the Hons and Mad the Vn
flulshsd Buslosss.
Washington, March 8. The bill pro
viding a form of govenrment for the
territory of Hawaii was passed by the
senate today without division. Cul
lom has had charge of the measure.
Clay, of Georgia, delivered a carefully
prepared speech on the Philippine ques
tion. He favored the adoption ot the
Bacon resolution declaring it to bo the
policy of the United State to turn over
the Islands to the Filipinos as soon as a
stable government could be established
by them wider the protection of this
country. At the instance of Foraker,
the Puerto Kioo tariff bill was made
the unfinished business, and will be
considered aa soon as the conference re
port on the financial bill shall have
been disposed of.
The Democrat scored their first
victory of the session in the house to
day on the motion to take op the con
tested election case of Aldrich-Kobbins,
from the Fourth Alabama district. Oa
two seperste votes, the Democrats, with
the aid of two Republican. Mondell
(Wyo.), and If. C, Smith (Mich.),
beat the Republicans on the question
of the consideration. An agreement
waa made to consider the Loud bill re
lating to second-class mail matter on
March SO. A bill was passed to grant
an American register to the ship Wind
ward, in which Lieutenant Peary will
make an attempt to reach the North
Skat by OSBoara Wall lUaUtlag Ar
.. raat.
Kansas City, Mo., March 8, Lon
Curry, one of the train robbers who waa
engaged in the Wilcox, Wyo., holdup
on the Union Pacific last June, when
aomethlng like $30,000 waa secured,
was shot and killed by officers near
here thia morning while resisting
Curry Was visiting the borne of his
aunt and cousin, Mrs. Bob Lee and
Misa Llsaie Lee, in the country, 10
miles sooth of Kansas City, and bad
been there a week. Thomas Haven,
assistant superintendent of the Pinker
ton office at San Francisco, discovered
Logan at Cripple Creek, Colo., two
weeks ago, but lost him, and Anally
traced him to Kanaa City, where he
appear to have arrived February 18.
Yesterday Logan waa located at the
Lee home, and early thia morning
three local detective and three Pinker
tons, including Bayers, surrounded the
house and called on him to surrender.
Instead, Curry darted out of the rear
door, pistol in band. As he reached
the gate and turned to fire, a volley
from the deteotives caused him to
waver. He ran 150 yards across the road
and into A cornfield before he fell.
When the detective reached him he
waa breathing his last. There was a
bullet wonnd through hi head. Hia
revolver waa still clutched In hi hand.
Curry was placed in a wagon and
brought to the morgue in Kansas City.
Babals AaahlB; road.
New York, March 8. A dispatch to
the Herald from Madrid aaya: The
Filipino junta here aaya that a special
envoy from Aguinaldo will Arrive in
Peris in March, and will go thence to
London end Berlin to seek funds for
the continuation of the struggle against
American supremacy. It ia declared
that guerrilla warfare will be continued
and it is hinted that assurances of
money to continue the fight have been
received from Europe. .
Franoh Cannon Factory Burn ad.
Le Creosote, France, March 8. Fire
broke ont yesterday evening in the
furuova cannon factory beta whence the
Ron obtained their powerful "Long
Toms." Two enormous buildings, con
taining gun materials, stores and a
number of artillery models, were de
stroyed. The losses are estimated at
nearly 1,000,000 francs. A large
number of workmen have been thrown
out ot employment.
Whan Marrltt Ratlras.
Washington, March 8. V'ior Gen
eral John R. Brooke, who ha . been in
thia city since bis recent detachment
from duty as governor general of Cuba,
has been delegated for the military de
partment oltbe East, with headquarters
at New York. The change In that
command will not ooour until June
next, when Mar Geueral Wesley Mer
rltt will retire. General Brooke was
offered hi choice of the command ot
the department of the lake and the
department of the East, and expressed
hia preference for the latter assignment.
General Merritt'a retirement will re
sult in the promotion of Brigadier Gen
eral E, 8. Otis (major general United
States volunteer), commanding the
military forces in the Philippines, to
the grade of major general in the regu
lar establishment.
Lata Winter Storm.
St. Lonis, March 8. -Every railroad
running into the city, especially from
the West, is suffering aa the result ot
the heavy tall ol snow in the Missis
sippi valley during the past two days.
In St. Louis the streets are deeply cov
ered with snow, and tratllo ia much
New York, March 8. Report from
all interior notnts in the state indicate
I the worst snow storm In many years
The blissard weather is general.
Fast Tract Barn ad Ovar favaa Parson
Vancouver, B. C. , March 5 The
steamer Aorangi, from Sydney, today
brings An aocoant of the most disas
trous bnsb fires in Victoria experienced
in the last 60 yean. The entire
Warrnambool district has been devas
tated, end the damage is estimated at
$2,000,000. The fire broke out simulta
neously in various parts of the colony,
and burned for two days and three
nights, finally burning itself out the
morning of January 81, The whole
country between Dunkeld and Mort
lake is a mass of blackness. Seven
persons perished in the flames, which
swept over a tract 40 miles long snd
80 miles wide, consuming 1,000,000
Acre of grass, six wool warehouses,
2,000 sheep and 1,000 cattle and horses.
The latest news from Noumea prior
to the sailing of the Aorangi was to the
effect tbst the plague bad again broken
out among the kanakas. In almost
every case the disease has proven fatal
to the kanakaa, but in the majority of
case core are effected among Euro
peans. , In five weeks the mortality
has been nine Europeans and 54 kana
kas and Asiatics. So far, owing to
the strict measures taken by the author
ities to prevent the pest extending to
the country, it ha only been reported
at Neponi. The village of Neponi bat
beea quarantined . One caae of bubonic
plague is reported from Tasmania, and
there was also one caae at Sydney, but
both recovered. There wai a tremend
ous scare ell through the Australian
colonies, end rigorous quarantine regu
lations have been enforced, with there
suit that no other plague cases have
made their appearance.
The coast defenses ot New Caledonia
are being strengthened. Urge sums be
ing expended in erecting forts on the
bills and in the suburbs of Noumea.
Convicts Are being employed in the con
struction of earthworks And batteries.
These publio works, ntilizing the serv
ices of all the convicts, none of the
Utter will for the future be let out to
private enterprise.
The scarcity of labor haa necessitated
A ceeaation ot mining operations. The
government has entered into negotia
tions with the Japanese government to
bring over 2,000 Japanese as agricul
tural Uborers, and 8,000 for work in
the mines.
The Sydney papers have a story about
Misa Logan, an American girl, 81
years of age,. who is termed the "Hero
ine of the Caroline Group." She is
the daughter of the first missionary to
the group sent from Boston by the Con
gregational board ot the Untied States.
Rev. Robert Logan died 12 years ago,
and since hU death his work haa been
carried on by hia widow, who was the
first white woman in the IsUnda.
Through illness Mn. Logan waa obliged
to return to the United States, and her
daughter volunteered to remain alone
at the mission.
aerate Lob; Submit a Statement t
Washington, March 5. Secretary
Long has made a statement to the bouse
naval committee on the general needs
of the navy and the desirability of not
building new ships in government
yards. As to the new ships, be held to
his recommendation at the time con
gress met, namely, three armored cruis
er of about 18,000 ton each, with the
heaviest armor and most powerful ord
nance; 12 gunboats of about 900 tons
each, three protected cruisen of about
8,000 tons each. As to building war
ship in our navy yard, Mr. Long said
the cost much more than those Imilt
under contract, and took twice as long
to build them. .
Admiral Dewey suggested to the com
mittee that it leave off the 13 gunboats
and give three new battleships instead.
He said that the battleships would be
more serviceable, as General Otis bad
just purchased 14 gunboats, . and had
turned them over to the navy. They
were in fair condition, and the admiral
said that from hia experience, he
thought they were just the vessels
needed for service in the Philippines.
Baaing In Chicago School.
Chicago, March 5. The boxing
bouts which were held in the basement
of the South Division Hiah school un
der the supervision of Principal Smith,
find favor in the eyea of the board of
education authorities. President G. H.
Harris stated that he saw nothing
wrong in them as long aa Mr. Smith
supervised them. Superintendent of
City Schools Andrews not only indorse
the exercise, but sajs that he believes
that boxing la the best sport in which
the students can partake.
Franco's Naval Policy.
Paris, March 6. -In the chamber of
deputies today, while the naval esti
mate were under consideration, M.
Lockroy, ex-minister of marine, made
A notable speech, explaining his view
reuarding the proper naval policy for
France to follow. He declared it neces
sary for Franco to make great mone
tary sacrifices for her navy, as her for
eign policy depended upon her naval
Bishop Gilbert Dead.
St Paul, Minn., March 6 Bishop
Gilbert, coadjutor of the diocese of
Minnesota (Episcopal), died here to
day, aged 52. He had previously been
located in Montana.
Imprisoned Minors.
Redding, Cal., March 8. Of the
eight miners who were imprisoned by
yesterday's cave-in in the Iron Moun
tain mine, four were afterwards res
cued, but have died from their injuries.
The dead are: David E. Ross, A. Cav
anaugh, R. Castillon and Alfred Oatea.
The four still entombed are: J. Mo
Bioom, R. McCalliop, A. Van Buren
and J. Gates. While the work of res
cue is being rapidly pushed, it is with
out expectation of finding them alive.
Roberts Moves His Camp to
Th Mala Fore I Being Concentrated
Farther Morth Under Jonbert,
Where Bnttl Will Occur.
London, March 5. Lord Roberts, at
Osfonteln, six or eight miles east of
Paardeberg, (aces the re-formed Boer
army, from 6,000 to 6,000 strong.
This may be merely a corps ol observa
tion ready to retire on prepared posi
tions. Doubtless it is receiving itera
tions from the late besiegers of Lady
smith, and from other points. What
ever the force may be, Lord Roberts
has ample troops to cope with it. Ai
a heavy rain is (ailing on the veldt And
the grsss is improving, this will be a
good thing temporarily for the Boers.
British Camp mt Osfonteln.
Osfonteln, March 5. The British
camp has been moved here. A heavy
rain is falling, the veldt is improving,
supplies are rapidly arriving, and the
men are in good health, despite the fact
that they have been on naif rations for
a fortnight. Cecil Rhodes has sent a
quantity of champagne from Kimber
ley to be drunk to the health of Lord
Lord Robert has published an order
thanking the troops for their courag
and for the seal and endurance they
have displayed amid the hardships of a
forced march. He says that their for
titude and general conduct have been
worthy of the queen's soldiers.
A (light skirmish occurred several
miles southeast, in which Colonel
Remington had a horse shot under him.
The Boer forces on our front are be
lieved to be under the joint command
of Botha, De Larey And Dewet. They
ere expecting reinforcements from
The guns that were captured at Paar
deberg have been brought here. The
rifles captured have, in many cases,
scriptural texts engrsved upon them,
for example, "Lord, strengthen this
It is said that just prior to General
Cronje'a surrender there was almost a
mutiny in camp.
Pnerto Bican Itntlea to B TJaad for
Starving Paopla.
Washington, March 5. Two boon
after the receipt ot a special message ol
the president recommending the imme
diate passage of a bill to place in his
hands all the moneys collected upon
Puerto Rican goods since the Spanish
evacuation of the island, to be used tot
tbe relief of the Puerto Ricans, had
been read to tbe house today, the house
had passed and sent to tbe senate a bill
to carry out the recommendation.
The message came like a bolt ont ot
a clear sky to tbe minoiity. They were
at first inclined to hail it with delight
as A reproof of the majority for the
passage of the Puerto Rican tariff bill.
The Republican leaders, however, had
a bill ready to carry the president's
recommendations into effect. Cannon
Asked immediate consideration of it,
and this was given. It was only when
the debate opened and it had been
agreed that 20 minutes should be al
lowed on a aide that, under the lead of
Bailey, of Texas, the Democrats began
lining up against the bill, because it
placed no limitations upon the presi
dent's discretion in the use of the
money. The bill was passed by a vote
of 162 to 197, IS Democrats, 2 Popu
lists end i Silver Republicans voting
with tbe Republicans. .
Blllloa-Dollnr Trail.
New York, March 6. A special tc
the Tribune from Wheeling, W. Va.,
aays: A combination of iron and stee
industries, with $1,000,000,000 capital,
will be completed within six months
from April 1. It will include the
American Tin Plate Company, the Na
tional Steel Company, the American
Hoop & Wire Company, tbe National
Steel Company (now forming) and an
other which la already in existence and
which is as large or larger than any ot
the concerns named. The name of t jis
latter concern U withheld. This infor
mation is given by a man who holds
interests in all save one of these com
binations, and who, with W. T. Gra
ham and Judge Moore, ot Chicago,
planned the American Tin Plate Com
pany and the National Steel Company.
German j nnd tho Peace Coafarcneo.
' Berlin, March 5. During the debate
in the Kelchstag today on the foreign
office estimates, Herr Grandnauer,
Social-Democrat, requested to be in
formed aa to the attitude of the govern
ment in regard to The Hague peace con
ference. The minister of foreign
affairs. Count von Bulow, replied:
"Our aims are always directed to
ward peace, and it will not be broken
by us. I can give no guarantee of the
action of others. There lore, we must
be armed. We gladly participated in
the labors of the conference, but could
not agree to obligatory arbitration, and
oan only decide upon recourse to Arbi
tration aa cases arise."
Lone Highwayman.
Calistoga, Cal., March 5. The Cal
istoga and Clear Lake stage waa held up
today by a lone highwayman on Mount
St. Helena, aix milea from thia city.
The robber secured $4.50 in cash and
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s express box,
which is said to have contained but
little of value. The stage was driven
by A. R. Palmer, and it contained four
passengers, three women and one man,
au Italian gardener, who contributed
the $4.60. The passengers went not
Prospecting and Mining In Gapo Home
Newspapers and private letters re
ceived from Cape Nome via Dawson say
that considerable prospecting was car
ried on this winter. Many miners have
an idea that at and below low water
mark the richest sands will be found.
Therefore, as soon as the ice was solid
ly frozen to tbe bottom of tbe shore
they began prospecting to solve a
much-vexed question as to the origin of
the gold in the beach sands. Prospect
ing in tbe tundra warrants the belief
that it Is impregnated with gold much
in the same manner as the beach.
Tundra prospecting, the advices say,
had not been carried on extensively,
owing to tbe difficulty encountered in
sinking to bedrock on Account of water.
The ground freezes to n unknown
depth, the same as in the Klondike,
snd if it should prove rioh an area of
country will be developed that will be
greater than a score of Klondikes rolled
into one. From what has already been
done, it was said to be reasonable to
predict that the tundra would prove
very rich. Big prospects had been
found in dozens of places, right from
tbe grass roots, but the weather bas not
yet been sufficiently cold to enable bed
rock to be reached.
Anvil creek ia the Eldorado of West
ern Alaska. Claim No. 1 below bas
thus far proved to be the banner claim,
and is owned by Japhet Linderberg.
Tbe output haa been enormous, when it
is considered that it was worked but
six weeks. From this claim $117,000
was cleaned up, while Discovery yield
ed $58,000 in three weeks; No. 2
above, $30,000; No. 4, $80,000; No. 8,
$40,000; No. 6 was worked, but the
pay streak was not located. No. 7,
owned by Dr. Kittelsen, produced
about $30,000; No. 8, belonging to
Price & Lane, $192,000; No. 9, belong
ing to the Swedish Mission, $68,000;
Nob. 10 and 11, owned by C. D. Lane,
How to Writ Advert! lenient a.
The most successful pol
icy which can be adopted
in writing any advertise
ment is to bo word it as to
win tbe confidence and re
spect of the reader. If you
can make such an impres
sion upon the reader's mind
that he will believe that
you are in earnest in what
you say, that you really be
lieve it yourself, and that
you are laying tbe case be
fore him in a plain, busi
ness like 'manner, without
Any exaggerations or at
tempts to mislead him, you
are nearly sure to get that
person's trade.
were worked on lays, and the Lapland
ers who worked them got for their
share $50,000 clear money.
Several quartz ledges have been
located along Anvil, one opposite No.
9, on the right limit, and another oppo
site No. 7, and it ia believed that a
little development work will uncover
the mother ledge, and, if found, the
output is sure to be enormous.
Other claims on tributaries of Nome
snd Snake rivers have been prospected
to a limited extent. Enough has been
done, however, to warrant the belief
that tbe work of next summer will re
veal Eldorado and Bonanza by the
Fire destroyed the store of the North
American. Transportation & Trading
Company at Fort Yukon, January 9.
All the valuable contents of provisions,
dry goods, household goods, turs and
everything else in the building was de
stroyed with it.
A Department of Mines.
A new cabinet officer, to be known
as the secretary of mines and mining,
is provided in a bill favorably acted on
by the house committee on mines and
mining. Tbe bill creates on executive
department, which shall have entire
charge of affairs relating to mines, in
cluding geological surveys.
The proposed secretary of wines is
to have the same rank and salary as
other cabinet officers, and an assistant
Another mining measure favorably
acted open establishes mining experi
ment stations in each ol the mining
states, similar to the agriculture ex
periment stations, and provides for the
Appointment of a government geologist
At $3,500 And An assayer at $3,500, in
tbe several mining states. These offi
cers are to furnish assays, issue public
bulletins and conduct explorations of
mining regions.
Mining many yean ago left tbe realm
of speculation and now occupies a dig
nified end important position Among
the legitimate industries of tbe world.
As the yean pass gambling, aa a fea
ture ot mining enterprises, is fast dis
appearing. While gambling in mining
Stocks msy continue indefinitely, the
mining industries, per se, is as free from
illegitimate practices as in any other
business. Henoj it should receive tbe
same interest, fostering can and pro
tection, at the hand of the general and
local governments, a do other Indus
trie. A commercial club has been organiz
ed at Vale, Malheur county, Or., to pro
mote the business interests of tbe com
munity. When a soldier enlists in the English
Army he has given him a little volume,
containing among other things three
blank forms for a will. These are us
ually found properly made out on the
body ot the soldiers killed on the bat
tlefield, but often wills are left in other
ways. It is related that an English
iioldier, found dead on the battlefield,
had scratched on the inside of his hel
met: "All to my wife," using the end
of a bullet to write with. The war de
partment held the will to be valid,
Six Persons Burned to Death
in New York.
It Was In tha Cheap flowery Section,
ad Property I.oia Waa Only
About SS.OOO.
New York. March 6. -Six persons
were burned to death and two were in
jured early this morning in a fire which
occurred in a seven-story lodging house
At 44 to 48 Bowery. Tbe dead are:
Charles Buttie, 40 years old; John
CUrk, 50 yean old; Edward Doyle, 85
years old; Henry Juckson (colored),
85 ysan old; one unidentified man
about 50 yean old, Stephen Carney, 75
yean old. Martin Gallagher, 63 years
old, wss burned about the face and
hands and also removed to the hospital.
Edward Walker, 47 yean old, was
burned, but after having his wound
dressed, remained at the lodging house.
Tbe fire was discovered shortly after
o'clock. Smoke was pouring from
the windows of the fifth floor, and the
flames were making rapid progress.
The lodging bouse was cut up into
132 rooms, snd 90 of these small places
were occupied when the fire broke out.
Policemen sent in an alarm and burst
into tbe place to arouse the inmates.
They notified tbe night clerk, who im
mediately rang the alarms all over the
house. Tbe hallways were instantly
filled with a crowd of excited people.
The policemen forced their way to the
upper floors in an effort to rescue some
of the helpless, believing one or two
were overcome with smoke. They
carried out Thomas Harper, a one
legged man, and Ed Waker, who had
been burned and partially overcomu by
tbe smoke. Stephen Carney was found
dying on the floor in his room, where
the flames had already burned tbe old
man's face, hands and body, but a
policeman picked him up and carried
him ont of the building.
Tbe firemen succeeded in putting out
the flames without- great loss to the
building. After tbe fire was out they
began a search. The bodies of all. five
ot the victims were found on the fifth
flow, where the fire did the most dam
age. Buttie was suffocated in bis bed.
John Clark waa found on the floor oi
bis room dead, as was also Edward
Doyle. The colored man was found
dead at a window, and the unidentified
man had been overcome just as be waa
dragging himself from the window to
the fire escape. All the bodies were
taken to the morgue. The damage to
the building will amount to about $3,
000. The place was conducted by
Domino Milano, and was a cheap Bow
ery lodging house.
Carney, who died tonight, is said to
have been a licensed priest of the
Catholio church.
Prevention of Forest Fire.
Washington, March 6. Investigation
of the causes, effects, and means of
prevention of forest fires in the West,
will be carried on this summer in
Washington, Oregon, California, Ari
zona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado,
Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota. Be
sides field study, designed chiefly to
discover means of preventing the evil,
the forestry division is making a his
troic record of all important fires which
have occurred in the United States
since 1754. Although yet incomplete,
this indicates that the annual recorded
loss by forest burnings in the United
States is. at the very lowest, $20,000,
000. It will probably run far above
this sum, as the Pacific coast states
have been only partially examined.
Accounts of over 5,500 disastrous fires
have been obtained in the ' 17 states
already examined. Michigan, Minne
sota and Wisconsin hare suffered the
most severely.
Bead Waa Shot off.
London, Ky., March 6. Millard
Hughes waa murdered and Henry Blev
ins and others were injured lost night
at a dance near East Bornstadt, a min
ing town. Leonard Smallwood, Hamp
Gregg and others attacked Hughes.
Hull go' head was shot off, and 15 lev
ins and others were hit by stray shots.
Smallwood later went to sleep in the
room where his victims Uy. Today he
and Gregg a ere arrested as principals,
and Edward Smallwood, father of Leon
ard, and hia daughter Lizzie, were Ar
rested Aa Accomplices.
KotoU of Convicts at Cairo.
Cairo, March 6. A serious revolt ol
70 convicts At Tourah, the great prison
near Cairo, nearly involved 500 other
prisoners. Blank out ridges having
failed to overawe the malcontents, a
volley waa fired from a window oppo
site through the window of the room
occupied by them. Five were shot,
and two, it is beieved, fatally wounded.
All of them then surrendered and were
confined in their cells.
Large Tannery Burned.
Corry, Pa., March 6. The Western
Union tannery, at Spartansburg, and
contents were destroyed by fixe today.
With no means ot figting the fire, the
citizens had to stand helplessly by
watching the only industry of the town
being destroyed. The loss ia $30,000,
fully covered by insurance.
Swept Over Niagara Falls.
Buffalo, N. Y., March 6. Surcely a
doubt remains that the man whose
ories for help were heard coming from
the Niagara river last night wasAshton
Smith, 27 years old, son of Rev. Henry
Ash ton Smith, rector of St. Paul's
Episcopal church, at Fort Erie, Out.
Young Smith left Fort Erie in a rickety
boat at 8 o'clock last night, and at
tempted to row across the swift cur
rent ot the Niagara to Niagara Falls on
sn important errand for a friend. Ha
ha not been seen since.

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