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Chicago Democrat.
' Louise Froebel, widow of Friedric'
Froebel. rounder of the kindergarten
system, died in Hamburg at the age ol
85. - :
Beware of Ointmant for Catarrh That
Coatala Keraary,
As mercury will anrelr destroy the sens of
smell aitd completely derange tha whole sys
tem whenentering It through the mucous sor
faces. ouch articles should never be used ex
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tlieit fields of stones, sticks and other
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rasa is too high to see them. : An in
jury to a mower knife may cause cost
ly delay. :
Viennese Steak.
This is very easily made by taking
ramp or fillet steak, free from akin,
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aalt, with, if liked, very little minced
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mil tt-rtx -ituH Mimo;) trMfj f 1
American Mining Camps in That
Section Are Doing Well. :
8eattle, July 4. Tha Post-Intelli-Kencer
has the following special news
from Skagway; ;
Tha first news of the season from the
remote American mining camps of the
lowet Yukon has just coma out to Skag
way. Latest arrivals report a new strike
100 miles back of Circle City, on three
creeks known as Faith, Hope and Char
ity, which empty into the Tanana. A
new strike la also reported on Walker's
fork of the Forty-Mile, which was
once before staked. A stampede has
resulted, and others have rushed in and
re-etaked the country.
Fine pay has been struck on num
ber of claims not heretofore considered
payers. Eureka, struck last summer,
has proved a wonder so far, and has a
psy streak 80 feet wide and four feet
deep. It is expected Eureka will this
year yield tl. 500,000.
Tka Rampart Camp.
Ool. Wingin believes the Rampart
camp is as good as the creek camp ot
Nome, and thinks many of the overflow
at Nome will push up the river to
Rampart and help make it a big pro
ducer, lie has the belief there is gold
in Koyukuk, but feels that the develop
ments are scarcely enough yet to war
rant great faith in the camp. How
ever, from all sources come the report
that manr are rushing into Koyukuk.
. 6. Lenont, who has just arrived
from Forty-Mile and other promising
American camps, reports the clean-up
on Jack Wade this spring has been
demonstrative of a good camp. The
creek is scarcely prospected, yet So. 7
below upper discovery yielded f 80,000
at this year's clean-up. Lenont pre
dicts a great future for the creek, and
estimates the output for next season at
12,000.000. He is going after thawing
machinery for the creek. He has a
nugget from the creek weighing six
ounces and worth $118. Gold of Jack
Wade, also of Rampart, is worth f 19
aa ounce. Jack Wade gold is mostly
in nuggets.
Kx-Oav. McGraw'l Itlesi Claim.
Of those who have been among the
most successful ia the man who is
working the claim of ex-vJovernor John
11. McUraw, of Washington, known as
No. 8, on Little Manook. It yielded
the last winter $80,000 of which $8,000
or $9,000 was nuggeta picked out from
the pay dirt by hand. Last year Me
Graw thought he bad worked ont the
pay streak.
No. 6, on Little Manook, this winter
yielded $60,000. No. 7, on the same
creek, gave $40,000. , Nob. 21, 22 "and
23, Little Manook, jr.', produced $60,
000. Hoosier and Big Manook hare
also proved rich. Hillside property on
Rig Manook has yielded as high aa $9
to the pan.
Idaho bar, on which a rich discovery
was made in 1898, was all staked at
that time, but not much was taken ont
and the dump was not washed because
of scarcity of water, but has been re
Good Talucs on Old Claim la a British
Columbia Camp.
Phoenix, B. C July 9. An im
portant ore strike has been made on the
War Eagle claim in this carrp. The
strike occurred iu the west drift of the
100-foot level, about 175 feet from the
abaft, where a raise was being driven.
The ore body dipped little to the
east and was followed 11 feet, when
the workmen went back and continued
work on tha raise. Up to date the
men have gone through 25 feet of clean
chalcopyrite ore and have not reached
the further wall. The width of the
ore body, therefore, has not been deter
mined. Resident Manager Buck has
bad an average test made of the new
strike, and received satisfactory re
turns, the ore running over $20 in cop
per and $1.60 gold.
Taraaa Creak Mines Acala Attracting;
Republic, Wash., July 9. Toroda
oreek mines are again attracting atten
tion. Seven companies are working
and some of them expect to cut their
ledges within a few days. Some of
the ledges have shown large values on
the surface, and it was this that turned
the attention of mining men in that
direction. Among the minee that bad
fine surface showings and carried ex
ceptionally high values was the Ox
ford. As high as 255 ounces of silver
and $15 in gold per ton were obtained
front the ore near the surface. The
owners decided to run a tunnel and
now have it in 65 feet. A few days
since a stringer 12 inches in width was
cut In the tunnel, which is believed to
be an off-shoot from the ledges. The
ore carries about 200 ouncea uf silver
per ton and -from $10 to $13 in gold.
The tunnel will have to be extended
about 40 feet to cut the ledge. There
is also a parallel ledge that can be cut
by the tunnel by extending it another
100 feet. The ledgea vary from 1 to 9
feet in width.
Mining News and Oassty.
Several . large nuggets have been
found on the Mary Ann placers in Che
saw camp, Wash.
A stir is reported on West Fisher
creek, 80 miles from Libby, Mont,,
where $50 ore is reported in an old
It is reported in Fergaron, B. C,
that a rich strike baa been made in the
Nettie L. A vein three to four feet
wide of solid galena, carrying more
copper than usual, was exposed.
In the Muldoon group, near Belcher,
12 miles east Of Republic, Wash., a
strike in copper is reported, made in a
240-foot tunnel.
A strike is reported on a claim be
tween Delta and Carbon Center, Idaho.
The ore is high grade milling, and was
found near the surface. No assays
have been made.
The extent of the 81ocan, B. C,
camp is remarkable. Every mountain
, side for a distance of 25 miles long aud
nearly as wide is dotted with mine
snd prospect pioducing in paying
oautltlee gold, silver, lead and ooouer.
Many Locations Reported on Dixie
and Strawberry Spur.
Portland, July 9. The Oregonian
has this news from tha minimi center
of the John Day valley in Eastern Ore
gon: Prairie City, in the upper part of the
John Day rulley is attracting consider
able notioe aa a mining center. .
Placer mining has been carried on
in the valley since the early '60s, and
the quarts ledge were known to the
old settlers 95 years ago. Many quarts
locations have been made in the part
two years, and if the 50th pait of them
amount to anything, the Prairie City
country will certainly be a large pro
ducer of gold, copper and cobalt.
The mineralised belt, aside from the
placer deposits which are found in
every creek, comprises Dixie Spur of
the Bine mountains, eight miles north
of Prairie City, and Strawberry Spur,
nine miles south. Dixie Spur is about
25 in lies long, aud skirts the northern
side of the valley. Its highest point
ia Dixie Butte, which has an elevation
of 7,000 feet. Strawberry Spur is 40
miles long. extending from Canyon
creek along the southern t bound
ary of the valley, into Malheur county.
Its blithest point is Strawberry Butte,
which has an elevation of 9,000 feet.
The principal development has been on
Dixie Spur. Here along the forks of
Dixie creek, and in Quartaburg dis
trict, several properties have been
opened. Principal among them are
the Standard, the Lone Star, the Key
' atmiM thA filiarhnn.lv tha r?lavtnfl. tha
Present Need and a few others. The
Strawberry country baa hardly been
touched. The Cleavers think they
have a Treadwell in the Oregon Won
der. Others aie of the same opinion.
. J. F. Rodgers, who has examined
the country on Strawberry and Dixie
Spurs, says the formation ia porphyri
tio granite, pierced by porphyry dikes.
J A third rock is pure gray granite carry
' ing little porphyry, but much mica.
' ..1 I . 1 ;. Li. . :
1 uere ia aiao quiw a uis oi nrpeuuue,
and diorite without quarts.
H . E. Stewart, one of the owners of
the Lone Star, says the Dixie Spur
country ia unquestionably a copper reg
ion, although he is mindful of the fact
that gold predominates in the rook.
The copper belt, so far as known, ex
tends, he says, four miles north from
Johnson's arastra along both sides of
the east fork of Dixie creek. There is
cobalt in the rock, as has been demon
strated by the work in the Standard
group, but Mr. Stewart thinks consid
erable depth will be required to get at
the large deposits ol this metal. Cop
per is oxide and carbonate at the sur
face, but is found in the sulphide form
with depth. On the surface the cop
per is streaky anil hnnchy, but as depth
is attained it solidifies and increases in
quantity. This is the experience of sll
the claim owners in the Dixie creek
I ' There is considerable placer mining
in and around Canyon City, Probably
$35,000 was taken from the creeks
within two miles of town last year.
At Canyon City the Humboldt Com
pany is working two hydraulics on
Canyon creek,, taking its water from
I men are interested, among them Ira
i Sprout. Fred Yorgensen and Herbert
Hnnter. No figures of the annual out-
, put are obtainable but it ia believed to
be about $15,000.
Group of Camp In tha Summit Show
Soma Activity.
Spokane, July 9. Considerable as
sessment work is being done at Sum
mit camp, about eight miles northwest
of Olalla. K. (J. It ia detwribed in the
! Roasland Miner as rather a series of
camps at the headwaters of the six or
seven creeks which rise there. Three
of these, Keremeos, Cedar and Olalla
creeks, flow eastward to Keremeos val
ley, while Fifteen-Mile, Sixteen-Mile
and Twenty-Mile creeks flow we.it an
then south to the' Similkameen. There
are good trails np all these creeks from
Olalla and pack horses can get up quite
The celebrated Nickle Plate mine is
situated near the head of Twenty-Mile
creek, and there are several high grade
proper Uiea within sight of it.
Horthweat Kotos.
Ths pay roll of Rossland, B. C, camp,
runs over $100,000 per month.
Boise's first ice plant will be instal
led and in operation within 15 or 20
Petitions are being circulated in Lin
coln county, Or., protesting against the
proposed location of fishtraps in Ya
quina bay.
Bids are being solicited for the erec
tion of a two-story brick hotel in Lake
view, Or. The owners will lie Miller
& Lane, who paid $2,500 for a sit last
Professor E. II. McAlister of the de
partment of applied mathematics at
the University of Oregon has been ap
pointed by the regents as supervisor of
the drainage system to be pot in at the
university this summer.
The county court of Union county.
Or., has ordered road supervisors to
prosecute all persons who damage the
highways by permitting irrigation
water to run in the roads.
A Pacific coast Indian institute is to
be organized. A conference of educa
tors interested in the training and edu
cation of Indians, will take place at
Cheuiawa, August 14 to 19. Washing
ton, Montana, Idaho and California,
will be represented and perhaps sev
eral other Western states.
One day last week two of II. R.
I Iery ford's thoroughbred yearling bulls
became involved in a fight, near the
hot springs. Lane county, Or., when
both fell into the spring and were
scalded to death.
A proposition for the location of a
(lax-liber mill at Eugene Or. has been
submitted by E. Larimore, manager of
the Scio factory. The bonus is $2,600
in cash, 1 acres of land for a site,
aud 1,600 seres in flax. It is repre
sented that the plant will cost $25,000
and will employ regularly about !
'lands '
Tha Distributive Trade la Seasonably
Bradstrcet's says: . Distributive trade
Is dull, seasonably so In most iu
stances, and pi ices of manufactured
products are generally weak, but ex
ceptions to the former are found where
crop conditions are exceptionally prom
ising and in the clase ot prices where
the readjusting movement has been
overdone on the down side.
The upward rush of wheat prices
culminated at the close of last week
and the reactions aud the irregularities
since, mainly due to heavy realising,
would mainly point to the movement
having been temporarily at least over
doue. ; Advices from the North are of
little more than half a crop of wheat,
but estimates as to the outturn in bush
els vary accordingly as the government
reports of 818.000,000 bushels, or the
commercial estimate of 200,000,000
busbela in yield last year iu the three
states are used as a basis.
Sunar is at the highest price reached
at this time for 10 years past, owing to
the active canning demand and the
strengthened position of raw.
The war in China ia chargeable with
the advance in teas, not only from the
former oonutry, but from Japan, some
interruption in transportation being
apparently looked for if the Asiatic
trouble increases.
Heavy rains are complained of in the
entire cotton belt east ot the Mississip
pi river, and the crop ia generally "in
the grass." . ,
Reports from the iron and steel trade
are aa pessimistic as ever. Nominally
quotations at Pittsburg are unchanged.
Wheat, including flour, shipments
for the week aggregate 3,184,144 bush
els, against 4,845,180 bushels last
Failures for the week number 185,
as compared with 167 last week.
Failures in the Dominion of Canada
number 18, as compared with 28 last
week. ;
Seattle Markets.
, Onions, new, 1 He. '
Lettuce, hot house, $1 par crate.
Potatoes, new. lc. ;
Beets, per sack, 90c $1.
Turnips, per sack, 75o.
Carrots, per sack, $ I. ;
Parsnips, per sack, 50 75c.
. Cauliflower, California 90cg$l.
Strawberries $1 per case.
Cabbage, native and California,
$1.00(31.25 per 100 pounds.
Tomatoes $1.60 per case. , .
Butter Creamery, 22c; Eastern 22c;
dairy, 1732c; ranch, 1617o ponnd.
Eggs 19o.
Cheese 12a.
Poultry 14c; dressed, 14 15c;
spring, $3.60.
Hay Puet Sound timothy, $11.00
12.00; choice Eastern Washington
timothy, $19.00.
Corn Whole, $23.00; cracked, $23;
teed meal, $23.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton,
$20. .
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.26;
blended straights, $3.00; California,
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $6.00; gra
ham, per barrel, $3.00; whole wheat
flour, $3.00; rye flour, $3. 80 4. 00.
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $18.00;
shorts, per ton, $14.00.
Feed Chopped feed, $19.00 per ton;
middlings, per ton, $20; oil cake meal,
per ton, $30.00.
. Fresh Meats Choice dressed beef
steers, price 8o; cows, 7c; mutton 8c;
pork, 8c; trimmed, 9c; veal, 8t3
Hams Large, 13c; small, 13;
breakfast bacon, 13 c; dry salt sides,
Portlaad Market.
Wheat Walla Walla. 570 58c;
Valley, 68c; Bluestem, 60o per bushel.
Hour Beet grades, $3.35; graham.
$2.85; superfine, $2.10 per barrel.
Oats Choice white, 85c; choice
gray, 83c per bushel.
Barley Feed barley, $14.00 15.00;
brewing, $10.00 per ton.
Milktuffs Bran, $12.50 ton; mid
dlings, $19; shorts, $13; chop, $14 per
Hay Timothy, $10(311; olover,$7
7.50; Oregon wild hay, $6 7 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 85 (340c
4tore, 25o.
Egg 1 8o per do ten.
Cheese Oregon full cream, 13c;
Young America, 14o; new cheese 10c
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3.00
4.00 per dozen; hens, $5.00; springs,
$2.60(84.00; geese, $4.00 g 5.00 for old;
$4.60(86.50; ducks, $3.00(34.00 per
doxen; turkeys, live, 1416o per
Potatoes 40 60o per sack; sweets,
22io per pouna.
, Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, 75c;
per sack; garlic, 7o per ponnd; cab
bage, lo per pound; parsnips, $1;
onions, 1 Jic per pound; carrots, $1.
Hops 28o per pound.
Wool Valley, 1616o per ponnd;
Eastern Oregon, 10 (8 15c; mohair, 26
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, Sc; dressed mutton, 79
7 Ho per pound; lambs, 6Xo.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $6.00;
light and feeders, $4.60; dressed,
$5.00(86.60 per 100 pounds.
Beef Gross, top steers, $4.00(84.60;
cows, $3.504.00; dressed beef, 0H9
7?c per pound.
Veal Large, 6H37)o; imalL 8
8)io per pound.
Baa franeiseo Market.
Wool Spring Nevada, lt16o pet
pound; Eastern Oregon, 10 15c; Val
ley, 18 20c; Northern, 1012o.
Hops 1899 crop, ll18o per
Butter Fancy creamery 18 19c;
do seconds, 17 He; fancy dairy,
17c; doseconds, 1616H par pound.
Eggs Store 18 Ho; fancy ranch,
Millstuffs Middlings, $17.00
20.00; bran, $12.60 13.60.
Hay Wheat $6.60 10; wheat and
oat $. 00(39. 60; best barley $5.00
7.00; alfalfa, $5.006.00 per ton;
straw, 25 40o per bale.
Potatoes Early Rose, 80 65c; Ore
gon Bnrlianks, 80c 90; river Bur
banks, 85 05c; new, 70c$1.25,
Citrus Fruit Oranges, Valencia,
$2.753.25; Mexican limes, $4.00
6.00; California lemons 75c $1.50:
do choice $1.762.00 per box.
Tropical Fruits Bananas, $1.60
2.60 per bunch; pineapples, nom
inal; Persian dates, 0$Ho per
reaao Past laaproainated With Area
arias Carbollneaaa Eadarea Twajt
tr Years and Still taaaaV ,
In an at when wild, exaggerated state
menta ot tha efflotency ot all kinds of
art Idas, from patent medicine to patent
plowshare, nil tha columns of tha press,
tor advertising purposes only, It Is pleas
ing to write about a household spectrin
whose usefulness haa been proved beyond
tha power ot detractors to Injure or Imi
tators to compete with.
Bueh la Avenarlua Carboltneum, the
celebrated German wood preservative of
tn ism century, whoso fame Is destined
to outlast tha Wth, It la not only toe
greatest preparation known for arresting
tha decay of any kind of woodwork, above
or below ground, from the ravages of
ollmate, fungus or vermin, but It may be
truthfully described aa the only preserva
tive whoa utility has been practically
tested and not found wanting. BInoe tha
dlacovary ot Avenarlua Carbollneum Dour
ly thirty years ago. It haa been constantly
employed tot the treatment of wood uul
In ships, bridges, pavements, ties, tlo
graph poles, fence posts, house supports
and hundreds ot other constructions, and
In not a single case out ot thousands has
It failed to render articles Impregnated
Immune against rot and decay, whether
tha attacking enemies were climate, soil,
fresh or salt water, teredoea, ants, boring
worms or other hoetllea, singly or In com
bination, when properly applied.
Too value of such a apecino on a farm.
where almost all the constructive work.
from houses and barns to vine poles and
fence posts. Is chiefly or entirely wood,
eannot be overestimated. No farmer who
appreciate praotlcal economy can afford
to ao without It. Aa additional Incentive
for the us ot Avenarlua Carbollneum It
may b stated that the preparation Is In
expensive, and a few gallons go a long
way, while application la aa easy and sim
ple aa that ot common house paint. A
few strokes of the brush doe the work.
and tb article treated la Insured against
decay and death.
Aa an Illustration of the efficiency of
Avenarlua Carbollneum w publish the
following photographic reproduction of
two leoes ot wood which stood aid by
side partly In and partly out of the
ground, together with a sworn statement
concerning tb earn attached, as aeea la
tb picture.
Piece of board, perfectly sound, afie
twenty yeare' exposure, on account ef be.
Ing Impregnated with "Carbollneum
Fence poet, completely decayed, after
five years exposure, en account of not
being treated with Carbollneum Aven
arlua Alx la Oiapelle, January It, 1SW.
W confirm that this piece of woad Is a
part of a feno board, which haa been
eisooed to tha weather for neerly tweiny
years. This fence was Impregnated with
Carbollneum Avenarlua, and naa always
stood In very damp, mouldy ground hu
mull, around our warehouse. Not a aln
gle piece of wood in this fence has de
cayed during the time, aa shown bv
above board, which atood partly In aud
partly out of th ground.
Tha fence poet ahown abov waa W
mpregnated with Carbollneum Avenarlt
and we placed It five yrar ago along 'I
of tha board, and removed both togethet
la tbelr above condition.
The abov testimonial was signed be
fore the Royal Notary In Alx la Chapelle,
and Meeare Blebeneck A Coumont ac
knowledge tt as their free and true act.
Th abov Is only on out of hundred
ef Indorsements that Avenarlua Carbo
llneum baa received from leading engU
neera chemists, contractors, shipbuilders
and other aU over the world. It Is pub
lished aa an established truth, coming
as It does from a country where affidavit
are regarded as sacred, and a breach ot
veracity Is regarded a a religious aa well
aa a civil crime, . a-
Japan A mlua.
Japan is alarmed over the emigration e
many of her residents to this country who
are lured hereby misrepresentation. This Is
like the misrepresentation which delude
people into believing that any other tried.
ine is equal to Hosteller's Ktoniach Hitters
for stomach disorders. It will cure indi
gestion, constipation and dyspepsia.
Any article that is giown, whether ol
the best or not, coats something, and
the grower must receive at least the
cost or be will suffer a loss. The larger
the difference between the cost and the
price received the greater the profit. It
should be the object, therefore, to grow
the best, rather than the aim for Urge
yields, as tha market may be over
stocked with inferior goods, while a
demand may exist for the belt.
An attractive-looking, delicious and
simple dessert is made by lining a (
mould with lady fingers, sticking each
one to the side of the dish with a little
melted gelatine. The center is then
tilled with boiled custard flavored with
black coffee and stiffened with a little
gelatine. A cupful of whipped cream
stiired in just as the custard Is poured
into the mould is an improvement.
An excellent plan to get two crops
on the same land and at the same time,
ia to drop seeds of sweet corn in the
same rows with the peas,, placing the
seeds of corn several Inches apart,
thinning to a foot apart after the plants
are np. The corn will finish its main
growth after the peas have ceased
growing, though for taller kinds the
corn serves as supports.
Some notion of the coming deluge of
books on the South African war may be
had from the fact that an American
publisher now in London was within a
week of his arrival offered ,the Ameri
can rights in 25 war books.
Sour Stomach
"altar I waa taSacee to try CAaCA.
M El'S, I will oarer be wlttaoot team lu tee House.
Mf liver was In a verf bad shave, and mr bead
aebed aad I bad stouack trouble. Now. since tab
les Caaaarela. I (eel See. Mr wife hsislso naed
tbem wltb benefleial results for sour stowsob."
4n. atMiauae. Wat toos raw St.. Nt. Leuls, Ma.
a, a -J-a A
e)Mi.iL Palatabla. Potent. Ta.ta flood.
004, Merer Slokea. Weabso.or Urlps.ltta, SM.MIe.
SUWlaf Siart, kBMW, Cbi, MMlmt, m T.rS. Ml
Slauuii fiui.c,4i. '
., . One quart ot strawberries,
l cupful of oc Id water, one
cupful of
sugar, one third box ot gelatine, juice
of on tsuion, whites of three eggs.
Soak the gelatine two hours, or until
it is melted. Math the berries through
a sieve. Mix the sugar with th Juice,
add the lemon and gelatine and stir
until all are dissolved. Stand lu a pan
of ice water, aud when tt begius to
thicken fold lu the stiffly beaten whites,
stirring until the mixture begins to
thicken. Turn into a mold and set on
the ioe until stiff, rjorve with sugar
and cream. N. Y. Tribune.
Meulo Park. Bun Mateo County, Cal..
with its new. building, newly furnished
mid complete Inboiniuiles, beuutiful sul
mumtiuira niut home Inilueiices, Is one ot
the best. etiitiirt schools tor the tmiuinu
ofhoM niut voiiiiit men on the const. It
is in i'.luti'Ke ol' Dr. Irittl. lloitt and Is ite
rretliteil nt the nniveielliea. fend fur cat
alog, Triillt year begins August U, IDOO.
Egyptian 1-oreelalti.
A French chemist, M. Chatuller, has
established the (not thitt the composi
tion of Egyptian poicelaitl from Mem
phis is wholly different from that ot
Chinese porcelain, and this is regarded
at making it probable that tho sue lent
Egyptians had a process of tbelr owu
for tanking true porcelain.
. Plan's Cure is the beit medicine we ever
used lor nil nlVeetlons of the throat and
1uik.VVm. O. Kniwi.it, Vaiibtireu, Intl.,
Feb. 10. 11KXJ.
Hicks "Hat your furnace worked
all right the past winter?" Wicks
"Oh, yes; the furnace, has done its
part; but the II res that I have been
able to build in it have failed entirely
to coiiinmnlc.tte any warmth to the
huuse." Uostou Transcript.
Mothers wilt II ml Mr. AV billow's Booth
dig Hvrup the best remedy to use for the
children during lb teething period.
Alfalfa seeded on light sandy soil In
New Jersey during the mouth ol Au
gust three yesri ago has given sev
eral crops of hay per year, and tha fall
sowing is declared a success, although
the reoomuieudation has been to sow
the seod iu the spring.
AVfCclablc Prepnrationfor As
similating rheFoodniKlRctf ula
ImgaieStouKuaialiJorAilsof Promotes DigcallonChccrfur
neas and fksl.Contalns nelltrr
(Mum.Morphine iiorHiiaraL
Ivot Narcotic.
Aaaaho SnJ
Va-ti -
OSJiBJgnBB agstsj ' Bsansaapf
Apfccl Remedy forConslirwv
lion, Sour Slonw h.DinrrtwKJi
Worms .Convulsions .Fcwrish
ncss nnd Loss or Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
(The Famous Qerman Wood Preserver)
..AVEnnruuc carbouneum..
aTOnc application is all that is required". It lasts (or years. II
your dealer cannot supply you, write for circulars And information to the
following- distributing: ag-ents: Perfection Pile Preserving Co., Seattle,
Wash. Fisher, Thorsen & Co., Portland, Oregon., Whittier, Coburn &
Co., San Francisco, CaL
Force Feed Elevator, warranted
to waste leu grain than any other.
Send for Catalogue.
Pint and Taylor Strtrts, Portland, Oregon
Branches! Salem, McMinnville,
La Grande, Medford, Seattle, Spo
Csn find quick and permanent relief
fur si-rlous aud slrtmitUt destroying
' troubles in
Moore's Revealed Remedy
Thou.ands liave need It and thousands
now irsUe It. It enres permanently. (1 '
per IjuUIs st your di iiKKlst's.
Can't Afford to Miss It.
Veil nan'l afford to nlit Ilia Wear Columbian
firegrate. It lias claims un awry household, ftr
ll Horn thing iiu oilier grata ,M avr 'mnu
plltiirfl, All ilia heat tfoen (mo the room Instead of
up tlieehliiiM)', but no smoka at all, for the nw
eytm or draughts makes perfect eoliiblintlon and
a ch ar white flam. Haves you half your niel bills,
for particular)!, ulagrams and full dasurlptlon, ap
ply toTM K J OH BAKHK1TOU., vl First
treat, furllaad, Oreaoa,
Out of Carta
That Is tb way many serious troubles
k..,l,i Tha atmnarh nets a little OUt of
order, Is neslected, and ohronlo dyspepsia
tollowi. Th blood becomes a llrtls lm-.
pur, at occasional pimples testily, anu in
tin., a lun array of blood diseases attack
the system. It l safest to cure thes trou.
blesat one by thoroughly puniyins
blood with Hood's Sarsnpnrllla. It main
tains the lienltti and cures dbieas.
Hood's Ssrsapzrllla
Is America's Greatest Medicine. 1'rlee tl.
The planting of waste laud to trees
tor timber Is receiving more atteutlon
than formerly. Farmers who planted
treei 20 years ago now find that they
then made good investments. It It
claimed that cherry aud hickory tree
require bout 80 yours before they ar
valuable for timber; maple trees TiO
years and blaok waluut 15 years. A
black walnut tree U said to attain from
12 to 15 inches in dlnmettir in 16 years
from tha teed. Nuts are also a source
of profit with tomo growers of tlmtiur.
Carter's Ink Is Used by th
greatest railway systems of the United
Mates. They would uot Use tt if it wasu t
the best, , - i n- ...
The land for late potatoes should be
plowed deep and harrowed fine, Th
land should never bo allowed to form
a crust before th plants are up. Kun
a harrow over the field, both befora
and after the potatoes aro up. Tha
lm ntanted about five Inches
deep and given level culture instead ol
hilling. Clover tod laud la excellent
for potatoes, and to avoid disease it is
best not to plant potatoes ou tho same
laud twice In succession. Frequent
aud shallow cultivation lather than
deep should be given.
Broom corn is scarce and high. Tha
muiu crop It grown lu Illinois. Tha
brush Is the salable portion, but soma
farmers also value tho mod as an Im
portant crop. The labor required for
broom com it about the tame at fur
corn. .
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought i
Bears the
ths as raea eaoeaae. at vaaa am.
n k
m . iu
hji .088
X For Over
Thirty Years
fctiS 1 mm
...Best On Earth...
Eccentric Sprocket Wheel chain pulls
on the long- spokes when doing- the hardest
work, which is compressing the bundle, ty
Ing the knot and discharging the bundle.
We guarantee a gain of power of 16 2-3
per cent at this time.
ITCHINil files produce mol.tura ndruu.n luhlnr.
Till, form, as won ai llilnd. Hiroilii.e nr I'nitruillns
are cured by Dr.Boaanko'e Pile Remedy.
Slops Itrhlns and bn.illiig, Alisorlis tumora, M-a
Jnr atdruKuliu or ut ly malt. TreatlMfree. Writs
ma eoomjuur ease. UK. UOBANao, I'b lada. fa,
Crv,W.H: pension
If BICKFURO, Washlngtss, U. 0., they will re.
I reive quick replies. It. Mil N. It. Vela. HI a It
llUth Corps, fruseeutlng claims sl'ict 1S7S.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Onitoo,
can Rlv you the best bargains In general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows belts and windmills. 'J' lis new
steel I X L windmill, sold by him, I tin.
N. P. K. II.
Mo, 9H-1VOO.
WUKN writing; to advertisers Vleas
Bsantlua this yeyai. .

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