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about woman's Ills can bo
.. frankly told by one woman
to arntmsr, -
Remember that &lrs.
Plnkbam la a woman
Remember that bar advise
and metHoloo hava cured
a miZJe&n woman of weak
nesses peculiar to tbalr
sex, - ,
Remember that no man
ever s&as a lattar written
to fJrSm Plnkbam for
nefvloo, that tba lattar la
opened, road and an
swered by woman, and
no testimonial aver pub
lished without apaolt
R&member that Lydla ,
Plnkham's Vegetable
Compound Is the recog
nized safeguard of wo
man's health, -:
Remember these things
when some other remedy
Is suggested, and remem
ber them when you want
advloe, Mrs, Piakham'a
address Is Lynn, Mass,
aeo With N Umi Keadaa ta
Pwt Eastern Oregon atln
rat Fields.
"If Any Man Will Do Hl Will."
These are days of intense intellectual
activity. To b accepted a proposition
must be backed by incontestable scien
tific) proof. Becanse of tliia niany earn
est m Is seem to fiu l themselves hin
dered in that spiritual growth and fel
lowship for which they long and strive
It is well to remember that logic can
not decide everything; that the trutbi
to be gained by faith are still tin
transforming truths; and that only
those who lie In the spirit can talk 01
proving or disproving the things of the
spirit. We mast seek to find. We
must seek to know.
Jams Duckworth, one of the original
roosters of the E. and E. mine, in
Cracker creek district, near funic ter.
Oregon, and one of the best informed
men in the camp, says that what this
country needs is thorough prospecting
y men with new ideas. The old
timers always look for a certain kind
of float, and are particular about the
formation. Now hardly a week panes
without some find being made on hill
sides that have been ran over for years
oy toe old timers and pronounced
Mr. Duckworth visited a property at
the foot of the mountain on the Sump-
ter-oranite wagon road, and found Ben
Y eager and his partner, Montana min
ing men, working on a 200-foot ledge
that he has leeu over many times and
considered worthless. Development
shows that the ledge is filled with
strata of quarts of bluish appearance,
and all of it pans gold. A number of
assays have been inane, giving $3 to
$13. The ledge can be traced for over
two miles, from one side of the moun
tain to the other, and it prospects
throughout. At present 35-foot shaft
is being sunk, from which a cross cut
will be run to determine iPtbe values
go down. It favorable results shall
be obtained, machinery will be secured
and a. shaft sunk 800 to 400 feet.
There is such a large body of ore that,
with present values, $3 to f 4 per ton,
the property is another TreadwelL
facilities for mining and milling are
excellent. At the head of Bull Run
creek, running alongside of this ledge,
in early days there was placer mining.
Ibere was little wash gravel in the
creek bed, and the diggings frequently
dipped to the hillside, where no gravel
was found, but rich dirt. At that
time it was wondered where the gold
came from, and no one ever thought
the big dike was guilty, but this recent
discovery is almost proof positive that
toe placer gold came from the dike,
laprTaient of Teea, Rather fhaa at
Bradstrcet's ssys: While trade Is
tilt only of mid-summer volume, the
beginnings of improvement In demands
are apparently becoming visible. The
improvement it atlll one of tone, rather
than of demand, but with a yield of
540,000,000 bushels of wheat, a next
to record breaking yield of corn, and a
very large proportion of oata'ths West
ern crop situation contains many en
couraging features. The Southern cot
ton crop has undoubtedly suffered, and
conditions are nniirecedentedly low
for this season of the year, but the
acreage planted was a laiye one, and
prices are so much higher that a satis
factory financial return is confidently
looked for.
The effort of the big Iron and steel
conoerna to control prices, if really
made, has proven abortive, and another
wholesale slashing of quotations is to
be reported this week.
The industrial situation is rather bet
ter ata result of agreements upon wares
by a number of iron and steel manu
facturing conoerna and their employes.
Lower prices (or lumber are appar
ently inducing more activity in build
lng, though how much is due to this or
how much to the settlement of labor
disturbances is hard to measure.
wheat, including flour, shipments
for the week aggregate 2,839,910 bush
els, against 3,018,839 bushels last
Business failures in the United States
number 221 aa compared with 146 last
week. ,
Business failures in the Dominion of
Canada number i as compared with
25 last week.
Try Alton's Foot Ease,
A powder to be shaken into ihe shoes. At
this your feet feel swollen, nervous
and hot, anil grt tired easily. If von have
smarting feet or light shoes, try Allen's
Kooi-Kaxe. It cools the feet aiid makes
walking easy. Cures ingrowing nails,
swooien and sweating feet, blisters ami
callous spots. Kelieves corns and bunions
of all pain and gives rest and comfort. We
have Si.mO testimonial. Trv it todav
hold hv ail druggists and shoe dealers for
z&e. 'inalnarkageFlthK. Address Allen
. Ulmslead, lKoy, . V.
The mayor of Philadelphia says that
hundreds if not thousands of women in
that good old Quaker city, women oi
position and respectability, are ad
dicted to the opium habit. "To thu
end." says Mayor Ashbridge, "out
laws need to be radically amended."
Old Yaa Ever Raa Aero
an old letter ink all failed outT Couldn't
nave beeu Carter s Ink for it doesn't fade.
Tut a tobacco victim into a hot bath,
says .Me i ha Lander, and let him re
main there until he prespirea freely;
tneu drop a fly into tin; water, and in
stant death will ensue.
The supreme court .of Michigan hat
rendered a unanimous decision to tht
effect that Tillages have the right to
prohibit the sale of intoxicating liquors
in every lonn H they choose.
There was an increase of 185 in the
commitments to jail for drunkenness in
the province of Ontario during 1899.
ihe increase amounted to over 150 per
Mary J. Kennedy, manager of Ar
mour Ss to.'s exhibit at the Trans-1
Mississippi Exposition, at Omaha,
xveo., writes the following of Parana
as a cure fcq
that common
phase of sum
wer catanh,
known as indi
gestion. Miss
Kennedy says:
"I found the
change of diet
incidental to
i g h t years'
traveling com
pletely upset
my digestive
system, la
consulting sev
eral physicians
they decided I
suffered with
catarrh of the
"ineir pre
emptions did
not seem to
help ma any.
to, reading of
the remarkable
cures effected
by the use of Feruna I decided to try
it ana soon lonnd myself well repaid
"I have now nsed Peruna for about
three months and feel completely re
ju vena ted. t 1 believe I am pennanen.
ly cured, and do not hesitate to give
unstinted praise to your great remedy,
i ruua."
The causes of summer catarrh are
first, chronic catarrh; second, derange
ments of the stomach and liver; third,
impure blood.
fcucli being the case anyone who
knows anything whatever about the
operations of Peruna can understand
wny tins remedy is a permanent cure
for summer catarrh. It eradicates
chionio catarrh from the system, invig
orates ths stomach and liver.cleanses the
blood of all impurities, and therefore
permanently cures by removing the
ransc -a hott of maladies peculiar t
hot weather. The cause being removt
the symptoms disappear of themselves.
"Summer Catarrh" sent free to any
address by the Peruna Medicine Co.,
Columbus, Ohio.
, 'ntn;iiai() AJ IrrAtJ 'rui,l H
Remarkable Formatloa la the Bin
lUver District. ,
The Blue river, Oregon, district
rapidly forging to the front, and
now enjoying , an era of activity but
little dreamed of s, year or two ago
bxtensive develpment work is being
done, aand luiost without exception
claims are proving valuable. The sta
bility of the district has been conclo
sively proved, and as a result prospee
tors have flocked in here this spiing by
tna nundreds. Mining capital has
been attracted, and one mill is in sue
cessiui operation and several more are
in course of construction. New disco
eries are being made in almost every
direction; most notable among which
ate the discoveries on the Calapooia
and McKenzie rivers, which show ex
tremely rich ore, and the immense
mountain of quarts four miles up Blue
river. This mountain of quarts is a
remarkable formation, and is probably
unparalleled in mining discoveries.
The mountain is 1,270 feet high, and
appears to be nearly all quarts. At
the top several cliffs of solid quarts
project tor a hundred feet or more
above the surface, while veins of ore
crop out in all directions. The ore as
says from $3.50 to $12 per ton.
The Lucky Boy mine has been com
pelled to shut down five stamps, owing
to anortage of water, since the dry
season set in. The remaining five
stamps are kept going day and night.
The company has the machinery for a
sawmill on the ground, and, as soon as
it can be set up, lumber will be sawed
and a flume constructed which will
furnish plenty of water for operating
an oi the stamps.
Jones Sc Co. have the foundation laid
for a sawmill at the Blue river bridge,
and already hava a number of logs
ready to saw. The machinery for the
mil! is expected to arrive in a short
time. The mill will be situated at the
new Blue Kiver city townsite, and is
intended to supply the local market.
It will be operated by steam power.
and will have a capacity oi 10,000 feet
per day.
Stamped to Stawart River.
The steamer Danube, which recently
arrived at Victoria, B. C, brings news
of a rich strike on the headwaters of
Stewart river, 400 miles from Dawson.
A stampede is on, boats going up in a
continuous string. At White Horse a
whisky famine prevails. Saloons are
licensed, but cannot get permits to
bring in liquor. The police are watch
ing the boundary for smugglers, and
have made many seizures.
Kortbwt Not.
A cold storage warehouse is in course
of construction at Troy, Idaho.
A hay warehouse, 82x70 feet. 18
feet high is being built at Palouse.
King county is said to furnish one-
fourth the inmates of the Walla Walla
Walla Walla boasts of shippinir 50
carloads of fruit and vegetables the
past two weeks.
Apple scab is reported anions the
trees in the vicinity of Moscow, Idaho,
especially in the American Ridge district.
Deer are reported to be plentiful in
Coos county this season. Thev ara
frequently seen in bands of seven or
Washington railroads are followinz
a rule that no packages weighing: more
than 250 pounds will be accented or
checked as baggage.
Deposits in Walla Walla' banks
reach $1,400,000; in the Spokane
banks $5,000,000. Other Eastern
Washington centers are similarly well
supplied with money.
The new wool scouring mill at Tba
Dalles, Or., reports a rush of work.
A firm at Eugene, Or., recently en
gaged in the business of curing meats.
The manager says he will soon begin to
Duy an pork products that may be of-
ered, and will sell direct to retailers.
W. O. Owen, a government inspec
tor, is in Wallowa county, Or., to ex
amine some recent surveys. He is ac
companied by men from Wyoming and
(South Dakota. At Elgin they bought
a wagon, four horse team and pack
outfit, and employed cook for their
Ninety persona were made seriously
ill at Kbeine, Westphalia, Germany,
owing to the eating of diseased horse-
Seattle Mark. '
Onions, new, lo.
Lettuce, hot house, $,er crate
Potatoes, new. 1c.
Beets, per sack, 85c$I.
." Turnips, per sack, T5o.
Carrots, per sack, $1.00
Parsnips, per sack, 60 75c
Cauliflower, native, 75a.
Cucumbers 60 60o.
Cabbage, native and California,
$1.00(31.25 per 100 pounds.
Tomatoes $1.25.
Butter Creamery, 23c; Eastern 22c;
dairy, 17 22c; ranch, 1617o pound
r-ggs 24o.
Cheese 12o.
Poultry 14c; dressed. 14915c;
spring, $3.50.
Hay Puget Sound timothy, $11.00
12.00; choice Eastern Washington
timothy, 919.00.
Corn Whole, $23.00; cracked, $23;
feed meal, 1 23.
Barley Boiled or ground, per ton.
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.60;
blended straights, $3.25; California.
93.25; buckwheat flour, $3.00; gra
ham, per barrel, $3.00; whole wheat
flour, $3.00; rye flour, $3. 80 4. 00.
Mulstuffg Bran, per ton, $18.00:
shorts, per ton, $14.00.
Feed Chopped feed, $19.00 per ton;
middlings, per ton, 320; oil cake meal.
per ton, $30.00.
Fresh Meats Choice dressed beef
steers.price IHe; cows, 7c; mutton 8c;
pork, 8c; trimmed, 9c; veal, 9a
Hams Large, lie; small. 18:
breakfast bacon, 13 )c; dry salt sides.
rartlaaa Mark.
Wheat Wall Walla. 65 (8 58c:
alley, 66c; Blueetem, 69c per bushel.
1 lour Beet grades. $3.20; graham.
12.70; superfine, $2.10 per barrel.
Oats Choice white, 85c; choice
gray, 33c per bushel.
Barley Feed barley, $14.00315.00:
brewing, $18.00 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $13.60 ton; mid
dlings, $19; shorts, $13; chop, $14 per
Hay Timothy, $I011; clover.$7
7.60; Oregon wild hay, $C7 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 85 40c;
store, 25e. ;
Eggs HKc perdosen.
Cheese Oregon full cream. 13c:
Young America, 14c; new cheese 10c
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3.00(9
8.60 per dozen; bens, $4.50; spring.
$2.00(33.60; geese, $4.00(15.00 for old;
$4.6008.60; ducks, $3.00(34.00 ir
dosen; .; turkeys, live, 14 (3 16c per
Potatoes 4050o per sack; sweets.
I ( 3 lie per pound.
Vegetables Beeta, $1; turnips, 76c;
per sack; garlic, 7o per pound; cab
bage, lJo per pound; parsnips, $1;
onions, lc per pound; carrots, $1.
Hops 2(8e per pound.
Wool Valley, 15(3160 per pound:
Eastern Oregon, 10 16c; mohair, 26
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, ZJLe: dressed mutton. 7 a
7)t'o per pound; lambs, 60.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy. iS.OO:
light and feeders, $4.50; dressed,
$5.00 6.60 per 100 pounds.
Beef Gross, top steers, $4.0004.60:
cows, 3.504.00; dressed beef, 6s$
o per pound.
Veal Large, 857ic: small. 8 CI
8c per pound .
"A Manifest Destiny," by Julia Ma
(ruder, will appeal especially to girls
of about 10, as the heroine, Bettlna
Mowbray, is of the old-fashioned type.
The Seekers," by Stanley Waterloo,
points out the "recrudescence of super
stition In the United States," as exem
plified in faith cures and similar fads.
"Old Madame, and Other Tragedies."
by Harriet Prescott Spofford, Is a col
lection of five stories, all Intensifying
human agony and replete with dra
matic effects. f
Within the last year, three of J. M.
Barrle's books, "The Little Minister,"
A Window in Thrums," and "Mar-
laret Ogtlvy" have been translated an 4
published In Germany.
.Alan McAulay, a Scottish writer com
paratively unknown in this country.
baa written a romance of Edinburgh
ana Scotch rural life, called 'The
Rhymer," having Robert Burns for the
central figure.
James A. Wtckersham, a professor of
modern languages, who Uvea In Terre
Haute, Ind., has published "Enoch
Wllloughby: A Novel of the Middle
West." dealing with characters of
generation ago.
one million, six hundred and ton
thousand copies of the novels of Linn
Boyd Porter "Albert Bosa"-have al
ready been sold. He is at work on his
twenty-third, the title of which will be
A 8ugar Princess."
"Geber: A Tale of the Belgn of
Harun al naschld," by Mrs. Kate A.
Benton, Is said to be a remarkable book
-the author's first prose work. It Is
pronounced worthy to be a companion
volume to 'The Arabian Nights."
A historical romance, by Mary E.
Wllklns, called "The Heart's High
way, uas us scene una in Virginia, la
the seventeenth century, though the
writer keeps to the realistic style so
well known in her New England sto
A favorite subject of Kipling's was
the possibilities of what might bappea
to a man in a London fog. The idea
also struck Robert Barr forcibly, and
when I was lunching with him one day
be got so carried away by It as to plan
a story In which a highly respectable
man who bated another highly respect
able man was to walk up behind No. 1
In the fog and percolate him with a
bowle knlte. Then the ghost of the
murdered man was to dog the other in
the fog and make blm 'unkind to Die-
self.' I don't know whether the story
was ever written. Barr probably fors
(ot all about it
l have aalag C A SCA M ETS for
Insomsla. wtta which I aav twn amtewd (or
ovar twNky jrsara. and I aa y task CaacarM
hav iva a nor rllf than anyotktr rm.
iy I h r triad. 1 snail erululy rw
aitnd then to mr (liewdt as bing all tu art
rsprMatV." Taoa Uiixaau, SislB.lU.
P! a. n t
cuss nnaiTiaiTiny
WW. swna, twt. II
lttl, IMtcni. Tsit Dm
r Btokou, Wesson, or On, Hta. Ma. lu.
IW-Blth lUuta tnuBtsVl'uMMo Hbii
Publication of charges against a can
didate for judge Is held, in Bute vs.
Hosklns (Iowa). 47 L. R. A. 223. not to
be privileged when they are published
tutslde of the Judicial district for which
the Judge Is to be elected.
Right to a mechanic's Hen for the Im
provement of grounds by enrichment
of the solL Dlantlnc flowers, shrubs.
trees, etc., without making any struc
ture thereon, except a rustic bridge of
slight importance. Is denied In Nans
vs. Cumberland Gap Park Company
(Tenn.). 47 L. R A. 273, where the stat
utes clearly, contemplate such liens
shall be created only by the erection of
some building.
Authority to set apart a portion of a
public highway for a bicycle path is
held, in State vs. Bradford (Minn.). 47
L. R. A, 144, to be granted by Implica
tion when a statute makea it unlawful
to drive animals on such bicycle path,
but it is held that tbla act must be re
stricted to bicycle paths which are
public, and that It would be Invalid
as to those constructed on private
grounds for private use.
Judgment against a solvent garnishee
which the plaintiff falls to collect, with
out any excuse, Is held, la Bowen vs.
Port Huron E. and T. Co. (Iowa), 47
L. R. A. 131, to constitute a satisfac
tion of the claim against the original
debtor for the amount of such Judg
ment With this case there Is a note
collating the other authorities on the
effect of a Judgment against a gar
nishee to merge or satisfy the liability
of the principal debtor.
Ejection of a trespasser from the
footboard of a locomotive, though bis
presence there does not Interfere with
the manipulation of the machinery by
Iaaaa ot llnngor.
The kinds of hunger are tlesoriUd
s tire told, by Pre. Matbieu and
Beau chant, and have been named
"painful hunger" and "agoulalng
hunger." The need uf taking food geu
rally produces secretion of the gostri
juice, and with some persons the ex
cess of acid in this fluid causes pain
which may be allayed by taking an
alkali to neutralise it. The variety ol
hunger referred to above as "agonising
hunger" is characterised by painful
anxtety of mind. Those who suffer
from it fear that some terrible acoident
is about to happen to them; they break
out into presperatlon, tremble, and
sometimes lose their reason. It food is
taken, all these symptoms disappear
Meulo Park. Kan Mateo Con nt v. Cal
with its hew building, newly furuUhed
and cnmi.leie lalairaiories, beautiful sur
rounding ami home inmieiirrs. Is one ol
the best uitpeil si-hnols lor the iruiutiiK
in oorsatin young men on lit c.nit. It
is In charge of Dr. IraO. ltoiit ami is so.
credited at ths universit
aiog, lentil year Degins August , 1000.
The ordiuary string bean, the nod
oi wnicn are eaten, is a good crop to
grow lor seed, provided the seed
ground and used for stock. It produce
out uttie vine, but the seed can
broadcasted and when the beans at
dry the vines should be pulled up u
thrown fon the bain floor to be beaten
out, which work may be postponed un
til winter II preferred.
swsrs of OlatmatS far t'atarrk That
Caatala Mrary,
As nereury will surely destroy the sens ol
smell suit oomuleutl derail tli hil av.
tern whrniilrit( It through III mui-aus snr-
laofw. oucn article fhuuia n,r b ul
eeni on nr-rlplion 1 10m n-niiiil.lit ,.h..i
dsns, ts tbaiUioute ihe will do Is la hild to
" w you rau ixwsiDir aariv tram thm
Hall's Catarrh t'ur. aiimifmir.l h - 1
I'bt-ney t o.. Toledo. O.. sontaina no lunnn
nd Is taken Internally, acting itiroetljr upon
....v-n. am, muvMus Buriavf-a ui u STlm.
In burin Hall's t aiarrh t'ura ha ...
the inline, it U taken internally, and mail
In Toledo, Ohio, by f. J. Cbny i Co. TiO-
??l?..,''C.,""!ttl,t, B,,e - Pr botll.
Hall's Fainuj fills ara lh best.
Every time a rain comes the rrat
grass win get a start. When very
young it can be easily destroyed with 1
rake or wewler, hut give it two ol
three days' start after a rain, with tht
weather very warm, and oonsiderabli
labor will be required to get rid of it
It is not difficult to conquer it if takei
in time, but the work must not bt
Mothers m-lll Hint I rm ivi,l,...
V'i iT 5 . remedy to us for Uett
uui.urvu uunng mi teeming pertoo.
in . af rih.
Most fishes are very sensitive to ex
ternal touch and some possess special
organs for this sense. The seat ol
greatest sensitiveness is about the
snout, but this sensitiveness in fist
does not sppear to go to the limit by
causing it to feel pain from a wound.
Para Blood Means Perfect Health.
The blood esrrle all material tor rrpalrlns
the sy.lnn. Bad blood means bad rrtalr.
CaM-arets mrsn pure, wbolesom blood, bru.
guts, me, ttc.aoc ,
Mexico's Proeparlty,
Mexico in the past nine years bai
doubled its revenues, doubled its ex
ports, doubled the number of its factor
ies and multiplied by three its banking
capital and the continuance of thii
great prosperity is now quite as pro
nounced a ever during the decade.
I do not believe Pisn's Cur for r...
sumption has an eoual fur onvl, .l
rolils. Johji K. Hoy, Trinity Hurl mm.
Ind., Feb. 15, 1900. ....
A Sara Thing.
"Time will tell," said Mr. Wise
man, In oracular tones.
Mr. Sourdrop sniffed and observed:
11 lime doesn't, some woman
WeaMty uf lu aud Hutrerlag,
It thr is no sin, sonow and pain In
he wot idif it is all an illusion why
did Jssus weep? If titers were no pain
in His death on the cross, why did He
prays "Father, if it be possible, let
this cup pass from Me." If there was
ho atonement needed, why did He die?
He was a man of sorrows and acquaint
ed with griefbow could He sorrow
over imaginary affliottous and be ac
quainted with griefs which bad no
Beets may be planted as late as July
for a successive table crop. Ground
that has been well lluied suits well.
For stock the sugar beet is considered
tme of the best. Mangel worsels grow
to large vise, but contain more woody
fiber and are coarser than sugar beets,
though they give larger yields.
Million Cor tlHseball,
A million of dollars are spool every year
for baseball, hut large as this is, it cannot
equal Hi amount spent In search of health,
W urge those who have spent much and
lost hops to try HoMetter's Stomach lilt
ters, It strengthens the stomach, makes
digestion easy, and cures drsepsla, con
stipatlon, biliousness and weak kidneys.
"Do you know anything about drill
ing?" asked tile aargeunt.
"Faith, 1 kow all about it," replied
the raw recruit. "I worked in a quarry
for monny years before 1 j'iued tli'
- Tired, V7co?t -
This Is the condition when the blood
loses Its Vitality. Appetite fails because
food cannot be assimilated. Then lbs
strength rapidly declines, Hood's Sana
parilla correcis matters at oni'S nrluhi
and vitalises ths blood, creates an appetite
and restores health and vigor. Cit a bottli
of Hood's today and 1st It do you ths tame
good It Is doing others.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine, Price $1.
Hood-. I'iIIi ours liver Ills h nun-Irrlletlin ens'
only "raiharilo to "lake Willi Howl's ' Manaparllla,
Bweot corn may be foroed at the start
by using a little nitrate of soda arouud
each hill after, the plants are up, but
plenty ot manure should be used before
the seed is planted. It is not dillloult
to have sweet corn until late in the
season if plantings are made once a
mouth, even as late as the first of Au
gust, with the dwarf verities.- Ktow
ell's Kvergreen is still one of the favor,
lttts fat a standard crop.
'. ' ' tutJ. '
Every good deed will find recogni
tion from Hod, If not from man. tlod
knows when to do it and- how to do it.
Let us do our duty, and, if the reward
does not come, let ni hot be discour
aged. The essence of duty is richer
thuu any reward, and it Is vastly bet
ter to win it than any reward. -
ture of Chan. II. Fletcher, nnd Iimn bnu litiulo under lila
WkAa rSSe'iei tl I SlllllitH.lul ivu aV.. a- j . ....
. iiiijwb mr over u years. Allow no onn
tO deceive VOIl lit thla. Cnnnl.ro.lt. t......L.TL r.r"7
lihwW r bntEyperlincnt, ami enduiiKer thej
"f4"11 Children Uxperleueo arulnt llxperinieut.
Coatorltt U a hurmlea Kiibtltiito for Cantor Oil, larw
contain neither Opium, Morphlno nor other Kareotlo
HiibNlaiiee. It Bgtt U it jrnnntntee. It deatroys Worm
nd allay leverlHliiiea-. It cure Ilurrlifit jind Wind
Ul: rl4evc" Itb nft, Trwubl?. eure Conatlpatloa
and 1 bitiilency. It uasiinllutes) tlm Foosl, rejriiltttes the
rrV." Vw i r " ,"V"-'s a"1' i "J oauny nntt liulurul Hlevit.
ev ayiaiasaa vaa tm NUHVVtr'lUU AfAUlllfjr m M: T
Tie Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
vweear.M . , Hiwn tt. bw ,
tvaaa arre.
( The Famous German Wood Preserver)
3 One application is all that is required. It hats for vear. If
your dealer cannot supply you, write for circulars and information to the
following: distributing: agentu Perfection Pile Preserving Co Seattle,
Wash; Fisher, Thorsen & Co, Portland, Oreeona Whittier. Coburn Ac
Co, San Francisco, CaL
It is hardly consistent to say that
interest in Ilia Rihla I rll(nln,. kii.
the engineer, whose position is inside S. 500.000 fltnie Clt lit Aran haf ntr nul ntnA
the cab, is held, in Galveston II. & 8. every year. :
aa Fraaai) Market.
Wool Spring Nevada, 1815o per
pound; Eastern Oregon, 10 15c; Val
ley, 18 20c; Northern, lOglSo.
Hope 1899 crop, l'l(818o per
Butter Fancy creamery 18(3 19c;
do seconds, 18sc; fancy dairy,
17c; doseconds, 15016 Ho per pound.
EggsStore, 16o: fancy ranch.
A. R. Co. ts. Zantzlnger (Texas), 47 L.
B. A. 282, to be within the authority of
the engineer, when he has possession
and control of the engine, so that the
railroad company is liable for the
wrongful exercise of bis authority.
A provision of an insurance policy to
the effect that none of its terms can be
modified, nor any forfeiture under It
waived, save by agreement in writing
signed by the president or secretary, is
held, in Cole vs. Union Central Life In
! surance Company (Wash.), 47 L. It. A.
201, to be inoperative on a person who
j made a contract for insurance with the
' general agent and manager of a for
j elgn company and who did not assent
or have any knowledge of such a pro
vision or any information that It would
, be contained In the policy to be Issued.
Horace Greeley once said; "Show
me a drunkard who does not use tobac
co, and 1 will show yon a white blackbird."
Mitchell Wagons
Arc the best that can bt made. Nothing
is or can bt superior to a Mitchell wagon,
because it is mads of ths best material
by sxperiencci workmen which, cou
pled with 45 years' experience in building
wagons, during which time the manu
facturers have had but on aim, and t.
to produce the best possible to build, s a
guaraeteeof quality. If you buy a Mitchell Wagon, you get the best that can bt made.
AGENTS EVERYWHERE. If none in your vicinity, we wiU sell to you direct.
Send lot circular.
Branches at Spokane, Seattle Salem, McMlnnvlth,
Medtord and La Grande.
. Mention this paper.
Millstuffs Middlings.
20.00; bran, $13.60(813.60.
Fait and Explicit Directions.
I Two bicyclists passing through
small town on the Long Island shore
decided to take the train from there
home. Being unfamiliar with the place
! they stopped to inquire of a colored
woman the way to the railway station.
"We are strangers," they said; "would
Hay Wheat $6.6010; wheat and J00 k,ndJ7 dlrect to 018 ton?"
oat $8.009.60; best barley $5.00(8 "Certainly, euh," she replied; "Kee
7.00; alfalfa, $6.00 6.00 per ton; aoln' right on till yo' comes to de cor
traw, 26 40c per bale. ,Mt wh d ole postofflce used ter be,
PoUtoea-EarlyRose. 60S 66c; Ore- TaIJ' yU,U '
gon - Burbanks, 80o 80; river Bur-, . A . .. .
banks, 86 65c; new. 70c $1.26. ' if L be"med w,tb
jyeauey. teuv n ItU MiAAUsTCUJVUlj MUQ all
. Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Slgnature of
Pac-Stmll Wrapper Baisw.
p'l,iW ' .
Made of the Best Materials, thoroughly srasone'd, by competent workmen. It stu
without an equal. Call on our Agent, or address
320-338 East Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon,
Tery asaali a4 as aaay
, te take ee sasaa.
trus Fruit Oranges, Valencia,
$2.76(88.26; Mexican limes, $4.00(3
6.00; California lemons 76c$1.60;
do choice $1.76 2.00 per box.
Tropical Fruits Bananas, $1.60O
S.60 per bunch; pineapples, nom
inal; Persian dates, 66)o per
twtund. .
though they found the station they
have yet to discover the "corner whs
de ole postofflce used ter be," New
York Sua.
Many a man's shattered fortune is
due te ala negligence la mending hi
wajDs, - v . - .
. PR
oaunssiss mummtunmin.
Hero's a Proposition
Isn't It reasniisM to snppme that a firm ol
l yi-ars eiiierlence eoiild tell jflm (lie Ul y
UtSi-l (iKxt vslu for your inoiievT H you an
making liiipriivxnienls In yunr huiine, nr biilld
Inir a n huiinH, no insttKr how snisll nr I urns
lh sura roil wlh to .p.-ud in elrcirk-sl or km
flxiures, (ln-:l('i , inentel furniture, em,, you
will nave money ami he well milted II von con.
suit TH ft JOHN SAKHKtT CU., SI rinl
Klreet, fortlaiid, Oregua.
Dayton's fli Killer
I7d few minutes eyen.
Ins, will rid your nouns
of rilns and Moaqiiltoon.
No mark or stsin left on
tli eelllns or walls,
Works like mssln. pries
2A eeni. Write for bwik
let. Dsyton Hsrdwar
Co., I'orllsnd, Oregon,
Tan find quick and permanent relief
Ireubres'la tf",,0lB
Moore's Revealed Remedy
Thousands hava used It and thousands
now praise It. It eurespernisnsutly, II
er buttle a your druggist's. , :
climnti for nprmiAsi
Wrl Is M HAN EZm I m Ca I J fj
SICKSOSn. a.ihlnelee..ll C tl,. win VT.
eels quick raiillea. II 111. K H kl, ui.a
Alio Corps, fresscutlui claims sluvs lt7t,
"Ills form. s well aallllnd, Hl..ln,f or rw.lrJau""
- ics sr nureS b, Dr.oanko' klla keelT,,.
'LlJ!.l"i,"UorM""l!'.7 ?" Trssttaefree, Wrli
... wut VM. Buaanau.
fe i4. p.
JOHN 1'OOI.E, Poktlasp, Ossaoul
i f vs you the best bargains In gsusral
chlnerv. eiivlnee k.,li. r
fc ."','. -i.,H.1 uiiupi.
Hiows, pens aim windmills. Ths new
equalled L.wtod.mU. 'old t "i"". '
n. r. n. u.
Us. SO 100.
f f lutsUus tit
rltlne ts advai-Uaara
ls iiasair.

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