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Ed Tmpl l convtlvMtiut.
The weather modoratod louno yeiter
Itort Cmoo km In town (or Urn dayi
I nit wcvk.
0. W. Wblte wm not ti well aa uiual
Frank Drown wm up from Rock crtek
Friday and Batorday.
Mri. Carter and her ton Cbarlle are
able to be up again. -
Mra. J. II. Downing tiai been on the
alck l!t lor eeveral daya,
Jay Bowtrman and It. N. Frixer are
In Portland thia week.
-Mra. Ciiae. Flit who hai bean India
poai'd (or eorae time, la better.
Lon Moore'a children, who have been
on the alok llat (or aome time, are better.
Dob I'atllion, who baa been down with
typhoid for tbe pait three weeka, la Im
proving. Ray Trimble bai been on the alck Hit
for the paat wek etiffurlng (row an at
tack of la grippe.
lleorge Perry one of Lone Rock 'a Job
Ileal and lit-known cltUeoi, waa in
town Saturday and Sunday. '
John Walker, who haa been loading
retired life at bla Ferry Canyon atock
ranch for the lait alt weeka, waa in town
for a few daya during the week.
A marriage lleenie waa lamed at Pen
dleton lait week to F. T. Hurlbart, of
Sbanlko, and Mra. Maggie Ilawaon, of
'Arlington, aaya the Eait Oregonlan.
Jay Drown, who haa been attending
achool at The Dalltn for eeveral montha,
baa returned home and will apend the
remainder of tbe winter on the ranch.
K. T. Ilollenberk, who la working in
Arlington thla winter, building wagon
racka, waa at home a day or two tbla
week getting acquainted with bla family.
To thoee etpecting to build, the Ar
lington Lumber Co. deilre to aay tbey
re prepared to make prtcea and furnlih
any and all klnda of lumber at prlcea to
meet competition.
Dr. Wood waa railed to npper Thirty
mile Monday to eee Mra. John Magee,
who baa been aerlouily ill for aome time.
At lait account! abe waa aome better.
February may be the laat winter
month, but it la not Icait tbla year when
It cornea to cold, atormy weather. It la
certainly putting op Ita abare of winter
thla year.
W. A. Campbell, the popular dla
enter of brand new atorlua, waa in town
for a few daya during the week. Mr.
Campbell alio looki after life I mu ranee
bo ilneai aa a paitlme In addition to bla
other dutiea.
A letter from Dr. (Juliette to P. II.
fttephenaon, received yeiterday, atated
that the doctor and Mra (Juliette are to
all today for China and Japan be going
i lurgKon on a government transport.
Tbey e i pent to return to Condon in
April or May.
Tho Globk will publish your
final proof notices for 12.50.
You now pay $7.60. When
ready to make proof ask the
Land Office officials to Bend
your notice to thia paper that
you may save this money.
Five dollars saved, in this way,
is better than 45.00 earned
raising 40 cent wheat; it's so
much easier you know. Call
at this office and we will tell
you all about it.
Father Kelley la here thla week look
ing after hla work at thia place. He
. held service In the Calbolio church laat
Herbert Halatoad'a baby waa worae
yesterday. Mr. Ilalatead, who waa at
Lost Valley cntting Ice, waa telephoned
for in tbe afternoon.
Mri. F. W. Arias, who haa been the
guest of Mr. and Mra. 0. W. Croefield
for eome time, left for her home Sun
day morning. Mrs Crosfleld accom
panied her. The ladles' expected to
spend a few daya with friends at Moro
before proceeding to Portland.
John Marshall day waa not observed
in tbe Condon public school on Monday,
as was previously intended. On account
of so much sickness Jn Professor Neal's
family and in other families in the dis
trict, it was found impossible to arrange
for suitable exercises for the day. .
ft. B. Lucas bas opened a restaurant
and abort order house in the building
recently purchased from II. G. .Jordan,
next door to Dunn Bros., where be is
prepared to cater to the wants of the
hungry public In a first-class manner.
Meals will be served at all houra and
first-class cooking and aervice is assured.
Mr. Lucaa expecta to add an addition to
the building as aoon aa material can be
procured and increase the capacity of
hla business. Bee bla ad. in another
There is a small tempest brewing in
the Sbaniko-Antelope tea-pot, aaya The
Dalles Chronicle. In response to the
complaint of tbe Antelope Republican
against high freight charges by the Co
lumbia Southern and a call for the
freight teams of anti-railroad daya, the
freight agent at Shanlko discourteously
sends word to the editor, who is of
German nativity, that special rates will
be given him on sauer kraut and lira
Mra. Dave Ruiteli wai called to Athe
na lait week by .tbe dangeroua lUneia of
ber father.
Fred Wllion who underwent an opera
tion (or appendlcltla at the Uood Sama
ritan hoopltal in Portland lait week, la
getting along nicely.
E. J. Clougb, formerly ol the Arling
ton Warebouae Co., haa taken charge of
the Arlington Lumber Co. 'a yard aa
Manager, and will devote bla time
toward aeelng that tboae wanting lumber
can And what they want In Arlington.
There Will be no preaching aervicei in
the Congregational chureh neat Sunday,
aa It la Mr. Curran'a regular day at lone.
Rev. G. F. Clapp, of the Congregational
Mom Mliilonary Uoolety, and Rev. Mr.
Curran will commence a aerleaof special
revival meeting! here tbe 17th of tbla
Back Prom the South.
Jim Tiurna "returned froro Arizona
Monday, where be went a few weeka ago
with hie uncle, Jim Dunn, who wai
obliged to aeek a milder climate on ac
count of hie health. Jim aaya Mr.Dnnn
itood the trip flrit rate and had already
gained three ponnda In weight ilnce
leaving Condon. He la at Pboenlx, in
the aontbweat part of tbe territory,
where tbe weather la warm and mild
tbe year around. Mr. Durna returned
via California, and laya theeootbern
part of that atate la a place of beauty at
thia aeaion, the orange tree a being load
ed with fruit and flowera are In bloom
everywhere. Arizona, he aayt, la luffer
Ing from drouth, and cattle are eclllng
there it $11.00 per head.
Railroad Survey,
J. II. Downing returned from the north
end of tbe county Monday, where he
ipent litit week aaiiitlng In making a
preliminary enrvey for tbe propoaed rail
road. Mr. Downing layi that the com
mittee ran three, linei from the river,
two at or near Arlington and one at
Blalock, all of which are practicable
rootea. Tbeie llnea were run ai far aa
Rock creek when, on account of the In
clemency of the weather, the work had
to be dlecontinoed. The work will be
ta.ken np again aa aoon ai the weather
aettlei and tbe line run on through to
Pokes Fun at It
The Arlington Independent thus fao
tiouily writes of the proposed Gilliam
county railroad;
"The preliminary work of surveying
tbe new railroad U In full awing of pro
greie in the ootiklrti of tbe city of Ar
lington. Chief engineer! and superin
tendents are poshing the work with all
possible speed and it li expected that
the aurvey will be completed In time to
handle the early volunteer wheat which
will be fit for grazing about the middle
of February. Chief Llneiman F. W.
Tobey la now measuring and otherwiae
determining the dimensions of aome of
the large boulders on the hill eaat of
thla city and computing on the problem
of how many more telegraph messagei
can be transmitted over a atraight line
than over a barbed wire fence which en
close! a body of farm land having an
area of not less than ICO acres and
capable of producing thirty busbeld of
wheat to each and every acre."
Our gifted friend may be aorry tor the
above remarks a little latter, when bla
application for editorial transportation
over the new road gets tucked away iu
some musty pigeon-hole. Then he'll
wish he bad been good.
Stop the Cough
and work off tho Cold.
Uxnttre Bromo-Qutnlna Tablet ear a eold
lnonedty NoCare.no Pay. Price 25 cent
Wallula Circle Ball.
The grand ball to .be given on the
evening of tbe 14th Inst. (St. Valentine's
Day) by the ladles of Wallula Circle, W.
of V., promisee to be one of the moat
enjoyable function! ever given in Con
don. The ladies in charge of the affair
are leaving no atone unturned to make
the occasion one long to be remembered
by all devotees of the terpslchorean art,
and all lovera of dancing who attend are
sure to be delighted.
Prof. Musgrove's auperb orchestra haa
ka nfaat tn In ml aK mnaiA tni th A
occasion and Mr. J. R. Wells will act as
prompter, which insures that nothing
will be lacking along those lines. The
Circle will also furnish a midnight sup
per in the lodge-room over the main
hall where all the dainties of the season
will be served.
Tickets to the ball will be only (1.00,
and enpper tickets but fjOo per couple.
Proceeds of the evening are -for the
benefit of the Circle. All are cordially
invited to be ' present. Don't forget the
date, Thursday evening, February Utb.
Take Lautlva Bromo Quinine Tablet. All
drwmrlaU retnnd the money It It fail to cure.
W. Grove's ilinntHre li on each box. 25c
Teachers' Examination.
Notice la hereby given that the county
u ceri ntendent of Gilliam county will
hold the regular examination of appli
cants for Statt pa pers at Condon as follows :
Commencing Wednesday, A February
13, at nine o'clock A. M., and continuing
until Saturday, Feb. 18, at 4 o'clock P. M.
Wednesday Penmanship.history, spell
ing, algebra, reading, composition.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, bookkeeping,
English literature, civil government.
F'iday Physiology, geography, physic
al geography, mental arithmetic, school
law. '
Saturday Botany, plane geometry, gen
eral history, physics, psychology. ,
County Supt.
... 4-a
C. W. Crosfleld, the druggist, will re
fund yonr money If you are not satisfied
after using Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. Tbey cure disorders of
the stomach, biliousness, constipation
aod headache. Price, 25 cents. Samples
free. .' -": ;'
Entertainment and Dasket
Tbe ladlee of the Latter Day Balnt'a
church will elve an entertainment and
batkettoclal at Armory ball on Tbore-
da evening. Febroarv 21 commencing
at 7 o'clock p. in.
A program of choice tnuilcal and liter
ary eelecllonf will be rendered,
Baikete will be eold at 50 centa each.
" Admlnlon, 23 centa. Ldlea bringing
baiketi, gentlemen accompanying lad lei
with baiketa and children under 14 yeara
of age will be admitted fre.
All art cordially Invited.
L, Caaon waa quit
Mra. C.
111 lait
R. M. Johnson made a trip to Ferry
Canyon laat Saturday.
Rev. !. D. Brown is conducting a
revival meeting at Fox.
P. L. Ham and J. B. Jnff went to Con
don the Z5th nit. to attend tbe funeral of
Mra, Al Henshaw.
Tbe weather wai warm and pleaiant
lait week, almoat like aommer-tlir.e,
but thia week it le more like winter.
Mra. N. II. Anderaon, who came over
from her borne to attend the revival
meeting, waa taken suddenly ill tbe
forepart of lait week. Mr. Anderson
came over and took her bone. "
Our public school closed lait Friday.
Some plana are ne-v being talked of
among our people (or at least those
who are Intereited In the-welfare of our
public achool) that will greatly benefit
our achool In the future, vis, by having
a longer term of school and by employ
ing flrst-claai teachera, engaging them
several montha before achool la to begin,
while good teacbera are to be bad. We
bope thia system Will be carried out.
February 4.
Mra. Caaon la improving Irora her
spell of sickness. Several other parties
in our neighborhood are on tbe sick list
this week.
A school meeting waa held tn our dis
trict last Thursday for the purpose of
voting a tax to ralae the aum of 11600 to
build a new echoolhouee. By a vote of
27 to 8 a 25-mlll tax was voted.
Memorial aervlcea were held at tbe
M. E. church last Wednesday to the
memory of tbe late Mrs. Al Henshaw.
A short sketch of ber life and noble
deeds waa collected and read by J. B.
Goff which epoke tbe mind of many old
time friends who were present on this
The revival meeting at the M. E.
church ia atill in progress. Rev. Walker
and wife, of Olex, and Rev. Horner-
brook, of Goldendale, are assisting in
tbe work. The meeting is being largely
attended. A doxen or so have professed
convention and about aa many have
united with the church.
Geo. Perry and Bob Robinett went to
Condon last Saturday. Miaa Grace Fita-
water accompanied them to Condon but
didn't come back with them. She came
back with a brand new husband. Mr.
and Mra. Lovegreen went on to Eight-
mile before our town lada bad smelt a
mouse, and thus missed a tin can recep
tion. When you want a physio that ia mild
and gentle, easy to take and pleasant in
effect nse Chamberlain's Stomach and
LiverTableta. Price, 23 centa. Samples I
free. Every box guaranteed. For sale
by The Hudson Pharmacy C. W. Croe
field, mgr.
Everybody is busy ploughing.
Jean Forrest was on the ereek the first
of the week.
Cattle and aheep are in fair condition
for the spring.
mere will oe Kranu uau Kiyou ati
(1. I - I 1 11 ! I
Olex on the 14th Inst
Wm. Brown and Wm. Butler were on
the creek laet week on business.
John Fletfc is busy breaking horses on
Eightmile for cavalry purposes, and
Will Flett bas taken bis place aa camp-
tender for Webb & Voleer.
Tbe Misses Bertha and Scholette Land
of lone were the guests of Dottle Flett
last Saturday and Sunday, They were
accompanied by John Land.
The greatest danger from colds and la I
grippe ia their resulting in pneumonia.
If reasonable care ia used, however, and
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy taken, all
danger will be avoided. It will cure a
cold or an attack of la grippe In less time
than any other treatment. It ia pleasant
and safe to take. For eale by The Hud
son PharmacyC. W. Crosfleld, mgr.
rr r :
All pertona knowtns thomaelvei to be Indebt
ed to me will ploaie call at once and settle by cash
or note m I expect to eloae Bp my bualnoia with
out delay. Al. Hbnshaw.
Condon, OreRon. January $0, 1901.
Of all kinds done on the short
est notice and at reasonable
rates. Nothing too large, no
thing too small,
Globe Office.
New Firm.
M. O.Clarke and II. N. Fraaor have
purchaied the furniiore and undertaking
eitabliibment of Al llembaw and will
eontlnnt the bniineas ai me om itand
Mr. llembaw baa Men landmark in
the bualneee circle! of Condon aio the
early daya, but be baa decided to retire
fiout active buiineif aod tojy a well
earned real.
Illustrated Number.
The Illustrated number of the' llepn-
ner Gazette ie at band and is perbipi
tbe moat unique newipaper production
ever attempted in Oregon. It is illustra
ted alright and perhaoa oo man in tbe
Bute, other than J. W , Redington,
could have tackled the Job aud got away
with it gracefully. The reading matter
la as unique aa the picturea aud ieada
the reader thro' a medley of matter that
runs thro' tbe whole gamut of Reding
tonism. Little dabs of patbos and feel
ing unexpectedly bob op every here
and there among a mass of nonsense
but not enough to do any barm. The
edition would cure congestion of tbe
liver in a wooden Indian.
Quietly Married;
On Sunday, Febroary S, 1901, Mil!
Grace Fitxwater and Mr.C. A. Love
green were united in marriage at the
reeidence of tbe brlde'a parents, Mr. and
Mra. James K. Fitxwater, in this city,
Elder Swift of tbe Cborcb of Christ per
forming tbe ceremony- j
The bride is well and favorably known
in this county, having been a successful
teacher here for several yeara. She Just
finished a term of school at Lone Rock
last Friday, Tbe groom ie a successful
rancher of tbe Eightmile country, where
the happy couple will make their borne.
Tbe Gloub Joins tbe many friends of tbe
bappy couple in wishing them a long,
happy and proaperons life.
Ed Palmer went to Arlington yester
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible Bunt;
Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bueklen's Arnica
Salve will kill tbe pain and promptly
heal it. Cures Fever 8ores, Ulcere, Boils,
Corns, all Skin Eruptions. Best Pile
core on earth. Onlv 25 eta. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by Condon Drug Co.
The Gity Restaurant
Meals at
Board by the Day, Week or Neal.
First Door South of
New Year's
After taking account
of stock and sales, we
wish to say to our
many patrons that
we : are more than
pleased with the bus
iness of last year and
hope to merit a eon
tinuance of the same
liberal patronage. We
will-ibe found at the
old stand and our
motto for 1901 will be
thelisame as in the
past: "Good goods,
reasonable prices."
Yours respectfully
. ; (BALFOUR GUTHRIE & CO, Managers.) .
i Highest Prices Paid
General Warehouse Business conducted.
Warehouses at ARLINGTON,
On Wednesday, Jaonary SO, 1901, at
Portland, Oregon, Mr, George Schott, of
Olex, and Miia Velton, of Portland, were
united in marriage at tbe residence ol
the brlde'a brother.
Mr. Schott Is one of the best known
yonng men of this coonty and hai been
engaged in the itock hnsinese on Rock
creek almost all his me. ms rriiie n a ;
charming young lady wbo formerly
taught school In tbla county, where the
bai many friend. Tbe happy couple
arrived at Olex lait Saturday, where
they will reside. We Join their many
. ve join ineir many
heartiest congratulation.
other friends in
Purely Business.
Holiday goods at the Hudson Parmacy
Fine ahoea for ladies, gentlemen and
children at P. II. Stephenson's.
Fancy pipes an acceptable Xmas
gift at Hudson Pharmacy.
A Camera for Cbrlitmaa at the Hud
eon Pharmacy.
Rag and wax dolls, children's toys,
books, etc., at Hudson Pharmacy.
Bathm Hot ami eold water, clean tow
els, only 25 cents at Condon hotel.
Temple, the photographer, has moved
to North Main street, Condon.
Ladles' drees skirts, extra fine quality
and extra low prices, at P. II. Stephen
son's. ;," i ;. ,- ..
We are ready for you, if yoo are look
ing for Xmas presents. Hudson Phar
macy. Rings, pine, bracelets, chains and
everything in the jewelry Hoe for Xmae
presentaat Hudson Pharmacy,
Stamp photos 25c per doz. and photo
buttons free at Temple' Novelty Gallery.
Also plctnrea enlarged.
G. L. Neal, the well known auction
eer, will give tbe strictest attention to
all business entrusted to his care. If
you have property to sell consult bim.
Renew Your Subscriptions.
Subscriptions for all the leading news
papers and periodicals published in the
United States or any other country on
earth will be received at the Gubk office.
Save postage, time and trouble by leav
ing the-' amount with ua and we will
attend to the business for you. Caii
wnen In tow n and renew your auDscrip-
' tiona to your favorites for 1001
All Hours.
Everything Strictly First-class.
Dunn Bros. Store.
for drain.
Shoes! SllOesl
Latest Styles in
Nothing ia more
appropriate for a
Call and Inspect our fine
j ,
tores, Fancy Plaids and Pressed Flannels. A largg assortment to select
from. Just the thing for s'Cbristaias gift for wife, aister or mother.
Ladies' Kid Gloves,
Fine line of Hen's
P. H. Stephenson,
Fall and Winter Goods.
-, " - . .' - 1 .
Largest and Eest Line in Gilliam County.
Winter Underwear, Overcoats
Mackintoshes, Ulsters Etc.
Hardware and
General Merchandise
Largest stock in the
Sumrait Saloon,
Stop at
Condon, - Oregon.
GEO. W., RINEHART, Prop'r.
. The public will find that no better accommodations can be ;
found in this countrjr than at this house. Meals 25c; beds 25c.
Celluloid Goods of every description!
Albums, Photo frames, holders and boxes,
Call and examiue our line of
The Condon Pharmacy,
Drugs Photo Supplies, Jewelry, Paiuts and Oils. Give us a trial.
rrxOraiETOB of -
Manufacturer of Soda,, Orange ftnd
Champagne Cider, Sareaparilla and
Iron and all other Soft flnd Carbonated
Drinks. Condon trade ia respect
fully solicited. Orders promptly filled
Arlington, Ore.
Bargains in She:;.
Infant's LaluV ami Jteue
Fashionable Footwear.
FinfJ and
Irian ft pair of fin?
Sbot-s of Slippers.
new line of tbcnegooJi.
of extra fine quality. Heavy Serges, CrepnnC,
French Cashmeres, Ladies' Cloth, English Mix
Silk .and W,o Mittens, fine Wool
Shawls, Fftinatof8 Etc.
Furnishing Goods.
Universal Stoves and
Iron Bedsteads ,
Spring Mattressee
Cbairs ,
Extension Tables'
Orders taken for Furniture
and Wall Paper not kept ia
This popular hostelry has been
thoroughly renovated and is now
prepared to cater to the wants of .
the traveling public in an up-to
date manner.
Commercial travelers, and others,
desiring the comforts of a first-class
hotel, will find this house suited to
their wants.
choice goods. We can please you.
Fossil Flour
lakes the lead because it
is the best.
Try it.
Fossil Flouring Ililb?
rtf Sli' by Ii!i'linc; C'-mLm )t ? "
burger cheese,

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