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NO. 6.
Mi a-4 twr totoN aAdarta to hnirtri
hb or nit
From AH Parts of the New World
and (he Old.
Somprthtntlv Rivkw of th Important Nap
putlnpef lh pMtVMklia
CondenMd form.
Tha Taft commission Is la Western
There will be no strike on the Jar
sey Central.
The allotment of Chines Indemnity
has been Died.
An American party wai almost en
trapped In Leyte.
All arrangement! are complete for
the president's trip.
It la evident that Japanese wilt ex
pect war with Kua.la.
The trial of an army scandal caae
baa opeued In Manila.
The crown prince of Germany will
vIhII the Auatrlan court
Moral cruaade In Seattle Is a per
aonal war on Mayor Humes.
Twelve cents per pound has been
offered for hops at Salom, Or.
Japan demands to know whether
emperor will return to capital.
The our&lnjr of the negro Alexander
at Leavenwo th Is being Investigated
Mra. Notion was arrested for ob
structing streets of Kanaas City, Mo.
Many natives flocked to Capls to
hear form of provincial government
Twelve thousand acres In Douglas
rouuty, Or., are to be prospected for
oil and coal.
Cooperative method of marketing
fruit waa dealt a severe blow by Cal
Ifornla court.
Three Pennsylvania people were run
down by a train and killed, and an
other Injured.
Conduct of ministers of .powers In
postponing meetings causes much ad'
verse comment.
Ann Arbor university dean of toed
Iclno acknowledges Student Hare baa
bubonic plague.
The stolon gold bars were found
during the cleaning of the Kaiser Wii
helm dor Grosse.
Captain J. 0. Grlffin, a Columbia
(8. C.) railroad man. was shot, prob
ably by Major D. II. Evans.
Commissioner Young, of 1905 cen
tennial, would call on the Orient for
both funds and attractions,
Washington pan-American fair com
mission turned down honorary mem
bers of woman board of managers.
One of three Idaho men who fired
on deputy sheriffs from ambush waa
killed. Trouble probably due to abol
ition of martial law.
Charles M. Pepper and Professor
Edward M. Ross were speakers at the
convention of the Academy of Polit
ical and Social Science.
Anton Pfanner. Forest Grove, Or.,
banker, who failed for $40,000, and
then mynterlously disappeared, has
turned up In Switterland.
The Taft commission has arrived at
Ilo llo.
Botha reopened peace negotiations
with the British.
Agulnaldo will not be released until
he secures Tlnos surrender.
The war department Is advised of
the coming of a Cuban committee.
The United States will have cutters
In Behrlng sea for protection of seals.
The transport Rawlins caught fire
at Brooklyn, was Oiled with water
and sank.
Governor Alien, of Porto Rico, says
the reports are not true that natives
of that Island are starving.
Attorney General Blackburn holds
that the Oregon law requires fisher
men to secure two licenses.
An explosion in the Santa Crux,
Cal., powder works caused the death
of one man and the serious Injury of
another. The cause of the accident
Is unknown.
A new process for making armor
plate has been discovered whereby
manufacturers may be able to furnish
first-class material to the government
for $150 per ton.
Three gold Ingots, worth $22,750,
were stolen from the steamer Kaiser
Wtlhelm dor Grosse during her pas
sage from New York to Cherbourg.
No clew to the perpetrators.
One of a band of roving gypsies.
near Monence, 111., sold two girls, of
whom he was guardian, to another
man of the same band for $800. The
girls objected to the sale, and a riot
was almost caused.
Admiral - Sampson receives $3330
prize money.
J. P. Morgan organizes a depart
ment store trust.
The American claim for Chinese In
demnity amounts to $25,000,000.
Lord Kitchener reports the capture
.. or Petersburg, the Boer capital.
The Russian fleet returned to the
French coast and saluted Loubet
Four , large Alaska transportation
companies have been merged Into
. two. -
The Negros governor tried to start
a rebellion, but could not secure a
The "Edinburgh Castle" public
house, situated In the Strand, London,
is to be hauled down, and the London
county council has to pay 22,500 as
Probably the smallest monarch In
the world reigns over the Hindu vas
sal state of Bhopaul, and governs a
people of more than a million souls.
This dwarf Is a woman, DJlhan-Be-
gum by name, but although she is
about 50 years old, she does not ap
Be Made at Sandy Hook
WASHINGTON, April 18. Prepara
tions are making- for Quite an exten
sive and important test of field gunsjtem$ of Interest From All Parts
at Sandy Hook some time In May. At
nrn-.tnt tha armv la not well emilnnod
with field guns, compared with other
wl-hei " to obtain T the very best guns
possible for the equipment of this Ira
nnrimit branch of the service. The
tests will be under the direction of the A
board of ordnance and fortifications.
ll- Knn4 awts- nnltt will luut tl-H aMttiai
aa mar be nresented by manufacturers
and Inventors, but It is expected that
the uew tun modeled on the plan oil
the irrench field guns and constructed I
nania mrA flfo f Inn favlll Ft I
tested. The plans for this gun wera Cable CoveWork has been re
obtained by an army officer who was ""ed at the Ooldbug mine, la Cable
claimed to have secured complete de-
tails of this gun, which artillery ex-
pert have asserted Is the best In the
world. The mechanism of this gun
nas been concealed ana lis secret
carefully guarded By me rrencn gov-
ernment. The report that the United
!iVue" Jfwl 51.2!
u .H. nnw. 1
lie, and since then the procedure of
the department with reference to the
gun has been watched with Interest
by ordnance experts. The French
government has not guarded more
carefully the mechanism of lta gun
than the board of ordnance nas ma
moaing or me new neiu gun which ib
to be tested in May.
Auditor Lawshee Found a Poor Sys-
i.m vi "
WASHINGTON. April 13. A letter 1
from A. L. I-awshco. auditor of the
Philippines, has been received at the
war department, and certain portions
Ul II lD uv-r-ii mui iu ii"J j,w.i,v. I
u- 1 Ll. In t , wv l , ( M Th. I lit. I
ter relates largely to the memods or
keeping accounts, which are not. ap-
M.ni-n.l .u ft.fa T unuhiiA and ttrnirn I
have not been In accordance with the
(nm. nr..rihA,i Mr ijiwahK tik
four expert clerks when he went to
the Philippine; and these are going Union The Oregon Sugar Company
over the accounts. It la said at the,m havt, nn rr. in auear beets
department that there Is no Intimation
of any fraud, but a system or oook-
keeping Is In vogue which lacks the
Business meinous neccBiiry iu nevuiw
the best results.
jue accounts aa men nere. "'i 1
l)n,lnid,iA, rinn.rnl Snillh "urn eer-I
talnlv amDle. They account satlsfac
torlly for everything. As to irregular-
Itles, there Is absolutely no word or
foundation for euen a atory, ; . jot long
ago one or tne most experiencea in-
spertors in me posiai serum HB"
Snt th Phillnolnes. and he made
a thorough Inspection of every detail
of the work there. His report paid a
high tribute to the condition of affairs,
Tlie reports irom mere mow buu.
some surplus, a "owing " . um
I , fprvi. B ,u lu u...u
cou d make.
Steamer Officials Say They Were
Taken In New York.
BREMEN. April 13. In support of
their belief that the gold bars reported
"J nrossi Tin transit
. . . 1 - .. 1
uetween rxew 1 urn auu uwiuums
were stolen at New York, the officials
of the North German Lloyd Steamship
Company point out that the specie
room on the Kaiser Wllhelmder Grosse
Is situated behind the baggage room,
and that the trunks of hundreds or
M .1 ,. nnnlncfr t ha I
j . u .nnl Th. nffln ala
"V"'u"' "l?r.. -1 . :.;.. .w .hi
gold was abstracted between the arier-
noon when the barrels containing m
2.000.000 marks were placed in the
strong room and the following morn-
lng. when the passengers onggage
was stowed away. The officials are
of the belief that the thief allowed
himself to be locked up in me oag
ro.ee, room after the gold waa aepos-
Ited in the strong roam, ana munanBu
tn tnkA the bootv ashore during the
confusion of arriving passengers and
the stowing away of tne naggage.
Rawlins Catches Fire at her Dock In
New York and Slnka.
discovered In the second hold of tha
transport Rawlins early today. The
W-V w:.; nVn";
n,T Z'a:
mv. A iinitAS x-,ntrl fiftAfl
t": .V work hv" firemen
n antitv" of water Wool-Valley, 1314c; Eastern Ore
the immense quantity or water 1 Qffl1,. ' h.ir 9ama
thrnnch thn nnrt hn da by tna
nreuoum. dm nut... v..
a t. cr a nn iv eanv m Tna miin
at ner pici.
. . . .1
The cargo, a large portion 01 wnicn
consisted of horse feed for array use,
will orove a total loss. The damage
to the transport is estimatea at
000, and the cargo at isu.uuu,
Suicide of a New York Broker.
New York. April 12
Forst. a broker and member of the
consolidated exchange, committea bui-
clde today In the Hoffman House.
After a niltnt OI meuiittuun, bubui u
one seems to know where, he went to
the hotel at 5 0 clock this morning.
A bottle Which had contained carbolic
acid was found in the room. Mr. Forst
haa outsianawg we wk um
business on mo equalise jtbibiui,
and this is Denevea 10 nnve ueeu iuo
cause 01 nis Buiume. , iuibi uuu -
more than $320,000 in his stock deal-
Ina-a. In some ouarters there was an
Impression that Mr. Forst was worth
at least $50U.uuu.
German Officer Killed.
Berlin, April 13. A dispatch from 2,350,000, and at the present time, in
Pekin Bays that Captain Bartsch, of spite of the large emigration which
the Second infantry (German), was has given 1.000,000 people to the
found dead In the neighborhood . of United States, the population is 5.
Pekln yesterday. An inquiry has been 150,000.
opened and the information so far ob- But one person Is alive who sat In
talned tends to show that the officer the house of commons when Queen
met with an accident. On the other victoria came to the throne. It is
hand, a dispatch from Pekin to the rjari Fltzwllllam, who, when Viscount
Lokal Anxeiger says Captain Bartsch Milton, waa elected a few months
wr shot while riding near the Sum hofnro William IV died. At the Dia-
mer palace, and that his horse dls-
appeared. . ...
. e. ,
Uriel Rsvlew of th Growth ant Impreve.
eut Our Thriving Commoawsaiuw
iaaaa ...mill in h
L,ubi.hed near'the mouth of Rock
Grants Pass Prospects are favora-
jble for the resumption of active work
1 at the Pacific pine needle factory at
g rants Pass.
. . fc rountv Tele-
pJYVAb CoK" ta tK
Sim" of anew company 'just organ-
11 ai taiaiey.
Coos City The shaft at the Coos
City mine la now down over 300 feet.
ana u is expecieu cui wi
In the next 100 feet.
coos County Work has stopped In
0ne of the tunnels In the Beaver hill
mine, Coos county, pending Instaiuv
tion of new machinery.
Baker City-The Bonanxa mine, In
Baker county. Is making preparations
to Install considerable new macninery.
Some of the buildings will be re
a.ii TI, Arllnrfnn War.
1,"" h. mH. th nur.
cnagfl of about 7000 ,ack of wheat
itore(1 on tD8 Heppner branch at
r). ..n.i. frnm 43 to 45 cents
n Tk. Rr.n. P.
nn". CTI
Water .Light JwtoWta
rvrLViveju vv vs. -aa
met pipe, xor an " ' "
above the place where the water is
now taaen out 01 me river,
near union this season. During the
thnnin- Bnarinir time bova and
K,rjB wlli be empi0yed to do .most of
lne wort, six dollars an acre win
b naia for this work. It Is said good
,. - k made
Galls creek uperationa nave dwu
resumed at Kubll Co. s quarts mine,
in uau a creea wnnn,
Weaton TUia town will Issue $5000
wortn of t0 raige money to im
nrove lta water aunolv,
prove waier ,UPP!''
Eugene Boy tramps are reported
as being more numerous in Eugene
than ever before Known
Cp,nt, p.,-Work has commenced
on th 0ranU Pa88.winiam8 telephone
une and will soon be In operation,
Baker City During March, 98 coy
ote scalps were turned In at Baker
City at the office of the county clerk.
Wendllna Smallpox Is very preva
lent at thlB place, and county author
itles have been appealed to. So far
it Is only In a mild form
Corvallla-Benton county haa Issued
a call for all warrants outstanding
f , m iinn anil m will
J J ; l "v"d "am
Brownsville There are now two
brass bands in Brownsville. A new
one has Just been organised, known
as the Brownsville Independent band
vjFBlluaio l ucin uoio uoou voco
of smallpox in and about thla place,
"" .: " " . '
Athena A man arrived at Athena
on a new bicycle and waa immediately
arrested by renuest of Pendleton au
thorltlea. He had stolen the wheel
from a 8t0re at that place.
When! Walla Walla. 56 U(a 57c
Valley, nominal; bluestem, 59c per
Flour Best grades. $2 700)3 40 per
barrel; graham, $2 60,
Oats White. SI 25 ner cental
gray, $1 2 OP I 22 i per cental
Barley Feed, $16 6017; brewlnn,
11 7 bo- chon
J lings. $21 50. shorts, $17 60, chor
Hoy-Timothy. $1212 50: clover,
79 60; Oregon wild hay. $67 per
I tOIl.
Hops-1214c per pound; 1899 crop,
1 wuv
.... , ,,, onoo
I rlnlrv 1Ktf?)1Rr- atnrp 10(f?)12t4e nor
"""l -
ili&fB w v -f,(u s J aw & aw )t ava
dozen. ;
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3 50
6; hens, $56; dressed, ll12c por
pound; springs, $4(S'5 per dozen;
,li,lro tRiRiR- ffoeaa tRfftiH nor rinvan-
turkeys, live, 1012c; dressed, 1314c
nor nnunn
cheese Full cream, twins, 13(5
j30; Young America, 13V4Hc per
Potatoes 50860c per Back.
Mutton Lambs, 10llc per pound
Urnna- heat ehnen. 18: wethers. SS:
ewes. $4 50; dressed, 7V47c per
Hogs Gross, heavy, 15 7&(EP6; ugnt,
.4 755; dressed, 7c per pound.
veal Large, 77ic per pouna;
gman g9c per pound.
R0t nroaa tnn steers. ISrtSS 2:
Lows and heifers. .4 5004.75: dressed
beef, 78c per pound
In 1800 Sweden had a population of
mond jubilee there were several sur-
vlvors of pre-vlctorlun parliaments.
Teur te fa Made by President and
His Cabinet.
Washington Correspondence.
President McKlnlcy's tour to the pa
cific coast and thence eastward to
Buffalo, whence the return to Wash
ington will be made, will be one of
splendor. The train upon which he
will travel will be most gorgeous and
President McKlnley will travel
across the continent surrounded by
across the conunest surrounded ny
his cabinet, with the exception of Sec
retary Gage, who remains In Wash
ington. It Is proposed to transact im
portant business while en route. The
cabinet officers will keep In close
touch with the heads of bureaus of
me respective oepanmenj. in vreu-i
Ident will transact all of the vast
rr...nmm whih h hittf YiMit 1 vm
must look after while In Washington,
A corps or expert teiegrapn operators, 1
to handle official messages, and every KOina regaromg mm mm irrvuuu. kockuhi contain further details re
udearanh station alonz the lines of undertakes to negotiate in behalf of gpectlng the amount of IndemniUes
the railroads which are to be tra-
versed win be subject to tneir oraers
wu'Kurs',l'T.T ",u
S'STui bTheld on Tueadaysnd
Fridays, Just as they are now held In
Washington. The questions pertain-
Ing to domestic and foreign policies
wm n uKum. wp"er " "
rtteT'tX. Alnt. ner VomThe
state department being In attendance
to reduce them to English. The con-
elusions reached upon all public ques-
uons win oe conveyea w mo 1
and will by them be disseminated to
all those concerned.
Trip for Recreation.
Aa this Is to be a trip for recrea
tion and pleasure, the president wants
It understood that he will avoid formal
receptiona wnerever possime ana
mk "CinV want
escape doing so. They want to see
evemhlng that will serve to ve
1.1 I
mem an iaea 01 mo progre uu u-
vancement of the country, and lta
rnmmerclal rrowth and mercantile
stability. They will pay a special
visit to tne great cotton wnarves 01
New Orleans to witness the loading
f .t.mra nf all nations with the
staple product of the fields of the
South. The party is due in San Fran-
clsco, May 8, and will participate in along the wharves imparted a color tals, it will be seen that if the remain
the launching of the battleship Ohio, land picturesqueness to the scene in Dowers are to be allowed a nro-
ana win reuiuiu ua uj. i
is to be followed north to Salem, Port-
land. Seattle and Snokane. and thence
the party will move eastward into
Montana, where, after an Inspection
of the vast copper mines, they will
SS 1 Lll 25
i UCUVO w w xau' - - 1
Salt Lake and then eastward through
Colorado, stopping at Denver tor a that Russia will be associated as conf
protracted visit. From Denver the pletely as could be desired with the
train roes to Topeka, Leavenworth fetes on the Riviera. Those who have
". l8Wi,1l.8.& !Ut,'h D?8! 1
UUUUI CU WJ m v IOIV VI vnv w. 1
Mississippi valley will be traversed
iNim ht Mtr tn fit Paul, with RtODS I
at Keokuk, Burlington and Dubuque,
From Train to Steamer.
frnm at Paul th nartv roes to
Htlnnaannlla and then to Dnluth. where
a steamer of the Great Northern line
will be waiting to convey them
through Lake Superior, the famous
. . ... .. , ,.
BSUlt canal, Wltn lis wonaeriur iwm,
tha Rtralt of Mackinaw. Lake Huron.
th St Clair and Detroit rivers, and
T.aVa V.ritt tn Rnffnln The trln down
h taken will noasess novelty and
interest for every member of the
L" "IX th" tme
- ak.. -.kM, i n nss. o 1. I
will constitute a recreation after
nearlv five weeks of travel by rail
through plain and prairie, desert and,
mouniain ana vaury.
An;ri; ru at laSala Then
he is to go to Niagara Falls and make
a trip down the American rapids.
After he has done that he and his
nartv will am hark on a new BPecial
Fi. nJfSEZZ: !rHvin- thre
June 15- '
President McKinley will travel
about 18,000 miles ori" the fastest,
safest., most comfortable and best-
equipped train America can produce.
!... -..... A a..ii
MO Will VIBU 40 Biavco uu
i. .nH tnnrh tha pmithem. western
and northern boundaries of the coun-
Mr McKlnley and the members of
hla cabinet are to be accompanied by
their wives and several other ladies,
well known In Washington society,
will accompany the party.
ASK FOR nttit VLn.
A0Rl ru"l '
Danaaltors Will Wait on Bank Which
Failed No Longer
Mirxtr wHiTrnM Wash' Anrll 15
NEW WHATCOM, wasn., April 10.
.iin- 4K riava at th mnuest
of the bank officers to enable them to
raise funds with which to reopen the
Scandinavian-American bank In this
city, which failed February 27, the de
posltors today unanimously requested
the court to appoint Robert Mulr per
manent receiver, and he was request-
xo. ?:rr
eu,. appomtea, , xm 7 tZ
atepa to punish those responsible for
the failure of the Institution. PresI-
dent H. St John, of tha institution, is
said to be ln London to secure funds
from his family with which to pay de-
posltors. His legal adviser Is ln New
York trying to dispose of some pic-
tures belonging to the St. John fam-
lly, with the same object in view.
St. John was aiso presiaeni oi me
n - . Ttlt a. Dl.lnA Wo C h
which failed the same time as the
Scandinavian-American. The uaDUi-
ties of the two institutions are said
to be about $50,000. It la believed the
assets are practically valuelses.
-1 ,
The London Times was first printed
by steam power on the morning of No-
vember 29. 181. .
" 7. r .
; Four Counterfeiters sentenceo.
pokane, Wash., April l-. our
counterfeiters, were sentenced by
Judge Hanford this morning in the
federal court, dames WBB
Sr 10 years, while Mike Williams
lace, the last member of the gang, was
sentenced to one year. Moriarity and
McCleary were partners of Arthur
Spencer, the bogus Chinese Inspector,
in the daring Jallbreak a few weeks
and Mack MciJieary got oa wua e bum ua iu 8.. , that the rebellion of General Tung
years each at hard labor in the United three provinces i which 'remain In force. Fuh Si a.m0Unts to much. "It Is
. . i-. .t . r yp V 1 aj at. I Tn Vi a future 1 r I ni n n rfoairAa nop rrii l . . . . .
HaS ReODf ned Negotiations With
tut DTltiSfl.
The Boer General, Learnl"! That the frtt
SUUr InUllect Had Weakened, A.
fumed Full Ruponiibility.
CAPE! TOWN, April 12. General J
rwyu 1
th British for Deace. It Is understood I
here that although General Dewet, In
recent interview with General
the entire Boer forces. The British
authorities here consider mat if uen-
eral Botha surrenders, Dewets 101-
Aa explained here, this action was
determined In part by General Botha's
discovery at a recent meeting that
General Dewet's intellect tad weag-
that b, ,nfluence tb.W
lowers waa diminishing and that con-
tlnuance of the campaign, In view of
General Dewet's Irresponsibility, rest-
a wita uenerai Botna aione.
Russia Givea Another Proof of Her
Friendship. I
, , ... , .
PARIS, April 12.-The Important
skfM i,(4lnfl attAnitlnw DwAflirlonr . T All- 1
" ,
' J f u S , W.T
brought to a climax today In the
double naval demon8traUon at Vllle-
. on . . in t?th nmvaA I
aplendld spectacles. The profuse dec-
orations at louion, me nuuuaa 01
Pleasure ooats nitung .U19.
bor, the gaily dressed warships lying
In tha anrf th animation of
the immense crowds of strangers Jost-
ling one another in the streets and
wmcn uuivieu me niiuauuu ai iiuo-
tranche. The French people, however,
derive aa much Dleasure from the In-
cidents at Villefranche as from the
meetinK of M. Loubet and the Duke
Uf Genoa at Toulon.
,J2f. ?188L; fly" i-f
duumai varro LuaW oaiuiu vuv si
ident on his departure for Toulon so
compelled to admit that they took the
rf.il.. tnr l)u roialitv Thnaa vhn rnn.
tended that Russia wished to manifest
hostility toward the Franco-Italian
rapprochement now have proof to the
Contrary in the fact that the Russians
came to salute the president at the
very moment when the fetes at Tou-
Ion. sealing this rapprochement, were
. v
ut iij
VfcititAN is insn.
Brlaadier-Gerueral John B. Turchln
Must Go to Asylum.
CHICAGO. April 12.-A special to
the Tribune from Nashville 111., says:
Brigadier-General John B. Turcnln,
oldler, scholar and author, la insane,
and confined In the county jail in mis
clty' whence h? be transrerrea
to the Anna asylum tomorrow.
General Turchln was norn in kus-
sia, and received a military training.
I ne was tuuiuiiBsiuueu tuiuuci ui iuo
Nineteenth Illinois Infantry by Gov-
ernor Yates, In. 1861. He organised
his regiment at Chicago, and left for
Tennessee, where General Buell
placed him at the head of a brigade.
Here Turchln offered a p an to his
enn.rlnr nfflmri tnr rnnturlna- Hunts-
ville. which was accepted and proved
successful. In recognitifin of this ser-
Chicago Board of Trade Battery into
a battery of horse artillery. He com-
manded this division throughout the
Tullahoma campaign.
?"rlnLvthvl 22?$ JSZ'
uaigu, wim mo wiuuuuu iij mauu-
euished himself uuon several occa-
slons. During the Atlanta campaign
tn 186 Turchln participated in the
Momenta of Resaca. Kenesaw
Mountain and others. Here he was
. a ,m h iot
Governor Roaers Says It Will Prob-
OLYMPIA, Wash., April 12. Re-
htarding when the state will take pos-
session of its new capitol building.
Governor Rogers today said:
.There was a tacit understanding
between the capitol commission and
the board of county commissioners
that, inasmuch as the county will
probably rent part of the present state
building for a time, at least, the two
boards would work in harmony, so
far as possible, in making the ex-
cnange oi omces, wuuuui uiarommuu-
I Inn aHVa. V0-ttf tit t Vi A trilTIOflH rTl
In the summer months, during which
the supreme court is not m session,
will, no doubt, be the best time at
which this exchange could be made
with the least possible Inconvenience:
As the county will only have need of
two floors of the present state build-
ing, the exchange can be made without
serious aimcuiuea.
Russians nox uneasy.
gt, Petersburg. April 12. The Novoe
yh that Rugsla naa n0
p. ,in,a8iness reeardlnir Man.
" , c7 " " IIZZ 7
churia. She possesses agreements
mer position 'restored, she can at any
time sign the treaty ip her posses-
sion. 1
burg Zeltung says fwe to
act In Manchuria for the preservation
of order as her Judgment dictates.
Russia Heads the List With Ninety
BERLIN, April 16. The corrcspond-
t of the Press hears tonight from an
indemnities for war excnses. exclu
sive of claims of private individuals
and missions, have been fixed as fol
lows: Russia, 260,000,000 marks (about
$90,000,000); France. 260.000.000 marks
tesoM.oooi! fiermanv 240,
000,000 marks (about $60,000,0000);
England, SC,000,000 marks (about $22,-
000,000). France will Also present
claims for the indemnity of the Italian
The Amount Too High.
txrachinrtnn inHi ifift, i,
claimed from China by the powers. It
mntin that tho.. oioim. v,.o
much exaggerated In some statements.
though the sum total 1. still far in
excess of the amount of money it Is
believed here that China can raise. It
i8 the belief of the state department
that the total claims should not be
flowed to exceed $150,000,000 or $200,
000,000. According to the information
received here, the British claim, so
far as formulated, is reasonable In
amount, aa compared with other
claims. In fact, the United States and
Japan represent, in these negotiations.
" moderate element whose desire
prevent me imposition or cnarges
that shall dstroy the Chinese govern-
m. . t. .... ,
empire. None of the claims exceeds
$100,000,000. and even the largest Is
J 'tU,' ,' v ,...,. ,
HffiStfS tS "Cf
. TV . . ... .... .
wnicn is nxea at xao.uuu.uuo. ine uer-
man clal la fleilbi- nnnir hetween
$60,000,000 and $80,000,000, but Is near-
er the former mark at present, though
.. An,,M,aai, , . oo
lt dOUbUeSS, Will grow. As already
stated, the claim of the United States
is $25,000,000, and, with these few to-
portlonate share, the aggregate will be
oeyona cnina s aoiuty to pay, wnicn
has been tentatively placed at $300,
000,000. Nothing has yet been deter
mined respecting the method of rals-
'ng the indemnity fund, even after an
I agreement is reached.
Cashier of . Vergenne. Institution De-
celved the Officers.
v.KW!.ANi!.s, vt., April 16. The
warmers- is auonai Dans went into tne
hands of John P. Sullivan as receiver
a. the flnue of husinosa thfa aftomnnn
The exact amount of tne shortage is
not made public here, but it is inti
mated that the entire stork will he
mated that the entire stock will be
wiped out and in .addition the stock
holders will be heavily assessed. It is
not thought likely the depositors will
lose. Special Examiner Cunningham
was asked for particulars tonight, but
he declined to say a great deal, merely
remarking that Cashier Lewis had de-
celved the officers of the bank and
that he alone was responsible for the
wreck. Mr. Lewis is very well known
throughout the state, has been a mem
ber of both branches of the state leg
i8iature, and in 1886 was a candidate
U gUte treasurer. He remalns at
... . .
me and has turned over to the of-
fleers of the bank his entire holdings
of stock and negotiable property. His
sureties are equal to $30,000, and the
men who naye Bigned hia bond are
belIeTed to be KOod for the f ull amount
"wu m ue guuu lor lue lull auiuuuu
$350,000 Fire in Blower Works.
nS of the extensive blower works of
the B. F. Stertevant Company, In the
Jamaica Plain district, was burned
eari tnis m0rnlng, causing a loss of
$350.000. . The concern manufactured
. . . , ,
various kinds of machinery and elec
trie goods, as well as blowers. All pat-
terns and plans were destroyed. The
company had recently added $75,000
w th . t , d marnin(r haA
worm or toois ana machinery, ana naa
a large amount of electrical work
ready for shipment. It also had
big number of engines and blowers for
the government for use on battleships
and cruisers ln course of construction
loll n n.V 4 hiaha si r. 4 -w. s-. 4 - -
Russia Laying Mines.
London, April 16.-JosePh Chamber
Iain's organ, the Birmingham Post,
learns that the Russian ministers of
war and marine have issued Joint or-
. f . . . pxtfinsiVR
derf ror ine &nats 01 fn extensive
system of submarine mines at Port
Arthur, Vladivostock and elsewhere In
those seas. The apparatus leaves
Odessa early in May.
"un uown DV a Tram
Wilkesbarre, Pa., April 16. A party
of four people while crossing the
tracka cf the Lehieh Vallev railroari at
rac8 tB Lehigh valley railroad at
South Wilkesbarre early this morning,
were run down by the Buffalo express
going north. Three of the party were
killed, and one injured,
Missionary Statements Exaggerated
Pekin, April 16. Prince Ching says
an his reports go to show that the
missionary statements regarding a re-
I bellion in Mongolia are not supported
fgVtX Nde7 do taim
a8gerta ,to make u geem th Qhf
ls In a condltion of constant broil, ren-
dering it unsafe for the foreign troops
to be withdrawn. Those who have
m , y, m nif -
quarrel into a big rebellioaV
England Wants China Opened
to Commerce.
Bttcr Than Demanding a Ouh Indemnity fo
Boxer Outrage Japan Satiified with
RuiiU'i Backdown.
LONDON, April 15. Great Britain
has not yet deflntcly estimated the
money indemnity she desires China
to pay. The government adheres to
the belief that little can be gained by
insisting upon cash payment from
China, and though the government re
grets this will possibly be a cause for
delay, it continues to instruct Sir Er
nest Satow to try to induce the pow
ers to argee to a demand for greater
trading privileges instead of money.
The government Is of the opinion that
the opening of those rich provinces
hitherto closed to foreign commerce
would result u much greater benefit
to the nations concerned and to China
herself than the extraction of lump
sums of money.
Regarding Japan's attitude toward
Russia, opinion in Downing street in
clines to the belief that Japan, In
common with the other powers. Is sat
isfied with what is termed as Rus
sia's backdown, but that Japan will
continue to keep a sharp eye on Cor-sa
and have no hesitation in threatening
hostilities should Russia menace that
China's Resources.
Pekin, April 15. The committee of
ministers which is considering China's
financial resources has reported the
conclusion, based on what Information
is thus far obtainable, that $200,000,
000 in gold can be raised without in
juring China's resources. The exami
nation by the committee into the sub
ject is thus far incomplete, and it will
probably subsequently learn that
other Chinese resources for indemni
ties are available.
The discussion of politics has this
week given place to amusement, com
mencing with the German races at the '"
Hunting Park, Monday last. The re
mainder of the week was devoted to
International races, an assault at arms
and tent pegging at the Temple of
Heaven. The Russians particularly
are celebrating the Easter holidays.
The ministers openly express their
desire that the foreign troops leave ''
Pekin. They are seemingly as anx
ious for the departure as were the be
sieged ministers anxious for the arri
val of the troops. -
Current in the Chicago River Is Too
CHICAGO, April 15. The Post to
day says:
"Federal authorities have ordered
the flow in the Chicago river reduced
from 300,000 to 200,000 cubic feet a
minute. Word to this effect came
from Washington to the sanitary board
today. The board will act immediately
upon receipt of the official order, and
the current will not be Increased, as
the channel haa been widened and
deepened and existing obstructions to
navigation ' have been removed. Ac
tion on the part of the war department
was. brought about by the protest of
local river interests and the Lake Car
riers' Association, which, since the
opening of the big canal, have com
plained that 30,000 cubic feet pro
vided by law was dangerous to navi
gation under present conditions. Lo
cal authorities are apprehensive of the
effect it may have upon the St. Loula
litigation. With the full flow to dilute
the sewage carried down the canal
irom me unicagu river, iu uuaru uuu
no fear of the charge that Chicago
was polluting the water supply of St.
Louis. In view of the action of the
war department, the outcome of the
St. Louis appeal to the courts is doubt
ful. If the legislature passes the bill
authorizing the commission to collect
one-half of 1 per cent tax to be used
for the improvement of the river, it is
believed the current can be increased
gradually after September, as the
work of widening and deepening the
channel progresses. Otherwise It will
be four or five years before relief can
be obtained."
A Mystery Cleared.
Sedalia. Mo.. April 13. The mystery
surrounding the theft of $10,009 ln
greenbacks from the Bank of Com
merce, of this city, August 1, 1898,
has been cleared by a convict named
Freeman, now in the Michigan City,
Ind., penitentiary. According to Free
man, the theft was committed by
Irwin Gamble, who entered the vault
of the Bank of Commerce at the noon
hour, and got away with the money
while he watched outside.
Radicals on Top.
Havana, April 15. The Cuban con
stitutional convention placed itself
upon record today against the Piatt
amendment by a vote of 18 to 10 on
a resolution that the convention should
declare itself opposed to the amend
ment "on account of the terms of some
of its clauses and the way in which
they are drawn, and also on the con
tents of the others, especially clauses
3, 6 and 7." The-conservatives sssert
that this action is embarrassing, in
asmuch as it practically ties the hands
of any commission that might be sent
to Washington.
George Q. Cannon Dead.
Monterey, Cal., April 15. George Q.
Cannon is dead. The end came early
this morning. The patient breathed
his last without a struggle. He slept
considerably yesterday and the fore
part of last night. A bulletin was is
sued near midnight stating that he
rested easy, and the change for tha
worse came apparently without fore
warning. The body was shipped to
San Francisco to bo embalmed and
reshipped to Salt Lake City, whera
the interment will take place.
pear larger than a child oi 10.

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