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. . (jt-cthui by the popular vote in Al-
T I JMOKf N3eM33 27. 3a2.jhllnVi X."V.,of ft proffered gift uf
Tof iy ro tbe great annnnl feast
day 4 .f our country. A day set
,etrt by proclamation d Ihe presr j w decision was referred to the pt-i-'nt
mid governors .( thr; varum ,,,, with the result of 7,000 favor
Male to heohxerved by the eople 1 omJ 12,000 unfavorable votes.
r day of i-peeial thanksgiving tolfhe only explanation given for
it iH'tiifleieiit providence fr thej ilii nrtion ta a general antipathy
hutny bleshing of the harvest s-ea- ,'t Jr, Carnegie a a possessor of
ton which ha j.-t ctosid. more money than he knows what
The earliet-t harvest thanksgiv- j i ,L, UI. Ilia income is given
it g observed in America was by 'in figures too fabulous to In pet
fh riljrrhn Fathers at Tlx mouth
in 1021. Afttr bnvmg pall. end
their first harvest in the New World
they set apart a day of thanksgiv
ing to God for His manifold mer
ries in sparing llieir lives in the
wilderiHs and protecting them
from the wild In-asts and savage
ne by whom tlvey weresurDund
d From that time on through
that and the succeeding century, a
imilat day was repeatedly ap
jiorntetl and observed and during
the Revolutionary War Congress
annua'ly recommended diva of
thanksgiving for the victories of
uir armies and in 1784 for the
return of peace. Washington ap
pointed ruoTi a day in 17St after
trie adoption of the constitution
and in 1795 he appointed a similar
day fbr the general benefit and
welfare of the nation."" After that
lime the custom became common
for the governors of the various
Ftates to appoint a day of tlianks
pviDgandin 1 803 President Lin
rda fftthe eiamjrie of issuing h pm
tl'iiRtitn appointing the last Thuisday
iti November as a day of National
Thanksgiving. This custom lias since
lieen observed by em-h succeeding presi
lu the earlier years of the Nation'
fcistory the day was one of parely relig
ions chiwacter. Later is addition to be
ing observed by devotional eiercisesand
praise to God for liis bounty it came to
It; a day ot feasting. Toothsome turkey
nd cranlierrr isance, erfeet pumpkin
pies, dainty dnnghnuts, eri.-p celery and
tnany other good things of which the
.America! housewife is past mist'fcss in
preparing, became an important factor
in the proper celebration of the day.
The people learned that the actual en-
Jy tiient of (J.id'a bonnty made their
iptreriaikii of the tame all ihe greater
and the sincerity of their gongs of praise
and words of thankfulness in the meeting-house
im Thanksgiving morning was
reudered all the more sincere by the
knowledge that the most excellent din
ner of (he year awaited them at home.
As time progressed the people learned
that they coald better enjoy such a din
ner and thus enhance tlie sincerely of
their thanksgiving by extending their
hoard and inviting their friends to enjoy
the day with them and thus Thanksgiv
ing been me a day of family reunions and
viaitingi and serial intercourse among
friend and relatives. But as time pass
ed on and America waxed strong and
rich and great on the one hand, and
weak and poor and hungry on theother;
in the days when Monopoly declared
himself the owner of everything on earth
worth mentioning, and even went so far
as to claim partnership interest with the
Most High in the entire nniverse, when
Monopoly sipped champagne and minced
terrapin at his ease while Labor strug
gled for a crust, then it was that Misery
ctalked in and spread distress broadcast.
Then came the time when many men
ami women and little children of proud
America ci tiid not observe Thanksgiving
day as their fore fathers did because
they had no "Sunday clothes" to wear
to church and had no turkey in the oven
for dinner. Thus it came that eome
good people realized that they could
best attest their thankfulness by giving
at least one day of fullness to these hun
gry ones and ho it came to pass that in
these later days Thanksgiving has be
come, in a large measure, in many part
of America a d.iy of charity. And this
perhaps, is the best feature of the pres
ent Thanksgiving time. The man or
woman who spends the day in acts of
kindness is better than he ho prayed:
loudest in the synagogue or she who
feeds her guests on the daintiest viauds
and does not do the other,
'"lie prayeth liest wiioluveth lest .
All thing, both great and small,
And the gowl God w ho loveth us,
He made and loveth all."
President Roosevelt didn't kill
any bear on his recent huntbut it
is said that he made quite a killing
politically. .
(Suatamala, (J. A. last week suf
fered severely from the eruption of
the volcano, Santa Maria, which
cost, tlie .lives of fifteen thousand
people. Utah has also had experi
ence with an earthquake and a vol
cano. Seems to be something
Wrong inside .this 'old World of ours. 1
j $150,000 tendered by Mr. Andrew
Carnegie fur a new public lilrrnry
building. The city council had al
ready taken a Mmilar action, but
,J,wn in cold type, and the feeling
tliat inasmuch as he amassed lit
colossal fortune in a few years,
while thousands ot men who con
tributed their efforts to the up
building of his industrial enterpris
es remained poor" the less he is
favored and fawned upon in bub
lic ways the better. There is much
in this view. II hile envy for the
rich simply because they are rich
and we are poor is to be eondemend
the, fact remains that inordinate
wealth is almost invaribly identi
fied with unjust discriminations of
one sort and another, which should
be disapproved and done, away.
Wealth will alway be distributed
unequally but the laws should not
promote that inequality. It would
be far hetter today if the extra rail
lions Mr. Carnegie made had been
distributed to his poor laborers in
the form of wages instead of piling
up to such heights that he is put to
all sorts ef devices to get rid of it.
It is the hardest thing in the world
to dispense enormous fortunes with
out weakening the independence of
their benificiaries and intensifying
social discontent by displays of op
ulence. With corporations thus
firmly banded together to perpetu
ate their swollen incomes and dis
cipline the independent producer,
what is the use of talking of pun
ishing organized labor the only
force that is able today to wrest
any concessions from the unyield
ing grasp of the trusts Oregouian.
Tke Laxative Br. mo Quinine Tablets. All
drtiKRista refninJ tlie money if it fails to ffnre
K. W. Grure'i signature it on each box. 2'x
We never like to say anything
to injure a man's business, but this.
juvenile courting on the streets of
our village breeds pneumonia. The
world loves a lover but it has no
love for the kind that do the Ro
meo and Juliet business 011 the
streets of the town, when they
should be at home reading or in
bed dreaming. These young peo
ple who thus court on the back
streets need to be made acquainted
with a shingle. There are young
sters in this town who are talking
of conjugal bliss and cannot even
conjugate the verb love. The boys
are no more to blame than the
girls; it is a mutual thing with them.
What is needed '8 for every mother
to have a curfew of her own, ring
it and see that the boys and girls
hear it. Milton Eagle.
Stops the Cough
and works off the Cold.
Laxntive Dromo Quinine Tublcte cure a cold
n one day. No Cure. 110 Pav. Price 2o cents
Will that Tennesseean show uj)
atthis oflice and explain matters?
Carrie Nation appeared in a
New York theatef the other night
and taking a position in front of
a box occupied by the Vanderbilts
she read those aristocrats a lecture
on the extravagance of dress. She
then went to a bar where some
young men were drinking wine aud
siezing a bottle and shaking it at
the bar keeper told him in plain
Language uhat she thought of him.
The police then appeared on the
scene and Carrie suspended opera
tion for the time being.
Jumped on a IO-Penny Nail.
The little daughter of Mr. J. N. Powell
jumped on an inverted rake made of ten
penny naiU, aud thruRt one nail entirely
through her foot xnd a second one half
way through, ("hamherlain's Pain Balm
was promptly appl ed and fiye-mJnuteg
later the pain had disappeared and no
more pnfFering was experienced. In
three days the child a wearing her
a hoe bh itHiial with absolutely no discom
fort. Mr. I'ouhII is a well known mer
chant of Forklaud, Va. Pain Halm is an
antiseptic and heals audi injuries with
out inatnriation and in one-third the
time required by the metal treatment.
Sold by Condon I'harnincy.
The Oregon Weekly Journal, a Dcmo
ciulic nfcWHi.aper, fi pages, full of new
all of it! $t a ypar to any address. The
Journal. P. O. Box Portland, Or. .
The Oregon Stml-VVeekly Journal, a
Democratic newspaper, ever fair and al
ways free; 1U4 copies In one year for only
$1.5'! to any address. . The Journal, P.
O. Box 121. Portland, Or.
Oregon Daily Journal, a Democratic
daily newspaper, eight to 20 pagtu. $4 a
yeur; 12 for six months. The Journal la
a newspaper. Send in your subscription.
Interest your neighbor In The Journal.
The Journal, Box .121, Portland,
Great LucXOf an EJttor.
"For two year all elTorto to cure K
!! in the alinif my hands failed,"
writes I'M 1 tor II. N l.es-ier-, of Syracuse,
KIU. "then I Wholly cured n
Buck lett's Arnii' Si!vi It's ihf
world's Iwjit. fi K-nplhM'si ies, and ad
ttkiit tiveaactk Only -5vi at Condon
B. V, Tennis i over n front Ijoldetulaie
to temaiu f"r awhile., .... . .
II. S. Vil and wife, of lutldendale.
visited heie Sunday. , I ;'
i he mMi't lwU given by the Forest
era was a great success.
C i. L'uesay is out i!in after an at
tack of grite.
llenry Crass and wife left Wednesday
for Wenatellee where Henry h:t a )nrt
neiship with one f the liest lawyeis in
Washington. The Kastern S'nr tender
ed them a ' ideasat.t l wept ion Friday
evening. 1
Bank Kxitimr Mtxwell was here
Moitdny an I cheeked over our btok. Ua
finds the briik doin a tt I hmiilc-ss.
Mr.'T.m. proprietor of th new bar-
Iter shp has put in two bcth tubs.
J. M, J-'nsen, of Biokleton, upenl
Tuesday in town and was offered G t"ents
for his crop f blnestem,
Nfr. Van Inen ha sitcetleit M.
Stiver aa night operator in the depot.
Agtngof O. R. & N." engineers are
here this week, re-snrveying the truck
preparatory to straightening some id the
enrvea, and there is some talk of a dou
ble track from Portland toUm tfill.t.
Rep. Miller and P M.ll diinsn nude
a business trip to The lUlles Thursday
Mr. M K. Weatherf rd H visiting in
Arlington this week.
We understand that Win. Head has
purchased the Durbin ranch of S K) acres
on Rock Creek. Consideration f3,U'K).
ThatThrobblnn Headache.
Would quickly Ifave you if you titled
Or. Kind's New Life Pill. Thousands
of sufferers have proved thetr niatchlesv
merit for Sick and Nervous Headaches.
They make pure Mood nr.il lmiid up
vonr health. Only 25 cents. Money back
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As a special and temporary oiler
to readers of this paper, we will
mail The Pi bmc to persons not
now Subscribers, for ten weeks for
ten cents.
The Public is a 2.00, 16-pnge
weekly review for democratic Dem
ocrats and democratic Republicans;
! its opinions are expressed without
fear or favor; it gives an interesting
and connected weekly narrative of
all historical news; it has editorials
worth studying, a cartoon worth
seeing, book notices worth reading,
and miscellaneous matter both val
uable and interesting; and is liked
by intelligent women a well a- in
telligent men. The editor is Louis
F. Post. Send ten cents in. silver
or stamps for ten weeks' trial. All
subscriptions are payable strictly
in advance, and upon expiration
the paper is promptly stopped un
less subscription is renewed. Men
tion this paper. Addres:
Unity Bldg , Chicago, III.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Trv them
When yon feel dull after eating.
When yon have no appetite.
Wnen you have a bad taste in the
mouth. -'
When yonr liver is torpid.
When your how els are constipated.
When you have a headache.
When you feel hilions.
They will improve yonr nppetite,
cleanse and invigorate your stomach and
regulate yonr liver and bowels.
i'or sale bj Condon Pharmacy. .
A license to wed was fsaned yesterday
to Allen Nott and Miss Mary Iluber
bothofOlex. '
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Stoves, Ranges
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schedule. Y
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J. W.Jackson Si Co., Props.
Oats for Sale.
I have 2,000 bushels of fine oats for
sale at my ranch near-Alville. Que cent
a pound at the ranch.
"A.J. Mykhm, .
? Alville, Oregon.
IKe p?op! dvrti$e i? a
Mill Feed .
Flour, per bbl..
. 3.45
But Batter than the Rest "
Price & Moore.
. Notice Is hereby given . ttiat the part
nership heretofore existitig between the
undersiglied under the firm naine of
Gantry & Darling, has been thin day
dissolved by mutual consent, , All ac
counts due the old-firm are now due and
payable to C. 0. Cantry who will con
tinue the business and who will also
pay all debts of the old firm.
Condon, Ore., - C. O. Cantry,
Oct. 20, 1002. W.A. Dahuno,
i ' ,.,, m 1 . I .ill !
Treasurer's Notice.
All county .warrants registered prior
to Jan. 1, 1002, will be paid npoh pre
sentation at my office. Interest ceases
after Nov. '11, 1002.
. P. II. Stkimiknson, .
Treasurer of Gilliam' county, Orejion.
Ijue paper JClOBr;
Stored with us will receive the careful Attention of experieneisl
wjtrehotiaemoii. lbirh wire, nails, nalt, eiijtar, lime, cement,
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Arlington Warehouse Co
D. B. THOMAS, Manager
Only first-etass Livery and Feed Stable in the eity. Fine new
rig and ;ood teams, Spt-eial attention to all stx h left In our
car. Large, strong corral lu connection. Our terms ate reas
onable and wc solicit your pHtron.tjte.
L2 Springston & .Rogers, Proprietors g
u lAnAnnnnjuvuuvruuvruu uu iuinAruiru uv uxnAixnAnuunnnnuxrvvrufi
We ofler a complete stock of Finn Surfaced Lit tuber, consisting of Flwrln(f, Cell
ing, Rustic, Shi-laltnd all kinds of Hough LuiiiIkt. Careful ntten-
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AAvaaruxn njvtfurjxan nnruvniwnnjnruni nwuvrwinn nnr
Greatest Clubbing Combination,
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The Journal prints the most Ihslde nows about our state gov.
efnment and the full leglalatlve proceedengs. Just what you
want for the coming session.
paper full of telegraphic news
upon Inquiry at this office.
Of the product of thia well-known brewery the United Slates Health
Report for June UNKJ. ayi ."A mora nuperior brew never entered the
labratory of 'the United State Health reports. It it! aliHolntely devoid of th
p I i H h tHHt trace of adulteration, but on the other hand in composed of the beet
of malt and and choicest of Imps. Itn tonic mialitlea are of th hluheat anil it.. ,
cim be mied with the Keen tent benefit and AHtinfaclion by both old and yountf.
Its tine can conmiientiouHly be prcacribod by the phyHiclan with the certainty ...
that a better, purer or more w holeaomu beverage could not pomibly be found.".
East Second Street, THE DALLES, OREGON.
Avenerious Carbolineilin a here
to stay. Awk those vvho have
used it. It prevents decay In fence
poe.tt, water tanks and all wood
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It also exterminates chicken lice
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rifier of manger, ; chicken house or
jig pen. it sjireads with a brush
andis .a nice," nut-brown paint.
j J F. WOOD, M. U.
PhyslcUn and Surgeon
lu)t mul iilntit rll ioitilly nnr4
. tUUi'V M11U1 lrt tniiir eilii(. .
CONtioN', .... OUR.
It. A li t.l N.t
Ihiy and nllil MlU promptly uttrudrd. :i
Oitli e Jml ihatr ninth id Condon rimrfriny.
t'ONnoN, Main Mwet OKKUOS,
(itthvoter Mioit t'lniriiiry.
OtM)S oitKUOJt
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J. 1.. Nnl, the well known iH'tion
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