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In the loins. ...
Nervousness, unrefreshlng sleep, despon
dency. It li time y on wr-re doing something.
The kidneys were anciently called the
rein In yonr case they are holding the
reins and driving you Into serious trouble.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Acts with the most direct, beneficial effect
on the kidneys. It contains the best and
safest substances lor correcting and toning
these organs.
Nothing Doing.
"I don't think I'll wager with yon,"
aid the baktr, "you haven't the
That may be," replied tho butcher,
"but I t'o.'t see joa putting up any
stakes." Fos ton Commercial Bulletin.
Her First Query.
"My dear," said Mr. Cubbag to his
wife, who as dangerously ill, "Mrs.
Kickshaw is downstairs and wan ta to
see you."
"What has she got en?" asked the
dying woman feebly.
Oftca the Case.
"in choosing a wife, said the scanty
haired philosopher, "one should never
judge by appearance."
"That's rfcht," rejoined the very
young man. "The homlieet girl usu
ally bar the moet money."
The wm and the Way.
Grieved Sister Oh, Edgar, you
don't know how it would please me if
you would only settle down and go to
trorg with a will.
Wayward Brother -Nevar mind", sis
ter; just wait till the old man shuffles
off this mortal coil and you'll see me to
to work with a will, if that document
doesn't suit me.
A Questioa.
"What do you think of the new
boarder?" asked Mrs. Starvem.
"Oh, I dent know," replied star
board. "I think he's Tery polite.
. "Either that or very sarcastic. Did
you hear him ask if I'd have the
creamT" Philadelphia Press.
Doctor I think you understand fully
-now the directions for these medicines
and this is for your dyspepsia.
Patient Why, I haven't dyspepsia,
Doctor Oh, I know; but yon will
have it when you have taken those
other medicines. Tit-Bits.
The Fitness of Things.
"If you were a woman," said the
bachelor girl who was entertaining a
caller, "I'd show you my new frock.
But as you're a man I'll show you the
slippers that go with it." Washington
100 BtWABD eioo.
The readers of this paper will he pleased to
tears, that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science haa been able to eure in all its
sucea, and that is catarrh. HaU'sCatarrhCore
ii lie only potilW cure known to the medical
traterniiT. Catarrh, belac a constitutional d is
sue, raaulrea a ooneutmional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure U taiea Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and Bacon ranac
01 me system, mere 07 acstroyina inv iuuuuv
tioa of the disease, and riving the patient
strength by building op the constitution and
agisting nature in doing its work. The pro
prietors hare so much faith la its curative
powers, that they oiler One Hundred Dollars
lor any case that It fails to cure. Bead for list
rf testimonials. Address
r. J. chb.njI vuH loieao, u.
Sold by druggists. 75c
Hall's raiafl Pills are the
Fotliea of Long Ago.
Bibbs No man kn3ws himself.
Gibbs That's true. I have just
been reading over some letters I wiote
to my wife before we were married.
Phi adelphia Ledger.
Is a Quiver of Rage.
- First Actress I was entirely beside
myself with rage.
Second Actress Ton certainly were,
; Why, you quivered even in the places
you were upholstered. Life.
Misplaced Affection.
She kissed him and caressed him.
But 'twas not what he desired;
Be only looked at her and growled
- ' for she made the poor pug tired.
Human Nature.
Some people practice what they preach,
But it's a lead-pipe cinch
They preach to others by the yard
And practice by the inch.
Ihea and Now.
"When I was courting my wife,"
said the sad-faced man, "we were two
souls with but a single thought."
"How about you at the present writ
ing?" a ked the inquisitive youth.
"We still have but a single thought,"
replied the proprietor of the sad visage.
"We both think we made fools of
ourselves." ,
The Unexpected Happens.
"Why that look ot surprise?" asked
Blowell, who bad Just finished relating
a remarkable story. "Don't you be
lieve itt"
"Yes; that's the peculiar part of it,"
replied his friend Naggsby. "I hap
pen to know that it is true."
"I have used Ayer's Hsir Vigor
for thirty years. It is elegant for
a bsir dressing snd for keeping the
bsir from splitting st the ends."
Hair-splitting splits
friendships. If the hair
splitting is done on your
own head, it loses friends
for you, for every hair of
your head is a friend.
Ayer's Hair Vigor in
advance will prevent the
splitting. If the splitting
has begun, it will stop it.
SI.H a kettle, ill inuitU. .
If your druggist cannot supply yon,
aend as one dollar and we win express
yon a bottle. Be sure and gire the name
of you nearest express office. Address,
. J. C.AYa CO., Lowell, Haas.
iff V fffi f
It has been noted that vessels may
float down stream faster than the wa
ter. The explanation Is that both the
water and the floattng object are being
pulled down the hlU by gravity, but
the water Is much more retarded by
rotating out the need of pro110
egrets, or white herons, an English
naturalist calls attention to the poasl
btlitlea of egret farming. This has
been successfully established at Tunis,
and as egret plumes are worth more
than their weight In gold, the profits
from cutting the feathers from ths
birds should be large.
Meteorology owes Its origin to Italy,
which, as Dr. H. a Bolton note, pro
duced every one of the fundamental
Instruments now used In weather ob
servations. The hygrometer was In
vented about 1430, by Nicolas de
Cusa; anemometer, 1578, by Egnatis
DanteL thermometer. 1505, by Galileo;
ralngauge, 1639, by Cartelll; barometer,
1643, by TorrlceUl
The new peat wood of Joseph Hera'
merllng of Dresden takes a high polish,
and Is thirty-threw to fifty per cent
cheaper than oak. It la especially rec
ommended for panels, parquet flooring
and ceilings. The material Is produced
by adding to the wet peat some bind
ing material up to live per cent of its
total weight, then forming Into cylin
ders under high pressure, and finally
drying at a high temperature for four
or five days.
An effort to determine from geysers
the upper temperature limit of life
has led Prof. W. A. BetchsU to con
clude that no animals exist In strictly
thermal waters, or those heated above
43 degrees or 45 degrees 0. (100 de
grees or 118 degrees FJ. A filamen
tous plant, one of the bacteria, was
found at 88 degrees C and a few oth
er simple forma were found at TT de
grees' and below. Bow the protoplasm
of these . organisms is made to resist
the coagulation that usually destroys
life at a little above 40 degrees O. Is
not clear.
By means of cross-breeding Mr.
Luther Bur bank of Santa Rosa, Cali
fornia, has developed a variety of
blackberries which are perfectly white,
as bright as snow in the sunshine, and
so transparent that the seeds can be
seen Inside the ripe fruit The aeeds
are said to be unusually small, and
the berrjes are as sweet and meltlngly
tender as the finest of the black varie
ties. The familiar Lawton berry Is
described as the great-grand-parent of
the new white variety, to which has
been given the name of "Iceberg."
The white berries are aa large aa the
There has been some talk In Eng
land lately of endeavoring to shorten
the voyage across the Atlantic by de
veloping he harbor of Galway, on
the west coast of Ireland, and connect
ing It by swift steamers with Bt. John's
In Newfoundland. The distance from
Galway to St John's Is 1,816 miles;
that from Liverpool to New York Is
8,116 miles, and from Southampton
8,095 miles. It Is assumed that transit
between New York and St. Johns,
nearly all by land, could be performed
so rapidly that the time from London
to New York would be cut down a
whole day below the present fastest
Many naturalists believe that ani
mals possess senses unknown to hu
man beings, something not Included In
our fivefold range of seeing, hearing,
feeling, tasting and smelling. Insects
especially give evidence of possessing
powers of perception peculiar to them
The wasp Bembex, says J. 1
Carter Beard, makes her nest In sand
banks that are sometimes acres In ex
tent On leaving she covers It up so
carefully that It Is Indistinguishable
from the surrounding surface, and yet
on her return she files direct to It
without hesitation. Another wasp, as
if possessed of a kind of X-ray aense,
unerringly locates the hidden eggs of
the mason-bee under a thick layer of
sunbaked clay, and deposits her own
eggs In the same cells.
Two Little Experiencea with Thieves,
with an Interval of Thirty Year.
"One of my earliest experiences In
! this city," said a New Yorker of now
imny-oaa years stanaing, -was witn
a newsboy who tried to pick my
pocket; and among my latest expe
riences has been one precisely simi
lar; this last experience showing, I
suppose, that I am getting old and
so have come to be regarded as an
easy mark again, as I must have been
considered when I was young and new
In the town.
The methods employed by the) two
boys, working thirty years apart, were
Identically the same, the boy In each
case attempting the comparatively
easy pocket-plcklng task of extracting
money from the outside change pocket
of an overcoat.
"To do this the boy carries bis news
papers, to the casual eye, held out in
I front of him quite In tho ordinary
way; but he actually holds them with
the left hand only, carrying the right
hand under the papers out of sight
and apparently helping to support
them, but wholly free.
"Offering bis papers to a customer
thus the newsboy pickpocket advances
them closer and closer to the custo
mer, with an appearance simply of Im
portuning him to buy, until he gets
the papers close to the man's coat
and over the change pocket. - Under
the papers thus advanced be puts
forth quick, out of sight, bis .right
hand, with which to rifle the pocket.
If you leave It unprotected, though
he may lose a chance by bungling him
self, and so give you a chance.
"This last boy that tried me was a
novice and a bungler, who did Just
that; and I felt the pressure of his
fingers on the coat plainly before he
got Into the pocket at all; and I turn
ed on him, but not angrily, nor even
threateningly, but with a sort of re
proachful and regretful exclamation.
Besides being chagrined for myself at
being picked out as easy It really
seemed a pity that this youngster
should deliberately set out. as he
seemed to have done, on the wrong
road; to follow a way that. In the na
ture of things, could lead to one end
only ;and I am sure that the boy knew
how I felt
"I don't mean that he figured It all
out as exactly aa I have tried to tell
It to you, but he certainly did know
In a general sort of a way. He start
ed back with a shamed face, and at
the same time with a scared sort of
look, as though he thought I might
get after him, after all; but when he
realised that I was Just soft hearted
and sorry, and wasn't going to do
anything about It why, though I
stood and gated at him for a moment
he, after his first momentary look of
shamefacedness and alarm. Ignored me
completely, and simply went on offer
ing his papers to the passers-by as
though I had never existed.
"He had had a good shaking up,
from his failure with me and my dis
covery of htm, and what with his
wonder after that about how it was
going to come out; but he was rattled
for a moment only. He waa a novice
but be waa coming on.
"The mora of all this Is that
while the great bulk of the newsboys
are Independent, self-reliant capable
little chaps, who are strictly on ths
level, there are among them, more's
the pity, some who will pick a pocket
If they get a chance; and when you
meet a boy who Insists upon working
his papers up close agalnat you, over
your outside change pocket why of
him you want to fight any." New
York 8un.
Sore-ery Credited with Having Cored
VI clone aona In Human Betas.
London Is Just now very much In
terested In two surgical esses giving
results In changing the nature of the
subjects which promise to render val
uable assistance In pointing the way
to the reformation of criminals. One
of these patients wss a boy of good
family who had developed brutal In
stincts which seemed to be beyond
control. He gave his time to the In
vention of malicious mischief, delight
ed la killing or wounding, was ths
terror of the neighborhood In which
he lived snd promised to grow up s
desperado and criminal. A clever sur
gean took him In hand, examined his
head with care, located what he con
sldered the seat of trouble, removed a
portion of the skull and thus relieved
the deforming pressure. The change
was Immediate.
The Isd forgot his previous tastes
snd habits snd was restored to his pa
rents a normal and lovable boy, the
complete antithesis of his former self.
The other wss a soldier who was In
jured In a skirmish snd after his dis
charge for disability became a thief
and burglar. His prevrus character
had been unexceptionable, his military
record wss the best and the chance
was naturally attributed to the Injury
to his head caused by a blow from the
butt of a musket. When he was taken
In hand by the surgeon he had about
come to the end of a career of crime,
being paralysed on one aide and un
able to get about except on crutches.
A depression In the skull sufficient to
bring an sbnormal local pressure
upon the brain was found and an oper
ation was decided upon, which restored
his physical powers as well as his men
tal and moral faculties. His discharge
was secured and he has since lived
an Industrious and bnnest life, with no
evidence of a disposition to go wn ng.
New York Times.
Smoked Oat by Sulphur, They Take
to the Water and Drown.
When the United States military
transport Sherman arrived at Manila
recently she was, as Is the case of
most otnCT h'D" thttt arrlv tcom or
touch Hong-Kong on the way to Ma
nlla, detained for Inspection to see If
she bad any rats on board. When th
big transport dropped anchor In Ma
nila bay, therefore, the official rat in
spector went on board to see what
was d)lng In the way of rodents. If
the Manila-American Is to be believed
In Jess than fifteen minutes he hur
riedly left the ship and going ashore
reported that there was on board the
Sherman, according to the patent rat
enumerator In use at Manila, co fewer
than 950,000 rats.
The Sherman was Immediately or
dered to the quarantine station at Ma
rlveles, as no ship on which the disease-carrying
rodents are found Is al
lowed to dock at Manila until they are
exterminated. Accordingly the Sher
man steamed back to Marlveles.
When she arrived there her hatches
had been opened and enough sulphur
carried below to kill millions of rats.
As soon as the anchor was dropped the
sulphur fires were started In the hold
and In a few minutes the work of the
fumes became apparent.
Out of the batches there poured such
a stream of rats as was never before
seen In the Orient. First by the hun
dreds and then by the thousands, they
appeared at the hatches and then leap
ed Into the water. Every one tritd
to swim ashore, but the distance was
far too great for any rat to swim and
soon the great black line of paldling
rodents began to thin out. 8ome (f
them reached a point about 300 yards
off the ship, but none got any farther,
Arter the fumes had been working
for about an hour the rats stopped ap
pearing. An Inspection of the ship
was made and not a rat discovered.
The Sherman then re-entered Manl'a
and discharged her cargo. New York
A Hanging Railroad.
A hanging overhead electric rail
road for London, similar to that In
use In Elberfeld, Germany, Is pro
Jected by a group of German, Anicrl
can and English financiers. A parlla
mentary concession will be asked to
swing the single track required over
the Thames from Its south end for
eight miles.
An Opinion.
"Do you think that betting is
"It depends on circumstances," an
swered the town oracle. "If you can't
afford to lose. It's wrong; If you can,
it's merely silly." W ashington Star.
We would like to know a man who
can make things go right
Mrs. R Wrieht. of Oclweln. !
Iowa, Is another one of the j
million women who have been;
restored to health by Lydia E.
Pinkhara's Vegetable Compound.
Young New York Ltuly Telia
of a Wonderful Curei
" My trouble waa with the ovaries j
I am tall, and the doctor said I grew
too f&at for my strength. 1 suffered
dreadfully from inflammation and
doctored continually, but got no help.
I suffered from terrible dragging sen
aations with the moet awful palua low
down In the side and pains lu the back,
and the moat agonising headaches.
No oue knows what I endured. Often
I was alck to the stomach, and every
little white I would be too alck to go
to work, for three or four days j I work
la a large store, and I suppose stand
ing on my feet all day made me worse.
" At the suggestion of a friend of
my mothers I began to take LydlA
C Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
round, and it Is simply wonderful.
flt better alter the first two or three
doses ; It seemed as though a weight
waa taken off my ahouldera ; I con
tinued its use until now I can truth
fully say I am entirely cured. Young
girls who are always paving doctor's
bills without getting any help as I did,
ought to take your medicine. It
costs so much less, and it Is sure to
cure them. Yours truly, ApKi.Aina
Pa HI., 174 St Ann's Ave., New York
City." 5000 ferWt tf of esse felts
areetef f si eaaavt t m4uf4.
I in'C Theneerle
8lrt Kunnorter and Kailen-
er tsthebeat. No Mutton.. It urates,
Hooka or fine. All Tour nelKhuoni will aut
It. Semi for aauiple and price to atfeul. LA
Kt'l.LKri K l'0H Riwiu 17, I'aiubridt Block,
Portland. Or.
Fattens QUICK!
Cattle and Hon for market. Shortens
fattening period one-fourth. Save Feed.
"I fed Pru-In Htock rood hurt winter and tamed
oil the fsttesi cattle 1 eer h.d for th m. l.neih
or time." " I consider
Prussian Stock Food
well worth the cost
I would not be with
out It.-O.w. Aanar,
Farker, S. D.
pnpp Take this ad.
t KE,C to the dealer
m.wImm same
apvr below end fret a
eopj ot the Fiuu'l a
Stuckmax's Hand Book
PORTLAND HID CO., Fortlaad. Or.,
Coast Agent.
Write for
Using &
Portland, Ok
Hiephone HeinJ9f
"Both my wife and myself bare been
Ing CAbCARKTS and they ara the best
medicine we have ever bad in the house. Last
week my wife was frantlo with headache for
two days, sbe tried some of your CASCAKET8,
and tbey relieved the pain In ber bead almost
Immediately. We both recommend Caacareta"
Cbas. STSnsroito.
Pittsburg Safe Deposit Co, Pittsburg, Pa.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste flood. Da
Good, Never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. Wc. be. We.
Sltrliet SMMer Cessssf, Cfckaf Veetreal, See Tert. Uf
MTfl Blf 80,(1 snd enaranteed by all drag'
I U-BAW lists to VVH.K Tobaoco llablk
P. N. U.
NO 31-1903.
HEN writing to advertisers please
mention this paper.
L'jJ; !UeMie4ii:e3LLaJs.
- aii e ttr sail
I Boat Cmul, Mrruo. Tantes (
: c.m.h Mrruo. Tantea Good. Use
aS vsaoi masn eietersaso
1 113
There la surely do country half a
world away In which the Occidental
traveler expects so much delight and
10 little adventure as In Japan.
Yet Ernest Foswell has recently
related a tale ot terrible adven
ture experienced In Japan y an
Englishwoman but a few days after
her arrival.' She was staying at a
little country village among the hills,
ind had gone out In the morning to
gather flowers. The path ran across
the uplands, where there is a wild
1 ml lonely stretch of country extend
ing for several miles; and the beauty
of some wild flowers growing In the
tall grass led her to leave the trail
uuthlnklngly, and press farther and
farther Into the waving tangle. Bhe
was a short woman, aud It reached
above her head.
If 1 had been a foot taller," she
said, In telling her story, "l snouiu
have laughed aud been out In a min
ute or two: but those few Inches bur
led me alive.
"Almost lustantly I felt sick, as you
do at the beginning of sn earthquake;
for although I must have been quite
near the path, yet with the grass all
round above my head there was no
knowing what would happen. I might
be going right away at that very
moment, aud the possibilities came like
a shock. I believe I lost my head at
once. I could not think, so I kept
moving one way, then another. But
merely pushing through this tall, tough
grass is very tiring work, even If you
are on sloping ground snd can judge
where you will come out; and when
It la level all round, the heart Is taken
out of you from the feeling that every
step Is probably burying you ueeper,
It was like being drowned."
It wss not until sunset, after a
whole dav In the biasing: sun, without
food or water, constantly wandering,
constantly pushing and tearing at
steins so stiff and serrated that they
quickly make the hands bleed, that she
walked suddenly out on to open ground
and fell fainting In a heap. When
she recovered, stars were shlulng, and
she was slone on an unkuown tnouu
talnslde. Shs slept from exhaustion.
and the next dsy followed a wlndlug
mountain torrent over rocky land, her
ahnM and then her stockings worn
from her feet, only to find, at sun
down, that It had led her to a narrow
soree. without one Inch of foothold or
shore. The stream dashed through In
torrent that hooelesslj barred the
; Light headed with terror, hunger snd
weariness, she crouched for s time In
despair. Then she suddenly waded lu
tA the stream and stood until sfter
dawn waist-deep in water, while
rain storm pelted upon her from above.
Whim or Instinct, she believed that by
ths rnni rtmh and sting of the water
her reason and strength were pre
The next day she retraced her weary
way along the watercourse back to
the heights; thence, fixing anew the
point to which she must direct her
steps, she successfully made her way
back to civilisation. When at length
she reeled Into the bnt of a kindly
Jsnanese woman, sbs bsd been four
days lost without food, snd had walk
ed until her feet were so torn and
Innamed It was thought she must have
them amputated; but she fortunately
regained her health uncrippled.
Alighted Too Hoon.
It had taken considerable persuasion
to Induce the old lady to trust herself
In an automobile; but finally she con
sented because, says the Automobile
Magazine, sbe was anxlpus to reach
the bedside of ber sick grandchild In
a village some twenty miles away.
The owner of the big automobile,
who was touring through Long Island,
bad been very kind about it He
chanced to be near the station when
the old lady found she had missed her
train, and when he overheard her
lamentations he Insisted that she
should accompany bltn. Ills route lay
through that particular one of the half
dozen Long Island villages named
Hampton where the sick grandchild
Tbey started at last and everything
went well until, in attempting to pass
a wagon which occupied most of the
road, the flying automobile went unex
pectedly Into the ditch, and rather vio
lently deposited Its occupants In an
adjoining field.
Recovering from the shock, although
somewhat confused from the rather
unusual method of alighting, the old
lady asked of the chagrined chauffeur:
"Is this a-a-a Hampton r
"No, ma'am," he managed to gasp;
"this Is an accident."
"O dear!" said the old lady. "Then
I hadn't oughter have got out here,
had ir
Had Lost Track of the Case.
The young woman who, when asked
If she had read Romeo and Juliet, re
plied that she bad never read Juliet,
but she thought Romeo was lovely,
was of the same temperament as a
village postmaster who knew or pre
tended to know something of all the
doings of the world, great and small.
I Some wags from a neighboring town
who strolled Into the postoflice one day
thought they would bare some sport
with the wise man.
"I suppose It's pretty dead. up here,
Mr. Pratt" said one.
"Well, not so dead as you think I
guess there ain't much goes on that
we don't hear about even If It don't
happen right here."
"Why, you people don't know the
war's over," said another, falling back
on the stock phrase.
"Oh, you can't work that dodge on
me," replied the postmaster, looking
shrewdly over his spectacles. "I guess
I follered the negotiations with Kitch
ener in the papers."
"But there are some things that
aren't in the papers," said another
youth. "I don't believe you know
when Shakspeare died."
"Well, no," said the .postmaster, "1
didn't know that he was dead, but I
beard last week he was pretty low."
Consumption of Iron In Germany.
In Germany the annual consumption
of iron per capita Is 118 pounds and
the production Just double tlint
nr TturiiTu urinn minn
un 1 wen 1 1 1 una nifuun ni
Pe-ru-na Creating a National Sensation
of Chronic Aliments of the Kidneys.
Major T. II. Mars, ol the first Wis
consin cavalry regiment, writes from
1425 Dunning street, Chics go, 111., the
following letter:
"For years I suffered with catarrh
of the kidneyacontracted In the army.
Medicine did not help me any umu a
comrade who had been helped by I'e
runa advised me to try It. I bought
some at once, and soon found blessed
relief. I kept tsklng It tour months,
and am now well and strong and feel
better than I have done for the past
twenty years, thanks to I'erana."
T. M. Mars.
At the SDprarance of the first symp
tom of kidney trouble, Peruna should
be taken. This remedy strikes at once
the very roots of the disease. It at
once relieves the catarrhal kidneys of
the atagnsnt blood, preventing the ea
cape of serum from the blood, reran a
stimulates the kidneys to excreta from
the blood the sccumulsting poison, and
thus prevents the convulsions which are
sure to follow if the poisons are allowed
"Yes," said the nervous man, "1
have a habit of talking lu my sleep."
And the eminent cltisen who is ex
pected to rts)ond to an ovation in ev
ery town that the train goes inrougn
"What a valuable accomplishment."
To Break la New Shoes.
Always ihako in Allen's Koot fcese, a powder.
II cures hut, sweating, ai'hit(. swollen leet.
Cures corns, iugruwiug nails and tiiiiiluiis. At
all druggist and shoo stum, i.V. liou'l sreit
any substitute. Hamule mailed r'KKK. Address
Alien 8. Olmsted, Le Koy, N. V.
Sign Wasn't Right.
He I wonder why Miss Klderly
never married?
She Uh, I suppose she was born in
the wrong time of the moon.
lie The wrong time of the moonT
bhe Yes, there wasn't any man in
PITA Permanently Cored. No Htsor nervousness
II I U after Bntl day's OMiif Dr.Kllne'sOreat Nerve
Heatorrr. Mend fur Free 04 IrlellNUtleenrttreetli
Dr. K. 11. Kline, Ltd.. Ml A rib Hk, I'lilladelplila, 1
Frogs Are Not Fishes.
The French court of cassation, the
highest tribunal in France, solemnly
decided that frogs are not fisher. The
case concerned fishing privileges in cer
tain streams and went through three
courts before the question was finally
The Innocent'
The world to-day is full of innocent sufferers from that most loathsome
disease, Contagious Blood Toison. People know in a general way that it is
bad disease, but if all its horrors could be brought before them they
would shun it as they do the Leprosy. Not only the person who contracts it
suffers, but the awful taint is transmitted to children, and the fearful sores
and eruptions, weak eyes, Catarrh, and other evidences of poisoned blood
how these little innocents are suffering the awful consequences of some
body's sin. So highly contagious is this form of blood poison that one may
be contaminated by handling the clothing or other articles in use by a
person afflicted with this miserable disease. There is danger even in drink
ing from the same vessel or eating out of the same tableware, as many pure
and innocent men and women have found to their sorrow. The virus of
Contagious Blood Poison is so
first little sore appears the whole
tainted with the poison, and: the
skin is soon covered with a red rash, ulcers break out in the mouth ana
throat, swellings appear in the groins, the hair and eyebrows fall out,
and unless the ravages of the disease are checked at this stage, more
violent and dangerous symptoms appear in the form of deep and offensive
sores, copper colored splotches, terrible pains in bones and muscles, and
general breaking down of the system.
S. S. S. is a specific for Contagious Blood Poison and the only remedy
that antidotes this peculiar virus and makes a radical and complete cure of
the disease. Mercury and Potash hold it in check so long as the system is
under their influence, but when the medicine is left off the poison breaks out
again as bad or worse than ever. Besides, the use of these minerals bring
on Rheumatism and stomach troubles of the worst kind, and frequently pro
duce bleeding and sponginess of the gums and decay of the teeth, . S, S. S.
cures Blood Poison in all stages and even reaches down to hereditary taints
can be taken without any injurious effects to health, and an experience of
nearly fifty years proves beyond doubt that it cures Contagious Blood Poison
completely and permanently. Write for our "Home Treatment Book,"
Which describes fully the different stages and symptoms of the disease.
1 Promptly cures all
I Headaches J
In the Cure
to remain.
I Ik Ives great
vigor to the
heart's ac
tion and di
gestive sys
tem, both ol
which are
apt to fail
rapidly In
this d I s
ease. Teruna cures catairh of the kidneys
simply because It cures catarrh wUr
ever located.
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from tho use of reru
ns, write at once to Dr. Hart man, glv
ing a full initatement ot your rase and
he will be pleased to give you his valu
able advice gratis.
Address Dr. Ilartnian, President of
The Ilartnian Sanitarium, Columbus,
Woman's Best Friend.
Patience Woman is woman's
friend, after all.
Patrice 1 guess you'ie right.
"Certainly I'm light. Kven wheu
she is getting marrlud doesn't a man
give her away and the msid of honor
s'snd up for her?" Yonkers States
man .
For bronchial trouMcs try Plso's Cure
for Consumption. It is a poml rough
medicine. At tlrugidsts, price r ceuts.
May told a joke to Flo one day,
"Oh, my I that's old." said Flo.
"Oh, is it, really, dear" raid May,
"Of coarse, you ought to know."
Philadelphia Precs.
KolorMon Muclilno Co.
Foot el Morrison St.. Portland, Oreioes.
faraona llawkeye, Aulo.nallo, Hell K-ellnff,
Kaultleni Slump Vuller, luu horsepower with
two berars. Hnokeye Hawmlll Mar(iliiiry, Kit
tnes and Hollers. Miami Htlrkuev liaMillne
KiiKtne. Write us wbeu in want ol anything
In ma. lilnery line.
Pits both fur Kaslrrn ralli-icr. Hrlni'try ami
Oram mar iradra liirltnli-d. A Imll fnrglrls, Willi
the aHilnluients and .uix-rvLliiii uf a t'rr-riil
home. lM-atlon In oue uf the iiiimi beautiful
regions of the raWflr coast, t'llnnile mild ami
hraltbrul. v'nr catalufue adilrPM
The Guilty
and removes all traces of the poison and
saves the victim from the pitiable conse
quences of this monster scourge. As long
as a drop of the virus is left in the blood
it is liable to break out, and there is danger
of transmitting the disease to others.
S. S. S. is guaranteed purely vegetable and
EL 1

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