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Its&es its ' trcscsco known
cutaneous eruptions, tn
Himci eyelids, sore ears,
c&terrh sad wasihs diseases.
Effects permanent cures,
. -"Speak for YonraelC ,
Lord Leicester of Hotkham, nearly
a hundred yean ago, i a widower.
and in the latter part of his life nearly
blind. He enjoyed an Intimate friend
ship with his neighbor. Lord Albe
marle, and bad, in bla own mind, se
lected Lady Anne, one of Lord Albe
marle's daughters, as the future wife
or bis "bephew and tba mistress of
One day Lady Anne came along to
join bla morning ride, and Lord Leices
ter seized tha opportunity of asking
' ( "' . ' ' '
"Anne, my dear, how should yoa like
to be mistress of HolkhamF -
' "There Is nothing I should Ilk bet
ter," answered Lady Anne, drawing
herself up in her saddle'' J r . f
"Then I shall send by nephew Will
iam to roart you." v -y ,., ?
Lady Anne drew herself up still
more, and .tightening her rein, replied
calmly but Very gravely:
"I shall never be mistress of Hoik-
bam on those terms."
It wss then the old gentleman's turn
to rein In his horse. He looked his
companion hard in the face, and asked
her, "Why, yoa don't mean to say you
would marry me?" .
"Yes, Indeed I would. And there Is '
nothing I should wish more. " -!-.
This was a wooing that was not
"iong a-dolng,". nd it led to a most
happy marriage, j
ks&f it) I. 4JUX i ;v I
Ot Wld Interest,
Breed, Wis., July 13 Spwal
Cbarlee Y. Peterson, . Justice oli the
Peace for Oconto OoM has delivered a
judgment that is of interest to the
whole United States. Put briefly, that
judgment is, "Dodd's Kidney Pills ai
othe best Xiiiney medicine on the
"market today." ' " -
"And Mr. Peterson gives his reason
for this judgment. He says: "Last
winter I had an aching pain in my
back which troubled me very much.
In the'morning I could hardly straight
en my back. I did not know what it
"was but an advertisement led me to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills. After taking one
box I can only say they have done more
for me than expected as I feel as well
now ss ever I did before." : V
Pain in the back is one of the first
symptoms of Kidney disease.. If not
cared by Dodd's Kidney Pills it may
develop into Bright' Disease, Dia
betes, Rheumatism or some Of the
other deadly forms of Kidney Disease.
V An Author PenelOned. .. ?
"Two British authors ar at present
In the public eyes on account of pen
sions theyare receiving, j Joseph Con
rad has fl.500 from "the ' British So
ciety of Authors, which generosity Is
explained by the fact that the au
thor, whose writings are among those
In greatest demand by the publishers
to-day, yet seems to have difficulty In
providing for bis dally wants, says
f JQwrKew York Globe. , The Immediate
reason for the pension, moreover, was
the accidental burning of a manu
script, which catastrophe so depressed
Mr. Conrad that his friends thought
it wise to relieve him from the ne-9-
cessity of anything so humdrum and
sordid as looking out for his bread and
V butter. - ,. . . .
- The case of Conrad can hardly fall
to recall that of Carlyle, who, when
' MM brought the disastrous news of
the destruction of a complete book of
the "Revolution," spent the evening in
attempting to cheer the culprit and
then set about the rewriting.
The esse of Miss Frankie
OrsetV ot Boston, rtoss., is In
teresting to all women.
" Dkab Mbs. Pctxham : I suffered
misery forseveral years. My back ached
and I bad bearing-down pains, and fre
quent headaches., I would often wake'
from a restful sleep in such pain and
misery that it would be hours before
I could close my eyes again. I dreaded
the long nights and weary days. I
could do no work, x consulted differ
ent, physicians hoping to get relief,
but; finding that their medicines did
Hot cure me, I tried Lydla E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, as
It was highly, recommended to me. I am
glad that I did so, for I soon found
that it was the medicine for my case.
Very soon I was rid of every ache and
nain and cestored to perfect health.
I feel splejsdid, have a fine appetite,
and have gained in weight a lot"
Miss Fbjlhk Obseb, 14 Warrenton
St, Boston, Mass. $5000 forftlt If original
of 6om IttUr protlnq fnulnonu cannot bo pro
tucoA . v
Surely you cannot wish to re
main weak, sick and discouraged,
, and exhausted with each day's
, work. Some derangement of the
feminine organs is responsible
for this exhaustion, following
any kind of - work or effort.
Lydla E. Pihkham's Vegetable
Compound will help you just aa
t has thousands of other women
cy many, ECTs.gunsuiar
tunicre.-Kndbes in tha neck,
- i iM tNlkt Ail tltt f AILS. t J"
( ! Seat oimah Sjrrup.-Tuu Good. Cm I I
lB llm- 80111 fey dreygiiiM. ti
r . 77at 1411 1 ffl i ' jt3
Knral Free Delivery Aid -At
the recent Internaulnal Good
Roads Convention,, at St Louis, Hon.
Frank E. Nevlns, of the United SUtes
Postofflee Department, delivered "an
address In which b said: , - -
"The establishment of the rural free
delivery of mail throughout tha coon
try has produced a marked Improve
ment In the condition ot the highways.
When there is a prospect ot rural free
delivery In a community, work Imme
diately begins on the roads. There
are now In operation 23,000 rural
routes over which carriers travel MO,
000 miles delivering mall to about
9.000,000 people. More than - 15.000
bridges hart been constructed over
streams that would not hare been
built if It had not been tor the estab
lishment of the free deli very system.
Nearly every portion of the country,
where road conditions will warrant It
Is now supplied with this service. But
In many sections the bad conditions ot
the roads, or tha lack ot bridges, pre
vent the extension of the service. The
rural carrier f a standard route la
now expected to travel about twenty
five miles each day to earn his salary
of $000 a year. He la required to fur
nish and maintain his own outfit and
team, and to give a bond of $500 for
tha faithful performance ot bis duties.
Experience has demonstrated that this
distance Is too great on account ot the
bad condition ot the roads. So .many
carriers hare resigned, thereby caus
ing much confusion and labor in the
department, that the Congress Just ad
journed has been compelled to add
$170 a year to the salaries of the car
riers ot the country. This Increase ot
salaries amounts to about $4,000,000 a
year additional that the department
has to pay to maintain this service on
account ot bad roads. Over a good
graveled or macadamized pike road a
carrier can easily make twenty-five
miles a day six times a week, v-With
tha roads as they are, it Is a question
whether the next Congress will not be
called upon to add another $1,000,000
to the salaries of the carriers. ! - '
"Under the road laws of most of the
Western States at tha present time
work is done upon the roads In the fall
by the various road districts, when
there Is no work to be done on the
farms. In the spring this work disap
pears. Nothing permanent remains,
and the roads are in as bad condition,
or worse, than they were before. The
cost ot $2,000 to $3,000 a mile for the
construction of hard roads in this
Western country is too great, in most
Instances, for road districts, townships
and counties to bear; neither Is It
right that they should bear the entire
cost The public at large, which shares
directly or indirectly la the benefits,
should contribute to tha expense.
There never will be good roads in this
country until the National Government
takes the Initiative in this movement
and the respective States of the Union
Join In with liberal contributions, and
this again is supplemented by local
enterprise. Continental Europe, Eng
land and Ireland are covered with
hard broad pikes built at the expense
of the governments of those countries.
No country in the world ever yet had
or ever will have permanent and pass
able highways constructed and main
talned by local authority.
"Sixty per cent of the population of
this country lives in the cities and vil
lages; 40 per cent lives in the country.
It is not fair' or Just to place the en
tire burden of good roads upon the
shoulders of the farmer. The general
public shares directly or indirectly In
the benefits and should bear the ex
pense of an equitable tax for this pur
pose on all assessable values. The
weight of it upon the Individual would
then be as light as a summer shadow.
While this specter of taxation may
frighten some of our skittish country
friends and cause them to rear and
plunge a little, they will find on closer
Inspection that the goblin is a harm
less creation of the Imagination. They
will get back in benefits ten times
more than they will pay out in taxes.
"Why some of our friends spurn
Government aid when it is offered
them I cannot understand. They claim
to be opposed to it on principle, and
can see no good in it There are some
people so constructed that when look
ing into a pool of water they can nev
er see the sky and the clouds above It
reflected on Its surface, but only the
mud at the bottom. ,y
"This Government never fails to do
the right thing in the end. It will not
fail to do the right thing In this in
stance. The Impetus given to this
movement by a few progressive states
men who Introduced measures in Con
gress last winter authorizing national
aid In the construction of highways,
will ultimately produce the results
aimed at It cannot fall to do so be
cause the public interest demands it;
the progress of the age demands it
the welfare and development of the
country at large demand it, and it is
bound to come in spite of those who
raise their voices in opposition to it"
European School Look After the Wel
fare of the Poor Scholars.
It Is the boast of Americans that
their public school system is the best
in the world, but there is one gespect,
at least, In which Germany leaves the
States far behind. In several cities
of the , fatherland free meals are pro
vided at the public, schools for chil
dren needing additional" nutriment, the
custom prevailing : by the report of
Consul Warner at Leipslc In twenty
one cities.
. ..With the exception of Berlin, Bar
men, Brunswick and Nuremberg,; not
only the poor but the sick and Infirm
children were also given breakfast In
Magdeburg food is only supplied In
very hard winters Instead of break
fast dinner is given to the children In
Dresden, Munich, Stettin and Strass
burg, but in Munich it is projected to
also furnish breakfast la Hamburg
ther is attached great weight to pro
viding proper dinners tor the children,
tha expense of which mounts to about
23,000 marks ($0,604) .annually, la
Brunswick, sBraalao, Cologne,. - Kiel,
Posen and Nuremberg dinner, la addi
tion :to breakfast Is also furnished.
Ia Breslau, Cbarlottsnburg, Duwel
dorf, Halle,' Mannheim and Magde
burg tha food la distributed by public
Institutions, whlla In tha other towns
it to furnished by charitable societies.
Tha municipal authorities ot Dantlg,
(Dortmund, Hamburg. Hanover, Ko
Bigabarf and Foeen contribute toward
theae funds, however.
The breakfast is not always the
same; for Instance, white bread, dry
or buttered, and milk; milk, with cof
fee and bread;' coffee or soup and
bread, or soup made of flour and white
bread. Usually the children receive
milk, tha quantity given being from
three gills to a pint Tha last men
tioned quantity la provided In Kiel.
V :- ( -
Treaafar Left by Imk Which May B
, KeedUjr Developed.
In writing with certain forms of ink
on ordinary paper, placing the sheet
after thorough blotting la contact with
a white sheet of paper, It la possible to
make on this latter aa Invisible trans
ference, which, aa M. A. Bertilloa has
shown, may be rendered visible by the
asa of certain methods.; In fact, a let
ter placed for several hours between
the leaves of a book will leave Its
secret in this book, and a falsification
In a ledger may be proved by the ex
amination of the page against which
the falsified page rests.
A Swiss Investigator (R. A. Relss, ot
Lausanne) haa recently made Investi
gations in reference to tha above phe
nomenon and In reference to the con
ditions under which It may be pro
duced, It appears that the forma
tion of tha image depends principally
on the Ink, although It was discovered
that tha latent Image may be produced
by nearly one-half ot tha inks In cur
rent use, out of thirteen different varie
ties of ink seven having produced a
positive result It further appeared
that tha formation ot the image d
pended upon tha presence of adds in
the colored mixture, the gum and the
sugar having no part in tha phenom
ena, although the paper on which the
writing, haa been placed gives different
results. The beet results were obtained
with paper well sized and polished, for
tha reason that the contact In thla case
is closer, thus favoring tha production
ot tha Image. ; f
The duration of the contact Is not
necessarily long. In general about an
hour, whlla In order to reveal the 1m
age two very simple measures are re
sorted to. The first method Is to ap
ply the back of the sheet on which the
latent image Is supposed to be a warm
iron, an ordinary flatiron, which Is held
La place until the paper Is slightly
browned, after which the image will
appear sometimes very clear and com
plete. The other method doea not make
any change In the paper to be exam
lned. and consists in placing in con
tact with the latter a sheet of nitrate
of silver photographic paper for sev
eral hours alx to twelve the two
sheets being exposed to the light The
photographic paper will completely
blacken, but the latent Image will
stand forth very distinctly. It should
be stated that the leaf on which a
latent Image exists loses this Image by
contact with water or alcohoL Paris
The Great Raeaian Lake.
Lake Baikal, which figures so much
in the Oriental situation, is a some
what remarkable body of water. Its
name is a corruption of the Turkish
Bei-kul, "rich lake" the reference be
ing, presumably to the valuable fish
with which it swarms.
Lake Baikal ia the third largest body
of water In Asia. The Caspian and
Aral seas are the two larger. Both are
salt, however, while Baikal Is fresh.
It la, therefore, the largest fresh wa
ter lake in Asia, and the sixth In size
in the world, the five Great Lakes of
North America each exceeding it ia
area. , Its waters occupy a remarkable
depression In the vast plateau of Cen
tral Asia. The level of Its waters Is
1,300 feet above the sea, while tha bot
tom of tha lake is, in some places,
more than 8,000 feet below the sea
leveL ' Its depth Is, therefore, 4,500
feet In the deepest parts. J .
The lake la 830 miles long, and from
nine and a quarter to forty miles wide.
Its waters are a deep blue, and re
markably clear r There are a number
of Islands In it; the largest Olkbon, is
forty-two miles long. There are nu
merous hot springs on the shores, and
earthquake vibrations are frequent
The annual value of Its salmon, stur
geon and other fisheries is about one
hundred and sixty thousand, dollars.
Fresh water seals are abundant and
they are caught for their fur. It re
ceives the waters of several streams,
the main one being the Salnega River,
eight hundred miles long. - The upper
Angara River, also ot , considerable
size, enters its northeastern end. Its
outlet Is the Lower Angara, on which
Irkutsk Is situated. ' ;
The reason why the Siberian Rail
road was hot built around the southern
end ot the lake is that the solid rock
of the mountains reaches to the wa
ter's edge, and the task would be her
culean. Events in the East may com
pel it nevertheless. '
Betting ota m Sore Thing.
The magistrate was German, but the
prisoner at the bar wasn't
"Ton been" 'here before, already
said the magistrate. " " ;( (
'Sure I has, said the prisoner.
"How many times arrested?" asked
the Judge. , t . .. , , ; . 4 ;.
"Awl I been pinched' more times
than I got fingers an' toes," said Mr.
Plugugly, "an I: was always dis
charged.' The magistrate took a long look at
the prisoner. Then, leaning toward
him In a confidential way, be said:
"I'll bet you $20 you're not dis
charged now." j - : ; ; v r : i (.
. "Put ten on that for me. It's a
cinch," said the court policeman who
stood near by. New York Sun.
Consider the other side, f ou may
be unreasonable.
Losing your hair? Coming
out by the combful? And
doing nothing? No sense (a
that t Thy don't you use
Ayert Hair Vlgortnd
Hair Vigor
promptly stop the filling?
Your htlr will begin to grow,"
top, and all dandruff will dis
appear. Could you reason
ably expect anything better?
" kr tuir Vw to "?? ,,
M. M M.I 1.1 l.fl .Ul V.T, H.IT, VW1
II nt .t.
van cv.
Thin Hair
RttMla'a Awakening,
Ia Russia it is the government only
that sleeps. The people art awaka
and astir, says the author of "Greater
Russia." They art making new de
mands and feeling a uew freedom
which la apparent every' day in tha
absence of the former rigid repres
sion, and In the frequent Indulgence In
license that la miscalled liberty. : ' '
One will sometimes see on the pal
ace quay at St Petersburg a line of
people waiting for tha steamer to take
them to the islands. Along ? cornea
some high official who. Instead of
awaiting his turn, drlvea to the head
ot the line and crowds In ahead of
tha others. Formerly such an occur
rence would hare been received in
silence aa a matter of course, but now
tha people hiss and denounce the offi
cial, and police do not Interfere. '
If a Btreet car is delayed for a con
nection at some transfer station, the
passengers often become riotous and
demand their fare back, or begin to
pound on the floor and even, break
windows until the police make the
driver go ahead without waiting for
the other car; and he la pot allowed
to stop again until be reaches his
If an officer remonstrates ' with a
street car conductor tor lack of cour
tesy to a passenger the crowd will at
once interfere, and even the offended
passenger turns on 1lm. f The-officer
is told to give his on!rs to soldiers
who have to obey, not to free men
who do not, and not to interfere be
tween men who are as good aa he Is,
These are trifling things In them
selves, saya the traveler, but to one
who baa long known Russia they are
startling signs of a new spirit of
rrmanntty carao. WoBtaor
ftar aratday'iBMofDr.KitM'sOnhiiN
Hnd for Free at IrUltmtttaud
m. a. Kiio, Ltd.. w Axes tu.. rminijhia, ta.
Fifty Me and One Elephant,
Interesting tests were msde re
cently In the Madison Square Garden,
New York, to determine the respective
pulling power of horses, men and ele
phants. Two horses, weighing 1,000
pounds each, together pulled 8,700
pounds, or 550 pounds more' than their
combined weight. One elephant, weigh
ing 12,000 pounds, pulled 8,750 pounds,
or 3.250 pounds less than his weight
Fifty men, aggregating about t.500
pounds in weight, pulled 8,750 pounds,
or just ss much as the single elephant
But, like the horses, they pulled more
than their own weight One hundred
men pulled 12,000 pounds.
His Only Befnge. !
It was a well-dressed young ' man,
with a sad, faraway look in his eyes,
that stood on the steps as tba lady
opened the door. , .
"Excuse me, madam," be said, as ha
lifted bis hat "but could you direct
me to the Home for the Friendless?"
"Do you mean to say that you are
seeking it aa a refuge?" aha asked In
"I am, madam," he replied. "I am
a boseba.ll umpire." Chicago Dally
Kwt. ' , lit , (
Failed to Hear Her.
"It Is said," remarked the moral
lzer, "that fortune knocks once at ev
ery man's door?" s
"I guess the old girl forgot to remove
ber gloves when she knocked at mine,'
rejoined the demoralizer.
$5 For a Name $5
sna ui tn or mors name of your people
rlth meana to secure Builneu Education
and for the flmt one that enroll! purchasing
from ui a ichoUribip, we will remit jrou IS in
raah. Address,
Betwell Easiness College, Tacoraa, Wash.
TIT H Elf writing to advertUers pleaae
mantluB thla paper.
0 -. I . H
l, r 1 5
1 V B
-" --3 '
A 0 - v 125.00 PER C1Y
Orttlar Weter,
1 mVVv OU or Coal with
' I f V,";: rkViTW. WELL DRILLS
trB Vv Made !n all Wisi and
11 I VaV, etTlea. Write for Cata
' . if" II W logue" nd llrt 0 "ln
f Rjls, , (' : V - Bf f C9'
J i - 818 Coramer-
J j XXw (f Clal Block.
r y T'tJttX 1 I - PORTLAND,
Xf'Jr " " ORB.
i i :
P.N.U . ' Ne, J0-IM4.
One Hundred Year Ago, i f
The Governor ot New Hampshire re
fused to sign the bill the Legislature
had pasaod agreeing to the amendment
to the constitution, adopted by two
thirds ot the States.
" At a nieetlug of the chiefs of the
Seneca Indian at Buffalo, N. one of
the tribe was aecftsed ot tha practice
of witchcraft and executed.
The la-lt)lature of Massachusetts of
fered a bounty for the encouragement
of ) the cultivation of hemp.' In that
. General Dessaltnes, of, Ilaytt, for
mally declared war against Spain, em
ploying cruisers. to Intercept Spanish
vesaehv . .. , ;
For three 'weeks there had been an
almost .lumsant fall , of rain, In the
Middle Eastern States which caused
much damage to crops In that section.
. Cleorges and eleveti ot his fellow con
spirators were guillotined at Farts.
Scventy-Trva Year Ago. . ,
.The Hoard of Aldermen of Boston re
fosed to allow the Trvtuont Theater to
be open on the Fourth of July, that
lay being Saturday. i
Commercial affairs in Turkey were
In a distressed state owing to the leis
ure by th Sultan's ordor of all camels
bringing produce to market and con
veying supplies to the people ot Con
stantinople. " 1 -'
: The courts' of Georgia, In order to
prevent gambling lu the State, ordered
that heavy tyuvi should be imposed for
such offense.
James L. M. Smlthson, founder of
the Smithsoiiian Institution, died it
Genoa, Italy.
The Emperor of Pratil was said to
be negotiating with the Rothschilds for
another, large loan, , ,v f
Work on the Bunkof nill monument
was suspended for lack of funds.
V I r ' 1 ;'- ;.;': i'l H j " r
fifty Years Ago.
The law forbidding the Intermar
riage of blacks and wbltea waa abro
gated. ,
The Sioux war began.
The American Geographical Society,
founded in 1852, was chartered.
A military Insurrection broke out In
Spain. Madrid was declared In a state
of siege.
Eight Russian ships sailed out . of
Sevastopol and attacked tha allied
naval forces. '
The estimated distance of the sun
was reduced by Hansen.
forty Year Ago.
The arrest of two mall drivers at
Mankato, Minn., disclosed that exten
sive pilfering from the malls had been
carried on for a long time In that
State. - -. ,. -
On the Chicago Board 870,000 bush
els of ..wheat sold for prices ranging
from el A3 to (1.03 per. bushel.
The constitutional convention of
Maryland passed a measure freeing all
slavea and prohibiting slavery in the
future. ,
Kentucky,, along the Ohio River in
the vicinity of Lexington, was overrun
with Confederate guerrillas.
Major General YV. S. Rosccrans di
rected the people of Missouri to organ
ize home guards for protection against
Confederate guerrilla raids.
thirty Year Ago.
The corner stone of the Chicago post-
office nnd custom house was laid.
Fourteen persons were killed and 100
Injured when the floor of the Central
Baptist Church of Syracuse, N. X, In
which a strawberry festival waa in
progress, gave way."
A two days' battle at Cheloa, Spam,
resulted In the defeat of 10.000 Carllsts
by a Republican force hair as , large.
General Concha, Republican, killed. .
i Contracts were closed at Milan' for
equipping tha railways of upper, Italy
with American made palace cars.
A Jury of prominent physicians In
New York was gotten together to de
termine how far blood poison contrib
uted to death from hydrophobia, i
twenty Years Ago. y; "i " f'
The Builders and Traders' Exchange
of Chicago opened, with headquarters
at 159 La Salle street ,
The heirs of Richard Wagner re
fused an offer of $250,000 from an
American for the exclusive rights to
'Parsifal.'!- -r .-; ?-w
" The city of Toulon, in France, was
stricken with an epidemic of cholera.
A bill to incorporate the national en
campment of the Grand Army of the
Republic- was introduced In the Na
tional Senate. I jj i -
K Toe grounds of the Washington
Park Driving Club were opened to the
public for,the first time.
4 The third general council of the re
formed churches (pan-Presbyterian)
opened in Belfast, Ireland.
Ten Year Ago.
Francois Sadl-Carnot, President of
the French Republic, was assassinated
In Lyons by Oesars Giovanni Santo. '
M.' Caslmir-Perier8 was elected Pres
ident of tha Republic of Franca to euc
ceed tha murdered Oarnot
Tba trial of Prendergast, murderer
of Carter H. Harrison, to determine his
sanity was commenced In Chicago.
mhi 3
r iak-.
m wa dsrssav w .
W'-L'XlJZ TTtl
JBaUlIUl. JlCCI 3 Up:n tts Syttsa'
Nothbff ia a sourca of so much trouble at aa old toro r ulcer, par
Ucularly whan located upon the) lower axtremitici wnero m cuxuutioo
la weak and alufgiih. A jangrenoua eatinof ulcer upon tho leg la, tvi
frigktful aight, and as the poison, burrows deeper and deeper into tho
ttaauea beneath ami tha anre continues to spread, one can almost see the
flesh meltintf away and (eel the
eninff discharges. , Great running lores and deep offensive ulcers often ,
develop from a simple boil, awolTen gland, bruise or pimple, and are
a threatening danger always, because while all such aorei are not can
ccrous, a great many are, and tins inouiu mase you suspicioua oi au
chronic, slow-healing ulcers and sorci, particularly if cancer rum ia
JVUT IftHlUJi A U IVIVl VVUUUWU VWsr- asw sv-.w-w eaaw '-
ance because they are so, , 4 WheeHae.W. Ta.; Vay ,1601.
persistem . ana unsigntiy Bomt whu st wbrk.X fell ever a traek
and detract, to much from ana severely lajurl boU ef mr sblavs. Mr aiooa
one a personal appearance. mt j w0;1(1 t aoraa for lum. at i
Middle aged and old pCO- If thay oloa4 up tha raaull would be fatal. Un
rsU and thnui whnaa haaA UoouratBf report X I aft off t beta treat,
pie aoa mose wnose oiooa rtad ta ha a f &. a. a. iiaaarta
S contaminated and taint were prompt and sratlfylns. It tooa only a abort
, '.i .i i t sklla fa
mi mi rn nm uffi,ia n ,i nni
" - f-'.- am not daad aa tha dootor intimatea a weaia
on of malaria or tome pre- " bve the orev;brohaaetaatai,aii4
Sou. .ickness, are the cCief ZSS9U9ml um
aufferers from chronic aore. 0w MmvXM JS' m W'' '
and olcera. While the
blood remain! in an unhealthy polluted condition, and the aore will -continue
to grow and spread in spite of washes and salves, for the aore
is the outward sign of some constitutional disorder, a bad condition of
the blood and system, which local remedies cannot cure,, A blood pu- ,
rifier and tonic, fs what you need something to cleanse the blood,
quicken the circulation and invigorate the constitution, and S. S. S.
ia lust such remedy; It counteracts and removes from (he blood .
. '.r t. .... .
purely Tegetable, a blood purifier and tonic combined and a aafe and
permanent cure for chronic sores and ulcere. If .you have a alow-healing
tore of any kind, external or internal, write ui about It, and our t
physicians will advise you without charge. IJookon "'The Blood and
Itt Diseatet " free. 771? SWIFT SPECIFIC CO ATIANTA, CJU
Oae More Crash to Come.
"A traveling man stopped at a hotel
at MonUcello. The proprietor told hira
be could not lodge him not a room In
the house," said a commercial traveler.
"The traveling man proteated. lie
meat have a room. Finally the proprie
tor told him there was a room, a little
room separated by a thin partition
from a nervoua man who had lived in
the house for ten years. , .
" 'lie is so nervous, said the land
lord, 'I don't dare put anyone In that
room. The least noise might give him
a nervoua spell that would endanger
bis life.'
'Oh, give me a room,' aald the trav
eler. 'I'll be so quiet he'll not know
I'm there ,
"Well, the room wss given tha trav
eler. He slipped In noiselessly and
began to disrobe. He took off one
article of clothing after another aa
quietly as a burglar. At last he came
to his shoes, lie unlsced a shoe and
then, manlike, dropped It
"The shoe fell to the floor with a
great noise. The offending traveler,
horrified at what be bad done, waited
to hear from the nervous man. Not
a sound. lie took off the second shoe
and placed it noiselessly upon the floor.
Then In absolute silence he finished un
dressing and crawled between the
"Half an hour went by. lie had
dropped Into a dose wben there csme
a tremendous knocking on the parti
tion. The traveler sat up In bed, trem
bling and dismayed. 'Who wba
wbst't the matter? he asked. Then
came the voice of the nervoua man:
"'Blame youl Drop that other
shoe! "Indianapolis News.
The Radium Atom.
Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, the English
physicist, contends that radium has
not upset received scientific doctrines.
He says that those who thought It was
tn Inexhaustible store of energy, or
wss generating energy afresh which
bad not previously existed, were mis
taken. Tho radium atom had In It a
large store of energy, Just ss the sun
bsd, If they could see radium atoms
they would find them, as a rule, as
quiet as any other atoms; only one lu
a million would be seen to be, as It
were, smashing up, throwing off bits of
itself, and the whole property of ra
dium depended upon that Everything
material was In a state of flux there
was birth, culmination and decay; and
this waa a characteristic of the mate
rial universe a universe which must
have had an origin. The birth of mat
ter as well as the death of matter was
what they were now looking for.
Thinks Soap Injorloua;
An English writer asserts that tha
English people have greatly deterior
ated physically because of the too fre
quent use of soap. The English he
says, are too clean. The Creator gave
us a natural oil to protect the skin and
make It supple, and we pass our time
removing this oil with soap. ' In con
sequence, we are more vulnerable to
colds, to rheumatism, and to all sorts
of disease. Soap opens the pores of
the skin, and disease enters with ease.
The Downtrodden.
"Remember," said the man with the
red face and angry eyes, "the worm
will turn." ' ,
"Well," answered the cold-blooded
citizen, "let him. About all the com
fort the average worm gets Is a chance
to wriggle." Washington Star.
CURE Horses
tHatcmncr. Pink Eve or Indication.
DIT10NEI and a sure cure for
... : f- CURED ,34 HORSES.
I have bean Mlna Prumlan Kaara fomam tha pat atybt raonthi and In that ttm haT
eurad borwa of Hut... 14 of ni'fmpar and O of ( hrciiiln (,'ouirh. Tba Frunlaa
Kaatadia bava g alned a graat reputation In thla Mctlan Krnt Dchnvka, Nawark, M. X
Jga-ijgBjrnwr Co,, m. pnt. Mtnw.
-a m. n n v. m w art te -
& ; Ai" A Ccn.iint Drs!.i
atrencth poinir out with the aick
t k nadlalaa M aurt ID Itt lorM. aa I
r . - - - , - . -.
the impurities ana poisons, ana graa
ually builds up the entire system; and1
, when the blood hat been purified the
hcalingprocets begins and the ulcer or -tore
it toon entirely gone. S. S, 8.
containi no mineral or poisonous , drugs
of any description, but is guaranteed'
" rmbllo Hohools la Hassle.
Social Service gives souie lata sta
tistics regarding public schools In Bus-
sla. There are 84.544 public schools la '
the Empire, of which number 40.131
are under the Jurisdiction of the Mia-
Ister of Public Education, 42.IW8 ondr
tho Jurisdiction ef the Holy Synod, and
the remainder under other . deparjt
meuta. Of the pupils. 73,107 are adults.
3,291.004 boys and 1.2O3.D02 girls. The
teachers number 1.2.000. The main
tenance of these schools costs more'
than 123.000,000. The average school
tax for city schools Is $950 and foe
village schools 3 per pupil. -
hKeelev LtouciHicwiiiNC-ToaAccc
i muni ruvMniniLi.vwnu!
ros run mtkuim
mm mxrtmmvtt.- FearuMa oa
' i By Elimination. "
Ono day as Pat halted at the too ot
the river bank, a man, famous for his
inquisitive mind, stopped and asked;
"How longhare you hauled wataa
for the ylllsKe, my good ninnr"
"Tin years, sor."
"Ah! How many loads do yoa take
In a dayr ' '
"From tin to fifteen, sor." .
"Ah, yes! Now,; I have a problem
for you. How much water.. at tills rate,
have you hauled In all, sir?" ,
The driver of the wsterlug cart Jerk
ed his thumb bnckward toward th!
river and replied, "All the wather'you
don't see there now, sor."
For coiiR-hs and enirli there Is no better
medicine than l'iio's Cure for Consump
tion. Price M cents.
. A K nook -Down Argument. . ,
8kptlc You ,h,uve t given me msoy
irieuxagos from di;nrtel friruda, but not
one of them hits told me snythtnc I
didn't know. o J . .,
Medium (with dignity) I would have,
you underiUnd, air, that tlia spirits of
the dead have something better to do'
than to come back to earth and teach
school. . .
Mothers will Dad Mr. Wlnilows's Boothlnc
Brrop the beat remedy to ua lor their eblUlraa ,
ouriaf tneteotninf jenou.. t
. '' n
On the Other Hand. C3 '. " .
"Of course," renin eked . the very .
young man who knows, It all, "a worn- ,
au's 'no' always means 'yes.' "
'Terhaps It does," replied the man.
with the scanty hnir; "but I'm right
here to tell you that her 'yes never
means 'no.' " Chicago News, -r ? .
$100 Reward, t00, ,
Tha roaderi ot thli naner will be nleaeed to
learn that there la at leant one dreaded dlaaaae
that science haa been able to cure in all It
teKea, and that U Catarrh, Hall' Catarrh
Cure latheonir poamre sure known to ue
medical Iraterulty. Catarrh being a constitu
tional dee. reuuirei a eonatliutlonal treat
ment. Hall' Catarrh Cure 1 taken Internally,
acting directly vko the blood and tnuoou
mrlacef ot the ayatein, thereby dratruylng the
(uundatlun ol the dlnnaiie, ana giving the pa
tient atrbgth by building up the evnatltutlun
and amtatlng nature In doing lta work. Th
proprietor baveaoniuca laitn in lta curative
power mat tney ontir vto uunareu injuara
'or an cane that it fall tu cure. Bend for llat
ol teatlmonlala. . - . t
Addrena. K. J. CHKNKT a CO., T010UO, O.
Sold by drugsiata, Inc.
uall t
ainlly fill ar th belt.
- ' Iter Private Opinion. .' ,
' "No, ma'am," said the hobo who was
figuring on a bundout, "1 alu't no
reg'lar tramp., I wus a sailor free
years ergo, but me ship got wreckt an
I wus washed ashore."
., "And it's a safe bet,' retorted the
unsympathetic female, "that you ain't
been washed since." ' " - " ;
all attment
A great BLOOD rUSiriEt AK0 CON
ca irora wt
rhlch heave ari.
fortlaud, Or., Uoaat Ageuu
The A. H. Averill Machinery Co.
Write for Catalogue snd Price.

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