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Wednesday, July w, 1904
The Sumoter Miner
hnlrred at thr pontofflce In Sumplcr, Oregon, for
transmission through Hip malls as second cl.iss
On- Yrar ..Si.ao
all Months ' .as
Tho initial velocity of ii petition to
tho lliroiio of grace Is not nocoHHiiiily
in proportion to Its carrying power.
Getting crowned in Groat Hrltain
1h an expensive luxury. Accord Ink
to mi nlllcial ruport recently run
lured to parliament, putting King
Edward and Queen Alexandria
through (do coronation commnnics
cost tho exchequer a cool '2, 000, 000.
An Indiana doctor olainiH to have
accomplished Hid HponlanomiH non
oral Ion of animal lifn in tho form
of insects from curtain chemical
conipouiidH. HIh iimiiio Ih Dr.
Charles Llltloflold, and lie showed
hiiiiiii Hclontlllc iiion the oilier day
that ho really did do tho tiling, at
IiiiihL ii priiHH report says ho. 'J'IiIh
HponlannouH generation IiuhIuohs Ih
getting to ho painfully common. It's
a pipo (iroain win en seems 'Jchmucii
to tale tho place of tho mm Hurpent
Tho Hlomun dlHiiuter Iiiih Htlmiilated
Hid government to act in the direc
tion of duty with reference to the re
iiiHpoction of ovary Hort of craft in
Now York harbor. A force of gov
irnment steamboat Inspectors havo
tioiui detailed for tlio work, ami will
make h thorough exninlnatlon of all
vessel in tho harbor. Of course it
Ih hitttnr lata than never but If thh
duty had boon performed Hooner the
:SIooiiiii disaster might havo boon
. nvortod.
A prominent Texan cotton plantar
Ih going to apply for an injunction
to prevent thu government im
porting (luutiiniHluu HiitH to put a
quietus on thu boll weevil. Ho thinkH
tho remedy wnrHt) than tho disease.
Tho cotton, he Hnyn, Ih picked by
nogrooH whoso oomblneil attiro Ih not
uuuiigh to make a whole shirt, and by
liai efooted negro children, ami if an
army of those iiuIh were turned Iooho
among them thoro would naturally
he a Htampedo. Tho autH may do
away with the weevil, but the negro
would probably be exterminated
iiIho, or at leant run out of the coun
try, It might bit a good idea to
provide the negro with a (Mint of mail.
The bulk of the disasters which
have occuried thin year have been
largely due to criminal caiolebMiesn
on the pint of Inspecting authorl
tier, and general Incompetence.
There Ih hardly a reasonable ex
cuse tor either the Hlncum or Norgo
catastrophes, but even that they no
ouried through causes impossible to
foreHiiii or prevent, the loan of human
life would have btieii greatly minim
I imI, had the vkhhoIh been properly
equipped with lire lighting and life
waving apparatus. It has boon shown
in the inHlitnoe of the late Norgo dls
aster that uittiiy of the life preservers
were rotten, ami tnore whs an insutll
olent number of lift) boats. In addi
tion to thin tho HtoHiner carried a
number of passengers far in excess of
4ier UumI limit. Carelessness of this
littlo loss
The lirHt gavel used n( tho first
meeting of tho American Mining Con
gress wiih presented to Hon. L.
Hradf'ord Prince, president, at tho
Denver Colorado, mooting, in July 1,
1807, hy PrnfoHsor George Knapp, of
Chicago, Hiiya tho Mining World. Tho
handle was made from tho wood of tho
Hhip that carried tho "LI burly Hull"
around tho world on Uh moHHiigo of
freedom; in thu head woro llvo plecoH,
the fliHt of which wiih a portion or a
rail Hplit hy A lira hum Lincoln; tho
Hccnud wiih from tho groat charter oak
tree; tho third wiih from Washing
ton's homo at Mt. Vernon; the fourth
from tho olm tree under which WiihIi
ingtou Htoorl when ho iiHHiimerl com
mand of the continental armicH, and
the lirth wiih from Colorado, taken
from the ilauHtaff that wiih lined on tho
Colorado huilding at thu World's
Columbian Exposition.
On tho surface tho report of com
morcial Insolvencies for tho six
moutliH onded on Juno 110 Ih dls
tinctlv unfavoiablu, sayn tho Now
Vork Commeicial. The llabilitioH
Involved amount to 870,000.000 an
aganist 80(5. 800,000, foi the coitoh
ponding period of 1003 and tho
number of talluroH amountri to 0,121,
iih agiiulM 5,028 lor the (list half of
last year.
A slight aiiitlvHiH of these HguroH,
however, servos to Indicate that
general IiiihImuhh condltioiiH remain
sound. Tho bulk of tho commercial
Insolvencies for tho last, six mouths
cohIhIh ol manufacturing and mer
cantile HUspeiiHlonH, tho llabllltiea of
which amouutod to $01,700,000 This,
however, was only 95,000,000 in ox
oohh of tho liabilities of similar con
ceriiH during tho llrst half of 1003,
before tho present lull in business
activity fairly began to bo manifest.
The largest share of tho Inoronso in
tho liabilities of insolvents for tho
last half year was duo to commercial
failures other than thoso classod
under tho head of manufacturing and
trading failures. Tho liabilities thiiH
involved aggregated nearly 88,000,
000 more than those of siinllur fail-
uroH for tho corresponding period of
last year.
An encouraging feature of tho ro
port of commercial suspensions for
tho IiihI six months is that by far
the heaviest failures measured by the
liabilities involved, occurred duriiig
tho llrst three mouths, thus Indicat
ing that the country has probably
witnessed the worst of these reverse,
at least for tho present. Thus, the
liabilities of the suspended concern
arggegated 818,200,000 in January,
815,800,000 in February and 813,
000,000 In .March,, or more than 70
per cent of the total for the entire
half year. For May theso liabilities
had dwindled to 80,800,000 and for
June to 88,000,000.
It is true that banking failures, as
distinguished from strictly commer
cial falluios, havo been numerous aud
severe in the last six mouths. In
number they wero HO, involving Ha
bllities to tho amount of 817,000,
000, as contrasted with 44 supeuslou
involving liabilities amounting to
0,500,000. for tho llrst half of 1001).
Theso failures, however, havo been
largely, if not chietly, duo to specu
lation, an) rollout businoss conditions
iu only m small degree, if indeed they
reflect such conditions in any de
gree whatever. Such failures are
frequent in tho most prosperous of
The business outlook, accordingly,
li for smoother saillug iu the ini-
nut lira amounts to
murder in thu tlrat
mediate future. Moat of tho great
cropH promise to he abundant, indus
trial corporations and businoss con
cortJH in general havo adopted a pol
icy of conservatism, carefully eschew
ing 'anything savoring of taking
chances, and workiug people show
less of a disposition to plunge into
disputoH with omployors. In theso
circumstaucoH there is reason to be
lieve that biiHinosH will not long
main in the doldrums.
Tho following liiBtrumoutB woro
(Hod at tho court house in liakor City
for record vosterdav:
Juy II Laura A. Smith and hus
band to Alice Campbell, 100x375
foot northwest corner drove and
Campbell streets; 82,500.
July 2- Aiiuio E. Cook to Ancell
Cook, 100 acres in See. 120 T. 10 R.
:i8 E ; 8155.
KM arch 0 Stato of Oregon to Jno
Obolrlch, S. E. M S. E. X Soc.l 0
T. 7 R. 4 1 E. ; 850.
July 11 Jno. T. Parkinson to W.
Fotuald, lot 1 block H Howdon's
addition to Raker City; 8000.
May 11 Stella M. Wilson and
husband to Win. Coll'oy, west 00 actus
of N. W. '4 Sec. 25 T. 8 R. 30 ;
April 1 U. S. A. to T.
Duncan, 80 acres in Sees. 17 and
T 8 R. 4 2.
, f't'Aug. 14, '03 Chas. Kollor and
wife to Zono Danny ot nl lots 2 and
Hunt's addition to Pine, and tract
51x100 foot adjoining; 81,500.
June 27 T. Mcilan and wifo to
John Pearson, 100 acres in Soo.8 T 7.
R0. 43; E. 82,500.
June 25 E. Voigno and wife to J.
Pearson, 100 acres in Sou. .'II T. 0 R.
4.'l E.; 82,000.
July 5 C. J. Osborne aud wifo
to DuvIb Wilcox. N. N. W. H
Soc. 34 T. 7 R. 38 E. ; 1800.
April 10, '01 N. C. IlHskoll et al
to A. Loutz, lot 10 Block 17 Haskell
additiou to Raker City; 1100.
Dec. 4 Minnie A. HughoB aud
hiiHbati.1 to Anna Dean, lots 0, 7 and
8 block P Do Roo'a addition to linker
City; 81,400.
April 14 P. Rascho aud wifo to
II. Fick, xi intorost in Snake Rivor
ditch; 81.
July 2 Aleck S. Watt to Frod L.
Downey, lots 17 aud 18 block 2
Pacillo addition toRakerCity: 8100.
April' 18 Jno. J. Hennessy to
Terence L. R. Murphy, lot 3 block
8 syndicate's llrst additiou to Sump
tor, and Esparana group of quart,
claims; 8500.
July 2 A. Tyler aud wifo to J.
Rourno, Jr., Van Wiuklo A Kindon
quart, claims; 81.
Juno 30 C. G.
Free Cold Mines
Horseshoe aud 4
Nov. 18 Thoa.
CSreon to
company ;
Tumor to Chits.
I) urges, lot 7 block
0 Cornucopia
quartz claim; 50.
July 17, 03' H. R. and E. R.
Craves to C. G. Green, iuterest in
placer claims in Loft Has in aud
Powell creek cauou; 8450.
A. J. Stiusou et al to Sumpter
Light aud Water compauy, rigut of
way across Stiusou & Granger's
placer claim for pipe line; 8500.
L. MoVicker aud buabaud to
Sumpter Light aud Water compauy,
right of way over Reu Walker placer
claim; II.
Water Wall Twenty-five
Feet High, and Resi
dents Ply to
An Associated prcaa dispatch of
yesterday from Arlington says:
Tho residents of Hoppuer aud
Mitchell experienced a thrilling
repetition of the groat catastrophe
of last June, last evouiug, aud
while tho damauo is very slight at
the former place, Mitchell residents
were compelled to flee to the hills
for aafoty. A wall of water twonty
flvo feet high came down Rridge aud
Mill creeks, which uulto about three
hundred yards above towu. The
Hood claimed two victims, Martiu
Smith, a man nearly 100 years old,
and Mrs. Hot hu tie, au aged woman
living there It also carried away
twenty-five houses iu the mad rush
on. Everyhiug bolow Loouuy's
storo was carried away. Two largo
livery stables with tweuty horses
wero lost, dikes Mercantile com
pany's store, Waterman's store and
the flour mill escaped beiug wrecked,
but thu first mentioned lost teu tous
of barbed wire. There was little
raiu ut Mitchell hut the thunder
and llghtulug gave tho iuhabitauts
waruiug that a flood or cloudburst
might bo expected, so tbey prepared
for it. Over half of the population
(led to tho high hills bordering the
valley and the others prepared for
the wator wbou it suddenly rushed
upou thorn. Two aged people who
met their death by drowning refused
to accompany the others to the
hills, foeliug tbe alarm unnecessary.
Iho excitement at Heppuer was
ovon groator tbau at Mitchell, for
the people havo hardly recovered
from tbe neivous strain of last year.
Tho flood damage at this point was
cnntlued to the washing away of
bridges aud the weakening of tbe
O. R. & N. bildges at Lexiugtou.
The creek rose suddenly aud with a
rush overflowed its banks, hut
there was no great volumo of water
as at Mitchell. No reports have come
in from the farming sectious, so it
is impossible to state what damage
has been done to crops, herds aud
lanoh property.
Turner's Automobile.
Randall Turner, of Rourno, having
conceived tho idea that au auto
mobile passenger servico in Raker
City would be a paying enterprise,
is here with oue of the tluest
machines over seeu in these parts.
It is a haudsomo twelve horse power,
two-seated maobiue, desigued for
the passeugors, It was purchased in
San Fraucisuo. Mr. Turner will
place his macbiue on tbe streets iu
a dav or so aud will compete with
the hack Hues for passenger traffic.
Will Cut 1 5.000.000 Feet.
Manager Murphy, of the Grande
Roude Lumber company's big mill
at Iiubler, auuouuces that hia com
pany will this year cut fifteen mil
llou feet of lumber. Herald.

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