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of the
Pay for
Sumpttii Valloy
coiicoihIoiih nro
and with upon
it uill ho Piairlo
ThoHo nro not tho words tho gou
Human iiHOd, and they Hro therefore
not quoted, but tho following ftH
uru snliHtnntlHlly hh reported to Tho
Minor by ono who makes close
guoHHOH on all hiicIi propeHltlom:
Hither IIih Sumpter Valloy rail
wuy company liankorH for good-sized
bonus in tho shapo ot froo right of
wiy mid terminal facilities at I'ruirio
Oily, or oIhu thoro mo certain en
gineering dlllloiiltioH which militate
agaliiHt tho constitution or Unit town
iih h point on tho imiln lino of tho
John Day oxtonHlon.
Tho autinuuoomoiit, ovidoutly
InHpiiod, hiiH been prmoulgatod that
tho oxtoiiHion will louvo Piairlo City
to ono Hldo, that ThompHon hot
HpriiiKH will bo tho next tormlnal
point; that tho lattor place is in tho
hiart of h commercial body of timbur,
which, hh everyone knowH, Ih ex
actly Mild Hololy what tho Sumpter
Valloy road Ih aftor; and that a
boom will bo Htartod at ThompHon
hot springs for tho sale or town IoIh,
ovon as at Whitney and Tipton.
liy tho knowing oiioh all these
thing aro not down iih throatH ngaliiHt
I'mlrlu City proporty ownorH, who
appear to bo hIow In turning over
thoir town to tho
company. UuIiihh
granted, speedily
iiiiudod joiMinnlly,
City to tho limbo of uumappod (owiih
anil ThouipHOii hot HprlngH will bo
mado tho commercial motropollH or
tho John Day oountry, with m big
poHHlbllty of becoming county Huat of
(rant county.
Just why Prairie City ih hIow to
realize upon which aide Its bread h
buttered, lsvspatned by the sus
pected fact that It Im alroady tlod up
to the Houta railway, in tho pro
motion of which the Cleaver brothers,
uwiivm of tho Prairie City townslte,
went and mi itiHtrumoutal. It In
understood that tho Cleavers, prior
to the departure of Major Houta for
Now Vork, whither he weut to tluanoo
Lie eleotrlo road from Haker to
Prairie City, gave to the latter
enterprise au exclusive franchise
option, whioh Ih still In force, and
during tho life of whioh no other
grants to competing lino can bo
givnu. Until Ilonta elthor succeeds
or fall in Mounting his proje t, tho
uoor ot Piairlo City remains looked
iigiiiiiHl tho Sumpter Valloy road. If
tho latter lino jiui tiud a key, tho
problem of unutrol of Interim' tratllc
in solved.
That the Sumpter Valloy people
aro exerting every effort to break
into Prairie City, and luoidontally
to secure important grunt of laud
for terminal facilities In evidenced by
the fact that tho'abovo-iueotloued in
uplrxl auuouuceuieut deals dlplo
uiatlcally ' with the county seat
(UOHtion. It Ih ono of tho dreamt
or Prairie City to bucomo tho county
Heat ot Urant county. LiiHt year a
campaign was lnauguratod, but
mysteriously lapsed. If, by be
coming a toimiual or tho Sumpter
Valloy, the town can Hocure its
coveted court Iioiiho and county jail,
it would bo the policy of wiHdom on
tho part of Pralrlo City proporty
ownorH to cough up without question.
Tho throat from the Sumpter Valloy
people to make rhouipHon hot HprlngH
a terminal and tho county Heat Ih
canning the cltleiiH of Prairie a
whole lot of HlooplOHHIIOHH.
At the Hiime time, tho concliiHlon
Ih unwarranted by the factH of thiH
Htory that tho Sumpter Valley'H talk
about tormiualH Ih all a bluir. There
are no temrinals on the Sumpter
Valloy lino excopt Haker City. Onco
Mcl'jwon was the other etid of the
Hue, then Sumpter, later Whitney,
still later Tipton. Next it may bo
Wright's Htatlou, then ThompHon'H
HprlngH, then John Day, then
Canyon, thou tho jumping oir place.
JiiHt ho long iih tho railway company
lltu'iH U'h poHsible to Hell lotH in now
t owiih, and juut so long iih now
ImmIIoh of timber attract extoiiHioiiH,
jiiHt that long will thoro bo no
Houthoru tormiualH for a longer
period than required to complete
plaiiH for another dinky move.
OHtoiiHlbly tho Sumpter Valloy 's
"John Day" extension is bound for
liuriiH, which, iu the company's
articleH of incorporation, in named au
an objective point, Hetweeu Tipton
and Huron there are many feasible
townslteH and much good timber, so
bat the club belug held over
ralrle City's devoted bead appeara
to be stuffed with Idle promise.
In the uieautlme, tbe Prairie City
County Seat association la holding
meetiugs, preparatory for tbe light
In 1UU0.
Warreu Cable, formerly with tbe
Adolono mine, has taken the man
agement of the Moutesuma Cold
Mining company 'a properties on
McCully fork, six miles above
Sumpter. The Moutesuma is con
t oiled by a Poit Arthur, Canada,
company, a majority of Its stock
holders being interested iu tbe
Hunker Hill, adjoluiug.
Manager Cable, who departed this
afternoon for Haker City, to return
tomorrow, annouuoed to a Miuer
reporter that ore will at once be
sacked at the Moutesuma for ship
ment to the Sumpter smelter.
"We have a magnificent surface
showing, " ho said, "and an adit
level has opened a shoot of ore,
which with careful sorting, will pay
to ship. 1 huhII shortly drive a new
tunnel lower down, when it enters
the payshnot, will enable us to ship
a heavy tonnhge."
Mr. Cable also announces that the
Sherbrooko, P. Q., owners of the
Hunker Hill are preparing to ro
Hume work.
Frank O. Htickuum, joint owner
with Frank Muzzy in tho rich
Martian! group of claims, four miles
from Tipton, Ih iu Sumpter today,
buying provisions and arranging for
a winter'H work. It was related in
Saturday's Minor how Mr. Muzzy
visited the proporty Jaut week: how
ho wan present when four feet of tho
Hurfnoe of tho vein was sluiced off;
how, with a pockot knifo, ho scraped
from a short Hoctioti of tho sluice
boxes about two ouuaes of wire
gold nuggets, and how ho loft au
unknown quantity untouched.
Today Mr. Huoknum Hays he will
cleanup in a few days. He has
stiripped the surface of tbe ledge for
a width of twouty-tlve feet, and will
at mice begin taking out oro. Tho
surface of the vein 1b badly de
composed quartz, shot full of wiro
gold. The lodge has boon traced for
1,000 feet, openingH having boon
made at Intervals.
The vein wiih discovered by Mr.
Huoknum while searching for tho
source of the plaoor gold tnkon in
paying quuatltics from the gulch
below. Above tho point whero tlia
Marshal vein wiih found, tho placer
ooaBod pay.
Mike Mabouey, of Cold Center,
aud Duck Uulcb, returned this uioru
lug from Haker City, where be was
called to meet tieorge McCarty upou
tbe latter's returu from Tbuuder
"McCarty says tbe Dewey mill has
beeu ruuulug steadily all uiuuner "
said Mr. Mahouey, "aud that about
100 meu are on tbe payroll. This
would mean that the uiiue la paying,
because I have uever yet heard of a
stamp mill being run for fun.
"Kvery thing has to be packed
iuto Tbuuder Mouutaiu aud costs
ten ceuts per pouud. McCarty owua
a pack train."
Letsou Halliett, dethroued uiiuiug
kiug aud ousted geueral manager of
the White Swau mine, has lost
300,000 shares of stock iu that prop
erty through deliuqueut sale thereof.
Au assessment was levied against all
trasury stock aud Halliett failed to
Vesterday two carloads of machin
ery for tbe Uurch fc Hurbrldge Crane
Fait dredge arrived at tbe Sumpter
depot of tbe Sumpter Valley railroad
from Delta, Idaho, after being
transhipped at Haker City. This
morning two other carload 4 arrived
and the remaiudor of tbe shipment Is
due Monday. The big dredge, wbiob
was made by tbe Risdou lrou works
for a uorth Idaho placer mining com
pany, originally coit 845,000,
although it was purchased secoud
haud by Huroh & Burbridgo for
811,500. It Is abuaket dredge of
2,000 yards capnaity.
A platform for unloading tbe
machiuory is being elected opposite
tho Holland Commission company's
warehouse, aud tho work of unload
ing will begin Monday. If tho
present weather holds out, tho
maohlnery will at unco be hauled to
the Crime Flat diggings and
assembled iu preparation for early
spring work. If, however, tbe roads
become too heavy for hauling before
wiuter seta in, the machinery will be
stored hore aud hauled over snow
Six four-horse wagou loads of
heavy timbers were hauled from
Sumpter to Craue Flat during the
week, for use iu building tbe frame
work of the dredge. A. Huron Is
superintending all these moves
A. W. Ellis, of Sumpter, has
nearly comploted his contract for
excavating the dredge pool.
Last Excursion to World's Fair.
The demand for sleep! ug oar space
in tho Denver & Rio Uraude's popu
lar through tourist excursions to
the St. Louis Fair having been so
great three such excursions will be
ruu ou the next aud last selling dates
October 21, 4 aud 5. On each of
these days special tourist exourslous
will be ruu from Portlapd without
change 'of cars over fbe "Sceuio Line
of the World." October 3 there
will also be iuu a apeoial Pullmau
excurslou. These cars will make
stops eu route at Salt Lake City and
Denver, affording excursionists au
opportunity of viewing tbe various
points of interest about those cities.
Tbe daylight ride through tbe heart
of tbe Rookies CJod'aart gallery of
uature Is the graudeat across tbe
Amerloan contiuent. Write W. C.
MoHride, 124 Third street, Portland,
Oregon, at ouce for particulars and
sleepiug car reservations. These beiug
the last days upou which tickets will
be sold at reduced rates, travel will
be particularly heavy.
Hotel Sumpter.
Meals 15 ceutr and up; bottle
Haker City beer 5 cents per glass:
good rooms 50 ceuts.
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