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Wednesday, March 29, igu;
The first indication of weakness
it) mine timborH Ih to bo found, na 11
rulo, nt tliu joiutH of tliu different
members of the Hot. Id tliu oaso of 11
Htull, by "brooming" of tho onds.
or, in tliu ohho of irregular rllHtrf bu
tiou of thi) compressive forcoB, n
Hhoarlng or splitting. Of course, if
the Htull acts mainly as a Hiippnrt
for mated! from above, thou bond
ing would bo th IIihI sign of weak
ness. Thiw latter, however, Ih not
tho proper function of I ho ittiJI : in
such ohhoh 11 net Hhould ho usod, if it
Ih poHHiblo. Of course, thono sing
are only to ho witnessed in good
Moit of our readers who have bad
experience iu timbering, will recall
tho fact that many timborH may break
without pruvioiiH warning. Hume
pines aro uotoriouH for being brittle.
.Such timborH will snap w'thout tho
leiiHt warning. The general pi In
oiploH of timbering are few and hIiii
plo, ntllmugh Hiibjout to almoMt In
Unite modification.
Tho mien adopted by an experi
enced timber man of our acquaintance
are: (1) (live the maximum strength
to the expeiiHive part of tho timber
unitH; thiiH. have tho sots stronger
than tint lugging i, .Should exnoHHivo
Htrain develop tho laggings will hIiow
(he elfeot first. The main hu(h oiiii
then be reinforced, either by doub
ling up or by reducing the diHtauue
between nets, iiuforo any serious dam
age nan result. (2) In placing tlm
lierH, secure at the corners; do not
wedge in tho center of capH, poutH or
ehaft HetH. (11) In going through
bad urnuud, cut wIiioh or driftH
egg-Hhapo. Timber with the orduiary
HetH, securing at tho coruerri. TIiIh
will give the ground room to swell.
The theory is that Hwelllug Ih duo
mainly to oxidation
Tliu ground will
ewell when exposed
the ground Ih given
paud, the oxidized crust will protect
the rock behind from oxidation, and
thiiH swelling will be arrested, or par
dally ho, iu the Interior of the rock
Of course, where swelling is due to
pressure developed by removing large
ore hodioH, the only way to take up
the ground Ih to iiho heavier and more
timborH. If poHHiblo, work out
such ground .rapidly, and abandon
the drifin am soon h posHiblu. We
know of driftn that have to be re
timbered every, two or three uioutliH,
The expense, of course, in very
great in hiicIi easoi, and the policy
Hhould be to ahnu Ion those workingn
iih hood iih tlm ground Ih worked
out. .Mining Koportor.
Museum of Natural History, baa
brought the subject before an anxious
public in an article iu Harper's
Monthly relating to recent discoveries
in Peruvian arobnelogy. He Bays:
"The intentional tempering of
bronze, mentioned as a Most art,' Ib
a fable. . . . The lucaB knew
bow to wiiBb gold, to fiiBe it iu email
quantities and to hammor'lt into very
thin sheets, easily folded and bout iu
auv dealrud shape. They melted tho
I3hb refractory silver aud ooppor ores,
but oiiHt objects are much moro rare
than hammered ouos. Their bronze
is an incidental alloy and it has not
been discovered where tho tin was ob
tallied " Tho report of tho consul
general should bo classed with the
"important if truo items, " while the
diatom fo the archaeologist must be
given considerable weight, for Mr.
Haudolior has spent his life time in
the Htudy of the social aud industrial
conditions nf the pro-Columbian in
habitant! of Mexico aud South Amer
ica and his researches havo beeu made
on the ground aud not iu the Spanish
or other archives. Mining World.
in the country.
frequently only
to the air. If
a chance to ex-
Notwithstanding the fact that (Jon
oral Manager lolin Thomson, of too
reorganized lied Hoy Mines company,
who recently recovered from a
serious illness at his old home In
Froi.mnt, Nidi, is still in the east,
the gentleman who waH instrumental
iu revamping the old mine, work is
being steadily prosecuted at tho prop
erty uiidor the HUporintqiidonoy ot W.
II. ("Hilly") Reynolds. The Hlnck
smith level is being extended further
in to the mountain to au intersection
with tho veins of the Concord group,
with which the Hod Hoy was oonsolij
dated a few yearH ago, Ore is not
expected to be euteied for some time
yet, as the progress is necessarily
slow, on account of tho employment
of hand steel in a tremendously hard
Manager Thomson ii said to be
mooting with juooobb In the east,
where he h working on the proposi
tion of installing a water power aud
electrical trausmisdon plant at Olive
lake. Work ou tills plant Is expected
to be ordered within sixty days and
rushed to completion before
summer ends.
Albert Uehor, lessee of the JJonau
za mine, came up from Maker City
this morning. He Bays that reBUinp
tiou of operations at the Honauza
will begiu just as Boon as 0,000
pounds of supplies and now equip
ment, ordered Mouday by Mr. Geiser
from an eastern machinery house,
is delivered on the giouuii, which
be expects to be about April 20.
It is learned from au otilcial Bource
that Mr. Geiser's plan of operation
will be lo reopeu a big body of low
grade ore, abaudoued by the old
Thatcher management laat year, aud
run the 10 stamp mill to its utmost
capauity. This ore body is said to
grade from 85 to 88 per ton, Hud with
economical operation, the opinion
prevails that Mr. Geiser can make a
good profit.
If Your Arc Not Particular.
Secret r)f tldrtlening Copper.
The obi, old story about the
miorol o( hardouiuK copper has re
ooiitly been revived from two widely
different localities. Under recent
date, United States Consul (ion ore I
W. It. Ilulluway, Halifax, Nova
Sgotia, reperts: "It is stated that
Mr. Church and (.'hut let, Cleveland,
of Ch'ister, Novh Sootia, havo discov
ered the Io:ik lest and much sought
for process of hardening copper. A
Htuiplo of their hardened copper has I agent,
been received here which seems to be
as hard as steel, a penknife failing
to make any impression ou it." Mr.
A. 1. Haudeller, of the Ameilcau
Don't travel over the Illinois
Centra!, as any old road will do you
aud we don't want your patronage;
but If you are particular and want
the best aud mean to have It, ask the
ticket agent to route you via the
Illinois Central, the road that runs
through solid vestibule trains be
tween St. Paul, Omaha, Chicago, St.
Louis, Memphpis and New Orleans!
No additional charge is made for
a seat in our reclining chair cars,
which are fitted with lavatories aud
smoking rooms, aud have a porter
iu attendance.
Kates via the llluols Central aro
the lowest aud we will be glad to
quote them In connection with any
transcontinental Hue.
J. O. LINDSKV, T. F. A 1 A.
1 12 Third street, Portland, Orogou.
H. II. TKUMHULL, Commercial
142 Third street, Portland,
PAUL 11. THOMPSON, Freight
and passeuger agent, Column bul'd
ing, Seattle, Washlugtou.
F. A. ti. Starr, the mining man,
returned yesterday from a trip into
tho Greenhorn mountains. He ao-
cempanied F. O. Huoktium to tho
Marshall group of mines, nea- Tip
ton, owned jointly by Mr. Huckuum
and M. F. Muzzy. Later he vhited
most of the big properties iu tho
Greonhorns, iucljding the Snow
Creek, 1. X. L., Psyche, Diadem,
Liisten Lake, etc.
"The whole Greenhorn camp looks
good," said Mr. Starr this morning
to a Miner reporter. "The Psyche
has receulty opened up a magnificent
body of shipping ore aud tho Dladoiu
is nuiking a great showing. The
Snow Crook mill is working doublo
shift ou ore from the Psyche and
Diadem, at the same time floating
some ore from its own ground. Tho
Lucy is looking good aud 1 under
stud that work ou the Listen Lake, of
which Mayor W. H. Gleasou, of
Sumpter, is president, will start
work ou May 1. A crosscut to
the main ore body will be driven
from tho 100-foot level of the shaft.
"The Hiiow on the Greenhorns is
rapidly disappearing. Already most
of the south slopes aro bare. Roads
aro pretty bad, but a continuance of
the present good weather will remedy
that evil.
"Judging from tho tone of my
correspondence with eastern iuveetors
aud prospective investors, we are
goiug to do a big mining business iu
this camp this year a legitimate
mining businois, too."
Johns aud Waters the Sumpter
rook-drillers, who contested at the
free-for-all-drilling contest at Grants
Pats last Friday, came out second
best. Loakridge and Savage, of
Galice, were tho winners. Other
coutestautB were Seligo and Harriug
tou, of Granite Hill ; Sundry brothers,
of Gold Hill, and G. Briukerboffer,
of Galice. The Galice team iu 15
minutes of double-handed drilling
time, made a .10-inch bele: tbe Sump
terites' score, 35 hi inches. The
Granite Hill team was 'compelled to
stop on account of a smashed band.
Tbey drilled a 25 J inch bole in 9
minutes aud 40 seconds. The Gold
Hill team was last, with 311 inches.
Tbe wlnulug Galioe boy captured a
8225 purse, the Sumpter team being
consoled with a gift of the entrauce
foes. Tho Grant's Pass Miulng Jour
nal is authority for the statement
)hat 83500 changed bauds ou the ro
9ult of tho mutch. Johns aud Waters
were heavily backed.
Iu the slugle-hauded coutest, Joe
Johns, of Sumpter, was defeated by
Uriukorhoffor, of Galice, tbe boles
measuring 18 flfteeu-sixteoutn luetics
for the Sumpter man aud 20 iuohoG
for the winning Galice entry. A
purflo of 875 weut to Hrlukerhoffer
aud the eutrauco fees to Johns.
Iu viow of tho fact that Lookridge
aud SavaRO won tbe double-bauded
free-for-all drilliug match at Grant's
Pass lust CbristtnaB, they set up a
olaim to tbe state championship.
Major Norton Back In Sumpter.
Major F. 10. Norton, president of
the boerd of directors of the Citi
zen's Consolidated Gold Miuiug
company, operating tbo Gold Coin
mines iu the Cracker Croek dis
trict, arrived from his homo iu
Wheeling, W. V., this morning, accom
panied by It ihort H. Stanton, a
mining engineer of New Vork, who
will examine aud report on the Gold
Coiu iu tbe iuterest of eastern in
vestors. Mr. Stanton represents the
United Mining and Development
compauy of North America, with
headquarters iu New Vork. Messrs.
Nortou aud Stanton drove out to tbe
Gold Coiu this morning, expecting
to remain at the property until' the
middle of next week. Mr. Stanton
intends to make au exhaustive ex
amiuatiou, uot ouly of the Gold
Coiu, but of the striug of big mother
lodo producers iu tbe Cracker Creek
Dr. Maxim Schumann, a mining
engineer aud expert of international
renown, is at the Mountain View
mine, making i.n examination of that
property. Dr. Shumaun is said to
represent a French syndicate. He
has hoou in every miuiug camp of
any importance iu the world, from
Siberia to Kalgoorie, from Klou
dike to the Hand. The Mountain
View is owued by Portlaud people,
and ouly recently eutered tbe pro
ducing list, under tbe able euperiu
teudeuuy of Dr. Tecbow.
The Sumpter-Houruo railway prop
osition remains iu statu quo. The
committee appointed at a meeting of
local citizens has succeeded iu secur
ing subscriptions to 810,200 worth
of ithe required 820,000 worth of
bonds, but the subscriptions re9ts up
on certaiu proviso rolatiug to switches
aud spurs to Cracker Creek mines
Theeo matters were uot provided for
iu tho Killeu, Warner, Stewart prop
ositiou, aud tbe aommitee has mailed
to Mr. Killeu tbe formal demands of
tbo bond subscribers. Mr. Killeu is
iu Colorado, Au answer is expected
witbiu a few days. Chairman Cato
J. Johns, of tbe committee, an
uouuoes that if tbe demauds are al
lowed by Mr. Killeu, be can raise
tbe required 820,000 in two days.

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