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R. E. Nortou, oue of the (syndicate
that recently bought the ooutrola6f
the Gbloourta, arrived in Humpter
Huuday, having reoeutly returned
from tbo east in order to attend tbe
meeting of stockholders at Pendleton
Saturday. Ha went direct to tho
mine, ramalui'ng Id Sumpter only a
few minatei.
Regarding the meeting of tbe
stockholder, bs stated to a Miner
representative .that taa onlv hminiu
of Importance traataotad wm tbe
authorization ef the proposed 190,
000 bond Issue. About flvejrtxtbB of
Ulie stock was represented "and there
waa no opposition to tbe bonda. A
meeting of directors baa been called
for next Saturday, tbe 15th instant,
fcr the purpose of going through the
legal formality of issuing these
"One thing I wish you would do
for me," said Mr. Norton, ''correct
the false impreeslou that baa been
created aud widely, persl itontly cir
culated that the aomran; bus de
manded of stockholders that they
subscribe (or their pro-rata share of
these bonds, with the alternative ot
losing their stocks. There Is abso
lutely no truth In this statement The,
holdings of tbe amallest ateokbolder
will be protected. No one la going
to lose his atook. The management
baa merely given stockholders tbe
first opportunity ta au beer I be for
tbaee bonds,, if they wish to do so,
whleh wm oanslder a nrfvlla.
"So far m a marfcat for the beads
s eoooerned there la
whatever ou that wore. Mvself
associates are prepared to take
whole iteue, if necessary."
Mr. Norton stated further that
work at tbe mine will be started at
au early date, as soon as Manager
McCarthy can get in supplies and
orgauize bin forces. This will be in
tbe nature of development work, to
carry on which ample funds have al
ready boon provided.
Lawrence Blowers, first mayor of
Sumpter, at present deputy United
States marshal, waa In town htMn
trains Saturday. Ue waa here to
serve papers issued out of the fed
eral court at Portland in tbe Morn
ing mine case. Aa previously
stated In this paper, tbe sal of
that property under judgment axe
outlon was stopped March 25, on a
wired order from Judge fie linger
to the sheriff of Grant uounty, at
Canyon City. The United States
Marshal served the nanar flaturlav
np, Xroqb.le.Un.Clark.flnyde, viae, president ef
A aorrespondeut at Susanville
writes as follews:
Placer mining is belug resumed in
all directions, hs tbe early spring is
extremely favorable for that class of
miuing, and all tbe miuers who left
, to "winter" ou tbe outside, are rush
ing back to take advantage of the
early water Rarely ur never before
in tbe history of the cm nip has water
enough .been available for placer min
ing at this time of tbe year, and con
sequently everyone is putting hlB
ground in shape for working.
Tbe Blue Channel uIim, on Big
creek, was oue of the eerlleet to
take advantage of tbe open leasoo,
and has been at work for tbe last
three weeka preparing ground aud
also making improvement to over
come tbe laok of grade, by wbioh it
hai been hampered for several sea
.osos. The management has at last
tbe satisfaction of seeing that diffi
culty overcome, for Its lift, a home
made affair, raises Its gravel and
water about 12 feet into au upraised
ilume, which discharges it out of the
way. This aompany own nearly 600
acrea of aearly all gold-bearing
ground. Tbe average depth to bed
rook Is about 12 feet, aud tbe bed
rook on which eiott of tbe gold Is
deposited is of a decomposed graulte.
The gold iu all course, and goes over
118 flno. The property is hii ideal
dredging proposition, but the prea
ent owners are not situated so as
to undertake the ureiit exnariRn th
bulldlug of a dredge would eutail.
Their gravel is very similar to that
diedge on Feather river and around
Oroville, California.
Messrs. Briggs and Welch are
also on tbe ground aud preparing
their Deep creek dredgiugs for a
good, long run, aa the couditinus are
most favorable for a good and late
supply of water. They are working
ou an anoieut cbaunel, which is con
fined to about 150 feet .width. All
their gold fa vary coarte. The larg
est nuggets ever found in this scetlon
were picked up on that oreek. Their
clean-ops for tbe last several seasons
are reported to have been very good.
.Messr. A. J. II luck ley uud Fied
Hunter have relocated tho old
Keeney diggings aD(j are making
preparations for extensive working
and prospecting or same. The ground
haa yielded some very pretty returns
in years past, and tbe present Inoat
ois have considerable faith in its
yielding capaoity yet.
bank, and other
forcing the sale
the First National
creditors who were
of tbe oronertv.
Tbe suit, vbich aska for a receiver,
was brought by James tieuuett Hud
N. H. Patten, residents a Minnesota.
The allegations which they make In
tbe complaint aie startliiigly boiihh
tioual, alleging collusion aud con
spiracy to defraud.
The plaintiffs claim an iuterettt iu
tbe property through grubstake
rights, a faot heretofore, apparent It.
unknown iu all the negotiations ior
tbe salo of and litlgatlnu over this
valuuble mine. It wii luoated Juno
24. 1808. by AmoH and his partners,
and under the gruliHtake contract the
plaintiffs say they then acquired a
half luterest lb .the property. In
September, 1000, the complaint goes
on to say, they sold their half inter
est to their co-owners for 111, 000,
1,000 of which was paid in cash and
the remaining 110,000 became due In
eighteen months, none of which haa
beau paid. The dead was placed la
escrow In a Pendleton bank; where,
(ha JBfarenoa Is, U atin la.
Maayra. Bcenett and Patten saek to
have thli lien given nrlorltv aim all
others aud to aav? a raaelv'er ap
pointed for tbe Morning MlaJng com!
Por land on the twenty-firs' of this
month and the indications are that
this Is the belglunlng of a long series
of 11 ligation.
N. C. Blohards, representing Clark
Snyde In this case, went to Portland
last week for the purpose of trying
to have It ceiled for hearing before
tho twenty-first, the time set by tha
aourl; which, 1Mb aatf, according
to the rules of practice iu tho fed
oral court, can he doue. Tho
Hchoiiio of the defense, so It Is ro
portcl, ia to have tho case thrown
out of the federal court on a toahriin-
ulily. There le enmo United Statea
statute forbidding tbe iuterfereuoa
with the judgment of state oourte by
federal authorities. If that move
aucceuds, .tho case tight will be
uewed iu tbe atate circuit aoart.
A. L. McEweu, general meuaaar of
tbe Imperial mine, iu Cable Cova.
came down from tbe property last
Friday and while iu Sumpter algued
a 500-foot tunnel coutract, awarded
to Joe Miller aud Charles Back, ot
the Columbia niiue. The uaw .work
will be done on the Miner olalai of
tbe Imperial group, and tbe contract
calls for completion at tbe ear'lieat
possible moment.
The .Miner tuunel will tap tbe
main Jasper is I ore aboot 275 feat
aelow tbe preeentlevel, and will also
answored 1ta purpose, which was to
prove tbe continuity aud depth of tbe
Imperial ehcot, which ia oue of the
richest, If not the rlohait in tLa
Cable Cove camp. Furthermore, ore
from tbla ahoot cau hereafter be
much more economically and easily
reached by the Miner tunnel.
Owing to the a In o it Inpesaafilir
condition of the roads between Samp
ler aud Cable Cove, mtlli. ...
lions at the Imnariiil ' iu.. i,....
temporarily suspended. The rich
Imperial etopee have tieeu left for
a tJme, aa all the ere hlwe are full,,
and It is absolutely Impossible to
haul the product of the mill to the
Sampter smelter. Cieuerat Manager
MoEwen ia authority for the state
uiet that just the momeut the roads
enable tbe management to attack the are In passable eoudltotn. work in
lira ibnnt Joaoln....,! 1. AL- f I..JI -1 L . V
The finest lines, tbe neatest pat
terns of wash goods aver shown in
tbe county, at Johns' store.
Buy your shoes from
every pair guaranteed:
ore shoot developed by tbeCrasaroots
tunnel on the Eagle vein, which has
beau shown by ofbar developments to
be .about 140 feet long, and which la
virgin territory.
Pandlugtbeoompietluu of tbe SCO
foot extension or tue Miner tunnel,
work on the Imperial shaft haa been
discontinued, as tbe shaft has fully
ail departments at tin, iiun..iui m
he renumed on a larger scale than
ever before.
A fresh lot of Chaueelloro Cigars.
Now 6 caats, at J. E. Wassberg'e..
Sumpter Hotal Betiding.
Fine printing at the Miner office..

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