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After Buffering with Kidney Disorder*
for Many Years.
Mfb. John S. Way, 209 8. Bth St., In
deptmdence, Kans., says: "For a num*
her ef years I was a victim of disor
dered kidneys. My back ached con
stantly, the passage
of the kidney secre
tions was irregular
and my feet and an
kles badly swollen.
Spots appeared be
fore my eyes and 1
was very nervous.
After using numerous
remedies without relief. I was com
pletely cured by Doan’s Kidney Fills.
Jn view of my advanced age, my cure
serms remarkable.”
"When Your Hack Is Lame, Itemera
bcr the Na mo-DOAN’S. 50c. all storea.
fVster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
For Instance.
“Pa. what <!<><•• abnormal mean?”
"Something that la out of the or
dinary—something that Is different
from what I: might be expected to be
—an actress who has never applied
for a divorce, for Instance.”
Howell —It costs a good deal to
Powell—Aren’t you glad you are a
dead one?
Sioux City Directory
"Hub of the Northwest.’*
Davidson Bros. Co., Sioux City, la.
WE HAVE just added a piano
department to our great establish
ment. We sell pianos on the same
basis as other lines
—from ,<ioo to $l5O
It saved on any instru-
ment. We carry a
I 5 - full l’ ne Pb'thOS,
piano players, Victor
ami Edison Phonographs. Write
for our piano price list and other
information pertaining to pianos.
Fresh Cut Flowers & Floral Emblems
NOTICE. Ordvr by Mail, Telephone or
Electric Light Plante
fur farms and towns. All kinds
of electric fixtures and supplies.
Electric Supply Ce., 525 sth, Sioax City, la.
To Merchants Only
Crockery .China,Glassware, Lamps,
Hotel Dishes, Fountain Supplies,etc.
Wholesaler* and Manufacturing Agent*.
Write for catalog or salesman. SIOUX CITY
CROCKERY CO., 309-311 Neb St., Sioax City, la.
Prices Right—Work Guaranteed
20 Per Cent Off our repair list on all Retreads
Si ' Tul* n piiirititf to March IS. Write for HaL
Kelly - Springfield Tires Auto
G2l Pearl Street Sioas City. lowa
You Get Vahie Received When You Buy
■ P** Th r with (|) e
Sold by all grocers, the bands are valuable
For RHEUMATISM, OAT ARRH, and all dlnor
drr«< of the ULOOD, LIVER and KIDNEYS take
Ml /A V Ml a O Write tiHlay for a
.1.6.1 .HO.Cs
The M..1.8.T. C0.,500 4th St.. Sioux City,la.
|lf IIITFn Fir 7 <•
MU fl IU I 1 II b: ml v t.r.-E’K Shorthand
|f U|l Illi no lli<h> i. k< <pli..’ lull-
W Ills I ImU vidual Instruction. It
will pay you to write for Itooklet. NATIONAL
AKRON MIILING CO., Sioux City, la.
Stack Coven, etc. TENTS TO RENT
C. E. Martin Co., 307 Jacktoa St., Sioai City, la.
Manufactured by SIOUX CITY BRICK fc TH E WORKS
I’or Stair by Your l.uiiilM«rin:tii
VVVV onr Ot Stringed
■■ Mf' Bi ■■ InutnimeHtH nti<l StriiiirM,
Band luHtrumrntn, Sheet
Music,Talking Machines,
Every thing in Muslo and Records Address
Pisassr Music Bouse. 318 4tb St.. Sious City. la.
Soda Fountains and supplies. We sell them.
Chesterman Co., Dept. F, Sioux City, la.
Manufacturers of
A I)F AI FR ** nte *l >n every town U> sell
A VEtAtoUK our grade wall paper
from aiM'ciAl books. H we hare no dealer tn
**- onc *- aalfs WALL
PAPER CO., 1100 4th Qty. lews.
Wbuiesalo Wall Paper, Palate, Window eta.
Y»W.«prwt»s«w 4MMA lll*,toll
'I? 'j*
Pennsylvania Woman Designs Band
to Fit Around Ankle With Hook
Fastened to Button.
Any person who ban ever had an
overshoe come off while crushing a
muddy street will appreciate th<« fast
ener device designed by a Pennsylva
nia woman to prevent this annoying
accident. An elastic band fastens
around the ankle and this supports a
suspender like arrangement at the heel
of the overshoe. Attached to one side
of the gumshoe Is another elastic fup
porter, with a hook which engages a
button on a button shoe, or a hook on
a laco shoe. It takes only a tew sec
onds to fasten the overshoe on with
these devices, and It Is worth the
trouble. After a rubber has once come
off In the mud, and it usually does
this when jou are going somewhere
you want to look your best, there is
not much use In putting it on ag tin.
The attachments are made so that
they can be removed from the over
shoe when not needed and quickly ; t
on again.
Sir George Darwin, Noted English Sci
entist, Delivers Interesting
Address on Tide*.
Sir George Darwin, the noted scien
tist, who was the guest of the Authors'
club In London recently, delivered an
interesting address on his theory ot
the tides. Everybody knows that the
tides are due to the moon's attraction
In the tidal motion the movement of
the water causes friction and a conse
quent slowing down of the motion of
rotation of the earth, as a brake would
do. The effect, though almost infin
itesimal, becomes appreciable In time,
although It lias not yet been meas
ured But It must exist, and Ulis slow
ing down being due principally to the
moon It must be accompanied by a re
action on it. with the result that the
moon will move further ami further
away from the earth, owing to the
yielding of the system The opinion of
many authorities is that the moon
was shot off from the earth at the por
tion now tilled by the Pacific ocean.
As It Is still moving further away and
the rate of rotation of the earth dim
inishing the time will come when tiie
length of the day and that ot the lu-
nar month will be the same, and the
earth and moon will again revolve as
a rigid holy When that occurs the
day will he 55 times as long as our
present day. But the sun also pro
duces tides and similar effects, though
on a smaller scale. So the year, too,
will be lengthened.
Device Invented by Englishman Is
Combination Known as “Shadow-
Plate” — Directs Aeroplane.
A device, which 1» to direct an
aeroplane In the name manner as a
compass directs a ship, has been in
vented by an Etigl’shman. It Is an
Ingenious combination of the sundial
tml the compass, and is known as a
“shadow-plate." Its dial is of cellu
loid, anil In the center Is a small pin
that throws a shadow as the light
passes through, says the Popular Me
chanics. When It Is fixed to the for
ward part of the upper plane of the
aeroplane, the aviator can tell the
Course ho Is taking by the variations
of. the shadow
Opals expand with heat to a greater
degree than any other precious
stones. They are frequently lost be
cause the expansion forces open the
cold bands in which they are sot.
Fastened in a Twinkling.
An Aviator’s Compass.
Disinfect Books.
In most public libraries all books
ore disinfected when they are re
turned. They go into all sorts of
places and nrc rend by sick people In
their homes and tn hospitals, lienee
the precaution.
Opals Expand With Heat.
MI \ >
Made as Germless ss Sterilized Water
by Simple Process of Wash
ing Off Bacteria.
Professor Metchnlkoff has had so
much to say In recent years about the
enormous proportion of dlaeases that
are acquired by taking bacteria into
the system on raw fruit that a certain
class of people afflicted with the mod
ern mania which may be called germl
phobla will be interested In the find-
Inga of Dra. Fillasier and Sartor y, who
assert that a little common washing
will render the deadly exterior of all
fruits as gormless as sterilized water.
Those men are members of the
French Academy of Sciences, and be
coming interested in the charges
brought against raw fruit they recent
ly set about the experiments of a
simple character which proved the
complete efficacy of cold water as a
germ chaser. They placed a few
grapes In a little water and found from
120.000 to several million germs in a
cubic centimeter in tbo water
second washing produced a lew thou
sand of the Metchnlkoff terrors, and
at the end ol a fourth rinsing scarce
ly any germs could be found In the
water used.
The interesting part of this work
was that with each washing a con
stant decrease of germs was noted —
‘JO per cent being eliminated each
time the process was repeated, in ad
dition to demonstrating how simple it
Is to ward off all danger from germs
on fruit the Frenchman asserts that
not half the specimens which do find
a habitation on fruit are harmful.
Object of Recent Invention Is to Pro
vide Propellers to Drive and
Also Steer Machine.
In describing an aeroplane, the In
vention of G W. Thompson of King
ston, Okla, the Scientific American
This Invention relates to flying ma
chines of the heavier than air type,
and the object Is to provide a machine
of this class which has its propellers
so arranged that they not only drive
the machine but steer It also. By
such a construction the Inventor mini
mizes the necessity ot using movable
\ ' JfcsX ff '
rudders heretofore used to control
the machine's course of travel. Bal
ancing Is accomplished by locating
the power plant directly below the
center of gravity of the supporting
planes, and by the manner in which
the planes are tilted with reference to
the line of travel. The improved aero
plane is shown in perspective In the
accompanying view
The earliest patent f< r any kind of
a sewing contrivance was granted In
England, June 24. 1755. The first com
plete sewing machine designed for
general purposes was patented In the
I'nited States. September 10, 1846
Recent experiments In Germany In
dicate that drainage waters do not
take any more plant food away from
fertilized soils than from unfertilized.
The first typewriter was produced
in England 200 years ago.
’I he only gem in the world which
cannot bo counterfeited is the opal.
The controversy regarding Mars be
ing an inhabited planet began in
At the height of 3.<'00 feet a man
In an aeroplane can see a submarine
gliding along 30 feet under water.
It has been estimated that the eye
< f a fly can discern an object one five
millionth of an Inch In diameter
Aerial propellers, driven by gasoline
engines, are being tried In France as
means of propulsion for canal boats.
An Inventor has placed a small
horseshoe magnet on the side of a
thimble to help tailors pick up needles.
A pocket comb, penknife and cigar
clipper have been combined in a sin
gle implement by an ingenious in
Ah attachment for converting eye
glasses or spectacles Into automobile
gccgles has been invented by a Phil
Oil lamps can be prevented from
smoking if a little liquor distilled from
onions be placed in the bottom of
their reservoirs.
A rubber cap to hold cracked Ice
upon a fever patient's head that will
not slip from place has been invented
by a Maryland man.
A double barreled telescope, to per
mit two persons to view the same ob
ject at the same time, has been in
vented by a Swiss optician.
Pearls are increasing in value. A
trade paper tells of a necklace of
pearls that originally cost 128.000 re
cently being sold for >90,000.
By research, prevention and cure,
every epidemic disease can be abol
ished within the next fifty years, a’c
cording to Professor Kay Lank us ter.
First Sewing Machine,
Effect of Drainage.
Ll I I J£. I I
Professor, Who Accompanied Hls Wife
on Shopping Trip, Runs Up
Against Hard Problem.
One day a teacher of mathematics
went shopping with his wife. He
tagged along listlessly from counter
to counter until they came to the
dress-trimmings department, and there
be found something In his line. Said
bls wife to the saleswoman:
“How wide is that gold-spangled
black crepe?”
‘ Three eighths of a yard,” said the
"How’ much is it a yard?”
“Three dollars.”
“Well,” said the professor’s wife,
“how much of three-eighths-wlde ma
terial will it take to put four six-inch
Etrips around a two-and-tbree-quarter
yard Fkirt that is seven inches nar
rower at the knees than it is at the
bo’tom, and how much will it cost?”
At the first mention of those figures
the professor’s head began to reel, and
it reeled still more when his wife and
the girl got out pencils and paper and
began to do their sum. Presently his
wife said:
"Here, dear, you know all about
mathematics. Help us solve this prob
lem, won’t you?”
But the professor said: "Excuse me.
I feel faint. I must get a little fresh
air," and ignominiously fled.
His wife came homo with exactly
the right amount of material, and she
didn’t pay a cent too much. —New
Y’ork Times.
Lucky Family.
’T made a mistake," said Plodding
Pete. "I told the man up the road I
needed a little help ’cause I was look
in’ for me family from whom I had
been separated for years.”
"Didn't that make him come
"Ho couldn’t see ft. He said dat he
didn’t know my family, but ho wasn’t
goin’ to help in bringing any such
trouble on ’em.”
Reading Character.
Careful Parent —Before I can give
consent to your proposed marriage to
my daughter I must know something
about your character.
Suitor —Certainly, sir, certainly.
Here is my bank book.
Careful Parent (after a glance)—
Take her, my son, and bo happy.
A Query.
"I want to know one thing?” said
the visitor at the zoo.
"What is it?” demanded the keeper.
"Dees the boa constrictor mean it
as an affectionate embrace when he
throws his neck around his owner's
The Prodigal Son—This is about the
toughest veal 1 ever tried to eat.
His Father—That's the calf you
used to play with before you ran away
lb years ago.
‘What's a durbar, Bill, what them
English kings Is mixed up in over in
"A durbar? A durbar Is one of
them man-eaters they has In th© jun
gles there as they calls big game.
Ain’t ye ashamed of yourself to bo so
iggerent ?’’
"It is a curious fact that the things
which amuse some men make others
"Yes, I’ve noticed that. It Is most
apparent, perhaps, when a man’s hat
blows off and goes cartwheeling
through the street”
Just Out of Them.
“I’d like to get 'Plppa Passes,*** she
said, approaching a clerk in on© of th©
leading book stores.
“I don’t believe we’ve got passes of
sny kind here. Maybe you can got
some at the theater, across the street"
Idea of Killing Two Birds With One
Stone Not Approved of by Two
Young Boston Women.
Two young women rode into Boston
from Newton on an Oak Square car
the other day. They were very chum
my and punctuated a lively conversa
tion by pecking at a box of chocolates
in a kind of “one for me and one for
you” style. It was just after Christ
mas, and it was natural that the con
versation should have much to do with
that day. It rattled on like this:
“Bessie has a diamond ring!” This
was said with the air of one imparting
a profound secret.
“She has?” expressing great sur
prise. (Insert chocolates here.)
“Engagement, I s’pose? I’ve been
expecting 1L”
“Christmas present?”
More rumination on chocolates and
also thought
“I don’t like IL This making a dia
mond engagement ring a Christmas
“Why? It looks to me like killing
two birds with one stone, don’t you
More chocolates. —Boston Globo.
Kidder—There are no flies on it.
Katharine —On what?
Kidder —On fly paper in winter.
The Complainant—You see. judge, I
was a little too happy, as you might
say, when I went home, and me wife
was ironin’. We’d had a word or two
in the mornin’, an’ so I steps up pre
pared to make peace. I said: “Let’s
forget th’ quarrel—we were both
wrong,” when what does she do but
shove the hot iron against me head.
The Judge—Trying to smooth it
over, of course. You can’t blame her
for that. Go home, both of you.
Where Hiram Went Through.
’’Eureka!’’ exclaimed Hiram Hos
kins, who, with a lighted candle in
his hand, was hunting for a leak in
the gas pipe.
A moment later Mrs. Hoskins sadly
“That’s just our luck. Now we’ll
have to pay out more money to get
the roof fixed.”
Not Necessary Now.
“Do you believe in capital punish
“Not now.”
“Then you did once?*
“What has caused you to change
your mind about it?”
“The man who was learning to play
the fiddle, next door, has moved.”
The Point of View.
“I went to Mrs. Brainey’s house yes
terday to talk over with her a discus
sion in the club about the most impor
tant world happening of the day, and
what do you think she said?”
“She said it had taken place in her
own home that day—the baby had just
cut a tooth.”
Fact and Fancy.
“Thnso two boys are very different
in their ideas, are they not?”
“Ro different that when their father
died and divided his money between
them, the elder built all kinds of cas
tles in Spain, while the younger went
right ahead and invested in a brew
ery in Milwaukee.”
Its Perennial Paradox.
“It is odd what a contradictory dis
position Is always made of a success
ful resolution calling for a dinner."
"What is that?"
“It is carried, and laid on the table,
A Sound Proof.
“Pray, when were you ro impressed
with the fact that Mrs. Wate is such a
stunning woman?"
“When she Flipped on the loe yester
day just behind me and knocked me
Peletlah Webster gnashed his teeth.
"If I had dreamed they wanted to
erect a statue to me I would have
made It unconstitutional.’’ ho snorted.
Sadly he gazed at current specimens
of art.
Without a Break.
“This wireless is a great thing.”
"Yes, indeed. Now- an actress sail
ing for Europe can quarrel with her
manager all the way across.”
The Proper Kind.
“I noticed that middleweight cham
pion has a spaniel for a pet dog.”
“What surprises you tn that?"
“He ought to have a pug, oughtn't
I want ever; p-rw>n
who ia bilious,
JK pated or ha>. any a tons-
" I arbor liver c lit act ta
L-rtwa awed for a free package
I ▼ 111 ? Bbl P»”-Paw PHla.
IM I*4k l want to prove that
■«V V . U they J»o«»iiivrljr cure Io-
digestion, Hour ht< m
.‘..1.,’ W :. U
Headache, Kervoua
~ —n. -.T8T17 - - nraa. Hleeplewanwsa an 4
are an Infallible cure
fur Constipation. Toda
thia 1 am willing to give mi;.ions of free pack-
1 take ail the risk. Sold by druggist*
for 2S cents a vial. For free package
Prof. Munyon, 53rd i Jefferson Sts., Philadelphia. Pa.
Splendid Crops
In Saskatchewan (1 istern Canada)
800 Bushels ’-om 20 acres
of wheat Aras the thresher's
ret rn fromaLloyd
■ mii ster (arm in the
seston of 1010. Many
ftel Is in that ss well as
othvr districts yield
ed from 25 to 35 bu
she s of wheat to the
are thus deviled
from Ibe FREKI
£SI I. AI) LAhbS
tern < ausda.
ice m » ng ran .as
i advuute. Land vsices
tublelntevo years' lime,
grow liiK.n lard farm
tie raising a vol dairy
all profitable, tree
teadaof I <»U a. res are
sad Id tlie aery beat
ffto a< re pre-emp
tions at S 3. <>O |M-r a« re with
in certain area* M-huolsana
ohurches In every settle
ment. climate unriv-elled.
soil the richest: w«hhl. w ater
ana building material
aplentlfnL N
Fur psrtßnlare ss to location,
kw ■rttlrrs' railway rates sr.d
d-wcrit’l** I'.lnwn, >d psmpt
“Last B«‘t West." and other in
formation. w rite to Fnp’t of Imu. •
gration. Ottawa. Canada, or to
Gauad.ux GvvemmeEi ▲4-eut.
LT. Men JIJ Jatw «.. 9. Pat Hm.
J. I. laUckiM. frswr Ul.kaerteaa. k 1
please write to ttee«ent nee rev t you
getti&AieSafw w £S?l,
The Proportion.
Knbker—Did he speak at a dinner?
Bocker —No; he ate at a talk.
Dr. Pier-ie’s Pellets, small, sugar coat*d,
easy to take a* randy, rvgulat*- and invig
orate nt< mach, liver and bowel* and cure
On the Trail.
“Does your flax.ce know your age.
"Well, partly ” —Fliegende Blaetter.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy. NoSmartln?—Feds
Fine A«-- Quick.y. Try It for Red, Weak,
Wat-ry Eyen and (iranulated EyellJa. Illu*
trat' l Bsok in ea- 'i Pa-'kaire. Murine Is
e» u);-»un 1« <1 by our oealiata—not a-Patent MM*
Icinn but in Phrticiana* I’ra*
Uoe for many j«ars. N.w dedicated to the Pub
lic and »< 14 by at Sc and Mw-per R<>ula
Marne Hye halve in A»«-pUc Tube*. Xx- and Ma
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago
Too Far for Business.
”1 see King George’s uncle Is In
New York.”
"H’m! That’s bad for George.”
“Why so?”
Aha will he do If he has occasion
to go and see his uncle?*’
Waste Paper In Paris.
Paris police give strict attention to
the act against throwing waste papers
and refuse upon the streets. An ab
sent-minded old gentleman carelessly
dropped a hundred-franc note from
his waistcoat pocket, whereupon a
sharp-eyed policeman requested the
old gentleman to give him his name
and address or submit to arrest But
whec the offender reached into the
gutter and picked up the waste paper
and opened it before the policeman’s
eyes he was let off with an apology
and a profound bow.
Domestic Difficulties.
Husband —What’s the matter, dear?
Why do you look so worried?
Wife—Oh. I’ve just got everything
all ready for Mrs. Neatleigh’s visit.
I’ve done up all the curtains and
pillow shams and bureau covers and
centerpieces, and they’re all spick and
Husband—Well, if everything is in
such apple pie order why look so dis
consolate about it?
Wife (bursting into tears)—Oh. I
just know, as soon as she sees them,
she'll know I cleaned everything all up
because she was coming! Judge.
And How She Overcame It.
When well selected food has helped
the honest physician place his patient
in sturdy health and free from the
“doctor habit.” it is a source of satis
faction to all parties. A Chicago wom
an gays:
”W© have not had a doctor in the
house during all the 5 years that we
have been using Grape-Nuts food. Be
fore we began, however, we had ‘the
doctor habit,’ and scarcely a week went
by without a call on our physician.
"When our youngest boy arrived, 5
years ago, 1 was very much run down
and nervous, suffering from indiges
tion and almost continuous headaches.
1 w as not able to attend to my ordinary
domestic duties and was so nervous
that 1 could scarcely control myself.
Coder advice I took to Grape-Nuts.
’’l am now, and have be» n ex er since
we began to use Grape-Nuts food, able
to do all my own woik. The dyspep
sia, headaches, nervousness and rheu
matism which used to drive me fairly
wild, have entirely disappeared.
“My husband finds that in the night
work in which he is engaged, Gfeipe-
Nuts food supplies him the most whole
some, strengthening and satisfying
lunch h© ever took with him.” Name
given by I'ostum Co., Battle Creek,
Head the little book. “The Road to
Wellville,” in pkgs. “There's a leason.”
Ever rend thr tb«vr letirrf A «tw
err nprenra from timr «v> Um*.
nr<- »»»■!•*, trtw, «ad fell « r kuMa

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