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The Mellette County pioneer. [volume] (Wood, Mellette County, S.D.) 19??-1971, June 21, 1912, Image 2

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Mellette County Pioneer
R. B. COLE, Publisher.
at perth amboy, n. j., dur-
Officers Pour a Fusillade of Shots
From Repeating Rifles and Auto
matic Revolvers Into Mob Gather
ered Behind an Embankment.
Perth Amboy, N. J. —Two thin lines
of deputy sheriffs, heavily armed, held
at bay 2,000 strikers who tried to
storm the plants of the
American Smelting and R< lining com
pany and the Harber Asphalt works
adjoining, while searchlights at the
top of the towers played upon the
Two hundred shots or more —deadly’
•oft nos»d bullets from repeating
rifles and automatic r> volvt rs —were
fired by the deputies at the mob which
gathered behind the ten-loot embank
ment of the New York and Long
Rranch railroad. Firing continued for
hours, long after the first detachment
of fifty deputies had reached the storm
center. When it ended one man. a
strike sympathizer, lay dead, and sev
eral of the mob were injured. They
were cared for by friends.
The net result of the day’s rioting
stands at three dead and seven Injured.
One of tht dead men was a striker,
one was a man at work and the third
was the night watchman at the Perth
Amboy Tobacco company plant. The
Injured are all strikers, except Sher
iff Bollschw’eiler, who was ston» d as
he was patrolling the district in his
Six men are under arrest charge 1
with carrying concealed weapons and
inciting to riot.
Dealers Declare They Will Not Open
Till Meat Prices Decline.
New York. —Six thousand Jewish
butchers in New York have decided
to close their shops until the present
prices of meat products has been low
ered by the wholesale dealers. This
decision was reached at a meeting of
the United Retail Butchers’ Prootec
tlve association of New York. The
decision affects more than 300.000 Jew
fsh residents. The meeting was called
after the Jewish women of the cast
side had announced that until the
price of meat was lowered they would
boycott the kosher butchers
Four to Serve Time.
Cleveland. O.—George and Mary
Miller, Valentine Pensky and Kazl
nares Kasnerak pleaded guilty to
counterfeiting immediately after they
had been indicted by the federal grand
jury here. Miller's wife was sentenced
to the Canton. 0,. workhouse for three
months and the others were sent? need
to two years and a half each in Leav
enworth prison.
Message to Congres.
Washincton, D. C— ln a special
message President Taft asked eongress
to appropriate $1.2.'0.000 to protect the
Imperial valley of California against
emergencies of floods from the Colo
rado river while negotiations for the
protection of that territory are pend
ing with Mexico.
Sult Against Receivers.
Kansas City.—Boston holders of un
derlying bonds amounting to 17,242,-
000 brought suit in the United States
court here against the receivers of
Ihe Metropolitan Street Railway com
pany to foreclose the mortgage and
force the sale of all the lines.
Corrupt Practice Act Passes.
St. Paul , Minn. —The Minnesota
state senate passed the Murray cor
rupt practices act. thus clearing up
all the work before the upper house in
the extra session recently convened.
Live Stock Market.
Sioux City.—Cattle—Good to choice
corn fed steers. $7 75*09.00; medium
to good, [email protected]; good to choice
fat cows and heifers,
beef grades, canners and
cutters. $2.5004.50; bulls, $1.2507.00;
veals s4.ootf?fi.oo. Hogs—prices range
from $7.1507.45, with a bulk of the
sales at $«.3007.40. Sheep—Lambs,
$6.500 8.00; yearlings. $5.500 6.25;
ewes, $3.0005.00; wethers. $4.7505.50.
Princeton Defeats Yale.
New York. —With a score of 10 to
6 Princeton defeated Yale at Ameri
can league park and won the baseball
series of 1912. Princeton won by good
batting. Yale was painfully weak in
her pitchers, calling upon five twirl
•rs, none of whom was effective.
lowa's Purs Food Law Sustained.
Washington, D. C.—The lowa pure
food law, enacted in 1907, has been
sustained as constitutional by the su
preme court of the United States.
Announcement of Death of Repr*
tentative Held Up as Wife, Igno
rant of Loss, Sits in Gallery.
Washington, June 13. —Representa-
tive Robert C. Wickliffe of Louisiana
was run down on the tracks of the
Southern railway In Potomac Park
and instantly killed on Tuesday. He
had left the capitol to be away on a
fishing trip.
How he happened to stray on the
railroad tracks has not been cleared up.
The engineer of the train said he saw
the congressman too late to avoid the
News of the tragic death of the
prominent southern representative
traveled fast, but did not reach Mrs.
Wickliffe before she had started for
the capitol. as was her dally custom,
to watch the proceedings in the house.
That body was about to adjourn out
of respect to the memory of Mr.
Wickliffe when several members hap-
pened to catch a glimpse of his wife
in the gallery. There was a hurried
Representatives Estopinal of Louis
iana and Cullop of Indiana made their
way quietly to where Mrs. Wickliffe
was sitting and invited her downstairs
to Speaker Clark’s office. There, as
gently as they could, they broke the
news to her.
Mrs. Wickliffe fainted. Later she
cried to be taken home. Mrs. Champ
Clark, a close friend, was quickly
Immediately after she was seen to
leave the gallery, the house adjourn
cd. Memorial services will be held
later in the session.
Washington. June 12. Rear Ad
miral Benjamin Peffer died
at his home on Sunday after a lin
gering Illness, aged sixty-eight years.
Death was due to a general break
Washington. June 12. —The senate
will vote on the Lorimer ease July 6
unless the present session is ended be
fore the date. The agreemnt for a
date for the vote was reached without
any opposition.
San Quentin. Cai.. June 12.—One
convict was killed and four desperate
ly wounded on Sunday when the
guards at the state penitentiary fired
on a moli of rioting prisoners who
started a mutiny in the dining room.
Washington. June 12—By the nar
row margin of three votes the friends
of Gen. Leonard Wood, chief of staff
of the United States army, Monday
lost the fight in the senate to prevent
legislation that will retire him from
the head of the army on March 4 next
and make It Impossible for him to
again be appointed to that Important
Cherbourg. June 11.—France suf
fered another marine disaster and lost
her fourth submarine when the Vende
miaire. in mimic warfare Saturday off
Cherbourg peninsula, was crushed
down by the battleship Saint Louis
and disappeared in 150 feet of water
with the 23 members of the crew.
Former Cashier of Elgin, 111., Institu
tion Held in California for
SIOO,OOO Shortage.
Los Angeles, Cal., June 12 —Louis E.
Seaman, former cashier of the Elgin
National bank, Elgin, 111., was arrested
by government agents here for embez
zlement and misapplication of the
funds of the Elgin bank.
The arrest was the result of dis
crepancies of mone than 1100,OuO al
leged to have been found In tho affairs
of the bank over a year ago. The
losses were made up by directors of
the bank.
Senate Refuses to Provide for It In
Judicial Appropriation Bill—
House Amendment Hit,
Washington, June 13. —The senate
by 36 to 23 voted Tuesday to abolish
the commerce court by refusing to
provide for the court in the judicial
appropriation bill. The house had
struck out provision for the court
and the senate voted down an amend
ment to restore it.
Frederic Passy Is Deed.
Paris, June 13.—Frederic Passy, the
French economist and i>eaoc apostle,
died here in his ninety-first year. His
end came without any suffering after
a short Illness.
According to his instructions to his
children, his body is to be incinerated
and his funeral is to be a simple one,
without either military honors or flow
Passy was the first recipient of the
Nobel prise for peace.
Dock Men Wont Strike.
London, June 13. —The backbone of
the London dock and transport gen
eral strike was apparently broken
Tuesday when members of the execu
tive committee of the Transport Work
ers* federation refused to quit work.
Fifty-Nine Burned to Death In Bam.
Bt. Petersburg, Juno 13.—Fifty-nine
men were burned to death while
asleep in a barn near Tambov, Cen
tral Russia, Tuesday, on a property
belonging to Count Orloff Davydoff.
The cause of the fire la not known.
ss«fc' :
UR photograph shows Congressman W. B. McKinley, manager of Pres
•J idem Taft’s campaign, conferring with Charles B Hilles, secretary to
the president, who went to Chicago to take part in managing the contests
before the national committee.
Minister Beaupre Having Hard Time
in Havana Three Battles Are
Fought in Santiago Province —Two
Rebel Leaders Slain.
Washington, June 14. —Assurance
has been given to the United States
government by President Gomez that
the revolt in Cuba will be put down
within the next ten days.
President Taft received this assur
ance on Wednesday from Rear Ad
miral Hugo Osterhaus, commander-in
chief is now in Havana harbor. Ad
miral Osterhaus, in a message to the
state department, said that President
Gomez gave bis assurance when he
iOsterhaus) paid the president of Cu
ba an official visit.
The naval commander reported also
that President Gomez had expressed
himself as gratified over the reception
accorded Senor Ferrara, the speaker
of the Cuban house of representatives,
who is now in Washington.
Coincident with Admiral Osterhaus
statement comes reports from Cuba
that Arthur M. Beaupre, United States
minister to Cuba, is persona non
grata. His recall, according to the
state department, has not been asked.
Officials of the state department ad
mit that Minister Beaupre is having a
hard time In Havana, but they assert
It is due to the disturbances.
Santiago, Cuba, June 14. —Govern-
ment troops fought a battle with a
force of 200 rebels in the vicinity of
Daiquiri. 15 miles from this city on
Wednesday. Two of the rebel leaders
were killed and 20 horses and 18 rifles
A battle also is reported to have
been fought ten miles from the town
of Imlas on the north coast of the
province of Oriente, near Baracos.
The result of the fighting Is not
known here.
A detachment of government troops
under Major Rosendo Collazo fought a
battle with the Insurgents near El
Cobre, ten miles west of this city.
The rebels were defeated, losing ten
killed. The government troops made
effective use of their artillery and are
pursuing the fleeing insurgents.
Report of Stanley Committee Ready
for Admission—Says Morgan
Is In Control.
Washington, June 12. —The Stanley
committee, which made an exhaustive
investigation into the United States
Steel corporation, will file its re|>ort
with the house of representatives
within the next ten days.
The report will directly accuse J.
Pierpont Morgan 'as being the arch
enemy of the Sherman anti-trust law
and of the Independent steel business
In the United States. It will show
that in the organization of this one
company Mr. Morgan and his personal
associates reai>ed the unprecedented
profit of $636,000,000.
Two Airmen Fall to Death.
Washington, June 13. —A. T. Welch
of Brunswick. Ga., representing the
Wright Biplane company, and Lieut.
L. W. Hazelhurst of the Seventeenth
Infantry, were dashed to death here
Tuesday when the biplane in which
they were making an ascension
crashed to the earth from an eleva
tion of about 100 feet
Name Nevada's New Senator.
Reno, Nev., June 14. —Gov. Tasker
L. Oddle Wednesday appointed George
Wingfield United States senator from
Nevada to succeed the late Senator
George S. Nixon and to serve until
successor is elected by legislature.
Flood Terror Increases.
Washington, June 14.—The war de
partment was advised Wednesday that
the flood situation in southern Ix>uls-
Jana had taken a most serious turn
and that aid is urgently needed.
Breaks in the levees are numerous.
Four Children. With Their Parenti
and Two Girl Visitors, Killed by
Unknown Assailant.
Villisca, la., June 12.—An unknown
assassin wiped out an entire family
here on Monday by foully slaying
eight persons while they slept at the
Moore home.
The dead: Joseph B. Moore. Mrs.
Joseph B. Moore, Herman Moore,
eleven years old; Catherine Moore,
nine years old; Boyd Moure, seven
years old: Paul Moore, six years old;
.Lena Spillinger, aged fourteen; Ina
' Spillinger, aged nine.
I The Spillinger girls were daughters
of Joseph Spillinger, a well-to-do farm
er, who were guests of the Moores
All eight were found dead in their
beds with their heads literally
smashed into a jelly. The ax used in
the terrible execution was found in
an ujkstujr room, where the murder
ous visitor probably did his last work
The ax is one that belonged to Mr
Mr. and Mrs. Moore and their four
children occupied the lower part of
the house and the Spillinger girls
were sleeping in an upstairs room.
The vicinity of Villisca is patrolled
by members of the Villisca militia
company. In common with officers all
over southwestern lowa, they are look
ing for John Vangilder of Omaha, di
vorced husband of Mrs Moore's sis
ter. who Is suspected of some knowl
edge of the crime. He is rejorted to
have been seen in Vilisca Saturday.
Tiie position of the bodies show
that there was no struggle and that
they were slain as they slept.
Word From Stricken Alaskan City Re
veals Horror of Volcano's Erup
tion—People Suffer.
Kodiak. Alaska, June 9, via Tug tc
Seward, June 13. —Kodiak and Woody
island villages arc buried under a
foot of ashes as a result of the erup
tion of Kahnai volcano, beginning
Thursday afternoon and lasting 48
No lives have been lost, but many
other settlements near the volcano
must have suffered indescribably.
The revenue cutter Manning was in
port here when the eruption began
and furnished refuge for all the in
habitants of the town. 500 men, wom
en and children, doubtless saving
many lives.
Louisiana Inhabitants Move From
Danger Zone on the Mississippi
by Special Train.
New Orleans. June 12.—Water from
the great Hymella crevasse, the worst
of the Mississippi river floods, again
Is menacing the lives of inhabitants of
the Des Allemands section of Louis
iana. In answer to appeals from army
officers engaged in relief work, a spe
cial train was hurried to the Des Al
lemands section, refugees were taken
out of the danger zone and food sup
plies distributed.
Water is four feet deep over the
greater part of the La Fouche section
and is going higher. Supplies are also
being sent there.
$125,000 Fire at Ortonville, Mich.
Detroit, Mich., June 12.—The busl
ness section of and Ortonville
ware swept by flames. A dozen build
Ings were either destroyed or dam
aged to the extent of $125,000.
Taft Asks Help for Volcano Victims
Washington, June 14.—President
Taft in a special message to congress
Wednesday asked for appropriation of
SIOO,OOO to be expended by the rev
enue cutter service In caring for vol
cano victims near Kodiak, Alaska.
Three Die, Fifty Hurt in Wreck.
Dalton, Ga.. June 14— Three per
sons were killed and more than fifty
hurt when a Western & Atlantic ex
cursion train, running from Calhoun
Ga., to Chattanooga, Tenn., was
wrecked near here Wednesday.
Jhief Executive Now Has Total of 141
to Col. Roosevelt’s I—T. R.’s Men
Voted With Opposition in a Num
ber of the Ballots.
Contests decided by the Re
publican national committes so
Won by By
Taft. Roosevelt.
Alabama 16
Arkansas 16
California 2
Florida 12
Georgia 28
Indiana 12
Kentucky 17 1
Louisiana 20
Michigan 6
Mississippi 6
Chicago. June 14—Forty more Taft
lelegates in forty contests were seat
?d Wednesday by the Republican na
Jonal committee Not a single Roose
velt man was seated in the day’s decl
‘ions, covering contests In Arizona
California. Louisiana, Michigan am;
In most of the decisions the Roose
velt men voted with the Taft dele
Tills makes the vote to date: Tait.
141; Roosevelt. 1.
The first contest of the day was
that oi Arizona's six delcgates-at
A motion of Senator Borah to sent
the Roosevelt <!♦*!< nates from Arizona
was defeated and the Taft delegation
Ft ated alter request tor a roll rail
failed hocause not < notigh members
would second It.
The California cont< st. involving the
two delegates from tl • Fourth district,
was tlo n called.
Mr. Bryan stated that two Taft dele
gates, because they claimed to have
about 2.’>" majority in the F< urth dis
trict, declined to be bound by the
Roosevelt vote in tile state at large.
The members of the national com
mittee who voted against seating the
Taft delegates in this district were:
Knight, California; Dupont, Dela
ware; Borah, Idaho: Burnam, Ken
tucky; Wight, Lmlslana; Jackson,
Maryland: Kellogg, Minnesota; Flani
gan, Nevada; Ward, New York; Ca
pon*, South Carolina; Thorson, South
Dakota; Monday, Tennessee; Lyon,
Texas; Loose. Utah; Rogers, Wiscon
sin; Bieber, District of Columbia
The Michigan contest, involving the
six delegates-at-largc from that state,
was seated by the committco without
a roll call.
There were two Republican commit
tees in Louisiana, both claiming to be
"regular” One of these was the Will
lams, or ‘lily-white.” committee, tfte
other the Kuntz, or "black and tan,”
The committee, by a vote of 48 to 2,
voted to seat the six l.olsol Taft
"black and tan’’—delegates at-large,
Committeemen Wight ami Thorson
voting no. Mr. W ight then withdrew
contests In the First, Second, Sixth
and Seventh districts, adding eight
more to the Taft column. The commit
tee then took up Louisiana contests In
the Third, Fourth and l-'ifth districts,
all going to Taft.
Phen came ’he Mississi; pl cases.
Those contests included the seats ot
tho four delegatcs-at-large and two
each from the First, Second, Fourth.
Fifth, Sixth. Seventh ami Eighth dis
tricts. National Committeeman J. B.
Moseley headed tho Taft
which In this case appeared as the con
testants. becaure the Roosevelt dele
gation had first filed Its credentials.
The committee decided to seat the
four Taft del«ates-at-large from Mis
slsslppi with little division.
In the First Mississippi district Sen
ator Borah said he was authorized to
withdraw the contest. The commit
tee thereupon seated the two Taft
delegates from the district by unani
mous vote. Adjournment followed
Oyster Bay. N. Y., June 14.—Theo
dore Roosevelt announced through
Judge Ben B. Lindsey of Denver Wed
nesday that he is In favor of woman
suffrage In this country ami that the
pintform which he will submit to the
Chicago convention will contain an
unequivocal declaration to that effect
175 Killed In Battle.
Juarez. Mex.. June 14-One bun
dred and seventy five Mexleans
federals and reliels— were killed In s
battle in the heart of the Mormon
colony at El \ alls, near Colonia Dub
lan Wednesday.
Wyoming Cloudburst Causes Death
Sheridan. Wyo., June 14.-A wall ot
water from a cloudburst In the moun
tains swept down Clear Creek ennyon
on the town of Buffalo, partly wreck
Ing the place and causing a number of
drownlngs Wednesday.
Morgan Buys Famous Book,
run h d « n ’ Jun u Pierpont Mon
gan has purchased John Bunvan’i
era! °' t, ‘• ««■>
Rending muketh a full man s
the wine when It’s red. b
Fur rears Garfield Tra hna , ,
ket. This must uiran a reiuvi . v ., u.
I, ' * v
It is possible for a man . (
•tralght and make both enq . !; ,
No. Cordelia, a man Isn't r
rlly a brat because he has a re '. *
______________ --m.
Mr*. XVtnnlnWa R«>othlnr Byrup f or ,
tretblne. softrna Ihr jruni". r-.lu, u ’’•»
Uuu. all*)'" pain, cure* wind c<»lu«. ‘ ! ’ ! 's
________________ *
Eight Lives Shy.
•‘I have only one life to live —•
"That proves that you ate nut a
after all.’’
Many a little dog has to bark |<. ~v
to keep up his courage; and w.. VI " J
der if our too self-aasertivo tri/*
aren't sometimes doing the .’ 4
thing. fca °*
Only Thinking.
"Where art? you thinsing < f g(iJ
this summer?" *
"I'm thinking of England \
•and Scotland, but I’ll prolm. l_, „ ,
Punk Beach.”
What She Wants.
"J want you to build luu i f
able home."
"Have you any special hi. , ? ,
the style of house you want:
the architect.
"Not exactly. I want oiu- • t!
modern places. You know h ; j|
mean —one with a living room
to ks ep warm, ami a kitchen • :
to cook In." —Detroit Free p; (
Heard on the Waterfront
Some ancient mariners ?\< i*
1n a seaport tavern relating :.» u .
perlenres of fogs.
"Alii" said one old salt. "i'v. >.v..
some pretty thick fogs In n-.v
Why, <’fT tiie coast of New font. I. • j ; ,
fog w.is sometimes so thick • .• .<
used to sit on the deck rail I -
against it! We were sitting
us usual, with our backs to t - ; »
when suddenly the fog llf:<d, ■ I
all went flop into the sea. A 1». i
wasn't it?"—San Franchco ( r : ,e
The Worm's Way.
"The Hon. Stephen Cohndz
English anti vivisectioni>» " . _•
anti vivlsectionlst of PhiJadt
delighted with the recent En-z
section report, which proc
abolhh even the use of the u.<
"Mr. Coleridge once nrgue
Philadelphia about the cruelr-
Ing with worms.
” ‘Oh,’ his opponent said
fact that a worm writhes an 1
when impaled on a hook is t
tiiat it is actually suffering
“ No. oh, no!’ said Mr ( c<
sarcastically. ’Beyond doubt t *
just the worm's way of laugh'd',; <
being tickled.’”
Softly—Won’t you give me
Miss Charming—Really. Mr
you've had nearly all so far at.
Softly—Yes; you know, it -
to spite Miss Lovely. We’ve • 4
A California Doctor With Forty Year*
"In my forty years’ experien < ;l? 1
teacher and practitioner al<»n ’ : -
gienlc lines,” says a Ix)s •' ,l *
physician. *T have never found a
to compare with Grape-Nuts f<’ r ’ *
benefit of the general health 1 : a
classes of people.
"I have recommended Grap x *
for a number of years to patient '
the greatest success and every '•
experience makes mo more enth •— p
tic regarding its use.
"I make It a rule to always r«
mend Grape Nuts, and Postum In '*
of coffee, when giving my path! '' n
Ftructlons as to diet, for I know " •’
Grape-Nuts and Postum can bo <•
cd by anyone. ‘
"As for myself, when engnn* •! ®
much mental work my diet t
day consists of Grape-Nuts an 1 r .
cream. I find It Just the thin* ’
build up gray matter and keel' ’
brain In good working order. „
"In addition to Its wonderful
** a brain and nerve food Grap* ‘
always keeps the digestive organ 5
Perfect, healthy tone. I carry It
me when I travel, otherwise I n ' n
most certain to have trouble with
■tornach.” Name given by Postum
Battle Creek. Mich.
Strong endorsements like the a’ ,p '
from physicians all over the con”
have stamped Grape-Nuts the w* .
•clentlflc food in the world. *”I
a reason.” .
Txiok in pkgs, fay the famous I |ft ‘
book, “The Road to Wellville.”
Ever "■*’ the above letterf A ”' rf
?■* ■neesrs from time to time* ’

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