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The Mellette County pioneer. [volume] (Wood, Mellette County, S.D.) 19??-1971, August 16, 1912, Image 1

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;«vv%* , w~«"******’“************«**‘*‘*’**”»*’****”*”»“**'** , * ,, ’’ , ’ M ’**:’ , *~^”*"v , : ,, i-i ,, !**:"?‘!-i"?’’ M : , v<-i“i«
a: and soft drinks x
Culbertson Johnson. Props
I Rooming Hotel ®
Everything new and up-to-date
(Culbertson Johnson Rrops-
-% i
5. ft
>' *v
J Caters to
jf. lenioddlod. renovated, and under eomphut management.
Everything neat, clean and palatable. J
£ GEO. J. GORDON, Proprietor. Wood, 8.
the monarch pool hall
'*Vo have four new tables and furnishing*'i’nutrth
a full line of soft drink, and cigar-,. Our short on er->, ui
a regular iliuner each day, will be of ***' P ri “ ur *~
and palatable.
j t * 1 \ .1 ' ’ O* K
Jf jtcj**. * * e w 4 # W; j**f* t i
J. t • < f 1 * • ,
We SoHcH a Share of Ydur-Patronage
W.M. BECKER, - Proprietor
Or JMelldte Comity pioneer.
We have a complete stock of high grade
Lumber and Building Material, and can fill
any bill you may bring us, at Prices that
arc Satisfactory to all, right from our yards
here at Wood.
Cali on us when wanting to build, look over
our stock,ask for prices and estimates, and
your building troubles will end right there.
S. D.
Reasonable Prices
First Door West Of Hardware Store
Sanitary rooms and beds
First Class i rade
Orders Served
VVood, S. I).
*” . * ■•Wk *
D G. Miller, A. K. Wood, Ed.
I Di-s< isa and B. R. Cole were Witten
I visitors, Unday.
Warren Kissinger and Oscar Mr- I
Crca d< iMirtcd, last Saturday, lor
Mitchell, this stale.
Joe Myer, Win. ( ulliertsou, Thro..
Film and others spent Friday and
Saturday at \\ ittcu.
Robt. Miller and J. Coy (’ollinsand j
ladies attended a dance at Carter
Tuesday evening.
Collis Galliucaux and Stranger*
Horse vv nt down to Rosebud Sunday i
to attend a conference .
The Indians of this neighborhood*
attended a blowout at Witten last
Friday and Saturday.
J. (ireteman, of St. Lucas. la., was
hen* last Saturday, visiting his friend
John Hauer anti famdy.j
Mrs. Gilkison, of Carter, spent a
few day < here the last of the week the
gu <t ol I). G. Miller anil family.
1 have for sale sonn gixxl oak and
ash native posts at ILc each.
21-tf. A. K. Wood.
Arthur Bice, who lix s southwest of .
tow n, in the Col. Joroan district, was
h pleasant caller at thN office Tues-j
M< rchant Beresford, of Gateway,
came up on the stage/ Monday even
ing and remained in the city over
E. L. \\ ilmoth, the barber, started i
Wednesday morning, for Ekalaka. J
Montana, w here he has projsTty to
look after.
C. J. Schaefer of near Little Crow
school, and his -»on from Gregory,
spent a few hours in our city, Wed
Mrs. Wm. Trow came up from
Jordan and spent Sunday with h<*r i
husband who i- cooking in the Mon-'
arch Caferetto.
“Slim" Gillen, Sip Dinger and .
J. C. Waiving r started Wednesday;
mornin r. for Edmonton, Canada, to
look over the country.
The state vetrinary of Pierre, and a
deputy from Gregory, were in this
neighborhood Wednesday, looking'
after some glinderrd horses.
Louis Woodward and a couple of*
friends, from Vivian, spent Tuesday,
night in our city. The are taking a
camping trip through Melletteeouuiy. j
Mr. and Mrs. Thus. Green arej
at Sereaeo, Neb., visiting relatives for j
a short time. Rolx?rt Miller is up .
f«»m Carter, running the hardware!
store during Mr. Green’s absence.
John Hail'r has bought the black
smith shop of Alex Desersa and is
busy supplying the wants of the peo
ple in that line. He is a good work
man and we predict success for him.
A. L. Mountain, a homesteader who'
has a claim in the west part of the
county, is conducting the barber
shop here during the absence ot the
owner. E. L. Wilmoth. His wife and
child are also here.
Chief Clerk Haygood and Clean nt |
Whirlwind Soldier came up from
Rosebud ami delivered the payment
of money to the Indians last week
Thursday evening, and also extended
them an invitation-to attend a fair at
the agency this fall.
S. J. McLean, formerly of this
county but uow located al Darlington,
Oklahoma, sent a program and pre
mium list of their fair to ono of our
townsmen the other day. The pro
gram is a line one and the premiums
run up into hundreds of dollars.
Peter, nine year old son of Alex
Deserra, died on the seventh of Aug.,
nf Insirt weakness caused by a Ixad
attack of pneiuiMmia last winter. The
faneritl xChs held nt the Catholic
church and ttiv remains intern'd in
thecemotery at that churoh, Bev.
Walter Lefthand officiating.. '
The box social given last Friday
evening by tho ladies was quite a
siM?cesei despite the fact that only a
few of the ladies took enough interest
to bring boxes. The dozen boxes
that tvere’there brought over 836 and
a dozen more could have been sold
had they been available. A dance
along with the social was enjoyod by
all present.
L ■’’ >■

' r IV f ' '■” ■
* ’ '■ ■ ». ,■’
; ■**
In the Best Part of the Count
During thu filing last spring nearly
every numb r holder located within
i t»-u miles of this city. And what was •
the reason* Simply because the on)v
• •
( top notch land in the county is locat- 1
j e<| in the east half and Wool, lortu
-1 (lately, is loeat«s| light iu the center I
( of this beautiful tract of as nits* lay- 1
j ing farm land as ever laid out doors, j
i his line stretch of land continues
1 from th*- eaat of the county to about
' right miles west of this place. From
' there, on. past the present county
I s< at to the west end of tho county.
< one finds bad lauds and very rough
I country, with an occasional small
piece of land suitable for farming
1 pu. |H)se>. while in the east half of the
I county, north, west and east of this
' place, nearly every foot of land can
In* farmed. And the soil is right for
farming. It is a continuation of the
noted I’ripp and Gregory country,
wh< r<- enormous crop yields can be
• se»-n right now.
'I he eastern half of the county will
be a garden spot as soon as it is put
under cultivation; the western pari I
w ill lx* ago ! stock country. Und< r '
those conditions it is a cinch that the
center of population w ill be at Wood,
and it will build up our town into a '
J good one in the very near future, as
all the land tint can lw* gotten hold 1
jof w ill be put to raising crops. This (
portion of the county is too good to]
lay idle. Is it any wonder that the |
land seeker snaps this land up in
preference to any other?
1 Blue Prints and Hot Air Poor Proof.
Bro. Richmond, of the Mellette Co '
' News, sixs that “Berkley is too close
to Wood for comfort just now." You
are right for once. Berkley toxvusite I
I bring up close to as good a town a>
Wood does make it exceedingly tin-1
comfortable for the Western Toxvn
rite Co. Bro. Richmond also offers I
, to bet us a sub. to th<* News against
|a sub. to the Pioneer that the blue
, print of the preliminary survey of the
I Northwestern Ry. shows the line
I through Berkeley. Von. uo doubt. ■
are right again. The Western town- j
site Co. sells lot on the strength of!
blue prints .show.ng the railroad sur
veys running right through their
townritvs. but those blue prints are
not costly, are not official, and are
I used only to fool the people.
Tell you what xve will do. We xvill
bet you two subs to your one that the
extention of the Northwestern Ry.
i xvest from Winner never does touch
| either Berkely or White River, and if
'it wasn't for tying up our money on
la bet that wouldn’t be decided for a
I year or two, we would put up some
I money on if, for railroads do not go
out of their way to climb hills or to j
build into a mt*ss ot badlands where
there is no way out, just to please a 5
bunch of townrite promoters w ho care
nothing for their towns alter the lots
are sold. Blue prints and hot air are
all right but they prove nothing.
Good Fly Trap.
Everyw’here you listen to an*l trad
the advice of the health preservers to
"swat tho fly" Ixvause it carries dis
ease in its wanderings. It is a good
• id(‘H to get rid of the fly, but what’s
the use of wasting the em rgy to swat
.him when you can manufacture a lit
tle contraption that xvill catch }>eeks
of them without requiring any atten
ticn. We discovered it in the hard
ware store and were informed that
Thus. Go-en was thu manufacturer.
It is made of common wire screen, is
round, with a tin plate as a top or
corer. Tn the liottoiu is a cone
telmpud dudad with a small hole in
the top and undenxath a saucer of
sugar anti xvater and jxoison paper.
The fly goes in at the bottom, takes a
drink, goes up through the hole in
the lop of thv cone to sober off, and,
not finding any way to get out, hasn't
enough sense to go back the xvay he
George Howard went down to Win
ner Wednesday.
Another hmvy rain this morning w
making a big corn crop a sure thing.
G. L. Watson, Karl Utz, F. M. Mc-
Elrath and Joe Myro drove by auto to
Murdo Wednesday. ’•
Btessrs Cornell and Kinknid, Judge
Wolcott and others, from Valentino,
Neb., were in the oity Thursday
( night.

i First State Bank
Wood, Vice-Pres. Q. L. Watson, Cashier
A. K.
|ll — TCH— TT-T T—TfM' -T
We have a forty-five horse power
tractor and gang plow’s and are ready
to contract for breaking
Gen'l Merchandise,
Fine Candies and Tobaccos a Specialty
Nelson’s Meat Market
Fresh Beef Smoked
Pork and v
and Sausage Salt Meat®
Salt and smoked meats Lard and beef suet . ..
Also a fine line of fresh fruits in season. Grange#, • •/
Apples Bananes.
Will Buy Your Poultry aad Eyga
' H Highest Market Price*. : :
• * ■ "* , ■
Henry Nelson. . •
' '‘t'&'
» •?*-
CAPITAL, $10,000.00
We wish to announce to the
public that our doors arc now open
end we arc at your service in any
matter pertaivfag to the banking
We invite you to come in and
get acquainted, look over our new
building and investigate our way of
doing business. You are welcome
at all times.
F. A. McCornack, President
and Provisions
Half Block East of Hotel
Wanbliciqala Tipi
■ M
‘f 'r
■ ■ ' ‘wv -
. zWJk z<3k

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