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pandora Joins
Flying Dutchmans Fleet
♦ <r
I ft

tl 1
- X the dusty records of the
great maritime worlds
movements the brief en
try of the missing yawl
Pandora will read like
■ thia:
•‘Pandora; yawl. Perth.
Australia. Captains Blythe
I and Arapakis Krom New
York for London. July
•<1 Not. reported”—Maritime
words give no intimation of i
mystery, or perhaps tragedy. ]
h lies behind them. Only to.
bron-ed skipper who knows the
h Atlantic In all her moods will
meaning be clear.
on' two words are all the world
time to give to the tight of two
men against the unconqucred
’•t| of the sea, against starva-
' thlrr.t, against the winds
storms and lee and unbear- J
h<-at In some cases “not re- t
•>i'' tells merely the story of a
<irr lost through carelessness,]
!•: the case of the little Pandora
♦ r brave skippers a volume
: 1» written of their adventures.
■rs Is the story nf the call of
. •' song to which their ears
i 'r.tired for generations and
hrli :1 e\ listened once too often.
j'fitH have passed since they
'<l ! ’he last time, and more
i a year ago the Pandora left
York .arbor for London after
’hnl' r g voyage from Australia
has never b<*en seen since she
Ippd past the pilot's boat. No
• pn Hing In or out of New York
ltd < '"T North Atlantic port hns
’ sfghb'd the sturdy little yawl
’ she has become a part of that
brings fl<»et of which the Flying
thtnsn is the flagship and which
the f argaaso sea as its place of
h" story of Capt. Samuel Blythe
• apt Peter Arapakis Is one of
nun who saw more than the
iy in a breaking wave. To them
’’’* but meant life and liberty,
tlom of action and thought and
years they made It play Its part
1 th< warn rose and demanded
lr due and the Pandora, with her
J»ers. uns the toll.
Pandora was 36 feel long
kni'rous beam for her length Her
I was stocky and dwarfed and her
F' :na •ii p g* y< p o f n derrick boom
I *ai!s -she had three sets—were
|li> host grade of heavy naval can
’’ •I as for Interior fittings, she
ether than demanded by ab
r ' • unity. The Pandora wa--
/or r? asurn save in an Inverted
e was to sail around the
’>..r owner* also Intended
' -tain nautical observations
" v hoped would be of value
Un- world
Ana day three years ngo
out of Perth harbor.
F’■l' 'i'd for i» four months' cruise
I ’*o men on board who had
r‘l’ dtn the call of the sea The
[ rn "*• bound for Cape Horn.
I ' 'as to call nt several South
F r|f, an porta for fresh supplies
L ’’• across the Pacific was un-
F 1 fair winds and a calm sea
L ' Ung nil the way. Along the
L , " u«t they put Into two hnr
r '■ fond and water and as each
' ! their nd ml rat lon for the lit-
I ra grew. f or was prov-
L " v w lth every new emer
[ *he pea had permitted the
|t. . ,Wo 1710,1 ln * thlrtv-slx
I ‘ and had left them itnmo
” Just after thpv ant nut to
’ r,, ubla Isn't BO much with
> 'nado ( | otheH Mi lt lg wlth ready.
l v : " n . Life remarks. It Is per
not only for sculptors
’ scientific craftsmen, to find
. 11 w, ‘at the proportions of the
:b . ?. ><ly afe and to design models
* 11 set properly and hang prop-
L , shirts and conts and
■ **o not fit you, something
* matter with you. The
Making Yourself Fit
round the Horn it rose in majcr’ic in
dignation and begun to refute their
it It were not for the unmistakable ]
signs which such an experience would i
have left on the yawl the tale of Cap- i
tain Arapakir could hardly have been 1
believed. But the dents which the
i compass box had made on the cabin
! roof and the tear on Captain Arapa-
J kis* head were enough proof without
I the photographs of the Pandora after
the rtorin.
The Pandora ran Into bad weather
• two days after she started around the
Horn and Ik.fere she had passed the
• entrance to the Straits of Magellan.
I Then* was a wind of about sixty
1 miles velocity and it had. during the
I course of an afternoon blown up
waves from sixty to seventy feet in
height Toward evening the wind
suddenly veered completely around.
I v it h the r< s uit that the top of each
I wave was blown back and folded
i over, much after the manner in
i which a cook would treat a piece of
dough out of which he intended to
make a Parker House roll The little
Pandora was trying to live out the
storm under a try-i.atl ami s»*t anchor
and was succeeding in her usual man
ner much to the graft Heat ion of her
d' signers ami build* rs. when the sail
v.as carried away by a gust and the
hedge anchor ’ ent bv the board It
vas the third they had lest during
, i the often <'"n.
| As soon as the restraint of the sea
anchor was lifted the Pandora swung
into the trough of one great wave.
I’p ami up she climbed on the wall of
water until It grew thin and weak at
the top and was folded back by the
wind The wave broke just above
the yawl and crashed back, carry int;
tin* little vessel with it.
, Then the Pandora turned complete
ly over and for a space of twenty sec
onds everything la her cabin. Includ
’ Ing her skippers, rented on the roof.
By the law of precedent she should
have sunk like n canno’h ball but the
1 Pandora was not built along those
lines She righted herself and lived.
1 but her main mast had been snapped
short and all of her rigging, with the
1 exception of the jury mast was acting
as a flail as It followed alone in the
trough It was half an hour of hard
work before the foul rigging was cut
Years Devoted to SJeep
Remarkably Large Psrt of Man s Life
time Spent in More or Less
Happy Slumber.
• The days of 'lives are three-
FC orp years and ten.” sings the Psalm
and the man or " ora *"
that age spend# year* ot bl« lit'
In doing »bat are regarded ao com
" ot 7 « »«•
""/'ZuX ’•'■•■•p
"T . .n “ < ht bourn throughout Ute.
v“. St rn-onle rc-t'tl n, “ e " '"S’
ndiy over the care of their teeth,
n,: pntag. -..non. b-™ «•>- »P""'
""'average one loaf ot bread a day. In
‘ 2 * Mfp three mile* ot loaves have
have born accovt.ie < fiV( ,
remedy I” Orem'S
made to ord< I. en t«r l«rt° * <K ’ d
-ration. b«l<V « * n '* r h>w . ,<mr.
elotbe.: the "me j^ r tt |, pmww
•elf made to order. _ lllt - oa«e<>-
there exist phyaie* mMt cra and
pat Hf. chlropr.et"f. b (h< , o|d
ordinary Bnr * c( ™’ TL* on t in a
family doetor ml*b t 0 have
pinch. K I® qu n 0 matter
yaurwlf deaicnad w that, n
away All night the Pandora tossed
in the storm, but she came through
on top and was worked into port un
der her Jury sail. So great had been
the force of the storm that long strips
of the copper sheeting which covered
h* r hull had be«*n torn away. Perhaps
tills fact accounts for her later loss.
With a new* mast and another set cf
sails the Pandora made her way to
Now York and she reached Quaran
tine more than two years after she
left Perth. She looked like some sort
ot a dejected mongrel when I went on
beard her as she lay at the Atlantic
Yacht Chib anchorage, but her cap
tains were proud and spent several
hours telling of their little yawl’s per
formance:- under the most trying
Captain Arapakls was of Greek de
scent. but how far back It was ho
could not tell. H«* was not an un
imaginative saiior, for his talks about
his life and his boat were full of phi!-
osoj Mos that come only to a man
who has spent solitary months at
sea. The little cabin of the Pandora
contained a number of books, such as
one would hardly expect to see in
such a place. There were Darwin.
Spencer, two volumes of Balzac, the
b<»a tales of Kipling and Kinpslev
Captain Blythe was more the usual
type of stolid British mercha skip
per who always talked with one eye
cocked to the weather and his other
resting with a phased oxpresion on
route pot line of the Pandora While
the Pandora was Iti New York one of
the Greek societies gave to each of
the men a medal.
Two weeks In New York was
enough for them. They had hoped to
take the Pandora out of water and
repair the torn copper hull sheathing,
but the weather was so line and the
winds so even that they decided to
get under wav for London. On July
20. 1911, they hoisted sail and started.
That is as far as the story goes.
Three months later Captain Blythe's
brother. .1 Forbes Blythe, of Coven
try. England, wrote a letter to the
custom house in New York asking
for information about the Pandora and
saying the little vessel had never re
ported In any English or Continental
pert. No information could be given
to him.
his office. A woman of 70. even sim
ple in her dr*»sß has taken seven years
in clothing herself.
A man and a woman who have
reached the allotted span of life will
have used 600 pairs of boots between
them. 400 dresses and 500 hats —Lon
dor. Answers.
Genius and Marriage.
"The married life of a genius is usu
ally unhappy so is that of his wife."
The speaker was Mils Helen Gould,
who—apropos of her reported stinging
rebuke to the Colorado parson who
wished to banish obi maids—was dis
cussing marriage in general
"To be the wife of a genius Is bad.”
she said, “hut to be the husband of
one is worse. At a musicale 1 heard a
Indy say:
“‘Who is that man with the soft
bosomed shirt and Windsor tie?’
"•He is the husband of the wonder
fill contralto. Vivavoce.’her compan j-u
" 'Ycs,’ said the other, 'but who v. .3
he before his marriage?’ ’’
where you meet a coat or shirt that la
properly put together, you will fit it.
Documentary Evidence.
The geography class was in session.
One small pupil astonished the class
by stating that in a certain section
of South America there were talking
monkeys. When the teacher ques
tionnd the statement, the youngster
opened his geography and triumphant
ly read: ’’This region Is inhabited
a species of mrnkey: properly
ins. apes.“-—The Dello -jutor
German Scientists Advise the Eating
of Egg Shells by Those Who
Approach Old Age.
Two Germans, deep thinkers—Pro-
I feasors Emmerich and Loe wo —state
that egg shells eaten Increase the
I power of resistance against “the with
; ering blight of time," add weight to
the body, activity to the brain and
strength to the heart; that they de
stroy Injurious bacilli, prevent Inflam
i mation and disease and l< nd courage
and energy. This remlnda me. Phil
ip Hale writes In the Boston Herald,
of the preparation advertised In Ixm
don thirty or more years ago as re
moving superfluous hair, being an ex
cellent substitute for table butter,
none genuine unless stamped on the
blade. Eustace Mlles, the English
court tennis player and vegetal lan
says ho had an old nurse who used
to eat egg shells end crunch them joy
fully between the teeth that happened
to meet and she said she ate the
, sheila because they ' shaved the hair
off inside of the throat." The dlscov
! ery of the German scientist Is pe
culiarly welcome to dwellers by the
ocean, for It Is a well known fact that
If you do not break egg shells the
witches will put out to sea in th u m tn
wreck vessels, and of you burn the
i shells the hens will cease to lay.
Furthermore, as eggs are now absurd
ly high—even case eggs—in the neigh
borhood it seems a pity to waste any
pnrt of them.
Monroe, Wis —"When my baby was
six weeks old there came a rash on
his face which finally spread until It
got nearly all over his body. It form
ed a crust on his head, hair fell out
and the itch was terrible. When he
would scratch the cruet, the water
would ooze out in big drops. On faco
and body it was In a dry form and
would scale off. He was in great mis
ery and at nights 1 would lie awake
holding his hands so that he could not
scratch and disfigure himself. I tried
simple remedies at flrat. then got
medicine, but it did no good.
"Finally a friend suggested Cutlcura
Remedies, so I sent for a sample to
see what they would do, when to my
surprise after a few applications I
could sec an improvement, and he
would rest better. I bought a box of
Cutlcura Ointment and a cake of Cutl
cura Soap and before I had them half
used my baby was cured. His bead is
now’ covered with a luxuriant growth
of hair and his complexion is ad
mired by everybody and has no dls
flgnremvnts." (Signed) Mrs. Annie
Saunders, Sept. 29, 1911.
Cutlcura Soap nnd Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32 p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cutlcura, Dept. L. Hoetou.’’
"Halloa!" Jellison cried, as he en
countered Ills acquaintance, Barwood,
in the street. "Thought you w ere get
ting married today. I’ostj»cn< d'.”'
"Altogether,” said Barwood firmly.
"Not even engaged now, then?" pur
sued Jellison.
"No. The lady 1 v.as to have mar
ried was too modern—too up to-date
for me."
’ l’p-lo date!'
ed JrlHson
"Wtote her last Monday. Faying 1
was coining to see her on Wednesday.
You Fee. although wed been engaged
for some time, I never formally pro
posed. and she seemed to want it. So
1 went on Wednesday—just to satisfy
her whim, as 1 thought. Got there
and found she had sold the rights of
photographing me at the moment of
proposing to a cinematograph com
-That settled it!”—Tit Bits.
••Dick” Quay, at the Congress hotel
in Chicago, was talking about a no
torious politician.
"And he‘s worth eleven millions,”
Mr. Quay ended.
"And is an entirely self-made man,
too. 1 believe,” said a correspondent.
"Entirely so.” Mr. Quay answered,
"except for nine thick coats of white
wash that have been applied to him
by various investigating committees.”
"And then Nero had Koine set aiire
in every quarter.”
"Alas, how terrible!" murmured lit
tle Moritz, with an expression of such
deep anguish that his teacher asked
why it affected him so much.
"Why.” said Moritz, "Just think of
the poor insurance companies!”—
i'Tlcgende Blaetter.
I’ather—Johnny, go fetch me my
Johnny (nervously)—lk> you want
both of them or only one. dad?—Ex
"How do they serve meals from
.hut lunch wagon?”
"1 su pose they serve them a la
•’My good woman, do you scrub
with avidity?"
"No’m; with soap."
One occasionally meets a man who
gives a direct answer in reply to a
simple question. But most of them
want to make a speech.
Thoroughly Up-to-Date.
The excuse astonish
How on vcrth—”
Almost Entirely.
Why He Borrowed.
The Anxious Seat.
The Style of It.
more goods brighter and
ny garment without ripi
Al! kinds of m'-n smoke Duke’s Mixture in all kinds g
of pipes—and every other way —and they all tell the same
story. They like the genuine, natural tobacco taste ot
fl H
Choice bright leaf aged to mellow mildness, carefully stemmed 1 A;
and then granulated—every grain pure, h:gh-grad<- tobacco — •’
F -J that's nhat you get in the Lirgctt & Myer v Luke's Mixture sack.
You pet one and a AcZf ounces of this pure, mud, delightful »’
HS tobacco, uusur{xissed in qualitv, for sc.
* M
Now About the Free Pipe
. In every •airk of L <3* Myers Duke's Mixture we new pack
a coupon. You enn exchange these coupons for a pipe or for many S
fS other valuable and useful articles. These presents cost not one v ,
penny. There is something for every member of the family— K
skates, catcher’s glows, tennis rackets, cameras, toilet articles, y
Km suit cases, cane*, umbrellas, and doxens of other things. Just send 3
us your name and address on a postal
and as a apaeial offer during Sep
tj-*--• *. tember and October only we nil!
-V T aendyou our newiiluetrated cata* j.‘
K'ZT^. 15 ’ J | logue of pre rente FREE of any Z
■j i -.d;/’• ’.*TS charge. Open up a sack of Liggett P
: [ Duke's Mixture today.
- - from Deke’s Mixture may be
~ 1 1 ** ,l * arwrttd ueth tart from HORSE SHOE.
. L a/ s /F# GRANGER TWIST, and (• '•font from
.ihMLe FOUR ROSES (’dr tm d<- i lr cm»fon ■'
nFS-lC* OP pick plug cut. piedmont ciga- n
othtr ia~j or condom usurd by
-.'i ,
Address—Premium Dept.
11. Illi
Farmer —See here, boy, what yer
doin’ up that tree?
Boy—One of your years fell off the
tree an’ I'm try tn' to put it back.
Nimrod <just back from fishing)
1 got this string in less than an hour
Nimrod's Wise Wife —There’s a hsh
store nearer than that. .John
The principal difference between a
cur dog and a thoroughbred Is that
the cur can pick up his own living.
•3.00 *3.50 <4.00 <4.50 AND
WMF W. L. 02.00, 92.&O A 93.
flMtit, O*oatns* ossa p.,4> wif/ per lively outveepr
SmMas *f orefksary nhnes, Mies th* nt*t'r
W.L.Douglas makes and sells mere $3 ‘ $3.50dk54.00
than any other manufacturer in tf er id.
The workmanship which ha* mac .’. L. Douglas
ever is maintainsd in o vet y hair.
Ask your decker to shew you W. L. Dcurlms latest fashion* fcr fall and winter
wear, notice the fhortvampt which make the foot look rmallcr. point* inn
•hoe particularly desired by young men. Also the conservative styles which
have made W. L. Douglas shoes a household word everywhere.
If you could visit W. L. Douglas large factories at Brockton, Ma.'c, and eon
for yourself how carefully W. L. Douglas shoes are made, you wouM then un
derstand why they are wan* Jed to fit better, look better, hold their shape and
wear longer than any other make for the price. Fast CsW £yv/«ts.
CAUTION.—To protect you aeainst inferior shoes, W. L. Douglas stamps his name on the bot
tom. Look for the stamp. Ba ware of substitute*. W. L. p Quotas shoos are sold ip 78 own
stores and shoe dealers svarywkare. No matter where you lire, they are within
If year dealer/eaaoet supply you, write direct to factory for cktalo* showino boitlo order
KrsaaiL Sb<X sent everywhere. delWery cbmam prepsid WXlXo—la*. BrockXutiM-*.
colors than vry other dye. One 10c pack
part. Write for free booklet—« How to
Watted Energy.
For Headache Nervousness
and Backache due to disorders
of Kidneys and Bladder
The Army of
1« Grnvirit Smaller Every Day.
responsible—they A .
n ’ntlycurvCoo- jHRgJwjF fj '
itipatioa. M i i
lions ‘
them for \ V t*OMOL> j
BilioatDTM, ”
lntltgeatMC, Sick Haadackc, Sallew Skin.
Genuine mux bear Signature
If you fee! “out of aort*”— "nin down’or • vol th®
blue*.' suffer trotu kidney.bladder. ner«ou» do aaea.
ebrume weakue»M»». ulcer*.ukin eruption* p >».ac .
write lor my FKKK book. Il I* tbe bom tnalructiv®
medical book ever written. It tell* nil a bunt the*®
dlKcaaoandthe remark*b ««cnrv*effect<-db;thcN*w
French Hetuedj "TH EKA PIO>" N0.1.K01N0.l
un.l you can dec Jr foryoureeif if it lathe r» m« 1y tor
your ailtucnu Hunt *end a cent. It’* a>o lutely
Fit EK. No’ follow-uu cir.ulan. l»r.l.vVl«T' Me«f.
Co., linveratock nd., llauipatvo.!,
Alien Rl'lceriu* salvrcun-.'C tirontrl leer*, in n®
rlcera,Scrufuloual'l«*<'r*A Hrlco»«'t lri w.ln
dole nt L’lrera,M* rcurtal I lcer«.V. hltc*’well-
Inc,Milk r,««in®*.
Mwkiei Ire®. J. I*. AI.LEX. be pt. AJ.SI. l*au..M<nn.
W. N. Uo SIOUX CITY, NO. 40-1912.
DO ffofteef /
Wb*MU k
, shoes
shoes famous the world
’Js2 , *!SSsft
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t \
* i
i r
Li 4
. •» K
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