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Now goods at the Fair.
Col. Kellar wont, to l)oai\vool
To close out odds and ends of card
Clock Cole A Son offer their best
ri-ndiss of work at one-half price until
April 1.
C. A. Osborne, a Denver attorney,
Spent a few hours here Tuesday on
Dressv mackintoshes. All colors.
'The Fair.
kittle George Richer has been suffer
ing. with apeudicitis, but is now get
ting better.
iVi UN WANTED—To work at sawmill.
Inquire of Buffalo Cap Lumber Co.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Sage gave a de
lightful card party at their home Fri
day evening.
Now is the chance of a life-time to
get the best photos at Cole's gallery
Call to see.
The M. K. Ladies' Aid will meet with
Mrs. W. W. Thuston next Tuesday
afternoon at 2:.'50.
10c lb.
Saturday only, mixed candy
at Kiclieis.
Sheriff Petty, of Hot. Springs and
Will Dudley, of the same place, were
visiting in the city yesterday.—Lead
Call (23.)
Miss Grace Edna Morris, Violin
Teacher. Residence opposite post of
fice. 26tf
Mrs. Dr. Jennings will entertain the
Shakespeare club Friday afternoon in
honor of the tenth anniversary of its
£12.50 for set of dishes at Fargo's.
W. W. Forney, county commissioner
fi'om Oelrichs, came over Monday to
assist in locating the position for the
Cheyenne river bridge.
linlk oo(roe from 10c per lb up and
package coffee 2 lbs for '2~ cents,
Everything olse in proportion at R. F.
S. 5J. Rowers, of Fall City, Neb., has
succeeded Mr. Touilinson as manager
Of the Western Union telegraph office
here, the latter and wife leaving here
Monday evening for their home near
Wood River, Neb., where they have a
nice farm.
First-class Fairbanks wagon scales,
with compound beam, for sale cheap.
Inquire at STAR office. 40tf
The union meetings have been con
tinued this week at the churches, the
local pastors doing the preaching.
Rev. Sutton had expected to stay this
week but was called home because of
sickness in the family. He is a strong
evangelistic worker and many here de
clare that they were greatly helped by
Lis sermons.
Mothers can safely give Foley's Hon
ey and Tar to their children for coughs
and colds, for it contains no opiates or
Other poisons. Sold by F.mil Ilargens.
Guy liradley received a letter Tues
day from Russel Thorp, who is in Cuba.
He had just made a long .journey on
horseback into the interior of the
country, which he enjoyed very much.
He likes the country, but says that he
believes the natives don't like the
American's very well. Mussel will go
from Cuba to Mexico and then to Cali
fornia. Ilis mother and aunt are with
him. They do not expect to return to
this part of the world until late the
coming summer.
The most reliable preparation for
kidney troubles ou the market is Fo
ley's Kidney Cure. E. Ilargens.
It is now given out by the Chicago
papers that the merging of the Elk
horn line into the Northwestern will
cause the retirement of the Omaha
heads of the Elkhorn. This will be
Unpleasant news to everybody along
the line who has had dealings with
the head officers, all of whom are
(ileasaut aud very capable men. The
passenger department has been es
pecially helpful toward advertising
Hot Springs, and has kept in' close
touch with the growing needs of this
Winter coughs are apt to result in
consumption if neglected. They can
tf^on be
broken up by using Foley's
and Tar. Sold by E. Ilargens.
Dell Cable visited his relatives
Clii.s week.
All fresh eg^s 20c dozen. Richer.
Wo're having charming spring like
Choice potatoes at Richer'** 51.25 per.
timid rod.
Will Connor has returned from Sher
idan, Wyo.
The Cable dray outfit can be bought
right if taken soon. The Wooster Co
Win. Suuer i» stoppiug in town to
bathe for a serious attack of rheuma
Men's dress shoe. Fair. I
Dr. Jennings visited Deadwood Mon
Miss Cora Niles expects to start Sat
urday night for a trip to California.
To dress correctly get otye of Elsey's
bon ton dress shirts. The -Fair.
Prof. Fallon came down from Terra
ville aud spent Sunday with his par
Your lauudry promptly attended to
by O. barber shop, agent for Lead
Steam Laundry.
Fred Schmoldt has rented W. R.
Morgan's new residence and moved
to it Tuesday.
"Nobby" line gents hose. The Fair,
Mrs. F. G. Osmotherly left Tuesday
evening for Pierre for a visit to her
husband and will remain there until
the legislature adjourns.
WANTED—Two dining room girls at
the Hot Springs Hotel.
The regular teachers' examination
will be held at the office of the county
superintendent, March and 7.
M. L. Parrotte came up from Omaha
Tuesday and transacted business in
the city concerning Edgemont proper
ty, returning home that evening.
Gents stylish spring hats. The Fair.
H. W. Houghton, who is clerking for
I. H. Chase, was made happy Wednes
day by the arrival of his family from
Chadron. They will reside in Happy
Cole's studio is making a marvelous
rate on photos for the next 30 days.
E. S. Kelly returned Sunday from
his sad misston to Pennsylvania, where
he attended the burial of his mother.
He says that they were experiencing
snug winter weather all through the
A. C. Childs, representing the Seat
tie Fish Co., spent the fore part of the
week here. He attended the Oberlin
college at the same time Charles
Brelesford was there and'they enjoyed
a visit here together.
The ladies' of the Baptist church will
entertaiu their friends at a tea served
at the home of Mrs. R. F. Thomas
Tursday, March 5,19015. The proceeds
to be devoted to home missions. A
free will offering. All are invited. S.
One of the positive successes of the
present season, "Weary Willie Walker,"
comes to us during the coming month.
The play is said to be built ou entirely
different liues from plays of this class
and has made a positive hit elsewhere.
Mrs. Hortense Hill has been quite
sick for the past ten days, being taken
as she was about to leave for Califor
nia. She had her tickets purchased
and sleepiug car berth engaged. She
is slowly improving now and hopes to
be recovered soon.
Doc Ferguson received a letter
Thursday from L. E. Poston, who shot
a man recently in Kansas City. Poston
wants his rifle sent to him so that he
can "hunt a little this summer," but
neglects to say that he is on trial for
murder. He says to "look out for the
rille for it may be loaded."
F. II. Whittemore, once a photo
grapher here, and father of Herb
Whittemore of this place, died Wednes
day morning at his home in Blue Hill,
Neb. Herb and wife left that evening
to be present at the funeral and to as
sist in closing up his father's affairs.
Mr. Whittemore carried S2,000 life in
surance iu the M. W. A.
The Sulphur Springs bath bouse will
open for business Saturday. Some im
provements have recently been made,
and others will follow. Messrs. San
ford & Knight propose to make it an
attractive place to bathe and they de
clare with the healing waters they
will be prepared to satisfy all who
come. It will be open Sunday fore
noons, aud again iu the evening.
James Cannon, of Custer, came down
to look over the chances for treatment
for dropsy. Mr. Cannou is a remarka
ble man, 90 years old, was a soldier un
der Sam Houston iu the Texas revolu
tion,later a soldier under General Tay
lor in the Mexican war, and still later
was a soldier in the war of the rebel
lion from start to finish was wounded
three times. He has a "Houston"
medal for gallantry in the Texas war
and splendid recommendations from
officers of the Mexican and Civil wars.
His mind is active,and he is bright
and smart with all his mental faculties,
When his age aud hard knocks ar%
considered he is a remarkable man.
He has lived on a ranch near Custer
for the past six years.
Now there is no rise in you girls trying to be smart and send away for your spring skirts and other clothes when you can f~\
and get better goods, that are made up in better style, for the same price. They have just got a new lot of skirts and they are swell.
When you buy fchere you see what you are getting, but when you send away you have to take any old thing they send you. I know, I've
been there.
Mrs. Lester Chalfon visited her hus
band here this week.
Dick Hummel arrived home Thurs
day morning from his Wyoming trip.
The journey was a hard one but a good
business getter.
A little cash will buy a lot of goods—
such as wood, coal or lumber of The
Wooster Co.
George Sherlock and family, who
have lived here for the past year, have
gone to Olympia, Wash., for a visit to
Mr. Sherlock's sister. lie hopes that
he may derive some benefit by the
Mathias Gross, of Y'ankton, is very
sick at the Home Hospital with ulcer
ated stomach. It is a case of long
standing and probably will result fat
ally. LATER.—Mr. Gross died Wednes
day night at 10:30. Funeral will be
held at the Home Friday at 10 a.m.
M. D. Anderson has the contract for
moving what is known as the "Chap
mau" building from the National Sani
tarium grounds to a lot across the
street to the north. This is the first
work done upon the grounds toward
getting them in readiness for the great
improvements that are to come.
As an indication of the health giv
ing qualities of Hot Springs we are in
formed there is not now nor has there
been for a year past a single case of
sickness In the Home, except the
chronic cases. The average number
present is about 200. When it is said the
average age of the members is 67 years,
it is a remarkable record of good
The O. K. barber shop is all that
its name implies. Take your laundry
Dr. C. B. Clark, of Deadwood, who is
superintendent of the Black Hills Mis
sion conference, was an arrival last
Friday and remained in this locality
until Wednesday, holding quarterly
conference here and Buffalo 'Gap. He
preached at the M. E. church Sunday
morning and at the city hall Sunday
evening at the union meeting, both
services being largely attended. He
delivered eloquent and inspiring ser
E. R. Juckett, wife and little daugh
ter, Marie, expect to leave Saturday
eight for San Antonio, Texas, where
they will visit Mrs. Juckett's brother a
few weeks, and then will make their
trip across the gulf and up the Atlan
tic coast. They will be absent from
here about two months. Mrs. Juck
ett's health is improving constantly
aud this trip will no doubt be benefic
"Jake" Gable, who so critically and
efficiently looks after the Elkhorn's
passenger interests, writes us that we
got things wrong iu our mention of
the grand lodges that are coming to
the Hills, and of course we are glad to
have our attention called to it. The
A. O. U. W. graud lodge will meet at
Lead May 12, and the A. F. & A. M. at
Deadwood June 9.
Speaking of what a newspaper does
for its community, a late prominent
man said: "Each year every local paper
gives from 8500 to 85,000 in free lines
for the benefit of the community where
it is located. No other agency can or
will do this. The editor in proportion
to his means does more for his own
town than any other man. He ought to
be supported, not because you happen
to like him, or happen to admire his
writings, but because a local paper is
the best investment a community can
make. Today the editors of local pa
pers do more work for less pay than
any men on earth. Patronize your lo
cal paper, not as a charity, but as an
Go to F. B. Smith's Hot Springs liv
ery barn for saddle horses and rigs of
all kinds, jeleDhone No. 23.
As an evidence of Uncle Sam's punc
tiliousness in debt paying a case came
to our attention a few days ago. When
Capt. Lucas was mustered out of the
service, he was in such haste to get
home to a sick wife, that he did not
stop to secure transportation to his
home. To have done so would have
been a delay of one day. He left on
the first train available, paying his own
way. A few months ago he was noti
fied that a balance was due him and if
he would execute certain papers sent,
the amount would be paid. This he
did and a few weeks later a draft came
for §80.65 in payment of the bill. Thir
ty-eight years had gone by since the
debt was due, and now it is paid. The
strange part is Capt. did not know his
Uncle owed him a cent. He says Un
cle Sam is the "honestest" debtor in
Foley's Honey and Tar is best for
croup and whooping cough, contains
no opiates, and cares quiokly. Care
ful mothers keep it in the house. E.
The Transfer Co. has a fine new
dray wagon.
Mrs. Dr. Ilargens delightfully enter
tained the ladies of the Episcopal
church one day last week.
Charley Mann has moved in from
the ranch and is occupying the Parks
residence on College Hill.
For coal and hay and lumber, see
The Wooster Co.
John Magee has resigned his job as
fireman at the Soldiers' Home aud S.
N. Cody was installed in his stead.
Conductor Dwyer has been almost
an invalid from a barbed wire scratoh
upon the knee. It has given him much
Mrs. T. E. Parsons has been very ill
during the week with pneumonia, but
Dr. Jennings says he considers her
now out of danger.
J. D. McDonald, formerly of Hot
Springs, and who for years resided at,
and practically developed Wind Cave,
is now at Missoula, Mont.—Lead Call.
W. S. Prior, of Worcester, Mass., a
school mate and old-time friend of E.
R. Juckett, arrived Thursday morning
for a brief visit. He is street commis
sioner of Worcester.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
Lizzie Cable Wednesday at 3 p. m.
Mirch 1st. All who are interested in
the temper&nce cause please come.
Lizzie Cable, Secretary.
There will be union services held in
the Methodist church Suuday evening
March 1st, in memory of Francis Wil
lard's heavenly birthday. All are oor
dially invited to attend: Lizzie Cable,
'Gene Ness has taken a six-months
leave of absence and gone to his cattle
ranch in the western part of Custer
county. Charley VanPelt has taken
Gene's place in looking after the Elk
horn engine.
Rev. J. A. Sutton, who conducted
meetings here for two weeks, was call
ed home to Deadwood Sunday morn
ing by the serious illness of his wife.
He made many friends while here who
hope that Mrs. Sutton may soon re
Rev. John Hall has been assigned as
pastor of the M, E. church. The rever
end gentleman occupied the pulpit
Sunday. For the presenht he and his
family will occupy the class room in
church, until such time as he can pro
cure a house.—Belle Fourche Bee.
Fon SALE—Range—960 acres of deed
ed land on Hat Creek—also 90 head of
cattle and 1400 sheep. Apply to John
{Junk, Edgemont. 47.
Geo. Montgomery returned Sunday
night from his business trip to Chica
go and Omaha, where he went to pur
chase his spring and summer goods—
which, by the way, are already arriving.
He says the weather was beastly cold
aud unpleasant wherever he went and
that the air here seems perceptibly dif
That farce "Iu a Sleeping Car" at
tracted a good-sized crowd Saturday
night and our home talent displayed
sufficient talent to put on a heavy
drama. But of course this was for
"fun" and at the same time add to the
exchequer of St. Agnes Guild, which it
did considerably. After the play re
freshments were served and a social
dance enjoyed.
Gen. Geo. A. Silsby, National bank
examiner, spent Monday in town mak
ing one of his regular examinations of
the National Bank. He O. K'd the
bank heartily after investigating its
condition. Mr. Silsby is very enthusi
astic over Mitchell's prospects for be
coming the capital of the state and
says it will win by ten thousand majori
STRAYED—One roan white face cow,
left side had a sheep
bell on, and one yellow and white spot
ted cow same brand and one red two
year old heifer branded on left side.
Suitable reward will be paid for -infor
mation leading to their recovery.
Chas. Stabler, Hot Springs, S. D.
"Weary Willie Walker."
An unusually strong tramp play is
what the opera house management
promises next week.
Well, there has been some unusually
weak ones and a strong one will cer
tainly be a relief, and judging by what
is said by the press elsewhere of
"Weary Willie Walker," the coming
attraction, it is all that is promised by
Manager Richer, or as an Irish man
ager of a theatre east 6aid, "If this is
the kind of a play you like, this is just
the play that will suit you."
But to be a little more explicit we
will say that from all along the line,
where the company has been seen, only
the highest press mention has been
made and all seem to agree that it is
the liveliest, brightest and funniest
play of this or for many a season.
One-third off on all other Winter Goods.
Building Material,
Window Glass,
Paint, Putty, ar.
Fence Wire,
Hard, Soft and
Blacksmith Coal,
Feed, Hay and Grain.
Elmer R. Juckett,
Six Room Cottage on College
Cistern, barn and wood-shed.
TEL. 10.
J^umber Co.
Agents for DIAMOND COAL.
We handle different makes of
and can suit all tastes and prices
Office and yards opposite Postoliice.
F. C. SILKENSON, Manager.
Parks & Reeder,
We have a large list of desirable property for sale.
I Have the Following for Sale This Week:
Fine Building Lots on College
Two story frame dwelling, electric
lights, city water, nine rooms, cistern
and wood-shed. Size of lot, 98x197
feet. Best location in the city.
Price, S2000 cash.
If you intend to do any painting this spring you better
see FARGO. He will give you some
Pointers on Paint
Is not atetim-cooked, therefore tf retain* the
rich. Nut-like Flavor of Wheat.
That will not blister off j1/. pounds Ochre and three quarts
of oil make a gallon, any color you
Sold In s-lb. packagos 17 all leading Grocers.
The Only Thing.
Far Sale kjr all

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