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Kl'port tn-isjiilioii t.'oiiftrrss.
Following a synopsis of the report
ol the executive ootmnitt..''o (lie nation
al irrigation congress held in Portland,
including in siibntauro thy more im
portant resolutions
Indorsement. of statehood for the
territories of Now Mexico mid ,joint
statehood of Oklahoma and Indian Ter
The congress believes too much cap
ital, public and private, cannot be ill
vested in reclamai ion of thy arid lands
and therefore declares the government
should not in iiy it.U-rfv «.• with
or prevent private enterprise from
building reservoirs and other works for
reclaiming arid hinds.
In order to encourage the beet sugar
production in the United States the
congress asserts its opposition to grant
ing further concessions to tropical
The congress favors early reclama
tion of small tracts of land, whenever
the cost per aero of reclamation does
not, exceed the cost per acre of lartftr
enterprises of similar character.
The federal congress is urged to en
act such laws as will enable the nation
al government to exercise rights of
eminent domain when necessary to
carry out the purpose (if the national
irrigation law.
The congress indorses the effective
and businesslike administration of the
agricultural department, weather and
forestry bureau for their efficient work
in the reclamation service and its rep
resentatives cooperate with state of
fleers in matters affecting states' land
ed interests.
A MoHwr't* Sorrow for 11 Lost Hoy.
Mr Stanley The following lias been
received here. Will you be kind
enough to give it publicity in your pa
per? C. H. Unri!i-:.
Stettin, Germany, August G,
Will someone in Hut Springs have the
great kindness to tell by a few words a
sorrowful mother whose only child is
opposite the ocean and who has not
heard from him for almost a whole
year. Is there in Hot Springs a young
man named Waiter Wallace, or does
anyone know anything of him, where
he is or what, has become of him'' He
went to Hot Springs two year's ago and
for a year I have not. heard of him. My
heart aches and i.» sick from all sorrows
and tears about my child--my dear'
lost, child. Li' anyone would kindly
give me any news of my child it wonld
make me lumpy and I would be ..very,
very thankful. My address
J:1 Mus l.iii is\ W.\U.::\ins.
'Ssfejs 1- New Strasse, Stettin.'
run Uoi", (lenujuiy
Exchanges please copy.
Just what our name implies—we
transfer your luggage, supply you
with the best, kinds o! l"e for your
stock, and furnish you with fuel.
Phone 'Jo, Transfer, Feed
Fuel i'u,
A (.'hiss I ]iH'lismii It.
I* or first-class horseshoein^/and gene
ral repair work go to Roy Calkin's
shop, lie having seemed a first-class
blacksmith and horse :-hoer from Coun
cil I null's.
A Kin«* 2'\cu rsion
Last, Saturday's Northwestern train
into Hot Springs had seven coaches,
two of which were tourist sleepers.
There were about i!0i) passengers
aboard. This was occasioned by the
round trip rate from Missouri river
points. Jake (iablu was in charge of
ill' party and notwithstanding the heat
and the crowd everybody was happy—
and in fact Jake is the hiippie.it when
he is mixed up with a crowd, lie is
always trying to get a crowd and he
usually gets theiu to come his way—
over the No Irvesti-rn. I!" has been
spending the week in the Hills working
up the excursion to Denver to the (.
A. K. encampment. Tlie train will
leave Friday evening and they expect
to have large crowd. ifstj
NVItraika Man leli l!i« Cont met.
The l'lat tsmouth Evening Journal of
a recent, date has the following regard
ing a contractor of that city, who has
secured a contract for the power plant
of the National Sanitarium:
"L. (J. Larson was yesterday inform
ed by the chairman of the commission
in charge of the conssrnction of the
#1,00(1,0(10 National Sanitarium at llot
Springs, S. I.)., that he was the success
ful bidder on the power house for the
institution. The contract price is
"Mr. TLarson has had the'inatter in
hand for some time. He was one of
seven bidders on the buildiug, his fig
ures being ,jiiit 807 lower thau that of
his nearest competitor. .i
"The contract calls for a stone build
iug with tile roof, aud quite lireproof
throughout. The stone is quarried in
the viciuity. As soon as Mr. Larson
had signed bis contract, he .wired two
men at Hot Springs to go to work on
the preliminaries. One of these men
I is to do the necessary grading, the
other is the qu irryman who must, get
the stone out, andjon the ground. There
is no time to lose,for. according to Mr.
Larson's contract, he^must have the
building completed by January 1, l'JOO.
".Mr. Larson will go to Hot Snrings
I the last, of this month, by which time
the grading will be done and much of
the stone ready to begin work on. He
has not yet decided wii-.-r.iier he will
lake m-'u from here or get all his^labor
at Hot Springs, the ipi -stioa of union
and non•union labor forming quite a
problem in the matter." f|g||gS
t'"ulh*v\s Ivirtli LnU'nM'N«* rromt.-iin
The 15lack Hills Fuller's Firth Com
pany is receiving .-.mis veiy enoour.i
ing letters regarding their product,
several eastern jobbing .houses beiiur
desirous of closing contracts for the
exclusiw inndliog of their prod.iei.
The company proposes to at once ar
range for shipping a carload or two to
be milled at Omaha and samples dis
tributed throughout the middle west,
as the company feels eoalident that
when once the consumers learn of the
quality of the H.irth there will be no
question of their being able to close
all the cr.nt racts t.l.ey desire with the
consumers direct.
Cleaniiiir. pressing and repairing done
at F. W. (.'aider's, opposite Gillespie.
New Fall Goods:
Mens' & Boys^ Suits & Overcoats
Hats Caps Underwear Shoes
Ladies' and Childrens' Jackets
•JYlunsing Underwear, always the best
Dress Goods Outino- Flannels
Blankets: Batts ,c. Etc.
age r.
I:jubli!slied. at The Only Cai-lsbad of America.
Assignments of Vustors Mstdo to DlflVr
lit ('IllllM'hoS.
I This morning the business which
called the Black Hills Mission ^confer
ence together at Spearlish was conclud
jed and the conference adjourned. It
had been attended not only by all of
the ministers of the Methodist faith,
but by a very large number of
lay members. The business transacted
was of the greatest importance to the
church in the Black Hills and possessed
more than ordinary interest, to the gen
eral public. About the last business
of the conference this morning was the
appointment of pastors to the various
churches and conferences, the assign
ments being as follows
Superintendent—Rev. C. 1J. Clark.
Belle Fourche—Uev. John Hall.
llutfalo Gap aud Pringle -To be sup
Custer City—Rev. Robert Titmarsh.
Dead wood-—First church, to be sup
Central City, and Trinity, Dead wo od
--Rev. A. L. Baker
Fdgemont To bo suppled.
Hot Spriuiis -To be supplied,
Lead- Rev. J. H. Diinmitt.
Nashville -To be supplied.
Rapid City Rev. F. F. Case.
Rapid City Circuit—Rev. W.
L. Linn.
Spearli jh -Rsv. W. R. Jeffrey.
Sturgis- -Rev. J. L. Dimmitt.
Sundance and William's Divide, Wyo.
-Rev. M. C. Roberts.
Terry -To be supplied. '®|j
Terraville- Rev. F. G. Boylan.
Whitewood and Piedmont--Rev, D.
W. Tracey.
Rev. Martin Tuomas, Rev. M. A. Head
and Rev. Alonsio Coslett will return to
their old conferences.
Rev. J. W. Robinson was assigned as
chaplain at the Statei Soldiers' Home
at Hot Springs.- Lead Call.
On Triiil I'or OraiHl I„:ucon.v.
Ou complaint of Win. Atkiusjnj Jr.,
Israel Calkins has be9U arrested for
grand larceny, he being accused of
butchering a heifer belonging to Wm.
Atkinson Sr. The hearing is in prog
ress at the court house before Judge
Applegate n* the Star goes to press, so
that no particulars can be given. The
principal witness is a mJ, named
Williams who, wo understand, claims
til'it ho helped kill the heifer upon
Calkins' invitation, whn sul tlr.it it
is tin est ray.
Til us, the Roii.M! ei.ii-er.e-, en!i
lleil "il\e delight of l.. '. i.u!." Til us'
beneiieeu-.v was ininoimiU u. and ii .mi
happened thai: during his brief reign
there was the most urgent, need of its
eil the Ji ll:lees of llieir iln llilO oril:l
liu'iils 1.) (ilit.iin lininey for di.-lri! ii
11• •:i anil schemed nml jil.-mneil lo l'ur
ii'e-h oeelll:U ion I'or them, lie \v is now"
the idol oi' liis snlijeets, the "love :iml
delight of the lau i.iii r.tee." but. e.ii'ur
tiin:itely for that !irt of llu- lnunttn
rare over whkli lie ruled, in the roni
l'.iei-eeinent of the third year of his
re', '.', he became si Vn'y ill anil died
at Ills patrimonial villa lii^tlio Sabmo
Ye: -.v tt'ites T.'.'mi,
Via lin' Northwestern line. Excursion
tickets will be sold Sept. 14 to Iti inclu
sive. with favorable return limits, on
aei'oant of Anniversary of Battle of
rincaniatii'a. Apply to agents Cliie-uro
A' Xurt 11 western R'y. 11'»
Trout Fislit'rs.
The Avery ranch is in all respects
the be.it resort on beautiful Sand creek.
Our "iiests have free access to 3 miles
of the stream. You can have the up
creelc iUhini in the woods, or lower
down in the deep, wide pools, where
the big trout»:lie, :mrl where you have
room to cast your lly. We grow our
vegetables, make our butter, cure our
meats, our cream, chickens, eggs, ice
anil trout, in fact nearly everything we
serve is produced on the ranch. Table
and service is first class. Rooms fitted
with iron beds, neat and clean. House
strictly private. An ideal place for an
outing. A place where you cau bring
your farn ily
11 \Nlv W. Aveky,
Beulah, Wyo.
Two hours drive from Spearlish, So.
Rueumntism, gout, backache, acid
poison, are results of kidney trouble
Holiihier itocky Mountain Tea goes
directly to the seat of the disease and
cures when all else fails. 35 cents.
Emil Hargens.
Kumor md Philosophy
The operation of getting an idea
through the heads of some people is so
painful to them that it is only com
mon humanity to chloroform them
A woman with a
past Is Hither np*'
to prefer a man
with a prc.seut.
Lives of great
men might remind
us of several
things they do not
now suggest if we
knew all of the de
thing that the other fel-
Fraud is the
low won by.
People who ask you for advice may
want merely to Hatter you. l.»ut the
chances are that it is preliminary to a
Some people are so small minded
that they can't be anything else than
jealous minded.
If you want 1o be popular, always let
the other fellow find the fault.
The woman who marries for a lioma
may have to make it all herself after
wouldn't do for soda water
They might misunderstand the
wi lien make fools
but others prefer
them of men.
The Heated Term.
When it Is ninety in the shr.cle
And men are lineppin:,' by the way.
Don't Kick as thonKh it were your trace
Hot weather is not here to stay,
And do not be afraid
But that it wiil eool off some day.
exercise. Ill the lirst year occurred the country !K that can be found
great eruption of Vesuvius, over- If you don't like the climate here,
and niiniiif
vil!:i *es. The next, year a lire broke TYe should !.• shy of lhinf?s to eati
mi! ill Koine, which rased three days. I Without a lvirvesa, I'm afraid.
causing great destruction, and in the
tracks of these calamities followed a
dreadful pestilence. Tints dealt out
gii'is wiili lavish hand to the houseless
ui ruined sufferers. He even despoil-
You wouldn't iihe to tco around .'.'"•'
On snowshoes gliding through the year
And have In stamp your feet and pound
And always sport a frozen ear.
llereulanouni and I'ompeii
.1 Vie need a little sjiell of heat
numerous othei towns and rp0 ^-ore. eroi nicely made
To make liiV an1
We need to have the farmer's trade.•:•••
So let us take tlie i-un ami shade.
The lirci:-.'s -ir.il tv:r summer heat,
And, with ear ami lemonade,
Ray, "It-•:i11
~ri't. this a. treat!"
For summer sum v. ill slip ilown grade
Anil wiiuer ':i be hen: with both feet,
His Mother's Admonition.
Johnny Smalson sniv a green apple
clinging to its parent bough. The ap
ple wns small and insignificant, and
Johnny would probably never have
noticed it but for the fact that his
mother had impressivdy tola him that
green apples are now abroad upon
trees and i'.:at il:ey make little boys
sick if Utile boys eat them.
Johnny paused and regarded the
gnarly litlle green thing in wonder
He could not figure out ivhy any self
respecting little boy should over want
to eat such a little verdant roeli as that
appeared lo he.
Then suddenly he thought that if
he should eaL it he would probably
discover why liitlo boys like to eat
green apples, so Johnny immediately
proceeded Jo elub the apple off the
tree, and then he forthwith surrounded
It with great relish for knowledge and
some for the annie. and it didn't make
him sick. Ever know of a real live
boy outside.of a story book that It did?
Common Slip.
No wonder
man was a croaker
He tl-.i'i'::i-i it,.-, could turn up the joker,
But In- "li' iy the wrong card,
And it in him down hard,
So broke ihei he couldn't be broker.
He Knew.
"What's more annoying than a boy
about the house?" exclaimed the boy's
"That's dead easy," replied her ad
admirer—"a boy that's camping on
your trail."
The Kitten Might.
"Which would you rather have, little
girl, a baby or a kitten?"
"A kitten, 'cause you dasn't slap a
baby except when your ma ain't
timity .1
Too busy last week, too
busy this, to dwell in rhet
oric or make a speech. But
ah, fellow citizens, may I be
never too busy to sound
the praises
pocket books—and
that the only way to settle the question is
to trade at The Fair.
Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes.
Minnekahta Block, Hot Springs, S. D.
How people Save THeir
The Fair.
I tell you, fellow citizens,
.this thing of shopping is the
issue, the one nearest our
I wish to warn you
I' AS'A. /AVAVA •AsS'A.N/i*?.
BY DEPOSITING it In a good, reliable Dank.
Confident that this bank fully meets the public's
needs, we tender its services to all who believe
in keeping on the SAFE SIDE.
ft. 0. Null, Pres. 0. D. florras, Cashier. J. M. Gievelaiifi, ftsst. Gasiiier.
Snrincjs, s. D.
The opportunities for buying to ad
vantage are never so grunt as "between
seasons." If it's summer goods you de
sire. our lines are still quite complete
and we are offering great bargains to
avoid carrying them over. If you want
fall or winter goods, by buying now
you get the picl of new fresh goods
nnsoiled by handling. Our stock of
new Fall Goods is most complete and
the patterns are unusually attractive.
Like the man in the picture, embrace
the opportunity, and call and let us
show you the many bargains we have
to offer you at this bargain season.
11 you can't find what you want anywhere else, come to us. We have it.
between HOT SPRINGS and
Portland, Oregon,
via the
..Northwestern Line..
Leaving Hot Springs at 9 p. m.
connecting with Overland Limit
ed at Cheyenne at 11:05 p. m. the
following evening, arriving Port
land 5:25 p. m. third day. Twelve
hours better than any previous
time by any line.
For information as to rates, etc,
to all coast points, call or write:
General Agsnt, Deadwood-
Lesai Agt. Hot Springs

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