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Oue|Ycar S-MP Six Months .$1.'0
Three Months fricts.
TheSTAK is Published Kvory Frihiy.
Short, newsy comnuinieittions and local
news items are cordially solicited.
J. A. J*TANLKY, 1'ublislicr.
EfitcrMlfit the Postollieo at Hot Springs. So.
Dakota, HS sfcoiul-elaen mail matter.
The insurgent, leaders seem to have
HQ idea that, the li?^isl:itors of South
Dakota can be manipulated just as
the "machine" wills, and that when
they it,he insurgents") get their
machine running they will run the
legislature as they see fit, and pass
whatever laws the insurgent, politicians
may order.
If every resident, of Hot Springs hud
begun about, ten years ngo lo set out
trees and help beautify their own
home surroundings with trees and
shrubbery, the city would now be
perfect bower of beauty. Much it
.should bo. As a resort, town it, .should
bo one of the tno*t attractive plnc.es in
the country. The streets n:ni honws
that, have beep. given proper attention
iut.hu way of beautifying, ly planting
trees and shrubbery, show what 'lie
whole c.ity iniuhf. be. It is not too it"
now. This (fiesHon should be agitate:!
until every citi/en bei-.unes a coniisiil
tee of one to help promote actively
along the line of tree plan I ing.
The insurgents who are striving to
Beta "uii'chine" ot tin ir own iu run
Jlit'g order in South I I:.ta by 11 c
entire defeat, of the state wide primary
bill in Ihe legishitnre winter to t.t
republican organization "in .-hiiie"
manipulation, etc.,-—:•:!!••! declare if
they once got, into power they will
enact legislation that they think is
proper. Thus should [the insnrgenfs
be in the saddle they wouid fort hwith
assume to enforce tin- ideas of i\ rta:ii
politicians upon the state, even though
the state or the legislators chosen by
the people may not desire such ideas
framed into laws. What, sort, of
''machine" manipulation would (ha!
be? They condemn men thoy seek to
defeat, for interfering with the legis
lature (although there hasn't been any
evidence produced to slsow what die
tation there was) an,] a! 'he same time
proinisd to control legislation them
Strange! Even the democrat:', \vit\
drew from South Dakota.iu disp.ir
because they could not, iiu.l a tangible
issue from which to oppose flu- ropub
lican parry--and when the wiley and
fertile old heads of ih it party can't
raise an isauo, real or imginary, mo.-t.
people would conclude that everything
was movini' along about, nron"r. lint
here we find men who would be in
insulted if their loyalty to the repub
lican party wort.- ipiestioned who are
using all sorts of arguments and
methods to besmirch the republican
party of the state- the party as now
ollicered ami organized. We are will
ing to admit that.there are some men
a little holier and better than others,
and may therefore be ipialiliod to do
some reform work, but when such
fellows get up on their pedestal and
delare that everybody outside of their
circle is corrupt, it. would seem to be
proper for the people to watch out.
It doesn't look like hardly a square
deal for a few agitators to put up a
bogy man and name him a "boss" or a
"machine" and then heap all the
odium that, attaches to such cognomens
in New York, Chicago, and other sea
ports, upon their bogy man and strive
to convince the people of South Dakota
that he has actually got them by the
throat, when as a matter of fact they
can't point, to any corruption, any
usurpation or misuse of authority or
office, to further any dishonorable
cause or against the welfare of the
people of the stiit". And still that, is
just what, the insurgents are trying to
make out. against the republican
Personally we like .Mr. Martin, lie
in one ol the nice.-! men we ever con
versed with and he has a way of get
ting next, to the •.•oi'Miion people, per
soually. (his shows Idtn to be a great
mixer, lie waited two solid hour- on
LIS in our humble place of business
last. XI,\I in her, tri.tU'.l ono of our
little daii'.di!ers on his kv.'-e "-el won
her carl completely and made him
self thoroughly agreeable in every
way, and we like to visit, with him
immensely. And at the same lime lie
is a corporation man, all evidence to
"".he contrary notwithstanding.— Hud
son Jiudsonite.
Editor Sr.\u: 1 hand you herewith
•i clipping from the Hudson lludsonite.
•iiid 1 would like tho privilage of sug
gesting that the Hudsonife man (to
use an old expression) has entertained
'.II angel unawares, for any niwti that
iias spent "two solid hours" with the
'Ion. E. W. Martin and only sees t.hiit
he is a nice mnn, Jias missed a golden
If this Editor hud have had the
lumest heart of his little daughter, he
lfould have allowed this rare gentle­
man from the Black Hills to win his
heart too, and instead of handing out
sickly compliments with one hand aud
mud with the other he would be stand
ing in line for this self made statesman
where his conscience is evidently
enough telling him he should be.
Mr. Martin is indeed a nice man,
and very much more, and if this editor
or any one else thinks he is a corpora
tion man they have another guess com
ing, and the verdict of the people will
show that they know he is not.
Mr. Hudsonite, if you do not believe
this just get your seat in the grand
stand and keep your eyes on this
Black Hills thoroughbred, when the
race is called for which the runners
are now scoring, aud see if you are not
convinced that he had the hot blood
aud staying qualities, that entitles
him to first place in the hearts of the
people and that will enable him to
take first, place in the coming race.
Keep your eye on this favorite son,
he has the stuff in him.—A Black llills
A (jorcnuneiil I.casc
The Nebraska Stock-Growers Asso
ciation at its meeting at Alliance last
week discussed the question of leasing
the public, domain. The Alliance
Times publishes the following informa
tion relative to the action of the associ
ation, and that region is similar to
this, so far as its cattle and public
land interests are concerned, we re
print, the following article: SliSfSl
"The situation as regards the govern
ment lain I problem was discussed in
every detail by th" able gentlemen
there1 and representing every section
of interest of the "short grass"
of Wi stern Nebraska. The results
thereof may briefly be put as follows:
first, adopting he following resolu
tion, which was telegraphed to Wash
'•Nebraska Stock-Growers' associa
tion representing 100 persons, ninety
per cent of whom are small stockmen,
in executive scssionjat Alliance hereby
pass the following resolutions:
'•We respectfully ask that you take
immediate steps to pass a liberal lease
bill for the people of Northwest Ne
braska. leasing the untaken grazing
hinds of the western portion of the
stale. We believe, with the assistance
of the entire Nebraska delegation and
tiie I'nited States senator, that a lease
bid can be passed at. this session of
congress, which in our judgement will
sett ie he fence quest ion aud give tho
men engaged in the raising of cattle
something of permanency.
"While abuses may have come from
the existing land laws, we believe a
lease law will right, the existing evils
aud restore order out of chaos that
will go far to strengthen our people in
an industry that has taken years to
build up.
"And unless something of^t.his char
acter is accomplished immediately, it
will bring disaster and financial ruin to
a large number of good citizens resid
ing in this part of tho state. We
further believe that [the time for
action is at hand."
Consideration of the lease bill pro
posed by C. If. Cornell, of Valentine,
various other proposed bills and the
report of the committee appointed to
investigate the conditions of Western
public lands resulted in a bill, which
adopts many of the features of the
committee's report, and of which the
following may be said to be a brief out
line of most salient points:
"A bill to lease tho unoccupied Pub
lic Lands of Western Nebraska."
1st. Lands to come under the con
trol of the Secretary of Agriculture.
To be classified in two classes, agri
cultural aud grazing.
Whnt is meant by agricultural lands
is lands possible to irrigate, or such
lands as may be adapted to dry agricul
Such lands classified as Agricultural,
leases to be for one year, subject to
homestead entry.
Lauds classified as Grazing, leases to
be for ten years and not subject to
homestead, entry during the life of the
Reclassification can be had at the
expiration of any lease.
A bona tiie homestead settler to
have the preference to a grazing per
mit for lands within one mile of his
Subject to the one mile homestead
pt'i fercr.ce, the person actually oc
cupying Ihe land for grazing purposes
and has abutting lands in freehold, to
have a permit preference.
The amount, to be leased to be ten
acres jnr each acre of freehold, home
stead or holder of state lauds, but in
no case is any one person or corpora
tion to'havc the light to lease more
than twenty sections.
Where there are more than one ap
plicant. for the same laud, such laud to
lie prorated as to the holding of the
The territory to be divided into graz
ing districts and each distriot to be in
charge of a superintendent, who shall
h-ive a practial knowledge of the range
stock bssiuess and shall be a resi
dent of the state in which the distriot
is situated.
Consideration of such permits to be
not less than one half cent nor more
three cents per aere.
Mrs. Delahoyd of Whitman, Neb.,
i$ visiting relatives ou the Flat this
L. C. Forsyth started for Merwin,
Mo., Sunday, having been called there
by a telegram stating that Elmer was
very low.
Mr. Will Dumke, who returned from
the hospital in Hot Springs, six weeks
ago, is just able to be about. We all
sympathize with him.
Mr. Anthony has had another well
drilled, going down a hundred feet, but
did not find water.
The Ranchers club holds its next
meeting Wednesday evening, Feb. 21st,
the order of the program being a mock
court, the trial being assult aud bat
Mr. A. Cudrey lost two head of stock
last week.
Very Low Rates to Nashville,
Via the North Western Liue, for tick
ets to be sold Feb. '25, 2( and 127. with
favorable return limits, on account of
Quadrennial Convention Student Vol
unteer Movement for Foreign Mis
sion. Choice of routes from Chicago.
Apply to agents Chicago & North-Wes
tern R'y.
Mardi Gras
February '22-27 are the dates this
year of the greatest Carnival held any
where in the world: and this is the
year to take in the Mardi Gras, as the
Illinois Central Railroad will sell ex
cursion tickets to New Orleaus at an
Low Rate
For rates, beautifully illustrated
Mardi Gras phamlet, aud free copy of
"New Orleans for the Tourist" address
H. J. PHELPS, .Division Passenger
Agent, Dubuque, Iowa.
One of the greatest charms of the
Mardi Gras Festivities is the city in
which they are held. Although strict
ly modern and up-to-date in its bus
iness section, it has many of the at
tractions of the old world city iu its
historical traditions, its genial clime,
and its unique French quarter with its
odd foreigu manners and customs. No
other city iu the South can offer so
many enjoyable features for the Tour
ist as
New Orleans
The Illinois Central maintains
Double Daily Service aud operates ths
best, of trains, with Dining Cars, Buf
Library Cars, Chair Cars, Ciiair
Cars, and Sleeping Cars, from Chicago,
St. Louis, Cincinnati and Louisville
souuh to New Orleans. The best road
for reaching the Winter Tourists re
sorts of the south, including
New Orleans, Vicksburg,
Gulfport, Miss. Hammond, La.
Mardi Gras at New Orleans Feb. 27,
'00. Gulfport is a Mexican Gulf Coast
resort having the new fine "'Great,
Southern" Hotel. Regular ocean
steamship sailings from New Orleaus
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West Indies aud Europe. Send or call
for descriptive matter iu regard to the
Havana via New Orleans
Havana, Cuba, is best reached via the
Illinois Central through service to
New Orleans and the new ocean liner,
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S. S. Prince Arthur
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"The Cuban SpsGial"
a fast Weekly Limited Steamship
Train is run (after Dec. 2G) every Tues
day from Chicago and St. Louis direct
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Hot Springs, Ark. Florida
Daily Sleeping Car without change
Chicago to Hot Springs, with connec
tions at Menphis from Cincinnati and
Through "Dixie Flyer" Sleeping Car
Line St,. Louis to Jacksonville via
Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta.
Illinois ('intraI W'tehly Excursions to Cal
ifornia. Excursion cars through to
Los Am"»les snd San Francisco as fol
low.".: Via New Orleans and the South
ern Route every Friday from Chicago
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Louisville. Via Omaha and the Scenic
Route every Wednesday from Chicago.
all of the above can be had of agents
of the Illinois Central aud connecting
lines or by addressing the either of
the undersigned.
A. II. HANSON, P. T. M.,Chicago,111.
£. G. HATCH, G. P. A., Chicago, 111.
A friend of the home
A foe of the Trust
OMXWM with the Per* Food bswf
Legfal Notices.
cial Circuit, iu mid for Kali River county,
South Dakota.
Elida V. Fall. Plaintiff, vs. the county of Fall
r, a municipal corporation. The
Dakota Hot Springs company, a corpora
tion organized under the laws of the state of
South Dukota. the auknowu heirs, devisees,
legatees, creditors and the executor, or ud
ministrutor. of Jennie K. liodgers. deceased,
J. 1'. Wood. J. II. Gillespie. The unknown
heirs, deviates, legatees, creditors, und tho
executor or administrator of any other
defendant deceased, and unknown to plaintiff
to be dead at this time, and all persons un
known who have or who claim to have any
estate or intercut iu or lien or iticumherauce
upon the premises described in the compliant'
The state of South Dakota sends greeting to
the aliovenamed defendant?: You and each
of you are hereby summoned and required to
to answer the complaint of the plaintiff, which
wa« tiled in the otlice of the Clerk of the Circuit
court lit Hot Springs South Dakota, ou the 15tli
duv of February A. I). lUllfi, und which prays for
judgment quieting title
to und the determina
tion of nil adverse claims u^uinst the premise*
described iu the complaint, situated in Fall
Kiver county, to-wit: Lot nutnl"r nine, ill
block number sixteen, in Miiuiekiilita addi
tion to the city of Hot Springs. Kali Kiver
county. South Dukota.
And to serve a copy of your answer to said
complaint on the undersigned at, their office
in the ciiy of Hot Springs, Full Kiver countv.
South Dakota, within thirty days after tiie
completed service of tni* summons uimit you
exclusive of the day of such ser ice, und if you
fail to answer the compluiiit witli.ii that time
the plaintiff will apply to the oiti for the
relief demanded in tiie plaintiff'" complaint.
WILSON .t Wn.sox.
Attorneys for me I'iuintitT.
First pub. I'e'i. Iti.
Ta.\ l)o-d shall Issue.
To West Park l.aiitlCo.
You are hereby notified lliat oil the 3rd day of
November ,-\. !., (hu l'ollowi' described
piece or parcel of Heal Estate, taxed in the name
of West I'ark Land i'o., und .siluateil in the
county of i-'nll Kiver. st'ite of Solltb Dakota,
as follows: Lot. 1'J. block 5, Grand View
1'lace addition to Hut Springs, South Dakota,
was sold for taxes then due and delinquent
for the year Illid, at tax sale by tho treasurer
of said oonnty to ^nll Kiver county, South Da
kota and wits by said pui cliuser duly assigned to
John Lne.v who is now the lawful holder of the
eei'tiilcate of tircliuse, 'L'lutt said taxes then
line ami delinquent, aimmn'etl to $1 -1 anil that
subsequent taxes to t! amount of $1.10 have
been paid, with interest, pi-ualty ami co.-ts
accrued making toial amoiiiit uecr-sary to re
deem i,d in addition thereto, the 'uo-l of
service of this notice, to^retiier with s,ie!i in er
e»t as may aecMieafter this date, must lie paid,
ami that ihe rij:ht of rrot'iepHoii will expire
and a deed for said land be i,uule within si\tv
days from the completed ,erviee •,!' this notice.
John I.IVY.
Lawful holder aud owner of tax t-i-r:iti jatc*.
First pub. l-'eb. last" Feb. 2:i.
EI..MI:I R. .1 IVKKTT, A11V.
ins Will. e*c.
Stale of South Daki.in. County of Fall Kiver.
In comity court within and for said county.
In tile matter of the estate of 1'utiicU Walsh,
I'ursimnt to an order of said court, made 011
the^Utbday of January, lniHi. initi, is hereby
L'iven, that Saturday the ITtli il'iv of Fobuarv.
1"t'0. at 10 o'clock a- 111.. of -aid day. at tiie
court room or said court, al Hot SpriiiL'9 in
th" county of Fall Kiver have been appointed
a I a a in ii W
••aid atrick_\\ al.-li. deceased, ami for hearing I
tiie application oi (icor^o (J i:aue:ia the issu
mice to him of letters 'restaiu-'nleiy when and
where any person interested may appear and
contest the same,
Dated Juniiary Mtilh. ll'.'H).
ti. 13. .Fosr.s.
.Indjre of the County Court.
Attest: F. .1. I)L'P].I \,
First pub. Feb. 2—
last Feb. fu.
Account and Iiitrilmtion.
state of South Dakota, county of Fall liiver S.S.
I a 'enn: Court.
In the malt, of the estate of .John hrisl.o
plier Schaef,'i\ leceas,*d.
Notice is hereby jrivu that f.evi II. Smith
Administrator ot tin- olate of John ('iiri?to
pher Schael'er. dec eased, has rendered anil pre
sented for linn! setll-siH'nt. and liled in HUH
court, his final account of his administration of
said estate, and a petition for the iinal distri
bution of the slid estate, and it appearing that
the estate is ready for distrilritioii. s.nurdav
the Hull lay of l-'obiiary. A H.
at liloVloci
a. 111., at ti.e court room of said court
at the court bouse of the city in
Hot Sprintrs iu said county of Fall
Kiver has appointed by the Judy-p ol
said court for the iinal settlement of said filial
account, at which time and place any person
interested in said estate may appear and lile bis
exceptions, in writing, to the said Iinal account
and contest the same.
And that at said time and place, upeu the
settlements of the eoums of Ihe administra
tor the residue of the suid e-tate will be distrib
uted to such persons as bv law are entitled
thereto. And that notice of said settlement
and disHibinion ^lia 11 he ^iven by tin* publica
tion of th.^ notice once a week for two slices
eive weeks in ihe llot Spring Star, a weekly
newspaper printed awl published in flic saicl
Dated at Hot Spring, South Dakota, tlii- !*Vlh
day of January. KKlli.
liv the (Jour!,
G. K.
FL'I.TON J. Drni.KY,
Clerk of County Court.
Judge of the County Court,
First pub. Feb. lust Feb. !l.
Tax Shall lesue.
To W.
S. (itiodweli.
You are hereby notified that 011 the :.'nii day
of Novoml er A. 1). 10CM. the fullowing-duiJcribeU
piece or unreel of Ileal Estate, taxed in the
name of W. S. Gooilwell aud situated in the
county of Full Kiver, suite of South Dakota,
11s follows: Lois No. seven (7) and "ijrlit (8) in
block No. fourteen (14) Miniiekiilitii addition to
town (now city) of llot Springs, Fail Kiver
county. South Dakota, for tuxes then due and
delinquent for the year HW2. 1!H)1, at tax sain by
the Treasurer of said county to W. II. Wilson
who is now the lawful holder of the certilicate
of purchase. That said taxes then due and de
linquent amounted jjtn $11.81, and tint subse
quent tuxes to the amount of SU.8S have been
Paid, with interest, penalty uiul cost accrued
SS.II'J. making total amount necessary to redeem
#21.tU and in addition thereto, the cost of ser
vice of this notice, together with such interest
as may accrue after this date, must ho paid,
and tint the rifrlit of redemption will expire
and a deed for said land he made witluti sixty
days from thecompletcd service of this notice.
Owner of Tux Ortiiicales.
First pub. .Tan 27—last Feb. it.
To Black Mills Collesr- and B. ^Vilson
President of hoard trustees.
You 11 ro herein- notilled tluit on the 2nd day of
November A, l. the following described
piece or p:ireel ot Heal Estate, taxed iu the
name of The Black llills College am ituateil in
the county id' Fall Uiver. state of 6011th
Dukota, u- follows: l.ots IS, II. 1.1. 1(5. IT, ]s.
and 111, block No, 5 und lots a, tj, 7, W, 11. 12,
'2dund 21. bl»,. li and lots 1. '2.:i.H. 0, 7.H. audit,
block 7 and lots I, 2, and :i, block no. in High
land addition to town mow city) of Hot Springs,
Fall Kiver county, South Dakota, sold for taxes
then '.I no and (!eliti(|iiciit for the year l'.!02 at tax
sale hy the Treasurer of said county to W. 11.
Wilson who is now tho lawful holder of the
certilicate of pii'.vh'i.-.r. That said tuxes then
due and delinquent amounted to $54.07 and that
subsequent taxes to the amount of $S'.I.25 have
been paid, with interest, penalty and costs
accrued, •?2'.i.71, making total amount necessary
to reueoni td73.U:l uiul in addition thereto, the
cost of service of this notice, altogether wit*,
sneii intcsest as may accrue after this date
must be paid, iiad thul the ri'iht of redemption
will expire and a deed for said land be made
within sixty days from the completed service
of this notice,
Owyrr of Tax Certificate.
First Pub. Jan. 2a—hfcst Feb. ».
Notice is hereby given that on Manth 22, lUrti.
all mileased common school luid endowment
lands in Fall Kiver county, will lie olt'.ired for
lease nt public auction, between the liours of
ten o'clock a. in. uad five o'clock p. m., at the
front door of the court house in eaid county.
Dated at Pierre, Jan. Stb, 1906.
ComrainioMr of School and Pnbllc Lands
Fitet pub. Jon. 12—last Murca a.
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and builds up the kidneys, and it
should be taken at tho first indication1
of kiduey trouble, and it is impossible
to have good health if the kidneys are
deranged. Emil Ilargens.
County Surveyor
having bus­
iness with County Surveyor at Hot
Springs will please call at Register of
Deeds' office. 51
fe'S'&V Parry's Foods ore bent liecome r.o
fjxwwsaftiljears liavo tieeu spent in
mirsti "'j-'1- development—half a century
exi»'i t, euro in waking thom
Vi* iMiTimui' to all oil
1^,' .-,'A
biiucialistB in growing
f.-VS flower and vegetable sends.
perry & I
Pirating Foley's Money ami Tar.
Foley's & Co., Chicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and popularity of Foley's Honey
and Tar many imitations are, offered
for the genuine. Ask for Foley's
Honey and Tar and refuse any substi
tute offered as no other preparation
will give the same satifaotiou. It is
mildly laxative. It contains no opiates
and is safest for children and delicate
persons. Emit Hargeao.

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