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Mom*rotftha£Lydl» B. PJnk
ham's VeffetableCompound saves
woman from inrricalopemrtoni,
JM^ & AWlllla^ of Gardiner,
"Itiiineat sufferer from f.smale
toubjes, and Lvdla E. Pinkham's Vega
table Compound restored me to health
fat three months after my
declared thai an operation waX abso
.. lirife Alvina Sperlin*,of 154 Cley
bourne Am?CMcago,writes:
"I suffered from female troubles, a
tumor and much inflammation. Two
of the beat^ doctors in Chicago decided
that an operation
necessary to
my life. LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound entirely,
•a operation."
me without
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink
hamfe Vegetable Compound, made
from roots and herbs, has been the
'standard remedy for female ills,
andhas positively cured thousands of
•women who have been troubled with
displaoements^nflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
tion,dizziness,or nervous prostration.
Why don't you try it
1 Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick
"women to write tier for advice.
She has guided thousands to
health. iSi, Lynn, Mass.
Ttrara wkitino to advkktisbbs
fT plea* say rem saw ch* tdtntiMaMai
niMiration Showlnr Mixed Farmtnr Scene la
8ome of the choicest lands for grain crowing,
stock raisins: and mixed farming in the new dis
tricts of Saskatchewan and Alberta have re
cently been Opened for Settlement under the
Entry may now be made by proxy (on certain
-conditions), by the father, mother, son, daughter,
.brother or tiBter of an Intending homesteader.
Thousands of homesteads of 160 acres each are
fthns now easily obtainable in these (treat grain
(rowing, stock-raising and itaixed farming sec
There yon will find healthful climate, good
'neighbors, churches for family worship, schools
for your children, good laws, splendid crops,
land railroads convenient to market.
*, Entry fee in each case is $10.00. Por pamphlet,
"Last Best West," particulars as to rates, routes,
time to go and where to locate, apply to
|W. D. Scott, Superintendent of Immigration,
Ottawa. Canada, or E. T. Holmes.
St., St. Paul, Minn, and ]. M. MacLacnlan, Pox
Watertown, So. Dakota. Authorized Govern*
aient Agents.
You must wear MAYER
ciate their superiority over other
mstw. They have the style and
wearing qualities, and feel right
from the first wear long and well,
and look good to the last.
are made with great cate, oi the
highest grade material, by skilled
workmen* They are honest
ttmfh and throafh. You get
Myle, «asllty and comfort in boyfag
Yoar dealer will supply youj II
ntfc. write to m» Look for the
Mayer Trade Mark on the iolc.
•e tin tub Leading Lady
Sheea. Martha Washington Comfort
lh»Wb Special Merit School Shoes.
f.BiyiDrBoot4Sbie Company
"The -ptotograpber'ir specialty was
quick developing, and anion several neg-,
atlves lay before the purchaser., ,v,
The father gaud uneasily at fcbei
for a space and then said- ueirously:
"You say in the window, sister,-as
'ow yer can toncli up' the pictures to.
give anyeffect agreeable to yercus
touiers." (,»
"That la so," assented the artist read
ily, hastening to add, with his beat pro
fessional smile, "but In. yoipr son's ease
any retouching is. absolutely unneces
"Ow, aye!" iiald the father. "That
be main like Joseph,but to teltee truth
o's got to send un wi' his testimonials
.or a Job, an' I'd like yer to alter hie
photo to make bim look honest like I"—
•London Mail.
KS!f feM
"Wat Sell Gana and Traps CkMfi
Buy Furs & Hides or tan them for robes
& rugs.
N W. Hide & Fur Co., Minneapolis
"Is it true, colonel, that
your recent
losses in Wall street have
compelled you
to sell your automobiles?"
Naw—that's a ridiculous and unmiti
gated falsehood. All I've had to do has
been to cut down my consumption of gas
oline a few gallons a, day.'"
PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to cure any
ease of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protrnd
Idc Piles in to 14 days or money refunded.
Itfuorancu In iiiu'ii Life,
Kitty—Mhmmn, nvn we in society?
Mrs. Topflnt—Yps. dear, but society
hnsn't found "it out yet.—-Chicago Trib
une. fc -'-V-: .•
Mrs. Winslow's SoothlnR Syrup for Child-"
ion teething, softens the gums, reduces in
flammation. allays pain, cures wind colic.
25c a bottle.
Nautical Xotea. a
Mrs. Yacht (superciliously)—My
husband has a beautiful yacht. I don't
suppose your husbaiid can afford such
a luxury yet?
Mrs. Nac:ht—No, the best he can do
is..to hold Mie mortgage on the one your
husbiind has.—The Bohemian,
How to Make Your Mllcli Cows More
Write Pacific Coast Borax Co.. Chi
cago, 111., for "SUCCESSFUL DAIRY
ING," being valuable information on
the most profitable selection of cows,
their feeding and care, the handling of
inilk to yield the highest price prod
uct, and the'.protection and preserva
tion of these products from deteriora
tion with article on diseases of cows
and recipes for their cure. The book
is free. A post card request only is
German Compare* Styles of Walking
by Women of Dlfl'crent Countries.
"Jr«t look at the gait of an American
girl!" exclaims a south German news
paper writer, who has studied the sub
ject seven years, in an article on how
women should walk.
"A lady should not drag her feet
after toer as if they were as heavy as
sacks of potatoes. Neither should she
throw them forward as if she were a
soldier oh parade. She should move
her feet lightly, daintily and easily
with a slight, springy action, but the
spring must not be overdone.
"A lady must walk straight physi
cally as well as morally. Her knees
should be straight and her toes slightly
turned out. There must be no artificial
bend or limp no affectation of lassi
tude on the, one hand or of horsiness on
the other. She should walk like a
princess and not like a scrubwoihan
hurrying to work. She must not bustle
through with her shoulders constantly
in evidence and swinging her arms
about like the English.
"Above all, she should hold her chin
high like the Americans. This high
chin is a most important matter, as it
lends style and dignity." -ij?
Then come a comparison between the
gaits of the women of various civil
ized countries. The Americans and
Parisians are an easy iirst, but if the
wrjter must give the palm to one of
these he would bestow it on the Ameri
cans. Italian women are high up on
the list and German and English
women very low down. He believes
thnt Hungarian ladies, if they were
more idignitied, might run the Ameri
cans very close.
A Way Some People Have'
A doctor said:—
"Before marriage my wife observed
In summer and country homes, coming
4n toueh.with families of. varied means,
culture, tastes and discriminating tend-"
ehcles, that the families using Postum
seemed to average bettef than those
using coffee.
"When we were married two years
ago Postum was among our first order
of groceries. (We also put in some coffee
and tea for guests, but after both had
stood around the pantry about a year
untouched, they were thrown away, and
Postuiu used only.
"Up to the fge of 28 I had been ac
customed to drink coffee as a routine
habit and suffered constantly from 1°*
digestion and all itp relative disorder*
Since using Postum all the old com
plaints have completely left me and I
sometimes wonder if I ever had them."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle.
Creek, Mid). Bead, "The Boad to
\tellvUle," i4 pkgs. "There's a Beasen."
..i ...
1.' .'.V
And manrel-reaAes of the prairie lands
The brotherhoods of fields, and birds, and
Which magnifies the soul that ander
,. stands
His was the school ot unremitting toll
Whose lessons leave an Impress strong
and deep.
His were the thoughts of one close to the
The knowledge of the ones who uow and
all this, and' from all' this, he' rose
ITnU panoplied, when came his country's
Strong-hearted, and strong-framed to bear
the woes/
Wtyich fell op him the bitterest of all.
And well he wrought, and wisely well he
The strain and stress that should bo his
He did the task long set for him to do—.
This man who came unfavored and un
We look to-day, not through Griefs mist of
Not through glamour of nearness to the
Buti down the long, long corridor of years
Where stands the sentinels of Fame and
And now we see him, whom men called un
Grown wondrous fair beneath the nau«
of Time,
And know' the love of liberty and truth
Brings Immortality, and makes sublime.,
But. O, this rugged face with kindly eyes
Wherein a haunting sorrow ever stays!
Somehow it seems that through the sorrow
The echoed visions of his other days, ,'
That still we may in subtle fancy trace'
The light that led him with prophetic
That here we gaze upon the pictured face
Of one who was a boy that lived his
-rW. D. Nesbit.
St. Valentine, long the patron saint ot
courtship, has come in our day to be
long almost as wholly to children as does
our good old friend, St. Nicholas. The
paper lace and tinsel, the gaily printed
loves and doves and roses of. ready-made
valentines make pretty playthings,^ and
signify a suitable exchange of childish
attentions but they are quite beneath the
dignity of young folk old enough to take
themselves seriously as lovers.
Indeed, the courting quality has quite
vanished from the day, which u§ed as
readers of Scott's "Fair Maid of Perth"
will remember—to be a very important
one to maids and bachelors of long ago.
Most of the customs attendant on its' old,
observance have perished also. But the
opportunity tff an anonymous gift re
mainsV and whether it is to be given to
lad or lass, little or big, whether it is a
token of friendship or an offering of sen
timent, the custom is a pretty and grace
ful one, and a pleasing survival from
times gone by.
Christmas and birthday gifts are de
lightful because we do know the .givers,
but the charm ot a valentine lies in the
very fact that we do not. It is interest
ing .to guess, agreeable to discover, ex
citing to have the mystery remain un
solved. There is also added satisfaction
in the circumstance that, being anony
mous, the valentine is the sincerest and
most disinterested of tributes, carrying
neither an obligation nor an expectation
of return.
Flowers, or—with reference to the
early traditions of the day—a pair of
gloves, or a book of lyrics make perhaps
the most suitable gifts for St. Valentine's
day, exclusive of the shop-made valen
tines. An attractive substitute for these
can also be found in good photographs
from any of the numerous Cupids so pop
ular with artists of all centuries, from
the sculptured marble grace of1 the Cupid
of Praxiteles to the rings of dancing
loves by Albani, and the countless flock
of winged and dimpled babies of more
recent art. It is needless to add that
Feb. 14 is the budding poets' annual op
portunity, and that no tribute is quite so
fitting as an 'original one in verse.
In old times gifts were not only anony
mous, but sent in mysterious ways. An
amusing scene of a famous drama repre
sents the girlish heroine receiving a val
entine from the hero it arrives in the
middle of a large plum cake, from which,
too excited even to nibble by the .way, she
rapturously extracts it, and holds it tri
umphantly up to view. It consists of
two large red hearts transfixed by a
long, yellow arrow in the center of a
plain sheet of foolscap.
If such a valentine were sent to-day,
it is probable the cake would be more ap
preciated than the contents, and that the
fair recipient's digestion would be af
fected rather than her" Beart.—Youth's
Love Tokens of the Faat,
Sir Walter Scott, in his "Fair Maid
of Perth" on St. Valentine's day, has
his hero send the heroine a small ruby
cut in the shape of a heart transfixed with
a golden arrow, the gem being inclqttd
in a tiny parse made of links of finest
steel. Around the edge of the purse war
4 ^"Love's darts
Cleave hearts
Through mail shirts."
Surely. 'lt
We mark the lowly place where he
We try to dream the dreams that starred
his nishts ..
When the rude path that ran beside th*
1 corn
Grew to a (air broad way which found
the heights
We try to sense the lonely days he knew,
The silence that, wrapped about hls soul
Whea there catne whispers tr^nulous and
wiich urged him up and onward to his
Jlis was the dream-fflled world of kindly
rflieMf^liWraVite the
gKpM&Bo '||e
^IcitjM&qntii in bis story toy
tt&p Qenqa to1 Boeboe Ayres:,'
The attain of the stMuaer vrhich
ntunbered the charming young blun
derer among its passengers met'Jier one
mprnlng and Mid:
Blgnorlna, we cross the tropic of can
cer, tUay."
"Oh, indeed!" she cried with enthu
siasm. "Then we shall, see something
at last.
:A FMrtvllf Lokv Met* Dallr
Pais and Misery.
Charles Von lofehnen, of 201 A St,
Colfax, Wash., says: "For at leftst
thirty vears I suffered with kidney
troubles and the at
tacks laid me up for
days at a time with
pain in the back and
rheumatism. When I
was up and around
sharp twinges caught
nie, and (or. fifteen
years the frequent
passages of id
secretions annoyed me. But Doan's
Kidney Pills ^iave given me almost en
tire freedom from this trouble and I
cannot speak too highly in their
Sold by all dealers, 50 cents a box.
Foster-Mil burn Co., Buffalo, N. I.
"Did she marry her husband to re
form him?"
"I guess so, and she reformed him,
all right."
"Why, he drinks like a fish!"
"I know it, but he didn't use to be
fore she married .him."—Houston Po.st.
for the signature of K. W. GROVE. Used tlw
World over to Cure a:Cold in One day. 25c
Deserve* It.
"He saved Miss Uglamog from
drowning aDd his friends: think he
should have the Carnegie hero medal."
"That wasn't a very heroic act."
"But he's going to marry her."
"Oh, that's different!"—Houston
Tost ...
Kor ISSo
and this notice the John A. Salzer Seed
Co., La Crosse, Wis., In order to gain
230,000 new customers during 1908. will
mail you free their prreat plant and seed
catalog, together with
1 pkg. "Quick Quick" Carrot $ .10
1 pkg. Earliest Kipe Cabbage..... .10
1 pkg. Earliest Emerald Cucumber. .15
1 pkg. La Crosse Market Lettuce.. .15
1 pkg. Early Dinner Onion 10
1 pkg. Strawberry Muskmelon 15
1 pkg. Thirteen Day Radish 10
1,000 kernels gloriously beautiful
flower seed
Total $1.00
Above is sufficient seed to grow 35 bu.
of rarest vegetables and thousands of
brilliant flowers, and all is mailed to you
or if you send 16c. we will add a pack
age of Berliner Earliest Cauliflower.
John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse,
Wis. C. N. U.
Letting tlie Cat Out.
Amelia—Herbert, dear, your office is on
Orange street, isn't, it
Herbert—Yes: why?
Amelia—That's what I told papa. He
made such a funny mistake about you the
other day.' He said he'd been looking you
up in Brad street.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
aisease that science has been able to Sure In
all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Cure Is the only .positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment, llall's Catarrh
Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem, thereby destroying the foundation .of
the disease, and giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and assist
ing nature in doing Its work. The proprie
tors have so much faith in its curative pow
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for*
any case that It fails to cure. Send for list
of testimenlals.
Address: F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Probably (jueued Right..''',"
Flashy Youth—I wish 1 knew what
that pretty typewriter girl was buying
who just went out. I suspect it was some
thing for me.
Department Store Salesgirl (sizing him
up)—I think it's qgite likely. She
bought'a steel hatpin.
This Will Interest Blothcra.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Chil
dren, used by Mother Gray, a nurse In Chil
dren's Home, New York, cure Constipation.
Feverlshness. Teething Disorders. Stomach
Troubles and Destroy Worms: 30.000 testi
monials Of cures. All druggists, 25c. Sam
ple Fnwt. Address Alien S. Olmsted, Le
Boy, N. V.
Dear' Frlemda.
Nan—This is one of my latest photo
graphs, but I don't like it a bit. It
hasn't my best expression.
Pan—Perhaps, dear, you didn't have
your best complexion on.
The very wisest advice: Take Garfield
Tea Whenever a laxative is indicated!
Pleasant to the taste, simple, pare, mild,
potent and.health-giving. Made of Herbs,
—not drags. 1'.
The Poor Cat.
A young wife called her husband on
telephone to tell him a tale of woe.
tear-choked accents she said: "That
yen, dearie? Well, you know that lov£
tf chicken pie I made you—that horrid
fM cat came in and ate it up before I
Oould stop It?"
pretty enough token
to win.the aifectlon of any maid. These
eighteenth-century jvalentines were indeed
laDora of love. and-small wonder that op
that day the belles heard the fall of the
knocker with
answered: "Never mind, dar­
IH get you another cat."
M. Dtpn and *11 fmaw IHimmi
I O «mnmtl( t«n4tr Oi.Ui«'iiitM
Iwillli. Im Free SS MtLbMM ud tnrtiM.
niHSi u.. wi Iwmwn wnm«i»ii. r»
(ilNsmiM trifhter art Uttar c*l*ra Ikaa aay altars:
alwUbailtfolasasari. Iritaterbas
Jftd a" iUi^tte,, institn
,1mowit juit Heid
#h&« dilldren whose partnts have no
"London home er who are compelled to
live out of England for a time are
placed by the dAy^ or by the year.
The' house Is Arranged for the re
ception of little children from one
month old up to seven or eight years
of age, and is Intended for the chil
dren of Indian officers, and others on
foreign service, widowers, widows,
guardians, trustees, missionaries, co
lonials or parents who desire a tem
porary home for their little ones while
they travel.
Dor Misery IS Ymn-Immu Is
Ro Iirk Sealea, Iteklai sai Ia
flamed—Cared by Cntlcara.
"Cutlcura has put a stop to
years of- misery 1 passed with
As an Infant:-I noticed on his body a
red spot and treated same with differ
ent remedies for about five years, but
when the spot began to get larger I
put him under the care of doctors,
Undertbelr treatment the disease
spread to four different parts of his
body. During the day it would get
rough and form like scales. At night
it would be cracked, inflamed and bad
ly swollen, with terrible burning and
itching. One doctor told me that
son's eczema was incurable, and gave
it up. I decided to give Cuticura a
trial. When I had used the first box
of Cuticura Ointment there was a
great improvement, and by the time
Nothing Too
For the
American People
•hnut mliMu!6-?f
GUAI^NTY ^^f?w^-UJ«°Wn
W.L Doughs
W. L. Dnaiuw iNun
appeal to the Well-informed in
walk of life and are essential to permanent
success and creditable standing. Accor»
ingly, It is not claimed that Syrup of Figi
and Elixir of Senna is the only remedy of
loiown value, but one of mangr reason
why it is the best 0^ personal and family
laxatives is the fact that it deansost
sweetens and relieves the internal oqpnf
on which it acts without any debilitating
after effects and without having to increase
the quantity from time to time,
It acta pleasantly and naturally and
truly aa a laxative, and its component
parts are known to and approved by
physicians, as it is free from all objection
able substances. To get ib .beneficial
effects always purchase the genuine—
manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co., only, and for sale by all leading drug*
Psulisi Scottish Terms.
There are
had used the second set of Cuticura
Remedies my child was cured. He is
now twelve years old, and his skin is
as fine and smooth as sflk. Michael
Steinman, 7 Sumner Avenue, Brooklyn,
either a "writer"
many puzzling
between Scottish and
GOOD for the An^iericaoi
people—that's why we started
to make Cascarets Candy
Cathartic. The first box mads
its appearance in 1896,and the
enthusiastic endorsement oi
the people has been bestowed
upon Cascarets ever since
The sale today is at tha
BOXES A MONTH, proving: that the American people recog
nize, that what is BEST FOR THEM is none too good.
Why this enormous patronage
The answer is simple: Cascarets are pure, clean, sweet
mild, fragre&c, harmless but effective little tablets for the treat
ment and cure of Constipation and all Bowel Troubles. They
are put up in r$at little enamel boxes, easy to buy, easy to
carry (in vest-pocket or purse), easy to take and easy of action,
always reliable, always the same, they ''work while you sleep'*
and wake you up feeling fine in the morning.
They not only regulate the movement and stimulate the muscular walls oi
the bowels, but they keep the ENTIRE CANAL CLEAN and antiseptic, forcing
out and destroying all disease germs that breed in the accumulated filth
promptly and regularly discharged. Therefore, they area great preventive
disease, and may be taken continuously as a precautionary measure.
The new Pure Drugs Act," adopted by Congress on June 30, 1908. and in
effect January 1, 1907, is a GOOD LAW and means better and INURES
2™8?,£?r American People. We endorse it and will live up to it in
SPIRIT and LETTER,—an easy task, as we have always been actuated
by the same principles and no changes are required in our formula or pprk-
We adopted OUR OWN PURE DRUG LAW in 1896 when the first
box of Cascarets came on the market and have lived and worked and ero*
duced under it ever since.
To-day,after a record of nearly 100,000,000 boxes sold, Cascarets 8TAND
the greater in PURITY, QUALITY and MEDICINAL MERIT than any
other preparation for Bowel trouble in all the world.
J!rg,2ieni fo.r
roMq-rrSi^/SSr *"d.ha?Pier
m^L CONSTTPATTnii »orrors ?envcd from it others have HAB
*rom carelessness and neglect, but nearly
promptly takcn care oi is liable to result in its degeneration into the worse
forms and cause great suffering and perhaps death.
.8carte?8' taken patiently and regularly, will remedy all of these
th»Un!fS' "n Pr°mPtJy «t the very first sign of an irregular.
act the
English law
terms. For instance, bankruptcy
Is in
"act of sequestration,"
or a "law
agent," the argument In a case is the
"debate," the assize is the jury,
wrongdoer is a "delinquent," an Idiot
—in Scottish law—is "a fatuous per
son," and burglary is (with true Scot
tish caution) "housebreaking with
aggravation." Finally, an author Is,
Scotland, not a person who writes, but
the vender or selier of real property,
from whom the title to it is derived.
tor Cascarets AT
Some people have CHRONIC
FINEST PREVENTIVE ever discovered
and will keep all the machinery running in good order. jg
We advise
to get a little 10c box of Cascarets TO-DAY and carry
.'^a'se.one when you feel anything unusual
GUARANTY of satisfaction or money refunded. All druggists, 10c, 25c, 50c.
MENTION THIS PAPKR S. C. N. «. No. 6—1908.
»9f.*«*—acalara all Btw. It«Jhra la MMwitoWlf 111 air ilkcr tyt. Ta* cia 4n
y°u the little box, under
T«k» Wo lalnUlal*,

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