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S 4
Black Hills.
Governor Frank M. Byrne, of Pierre,
aooompanied by State Game Warden
Hedriob and Commissioner of Sobool
Lands Hepp?rle, arrived in Hot Springs
last Thursday evening and Friday
made a trip to the state game preserve
north and east of Caster which com
prises an area of aboat 63,000 aores of
land at the present time nearly nil
fenoed with an eight foot woven wire
fenoe. The remainder of the work
will be completed as soon as possible*
Governor Byrne is a member of the
state game commission and due to the
efforts of the commercial bodies in the
Hills who have been agitating the pnr
ohase of the Sootty Phillips herd of
buffalo, he made this trip here and in
talking with local people Sunday after
hia return from the preserve he ex
pressed himself as being in favor of
purchasing at least fifty head aud per
haps more. Upon bis return to Pierre
where he will meet with other members
of the commission this matter will be
Already quite a large number of elk
are on the preserve and more will be
shipped in later. He reports the bunch
there now in fiae shape.
While in the city the Governor was
shown about by Attorney W. B. Dud
ley, who was a member of the senate
during the time in which the Governor
was also a member of that body.
Fate of the Deadwood Assay Office Still in
The Balance-Senate Stands Pat
Pioneer-Times: The tate of the Dead
wood United States assay offloe is still
undetermined. The conference com
mittee of the house and senate were
unable to agree on the matter of the
appropriation. The house members
acted in accordance with the previous
action of the house in cutting out the
assay offloe appropriations, but the
senate members stood pat and refused
to agree to eliminate the sum. This
caused a deadlock and prevented a
report on the entire bill, which con
tains many items other than those for
the various assay offloes. The matter
went back to both houses and the
house appointed new conferees, while
the senate returned the same members
to the conference. There is a ray of
hope in the fact that the house has
appointed new members, some of whom
may view the assay offloe appropria
tions in another light from that which
it was regarded by the original con
The present appropriation maintains
the assay offloes only until the olose of
business today. It is not known what
•"rangements will be made for oarrying
on the work until the matter of appro
priation has been finally passed upon
by congress, but. it is expeoted some
temporary plans will be announced by
the direotor of the mint soon.
Sooth Dakota Progressives Will Meet
Mitchell July 6th to Fill Vacancies
Mardo, 8. D., July 3,—G. O. Van
Meter, State obairman of the progres
aire party has issued a formal oall for
meeting of the executive committee
and candidates, to be held at Mitchell
next Monday, )uly 6. At this session
the makeup of the tioket will be oom
pleted" by the oommittee, as authorized
at the Haron oonvention, and plans
will be formulated for launching an
active campaign.
The oomplcted tioket will be duly
certified to the secretary of state and
it la the expectations of the progressive
workers that a group filing of the
oandldates will be acoepted nnder the
motto adopted at Hnron. "The Na
tlonal Progreesive Party." This motto
would identify the tioket almost as ef
fectively ae a regular party heading.
If the filing oannot be scoured in this
manner a court test will be launohed
at once to determine the party's rights
Falling to eaonre any relief in the court
aotion, the oommittee will take steps to
have the candidates pot ou the ballot
4 -'.x
•ij „Jr*
-Uept History
by petition ID the independent column.
After the eleotion this fall it is not ex
peoted that any complication will be
in the way of a recognized party or
ganization, based upon the party can
didate for governor at this eleotion.
While the progreesive party workers
are somewhat disappointed at the de
olination of W. H. MoMaster to etand
as the oandidate for governor, the in
cident has not caused any discourage
mentor any changes in the determine
tion to make an aggressive fight all
along the line at the fall eleotion. The
oommittee has three or four guberna
torial candidates in mind and expects
to make a selection that will uphold
the dignity and strength of the tioket.
The "prospects" are kept seoret to pre
vent advance pressure for the republi
can candidates.
In addition to seleoting a oandidate
for governor, the oommittee will ohoose
the nominees for 6tate superintendent
and for congress in the Third district
neither of these plaoes .being filled at
the Huron convention, as the desire at
that time was to await the decision of
P. J. Tsobarner and Dr. Samuel Weir
about aocepting nominations.
Politioans generally concede that the
fight for United States senator will be
an exoiting oontest if Johnson, Burke
and Dowdell all promote aotive cam
paigns, as now seems assured.
State Enfineer Has Had State Fair Grounds
Replatted and Changed
Huron, July 3—Former visitors to
the South Dakota State Fair who at
tend the 1914 Exposition at Huron will
bt» in a 6trange plaoe so far as the ar
rangement of the grounds is concerned
State Engineer H. M. Derr has had the
grounds resurveyed and replatted,
whioh means that the roads, alleys, and
all streets, inoluding Midway and
Machinery Row will all be differently
located and arranged. The new plan
will make all' parts of the grounds
readily accessible, while the artistic
effect will be strengthened.
One new feature which will be appre
oiated, is the laying of walks from the
Main Eotrance on third street to
Maohinery Hall and Dairy Building.
Main entrances will now be locatettffT
third street, with up-to-date turnstile
systems for foot passengers and
vehicles. Exits will be located on
second and fqurth streets and the west
end of third street. Train entrances
will remain as they were last year.
Automobiles will be parked on the
grounds on the south side of third
street a short distance from Main En
trance, and will be guarded by detach
ments of the State Militia.
State Fair buildings are being re
painted, and when the gates are open
ed on Monday, September 14, the whole
grounds will be spick and span. A
obeok room and Information Bureau is
being oonstruoted near tbe entranoe
for the convenience of Fair visitors.
Anew mess bouse will also be built for
the Militia, while enlargements equiva
lent to two new barns will be made on
tbe swine buildings.
Annual Meeting of the Presbyterian Board
Held in This City Tuesday Afternoon
The annual meeting of tbe Board of
Trustees, of the Presbyterian Sanitar
ium and hospital was held Tuesday in
the Commercial Club rooms. Officers
were eleoted as follows: President,
Col. James A. Matteson, of Hot
Springs vioe president J, J. Daven
port, of Sturgis secretary, E. R,
Juokett, Hot Springs treasurer, B. J.
Ulattly manager, Kev. wight D. Tail
man. The following were eleoted 'on
the Board of Trustees for a period of
three years: Dr. Calvin H. French, of
Chicago, of the National Presbyterian
College Board Ool. James A. Matteson,
of Hot Springs J. J. Davenport, presi
dent of the Sturgis Water Works, and
Rev. Dwight D. Tailman, of Hot
Rev. P. Carson, stated clerk of tbe
Synod of South Dakota, of the Presby
terian ohurob, was present at the meet
ing and expresses hie great satisfaction
at the progress made by the manager
in his campaign of personal visitation
in tbe east in the iuterest of tbe Sani
tarium. He stated that an effort which
contemplated so large and helpful a
nervioe to mankind must of necessity
move slowly in the first stages, and was
greatly pleased with the diligence of
tbe manager, with tbe faithful and un
tiring interest of the Hot Springe trus
tees in giving their time to the careful
oonsideration of the problems involved
and also expressed delight in the ideal
oonditions at Hot Springs for snob an
Dr. Carson being a. veteran of tbe
civil war was interested to make a
thorough inspection of the Battle
Mountain Sanitariuql and expressed as
a soldier his gratitude to tbe Govern
ment, under the Bplendid and efficient
management of Col James A. Matteson,
for tbe generous provision for tbe
oomfort and oare of his comrades. Dr.
Carson standing on the government
grounds and looking first over tbe
grounds, illuminated with tbe oluster
lights, and then over the inspiring
scene which unfolds before the eyee aa
one views the oity below and tbe
mountains beyond, the whole soene
transfused with mellow moonliaht.
Mid, "This is vfdtabje fairyland."
r,L.»•:,•'A'--' T"1" fw.^
Milo E. Crew and Miss Winnie Phil
lips sprung a surprise on their many
friends Sunday evening when they
quietly hired an auto and prooeeded to
St. Luke's church where Rev. Ed ward
d'Argent was waiting for the happy
•on pie and in the presenoe of the
bride's sister, MISB May Phillips, and
H. D. Brown, of Canton, were made
man and wife. That they were to be
married soon was generally known but
tbe exaot date had been kept seoret.
Following the ceremony the patty
spent a couple of hours driving about
the oity before returning to the home
of tbe bride's parents, Capt. and Mrs.
Phillips, in lower town.
Miss Phillips, the bride, is one of the
oharming daughters of Mr. and Mrs.
W. P. Phillip?, and has been a resident
of this oity for the greater portion of
her life. For the past oouple of years
she has been one ot the effloient
teachers in the grade building of the
publio sohools. She is a lady of many
accomplishments and will make Mr.
Crew an ideal helpmate.
The groom has resided in this city
for the past few years, being employed
in tbe F. J. Dudley hardware store,
He is a young man of good habits, re
liable in every way and one of the most
popular young man in the oity.
Mr. and Mrs. Crew will go to house
keeping soon in lower town where they
will be at home to their many friends
after the 15tb. The Star joins with
their numerous friends in wishing
them a happy and prosperous married
Editors of Three States Meet in Omaha on
July 20 -Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota
Omaha, Neb., July 3.—Editors of
Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota will
meet in Omaha on July 20, for a day of
fun and frolic. In the evening all
visiting editors will be the guests of
Ak Sar Ben, where a special innoviation
"A. jf"** ft," I
,\ -.
f' 1
-^. *, xVv^
i©d at Tli© Only Carlsbad ot America.
Hot Springs, South Dakota, Friday, July 3rd, 1914
4' v* „*v *v,
will be pat ou for the entertainment of
the pencil pushers.
An invitation will be extended to
editors of Iowa und South Dakota to
join with the Nebraska boye, and the
affair will ba a general mingling of
good fellows from the three states.
The Nebraska editors, at their an
nual meeting, decided on July 20th as
the most convenient date. Entertain
ment will be arranged daring the day
whioh will keep the visitors busy,
Superintendent Dilley, of Wind Cave, Improv
ing Roads in Great Shape.
The writer in company with F. M.
Stewart, A. W. Riordan, and Capt. J.
C, Hayes, of Gerrinjf, Nebraska, with
Harry Sheets as driver of the Stewart
big six Imperial auto, drove out to
Wind Cave and from there over to the
inolosure where the bnffalo are kept
Sunday afternoon and later visited
land owned by Capt Hayes near Pringle.
The trip out was made in reoord break
ing time due partly to the faot that the
roads were in excellent condition.
And while oi. the subjoot of roads it
might be well to compliment Superin
tendent Dilley on the good work which
is being done on the Park road north
and west of the Gave. An entirely new
road has been bailt and it might be
well forFall River aud Caster county
road builders to view this new work.
It is simply fine. Mr. Dilley has had a
foroe of men at work lately and for
nearly two miles be has accomplished
wonders. The roads tiv the Park be
tween this piaoe and the Cave are very
good but some work will be done to
improve these also. Besides building
roads Mr, Dilley is bnilding pavillions
and otherwise improving tbe building
at the Cave and everything will soon
present an entirely different and we
may add very pleasing appearance
Luokily a man is never too old to
After doing the volplane love is a|.t
to land in oold water.
Hope is a good thing, bpt a meal
tioket enables one to eat.
When uusn starts dov^hill he finds
everything greased to assist him.
If a woman has a hunch that even
uates accurately she calls it an inspir
Rather than oall you a liar to your
faoe some polite and cautious people
use the telephone.
Young women are as anxious to try
the new wrinkles as the older ones are
to get rid of them.
How oan we love our neighbor as our
selves if he declines to praise our vir
tues or overlook our faults?
Beware of the ohap who always agrees
with you. Sooner or later he will have
an axe to grind and want you to turn
the grindstone.
V" *0
*, .«
—Rogers In New York Herald.
-:-r-'4-i V-"
The two day's celebration whioh will
mark the oulmination of a strenuous
and united effort on tbe part of the
citizens of Hot Springs 1b upon us.
Tomorrow is the 4tb, the nation's birth
day, and everything is in readiness for
the many visitors that are expeoted.
Everything has been done that would
in any way help to make this celebra
tion one long tq be remembered.
Special oars will be added to all trains
to be run here from Edgemont, Craw
ford and Alliance and from Rapid Oity,
Rushville and Chadron.
Immediately after the arrival of the
trains in the morning will ooour the
deoorated auto parade. It is well to
state that there is no specified manner
of deoorating. The maohines will form
Who Will Give
JULY 4th
in line in front of the library in lower
town and upon a command of Marshall
Whaley will pass thru the main streets.
Following the parade will oome the
band concert and oration in the oity
park. The afternoon will be taken up
with a fine sports program on River
Avenue. The committees for these
different events and those having
charge of the program as appointed at
the last meeting of the fire department
is BB follows:
Deoorating: C. K. Walker, E. L. Grif
fen, jr. grand stand: W. F. Huebner,
jr. carts for hub and hub raee: John
Mueller, jr., L. G. Allen, Raymond Gil
lespie, G. B. Fargo auto parade: J. O.
Whaley 100 yard dash: J. G. Hummel,
A1 Daniels boy's 75 yard dash: ]ay
Crane, Rupert Gillespie shoe raoe:
Jas. Tillitson, L. G. Allen, John Akers,
J. F. Marooux baloon asoenslon: Thos.
Daly dance: J. C. Whaley, C. T. Volin,
C. P. Dalbey, D. K. Batchelor, C. K.
Walker tickets grand stand: W. F.
Huebner, John Mueller, jr, P. B.
Richer, Percy Lollioh hub and hub
race: John Mueller, sr., Thos. Daly
grease pig: Cal Dalbey greased pole:
John Mueller, sr.
On Sunday, July 5th, Rapid City and
Chadron will oontest for honors at tbe
ball park and at five o'olook will ooour
the second balloon ascension. The
aeronaut will arrive this morning from
Denver. Tbe first ascension will ooour
tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 p. m. That
an enormous crowd will be here there
is no doubt as practically every hotel in
tbe oity has a large number of reserve,
tions whioh have been wired in. Else
where in this issue will be found the
program for tomorrow and tbe next
day's events.
Hot Springs Leaf uers Honored by Convention
At Rapid City Last Week
To the recent District Convention of
the Epworth League in Rapid City, tbe
Hot Springs chapter of the League sent
a larger delegation than any other
chapter in the Hills, and this delegation
snoceeded in oarrying off an annual
share of the oonvention honors for Hot
Springs. Cbas. B. CJark and Miss
Joyce Case, both of tbe looal chapter,
were respectively eleoted president ud
vioe president for the district, and in
addition to tble tbe next annual
„5i- r^'
Estellc Carrier Writes Interestinf
Letter About European Trip.
On board S 3- "Canopio", June 9,1914.
"The plaoe I like best on board a ship
is way up on the top deck, among life
boats, and life preservers, with only the
sky above, and water in front.
Here one is really rooked in tbe
cradle of the deep, The wind whistles
thru the rigging, the waves audibly but
against tbe boat. Occasionally a sig
nal is heard from the bridge, repeated
in the crew's nest, and again at the
very bow of the boat.
Below there is always noise and oon
fusion, deok stewards running about,
passengers taking exercise, others
playing at shuffle board or quoits,
games of oardsgolngon in the "Lounge."
If the sea is rough, many remain In
their chairs, jarred In the oradle of the
We have had a very quiet time, No
sea at all. The ooean resembles a great
lake. We have sighted a few ships, bat
neither iceberg nor whale bas broken
the monotony of our sceuery. :,•
The weather has been warm, the
temperature of the water is 65 0'. I
saw it tested. A sailor lets down a
little buoket near the front of the boat*
gets a small quantity of water, and with
a small thermoneter takes the temper
ature. Nothing remarkable about thia^
but all things are interesting on ship
We vlBited tbe wireless, and the'
operator was kind enough to plaoe tbe
reoeiver on my head, and I actually
hard Bignals from a distant ahip.
The steerage is always interesting,
There are five hundred passengera
traveling steerage, mostly Italians. We
are not allowed to visit that part of the
boat, and I am glad of it, How they
must resent being gszed at by people
whose condition happens to be better
than thelrBl
Our first class passengers, four hund
red eighty in number, make up various
touring parties. Only a few are travel
ing "Solo". Teaohers, profeesorsi
pretty young ladies, and a sprinkling
of men. One Frenob lady exoites much
attention, if not admiration. She ap
pears in wonderful gowns, with wig to
matoh, takes her coffee and smokee
her cigarette in the Lounge room. If
being gazed at is what she wants, the
stare of tbe Amerioans on this boat
must satisfy her.
There is a Royal Italian commissioner
on board. He looks after tbe interests
of Italian passengers. Tbe Captain
runs the boat, but in oase of any emer
gency, the Ro^al Italians' word Is tbe
law. He is the court of highest appeal
and must be obeyed or tbe White Star
Line loses its right to land in any
Italian port.
We will soon be at Madeira there, for
tbe price of four dollars, they have ar-1
ranged to take us to the top of the
mountain whioh is about six thousand
feet high, and shoot us down a tobag
gan slide. If we wlsh to remain In'
the oity, two flunkeys will oarry aa
about in Hammarks.
Miss Juokett, Miss Quarnberg and
Mr. March have all been good sailors,
not at all sea sick, and have thoroughly
enjoyed themselves,
We will try to write yon another
short letter from Italy. This is thru
the Star to all our friends, and with it
we send them greetings.
-V. '1*
7 3 &
•. .••*": '•..•-•*•• •. —. -y
•.*V" v: 1
Vol. 29 No. 11'
of the oonvention was secured for Hot
Springs. To enable the late delegates
to share what inspiration they gather
ed at tbe oonvention with their fellow
Leaguers who stayed at home, the
regular hour of meeting next Sunday
evening will be occupied by a special
program, as follows:
Song Service,.!
Introductory Remarks,..
Chas. B. Clark
New Ideas on Churoh Finance,
W. B. Petty
Physical Culture of Epworthtans,
Dr. R. C. Matteson
Vooal Solo, George Mosher
Convention Fun, Mrs. Bateman
The Social Task of tbe Epworth
League, Miss Joyce Case ..
Estille Carrier.'*
Rev. Clark, chaplain at tbe Soldier'a
Home at Hot Springs, arrived on the
morning train Friday, aooompained by
bis wife. Rev. Clark Is just now oon
valesoing from siege of sioknees and
they will visit for some time at tbe
pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Bender on Squaw oreek in an endeavor
to regain at least a goodly portion of:
bis former strength. Mrs. Bender
drove to town and met them at tbe
train and drove them direot to ber
pleasant and pretty Squaw Oreek
home.—Hermosa Hustler.
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