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you for a booster.
•mall orders as we would i! you told us to fill all your bins.
Has me came Transfer waaon
SUM at Your House?
In other words, have you ordered your
supply of coal yet? We advise do
ing so and getting the advantage of
low prices. Do it to-day, and order
Dealer* in—The Beat Coal in the City.
The Game Transfer Gomoanu
llrao. Cable, Manager
CARNEY COAL is the coal that made Carney famous. It's the best in town. We have
$it in Nut, Egg and Lump sizes. We give as prompt attention and as good service in filling
Down and Golden Star Flour
Two of thebest brands on the market. Have a sack delivered to your home.
We always carry a big supply of Fuel and Feed. Hay, Grain, Etc. btove ^Yood in all
lengths. Give us your order small or big. Our customers are our best advertisers. We want
We Listen With Pleasure
to ths tales of many) depositors who
wouldn't have a dollar ahead to day if we had not
Induced them to open an account with
Commercial banking is not primarily for savers,
but for safeguarding money. That this bank does
the latter and Induces the former is a fact that
many of our depositors testify to.
Halley, President G. C. Saaith,
Associated With
First National Bask, Rapid City, S. D.
Keystsee Bank, lUyrtwi, S D.
HstSpriags, 9m*£
||i rLavroiwd trip summer excursionfares. in- effect
,|# daily lone xat to September 30th.
NElfnl* Palls. N* Y.
.NewYork,N Y.
Portland, Me.
Montreal, Que*' •.
Atlantic CitytN
Cluku sctalcioutes favorable limits and stopover priv
^4 llemM conespendlaf fattslo other points In Jthe east,
SpftndMty equipped through daily twins arrive #t the
ial, Hardware, Etc.
J, Chicago, at convenient haurs
"pV(N|M LMSI««wt
Sheriff's Sale, Judgment of Foreclosure.
Circuit Court, Seventh judicial Circuit.
State of South Dakota, County of Fall River ss
Kmma K. Trumbull, Plaintiff, versus Ira Sam
tuoup U. D. Colon
an, whose flret and true
christian name is unknown to plaintiff jaiuee
Coleman S. M. Holf, whose first and true
christian name la unknown to plaintiff E. II.
Morehouse, whose first and true ehriitian name
is unknown to plaintiff M. King, whose first and
true christian name is uuknown to plaintiff A.
B. Cherry, whose first and true christian name Is
unknown to plaintiff John Brown D.
Harris, whose firat and true christian name is
unknown to plaintiff John White and 1, 11.
Harris & Company, a firm, Defendants.
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of a
Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale In the above
entitled action, entered on the l&th day of April,
1914, and an execution issued- upon said judg
ment, the Subscriber, K. T. Clark, bheriff of
Fall liiver County, State of South Dakota, for
that purpose appointed, will sell at public auc
tion at the front door of the Court House in the
City of Hot Springs, County of Fall liiver, State
of South Dakota, on Saturday the SUth day of
August, 1914, at two o'clock in the afternoon of
that day, the real estate antf mortgaged prera
ises situate in the County of Fail River, State of
South Dakota, and directed in said Judgment
and execution to be sold, and therein described as
follows The north-east quarter of election four
iNKii-Hec. 4) in township ten (10) south, of
rango seven (7) east, Black Hills Meridian, or as
much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said
Judgment and coats, amounting in all to the
sum of Four Hundred Fifty-four and 43100
'$454.43] dollars, with interest thereon from tue
late of said udgment, and all accruing costs of
Dated ht Hot Springs, South Dakota this 22nd
day of July, 1914.
B. T. Clark,
Sheriff of Fall Kiver County, South Dakota.
Eastman & Dudley,
Plaintiff's Attorueys, ¥:S3
First pub. July 24th-last AUK. 281914. •__
No. 023346
Department of the Interior, U. 8. Land ofiloe
at itapid City, 8. D. July 17,1914.
Notice is hereby given that Ward Allen Stanley,
of Hot Springe, «. 1)., who, on June 27, lglO, made
Desert Land Kntry, No, 028340, for NW'KNE!*,
section 11, township 9 S., range 5 E.,
B, H. Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
make final proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before
George Hummel,
Clerk of Courts, in his office, at Hot Springs, S.
D., on the 29th day of August, WI4.
Claimant asmes as witnesses:
Arthur E. Collins, of Lithia, S. D. Robert J.
Walker, of Lithia, S. D. Carl Collins, of Lithia,
8. D. John A. Stanley, of Hot Springs, S. D.
Bnrke, Register.
First Pub. july 24-last August 28, WI4.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Sidney L. Klrtley, Deceased
Notice is hereby eiven by the uud
Administratrix with Will annexed
the estate
of Sidney L. Kirtley, deceased, to the creditors
of and all persons having claims against the
ua nivor vuumj, ovutu l/llOII, 1q HOOK
ii*r "svr
deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary
vouchers, within four (4 months after the first
publication of this notice, to the
trix with Will annexed or to Juckett & Adams,
attorneys for the Administratrix at the ofliee or
Jnckett & Adams, in Hot Springs, in the Countv
of Fall Kiver, Sooth Dakota. v-ouuvy
Dated at Hot Springs, 8. D., August 3rd, A. D.
Rachel Emma Kirtley,
Administratrix with Will Annexed of the
Bstate of Sidney L. Kirtley, Deceased.
First Pub. Augast 7-last August 28,1914.
Lawrence H. Hedrick, Attorney.
Mortgag* Forecloaare Sale.
Whereas, default has been made In the pay
ment of the Interest on the money second ty a
mortgage dated the »tb day of Mareh, A. 1. 1911,
executed by AugSst Bohne and Pearl Bohne, his
wife, of Vail River Connty, Booth Dakota to
James B: Coleman of Oelriehs, Fall River
Connty, Month Dakota, which mortgage was re.
corded in the office of the Register of Deeds of
Fall River connty, 8. D. in Book N of Mortgages
on page 54 on the 10th day of March, A. D/ 1911,
at one o'clock P.M.: which said mortgage was
dnly assigned by said mortgagee on the llth day
of March, A. D. 1911 to Thomas E. Edgerton of
of Mortgage* on page *92 on the feth day of
April, A. D. 1911, at one o'clock P. M. and
whtoh said mortgage was duty assigned by
Charles W. 8peer andChloe 8. Miller, executors
of the estate' of said Thomas E. Edgerton.
d'ssasea Chloe E. Miller of Hanover, 111., on
the 12th day of March, A. D. 1911, which said
tnf vt vty yi)vt)\%)\vj\ij\ini
V- '.vv.,-1 v., '-••yjf: Lit
assignment was duly recorded in the office of
Register of Deeds in and for Fall River County,
South Dakota, In Hook O of Mortgages on
page r55 on the SJtic.li day of March, A. 1). 1K13, at
9 o'clock A. M. and which said iLortgage was
duly assigned by C'hiue E. Miller to Nelly M.
Kdtit-rttJii of llanover, 111 on the Hth of July,
A. D. 1914, which said assignment was duly
recorded in the office of the Kegieter of Deeds
of Kail llivur t.'oimly, South Dakota, in Book
of Mortgages on page tH3 on the 14th day of
July, A. U. 1'IH, at 10 o'clock A. M. ai.d
in the payment of the taxes assessed against the
said mortiraic«d premises and
Whereas, it was stipulated in said mortgage
that if default he made in the payment of any
portion of the principal or interest at the time
the same should become due, or if default be
made in the payment of the taxes assessed, or
to be assessed against said premises before the
same became delinquent, then the whole sum,
both principal and interest of said mortgage,
would become due at once, together with such
taxes and interest and penalty thereon as said
mortgagee was compelled to pay and
Whereas, the amount claimed to be due upon
said premises at the date of this notice is the
sum of Eight Hundred three Dollar,)
and Ninety-nine cents (8XKI.99), to wit: Six
Hundred Dollars, $600.00, principal One Hun
dred Twenty-eight Dollars andtwenty live cents,
1128.25, interest Fify Dollars and Seventy-four
gagee including Interest thereon: Twenty-five
Dollars, 125.00, attorney's fees allowed by
statute and
Whereas, no action or proceedings at law or
otherwise have been instituted to recover the
debt secured by said mortgage or any part there
of and all of said Indebtedness having become
due now therefore
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of the
power of sale contained in said mortgage and
duly recorded as aforesaid, the said mortgage
will be foreclosed by the sale of the mortgaged
premises therein described at pupllc auction at
the front door of the court house in the city of
Hot Springs, Fall Kivef County, South Dakota,
on the 12ih day of September, A. D. 1914, at
ten o'clock in the forenoon of sail day.
The mortgaged premises are situated in the
county of Fall River, State of South Dakota and
are described as follows: to-wit—The South
west quarter, SWJ4, of section three, 3, in
township eleven, 11, south of range six, 6, east
of the Black Hills Meridian, containing 160 acres
according to the Government Survey thereof.
Dated at Hot Springs, S. D„ this 31st day of
uly, A. D, 1914.
HellyM. Edgerton,
Assignee of Mortgagee and owner of said mort
Lawrence H. Hedrick,
Attorney for Assignee.
Notice is hereby given, That Lucile E. Clag
horn has filed with the Judge of this Court, a
petition praying for Letters of Administration
of the Estate of Arley L. Cleghorn, deceased,
and that Saturday, the 29th day of August, 1914,
at lOo'lock A. M., of said day, being a day of a
regular term of this Conrt, to-wit: of the July
term, 1914, at the office of the County Judge, in
the City of Hot Springs, County of Fall Kiver,
S. D„ has been set for bearing said petition,
when and where any person interested may ap
pear and show cause why the said petition should
not be granted.
Dnted at Hot Springs, S.D., this 10th day of
August, 1914.
P.P. WA*1».
'Judge of the County Court.
Cull A Wood, Attys for Applicant.
First Pub. August 14-laat August 28.1914,
Notice of Mortgage Foreclosuer Sale.
Whereas, Jesse E. Rasmusen and M. Edna
Rasmusen, mortgagors executed and delivered
to WHUam C. Richards, mortgagee, their certain
mortgage, dated October S, 1910, mortgaging the
lands below described, which mortgage was duly
recorded on the 3rd day of November, 1910, in
the office of the Register of Deeds of Fall River
County, South Dakota, in Book of Mortgagees
at page 175 thereof and.
Whereas, no proceeding has been instituted at
law to recover the debt secured by said mort
gage, or any part thereof and,
Whereas, said mortgage contains a power of
sale, and default has been made in the conditions
thereof, which default consists in the failure of
•aid mortgagors to pay the principal sum and
interest now due ana secured by said mortgage
and to pay the taxes accruing against said mort
gaged lands, by reason of which default the said
power of sale haa become operative, and there is
now claimed to be due upon said mortgage,
•1,000.00 principal, and S182.47 interest, ana
SS7.I0 taxes and interest thereon, paid by the
mortgagee, in all 11,169.77
Mow Therefore, Notice is hereby given that
by virtue of the power of sale in said mortgage
contained, and the statute in such caaea made
and provided, the said mortgage will be fore
closed sale of the mortgaged premises, or so
mueh thereof as may necessary, by the
sheriff of Fall River County. South Dakota, or
his deputy, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at the front door of the Court
House, in the City of Hot Springs in Fall River
County, South Dakota, on the adth day of Sep-
$&.00 attorney's fees, and other disbursements
allowed by law.
The description of the mortgaged premises,
and the property to be sold as aforesaid, sub*
atantlally as Contained in said mortgage is: The
southeast quartet of section ten, in township
ten. south, of range eight, east, of the Black
Bills Meridian, in Fall River -Connty, South
Dated this ltth day of August. 1914.
William C. Richards, Mortgagee.
B. T. Clark, Sheriff.
W. B. Benedict* Attorney for Mortgagee.
First Pub. August 14-last September 26.1914,
\d\$j \m\%)
Painting, Paper Hanging and
vi vt
E Clark,
Sheriff of Fall River County, S. D. Auctioneer.
First pub. July 31st last Sept. llth, 1914.
No. 011460.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office
at Rapid City, S. D„ Aug. 22, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that Kugene
Wells, of
Hot Springe, S. who, on August 15, 1907,
made Homestead Entry No. 15260 serial No.
011460, for NEHSEy, section 31, NS4SWH. NWk
SKJi, section 32, township 6 8., range 5 K, H.
Meridian, has filed notice of Intention to make
final five year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before George Hummel,
Clerk of Courts, in his office, at Hot Springs, S.
D., on the 3rd day of October, 1914.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Albert March Oeorge R. Hoagland, Leslie
Williams, Perl Chambers, all of Hot Springs, S.
JOHN L. BUKKE, Register.
First Pub. August 26-laetOctober 2, 1914.
Notice of Hearing Petition for Letters
of Administration.
State of South Dakota, County of Fall River ss
In Countv Court. July Term, 1914.
In the Matter of the Estate of Arley L. Cleg
horn, Deceased.
The State of South Dakota Sends Greeting. To
Lucile E. Cleghorn and Charlotte B. cleghorn,
heirs at law and next of kin of Arley L. Cleg
horn, deceased, and to all to whom these pre
sents may come.
ND you'll want me to when
you find out what I have
A guaranteed price-i-a guaranteed job, and the kind
of satisfaction that will make you reronmend me to
your friends. It won't cost you anything to talk to
me and it may SAYS YOU MONEY.
tet me knp^ryou,vfant to see me.
vt v?
EVER since Mexico became an
independent republic in 1821
bas there been anything ex
cept "bad blood" between that
nation and the United States. The
history of their International inter
course is a continuous round of strain
ed diplomatic relations, border squab
bles, wars aud warlike demonstrations.
Mexicans today believe Uncle Sam
corets an overlordshlp over their na
tion. Mexico when it won Independ
ence from Spain was twice Its present
area and equal in size to the United
States of that day. Every foot of ter
ritory it bas lost has gone to the Unit
ed States. In recent years certain in
terests In the United States have clam
ored openly for further annexation—
the states of Tamaullpas, Nuevo Leon,
Coahuila, Chihuahua, Sonora and Low
er California. Thus, Mexicans reason.
Uncle Sam, having once halved their
nation, seeks to do so again. In their
eyes the "gringos" are land hungry,
and history for 100 years seems to
prove their statements.
After the purchase of Louisiana a
picturesque adventure in the eyes of
lively Americans was to buy Texas.
Mexico refused. At length further col
onization was forbidden. Americans,
however, continually slipped across the
Mexico attempted to collect taxes In
Texas by force. Texas, under Sam
Houston and Colonel James Bowie, re
volted. American youths flocked across
the border to their aid.
The massacre of the Alamo aroused
Texas. A republic was proclaimed,
which the United States soon recog
nized, other nations following.
Santa Anna, the Mexican president,
was captured and agreed to use his in-
fluence with the Mexican congress to
grant Texas independence, the Texan
boundary "not to extend farther than
the Rio Grande." But Mexico never
surrendered its claim to Texas.
For nine years Texas remained a re
public. Texans and Americans were
the same In Mexican eyes. Border
warfare continued without interrup
tion. Texans invaded New Mexico in
1841. Raids and attacks by Americans
were the role from Matamoras to the
With affairs in this shape Texaa was
annexed to the United States. War
became Inevitable. Texas claimed Its
boundary was the Rio Grande. Mexico
claimed the Rio Nueces. The Inter
vening strip of land was reputedly
very valuable.
Take a map of the United States and
see for yourself how disastrous to
Mexico was that war. Half Its lands
were taken from it All of the present
California. Nevada, Utah, New Mexi
co, nearly all of Arizona and parts of
Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and Okla
homa were lost In 1853 a farther
slice was taken, known as the Gads
den purchase, and added to Ariaona.
This was to provide a road to the Cali
fornia gold fields. The United States
paid Mexico $10,000,006 for It and ^de
manded as "boor the cancellation of
several million dollars In claims Mexi
co held against it
During a revolution In 1858 'Uncle
Sam again obtained concessions from
Mexico—this time a trade .route and
canal rights across Tehoantepec. Presi
dent Buchanan asked congress for
money to fortify this root*. To Mexi
co's relief the money was refused. In
1867 the United States saved Merico
from becoming a French dependency
by ordering Napoleon to remove his
troops supporting Maximilian. Mexi
co was cratgfdl. although now agita
tors say we did It only because we
hoped ultimately to get Mexico our
This distrust of the United States,
which, considering the past. Is not al
together unfounded, haa been nerving
tiie hand of Huerta in hi* last stand.
New recruits to his army are now
very raw recruits, hut Hwota is able
together then In because ait
tred for the "frtngoa."
Bad Blood Always V:
Has Existed Between
Mexico and United States
Attorrey-at Law
Practice in any court ofBoe In Uourt
douse. Uot Springs South Dakota.
Publio Stenographer and Typewriter
Offlne—Over Peoples1 National Bank.
Attorney-at- Law'
Practice in all Courts. OIBne over
Peoples National Bank. Hot Springs
S.E Wileoo Clifford A. Wilson
«•, t.
Offloe over Fargo Mercantile Company
Store. Hot Springe, 8outh Dakota,
Representing Gooden ft Ballard, whble
sale and retail Marble and Granite
dealers. Hot Springs, South Dakota.
Attorneys Law
Offloe in Court House. Hot Springe
South Dakota.
Dr. L. E. EATON,
*4 Located in Minnekahta Block
Suooessor to D& J. A. GRAHAM
H«t Springs, South Dakota
Charles 8. Eastman William B. Dudley
Praotloe in all oourte. Offloe over the
Bodega, Hot Springs, South Dakota.
F. E. LOW.
Of Battle Mountain Satiitarium Band
Piano Timing and Fine Repairing
All work guaranteed
Prices reasonable
Leave orders at the Star Offloe.
Used two passenger road*
ster In fine oondition. Will sell at a
bargain. Call Star offloe. adv. 16tf.
Many people want to see the
plumber right away. If you get
up some morning and find a leak
in the pipes the first thing you do
is go to the phone and call me up.
When I get there I lose no time or
kill no time on the way. I will
adjust everything properly.
In case your plumbing is getting
old I will gladly give estimates
on new plumbing.
PIunm 105
How much a.porcb
adds to the ap
Certainly a great deal more
than the cost.
And it adds vastly "to the
comfort and pleasure of
the family.
The time to build it is NOW,
with a whole summer's use
ahead of you.
W« will be glad to figure the.
cost of the material and)
give such advice as our ex
perience suggests.
We have the stock—the lat
est patterns in pprch col
umns, the beat framing
and flooring, etc.
Come in and see whet we
have and what we cav db*

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