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semoL Gt*L
T«Bi H*r L|«KiiLPiBbiali
Vegetable CnmpoimJ Re
•tONd Hef Daoflfe.
Mow, Iowa.—"Rom a child
IS yea* aU daughter ha
ik&Saa. I
I to three
found had baaaaf
IfTNt benefit tomei
[soldedded tohava
hercive ita trial.
bu taken tn
bottles of tbe Vege
table Compound nc
tn th* bottle and
thia trouble 8b* was
•B toft down trim» she started tattnc
CVwmaimdand bar periods did not
caoMright. gbe waa ao poorly and
»ia fat I often bad to help bar drees
ifwk no*? aha la regular and la
etriqog and healthy."—Mra.
iBMiq, Pltm) Iowa.
at ooo* take
if iwviit hmU ahiMiniti ts
be opened, read and
Husband Dashed Home In Response
to Telephone Call to -Find Hie
Worst Feare.Ware Groundless.
Smltbsonsaida fhunderstormal
wayji reminded btaa «f this absurd In
cident in hia early married lite. He
aaid'it happened when their iBrst baby
was only two months old, so be might
be pardoned If ttfa solicitude exceed*
ed big sober Jjsdgment He was at
.bis office one aftfrwMm when a ter
rifle "thdnderstorm broke 'Which
crashed enough to frighten anyone,
so When Uu *phone rang and bis
wife's velfte tremulously asked:
"George, dew can you come home
right aaid,-"yes/' quickly,
norpansad It question, but frantic
with inligltlaga,gmbbod bis bat and
almodt ranthaOudhtownto bis home.
wife awmtiae bto- on the poroh, ber
face$be ieiy ftfetnro of distress.
Rushing apt lo 'ber ho aaid anxtooa
ly: ''Why^darilng, what's the mat
Mucb t0 hia surprise eame this re
ply: "Qh, Oeerge, dear, we bare
fr moths 1 "—Ka»ama 'City Btar.
•. .-,v One Tfro Many.
The 'hua waa willing up Flfth arenue
in a heavy gsenndswell, on a murky
night .Perhaga it was only that the
chauffeur and oondnetbr were both
sleepy, or soayfte -it was only tbe mug
gtnesa' that •eaeteed them.
On ttte corner at Thirty-fifth atreet
stood. waiting to oroas, a (belated de*
livery boy, holding erect by the waist
a dressmakers droSs form. The chauf
feur thought be detected a flare, and
slowe& bis sraft In io the curb. The
conductor IpokoA «ut through the tog.
shook his head, a|Ml rang tbe bell to
.•v. .go abend.] ?•-V
"Boom for «a$ oafty," be said, and
•Jithe 'bus
^'Wbat la Jafea
"Anybody ba
.'* .-
Pram the Oapltal City, tha Varlowa
Jltatji (netitutione and Oram
Many- Different Parte of
tbe dumblne State.
9mt»m Nib^mb tTMod item Smla.
81ouac Palls.—Investigations as to
the cause of tke sudden rise in price
of foodstuffs baa been ordered by the
district attorneys have been instruct
ed to condoct such Investigations. As
slstant United States District Attor
ney W. E. Flske has token up the
work In the absence of United States
Attorney R. Eh Stewart and reports
that no loesl combinations are operat
ing in this section. "There are no lo
cal combinations in the state and the
Increase is eaused by wholesale con
cerns in larger cities," declared the
district attorney when asked in re
gard to the matter. "The only marked
Increase ^re In flour, sugar and lem
ons. Notwithstanding the fact that
wheat is gradually, decreasing In price
(he price of flour Is going aip.^
State College Football.
Brookings.—State college baa lost
only two of her football stars by grad
uation—Chappell: and Bushy—and is
about to begin tbe most successful sea
son of: late years, accordlngto a state
ment just isued by Coach Harry Bw
tng. The team will be greatly
strengthened by the return of two 1912
men, and by tbe acquisition of several
high school players of, exceptional
Forty mm will attend the annual
football camp ot Xake Oakwood Sep
tember 8 to 19. This year's camp will
be located across the lake from the
old mill, where the practice and bath
ing facilities are-superior to the site
used last year. Coach Ewlng states
that he Is In daily reoeipt of letters
from high school graduates and for*
Smer state players who are anxious to
make the team and enjoy camping
Tbe schedule of games for tbe ooafr
!ng season follows:
September 26, open October 3, S. D.
(J, at Vermfllion October lor Huron
college, at Huron {practice game) Oc
tober 17, open October 44, Yankton
college at Brookings October 81,
Hamlin U. at Brookings November
7, Huron college «t Brookings Novem
ber 14, N. p. tL. at'Broekings "Hobo
day," November 21, open November
27, Dakota Waaleyan U. :Ht lRttChelL
-Hobo dajT will bis celebrated on
November i4, the occaalbn of the big
game between North Dakota univer
sity and state college, l^ooal enter
prise contemplpstes, the ofisring of
substentbil prisea for the best cos
tumes in the student parade.- It is
also planiied to take moving pictures
of the events to be shown In the va»
rioim theaters Of the state.
Not to Be Fostpened.
Aberdeen.—Msx Binheim, editor of
the pakota Preie Presse, and secre
tary of the Aberdeen ^ress club, wired
the management of the "San Francis*
exposition, asking tbat in view of the
world war in Europe! tbe expOBltlon
might bp postponed.- Afr. Blnhelm took
this kcttan In view of tbe work of the
South Dakota ezsoattion commission,
recently appointed by Gov. Byrne, In
raising funds by private subscription
for South Dakota exhibition at the
position, tbtacking tin management
might postpone the osposttion. for
year Mid that would give t&» 1915
session of the South Dakota legisla
ture an opporturttyto make an appro
priation for the «tate exhibit. Ho
-rsoeived a reply from the president
of thb expoeitttm, stating tint the pos
Sibillty of postponing tbe «xpoSH:ion
had bden gone Into ittarattghly, and
it Mid been deofdad to ImM to the
Qralfi eraF Ftnnllwir
AberiMp.—Ttoeah^g reports 'mob
beglnlng to conte In fkaat all sectlens
of the northern partof^he state, draw
ing all kinds of small^gKain to be ron
ning considerably higher than was ex
pected. The threshing thus far is only
from /the shock, stacked being left te
•weat a few weeks. Velvet chair
wbeat ls.running fhm» 12 to 2S bush
els per acre, U)* gaaeral average, how
ever, beb| tt and 11. Borne fleldr
badly^ iwtaC^ are ooly rnanin4 4nm
folate eight bushes. Scoteb Fife is
averasing batwem and 'lgitiia gener
al run vbalng around and 1C bush'
O^i Is mnnliig as high aa. 70
:INUic- avwaglag
betwe«» *O and W. ^arisy i* nndlnf
Sixty Day Oata Valuable.
Brookings.—A new use for sixty day
oats has been developed at 4he South
Dakota experiment station during the
last two years. Since this variety rip-.
ens go early U^t It can frequently be
harvested before barley or ^rheat is
ripe it has proved useful as a nurse
nop for alfalfa. In 1912, it was seed
ed with alfalfa at the Brookings farin
at the' rate of 24 pounds of oats aad
10 pounds of alfalfa per acre. An a».'
cellent stand was secured. In 1914
at Vivian farm half of one ileld was
sown without the oats aad half of it
was far ahead of the oats. On July
the alfalfa with the oats was far ahead
of. that, which was sown without,. Tha
oats protected the young alfalfa frpm
tbe wind and helped" it through tbe
crusted soli. Thus does tke itffdjr
little sixty day oat lay hold on anew
olalm for recognition.
V9VV n«M9i ^T'--
Pierre.—The automoblle party bead
ed by A. Ik Westgard, vice ptesUent
and director of the NatKmal Highway
association, made an over night scop
while on tbeir way to tho Tellow-1
atone park over the Black and .^el-1
lOw Trail. Mr. Westgard says that tha
trouble not only with the Black and
Tallow, but all the different traila, ia
thai of getting them worked continu
ously along the proposed lines. Thttt
in .traversing any of the proposed na
tional or stato highways, there will be
apots well worked, with a good high
way, and'Xher places where no^itten
tkm baa been paid to the work, with
very poor roadways. But the awe
ment Is a good one hi his estimation,
as places are flxed on all theso traila
each year, as local enthusiasm la
worked'up, which will result finally in
mort of the line of proposed roadbed,
and tbe early filling of the gapa left
open when that time comes. The par
ty x^ne here from Minneapolis by way
of Aberdeen and Huron, and thp line
of travel waB to Yellowstone park and
back from there to Omaha by way of
Chadron, Neb.
Complain of Service*
Deadwood.—Western South Dakota
shippers are laying plans' to take up
with the Interstate commerce com
mission tbe question of swifter mov
ing of freight cars by having a time
limit placed on their pasage. it la
olalmed that under preaent operatiofis.
some of the roads are holding incom
ing freight for the Black Hills at di
vision points until 1,000 tons are as*
sembled, as that is the amount each
engine is expected to haul each trip
through the Hills. While this reduoes
the coat to the roads In handling sbiji
nmnts, It ia declared to Inconvenience
shippers by delaying oars, and it is
proposed to have the commisgion es
tablish a time limit under which cars
•must be transported,
Suggests a Chanoa.
Pierre.—The offlcial report of the'
superintendent and other officials of
the state abldlers' home at Hot
Spprings, haa been filed with the gov
ernor, nnd the maln featuro seems- to
be a request the next legislative
aaaalon that legal provisions be made
to allow old soldiers to bring their
wives to the home vttth them: At
present they are .allowed" to occupy
the oottagea with th^ir husbands, but
it is without any legal standing, and
the superintendent and others appear
to feel that the existing:' system
should be given sanction of law
Gov. Byrne on
the Black Hills to meet with the
Western South Dakota Water Users'
association at Nisbuui, and to 8peak at
Deadwood nt the unveiling Of the stat
ue Which has been erected In memory
of John W. Smith, the pioneer preach
er, who was killed by Indians in
«»p«f bwfca »:paaniMn(m'i»ife
dtaa hrotbara, wbo antA
ByrneT tls gone to
while, oin his way from Deadwood to
Crook City la bold services. .. a
Cattle Have Anthrax,
Chamberlain.—Ninety-two hdad of
cattle shipped, .Oacoma, .were
held up: by the geiveminent veterina
rians here as^ aent back to Oacomii
Ike journals were, infected with, an
thrax, several dyfatg while being un
loaded. Government and state offi
dala aaw $itag att in Ibeir Wwer to
pam^ent tte spoead tbis fatal dls-
fsstemplatsa ijpadatwent.
W«n»--^ep«*ts from Pierre indi
cate that Oov. Byrne will appoint
of Barkstan, Repubttean nomi
•Me superintandMit of
to the racaacy cauaed b- tbe
resignation State fluperiniei^
tl» oMIce to am
same tbe position supertet«Bd«Bi
•N^ClsM 1«ar eent^iMntiM.
5!Tr*'~i?rk* ^ders cf .wolf bounty
^Wca^t^jrng^^ centB
on tha dgiftrof. thrtr obvttfteates. This
is less than fbr JaM yonr, there be
&?£****^ W^wfealaims. tbe
total this yoar ajiMnmiing to |14.7i2,
which mnst bo n»«t out «a annual
of WW, and pro-
Qaa^ |«Btti patbol
iMtet station, re
trlMr-iidlaflr^ they are
desires to
who have bad
tied to a
*Mm NraNltr Vita MMnnlte.
Sioux Falls woman will organise a.
branch of tha Booth Dakota Bqual
The Black Hllla Baptist association
has Just completed an Interesting
meeting at Lead,
The hot dry waathc/ in the Vicinity
of Spencer la materially catling down:
the yield of cornr which up to tha
past few days had promlaed to bo
big crop.
Z. A. Poole of naar Bulphur, Id
Meade county, haa shipped. 1* forty
head of line yearling Short-horn heif
ers. which he will/keep for breeding
The drouth wm broken at Draper
by a downpour of rain lasting twelve
hours, in which time -1% Inches of
water fdll, insuring a good corn crop
late potatoes and all kinds of garden
stuff. •.
The contract has been: awarded for
the erection of four new school build
togs in four of the Country districts
near Colome.. The structures must
be completed not later than October
1 next
Articles of Incorporation have peen
filed for the Farmers' Elevator com
pany of Reville, capital $5,000. Incor
porators, John Drube, Cbas. Polfus,
H. H. Hoffman, H. B. Jones, A. H.
A destructive hail storm struck Bi
son, the county seat of Perkins coun
ty. It is reported .that every window
in the county seat was broken out
The damage to grain has not bean
The city" of Lennox is constantly
growing. Many new substantial resi
dences have been erected during tha
summer and Quite a number are plan
ned and will be put up before tha
snow files.
Joy riders stole the btg touring car
of J. C. Bassett, present of the Ab
erdeen National bank, about 9:80 at
night. Next, morning the cisr waa
found on a side street, unharmed, but
with an empty tank.-'
The Aberdeen school board has'pur
chased a tract of land near the edge
of town, consisting of 38.S acres,
which will be used for school play
grounds or garden tracts until future
development of tbe city makes its use
for school purposes safi,iitth aatswh
tor school house cites necessary.
North of. Lemmon, In Adams county,
N. D., at Spring Butte and Dayton
Hills, a bad.hall Btorm did great dam
age to grain. Uncut grain was com
pletely ruined and grain in shock was
badly damaged. Bars of corn were
torn from the stalk. This storm cov
ered a width of four miles and the
distance traveled has not been to
A.Meade county homesteader, who
moved to California, has written back
movedto California, has written back
|0 bis home paper saying he is com
Ing back just as soon as he can get
around to it. He finds California not
att it had been painted. For one thing,
he has to drink water that is pumped
through a pipe line forty miles long,
and there are other disadvantages.
J¥ed Bones, a farmer living near
Marion, has offered a reward of flOO
for. the arrest and conviction of un
known persons who recently raided
bis farm and stole forty of his spring
pigs. An organized band seems to
be at work in that territory stealing
porkers, the activity of the thieves
doubtless being due to the good prices
#blch plgB command on tbe market.
.Bome people are finicky. The wife
~o£a homesteader near Wltten has had
bSr hUBband arrested because, she al
'lffce*,-he was in tbe habit or beating
lbfr, and was not at all particular as
^Si"the weapon used in administering
itanishment. A stove poker, a pitch
fork and a hammer are some of uie
things the husband is alleged to have
used in rebuking bis wife.
traco yet baa been found of the
IpSjdurs who entered a Dlmock sa
Wppi and escaped with about f20 In
allvar whlch was In a safe, which waa
by- a charge of dynamite. The
overlooked $100 in bills which
between the covers of a bill file.
roots and walls of the "building
fluttered by the force of the ex-
The burglary Is believed to
'O been committed by local talent
The happiest man in Sioux Falls
days is Shandy Klnkade, and
ppiness caused by tbe bumper
QffW of apples that he is disposing of
t«^»cal dealers. Shanuy has for years
biin at work on a fruit orchard,
years be gets apples and some
be gets nothing. Last year ha
ity of apples, but there was-no
for the fall apple and Shanuy
ted to convert the apples into
ir. But the best be got was some
more like vinegar. This year
iy has another big crop, and
to relate, big crop and big
have come together for ones
it Mr. Kinkado selling his
output of early apples to jocal
«nd getting 91.00 per bushel
^Pl'tho same. *j,
to tbe Kansas City star
announcee that Bdward
Of Sioux Falls, who Is now in
haa enllsted In a company of
...'lldani vUcb will start oat in
France. The directory does
the name of May, and It
rjLoape,. cbifcf of police at Fla»
landed a straager ln jail want
Vaxaa ter forgery and Jail-
Tkaatrangarbad beaa
tbe harvest fleMs aronnd
and waa landed by tha po
•(ft- rj.^i
lalands Where Comnuinleatlon With
the Great World la at Rare Inter
,val»—Trlaten da Cunba.
Though sdMrtUte progress bias made
it possible to do a double Journey be
tween England and America In a fort
night* there reptain many Islands with
which it takee yeara to communicate.
Off the Scottish coast afe the
groupe of lalands known as the He
brides, Orkne^a and SbeUands. Of
thsise the moat isolated lslanda is St
Kllda, aome three miles long and two
mllee braid. Tbe lnbabltents lead
llvoa of great loneliness, for it takes
a moath to get to the next Island,
and tbe pea often makea any com
munication with St. Bllda Impossible
for months.
Tha group of eight Phoenix Islands
in the Pacific haa a total population of
only 118, while another little bit of
the British empire Is Fanning ialand.
This is a landing pUtce for the Pacific
submarine eabie. and usually there
are about one'hundred pfeople in the
Tbe loaelieat of all parts of Britiab
territory ia tbe Island of Trlatan Da
Cunba, in the- South Atlantic, whidi
is also the smallest inhabited island
.in tbe empire. It is 1,800 milos from
land, has a population of 74 Scottish
Americans, and the inhabitants get
news of tbe outer world usually once
every two years.
4240 So. California Ave., Chicago, 111,
—"About a year ago my face waa Mil
of pimplea and red apots. To alaep
one night without Itching waa ahnoat
Impossible. Some of tbe pimplea
would get big and red and If I touched
them they would pain, while others
would get white haada on them and
when they broke open aoma matter
came out They would bum and Itch
and I acratched them ao that aome
tlmea they would break and bleed.
That always cauaed tbem to bo wdrae.
"I bought all kinda of salvea and'
dreama and I found out tint they did
me no good. I noticed tbe Catlcura
Soap and Ointment advertisement and
I aent for a free sample, I want to
the drag store and bought a cake of
Cuticura Soap and some CuticUim
Ointment and I found tha pimplea
were drying out. In two montha I
waa well." (Signed) Chas. J. Pack,
May 7, 1914.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment aold
throughout the.world. Sample of each
free,with 82-p. Skin Book.Addreaa poat
card "Cuticura, Dept L, Bpaton."^-Adv,
Confident an Enemy Will Appeari
The Irish people are managing to
get some old-fashioned fun out'of tbe
menacing situation :in Ulster. The
London Chronicle (which Is for borne
rule) aaya that at the snoment whea.
both bonda of volunteera were swarm
ing through on "Ulster town a volun
teer of pome kind, in full pano^y of
war, waa met In tbe atreet by a friend,
"So yoa are going to fiihtr. aald
tbe hiepd.
"Who a^e you going to fight, the Na
"No, we are not going to fight: tbe
"Are you going to fight the prtteor
"No, I do not think we are going to
fight the police?"
"Are you gobig to flgbt the English
"No, I don't think we shall l^bt ik*
Engliab aoldlers."
"Then who are you golng to figbtr'
"The Lord will provide."
The Fumpe.
Lord Mdkraey, bead of tbe Kmpresa
ssld to a "New YmM wpOrtar the other
"Much is still left teti desira^ bM
ships are aafer than they used to be.
With a smile the veterab jurist idd
"Wo no longer hear of skippers gfe
fwing tucb excuses Jfer alow pajiagsi
AS tha one ottered by the irlrtpi er of
the edlUa^ wbo aaid:
tbroo tlsM* tbrongb tbat sbip
attwaa:'-^- r:
pit m» Ma#t
lotion on tbe taMa."
'Tm not surprised^ eapsstsd Hio
aA aMbari." 'i
A MsiZ
Does Noi
in fksor because it
:|o tfce Iron
e. For
Sioux Cltypirectory
A San BVanclscan wbo had baas
bunting lnftbe^rMbaitxnX^alM^rakoo
without bagging an^ guut ttuse upon
a mountaineer 4srbo waa feeding a
caged wildcat he bad cftUght tht day
"How much will you take for thai
beaatf ha aaked,
The captor aaid and4he money
waa paid over.
^Now," said tbo Hinvrod, "tfe one
and of a strong oord to fbii tre^ aad
another to tbe eat'a MM* and than
open tha door of tke ca^o.'*
Tkla waa finally aacampMabsd and
tha fierce animal stood «tr(lnlru( at ita
tafher. 5. --.j-v.*
'The aporteman, who waa watching
the exercises frpte fbS intarlor of the
cabin, leveled afidse the win-1
dow sill. took carefal alm aid bbued
away. The wildcat gsta a ftyfttl Vell
and dlaanmad la% f#t Tbo
bullet bad'Cnt' tbordpo. 'r-4-
The t«
Infanta and
Signature of
In l^Wbri
II 1 I..ill y-fj?1.:.-
in pbyaiology.
"Mary, you tellua," tiie artced, "what
ia the fupctloa of the stossas^T"
'The function of the stomicb," the
little girl anawered/ '^ia to bdld 'ap tbo
"How's your boy.
"Net well^ tb«r bailed Itta* onl of
the box in the lUbcd Jnalnt'tKo other-'
day.".- .•."*••
Slight DHrereneo.
"Bo iour maid had
aberry boUlab had abo?"
•Wo. pre-aaoptled.*'
"The fate of war aaema to bang by
a hair."
"Tea,: a BalgilA tia^,' sp la speak."'

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