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Hot Springs weekly star. (Hot Springs, S.D.) 1892-1917, August 28, 1914, Image 6

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„*T JU,f ,x:'
ii:l iTntaiE
Jif $ ftrti ef Frano* Depend* on Ability of
VCsmklned ArtniM to pnvint Fur
by" Invader*—Namur
J|^ XWaHwMM UflflmMm MM. '•'.
$§2 t'Oadea.—A dispatch from Vienna to
w& 4b« RWa)« Telegraph company by the
w" way of Amsterdam gives the official
iwjmmit that the Austrian gov
it on Tuesday handed his pass
to the Japanese ambassador. The
ambassador at Toklo, it is
aanounaed, has. been recalled.
XioaAMt.—4arl Kitchener, secretary
W state for war, mailing his first
tipeeeh at a Jrivate meeting of the
ikons* Mis, prepared the British
jlpBblia for the possibility of a pro
longed war, whloh would impose
|onsMwil strain upon the nation.
11 ia aadesstood that four-fifths of
the StHO British casualties were in
stirred dmtag the retreat of the Brit
Mk ectasia, No list of the casualties
has |Mb' published and the publio
tnsp«MM Is very great. Anxiety, how*
snrt la tempered by the knowledge
that tha British army has given a
good asgaant of Itself.
.3^:'-B|rted l» Farts.-
Theqesstion of what has happened
at Nuw has not yet been dearly de
fined. »bs German report alleges
'.that A*. tawn and fife forts have fal
lsa, kit hi Jferls it is denied that the
Intahavn keen taken.
AeefNIng to the British offlelal
aews bureau there has been no fur
engagement in the great
Wench war office announoes
the Germans have assumed the
kI the north against the
aew position taken up by the allies.
German attack on Mallnes
repulsed and German oavalry
linked as far
the Toureh-
dtotrict, near LUle. This
as indicating aa intention
it the Qarauuu to at
turning moremant
fW.V»«nch .left.
I Beialie Leaking.
right, hasfal
it rests oa tl*
potltioa of Belfort ead
V* still to wait for any
nMatr aetails af the receat Mfr
dtiisrrtli.g to the story jpob*
DallyTelegyaph two
were eppoeed by
and acavalry dm
aad tha oaa-
I par osataf
therefore were not
might have
futiAs Offlelal Vereien.
W flOMkaslssoed
ia chief, requiring
Admiral tlr F. C. ferldgeman of the
British navy Is one of King Qeorge's
vets ran officers who Is seeing aetlve
eervles enee mere.
fading all memories «C their oondnot
on August 20.
"Notwithstanding the fatigue of the
three days' battle and the losses they
have undergone, the morale of the
troops is excellent and they are anx
ious to resume the fighting. The out
standing Incident dn Sunday was the
fight between Algerian and Senegal
ese riflemen and the Prussian guard.
Our African soldiers hurled them
selves with unbridled fury On this sol
id body and the attack became a
hand to hanHcombat in which the
guard suffered heavily. The German
emperor's nncle. Gen. Prince Adalbert,
was killed and his body taken to
"Our arms will continue their mag'
niftoent effect, in the hnowledge that
they are fighting in the cause of civ
ilisation. All France follows the
struggle calmy and with atrohg heart
Tbe eons of Prance are supported by
Ilia heroic Belgians, who have recap
tured Mallnes, and the corageous Eng
lish army. Meanwhile the Russians
air* marching along the roads of West
Prussia and tke invasion of Germany
is progressing,
In tke north detackments of Ger
man oavalry, which appeared Sunday
la the neighborhood of Lille, Soubalx
and Toureoing. wer* observed yester
day aear Douai. This cavalry cannot
adranoe much farther without the rMc
tailing lata Bngllsh llnes, which
hafra b*«a reinforced by the French
^.•.^•llttisiana -Fash Forward. ''.fT:
l4a4os—The French embassy in
the following state-
^Tke movemeat which
yasler day by order of the commander
ik chief waa eontlnued today without
vaoosesfal ovpoaltloa by the enemy.
It Is eoaHniiA^ tkat a Prusilaa corps
guarda were ron^ily handled in tke
ifOent fl^ting. They were attacked
hf AlgMrtaa rlfleami. and In the hand
ta kasd fighting which
attedts agatiut Nancy
ensued the
are rasolutsly push-
tktfr offsaslve movament"
la OaUda and hava rented two dlvi
"w tha
ICany Wasklngton diplomafa fami
liar witk tke situation ccasldsr it prac
tically cwtaln that should Turikey side
with Germany and Austria, Italy
would abandon her posttion at neutral
ity and Join Great Britaint France,
Russia and Bwvla, who couldreounl
also upon the assistance of BtffeaTla
and Greece'.
Qule^ Mobilisation.
Both Greece and Bulgaria are under
martial law, with their similes mo
bilised along the frontiers watching
Turkey's movements. The troops of
the Ottoman empire are quietly mo
bilising without public order-ta that
effect Italy's order for mobilisation
on August 27 is belielred here to be
due to some extent to Turkey's mili
tary activities.
British War CHief Appears Before
Houee of Lords and Mataee FlnM|,
^Speech as MinMafc
Londoau—In his first speech as min
ister oT war. Lord Kitcheaer aatllaed
to the kouse of lords the situaaon
ke sesa lt Below ara glven ex
tracts from hla. sieaek:'
"There will be serious oonflicts
which undoubtedly will strain the
foreos of oar empire, and undoubtedly
considerable aacrlfioa Mr' people
will be,entaUed. Theee will be wlll
bigly bome for our honor Ind for the
preservation of our poaltlon in the
world, and they wiA he shared by our
daailalmu,vwko are airw Mwdlng cokv
tlngents aad jMag assistance of evS
ery klad ^o lke nteiker country,
•. Traope msplhy Oallawtry.
'Onr expedltioaary foree has taken
ttia field B» RWdf northwest
frontler aad advanoed in tke nelg|
ibofhoajd-aC Mons (In^BdgBim).
"Our troops alreadr kave been tSf
tklHyHBlx kours ln contact with the
sujperlor forces ot tha'Clarman in'
dah During that tlme t)|sr main
ed thc tM^ tradltioBi of* th* Brtadi
soldier and behaved with the utmost
a a a
Of Hundreds of
In Ottoman Kmplre Warrants A»
tlon Should HoetllHlee Begin Italy
Would Be Forced ta JcHi France
and Oreat Britain.
VnloB Km
acuta situation has arisen In
the Balkan states oyer tke possible
entry of Turkey into tke Snropean
war, according to official advices to
tke American government from vari
ous sources.
Turkey kas not yet given. Great
Britain, France and Russia it satis
factory explanation of tke eptry into
tke Dardanelles of tke Gennah cruis
ers Goeben and BreSlau. When It was
first reported that Turkey had pur
chased these vessels Great Britain,
France and Russia demanded tkat the
crews of tke two skips be repatriated
immediately. Today's dlspaUibes re
vealed tkat German crewa were still
aboard the crnisen.-
the greater
a ooldler and sUU
"kfiilsa tb Preml
in the house
^It^'tho lM^lsh troops hat'
.... oa ttn
Admiral Jelllooe who has
placed In eupreme command of all th«
British homs fleets.
tabdon Drily
-I •....
Namnr, the Belgian fortress, has
fallen Into German hands, according
to an announcement made by the of
ficial press bureau in London.. De
tails of the fighting around the fort*
ress were not given, but tfye English
newspapers regard the fall as" inex
Berlin dispatches say five of the
forte: Of Namur and the city itself
have- fallen and Ike capture the
remaining four forts is, imminent.
A reverse to the forces,of the al
lies Is generally admitted by the Eng
lish and .^French newspapers, which
say todays news is "decidedly bad."
While plainly expressing disappoint'
ment at Che failure of Jhelr forces,
they declare the retrograde movement
toward the line of strong defensive
works near tke frontier has bean car
ried out in good order.
Jt is assumed that the allies are
falling back pn their Rrst line of de
fensive works running from Mau
beuge-i»-« southeasterly direction by
way of .Hiraon, Mesieree, Montmedy,
MihM. Toul and'Eplnal,
all of which are strong fortresses and
are iaterspersM with smaller works
sack as Ayvelle, Genicoiirt, Troyoa,
Leis Paroches. Lianville, Gironville and
iouy-Sous-Les^tes. Behind these
lies another strtmg line of fortifica
tions from
In oiher parta of Belgium fightihg^s
still In progress and a report from:
Ostend says 30,000 Germans have at-
Maliaes, thirteen ^mtles from.
Charleroi has algo baan^tke scene
of hot fluting, this time between the
Jfeaneh and German, tro»«, and a
ft^sh encocmtsr is bellevcd tft have
kisgnti^there tsjtay. Tw«atf^To tkoa-
Quinten, in tha north
thrangh Laon and' Reims, to the
great entrendied catnp at Chalons.
The* English newspapers declare
thft both the English and Russians
are determined to "fight to a finish,".
Whatever tke dutlook may be at pres
ent They say the possession of Na
mnr was vital for Germany and that
it was a "fine stroke'for the Germans
to have rushed the place, underjhe
eyes of the allied, armies
J^tve Men surrounded
«r iarBU|ii t»oops,, wkS hate
yrtceedsd mv&bvk
to «ia Ds^Tsie^am
What la .Going On Here and There
That la of Interest to the Road*
ere Throughout South Dake
ta and Vlolnlty.
WnUn Mmnin Onion Nm BNTln.'
Sioux Falls.—Thinking himself
alone In the mailing room of the Sioux.
Falls postoffice early In the morning,
William H. Tyler, a local mall clerk,
oened and extracted mo-ey from one
letter and began the opening of an
other when Interrupted, according to
testimony of V. C. Bhtie, postal Infpec
tor for tkla district, at Tyler's hear
ing before United States Commission*
er D. J. Conway, on a charge of pil
fering the United 8tates malls. Tyler
was arrested by a deputy United
States marshal following the com
plaint, made against him by officials
of the postoffice department.
Both of the letters which It is claim
ed Tyler opened and one of which he
Is said to have robbed of a portion of
lta contents were decoys Which had
been mailed by Postal inspector Batie
Just previous to the time the^ clerk
came on duty. Previous small Iowa
in the malls had led the officials to be
lleVe that someone! either In the lo
cal office or this district had been
tampering With letters. Inspector Ba
tie, with a deputy marshal and anoth
er official of the postoffice, after the
mailing of the decoy letters, watched
developments from secret rooms that
give an outlook pnto the mailing floor
of the poatofflce. Tyler was seen to
pick out the two letters, both of which
were addressed to parties in Iowa, lay
them aside while he sorted other mall,
aad then, with a pencil, opened flaps
of the envelope, taking out the money,
according to the testimony introduced
by wltneses for th* government at
the hearing. One of the letters con
tained one $2 bill, two 91 bills and ft
SOcint piece. The other held two 91
bills aad a 50-cent-piece. After taking
the money from the first envelope, Ty
ler, it Is alleged, replaced Ml but the
80 cents. All the bills and coins were,
marked by the inspector, previous to
mailing, for future identification. The
letters, the first of which had been ad
dressed to "Miss HaHey Davis, Shel
don, a., and the second to "Mrs. Lucy
Tyndall, Cedar Rapids, Ja./' had keen
prepared for the purpose of decoys.
Following the preMminary hearing
oVer to the actkm or the grand Jury
at the hSKt term of tke federal court
here, pier's bond was fixed
Guilty of Fotsoning
Colome.—Erpresshig a desire t»
plead guilty to the charge ot having
poisonsd a number of cattle belbnging
to Preelsad Harder,
JBM^Isiy* AttabtarCMUU
kopioeteader, Tony Miler, reaMlng on
a Tirlpp county homestead, appeared
before Judge Willismson of the state
cttoait for sentence. Judge
WlfHamsoftrjmposea a flaa pt UN and
seataaoed Minsr ta a term of six
moi&hs In Jal£ As JCttlf rLhaa made a
settlement "witk' Harder for the aal
mala which died, and because of fats
preylovs good reputation, Judge Wlll
larnsmt suspended the Jail portkm of
Che^sentMice p^ding good W-havibr
tite part af the deCsadmkt.' tt ia
the trouble bHweeb
in tt|e neMborkoed of their farms.
^ktfMB^Wklle tha little l^ear^
of Mr. and Mta. K. Ward
lift aUae
^afrd hotel in thU
5e2day'br the
South Dakota Overran with Thcpt at
Aberdeen.—As le eastamary .at this
sasoa of tha year, Boath Dakota la.
overrun with hoboes,
few of whom
are looking for weak in tke threshing
fields, but tha matmlty at whom will
aot work aad prelm ta prey oB from
those who do, aa# la the meantime
commit all kinda al dsprodations oa
the oounrtyside asaaad. There is
hardly a day goea kjr bat that thera
are a number ot anass ln mnniclpu I
court here where ssaa at the drifter
variety claim to kave kecsi robbed by
men of their owa Ilk ia the jangles
east of the city, eitker robbed outright
or in card and 4*aF
Fine AutemoMIe Stolen.
Centervllle.—The authorltles In the
cities and towns of this part of the
state are malatatatag a close watch
for-automobile thieves, who entered
the garage on the rssidence grounds
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert PetSrson in
Centenrllle and atele their new Velio
roadster. The theft was not discov
ered until several houra after the
thieves had mada good their escape.
Then neighbors resumbered having
heard, the car leave the Peterson place
about 1 o'clock ln tke morning. Tke
oar. Is a new tf ltrae power ma
chine of 1914. model, faotory No. 192B,
and hating the state auditor's noti
fication No. 18606 ia tke right hand
pocket on tke door. The car had been
kept In the garage only three days
when It was stolen.
Threehlng ta Bsadle.
Huron.—Threshing maohinas are
now telling the stofy^ of Beadle oun
ty*s M14 amall graio harveat While
barley, rye and spelts yields are quite
up to, and, in many iastances, beyond
the astimated figiunes, there are
many surprises In -oats and wheat
yields. Not a few fanaertt in this
oounty are receiving a larger and bet
ter return. than expected^Juat prior
to harvest, and yet a large percentage
will not l^t more than an average
crop. So far, however, the general
average la very likely to axeeed^both
in quantity and jBMdity, tka crop of
last year.
Qorsd to Death hy Bad.
Huron.—John Johannsea, the 12
year-old son of Hans Johansen, living
southwest of Huron several miles, was
gored to'death by a mad bull on his
father's farm. He had been ment out
to bring the herd in about dark, and
Ills prolonged absence aroused the
apprekensions cl the family, his
brother upon investigating, finding his
trampled body in the paature. The
bull was known ta he ugly aad some
time ago was dehoiraed, ainoe then ant
having given any trouble until this.
Vf. ?~r:-..• -11 i'."
Spearflsh.—M. Ck Ooaaets killed a
iattleaaak« ia tn»t of Sa resl
tn the eaatern' pkn of the city.
The reptile kad tan rattlss end -was
lively and «Mns aad fat ap quite
a fight before belng kllled. This
makes four nttteinakM wUck kave
heea killed in tkat part of tke city
Oils summer, and rosidapts of, tke sec
tion are becoming quite norvous. It is
supposed the hot weather haa driven
them into town fromrthe surrounding
tlw katf at. tke
Idehtlfiad oa* Of the
'v" as h^ aspkll,,
-WHO -]Mi|
.a tarm in thcatata
kM hlan 4«liiaiad"^
a/haity. lops
'Murder In Splak County.
Aberdeen.--Guy Farliah, sliigle^ a
Wdniiaeat former Hving five milea
east of Turton, la Cfetak isoaaty was
sko| aad, killed by a harresf hand, in
a dtspute over dlffwenos or one
dollar in wages, {^^/. marderar. stoie'S^r
a horse new Turton aad rode to Ray
iaondi wh«»jke, Jao*ira Strain fu
Frankfort. «a* )«rt fee» there.
Posses underShwifl flmtkw seaick-
a at Ha
lra»k brake latilir
•ectkm men's car la «ka laOcoad yards
hert aaA stole 91t |aasshriss^ Urn
i|diit»:iiegr. K«jr....
fotmd-'-deM. Mt^^ba^kl
Mr. ^bl slid trom

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