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Black Hills.
Sioax Falls, 8 D., Sept. 4:—It would
reqalre mora than a European war to
dlatraot the attention of the average
Soath Dakotan from political affairs,
and for this reason, and beoaase an im
portant polltloal oampaign ie about to
open In the state maoh Interest is at
preeent being taken in politioal matters
The struggle In Sonth Dakota this
fall will be between the republicans,
the democrats and the progressives,
and the managers of each of the parties
now are patting the finishing touches
on arrangements for the oampaign,
whloh will open In the near future and
be prosecuted by all three parties with
rigor np to the time of the general elec
tion In November.
This will be the first oampaign ever
waged in the state by the progressives
aa a party, and the leaders of the new
party are hoping they will make a
ahowlng at the polls in November that
will make them an Important faotor in
the state two years henoe. Their efforts
In the present oampaign will be center
ed In the governorship, and they will
wage a hard fight for O. Richards, of
Huron, the independent candidate for
election to the governorship, whom the
new party recently indorsed In the ab*
senoe of a straight oat progressive can
The democrats' will oen ter all their
efforts on the oandidaoy of 8. John
ton, of Yankton, nominee of the demo
orate for the United 8tates senate. Mr.
Johnson was the democratic candidate
for governor two years ago and made
each a good showing that his friends
believe that in the oampaign now aboat
to open he will be an important faotor
In the election of a United States sena
The repablloans, on the other hand,
deolare the dleotlon of Congressman
Oharlee H. Bnrke, their nominee for
the United States senate, isoertalD,bat
theee claims are not oonoeded by the
frlende of opposition candidates. The
great fights of the campaign will in
volve the offloes of United States sena
tor and governor.
One of the Important matters to
oome before the voters of Soath Dakota
at the general election in November
will be a proposed amendment to the
etate constitution granting women the
right of enffrage.
Theaoffrage foroee have been oam
palgnlng for almost a year, and it is
•aid to be noteworthy that very little
progreee baa bean made. Those who
have kewt In touoh with the newepapere
of Booth Dakota deolare that a mojorl
ty of the Influential newspapers
Soath Dakota are antiraffrage, and
that Individual oonverte appear to
''"•low In rushing to the oolors.
It Is further said that considerable
opposition to suffrage has developed
'among the women of the state. It
pointed out that Mrs. Bthel O. Jaoob
•on, of the Pierre Daily Dakotan, Is
leading anti-woman suffragist In
state, and that her writings In
paper apparently are oauslng the lead
era of ths oauss ho end of annoyanoek
The fight for woman suffrage promts
eeto attraot a groat deal or attention
during the oampaign.
JtaNMth Africaltaral Exhibit By State
I Cellefe At State Fair
The Stat* College of Agrioulture
Msohanio Arts will outdo all pravioue
efforts by taking ab enormous eduoa
tionai agricultural display to the 8
Fair at Huron, September 14 to
Nine departments will be represented
Agronomy, (eolle and crops) Dairy,
Animal Huebandry,Veterinary, Botany,
Entomology, Seoondary 8ohool
Agrioulture. Horticulture and
and Girls Cluba.
Ths exhibit of ths Agronomy depart
ment will emphasise the value
various legumss on South Dal
(arms. Ths display will Inolude
fcpeoimens of all atfalfhe under
red dovevs, white and yellow
elovsfs, soy beans, Canadian
Tetoh snd oommon beane. Charts will
used to show the loss in nitrogen
from South Dakota farms in various
orops exported, whloh amounted to
1150,000,000 in 1912, a typioal year. By
planting legamee the nitrogen in the
air is returned to the soil. These and
other valuable reatures will be ex
plained by the demonstrators in oharge
the display.
The Veterinary department will show
by photographs and enlargements the
process ot hog cholera serum manu
facture and testiDg. The vital organs
sick and well hoga will be shown for
oomparison. Syringes and outfits
neoessary for vaooinatton will be ex
plained, and oirculars on the preven
tion of cholera will be distributed.
The Dairy department or the college
will operate a model oreamery, and
will sell the resulting batter and milk
products. Milking machines
kinds or dairy utensils will be In daily
operation. The Dairy Husbandry
department or the 8tate College will
have men to superintend the manu
facture or batter. There will be men
to superintend the testing of moisture
in the batter and salt In same, and the
percentage ot batter rat. Demonstra
tors will also show the causes ot
variation in the cream test. This year
the exhibit from the State College
Dairy department will pertain ohlefly
to handling of cream on the farm and
the manutaotare ot batter. In former
years the exhibits have pertained
largely to economical milk prodaotion
and the composition of different oow
feeds, silo and silage, and how to
balance different teeds.
Weeds, weeds, weeds,-wlll be display
ed by the Botony department with
suggestions tor eradication. Thie de
partment will also have a oomplete
exhibit ot plant diseases, with special
reterenoe to those that attack grain
orops, potatoes and oroharda with lite
histories and methods ot oontrol.
Pamphlets and bulletins will be dis
tributed covering these exhibite.
The Horticultural department will
show the progressive resalt of breeding
native with cultivated traits, native
Dakota sand oherry, native Dakata
plam with Japaneee plom and Chinese
apricot the work with Russian and Si
berian alfaltas Inolading the mmnhtno
method of transplanting alfalta. The
fruit exhibit will also include orna
mental trees and shrabs, hardy roses,
and the breeding of hardy blight-proot
apples and pears.
The department of Animal Husband
ry will oooapy the north half of the
8took Judging Pavilion with displays
of sheep, hoge and eight head of fine
Aberdeen Angas cattle, raised on the
College Farm at Brookings. The Si
berian fat ramped sheep will be exhib
Onehandred specimen cases of in
seot pests of 8oath Dakota field crops
and orchards will be exhibited by the
entomology department A bee hive
will be on display which has been
ravaged by the bee moth. An attend
ant will explain the exhibit
The Seoondary Sohool of Agriculture
will exhibit work done by boys and
girls in oarpentry. forge shop and
domestlo soience, Inolading frames of
barns, hog hoases, oorn orlbs, welding
and repairing iron work, tools dresses,
shirt waists, hats and other wearing
apparel needle and home craft work.
The superintendent of boys and
girls olabs will also exhibit canned
peas, oorn and tomatoee done by the
modern method ot steam pressure and
as demonstrated by him before clubs
of farm boys and girls.
Popalar Young Cesple Wedded By Rev. Fr
Hasesler, Monday Morning.
Leonard Gadlent the popular oper,
ator at the C. B. & Q. R'y, and Mlsa
May Pelroe, wen married at the priest',
houee Monday morning at eix o'olook,
the Rev. Fr. Haueeler officiating.
Following the ceremony and a wedding
breakfast the happy young ooupls de
parted for Bylvan Lake for a ehort
honeymoon trip.
Both young psople have been rest
dmte of thla olty for a number of years
and have a host of friends. The groom
Is the eon of Mrs. Carrie Gadlent and
jroung man whom every one spsaks of
In hlgheet terms, For ths paat few
jeers he hss been employed by the
O. Sl Q. and by atriot attention
bnelneee baa .won several promotion.
They will go to houeekeeping In one of
of the Gadlent cottages on Minnekahta
When It oomee to a live eet of
booetere and wide-awake buslnees men
will have to take off your hat to
the I
Edgemont crowd. Last Saturday
started out in machines from
town early In the morning and
a trip over the entire oounty in
interest of their fair whloh Is to be
next week. Their first stop was
Ardmore where their band, quar.
and epeakere gave a very neat
program. From Ardmore they drove
Oelrlohe, then to Smithwiok, Oral
to this olty arriving here at six
'olook. Qaite a number of maohlnea
from the oity met them at Oral and
escorted them to this plaoe.
After sapper a parade was formed at
the Hot Springs Garage and marched
the Evans Hotel where a fine pro
gram was given. Wm. Wyatt, one ot
the leading figures in ths fair move
ment, introduced the speakers. States
Attorney Lawrenoe H. Hedriok, on be
half of Mayor Rlordan, weloomed the
visitors. He was followed by Mr. Wyatt
who responded to this welcome. At
torney E. B. Adams, on behalf ot the
Commercial Clab, then made a abort
talk which was followed by Congreea
man Martin, who had made the trip
with the Edgemont orowd. Between
each talk ths audienoe was favored with
selections by the Edgemont band and
aleo drills by the Edgemont youngsters
a banoh of embryo boosters.
That they will have one of the beet
fairs in western South Dakota is un
disputed and a big orowd from this oity
will tie in attendance on Hot Springs
day when special railroad aooommoda
tlons have been provided. Following
is a list of tho machines that made the
entire trip and their oooupants:
Halterman Car: G. M. Halterman,
H. Goddard, B. Hammel, Lloyd Mo
Elhuiey, Rex Yoang, Herbert Goddard.
Colgan Oar: Tom Oolgan, R. B.» Van
Voorhis, Fred Cooper, W. W. Wright
Dade Lee.
Highley Oar: G. W. Highley, Elmer
Highley, Will Tarlton, George Browifi
Russet Highley.
Ross Oar: Ed Ross, John Colgan,
A. F, Ottmann, Darrell Applegate,
Lower floor, eix rooms, furniehed
deeired. Rooms for light housekee
ing. Bleeping rooms. Bath room with
hot and oold water. All roome eleotrio
lighted. See Mrs. A. B, Connor, Col
legs HUL 19(2,
Bubssrlbs for ths Hot Springs Star
Oowhig Oar: J. W. Oowhig, J. R.
Calder, Dan Winter, Leo Devlne, Verne
Martin Car: E. W. Martin, M. O.,
Paul Martin, J. O. Birdsell, W. B. Dud
ley, A. 8. Ferrell, Sherman, Ferrell.
Bartlett Oar: H. W. Bartlett, Wm.
Bartlett, Mike Smith, E. L. Dibble,
Dan O'Halloran.
Tidd Oar: J. W. Tidd, Ed Tidd, N.
Glioksman, Fred Sohuele, Lawrenoe
Germaqaet Oar: H. A. Germaqaet,
Ohas Petro, F. E. Dale, W. F. Wyatt,
Arthar Clark, Bennle Germaqaet.
Brown Oar: Laurel Brown, N. T.
Goddard, ]. R. Crist, Carl Ottman.
Olarenoe Lee.
Wiedenfeld Oar: H. Wledenfeld, I. B.
A. Hardy, J. P. Miller, Ed
Jacobs Oar: Marous Jaoobe,T. F. De
Wane, G.S. Pieroe, Walter Hey, Gil.
bert Taylor.
Ed Oolgan Oar: Ed Oolgan, Len Ool.
gan, Granton Applegate.
Thofn'on Oar: Dr. A. H. Thornton,
R. Parkin.
Bills Oar: Len Ellis Guy 8nell. W.
Ardmore Oar: Charlie Stoops, Dr.
Bilger, John Wallaoe, Lee Hawley.
George Toole.
Irrigates AMeadswst Diseased at Meettog
At Pierre Last Week' Fall Kher Kepreseatc*
Published at The Only Carlsbad ot A.merica.
Springs, South Dakota, Friday,
I*st Friday a number of men In
terested in the euooeee of tho propoeed
irrigation amendment to ths oonstitu
tlon of South Dakota to be eubmltted
to the voters At the November eleotion,
met In the olty of Pierre, and i*m.
plans for an aggressive inmpalgn. Dr.
F. B. Walker, of thla olty, and Ohae.
Nystrom' of Buffalo Gap repreeented
the Southern Hills.
At the forenoon seeeion, held In tho
Commercial Olub rooms, a steering
committee of three, of which Dr.
Walker was chairman, was appointed
to suggsst ways and meane for oarry
lng on the oampaign. On the sugges
tion of this oommittee an exeoutive
oommittee of three and an advisory
oommittee of one vloe president from
eaoh oounty west of the river, and all
the counties bordering the river on the
east, wsre seleoted, and a fund ot IG00
waa raised by assessment, thie fund to
be used in carrying on a publioity
be used in carrying on a publioity
This proposed amendment to the
oonstitutlon would maks possible the
oonstructiou of private irrigation pro*
jeots under what is known as irrigation
districts similar to the drainage dis
tricts now organized in Olay and Yank
ton oounties. There are about a
hundred such private pro jeots in the
western half of the stats taking In from
a tew hundred acres to ten thoueand
acres whloh the general government
would not bother with, and private
Individuals oould not handle. Thie
amendment is designed to permit them
to organize and issas bonds ander
proper safeguards to reclaim all this
land, utilizing the Immerse quantitlee
ot flood water now going to waste in
the thocRhnde ot streams and draws
thruout the etate. The amendment
will help the western half and will not
injure .the eastern half of the state,
henoe we expect to see It adopted.
But It will take a oampaign of edaoa
tion to do it.
LAst Saturday the Black Hills An
gOBtara Irrigation Association met in
Hot Springe to listen to reports and
lay plans. Dr. Walker, County Vloe
President for Fall River Oonnty, made
an exhaustive report of the Pierre
meeting. Assisted by Mr. Stanley, he
offered to raise the earn ot fifty dollars
by subscription in Hot Springs and
Edgemont to meet the state assessment
on Fall River oonnty, and Mr. Nystrom
igreed to raise the same amount for
Custer Oounty so as not to draw on the
treasury of the local associations
These will need all they have to meet
other expensss.
The expenses of the two delegates
were allowed, but Dr, Walker generous
ly turned his back Into ths trsasary.
To pay running expenses an assess
ment was mads as follows: Hot Springs
and Buffalo Gap, 920 each Oral $12
Smithwiok and Harrison Flat 8 eaoh
It is expeoted that State Engineer
Derr will be here this week to help
Install the water gauge at the reservoir
site. The gauge at Wasta has shown
an abundanoe of water elnoe it was
installed. In faot, a ranoher who has
ssen the river at all etagee for many
years, tells ths writer that In his jadg
ment enough water flowed In the
month of August to fill ths reservoir
The readings whsn properly tabulated
will show how far he missed It.
New Plan
4th, 1914
Robinson, our effintant HUtn.l.n .'v'
Roblneoq, our efficient State Historian'
waa seleoted as chairman and manager
of the press bureau Representative
O. L. Melette, of Fort Pierre, as
treasurer and Ohaa. E. Orewe, ot
Pierre, as the third member of the
exeoutive oommittee. Dr. Walker was
eeleoted as vloe president and organ*
izer of Fall River Oounty, Ohas. A.
Nyatrom of Custer Oounty, Orville
Rinehart of Pennington, and Ohas.
Ham, of Head. Thie advisory commit
tee is expected to raise the neoessary
funda needed in the oampaign, and to
keep In touch with the exeoutive
oommittee. Later on when the politi
oal oampaign opens, it is expeoted that
all our platform spell-hlndere, Irre
epeotlve of party, will devote five
minutes of eaoh addrees to the ex
planation of the irrigation amendment
and the "vote yes" oampaign.
Adopted fer Use is Virss Dis
Pierre, 8. D., Sept. 4.—Prompt emer
gency servloe In eeouring bog oholera
virus from the etate labratory at
Brookinga baa been provided for by
a modification of the regulatlone for
Issuance of virus by ths state live
stock sanitary commission. The old
regulations required a formal written
order on a spsoial form to bo ssnt In
before any virus would bo Issued, and
thie took time. The modification of
the regulations allows Dr. Llpp,
at the
to maks shlpmsnts on telephone
telegraph order, with the provlelon
that the formal written order must at
onoe follow the wire order. This
ohsnge ie expected to be need only In
emergency oases, and its purpose is to
help out In each oasee only, and not to
be used as a regular method of ordering,
Cook wanted: Who will board the
men working on the fence construction
at Wind Cava park. Phons 619. tf.
head of that department at frooklnge, ^own oratora In the Wile, mads a
to make ahlpmente on telenhoneor
'.'A rvC'A--'
Dr. R. D. Jennings as president of
the Old 8ettlera Aesooiatlon of Fall
liver oounty, has Informed uethat
arrangemente for a fine program are
being completed and that next Tuesday,
September 7tb, the old settlers will be
here in toroe to oelebrate their annual
pionlo. E. T. Olark, John Mneller and
G. Rloher, the oommittee in oharge
of the grounde and program, will by
that date have a bowery ereoted, llghte
lnetalled and tables batlt for this
event at the old ohaatauqua grounds
In Hot Brook above the plunges.
Already a large number have algni
fled their intention of being preeent on
that day and a real good old faahioned
time will be the resalt. Remember the
Splendid Opportunity For Fall River County
to Get Some Free Advertising
The Booth Dakota commission for
the PanamaPaclflo Exposition has
made arrangements with Geo. O. Van
Camp, at 515 Davidson Building, Sioux
Oity, Iowa, for producing a motion
ploture show at ths South Dakota
building at ths exposition, and It Is
deeired that farmers and othsrs who I
hava photographs that show suoosssful
farming. or attractive aoenee of thie
oounty ahould eend such photographe
to Mr. Van Camp at the above address,
and they will be arranged for produo-
Tkos. Elseiser and Blanche Montfomery
Wedded Sunday Moralag
Thos. Elsesser and Mlas Blanohe
Montgomery, both of thla olty, were
married at the home of the offlolatlng
clergyman, Rev. Ohas. F. Holler, of
the First Baptiet ohuroh, Sunday
morning at 8 o'olook. Only a few of
the Immediate relatlvaa of ths con
tracting partiee wltneeeed the oere
Both young people are well known
and universally liked by a large olrole
of acqualntanoee In the oity. The
groom Ie one of the most manly and
oleaneet young men here. Hla bride
Is the eldoet daughter of G. W. Mont
gomery and haa grown to womanhood
In Hot Springe. For the paat few yeara
•he haa been one of the valued nureee
at the Dr. Nlohole Sanatorium.
The newly wedded oonple have taken
up their reeidenoe In the Breleford
oottage on
they will
Mlnnskahta Avenue where
be at home to their many
0. K. Batcheler's Frieads Help Him to Cele
brate His Thirty-Eighth Birthday
Oounty Auditor D. K. Batohelor wae
the gueet ot honor at a party and
danoo at the Odd Fellowe Hall, Wed
needay evening, to help him properly
oelebrate hla thirty-eighth birthday.
Muslofortho oooaalon was furnlshsd
by Professor Msgee, Lloyd Broad ua
and Mise Mary Pfeller. Danoing oom
menoed at about ntaie o'olook and
lasted until midnight with an Inter
mleelon at eleven when ice cream and
cake waa served. Aleo at thla time
Sheriff E. T. Olark, one of the beet
known oratora In the Hills,
oonoluelon of whloh David waa given
beautiful ahotgun and nae and eeveral
other appropriate gifts.
A list of thoee present Is given below
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rankin, Mr. and
Mre. A. L. Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
I. Warner, Mr. and Mre. John Foaon,
Mr. and Mrs. James Tillotaon, Mr. and
Mre. Ohaa. Rioharda, Mr
Harry Dewell, Mr. and
Blohar, Mr. and Mra. John MucUer.Mr.
Vol. 29 No. 80
and Mrs. D. K. Batohelor, Mr. and
Mre, B, T. Olark, Mrs. F. D. Hummel
Mr. and Mre. George Hummel, Mr. and*
Mre. J. O. Whaley, Mrs. True Pareone,
Mrs. Stookton, Mrs. Joe Thebault, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Rloher, Mr. and Mre.
Barneet Orr, Mrs. Joe Petty, Mrs.
Hsnry Marty, Mrs. Mat Bingham, Mrs.
Parry, Mrs. A1 Dearduff, Mrs. Stevene,
Mleees Mary Marty, Barbara and Dads
King, Edna Boylee, Francis Thompson,
Maude Petty, Hazel Magowan, Lena ..
Shirk, Mary and Sadie Bingham, Dottls
Buchanan,Alma Frltzholf, Delia and
Tina Phillips. Mary Langen, Mlas
Perry, Messrs Raymond Kime, W. A.
Warner, Paul Dennla. Jay Orane, Jr.,
Roy Juokett, F. O. Garretaon, Arthar
Pareone, William Murphy, John Muel
ler, Jr., Raymond Glllaepie, WUUam
Ooonor, George Coll, Stanley Fellows,
Ferd Marooux, Ben Potto, A. B. Poohti
Ed Shearer, Orln Bean, SUae Aldrioh
and Harley Heubner.
The Board of County Oommlseioners
met in regular aeeslon for the purpoae
of making the levy on all —rrrraMt
property In Fall River Oounty, alls
members, of Board and Auditor pre-1i'-'r
sent. p-.
The following resolution waa offered
and adopted.
Resolved, That In aooordanoe wlth
appropriations mads by this Board
raised on eetlmatee of the amonnta
needed for the ourrent expeneee of Fall
River Oounty, South Dakota, for the
eneulng year, there Is lsvlsd the
following taxeb to-wlt:
For Oounty General Fund....2.5 mllle:
For County Poor Fund 5 mllle
For Bond Interest & elnklng ip
Pond 1.5 mllle
For Speolal Salary Fund.... .1.25 mllle
For Oounty Bridge Fund 75 mllle
For Coanty Insane Fund... .9 40 mllle'
For Mothera Penelon Fund. .1-40 mills
For Count? Road Fund
(unorganized) 2.25 mllla
Regularly moved eeoonded and oar
rled nnanimously, that the ehm of"
$183.01 be levied on all property in*:
eohool district namber 6, and the sum
of this of $277.41 be levlsd^p all propiHrty Jn,
nhool dletrldt naihber jto IS'
outetandlng sohool bonds and aocrued
ing a portion of the ehow at that great woondod and carried,^,
exposition. No flnsr opportunity oan taxable property In organized
be imeglned than this for ahowing the
attraotlveneee of Fall River oounty,
and ranohers who oan furnish soenee
are especially urged to send in their
photographe, or they may be eent to
Joeeph Rlordan, eeoretary of the Hot
Springe Commercial Club.
It waa moved eeoonded and carried
townehlpe who have not been levied to
the amount of 2.25 mllle for road
purpoeee, there le hereby levied a
epeolal road tax to make the eald levy
eqalvalent to thie amount.
Reeolved that there be and Ie hereby
levied the tax of one dollar upon eaoh
elector within the Oounty of Fall
River, South Dakota, for the support
of oommon eohoola within a aid oounty.
Reeolved that there be and la hereby
levied a road poll tax of two dollare
12.00) or one daye labor upon the public
highways, on every mala pereon in Fall
River Coanty, Soath Dakota, between
the ages of 21 ysara and 50 yeara of age,
exoept thoee persona exempt by la*
from the payment of euoh road poll
Reeolved, that there be and la hereby
levied the eum of one dollar on eaoh
dog In Fall River Oounty, South Da
kota, and eald tax ahall be charged to
the pereon returned by tho asseseore
as pwners of euoh dog or doge.
Reeolved, that there be and la hereby
levied the eum of ten oente per hive on
all beeeln Fall River Oonnty, South
Dakota, and aald tax to be charged to
the pereon returned by the aaeessora as
ownere ot such bees.
Reeolved, that there be and la hereby
levied the eum of eight on all real
and pereonal property In Shannon
Oounty for judicial purpoeee.
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet September 14th at 9 a. m.
D. K. Batohelor.
County Auditor.
T. Lyman waa a Hot Springe visitor.
Thla Fiat waa viaited with a good
rain, Monday night.
Mr. and Mra. V. Naleon and ohlldren
epent Sunday at the Boyed home.
Everybody le talking of attending
the Fair at Edgemont, next weak.
Several from this plaoe attended
preaohlngeervloeeat theMUlerootiool
house, laat Sunday.
Msssrs. Miller and Marty ahlpped fat
oattle to South Omaha on Monday.
Mr. Smith and Mra. Dewitt eaoh eent a
few head of oattle with them.
A. P. Brown and family, of AlUaaev
drovsovsrln thslr oar for a fow dsys
visit at the home of Mr. and Mra.
Lyman. Mre. Lyman la Mra. BrownV
mother. ••=.
LOST: Oheok book of the Klngsl^,
John Fuson, Iowa, bank containing, a dialt oat tha
D.O. MUls Bank,
fornla, 161.00
of Sacraassnto, Oall
McCartney. Return to Utbaotf
and rsoeive reward.

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