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Black Hills.
r, I I II
lirrcnrflT ill I Art II ftgcii
As 1$ has boen odr policy dnrtaRthe
past five years before eaoh election
daring the campaign, to give a list of
the looal oounty candidates whom we
thiuk is deserving of your vote, we are
onoe mora submitting the namea of
men whom we think ere the proper
men for offloe and will give our
reasons for'so thinking. This is nbt
dons in an attempt to "plok the win
ners occasionally" nor for political
favors. Neither are there any strings'
attaobed to our support of any candi
date, We neither attempt petty black'
mail or ooeroioto.
One of the first whom we would oall
to the attention of the voters is Dr. F.
E. Walker, republican oandidato for
etate senator from Fall River and
Ouster oounties.
K. Walker
Dr. F. E. Walker is heading the re
publican ttoket of this distriot as the
oandidato for the offlae of state sena*
tor from Fall River and Ouster
oounties. The offloe of state senator
this year above all othere Is ope to
which a great deal of importance at
taches by reason pi the fact that mat*
tar* will oomn up this winter at Pierce
4n which every man in the diatriot ie
Interested, namely that of the irriga
tion amendment .and, the proposed,
enliwgmsnt of the Wte tutfercular
hospital at Ouster, Dr. Walker la a
man of broad acquaintance over the
entire state and lt will need someone
who hasinflnenoeto secure the passage
of needed bills on the measareS above
named pud suoh a man Is Dr. Walker.
Of ooarae there are many other matters
fluenoM to bear that few
district can. A vote for Dr.Walker
will be a vote for your ownlntetoota.
A«*fwjr^r.r'A. Omiuoyto
W. A. Golifdyie Isooe of the promt
nent attor
located at Efosawiafci Mr. Gullfoyle
is thai republican oandidatefor repre*
aentatlve to th*: elate legislature. He
with rofftsnae'iO'itate
ker these alao iui«i onuroru, coe repuoitoan
natural born leader hav-«a»r brioR fis» ^aiwlidate for snperintendent of eohools
4leaASkA^a kaaa iw.^
3*eervee a few #ords of oommeudation.
A* Mm mmtw
bommlttee after the reslgnatlon of Dr.
H. H.
of this eity. Mr.Gull.
fc%teenteMdthereoeat alate date,
bit will however, make a strenuous
oampaignend~abonld he be eleoted
will reprsasut 4MB oounty tat a very
at the next legislature.
Wts. Ui
was named by the coifiity criwtrsl ohristensd,blm Peter Francis Ward so
»k- n. ...
that there wonld be no possible ohanoe
6t mistake. Be has lived up to his
n*S»*. whUrt» feqoit* Irieh, aad besides
has made, anaaefor hlmeelfas one of
the best oounty jadgee JUI River
odnnty hae ever had. Ha la a good
won out
oonversant wifb the by a big ssajorlty on the daaooratlo
ussds of» th« county, ia a believer ior ticket.^ He baa no IpbdslUon at this
•aoao^r aad equal ^Hghte, and this •^ekS?,
etato instttntfoos in this count# will hUabUity duHnghis flrst term. He
get tlM$|fi*r» ot attention will that it iwliv a
in wiucn every
voter Is hatsrcfated. St is a good man
for the pftqeand desotyea yoor vote,
pmsent mun(|'
twsswfr, Is aslrtiw fw#bnt vbtefoir
re-election. iSvefy aian wfao^aftnnot be
bought or .bbf
wbioh be kBjiSwii
ia klways the
reoently with Mr. Morgan but
the statemsnta are however not quite
so Tile aa U« eonroee from which they
Heis'a man who by boneat and
fair dealing baa won an enviable repa.
tation in thla and adjoining oountlee.
He has made an excellent official and
deaervee another term and what la
more be will get It. However Mr,
Morgan baa a good olean opponent and1
the atatemente referred to have not
emanated from him. Mr. Morgan la
repnbUoan candidate fortheoffloe
treasurer of Fall BiTer oounty.
D»rid Batohelor
may aay that In supporting
Some __ ______
David Batohelor for the offloe of oounty
auditor for re-eleotlon, that in this
attempting to pick withers.
Mr. Batohelor is a democrat and for
the benefit of our reader# we will aay
that the Star supported him for offloe
the first time and as he Is one of ths
beet offloials lh that -offloe that the
oounty has had we see no reason for
deserting hini at this time. He has
made a good auditor in th* fade of
many diffloultlee. He is a big honest
Scotchman, thoroughly oompetent, and
deserves a seoond t«r«,
•-*. Clark
Ed Olark doaan't need a lot of intro
duction to the voters of Fall River
oounty. HeJiaa rode the range with
practically every old time oow puncher,
and knows praotloally every man,
woman and oblld In the oounty. Some
people say he Is rough and outspoken
but you always know where Ed stands
on atiy question. He has conducted
the offloe of sheriiGf as eoonbmioaliy
and in as good a manner as any man
who has ever held that offloe and in re
electing him the voters are ante of a
good man In the right plaoe. A vote
for him will be appreciated.
L, O. Shirley
Ij. O. Shirley Is the republican oan
didato for register of deeds and we
havS every reason to think that he will
be elected. We base our judgment
-first on the fact that at the primaries
he entered the race against a strong
aa the independent republican
oandidateand won out in good shape.
This of »uree hassaussd few sore
epota for it takes a good man to admit
defeat graoefally but Bert has said
nothing that has. been detrimental to
anyone and has pursued the same up
right policy that has characterized him
during his reaidenoe here and this
poUoy of attending strlotly to his own
business will get htm the eleotlon, He
is a good aooountaqt and will make a
first-class register of deeds.
J. a. Hummel
J. G. Hutnmsl Is tKs way he signs
hie heme but everyone knows him
bettSr as plain Qeorge or
mel. He Is a oandidato for re-elootloh
to the offloe of olerk of oourts on the
republloan ticket. He is another Fall
River oounty product and oomee from
one of the beet families In the oounty.
Qeorge has mads a good offloer and
will get ths eleotlon easily. An
plaosd before his name will help swell
the Majority.
O. A. wtlaaa
The next on the list Is Clifford Wil
son, republican candidate for states
attorney. Clifford has an exoellent law
education and ii associated with one of
the beet lawyers in the west, his fether,
lp the praotloe of hie profession. He
was at the head of hle olass when he
graduated at the University of Oolora
4^ and slnoe enteringupon the praotlce
•tlaw hecahaa proven hitnoolf a good
He is a nloe clean fjellow and an
admirable man for the plaoe.
Mis. BrelafleiA
AJtho running without opposition*
SUtef Helen Brelsford, the .republican
Her known ability in eohool work
eansed a witbdrawal of the other can
dldate for the plaoe. She la well
*0^ oountyand she
Utving every evidence of being an
honor to his nationality his parente
svldenoe enough at
democfat but that can be overlooked
inthefsoe of ptb«rg3od qualitiee,
S.A- CALHMA, Tmrrj MIW4|'
:8. A.CUhoun |e the 'flatfdldkte for
flfjWf ««rvcyor, and Pern Moody for
opunty aaeeeaor. Mr, Oalndan ie up
lor la^lection and lsa mighty good
•m- He^ is a good man In hie Una of
Mdtapd should get a big vttte ^lr
fif^eppearanoe ae
ja^e thls fear but belng onaof
Published at The Only Carlabad ot
Washington, D. O., Sept, 25.—Sena
tor Crawford waa asked today regiird
ing a report that he waa being urged to'
enter the senatorial raoe. He aald
there was absolutely no truth in thlT
rsport that It must have been manu
factured out of whole cloth, for ha
never had heard of It. The senator
Said he had jast finished reading a
large number of South Dakota news
papers and that none of them con
tained a memtion of any movement
to get him to enter the raoe. The sen
ator said (further that he had agreed to
abide by the results of the primary
oontoet between hlmslslf and Repre
sentative Burke that he had been
beaten and that
all there was to It,
so far as he was ooooemed.
ebouid get the eieotlon eaaiiy, A vote
for both ot theae men will be properly
Dr. R. D, Jualtgi
One of the firat men to looate In Hot
Springe, a booster for the county at all
times aud a good phyaioian, Dr. Jen
ninga oomee up at this time as a oandi
dato for oounty ooroner, This is quite
a reeponsible offloe and lta duties
would be oarefully attended to shoald
Dr. Jennings be eleoted and that he
will be there is very little doubt.
Altbo running for the offloe of oounty
commissioner in the first distriot, we
feel that ws in the third diatriot are
interested 'in who is to *e elected fed
assist in the transacting of the county
bu^neas mm lth iter aim to aapport
men who ere beet fitted altho we may
have no vote in their eleotlon. Mike
Smith will make I good for the
board. Mike ia a man that emooth talk
and offers of speoial favors won't oor
rapt, It wont be healthy for the man
who attempta'to start suoh a praotloe.
Mike did not enter the raoe to secure
the eleotlon for personal gain but to
put matters on an eoonomloal bseis in
the oounty. He 1s a shrewd business
tasnsnd the people of the first dls.
tiiot should eleot him. y- v.
A. O. fontay.
C.cK Forney, of Oelrlohe, ts the
other commissioner to be eleoted.
Olark lives In the third distriot, Hs
ssys what he thinks and has good
business judgment He wss the oonnty
treasurer a few years ago and under
stands oounty affaire pretty thorough
ly. Olark has two opponents but we
hardly think that they will know they
were in tbe raoe after it ie over. It ie
the universal opinion that* ohange Ie
needed in the admlniatratlon of the
commissioners sffaira and Olark
Forney will help do the needed
Jfc. .'-P
Hot Springs, South Dakota, Friday, September 85th, 1914
A Miicelluesu Sfeswcr far Mr. aad Mrs.
Thesus EUeuer
The Baptlat ohnroh people turned
out in mass Friday evening and gave
their Sunday eohool superintendent
and his brlda a delightful aurprlse In
ths form ot a miscellaneous shower.
Everything tmsgtuable in the way of
uifcfal and ornamental arttclee for the
home were among the gifts. Di. and
Mm Qsyerman had Invited Mr. and
Mis. Elsessor to tea and later the
oliuroh people oame In with their sur
prise and shower of useful gifts. A
luinoh was served to the guests, mnslo
was a feature of the evening and all
iretnrned home declaring that they had
a most delightful evening.
tally Day at the tepttot Charch, Next Sea
day -Special Prefran
Sunday morning at 10:30 o'olook the
Baptist ohuroh will unite the Sunday
eohool service with that of the preaoh
tog hour and the ohlldren will give a
rally day program. All puanta and
friends of the ohlldren are nrged to be
present. There will be a delightful
eeryioe of song and exerolsee by the
little folks.
ThsB. Y. P. U. meets at 6:45 and
Miss Flo Barnss will be the leader*
The pastor R*v. Ohas. F. Holler will
preaoh at 7:30 and his theme will be
The Complete Plan of Salvation."
This sermon was delivered at the
Blaok Hills Baptist Assoolation and is
being given at the request of the dele
gates who were preeent,
lira Trysdale Oae sf The Oldest
The Northwest
|*ad, S. D., Sept. 25.—This oity
claims the dlstlnotlon of having tha
oldest living man In the northweet, and
probably one of the oldest ln the oouii
try. Hs Is Liars Trysdale, who has
lutijoelebrated hli lUfith. blrthd^r.
F*ifi&ly reoords aod other documsnts
lo his poaaesalon indisputably prove
his age, and hie memory of, intimate
avents just a few yeara after the war of
1811are vivid.
Mr. trysdale, who Is still as hale as
many men of forty years his janitor,
haa full possssslon of his aensee, makee
his own bed, chops wood almost every
day and does many choree around tbe
home of his daughter, Mrs.
Taylor, where for years he haa
•"V-" J&-
W. W.
his home. A Norwegian by birth, he
baa epent many yeara in this country
and how oonaldera himssif an Amsri
oan. Hie hae a strong dislike for pub
licity and for years hs has refused
every Inducement to elt for a photo
graph or permit himself to be snapped
by tbe camera, and looal photograph*
ers long ago gave him up ae a hopeleea
task. Oo bls present birthday be re
oeived hie friends and discussed the
foreign war In whleh he le taking a
keeu Interact He Is oonsldered by all
who know him here ae a most remark
able old. man.
Yerfc nvewlwg Sen.
The new l37,S00oomblned ohapel and
amusement hall at the Battle Moon*
tain Sanitarium whloh was just com
pleted waa dedicated Sunday with an
appropriate program. The building Is
a beauty, housing within lta walla a
large ohapel and library on the first
floor with a large and commodious
stage whloh will be used by the orohee*
tra and for private theatrloals. The
basement oontalna the poet atore and
amusement ball with bowling allays,
and other forms of amusement. It Is
oomjplete and up-to-date In every par*
Tha prpgram Sunday was opened
promptly at 2^)0 p. m, with tha ohapel
orowded to oapaolty. The Oral number
waa a aeleotlon by tha Sanitarium
band. This was followed by a prayer
by Rev. O. B. Olark, ohaplaln. *'8ahu
bsrt'a Beranaden, a oornot solo by
Earl Flandera waa followed by an
original poem by O. B. Olark, jr. This
waa written aspsotally for thla oooaslon
and waa a maetarpleoe. Miss Queena
Stewart waa next on tha program with a
vooal ssleotlon, "Spring's Awakenlngn.
It's rendition brought forth a hearty
r^ond of applsnae. Oovsraor Janus
A. Mattsaon,. who praatdad, then Intro*
duasd the principal epeakar' of the
aftanuxm In the pelrson of Oongreee
man Eben W. Martin. Ha apoka at
some length gtvlpg dafa and fhotsra
gardlng the building and operating of
tha Battle Mountain Banltartum and
also stated the number of patlenta that
had been reoelved slnos lta opening
alght yeara ago wbloh total waa in the
neighborhood of 6,600. It la a well
known foot that over eighty per oent
of those oomlng hare reoelve benefite
and permanent ouree.
Mr. Martin it was who lntroduosd
tbe bill into oongrees for the ereotlon
of the Battle Mountain Sanitarium at
this plaoe and thru whose efforts sach
addition and appropriation haa bean
secured. He perhapa mora than any
other one man la naponslbla for the
Institution being looated In Hot
Springe and It waa fitting and vary
proper that be should meka the dedl
oatory speeob. Aa ha la retiring from
oongrees at the expiration of thla term
some of his laat offloial aota will be for
tbe benefit of the 8anitarium and the
old boye in blue who In loaing Mr,
Martin in Congreea will lose one of
their very beat friends.
Following Mr. llartln'a epeeob.
Amerioa" waa sung by the entire eon*
grsgattoh. The program oloeed with a
benediction by Rev. Fir, Haueeler, tbe
Wcitera BsMMtMdtr aad Desert
EatrysMa te be Ovea Aaether Chaace
Waahlngton, Sept. 95.—Tha weetero
homeateader and deeert land entryman
Is to be given another ohMuw. The law
juet enaated, providing for seoond
homestead and deeert entriee to all
who have abandoned tbib former en
triee thru no fault of their own. will be
ready for thla alasa of unfortanatae aa
aoon as the neceesary rulae and regola*
tiona can be Issued for Its administra
tion. Congress has fMquently paaeed
a law giving a aaoond hoaMstead right,
but heretofore It bha limited its bene
fite to those having made and abaa
donad auoh entriea previous to a speoi
fled date. The lateet law, howaver. not
only appllee to aU previoua entries,
hot to alt to be made hereafter. In
substanos the new law provldae that
try'thru no fault of lta own, w& be
entMsd to make entries
laim as thothe foroM*
A provialoutotbe aot
entry man toprove
ofthe Sacrstaryofthe Incerisr," that
prior entriee were made In gead fstth,
were loot or abandoned "beaaaaa af
mattaia beyond hla oontrol," tha*
frond ner
M. B. U«es AM WW Qlve Maasr. Waftut'
d«y, Septsa*er Mtfe
A ohioken plrdinner, oafoterla style.
*U1 be served on Wedneaday, Septem
ber 30th, la the atore room next to
The Method tat ladlee are noted for
tha exoellenoe of their dinner*, and
orga everybody to reuiember the data
and Improve thelr opportunlty to get a
good meal at a reesonable prloe.
Ramambar tlM time, tha vlabsb jsod
Patter of Mn. Irsac Fsriamae Ceaalf
S^srhrteadeat, Med Last ttek
HeaeUah Robblne, an old reaidant
of Fall River oounty who haa aeelded
at Smithwiok alnce Ml, enewered Aha
laat roll oall at his hoaia, Wednesday
September 16th, 1914, aged alchty-two
dap, 11ia ftMioralasiNiios#
VoL 29 No. 28
making the former entry or antrlaa.
Thla provlalon waa the oaufea of mueh
dlaonsston before Its final anaotment In
house. Repreaentetlve Mondell
itended that It restricted the bene*
fits of the meaiura to a point*'where,
onder administration by Mcndly
hands, It would ha almost lmpoaelble
for the entryman toi satlafy the ssore
tary asto the rcqulremente named.
"Thru no foailt of hla own," and "mat
ters beyond hla oontrol," he pointed
ottt, would ha extremely dlfllonlt
polntato ertabllah before an official
Inollnad to Interpret the law atriotly.
Ha alao aaaerted that tha laaguage of
the aot would nqutrs thoee who had
already exarolaed a seoond riifht uoder
prevlone apeolal etatutee to again for
proof aa tp the original entriee.
dnoted foom tha homaandv -iniiiNMnfc
waa' aaade In, tha Oawiw aamstarr
~, .L Jt -Ohas.
F. Hollati ^f the l^at«ahtlat bhoitoh
nrsanlrina rtie —iaiim
morland oounty, Illlnole, April 2Ttb,
•1884. waa marrlad
Tuoterandte thla a^'afi '^ttdNn
ware born. The third ehlld aglrIdled
twan^lght yaaraago^ S^bina
awvad wltb hla fomU^ |o AleAi«'
oer aountr« BKnots^' la 187S. la
the family Btoved to
Tha aorvtvlac ohUdran allUvs In Fii
Rlfar oounty. Mr. Rohhlna anllstsd
IUUKrta Volun^
teen In 180t Ha aamd. tha fnUUsu
ohUdran and tiro imf ji ariiliihllili en
to mournhladeatb,
woneers mbtiiw
Seattflakete neaeere.Aissdailsa Metat
•area Lsst West
The South DakoU PIoneer asaocla.
tion bald lta annual meeting In Hnron
on Thnraday aftarooon of laat week on
tbe fair grounds. An Intiroatfog pre
aentatlon bf experienoea inoldent to
pioneer llfo In thla state waa made by
A* L. Van Oedel, of maakm HUI, preal
dent of the organlaatlon, ln hla annual
addreea, A large orowd waa preeent
Tbaereottonof bnlld
log on the fair groonda
and many sngfiatkw wan
With a view of seonrlng an appropria
of MOjOOO for the eraolion of auoh
struoture. a ooma^ttsa waa ohoaanta
A meeting of the
asrring t)ta
respective aaeoolatlona were ro^laatdd,)
asoapt that George Sobloeser, along'
of ttia Home*
building haa
ot intervals fc». aaal».^ti~,®
In'' eohool
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