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Hot Springs weekly star. (Hot Springs, S.D.) 1892-1917, September 25, 1914, Image 2

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Blaok Sills.
bme stretch
fS- V..
A* 1$ by ben oar polloy during the
put five yearn before' Mob election.
daring ffeeoampatgo togive a Hat of
looal oounty oandtdetee whom we
thiuk l| deeervlngof your Tot*, mm
oaee aiori eubmittiog the names of
mm• whoa we think in' the proper
menfdr oflloe
will giro oar
twain a* for'eo thinking. Thie it inht
attempt to
the win-
Mn oooaslonally" nor' for politioaJ
tkTon. Neither «te there any strings
atUobed to onr support of any oandi
date, We neither attempt petty blaok
mallor coercion.
One of the fink whom we would oedl
to the attention of thie voter* ieDrF.
JB. Walker, republican candidate for
etate aenator from Fell River and
Ooeter counties.
,/ Or. 1. fTBiker
Iiytfei-DK Vi-fl. 'Walker, pe hpeding .the re
.f'iItthUoan ticket of thie dietriot ae the
^... esodldats for the offlue of etate sens*
J5 tor from Fall Hirer and Ooeter
I eoant!e*. The offlos of stats sshetor
tide yeer above all ether* le one to
Ipihtth a greet deal of ioiportanoe at*
taehea brteiaohjol the fa* thatmat*
%tewill oom'e upthfe winter at Fieri*
"'Jm whleh every mein^ lit the dietriot le
W^iltaeate'j baaeely that of the lrriga
ties meodfMfit ,and***be.v proposed
-''4rlrti'lrHii' tnfmnrts
X-» ... .W,
the oaee reoently with Mr. Morgan but
the statemente are however not quite
eo vile aa the eonroea from wbloh they
oame. Bels'a man who by boneet and
felr dealing baa won an enviable repn.
tatlon In thie and adjoining oonntlee.
Be ha* made an ezoellent offlolal and
deeervee another term and whatle
more be will get it. However Mr,
Morgan hae a good olean opponent and'
the etatemente referred to have not
emanated from blm. Mr. Morgan le
the repnblloan oandldate for the offloe
of treasurer of Fall River oonnty,
OstM BMehdw
Some may say that In enpportlng
David Batohelor for tbe offloe of oonnty
auditor for re eleotlnn that In thie
oaee we are attempting to plok wthnere.
Mr. Batohelor le a democrat and for
thebenefltof onr readere we will aay
that the tttar aupported blm for oflloe
tbe flret time and aa he le one of the
beat offlolale Ih that oflloe that the
county hew had we eee no reaeon for
deeertlng htm at thlatime. He hae
mede a good auditor In th«, faoeof
many diffloultiee. He le a big honeat
Sootohman, thoroughly oompetent, and
deeervee a eeoond terqu
T. Olark
Bd Olark doeen't heed a lot of Intro
duction to the votere of Fall River
oounty. Hehee rode the range with
praotloallr every old time oow pnnoher,
and knowa praottoally every man,
woBian and ohlld In the oounty. Some
people eay he la rough and ootapoken
but you alwaya know where Ed etande
on any question. He hae oopdooted
the offloe of ehei^ ae eoonomloally
andlnaegobd a manner ae any man
who hae ever held that offloe and In re
electing him the votera are euro of a
good man tn the right plaoe. A vote
for him will be appreciated.
i. o.niiuy v., :.
L. O. Shirley la the republloMi oan
dldate for reglaterof deeda and we
have ever yreeiran to think that be will
he tleoted. W* baee. our, judgment
llrat on the faot that at the prlmerlee
he entered the raoe egainat a atrong
:ae the liidepkident repnblloen
««imidete and won out in good ahape.
rfiyMuaa^lmaHdmMed**' ft
ftertiilly but Bert.
Itlmt'hiii.'been detrimental tb
Kp piirai|Bod the eama up*
tight jpolioy that haeoharaoterlMdhlm
durlht htii wMdenoa here and thie
polloy of attending etrloUy to hie own
bueiaee» #m get'him the election, He
Ifta good eoeoohta^t ahd will make a
flfrtolaea regiater of deed a,
c)*: O. Hutemet ie tSa way he eigne
fls'':tiilaae. hut. .everyone khowe him
plain Qeorga or ^Dego" ^u
He ia a oandldata for re
ofolerk of ooarte on
He la another Fell
product and oomee from
oftaot.ttebaet famiiiee in the oounty.
«A «ood offloer and
.^U''««t ^.ieMl^ eaeily. An.
j^oed before htehamewlll heipeweU
'&,$£$?£'.•, .A»' W«eaea
iN nexton the ltot Clifford WU
flMdldate lor etiiee
?l(9«rd hi« en exoellent law
a. ,-1 wd iiaeaoBlated wlthooe of
the weet, hlelMher,
it: hia profeeaion. He
.M^ oC Odota*
Pablished at The Only
Wasbtngton, D. O .Bept, 25.—Sena
tor Crawford wae aeked today regard
•f a report that he waa being urged tp
iter the eenatorlal raoe. He aald
there waa abeolately no truth in the
report that it niuet have been manu
feotured out of whole olotb, for be
never hetd beini of it. The aenator
aald he bad jaet finiebed reeullng a
arge number of South Dakota newa*
japere and that none of them oon
aioed a memtlon of any movement
to get blm to enter tbe raoe. The
Sot SnriniTA. Smith Tlolrnto TTriAavr Qan^amUA» OMk
•i.' «J'
etor e«ld (further that he had agreed to
abide by tbe reeulte of the primary
oonteat between bimeitlf and Kepre*
aentatlve Burke that he bad been
beaten and that wee all there wae to It,
eo farm he waa oonoeTned.
eboold get the eieotion eaeliy. A vote
for both of theee men will be properly
Dr. B. D, Jeanlngs
One of tbe Bret men to looate in Hot
Springe, a booster tor the oounty at all
tlmee and a good pbyeiolan, Dr. Jen
nlnga oomee up at thie time ae a candi
date for oounty ooroner, This iu quite
onelble offloe and lte dutlea
would be oarefully attended to ebould
Dr. jMtnlnge be eleoted and that he
will be there ie.very little doubt.
Altho running for the offloe of ooufety
OommlMiooer loitbe Bret dietriot, we
Mel that we- in the third dietriot are
Intereeted -in who la to he eleoted tb
eeelet In tiM trsnsMting of the oounty
'•^"'neae aBd ifcta tftir aim to aopport
^-»ho aM beet fitted Iltho we mey
have no voto in their eleotion. Mike
Smith will makel good men for the
board. Mike le a man that emooth talk
and offen of epeoial favors won't oorr
rapt. It won't be healthy for the man
who attempte to etart euoh a praotioe.
Mike, did hot enter tbe raoe to aeoure
the eieeClon for pereonal gain but to
put mattere on an eoonomioal baela ln
the oonnty. He ie a shrewd boalneae
man and the people of the flret die.
trtot ebonld eleot him.
... .A.O. furnr
Olark Forney, of Qeirlohe, la the
other oommiaeioner to be eleoted.
Olark livee in the third dietriot. He
says what he thinke and hae good
busineee judgment. He wee the oounty
tnaauMr a few yeare ago and under
atanda oounty affaire pretty thorough
ly. Olark- haa tiro opponente but we
hardly think that they will know they
were in the raoe after it ie over. Itle
the nnlvereel opinion that a ohange le
needed Itt the admlnietration of the
oqmmilieloliere affaire and Olark
Forney will help do the heeded
feature of the evening and ell
returned home declaring that they had
a moet delightful evening.
Ratty Day at tbe BeptUt Charch, Next
The B. T. P. U.meete at 6:45 and
Mlee Flo Barnee will be the leader*
Thepeetor Rev. Ohaa. F. Holler will
preaoh at 7:30 and hie thehie will be
"The Complete Plan of Salvation."
Thie eermon wee delivered at the
Bleok HUle Baptlat Aaeooiation and le
being given at the requeet of tbe dele
gatee who were preeent,
Un Trysdale Oae ef The Oldest Mea ia
The Northwest'
Lead. 8. D., Sept. 95—Thie dty
olaima the dletlnotion of having the
oldeet living man in the northweet, and
probeibly one of the oldeet^ln the ooun
try. Ho le Lare Tryadale, who hail
^jiat ^oelebrated hie lifith. Jdrthd^r.
in hla poseeaalen indliputably prove
hie age, and hU memory of Intimate
eyente juet a few yeirt after the war of
1S12. are vivid.
Mr. tfryedal* whole etUl aa hale aa
mahymen of forty yeetre hie junior,
hae full poaeeeeion of hie eemee, makee
hla own bed, ohOpe wood almoet every
day and doee many ohoree around the
home of hie daughter, Mre. W. W.
Taylor, where for yeare ha haa made
hie home. A Norwegian by birth, he
apent many yeare in thie oonntry
and how ooneldere. hinuelf an Amerl-
He hae a atrong dlallko for pub*
liolty and for yeare he has refueed
every inducement to alt for a photo
graph or permlt himaelf to beenapped
by the oamera, and local photograph*
long ago gave him up aeahopeleee
taak. On hia preeent birthday he re
ceived bie Meade and dlesueeed the
foreign war in whlah he is takiog a
keen intereet He le ooneldered by all
who know him here aia a moet remark
able old man.
Skewer fer Mr. aid
Tkeaus Elseuer
The Baptlat obnroh people turned
outla iaaee Friday evening and gave
their- Bundey eobool superintendent
and hie brlde a delightful eorprlae in
tbe form ot a mlaoellaneoue ahower.
Everything imeglitable in the way of
uwuT and ornamental artkdee for the
home were among the gifte. Di. and
Mni. Qeyerman had invited Mr. and
Mia. Elaeaaor to tea and later the
ohtueh people oame In with their eur
prteeand ebower of uaeful gifte. A
day -Special Prefraro
Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock the
Baptiet ohuroh will unite the Sundey
•ohOol aervlce with that of tbe preach
ing hour and the children will give a
rally day program. All pwente and
friende of the ohildren are urged to be
preeent. There will be a delightful
ser#loe of eong and exercieee by the
little folke.
N E W $ 3 7 5 0 0 A I I O N
The new 137^00combined obapel and
amaaemeut hall at the Battle Moun
tain Sanitarium wbloh was jaet oom
pleted wee dedicated Sunday with an
appropriate program. The building ia
beauty, houalng within ite walla a
large obapel and library on tbe Bret
floor with a large and oommodioua
atage wbloh will be ueed by the orches
tra and for private theatrioale. The
basement oontalne the poat a tore end
amueement ball with bowling alleys,
and other forma of amueement. It la
complete euid up-to-date In every par-
Tbe program Sunday waa opened
promptly at 2i00 p.m. with the obapel
orowded to oapaoity. Tbe flret number
eeleotlon by the Sahitariom
band. Thie waa followed by a prayer
by Rev. O. B, Olark, ohaplain. ••Sahu
bort'e 8erehade", a oornet eolo by
Bewl Flandere wae followed by an
original poem by O. B. Olark, jr. Tble
was written eepeolelly for thie oooaelon
and was a mesterpieoe. Mlao Qaeona
Stewart wae next 6a the program with a
vocal eeleotlon, "Sprlng'e Awakening**,
lt'a rendition brought forth a hearty
round of applause. Governor Jamee
Av Matteeqn, who preelded, then Intro*
duded the prlttbipal apeaker of the
etfternoon la tte person of
aian Ebeu W. Martin. He epoke at
some leagth giving data and faote re
garding tbe building and operatingof
tbe Battle Mountain Sanitarium and
alao etated the number of patlente that
had been reoeived elnoe ite opening
eight yeare ego wbloh total waa in the
neighborhood of 6,500. It ie a well
known fleet that over eigbty per oent
of thoee ooming here reoelve beneflte
and permanent onree.
Mr. Meitin it wae who lntrodooed
the bill into eongreee for the ereotlon
of the Battle Mountain Sanitarium at
thie plaoe and thru whose efforte each
addition and appropriation hes been
eeoured. He perhapa mote than any
other one man ie reeponeible for the
inetitutlon being looated in Hot
Springe and It wae fitting and verj
proper that he ehoold make the dedi
oatory apeeoh. Aahele retiring from
oongreee at the expiration of this term
eoms of h|a laet offlolal aeta will be for
the benefit of the Sanitarium and tbe
„oldbnye in blue who In teeing Mn
Martin In Congraee wlll loee one of
their very beetlrleode.
Followti^lCr. tfartin'e epeeoh
Amerloa" waa aung. by the'entire oon
The program oloaed with
henediotiMi by Rev. Fr.
fiu a nci a iin AmiCEMEU UI1! hands, it would be almoat Imposalble
VllArEL AMI AmuaCfflCNl IfALL for tbe entryman to satUfy tbe score-
YOL 29 .No. 23
maUnc the former entry or entrlee.
Thie provision wae tho ceuile of muoh
ilon before ite final enaotment in
houee. Kepreeentatlve Mondell
'tended that it reetrioted the bene
fitaof the meaeuce to a point'where,
under admlnietration by friendly
t*ry as to the requiremente named.
Thru no fault of hie own," end "mat
tere beyond hla oontrol," he pointed
out. would .be extremely diffloult
polnteto eatablleh before an offloial
inollned to interpret tbe law etriotly.
He aleo aaaerted that the langoage of
the aot would require thoee who had
already exeroteed a eeoond right, under
previoue epeoial atatutee to again for
nieb proof aa to the original entrlea.
I. E Ladies Aid Will Give Dinaer Wedaes
day, Sepfenber iOth
ohioken pie dinner, oafOteria atyle.
will be eerved on Wedneeday, Septem
ber 90th, in the etore room next to
the Stookmane bank, beginning at
11:30 o'olook.
The Methodlet ladlee are noted for
the exoellenoe of their dinners, and
urge everybody to remember the date
and improve their opportunity to get a
good meal at a reasonable prloe.
Remember the time, the place, and
the ohioken pie.
Father ef Mrs. Irese Fergason, Ceeaty
Seperlateedeat, Died Lut Week
Heaekiah Robbine, em old reeident
of Fall River oounty who hae resided
at Smithwlok elnoe 1877, euiewered Abe
iaet roll oall at hla home, Wedneaday
September 16th, 1914, aged eighty-two
yeare, eeven montbe and twenty-five
daya, The funeral eerrioea wsre oon* v»
dnoted from the home euid Interment .j
made In the German cemetery
near Smithwlok,. Thuipday, Rev Oha«i
F. Holler, of
FlretBabtlet bhdroh
of title olty, presohing Che^ermop.
Heaekiah RoMrine was bora in Weet
morland oonnty, Ultnola, April 27th,
ML He wae married to Miee Nanoy -:s
Tudkei and tothte nni^n elk obHdren
were born. The third ohlld a girl died
twenty-eight yeare ago. Mr. Robbine
moved with Up family tvAledo, Me**
oer oonnty, IHInoie,' in 1876. ih
the family moved to Smithwlok in .tbie
oounty where they have sihos resided.
The eorviving ohildren all live In Foil
River oounty. Mr. Robbine enliated
in the 46th Regiment,. Ullnole Volun,
hmre In 186t He eerved. the fuU time
endreortved en honorable dieobarge at
the oloee of the var.
Mr. and Mra, Robbine oelebrated
their fiftieth wedding-«nniveraary to
April of thie year. Hif^deoeMed leavee
a widow, five ohildren,' efo grand
ohlldren and two greai«wtdfibildren
to mourn hie death, «.
muEB HanM
SMttDakrti PtMHfS AtlKittlM Mat
Bares LsstWeek
The South Dakota PioMer asaode
twn held lte annual meettnii In ilmnn
on Thuredey afternoon of lest week on
tbe falr grounds. An intsreetlog pre
eentatlon bf akpertottoe* Ineldent to
pkmeer llfe in this etate wae made by
A. L. Van Osdsl, of Mleeloo Hill, preet
dent of ihe organisation^ In his annual
•ddreee, A large erowd fas preeent
a psewiaaeeit baikl
lag onthe fair
With a view of
of 11(^000 for the
MMllMr lr
of themoaleleee».)latao
The lotal aeleqela havo a»pfed tho
•miifli nf riiilmii II ll.
fti _APBa

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