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Black Hills.
Maroh 2nd, 1915, the board of
ooanty oommissionerc. met parsnent to
adjournment, present Commissioners
Clark, Rineer and Cope.
D. Batohelor took the oath of of
fice and was doly sworn in as Coonty
Jacob Matolivitch made application
for support from the oounty and on
motion was rejected.
The recommendation of Hot Springs
oity oounoil to adjustment on lots one
aid two, blook five, original town of
Hot Springs was approved by the
The following bonds were approved:
George Gull as county surveyor in
the sum of $500.00 with the National
Surety Co. aB sureties.
F. Oe motherly as Justice of the
peace in the sum of 8500 00 with Nation
al Surety Co. as sureties.
P. P. Ward as County Judge, in the
Bam of $1000 00 with U. 8. Fidelity and
Guaranty Company as sureties
Fall River Abstract Company in the
sum of $500.00 with the Inter State
Surety Company as sureties.
George Hummel as Clerk of Courts
In the sum of $1000.00 with the Inter
State Surety Company as Burettes.
D. K. Batohelor, as oounty auditor in
the sum of $2000.00 with the National
Surety Company as sureties.
Walker Hedriok Co. as text book de
positories in the sum of $500.00 with
Li, H. Hedriok and George Hummel as
L. E, Highley as text book deposit
ory in the sum of $500.00 with the
National Surety Company as sureties.
Geo. W. Highley, as text book de
pository in the sum of $500 00 with the
National Surety Company as sureties.
Hargens Pharmacy as text book de
pository in the sum of $500.00 with the
National Surety Company as sureties.
The following plaoes were designated
for selling chattel mortgages namely.
Front door court bouse, Hut. Spring,
South Dakota. Front door post of
fice, Edgemont, South Dakota. Front
door post offloe, Oelriohs, South Da
kota. Stook yards, Ardmore and stook
yards Smithwiok.
The application of A. E. Bartlett, et
al for the establishment of a publio
highway was rejected.
The application for the establish
meat of a publio highway in township
eight, range two and township nine
range two, was rejeoted, on not being
in proper form.
Fred Schuler and Fritz Eugler ap
plication for abatement of taxes was
Rhoda Billups made application for
oorreotion of assessment on part of
south east one-fourth, north-weBt one
half, section 30-7-6 oontaining twenty
eight and one-tenth acres. On motion
the Auditor was instructed to issue
rebate on 1913 tax on a basis of $50.00
valuation for the whole tract.
Moved by Rineer and seconded by
Oope and unanimously oarried that the
Oounty Treasurer be instructed to re
oeive $625.00 in full for all the follow
ing taxes (exoept the last one half o!
1914 taxes) to-wit. Personal taxes of ].
Marooux, personal tax of J. L. Marooux
& Son, personal tax of ]. F. Marooux.
Real estate tax on east fifty feet of lots
•even and eight, block eleven of orig
inal town of Hot Springs, lots four five
and six. blook eight, Petty's addition
lots five and six, blook three, Idlewild
addition, provided that oity oounoil
grant a proportionate allowenoe on said
real estate and in event they do not
then said parties shall pay in addition
to sum of $625.00 that portion of the
reduction which now applies to said
real estate.
On motion the board adjourned
meet March 3rd, at 8 a. m.
D. K. Batohelor, County Auditor
fittest: J. A. Clark, Chairman
Maroh 3rd, 1915 —The board
oounty commissioners met persuant
adjournment all members present.
O. D. Nut ton was granted abatement
of personal tax for the year 1913 hav
ing been shown that the said O.
Nutton paid all personal tax in Custer
The recommendation from Hot
City Coanoil in regards to
tain lots ID Fargo and Prentioo ad
dition was rejected as not in proper
W. T. Harrison was granted abate
ment of personal tax for the years 1911
and 1912 amounting to 813 55 on ao
oount of erroneous assessment.
The recommendation from Hot
Springs City Connoil for oorreotion cf
assessment on lots twenty-one and
twenty-three, block twenty-six Minne-
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Miss Joyoe appeared on Tuesday
evening in the "'Mayor's Secretary."
This proved to be a very strong play,
depicting political lire in New York,
and gives this talented lady an oppor
tunity to appear at her best.
On Monday evening, the management
surprised the patrons with a double bill
whioh inoluded a three reel Bpeoial
feature, "The Jennings Brothers,"
famous Oklahoma Outlaws, followed
by one of the features of the regular
program, entitled "Mix Up in Dress
Suit CaseB." The former was a thriller
and the latter a high olass oomedy feat
ure whioh took the bouse by storm.
On Wednesday, a special feature was
also put on, consisting of three reels
by the Vitagraph oompany of the "Sage
Brush Gal" played by the Broadway
stars, whioh Inoludes some of the best
theatrioal talent of Broadway New
York. We are informed that this com
pany of Broadway stars will be a reg
ular weekly feature, and they ought to
prove very popular with his patrons.
"When Honor Wakes" was a Lubin
produoticn for Thursday evening,
whioh was also a first olass drama and
adds more laurels to the Lubin oom
pany for having the reputation for pro
duoing features of the highest olass.
On Friday, "The Daughter of Israel,'
featuring the well known photoplayers,
Norma Talmadge, Donald Hall and Van
Dyke Brooks will be given, This ougUt
to be one of the most popular numbers
of the entire weeks program, and
Doin's At The Morris Grand Theatre
Past Week
In an interview with Manager Parks
of the Morris Grand we are informed
that the patranage at this popular play
house during the past week indioates
to him, that the lovers of high olass
pictures, are beginning to show their
appreciation of his efforts to give them
the best, and they are beginning to see
the real high olass oharaoter of the pro
ductions be is putting on the soreen
from night to night,
The General Film Company has more
than fulfilled its promise to give his
patrons the best the market affords in
this line, and as the new faoes be
come more familiar to his patrons, ca
paoity houses will be the role.
On the program for the present week,
we note the name of Alice Joyce who
has twioe won the popularity oontest
as the most popular, as well as the
most finished, photoplay actress on the
moving piotere screen.
less will be.
Another treat is in store for his pat
ronH for Saturday afternoon and even
ing, when an extra speoial four reel
feature will be run entitled, "For the
Honor of Old Glory." This, we are in
formed, 1B a fine patriotic picture into
which is woven a beautiful as well
as thrilling love Btory, among Uncle
Sams troops while doing duty in Mex
ico. This should be especially attract
ive to the old soldier element of our
Along with this feature will be run
the Hearts-Selig "Current EventB of
the World," whioh is a feature in it
self, thuB giving the patrons, prao
tioally five reels of entertaining and in
structive pastime. The Hearts Selig
feature is purely an eduoational num
ber and will be a feature of the pro
grams at this house every week. That
it will in time become very popular,
goes without the saying.
To close the weeks program, on Sun
^yevening "The Shanty at Trembling
Hill' will be given, in whioh Francis
Bushman, the highest priced and by
long odds, the most popular photo
player on the moving picture stage
will be featured. This is a thrilling
tale of love and hatred in the north
woods and yon can depend upon
that Mr Bushman will do jastioe
the subject.
Along with the above feature will
shown a Viatagraph oomedy entitled
"Aunties Portrait," with Sidney Drew
and Jane Morrow in the oast. This
little oomedy gives these two noted
players full sway for their exceptional
In addition to the foregoing first
olass drama, oomedy numbers of the
same high class have been added to the
program from day to day, making
well balanced program that ought
please the most exacting.
Now then, the best part of the whole
story is yet to be told. With all this
high class, entertaining stnff, the prioe
of admission has remained at ten cents.
Here is the whole story in a nut shell.
Manager Parks has materially improv
ed the regular program and in addition
to this, has put on two extra speoial
features, costing him considerable
more money and yet he has let the
price of admission remain at ten cents.
What's the answer?
The following correspondence fur
nished us by Mr. S. E, Wilson relative
to the Angosura Projeot, is encourag
ing and shows that our retiring Con
gressman, Hon. E. W. Martin, always
alive to the best interests of his con"
stitnentB is giving it his most earnest
Washington, D. C., Maroh 1, 1915.
Hon. S. E. Wilson, Hot Springs, S. D.
Dear Mr. Wilson: You have taken
so muoh interest in the Cheyenne River
Irrigation possibilities that I am en
olosing to you a letter from the direct
or and ohief engineer of the reclam
ation servioe, whioh is the latest word
up to date on this proposition. I have
been making an effort to get some pre
liminary aotion on this projeot in the
near future and am now endeavoring
to have Mr. Davis go out and make a
personal iDspeotion of the projeot dur
ing the present season. While funds
are not yet available for starting new
projects, the prospects have consider
ably improved of late, whioh makes
this Angostura proposition to be near
er a realization than heretofore.
Sinoerely yours, E. W. Martin,
Washington, D, C, February 18,1915,
Hon. Eben W. Martin, House of Rep
My Dear Mr. Martin: Your letter of
February 13th to the Seoretary of the
Interior, concerning the Angostura Ir
rigation Projeot, has been referred to
this offloe.
The advantages of irrigation in west
ern South Dakota, and of the Angos
tura Reclamation Projeot in particular
are appreciated by the engineers of the
Reclamation Servioe, although I per
sonally have not examined this projeot
but shall be glad to do
Published at The Only Carlsbad of America.
Hot Springs, South Dakota, Friday, March 12th, 1915
iest opportunity.
Regarding the oomparKfive expen
ditures in South Dakota und Oregon,
vou will find a statement of those in
the Congressional record in the debate
on the Sundry Civil Bill, whioh was
taken from page 457 of the thirteenth
annual report of the reclamation
vice. This shows that the net invest
ment of reclamation funds in Oregon
up to June 30,1914, was approximately
thirty per oent of the reoeipts from the
sales of publio lands to the same date,
while the net investment in South Da
kota was forty-five per oent of the re
ceipts from the sales of publio lands.
In other words, while the reoeipts in
Oregon were over fifty per oent greater
than in South Dakota, the net invest
ment was about three per oent greater.
The figures you have quoted are prob
ably taken from the allotments to the
same date, whioh include amounts al
lotted and not expended, amountB ex
pended for operation and maintenance
and returned by the irrigators, and
also inoludes amounts invested in mess
halls, hospitals, mercantile stores and
equipment, large amounts of whioh will
return by operations and sales inoident
thereto, and do not constitute apart of
the new investiment.
Very truly yours, A. P. Davis
Direotor and Ohief Engineer.
Washington, D. C„ Maroh 4, 1915.
Hon. S. E. Wilson, Hot Springs, S, D.
Dear Mr. Wilson: Enolosed is a
letter of yesterday from Mr, Davis, Di
reotor of the U. S, Reclamation Ser
vice, in answer to an invitation from
me to visit the Angostura projeot dur
ing the coming summer. I hope that
the inspection may be arranged.
Sinoerely yours, E. W. Martin
Washington, D. C., Maroh 3,1915.
Hon. Eben W. Martin, House of Rep
My dear Mr. Martin: 1 have just re
ceived your favor of Maroh 1st, sug
gesting that I make plans for a person
al inspection during the coming sum
mer of the Angostura Irrigation pro
leot in southwestern Dakota.
I would like to make suoh an in
spection and desire very muoh to do so,
1 am unable to make any definite plans
at the present time, however, because
the Appropriation Committee is in
tending to make an inspection of the
reclamation projects during the sum
mer, and it will be impossible for me
to make plans until their plans are
I think it is likely, as I oertainly
hope it will be, to make it feasible to
visit this projeot as suggested, and will
take pleasure in notifying you by wire
ot otherwise if I find that I oan do so.
Very truly yours, A. P. Davis
Direotor and Ohief Engineer
This leaves no doubt that the Con
gressional Appropriation Committee
and Mr. Davis, Direotor and ohief en
gineer, will visit the projeot during the
coming summer.
The evening servioe at the Methodist
ohuroh next Sunday will be in oharge
of the Methodist Brotherhood and will
consist of a laymen's program. The
subjeot of the evening will be temper
ance. There will be plenty of singing
with some speoial numbers, and a few
addresses by members of the Brother
hood on that livest moral and politioal
ser- question before the American publio—
prohibition. The water wagon of to
day has many additional seatB and car
ries the band. Come and get on.
Alton an in Wisconsin State Journal
Zeno M. Smith, an aged ranoher liv
ing seven miles southwest of Edge
mont in this oounty, oommltted suioide
Monday by hanging himself from the
rafters of his house. The body was
disoovered by some neighbors who were
passing that evening. Coroner G. G,
Killinger, of this eity, was notified and
left that evening for the scene of the
deed. The body was taken to Edge
mont where an inquest was held.
The unfortunate man left no word as
to the cause for the rash aot. He was
formerly a resident of Worthington,
Minnesota and oame to this oountry
seven years ago. His wife has been
spending the winter at her former
home and depression over being left
alone may have oaused the deed. The
deceased was about sixty years of age
and was the father of six ohildren, all
grown and married, He has borne a
good reputation sinoe ooming to this
oountry and was well liked by every
one. His relatives were notified of his
death and the remains were shipped to
his old home Wednesday for burial.
Lead Girls Won First Game of the Series
From the Local Basket Ball Team
The Lead high school girls basket
ball team oame out victorious Satur
day evening In their game with the
looal team for the championship of the
Hills by a score of thirteen to ten. The
game was largely attended and was one
of the fastest seen here tbie season.
The play was a little rough and the
rooting in instances a little spirited
but nevertheless the victory was well
earned. The teams were very evenly
matohed and as thie is only the first of
a series of three games to deoide the
championship the girls here are not
the least bit disheartened over the
final outcome.
Following the game the visitors and
the members of the local high school
enjoyed the remainder of the evening
danoing at the I. O. O. F. hall in lower
town. The party from Ihe northern
Hills town
composed of Florence
Mattson, Mabel Veroelllno, Nellie Low
ery, Mamie Varra, Helen Voight, Coach
Max Newoomb and Miss Cora B, Wise
one of the teaohera.
Names of Pupils In the Cit Schools Neither
Absent Nor Tardy.
The members of the seventh and
eighth grades who were not absent or
tardy during the month of February
were MBjorie Spenoer, Leon Weet
Jonothan Cleaver, Keith Beck, Vernon
Henderson, Mabel Brown, Dora Brnoe,
Howard Deuel, Lena Dumke, Bruce
Englebert, Lola Magowan, Russell Ber
ry and Bessie Johansen.
The following members of the eighth
grade made the highest averages: Earl
Christensen 91, Edward Bingham 86,
Robert Dolliver 88, Mary Ogan 86
Bruoe Englebert 87, Mabel Brown 87,
Nora Bruoe 87, Lena Dumke 90, Martha
Marty 87, Paul Johansen 88, Lola Ma
go wan 86, John Jones 85, Inez Brown
85, George Gibson 87, Florenoe Muel
ler 89, Paul Calhoun 86, Chattie
Cleaver 85'
The high averages
the ecventb
grade were: Dorothy Clark 93, Jon
athan Cleaver 91, Mejorie Spenoer 86
George Bain 87. Vernon Henderson 86
Thelma Gross 92, Fred Seviers, Ver
onioa Hoffman 86, Lion Phillips 91,
87, Wilma Kersey 87, Cora
Daniel 87, Fen ton Lee 85.
The following members of the high
sohool had no grade below 85 per oent
as averaged for the six weeks ending
February 26: Louise Jennings, Alta
Montgomery, Jessie Woodcock, Flo
Barnes, Helen Bean, Mary Dolliver,
Mary Eriokson, Elsie Heidepriem, Dor
orthy Leaoh, Ross Magowan, Florenoe
Bruoe, Kathryn Ferguson, May belle
Gibson, Marie Juokett, Helen Niobols,
Carol Whitman, Marian Amandaon,
Hlldred Bean. Leta Bingham, Olarenoe Christensens jewelry ifory, Mrm, F« T,
Brnoe, Leland Case, Madolln Hyer- Evans,
i* ". "i*
VoL 89 No. 47
Willa Knight, Myra Knowlton, Fran
oes Roe, Margaret Steven, Pearl Snl.
dow, Edith Stookton, Raymond Pieroe.
Those neither absent or tardy were:
Mary Little, Marlon Lessard, Ralph
Cooke, Elsie Hetdeprelm, Rosa Ma
gowan, Roy Williams, Florenoe Brooet
Kathryn Ferguson, Venetta Heinzer
ling, Helen Nichols, Marian Amund
son, Olarenoe Brnoe, Beatrloe Book
master, Leland Case, Robert MoCarthy
Edwin MoRoberte, Edith 8tookton.
The 330 Acre Homestead
Relative to the passage of the new
320 acre homestead aot Mr, Gandy said:
'The enlarged homestead aot, oom
monly known as the 320 aore aot, whioh'
was passed on February 9th, 1909, and
hae been amended two or three timee
since, provides that the seoretary of
the interior may designate for 320 aoree
homesteads land that, in his opinion, la
not sasoeptible of saooessfal Irrigation
at a reasonable oost from any known
sauroe of water supply In the statee of
Arizona, California, Colorado, Mon
tana, Nevada, New Mexloo, North Da
kota, Oregon, Utah, Washington and
Wyoming, Prior to my recent visit to
Washington the senate had paseed an
amendment to the above law, whioh
wae offered by Senator Sterling, to In
clude South Dakota in the list of In
larged bomeetead statee, and a similar
bill had passed the hoose. These two
bills were then before a oonferenoe
oommittee and on Wedneeday I had a
telegram from Congressman Martin In
whioh he statee that the aot haa been
agreed to as applicable to Booth Da
"It is presumed that the aot will be
agreed to by the president and will be
come a law, The section grazing home
stead bill, whioh recently paaeed tha
house, waa still before the senate bat
it was probable that no aotion woald be
reaohed thereon at thie session. Until
deeignations are made by tha secretary
of the Interior and regulations are re
ceived under the new act, by the looal
land offloe, it is not probable that fil
ings to the extent of 320 acres oan be
made within this state. What the reg
ulations will be I am not able to say at
this time."
The Reaufh Family All Guests of Mrs. Perry
Nichols This Week
A family reunion, the first in twenty*
five years, is being oelebrated this
week at the Nlohole Sanitorlam. Tha
ohildren of Mrs. Permelia Reaogh, who
ia ninety-two years of age have gather
ed here as guests of Mrs. Perry Nloh
ole, one of the daaghtere, The list of
brothers and slstere who oame to honor
their aged mother Inoludee John
Reaogh, of Savannah, Mieeoarl George
Reaagb, of Dry Creek, West Virginia:
W. D. Reaugh and wife, of Mlnitara,
Nebraska Mrs. Jalia Reaogh and Mrs.
A. E. Kline, of Bpokane, Washington
H. T. Reaugh, Mrs. Mary Primm and
Mrs, Perry Niobols, of this oity. W.
D. Reaugh and wife and Mre. Julia
Reaugh and Mre. Kline arrived here
Tuesday, the other members of tha
family having been here for some time.
With one exception the ohildron all ar
rived here unknown to the others, this
exoeption was W. D. Reaugh who wae
sent for after the othere had arrived*
Sinoe the arrival of the family, tha
alder Mre. Reaogh Is one of tha
happleat ladlee In the Hills.
Loet—Pair gold framed speotaelee in
blaok case. Finder pleaae leave al
p- tf-t
Sr. 'VM'
Party. MM —4
Rapid Oity, 8. Maroh 12.—With
the adjournment of oongrees last
Thursday Congressman E. W. Martin
was suooeeded by Hon* Harry L.
Gandy, who has the dietinotlon of be*
ing the first simon-pnre demoorat aver
sent to oongrees from this district, and
the first congressman to be ohosen
from Rapid Oity. Mr. Gandy was re
leased from his duties as reoeiver of
public monies at the United Statee
land offloe on February 28th, and waa
ready to take up his new duties. Re
turning from a week's trip to Washing
ton Wedneeday morning, he set oat to
olear up hie unfinished work at the
land offloe and will be ready to torn
the offloe over to hie euooeseor. No re
ceiver hae yet been appointed to fill
the position vacated by Mr. Gandy, bat
it is probable that an appointment will
be made before long,
When Msked with referenoe to the
receivership, Mr. Gandy replied:
"My resignation has been filed with
the Interior department for nearly
seven weeks, and I was released from
offloial daty Sunday evening, February
28th. The appointment of my eoo
oessor is now ap to the department
and the president."

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