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Ltwrence II. Iledrick and Normiti E. Lewis
Notice to Creditors
State of Sooth Dakota, county of Fall Ktver,
ca. In county court.
In the matter of tha estate of Elizabeth I.
DooUj, deceased.
Notice is hereby Riven by the undersigned,
Thomas W. Dooley, administrator of the estate
ef Elizabeth 1. Dobley. deceased, to the credit
ors of, and all persons ha ring olainu against the
laid deceased, to exhibit them, with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months after the first
publication of this notice, to Lawrence H. Iled
rick and Norman E. Lewis, Attorneys for the
estate, at their offices in Hot Springs, in the
county of Fall River, 8. D.
Dated May 17th, 1915.
Thomas W. Dooley
First pub. May 21, last June 11. l'J15.
First pub. April 23, last May 28, 1915.
No. 013836
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office
at Kapld City, Sonth Dakota, April 10,
Notice is hereby given that Percy MeKnigbt,
of Pringle, Sonth Dakota, who on May ill, 1903,
made homestead entry No. 210*2''. Serial No.
01363B, for N'jSW^. SW54NWK,. Section 5, and
NK^SK'i, section 6, townehip els south, range
4 east, Black Hills meridian, has tiled notice of
intention to make final five year proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above described, before
George Hummel, Clerk of Courts, in his office
at Hot Springs, South Dakota, on the 28th day of
May, 1915.
Claimant namea as witnesses: Michael Zimet,
Peter Zimet, Herbert KlchardsoD, Joseph Lofton,
all of Printrle, South Dakota.
John L. Burke. Ilegister.
Lawrence 11. Hedrick, Attorney
Notice of Application for Probate of
State of South Dakota, County of Fall River
»s. In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Cora A. Swallow,
The state of Sonth Dakota senJs greetings:
To Eli Swallow, Bonnie Hose Willis Manson,
Wilbur Boyd Willis, Mcrylan Granville Willis,
and Athog Bonnel Willis, heirs at law and next
of kin and devisees of Cora A. Swallow, de
Pursuant to au order of the above named court
mad* on the 20th day of May, A. H. 11115, notice is
hereby given that Saturday, the 6th day of June.
A. D. 1915 at ten o'clock A. M. of said day. at
the court room of said court at Hot Springs.
Fall Kiver county, South Dakota, has been ap
pointed as the time and plaoe for proving the
will of said Cora A. Swallow, decettsed, and for
haaring the petition for probate thcrnof, aud the
issuance of letters testamentary therein, when
and where any person interested may appear
and contest the same.
Dated at Hot Springs, S. Dthis 20th day of
May, A. D. 1915.
By che Court.
Attest: X'. F. Ward.
tieorge llummel. Clerk Judge.
First pub. May 21, last June 4, 1915
Lawrence H. Iledrick, Attorney.
Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale
Whereas, default has been made in the con
ditions of a mortgage dated June 15, 1911, ex
ecuted by Al. Feslcr and Jeuetty Fesler, his
wife, to Glenn Jordan of Hot Springs, Fall Kiver
county, S. D.' which mortgage was recorded in
the office of Register of Deeds of Fall Kiver
county, S. D. in Book N of mortgages,
The mortgaged premises are situated in Fall
River county and described as follows, to wit:
The northeast quarter, NB
74 of Section fifteen,
15, in township nine, 9, sonth of range nine, 9,
east of the Black Hills meridian,
Dated at Hot Springe, 8. D., May 19th, A. D.
1915, lennie P. Monteith.
Assignee and owner of said mortgage.
H. Iledrick. Attorney.
First pub. May 21, last June 25,1915.
[Lawrence H. Hedrick, Attorney]
Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale
Whereas default has been made In the con
dltions of a mortgage dated February let A. D.
1(18. executed by Henry L. Graham and May D.
Graham, his wife, to the DeMoulin Loan A In
vestment Company, a corporation of Hot
Springs, 8. D., which mortgage was recorded in
the office of Register of Deeds of Fall River
county, S. D,,i6 book O, page 407 ou February
1st, A. b. i913 at 1 p. m. and which mortgage
was on February 1st, A. D. 1913 duly assigned to
MRA. Jennie Haggerty of Dubuque, Iowa, who is
the lawful holder and owner of same, and
which assignment was duly recorded in the of
fice of the Register of Deeds of said Fall River
county, in book of mortgages on page 544 on
February 8th, A 1913, at three p. m., and no
action or proceeu.^g at law or otherwise has
been instituted to recover the debt secured by
•aid mortgjMt*, or any part thereof, and the
amountclaimed to be due thereon at the date of
this notice is $1357.85, to-wlt: $1200.00 principal
•138.85 interest, $25.00 attorney's fees
Notice is hereby given that br virtue of the
power of sale contained in said mortgage, the
mortgaged premises will be sold at public
auction at tne front door of the court house in
on June 22, 1911 at one p. in. and whieh
mortgage was on June 23, A. D. lyil. duly as
sieded to Jennie P. Monteith of Strongliurst,
Illinois who is now the lawful holder and owner
of same, and which assignment was duly record
ed In the office of Register of Deeds of said Fall
River county, In book L, of mortgages, on page
MS on July 23, 1911 atone u, m.: aud
or proceeding at law or otherwise has been in
stituted to recover the debt secured by said
mortgage, or any part thereof, and the amount
claimed to be due therein at the date of this
notice Is $860.43, to-wlt $600.00 principal. 1193.35
interest, taxes necessarily paid by mortgagt aud
interest on eame {42.08. attorney's fees 125.00
Notice is hereby givea that by virtue of the
power of sale contained in said mortgage, the
mortgaged premises will be sold at public
auction at the front door of the court house in
Hot Springs, Fall River county, S. D. on July
8rd, A. D. 1915 at ten o'clock a. m.
ot Springs, Fall River county, South Dakota,
1 June its, A. D. 1313 at tea o'clock, a.m.
The mortgaged premises are situated in Fall
River county, 8. D, and are described as follows,
to:wit: The southeast quarter, SEH, of south
west quarter, SWH. the southwest quarter,
of the southeast quarter, SEJ4. and lots three,
t, and four, 4, of section thirty-one, 31, in town
ship eleven, U, south of range three, 3, east of
the B, H. M.
Dated at Hot Springs, S. D.. April 2?nd, A. D,
Mrs. Jennie Haggerty.
Assignee and owner'of said mortgage.
Lawrence H. Hedrick, Attorney.
First pub. April 23, last May 28,1915.
.-Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale
& Hetice
hereby given that default has been
Made in the conditions of a certain mortgage
dated March 5th,
1910 executed by W. 8. Doty
and Satan S. Doty, husband and wife, mortgag
ors, to William M. Shirley, mortgagee, whloh
mortgage was recorded in the office of the Reg
ister ofDeeds of Fall River County, South Da
kota, on Mareh 29th, 1910 at 10 o'clock a. m. in
book "1" of mortgages on page 318, and which
mortgage mortgaged the following described
realesiate, to wit, The northeast quarter (NEH
of the southwest quarter (SWJ4) the south half,
southwest quarter, t»w4,01 tne southeast quar
ter, 8BK, of section twenty-three. Sec. 28, the
half, WVi, of the northwest quarter, NWS4.
northeast quarter, NEK, of the northwest
qoarter, Nffk, the west half, Vi%, of the north
east quarter, NE!4, and the northwest quarter
of the sontheast quarter SE)4, oK section
tweaty-four, Sec. 24, iatownsnip seven, Twp. 7,
twenty-four, sec. 24, la townsnip seven, xwp. 7,
sonth of range four Range 4, east Black Hills
Meridian, in Fall River County, South Dakota.
That no action or proceedings at law have
been Instituted to recover the debt secured by
aald mortgage or any part thereof. That the
amount claimed to be due on said mortgage at
(he da
to of this notice is 31317.05. being 13800,00
principal, 1498.65 Interest, and $25.00 attorney's
fee as stipulated in said mortgage. That by
virtue of the power of sale contained in said
mortgage the said real estate will be sold at
ublM auction at
In the city
of Fall River ana state of Booth Dakota on the
auction at the front door ot the Court
ouae In the city of Hot Springs in the county
I Fall River ana state of Booth Dakota on the
Mth day of June, 1915, at 2 o'clock p. m. of said
day, as provided by law for the foreclosure of
raaMstato mortgaged by advertisement.
Dated this 14th day of May, A. D. 1915.
William M. Shirley, Mortgagee
Jackett A Adams, Attorneys for mortgagee.
Vint pub. May 14, last June 25,1915,
Twenty-flve dollars will be Riven for
tha person who will return to their
bom* at Mlnnekahta, one large bay and
on* dark iron gray gelding, both five
years old branded S over bar on right,
ahoolder. Their range Bed Canyon
and adjaoent ooantry. Mrs. Frank
layman, Mlnnekahta.
Dr. L. E. EATON,.
Located in Mionekahta Block
Sttflpbp. Sooth Sakot
Expect Constantino to Rule In
"When Constantino and Sophia sit
again on the thrones of Greece then
will the ancient glories of the eastern
empire be revived, and a Greek will
reign In Byzantium." So runs a very
old popular Greek belief or supersti
tion or tradition. Since March, 1013,
King Constantine and Queen Sophia
on the thrones of the Hellenes.
The guns aimed at the power of the
Turk have been heard in Constantino
ple, which Is the Byzantium of old,
capital of the Roman empire until May
29, 1453, when it fell to Sultan Moham
med II.
Another Mohammed, the fifth of the
name, is the ruler of the Ottomans. It
is not impossible that in the twentieth
century the course of history of the
fifteenth will be reversed.
King Constantine, son of the late
King George, who was assassinated at
Salonika, Is a brother-in-law of the
German emperor, although it is said
the brothers-in-law have not spoken to
each other for years. He was married
at Athens Oct 27, 1889, to the Princess
Sophia of Prussia, sister of Emperor
William, and his trouble with the Ger
man emperor started when the prin
cess became a member of the Orthodox
Greek church. The kaiser Is a Luther
an. He objected to the change of faith.
There are six children by the mar
riage—Prince George, now the prince
royal, was born July 19, 1890 Prince
Alexander, born in 1S93 Princess
Helene, born in 1896 Prince Paul, born
in 1901 "Princess Irene, born in 1904,
and Princess Catherine, born In 1913.
Prinz Eitel Frledrich's Captain Hopes
For More Sea Success.
Chased into Newport News for shel
ter, after sinking the William P. Frye,
American, and French and British ves
sels, the German auxiliary cruiser
Prinz Eitel Friedrich was safe for a
time at least from the vengeance of the
allies. Her captain, Commander Max
Thlerlchens, was asked if his sea raid
was ended.
"We have not given it np by a long
way," he exclaimed, bringing his flat
Photos by American Preas Association.
... ...
down on the table. "We had luck and
we shall have more, I hop©-"
Next to coal, the greatest need the
Eitel felt on her long raiding Journey,
the commander said was water.
"The Eitel anchored In the rain belt,
near Pernambuco," he said, "and
spread all sails—not perpendicularly,
but flat—and waited, and la forty-eight
boors the rains descended ami the
tanks were filled.
"We were out of the track of linen,'
the commander continued, "and could
hardly believe tt when we saw tha
•Vanch steamship Florida approach.*"
HUT SFKinUB w£BKliY STAR HUl artunuu,
A friend in need is apt to keep you
IIow hard It Is to forget that which
shouldn't be told!
Opportunity doesn't knock half as
often as importunity.
It's all right to say "cheer up," but
do something to push It along.
It Is possible to please all your
friends, but only a few at a time.
Mexico Is on the border of the Unit
ed States. Tt Is also on Its nerves.
The old man may boot the bill col
lector. but still he must foot the bill.
Some persons have friends. Others
tell their troubles to any one who will
now we do pity the poor fellow who
has to struggle against our logic to sus
tain bis side of the argument!
The reason why a poor excuse has
pome to be regarded as better than
none is that most excuses are poor.
The Dacla—built by Germany, bought
by America, protested by England and
captured by France. One complete
whirl in the melting pot.
It Is a comfort to know that while
there are all kinds of carryings on by
legislatures all over the country the
wheat crop is staying steadily on the
A professor says we sleep too muA.
If the majority of the people on earth
didn't sleep at least a third of their
lives away they wouldn't know what
to do with so much spare time.
Fashion Frills.
Silk trousers for men? Goodness!
Don't let your wife throw away her
old dress.—Boston Advertiser.
Fashion has so facilitated matters
that a woman now ought to be able to
dress almost as quickly as she can pin
on her hat.—Philadelphia Telegraph.
Another peril averted. Trouserets,
the modern development of the panta
lets of half a century ago. have been
sternly suppressed by the dealers, the
real arbiters of T\nv York city styles.
—New York Mall.
If those big skirts attain the full
realization of their creators two men
will be called down In a trolley car for
not giving up their seats to a woman
where only one was called before.—
Philadelphia Inquirer.
Train and Track.
Porto Rico possesses what is said to
be the smallest street car in operation.
It is horse drawn and has accommoda
tion for only three passengers.
Contemplated complete electrification
of all the steam railroads in Chicago,
it has been estimated by a commission,
would cost $150,000,000 and involve
about 3,500 miles of tracks.
Although there are 1,600 miles of
railway lines in Uruguay, there is but
one tunnel in the entire country. It
was bored more for the purpose of pre
venting excessive curves than to avoid
unusual engineering difficulties. The
relatively flat nature of the country
makes railway building less expensive
than in other South American coun
Current Comment.
In the average American household
too much of the family Income goes
into the garbage pall.—Chicago News.
The stock of gold In the United States
at the present moment is figured at
$1,824,000,000. One yellow streak with
out a peril.—Omaha Bee.
A lawyer charges that newspapers
are a hindrance to justice. But Just
think what the lawyers would do to
Justice if tlie newspapers didn't hinder
them!—Albany Tlmes- U111n.
Formerly an Indian walked ahead
and his squaw followed, dragging a
tent pole. Nowadays the squaw walks
ahead and the Indian follows wheeling
a baby buggy. And that Is civilization.
—Houston Post.
Flippant Flings.
It is announced that candy is a cure
for alcoholism. But what Is the cure
for candy?—Cleveland Leader.
New geography: World Is divided
Into four zones—war, watchful watch
ing, temperate and prohibition.—Co
lumbia Record.
Among the cleanup crusades of the
season may be mentioned the mine
sweeping now going on abroad.—Baltl
more American.
Unfortunately there Is no interna
tlonal court In which to try Wilhelm
Hohenzollern, Georgle" and "Nickey"
for restraint of trade.—Louisville Cou
Echoes of the War.
The dove of peace finds it as bard to
land on the waters now as In the days
of Noah.—Washington Post
Submarine warfare makes an ocean
going vessel feel comparatively safe
among the icebergs.—Washington Post
A lot of people have plans to stop
war In general, but nobody seems'to
have any definite idea s? how to stop
this particular war.—Chicago Herald.
If. as rumored, the financiers are be
ginning to talk peace it seems proba
ble that war will find it necessary to
do some listening.—Indianapolis News.
When a Plumber is Needed
send for us. We have plenty of
time now to attend to all classes
of work. This is not our busy
season and it will pay you to
have your
Plumblno. HeatinQ. Fitting,
attended to now before the rush of
work begins. We are thoroughly
posted in our business and an or
der from you will promptly put
all our knowledge and skill at
your service,
Services every Sabbath at the ohuroh
opposite the post office.
9:30 class meeting, 10 a. m. Sunday
school, 11 a. m. morning sermon,
6:30 p. m. Gpworth League, 7:30 p.
evening sermon, a
Weekly prayer meeting Thursday
A cordial Invitation to strangers and
friends to worseiw with us,
Herbert L. Case, pastor. Residenoe
next door to ohurqh.
To whom it may ooneern: Please
take notioe that fishing on the premis
es of any of the undersigned owners on
Beaver Creek, Custer county. South
Dakota, Is not permitted, and anyone
trespassing on the said premises will
be prosecuted.
B. H. Martin, John S. Fuson, Martin
Valley Stock Co., By Paul E. Martin
Will move your household goods and
pianos and also store your heating
for the summer season. Uuar
antee prices and work. Pnc Boyies
For Bale: Eggs for hatohlng from
high grade, pure bred Plymouth rook
chickens. Inquire of Win. O'Banlon,
Martin Valley Ranch.
A Few
Thoughts on Fine Printing
E success or failure of all printing is steadily be
coming more dependent upon design as used in a
broad sense. Design includes the preliminary outline or
main purpose of all of the elements by which printing is
made e/]icient. It therefore contains the insight into gen
eral business conditions and specifically into the business
which is tobe directly served. Design is arrangement. It
is the reasonable and practical adjustment of all the mech
anical and esthetic qualities to produce the very best results
in competition with all of the rest of the worlds products.
It is one man or one establishment against all of the rest.
Design, in printing is the element which combines imagina
tion, taste and, skill to produce a, desired and definate re
sult. The printing industry may be termed the barometer
of commercial prosperity.
THE HOT SPRINGS STAR is pleased to announce
that its facilities make it practicable to continue to turn
out the highest grade of commercial printing at what in
many cases will represent a material saving in costs as
compared with figures formerly made. Quality of course
will remain the same, our motto being "Reliability Plus
ProgressAgreeable to this idea we shall take pleasure in
receiving your printing orders.
IV. A. WARNER, Publisher
Desires at all times to serve and accomodate its friends. We
solicit a share of the business from all sources. Features of
this bank are Responsibility—Safety—Efficiency—Service.
Call upon us or telephone and it will please us if we can be of
service to you. New friends and old—visitors and residents—
need never hesitate to consult us.
We have a Farm Loan Department
Joft* Co.
Where will you go this summer?
due time an attractive schepie of Eastern summer tours
be announced, that will permit you to include in one circuil
tour many of the prominent resorts and historical resorts, as
well as the great cities.
ational Parks, two of
Right near by you are summer localities which are attracting
many visitors from the seashore and the East, for instance
st.es ^ar«» Colo., just north of Denver, the Black Hills and
their beautiful resort of Hot Springs, S. D., the resorts and
ranches the Big Horn Mountains in the Sheridan locality.
Mountains beyond Cody, and the newest resort,
I hermopolis Hot Springs, on the new Denver.Billings line.
This is going
be a big season for Glacier and
as usual via Cody, the east
to the Yellowstone, as well as via the Gardner entrance.
"blications now coming the press. Ask
^iose descriptive of any locality you
most scenic regions available for
tourists complete and comfortable transportation arranf?«
W. L. BALDWIN, Ticket Agent, Hot Springs. S. D.
L. W. WAKELEY, Ceneral Passenger Agent
Omaha, Nebraska.
in mind.

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