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AVfegetable mpaalionJforA£
finS the Sfomactrtand Bowels of
fropiotes Digest ion,ClieerfuK
hess and Rest.Confains neither
Opium,Morphine aorMiiirgaJL,
A pertcct Remedy fbrttoiisltpSn
tion.Soiir Stomach.Diarrlwe«,
Worms. Fevcrishtiess and
The CentaurComi
-.11 months oltl
5^Dosks 35 rs
Of a Kind.
"I wish Evelyn hadn't gone rowing
with that young De Swiff. He is a
fool in a boat."
"Rock-the-boat idiot?"
"No. Not that kind. He is one
of the sort that proposes."
For a really fine coffee at a mod
erate price, drink Denison's Seminole
"Brand, 35c the lb., in sealed cans.
BaactCcpy of Wrapper
Only one merchant in each town
sells Seminole. If your grocer isn't
the one, write the Denison Coffee Co.,
Chicago, for a souvenir and the name
of yov Seminole dealer.
Buy the 3 lb. Canister Can for $1.00.
No Time to 8pare.
"Now that the football season is
over and it's rather too early for base
ball, 1 guess our boy at college will be
able to do a little studying," said Mrs.
"I'm afraid'not," answered Mr. Dub
waite. "He writes me that his social
duties have been sadly negfected."
To half pint of water add 1 os. Bay Ram, a
bip 01 box of Barbo Compound, and oz. of
glycerine. Apply to the hair twice a week
until it becomes the desired shade. Any drug
gist can put this up or you can mix it at
home at very little cost. It frill gradually
darken streaked, faded gray hair, and re
moves dandruff. It is excellent for falling
hair and will make harsh hair soft and glossy.
It will noycolor tlio scalp, is not sticky or
.greasy, anduoes not rub off.—Adr.
Gaelic Literature for Soldiers.
Much gaelic literature and material
comforts were sent to the Highland
regiments in Flanders and at the Dar
danelles by the Association of High
land societies of Edinburgh. They
transmitted also hundreds of copies
of the National Anthem, translated in
to Gaelic by the Rev. Donald Mackin
tosh. The translation, now slightly
revised, was.accepted by King Edward.
Letters from chaplains have been re
ceived, conveying the appreciation and
gratitude of the men, and stating that
the anthem will be used in their serv
Cuticura Soap Is Best Because 8o
Soothing and Cooling. Trial Free
If baby is troubled with rashes, ec
semas, itchings, chafings or, hot, irri
tated skin follow Cuticura Soap bath
with light application of Cuticura Oint
ment to the affected part. Nothing so
soothing, cooling and refreshing when
he is fretful and sleepless.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Too 8mall.
Farmer'b Wife—What do you think
of our eggs?
Paying Guest—Too small for their
4^ 3&
Before an Insurance Company will
Cake a risk on your life the examining
physician will test the urine and re
«port whether you are a good risk.
When your kidneys get sluggish and
clog, you suffer from backache, sick
headache, dizzy spells, or the twinges
and pains of lumbago, rheumatism and
gout. The urine is often cloudy, full
of sediment channels often get sore
and sleep is disturbed two or three
times a night. This is the time you
should consult some physician of wide
experience—such as Dr. Pierce, of the
invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N. Y. Send him 10 cents for
sample package of his new discovory—
"Anurlc." Write him your symptoms
and send a sample of urine for test
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
If a man was hurt every time tte if
scared he would never live to react
three score and ten.
The Girl Fooled Him.
Howell—Rowell married for money
Powell Yes, and he didn't gei
enough to pay the minister.
Not Gray Hairs but Tired Byes
make us look older than we are. Ket|
your Eyes young and you will look young
After the Movies Murine Tour Eyes. DonM
tell your age. Murine Eye Remedy Co.,
Chicago, Sends Eye Book on request.
Brutal Frankness.
"I came within an ace of having a
fight with a pacifist this morning."
"You surprise me. Evidently he was
not sincere."
"Oh, yes. That was the trouble. We
were both Bincere. I told him ex
actly what I thought of a pacifist and
he proceeded to tell me exactly what
he thought of an apostle of prepared
Rev. W. H. Warner, Frederick, MD.,
writes: "My tiftuble was Sciatica
My back was affected and took the
form of Lumbago. I also had Neu
ralgia, cramps In
my muscleB, pres
sure or sharp pain
on the top of my
head and nervous
dizzy spells. I had
other symptoms
showing that my
Kidneys were at
fault, so 1 took Dodd's Kidney Pills.
They were the means of saving my
Dodd's Kidney Pills, 50c per box at
your dealer, or Dodd's Medicine Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y. Dodd's Dyspepsia Tab
lets for Indigestion have been proved,
60c per box. Write for Household
Hints, also music of National Anthem
(English and German words) and
recipes for dainty dishes. Ail 3 sent
"Play Bail, Never Mind Shells!"
The German artillery were doing
their best to erase a small town from
the map, says a war, correspondent.
Every few minutes there would be
a deafening crash and the remains
of a house would soar skywards eu
veloped in a cloud of Bmoke.
In a field in the outskirts of the
town some Canadian soldiers, relieved
from the trenches for a few days,
were indulging in their favorite game
of "baseball." The pitcher had just
pitched the ball and the batsman had
hit an easy catch to one of the field
ers when a huge shell landed in the
adjoining field. The fielder's attention
was fixed on the shell, which burst
with a deafening crash, and he missed
the catch.
"For the love of Mike," roared the
pitcher, "if you are going to play
baseball, play baseball, and quit watch
ing the shells."
Safferers fron Backache, Rheuitlsa iri KlfMy TmMi ,,,
Experience has taught Dr. Pierce that
"Anuric" is the most powerful agent
in dissolving uric acid, as hot water
melts sugar besides being absolutely
harmless it is endows with other
properties, for It preserves the kid
neys In a healthy condition by thor
oughly cleansing them. Checks the de
generation of the blood-vessels, as well
as regulating^blood pressure. "Anuric"
is a regular'insurance and life-saver
for all bis meat eaters and those who
deposit lime-salts in their Joints. Ask
the druggist for "Anuric" put up by Dr.
Pierce, in 50-cent packages.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
makes weak women strong, sick
women well. No alcohol. Sold, is
tablets or liquid.
From the Capital City, the Varioua
State Institutions and from
Many Different Parts of
the Sunshine State.
(Tcntern Newipapcr Onion Newt BtrDct
Pierre.—Walter F. Van de Mark,
3tate senator from Hanson county,
and one of the prominent lawyers of
South Dakota, was tatally hurt Jan
uary 12 when the hot water heating
plant in his home at Alexandria ex
ploded. He died in a few hours. Both
of Mr. Van de Mark's legs were broken
and he was injured internally.
The walla of the Van de Mark home
were bulged out and the glass trom
the windows blown across the street,
force of the blast was sutticienl to lift
the piano on the first floor against the
Mrs. Van de Mark and little daugh
ter, who were on the second floor,
were only slightly injured by the ex
plosion of the heating plant.
The extreme cold during the night
caused the plant to freeze and in
starting the fire in the morning steam
was formed, causing the explosion.
Mr. Van de Mark was in the basement
working over the boiler when the ac
cident happened.
Van de Mark was born near Hart
lord, S. D., January 1, 1882. He was
educated in the country schools of
Minnehaha county. Later he studied
at the Wesleyan university at Mitch
ell and graduated from a norma]
course. In 1906 he graduated from,
law college of the University of South
Dakota. He was state's attorney of
Hanson county from 1908 to 1912. Af
ter being admitted to the bar he prao
ticed law at Montrose until 1908, when
he moved to Alexandria, where he
practiced his profession. He was elect
ed to the South Dakota senate in 1914.
Compartive Yield of Corn.
The state immigration department
has been collecting statistics as to the
corn outlook in this state for the pos
sibilities of seed next sprng, and
along with these figures has compiled
others in regard to the general com
parative crop situation in northwest
states, as shown by the latest govern
ment figures. The figures of the im
migration department for the north
west states, as to maturity of corn
crop, and percentage fit ior seed,
stands at.
Maturity of corn crop—
1915. Iowa. Minn.
Per cent 25 .10
Usual year ... .88 .86
N.D. S.
Per cent fit for seed, 1915—
Per cent 14
Usual year... .51
Commissioner McCaffree is prepar
ing to start on a tour of eastern Iowa
and northern Illinois, and will s-:ho\v in
pictures and records through lantern
slides what South Dakota has to offer
to the home seeker.
College Band to Tour.
The state college cadet band of 3G
pieces will tour central and western
South Dakota in February. Nine cirios
will be visited where concerts will bo
given. Vocal solos will be featured
by Garnett Hedge,, tenor, and Miss
Laura Ferguson, soprano. The band
is under the direction of C:\rl Chris
tensen for the ninth year. The itin
erary of the band "trip will be Do
Smet, Feb. 1 Huron, Feb. 2 Miller.
Feb. 3 Pierre, Feb. 4: Lead. Feb. !-.
Spear fish, Feb. 7 Deadwood. Feb. 8:
Beelle Fourche, Feb. 9, and Rapid
City, Feb. 10.
Total Enrollment Large.
A total enrollment of more than
1,150 students for the year at State
college at Brookings Is predicted i:i
the Industrial Collegian, the official
student newspaper. The total enroll
ment to date is given as 1,106 stu
dents. The college attendance since
its founding has been as.follows: 1884.
61 1889, 319 1894, 269 1899, 44G
1904, 488 1908, 602 1910, 604 1912
870 1915, to date, 1,106.
Complete List of Voters.
T. B. Roberts of this city is taking
steps toward securing an actual list
of the voters of the state, compiled
from the census returns of the 1915
census. This return will keep a num
ber of girls working for several weeks
and will be an expensive list, but when
it is completed it will be one of all
the voters of the state, and not only
those who vote* at the last election,
as an ordinary poll list would show.
V.:'- Gregory Man for Cadetship.
Congressman Harry L. Gandy of the
Third South Dakota district has set
tled the contest for the West Point
cadetship from his district. He has
nominated Oscar F. Gassen of Greg
ory. In the event Mr. Gassen fails to
qualify, Leon Anderson of Rapid City
has been named as first alternate, and
Carl A. Hunter of Hot Springs is
ond alternate. Mr. Gassen was edu
cated in the common and high schools
at Gregory and is at present attending
the Army and Na*y prfy^ratory school
at WasV.L'fcton
.5 .2
.58 .35
Yield per acre in
Corn ........ .* 30
Spring wheat.. 16.7
Flax seed 9
Oats 40
Rye 18.5
Potatoes 105
Barley 31
Hay (tons? 1.30
23 14 *9
17 3.8.2 17
10.5 9.9 11
43 40 42
19.5 15 19.5
106 00 115
30.5 32 32
1.91 1.50 2.00
Fifty Thousand Dollars Saved.
More than $50,000 was saved for
Spink county in one year through the
work of its county agent in hog chol
era work alone. A report from the
agent. Spink county veterinarians and
farmers, which is filed with director
of extension, Gordon W. Ranrlett, at
State college, shows the hog cholera
results as follows r'.:
Total number hogs vaccin
ated 8,107
Cost of vaccinating same $ 5,918.11
Total loss in vaccinated
herds (001 hogs at $7.74).. 6,973.74
Estimated loss in all unvac-
cinated herds (901 hogs
at $7.74) 6,973.74
Total loss in 1913 74,404.00
Total loss in 1914 from
deaths and cost of vaccina
tion 19,865.59
Difference in favor of vaccin
ation 54,538.41
Reports for 1915 are not yet avail
able. but it is safe to assert that not
as much vaccination has been neces
sary. and decidedly fewer hogs havo
been lost than during the year 1914."
Of the hog cholera efforts in Spink
county Director Randlett's report
says: "In the summer of 1913, in spite
of the fact that nine veterinarians
practiced in the county and hog chol
era serum was used quite extensively,
the report of the stale- live stock sani
tary board .shows that out of 40,466
hogs owned in the county 9,607 died
from cholera. This loss was estimated
at $74,404. Even t.he farmers who
had their hogs vaccinated were skepti
cal and nine-tenths of them were ab
solutely openly opposed to the vaccin
ation method. The following year
County Agent Hall appeared upon the
scene. He prepared articles for the
county newspapers dealing with the
nature of the disease and its preven
tion by sanitary measures. He next
visited and obtained the co-operation
of the nine veterinarians and four oth
ers licensed to treat hogs for cholera.
Each was asked to keep a definite rec
ord of all vaccinations. A hog cholera
school was next held at the county
seat by Dr. C. C. Lipp, State college
•elerinarian. Bulletins were obtained
from the United States department
and also from the state experiment
station and wisely distributed through
out the county."
Band Begins Work.
The Fourth Regiment, band of Wa
tertown, which gained fame by win
ning first prizes at the national meet
ing of the Elks at Los Angeles and
later at the national meeting of the
Moose at San Diego in July, 1915, is
beginning its "season's work earlier
than ever. The first rehearsal was
held in the Elks hall last week most
of the band men have been in con
stant. practice during the winter in
orchestra and other work. Director
Will Peck states that his band will be
even superior to that of 1915, which
made the trans-continental trip. At
least one trip embracing a trip across
the continent is on the program for
1916, in addition to several minor en
gagements. The boys are anxious tc
sustain their present enviable reputa
tion which has been built up only
through many years of hard, persistent
work and in this they have the lieartj
support of the state.
Choice State Lands for Sale.
The board of school and public lands
has" designated the counties of the
state in which state lands will be offer
ed for sale the coming spring. These
selections, with the dates of ile are
(all in April): Union 3d, Hutchinson
4th, Clnrles Mix filh, Douglas 6th, Mc
Cook 7th, Lake 8th, Kingsbury 10th,
Brooking lltli. Deuel 12th, Sprink
13th, Grant 14th, Roberts 15tli, Day
17th, and Mcl'herson 18th. The lands
which will be offered are among the
choicest in the state, and the sales
terms, under the law, are one-fourth
of purchase price at date of sale and
balance in three five-year payments,
five, ten and fifteen years from date
of purchase, witli interest at 5 per
cent. Description of tracts to be of
fered, with minimum sale price will
not be out until some time in March.
8 N at
New tariffs have been printed, ef
fective February 20, on the Illinois
Central, showing a very marked reduc
tion in merchandise class rates from
S a to in in I a
following new rates to Cherokee
indicate the extent, of the reduction#
Classes— 1st 2rjd 3rd 4tli
Present rate...38c 32.5c 24.5e 10
Reduced rate..28c 22.8c 17.Sc 13.0c
County Redistricted.
The county commissioners of Brown
county have redistricted the county in
compliance with the state law which
provides that the commissioner dis
tricts must have the same population
within 100, according to the last cen
sus. By the new districts, Aberdeen
has two of the five county commission
Ranks High in Competitive Tests.
Ben Gantz. a South Dakota youth,
son ot J. S. Gantz of Rapid City, will
be appointed as one of the assistant
paymasters in the navy. He ranked
fifth in a competitive examination tak
en by several hundred applicants
Only 26 were graded as eligibles and
13 of these will receive appointments.
Official Estimate $51,780.
special primary election would
cost about $50,000, according to the
estimate of officials here. Revised
figures show there are 1,726 election
precincts in the state. Each one has
three judges and two clerks receiv
ing $3 per day for services, making
$16 per election precinct. In addition
compilations show that in past elec
tions the other expenses of ballot box
es, notices, ballots, etc., have amount
ed to. about that much more, so that if
each election precinct costs $30, the
total cost would be $61 780 for a pri
mary election,
Send Coupon
for Full
Let us tell you how you
can secure a complete
Set of Oneida Commu
nity Par Plate Sil verwara
with Skinner's Products.
Inthe meantime aave the
trade-mark from pack-'
•sea. Cheaper to buy
Skinner's by the case—24
packages. All aood tracers
I sellSkinner's Macaroni Products
UNO"••miuriucn.N coTSmToU*
An average man breathes about 21
cubic feet of air into his lungs every
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Drngsiati refund moao if PAZO OINl'MENI
fails to cure Itching, blind, Bleeding or Protrud
Piles. First application eiveo veliof. soo.
It's an easy matter for some real es
tate dealers to make mountains of
To keep clean and healthy take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regulate
liver, bowels and stomach.—Adv.
Being a born leader may have its
advantages, but the man in the rear
has a better opportunity to get away.
Eat Less Meat If Your Kidneys Aren't
Acting Right or If Back Hurts or
Bladder Bothers You.
When you wake up with backache
and dull misery in the kidney region
it generally means you have been eat
ing too much meat, says a well-known
authority. Meat forms uric acid which
overworks the kidneys in their effort
to filter it from the blood and they be
come sort of paralyzed and loggy.
When your kidneys get Bluggish and
clog you must relieve them like you
relieve your bowels removing all the
body's urinous waste, elBe you have
backache, sick headache, dizzy spells
your stomach sours, tongue is coated,
and when the weather is bad you have
rheumatic twinges. The urine i3
cloudy, full of sediment, channels oft
en get sore, water scalds and you are
obliged to seek relief two or three
timeB during the night.
Either consult a good, reliable physi
cian at once or get from your pharma
cist about four ounces of Jad Salts
take a tablespoonful in a glass ot
water before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act line.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined with litliia, anil has been used
for generations to clean and stimulate
sluggish kidneys, also to neutralize
acids ia the urine so it no lunger irri
tates, thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is a life saver for regular
meat eaters. Jt is inexpensive, cannot
injure and makes a delightful, effer
vescent lithia-water drink.—Adv.
The Proof.
"Do you believe dogtf can reason?"
"I have known
bulldog in
pute to be able to hold his own."
Lots of men go where duly calls and
stand around with their h^nd.s In their
pockets after they get there.—Wash
ington Star.
ll|. Cs., Befl.
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Dept. E Omaha, Nob.
Good Advice. -.
"Keep vour eyes on the sky—not on
the ground."
"You mean that it is better to be a
skyscraper than a muckraker?"
It is claimed that there are seven
of Shakespeare's autographs In exist
The First Sneeze
is the Danger Signal—^
Time to take
The old standard remedy-In tablet form—No
unpleasant after effects—No opiates—Cures
colds in 24 hours—La Grippe in 3
back If it fails—
Insist on genuine—Box with red top—Mr.
Hill's picture on it—Me—Any Drug Star*.
W. H. Hill Company
dis- I
GREEN BAY.VflS.<p></p>BAY.W!S.
tiankntrlirwin, Conudu—Bread banket of the
yonr's crop of wheat. 1!(2,000.000
bu. or '-'8 bu. iir ii. Wi' have acr|iiir«d sev
eral Improved farms, will Mthor 11 or rent.
Wi-lle riif l.timlirr Mf(c. YhrdH, Kt-Kiua.feask..
Alfalftt88 3oodCoruSl.fiO Hwoet Clover
IH. Farms for sa.1" nnd rent on crop,
payments, i. Muilia.il, Boo City,
Vrti! Will Cava tinilonn^T
IUU Villi OdlB flUU
Sioux City Directory
Antomobllo. Wr'te-
Tumors and Lupus successfully
treated without knife or pain. All
work guaranteed.
Came, or
write for free Illustrated
WWUilrenityAT., M'-'Tttl", lliss.
I a a a
method without kulfe or
VrUKllLy hospital operation. Estab
lished fur years. Write for list or patients.
C. T. Cleasat, M. D., S5S Good Elk., Des Moinea-
"Hub of the Northwest."
vn a Bun* siyiu onir
Livo Stock Commiss.uu Merchants at
StOUX CITY, Ohtcmoo Kansas
The Wheat Yields
Tells the Story
of Western Canada's Rapid Progress
The heavy crops in Western Canada have caused
new records to be made in the handling of grains
by railroads. For, while the movement ofthese
heavy shipments has been wonderfully rapid, the
resources of the different roads, despite enlarged
equipments and increased facilities, have been
strained as never before, and previous records
have thus been broken in all directions.
The largest Canadian wheat shipments through New York ever known
are reported for the period up to October 15th, upwards of lour and
quarter milllea bushels betas exported la less than six weeks(
and this was but the overflow of shipments to Montreal, through which
point shipments were much larger than to New York.
Yields as high as 60 bushels of wheat per acre are reported from all
parts of the country while yields of 45 bushels per acre are common.
Thousands of American fanners have taken part in this wonderful pro*
duction. Land prices are still low and free homestead lands are easily secured
in good fociHtiao. convenient to churches, schools, markets, railways, etc.
There Is se war tax ee tail aad ceascrietlea.
"-"i for illustrated pamphlet, reduced railroad ratea and other
formation to Superintendent Immigration. Ottawa.
Government Agents
I EN I A I'aUnt l.uwy er.V. uBtiltigton,
D.C. Advleo uml books free..
Bates reasonable. Highest references. Jlesteerrlcea
W. N. u7, SIOUX CITY, NO. 4-1916.~

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