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' niaei . s , Hatu.iimwii.au nj , s nnsi mm ()
T. IT. OLSXX, Local and CbmmrrriM Editor.
Friday Morning, January 23, 1857.
Post Office letter List.
urealMioa of the Taily ar.d Tri-Weekly
f t&e Patriot, combiaed, txceedg largely
T otter newspaper printed in KashvLle.
-L n a-ut eoltinr.a tv.,.. , -
,H . " re generally used ior
dvertm. Ihe Patriot therefore, is the best
4wuw medium in tt city. Other news
paper. Ray have a larger weekly circulation, tut
'f' d0 no' get into the weeklies un
less ctfer & tpecial contra
R Salk. The Swa Mill atLaverSne .re
)n-T"ii for aaie II .. , i- .
11 mg tear this cit aiid immedi
ateiy unon ill , . ' .
- ouoa, ttna properly is very val
uable. The
4 fire offered on favorkhle tt-rma, end
with pro
tt management a fortune may be raal-
.rom tbem in a short time.
1ariilk MAStiFACroav. Hugh Henderson Las
recently much enlarged uia inarblfyard, and nudo
extuiiMve adJitions to liia stock of monuments, and
articles of marble manufacture, of both borne and
fori'in product, ail of which he is prepared to fur
nifeh upon tbe mo.-t advantageous term. Give
him a call.
Advamci Tajik. Tax-pay en will do well to
remember the fact that they can gave one per cent,
per month of interest, by calling at the office of
the City Collector and paying their taxei. Our
friend, the " Admiral," will ! mot happy to fur
liMh hid autotroph to those who denire to avail
themselves of this opportunity to tuve something
pou their taxes
Or-rsiNQ A Cn is nh.. A Mr. Mayo, with a
force of twelve men, has undertaken to open a
kanne( in the ice from the eupeuiion bridge, to
t.Se point where two caal-boaU are froxen in, noma
distance above, say mile and a quarter from tha
bridge. These boat contain about 1700 bushels
of cotl, and the owners have contracted with Mr.
Ii., for k atipuiated eun, to open the ice in order
to got it below. A channel o( sufficient width was
cut yesterday nearly aa far up as tbe Water-Works.
The contractor, with tbe same euvcesa as attended
bis efforts yesterday, wiil nearly complete his job
Cold, Coi.n&, CoLntst. Tho thermometer fell
to It degrees Uolow ttro yesterday morning at S
o'clock. This is the coldest weather we have had
yet. In more exposed conditions, wo learn that
tbe mercury has indicated a still lower figure, but
thee were isolated instances which could hardly
be taken as criterions.
tJf The bleihwig e till continues excellent, and
a L.rge nnraoer of tdeigha are constantly seen upon
tiiu streets We are in lebt i.l to Fred. Sinau of
tbe Ortiige Manufactory, fyr the tils of Lis new
and pretty turnout, voluntarily tendered ua.
O.y thk Ick. Tlio river yesterday, near the
teauiboat landing, midway between the batiks pre
Rented an unusual and v ry animtted appearance.
The 'ardent' was i!ealt out by the gl!-s to the thirs
ty who ciij;regjt:d about the novel and unique es
t'iblHhinent, bi large numbers. Many persons who
vifited the river U perform the uuuual achieves
ineut of crossing it ou the ice, found it convenient
to kIoii at the half way. house, and t..ke something
warm. Such an e.-tabliblimeut ii certainly . unlia
ble to the present law
Carkiauc M Asmci l'turt. A finer or more
general attsortm out of Cai iia?n, Huggies, Ac,
than is manufartiired and ki'j;t on hand by Fred.
Soan, at No O'J Lower Market Street, is seldom
found. lid ai.ns to manufacture them out of the
very beet mat- rial, au J he employs Qrnt clts work
men. II vehicles are gotten up after tha mo.-t
approved models aud styles, with late ami impor
tant improvements. A call at his manufactory and
wan-rooms will convince the visitor of the superior
qiality of Lie work. The beauty, lightness,
strength and durability of the vehicles he manufac
tures may be taken as proof positive that he in
tends to maintain the reputation of his long estab
lished house for the bent class of carriage work.
He has on hand a fine assortment uf ltug:i-8 and
Carriages. Thoe det-iring to purchase anything of
the kind misfit find it to their advantage to give
this eptaMiiiiiu'iit a call.
Vn. Ward's IlxNKriT Let no one forget that
to-nvbt is the oeckxion of Mr. Ward'. bom fit. A
most excellent bill is present -d an 1 una-u.il attra;
lion is off red Th j tragedy of V-h'llo, with Mr.
Ward a Oihrihtl Mr. G. Y. Johiiitiou as ljo, Mrs
Vance as J)rdrnfnw, Mrs. Ward as and
other rh iraeti rs well cat, cmbrucing the strength
of the company, will hardly fill to bo admirably
ren lercd. The jther pieces are favorites with
most of the play-going public, while not the leas',
attractive feature of the rHt rUinme:it will be the
Fireman's Addrtss, to tj dclivrrrdhy Mrs. Ward,
in tho cottlume of a Na-hriile Fireman.
We are reijuehtcd to stute that the house will be
thoroughly warmed anl every Ihit.g arranged for
the comfort of the audience.
"O.nic, Two, TuKKX Fiai. Gituxur & Co., at
the corner :( Broidway and College streets, is in
receipt of a choice and Su invoice of tingle aud
d'juble-barrel sliot guns, together with nu assort
ment of pi.-toii of all deHi'riptioio; a'ao, Hue pocket
cutlery, au 1 a groat many other articles, which are
louud to be closed out at private silo snl aact on
regurdless of price, as the consignor must have
money. Here is an opportunity for excellent bar
The Manager and Treasurer of the Theater
are actively employed in preparing a btatem.-nt of
the nffairs connrcteJ with its a lministratiou during
the sens n. to relieve themselves of the imputations
which h;i e been current against thxm for a vi ral
las. Th y are confident that tVu showing, which
will be fully substantiated, will exonerate them
from all rn.iurs derogatory to themselves in con
iiccuoii w ith the receut di:Lcu!ti at the Theater.
It will be fortlicomip? in a day or two.
Supreme oui t uvv uibcr 'I cria, I 85ff.
ftate rt Jjhi Malkii. )ioion lv JaJa; Harris, af-flr-rlrif
J i lumen', a ri-titi ju igmrul balow.
ol.ta M.-D.nie', ci'ra, c, v ' U V,vl.n k Taaon,
0 iu o I'f JuJ; Uarrw, rev.i.u SM-ree aud rtnandirg
cu. , Ac.
W Mt"!. ! a!-nr. M, Ky Weithtrlv.- Opin
ion br Judy McKimivj, affi m.nf drerrc asJ d.aaiusinc
EH l'ln, n'r, t. i CM Ca-npbr!'. (.inlon bj
J "Iff Mch.nu.-y, rfvariltjj jj-1fmiit kii4 rtutaaaitf
Win ; litis T John Siaeo. f;iini.n by ,'nJje McKioner,
aftlrmiug Ut-cir6nd diMPiisJni: bill.
J a nr. larr vf Jno bcu 'iini-)ii hy Judgl Carat h
era. atrmimi drerrr ami di.mlMiiif bill.
i fc Kver.ch t o. v W l B-ktr, uirollwtor, te 04a
Ion by Jidt Caruttier, alirniii's U ifrtfiit heow.
Ann H-ioker, hy vl 1 tend IUim; A Meiriub
Opiui-in bf n1- Cr hrt, aitd.tiug docrvv aaj ro
lunJingcue for account, Ac. (
Cbattannrira R. U , ra ly, Iravra at oVt k, y. n.; tnr
at 4 p. m. Ti.ia mJ e.rrw. a 1 arativr tor the a-t-
cn aDlStlrrnciii, lluivi 1-, t ;uittta, Mia-
ttiU-li, l.i I l II t and t! ir di (woib-wt-w.
Cl.ttaux i; K. K , Daily, l.ar M i H w'rloek a. n.;
ii f i at 7 . ta. T l nia 1 HMtJ ti.i tij
mall on ttn mutr anil hranrh rot tc.
I.ouUvuia, Daily, leave at A ' l k a. m.,cwa at T l p aa.
Oala'ln, " - 8 ' -
Lobsaon, - . - T 4 "
ft,aiLa Monday, dne1r atd Tharav; I. av at ft
o'clock a. m ; cltM at T V o'rlKk - ra.
Ctartotw, Huntiiiirdoo, Jacan-a and T'rrt m, lrav Tao-
dav, Tk iroiay aod Halur Jay at (o'clock a. a.; f iat
atTWp. a
OolamiMa, taiatl in Wowc, bve aiody, W1.
nri.it aod Friday at ( o'clvk a. .; i'o ra al 7
p. .
(Joiuiabia, Lavrfnertxirf, florfBe, Ac, TecJy, Tliara
ay and Pal unity ; bavra illu era a an ; .n at
T . m.
Oarkavuu-, Uovrc, HoiHtla.v'Ux, c, Wirti Vuinlav, WVd
brad By and t ent at v o'eio.k, a ai .; eiMt ai 7
Eaowlvl.lr and 8,'rtr.f.oH, 1-OTM Tu 'tv. 1 bumlay and
Pa orJay c o'ctwa a m., mi ax 7
Centrcvi lr, VertA.n, Ae , b-a TuotUay aaa f tauay at II
e'ciwck m ; cmm tt '0 a. m.
Cba'Un k j a B. Caily, at a'c uck a . '
" - r - f m.
toaltvllla - 6 " "
i.a latia " t " "
Laban n.Tody.TburJ.y u, taiurday at 4 a. aa.
Labanoa ao J rparia, tluiut.y, WuaMla tail I ruiay at f
p .
Charlulia, Bundiy, W odf oady and Fri lay at t .
Columbia, lulaktl as., Uoaday, it.nrouay ab4 aatarday
al 11 a. n.
Co'naibla, Uaf-nncburf, C, 8uo l.y, Wod.Uy aa
fituay al II a at.
ClarkavilU, Sunday, Wodnc.' - a .. ,
ajvlhe, al-x.diy. Wdr . . - . - t
C-u'ravfl'i 1 ae Jay i"'
tJjf . letters . r ' - i .
S.c l ?' o'cock p. . ' ' -
City Caancll Beffalar irieetlag-.
, Jakcabt 22,
The regular commit tees were callr-d and ruada
their reports. Various accounta were preeectwl
ad allowed.
Aid Fogg, from the committee appointed to re
port upon the petition of the Shelby GuaTd, rc
ported in favor of appropriating $2(K to Misl com
pany for services rendered. The report s-a rc-t
ctived, and action thereon postponed.
The petition of James Gould, prevented at the
last meeting of the Hoard, in relation th2-a.9e9-
cjent of certain property, was granted.
AU. Conter, from the committer tf cnifVi-enee
with the officers of tbe N'oleusville Tan pike Com
pany, rrporUid that an agreement Lad! 'bcii mad
with laid company, whereby thi ccrperation of
this city agrees to take charge of the road within
the city limits and keep the same in paol.' repair
ne first gate to remain where it Is. The report
was received and concurred in.
Aid. Fog presented a petiiion from cer tain citi-
xens, praying that a carper.ter'a shop, oct upied by
Mr. Summons, on or near the corner of Sj mmcr and
Spring streets, and pray ing that 6a; p roperty bts
condemned. Ileferred to the fire coma .ittee.
A'fo, a petition from John I. Carapb -H praying
for the appointment of cenous-Uker r the city,
should the Board conclude to have ocl a eensus
taker. The subject was referred ta a 'special com
mittee, consUtiug cf Messrs. Fogg, lit i: ind A. L.
Aid. Wilkinson prceented a ptiu n from J. R.
Cliuer, in relation la a certain piec i of property
owned by him, in which the coipora iton is interest
ed. Refeired to the finance cwuor ittee.
Aid. Haynid 'presented aetitioc from U. Camp
bell, praying that a portiou of h? j taxes for 185tt
be remitted. Rejected.
Aid. Ware introduced a bill to change the naraa
of Line street to Watkiu's Aveo le. Under a sus
pension of the rules, the bill pa jed its several read
ings and became a law.
The bill to ditpene will th i ringinz of the mar
ket.br 11 and regular Tnarkrt. nours was called up
and withdrawn by Aid. War for amendment.
Aid. Fogg introJucei a. 1 .ill to improve an J in
crease tho capacity of tie. 'Water-Works, so that a
greater area of territory m-iy be supplied with wa
ter. Passed the' firtrt SiuJ when the rules were
suspended, and thu bilt v issed itd aecond reading.
The bill is as follows i
AM ACT to .iiL-o' s the WaUr Warkj.
Skctios 1. BuitsMiu ted by the Mayor and Al
dermen of the City of N -jihville, That the Commit
tee on Water Wrts, together with lie Mayor of
the city, bo directed, to contract with a person or
persona of fkill ami ar.iiity, to have tlie walls of
the Reservoir at tb Water Work raised or bui t
up aud embanked irt conformity w?th and accord
ing to the secon d pla :i submitted to- the Board by
J.Gray, acting as City Engineer on-tho 13tu of
November las'; vi to raise the wall of the old
reservoir Efteew feet and the new one lire feet.
Skc. 2. Be it en acted. That the same commit
tee be authorized and directed to contract with
competent person? t supply and furnish the city
wnn a BUiiicieni quaDtuy or eiuliteen inch water
pipe J-inch thick., as will extend from the reservoir
to Summer street, to b, delivered al as early a
peiiod m practicable; and when received by the
city to lit laid do ni uti coon us practcaole.
t.c. 3. He it enacted, That, iu otder to fumMi
the necessary means to complete sail iinoroviv
uietits, the Mayor ehall execnte and istue bondd of
this Corporation under its corporate se-.J, tinned
by biinself and countersigned by the Recorder.
payable to the Treasurer of the same or his as-
Bttis, twenty years after tlute, to the extent of City
lliousaiiil oooars, hearing interest at six per
cent, per HBnuin, payable ei nii-annu:illy, of the
denomi.iatior. of one thousand dollars each, which
ii.teresi i-hall b puyahlu at any City Uatk or pl.ice
ii: the United Slates, as nuy be deemed most ex
pedient. And the hai l Mayor nhall have power
and authoiity to di'poe of cuch lionJii or any of
tin m to Hueii per-ou or persons, who may be con
tracted with to nuaB said improvements, and if
unaOlo to iliposu o tdeiu in trial manner, then to
sell them to any otb-r person or persons upon thd
best poB.-ihli; terijis.
Skc 4. Be it. enacted. That in order to secure
the ulttmat.; payment ol the bonds ordered to be
issued by this act, one twentieth of the annual nett
revenue of the water lux b set apart as a finking
lunu wnion email not bo used lor any other pur
pose than the redemption of said bonds, and the
tbe same shall be invested on the 1st of January
of each aud every year in the six per cent, stocks
ol the IstaUi of Jennet-tec. And the interest re
ceived upon auch iiiveHtnient mj'iU be also held in
violable aud shall ba re-iuvt-bted iu the same man
ner. Skc. 5. Bo it enacted. That the improvements
contemplated an i carried on under the superin
tendence of the City Fiieineer, until such Engineer
is eiecteu, tne Mayor is authonxed to employ J.
Gray, Esq , to pcrlorm said duty, aided by tho tiu
pciiuiemieiit of the Works.
Aid. Fells iTored the following resolution :
"Bosolvet? by the Hoard of Mayor and Aldermen
of the City ol Nashville, That all widows shall have
the privilege of ueing the hydraut water clear of
tax for tlie same; provided their situation be re
polled by the Aldermen of the ward where tbe ap
plicant lives, fdiall report their inability to pay the
fame. And be it further Resolved, that their
names be placed on the Water Tax Collectoi'd books,
and hi is heretiy requested to permit them to use
water, without requiring pay for the same."
Which wad adopted.
The Board of Education being present by invita
tion to take part iu the discussion iu relation to the
question ai to the propriety of having two sessions
iu the Public Schools a day instead of one, thesub
ject was Uken up and discussed by several mem
bert of the Council and of lha Board of Education.
Considerable debate ensued, when Aid. Utile
moved the postponement of the whole sut j el un
til the next meeting of the Board ; pending which
The Board adjourned.
Ckogiku's Mu.u.vititT EfTABLisnn int. Yes
terday wan the Vnl opening day uf the above
establishment, aud prompted by a debire to
see Hotutthing very nice aa well aa to be io
fashion (s tearly every body, we thongtit,
was there,) we went along with thr- tide and
IKkod at the larga and fine display of millinery
and fancy good, ihere tube seen. Hr. Crot kcr
La brought tm a very large and varied tock,
embracing all tlie articles belonging to the
trade, uf every ftyle mid quality. The utork
of bonnet, flowers, ribbons, trimmings, bead
dresses, fcc it far beyond w hat we expected
to f. The finer qualities of these varjonsstyle
uf giHxls are indeed superb, snrpassing any
thing we have ever seeu. The bonnets, par
ticularly, wa look upon ad the prettiest things
in that Hue ever introduced to tlie notice of tbe
Mr. C. is prepared to eM millinery goods at
wholesale a well as null, and country dralcra
desiring to purchase wil do well to axauilna
Li flock. tf.
Manny's CclcliratcA
jo:iso & iionxirs.
ii. r. ciii:atiiam.
General Agrnt for the Slat.
a ro stunk or
S O O .O O O ! ! 2
la kt kaa a? rl aj Iht mi I Kin af
or Sicilian
tiwan'N laOltery,
T U tr. FaiOAT, JAML'ACT, OTH, JilT.
1 fnaa reO,(MH)t
1 TriM vttZS OOOM
1 Pria of $IU OOUlfl
S Priaraif al.OOOIIJt
i ir m ot a ?oou I n j i
I rrwM 1 t.O(K) !!!!!!
Ac.. Ac, Ac.
kola TVkrta, . U.i, M . Qaarura, ft, ttjbtaa, IX.
Ad.lraw 04rtif.r litkaia la
a. W4 A CO, at'anta, Ca.
Jntt-tw t imtl, M.a'.(cM7, Ai.
fur aartiralan, return, la . u..f a.Juma.
occvuit ixi AiBtJT, or MittrhiH, Tt?tfrii,
U; 11 L ! Kbil a4 faua4 at U. CHt Haid aa
Munti, U. Jtsw;, M haul a few tmj ati
fITt ait.u'M ail4aail ia. k, a4 ai 0-.f.
buiM,tlM aaartaUu U ArtiOftal k.) oa. A., Aa.
Umi tar Loatf, a ruriudt luUaaoai tn aWwrtlrf U aa
tui..( 4k t th. kf, f tbrw.( a .ir.aai t. pmrt
!iM alr iiu4 tUa rr !. bra r rn)ieaai Um
krA fcui ku ia taa X;a4 wf 4wm tiuvag
n4 ui it iun.
11 a aroac.! kfM art lb M iaar.Uj M. B .tt
K'lin.Ur l I'iru, wnura tuvA lAa (. n4i at U
Wtfiiu' liki um, UaJ"i.
tir J kii -a U.(i.ttia.i4 a&4 IwtMra af rr k aa a 6rm
itMiiw a4 4ai',ial M-lUi, aLafe .
ini.a-. 4.-T-4Aw
Reports furnished by the Associate Press.
Bai.tixorx, Jan. 22. The Baltimore, New Yotk
and Philadelphia roads have resumed regular trips.
Bcto!!, Jan. 22. Chas. B. Fessender, Eist In
dia trader, has failed. Liabilities half a million.
The Ebip Jane XL Gliddon, from this port, was
abandoned at Sea the crew being r scued.
Washington, Jan. 22. Information is ju'tre1
reived that Jas. L Chesr. has applied for a ba
taei corpus writ "for his discharge fror.t tbe custody
of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Repret
Milwackik, Jan. 22. The Derooctnic members
of the LetL-Jalure have nominated Judge Dunn,
lor If. b. benator.
wYoBK, Jan. 22 Red Wheat 1.43'; loor
quiet; Com very ouil; Poik dull, at 20J; Heel bouy
aul; Lard dull at Whisky unsettled. Stocks
lower and dull, bterhog exchange oat.
Cincinnati, Jan. 22. Flour 5,50a5,60. Whisky
22a22fc. Wheat firm.
Washington, Jan. 22. Senate The consideration
01 the submarine telegraph bill was resumed.
Hons The House, by a vote tf 116 to 77, re
considered tho vote, by which the resolution or
dering ihe Sergeant at-Arms to take himonton into
custody, was passed, and laid that resolution ou
the table, as Mr. Orr said Simonton could not be
confined till this was done.
The House resumed consideration of the bill to
more effectually compel attendance and the testi
mony of witnesses before either branch ol Con
gress. Washington, Jan. 21. The Senate had a lorig
discua-ion on the telegraph bill, aud without deb.
oitM action adjourned.
llocvx. Mr. Orr reported a bill to more effectual
ly enforce ihe attendance of witnesses and tuakiug
them liable lo imprisonment and fines.
Siiiionton was brought before the House for a
refusal to answer questions, various propositions
were made respecting him when the resolutions of
Mr. Orr was adopted for the Sergeant-at Arms to
keep him in close confinement till be purged bims
elf of contempt. .
These proceedings occupied five hours.
A' journed.
Haltimork. Jan. 21. The trains between here
and Wheeliug are reported gelling through with
out difficulty. The Wanhingtou traius are ruuuing
Tue Board of Directors of the American Coloni
iit ion Society held their annual meeting at Wash
ington yesterday. Ten' members were in attend
ance. The meeting of tbe society was postponed
till the resumption of traveling facilities. The re
ceipts of the Society during tho year were f 81,
388 41; expenditures, $71,391 79; present in
debtedness, $24,126 74. The society asks the
Government to protect trade on the African coast,
which is increasing in value. Iu 1854 it was 3,
147,522, while with Great Britaiu it was about
eight limes that amount, because the latter power
had, for years, encouraged and protected its com
merce there.
Jakdart 23, 1&7. S
Cottos The cfferir.ji were li?ht y- aterday and the mark
et lens buoj ant. We lieard tf aalea of 187 bales at 9a12e
according to q ia!ity.
Touacco A sale of 4 hhdi tm t place at th warehouse of
A. Han.il on, aa fo lows: S:35, S:80, 12:80,13:10.
Bacon and Produce is in good dou.and at fair prices.
Iletail Domestic Market.
Porrta l'er pound, 2020e.
t'.aas Per doz-n, i5.20c.
Eacoa Hams 9 -10c; honerg 647c; Sides 78c.
Likd felling at 83t9c per pound; dull.
Wal We quote It at 50a60c per buhel from wafens; 73
in retail.
iLooa SelliDg at $3 SO per 100 pounds lor taperfict.
1'TCKwmtAT Tu ci-f 2 23 for 60 lb sacks.
Co We q'lote corn at 40c per bushel.
Wukat Wheal cominan'la 9oc.
Dkikd Fecit Apples command 1 SO per buse!. reeled
Pe&chea are worth 3 bO; ui p-elc 1 f 2 50.
Pitatoes Irish Potatoes are worth 9 c from aajrons; $la
1 Solo retail. Sweet Potatoes are selling at $1 5ol 00.
TCRSir? 23c per buhet.
Cocl a3.c per bul.el.
Cabin Passage to A'ew York.
nrn-wa-i 1
Weekly United States Hail Line.
AIM NTA, 1,Rfl0tons Cspt. M. P. Woonircu.,
I- I. I'll l.HiiO tons Capt. JhaaO Cbowkli.
A Li A It A ill A l,Kl tons (apt. U. K. Scbucc
E Y E R y
Tnese ships are among the largest on the out, nnur
psed in iipeed, safety or comfort making their passages
In 5') to 60 hours, and are commanded by skillful, careful itnd
politeofbeers. Having rlejrantstate-roomaceoitnirvdaticna,
they Der s. most desirable conveyance to New 1 urk.
Cabin paiisage to New York fif
Steerage pasaage to Sr m York H
Ageuts: PADKLrOKD, KAY A CO., Savannah,
SAM'L L. M1TCUILL, 18 Uroadway,
jaL2 Hew York.
" t'"p"T'i !Mi:KJiin it i:.
TITR- I- A. LAMKR and (iEH. MiZELL bavin? become
iL asMciated wi'h Ihe undcrnigned in the Whokaah;
Urccery and Lienor Kuaiue the style of the flrtn will re
ni4in aa hereiotire B. LAM kill A CO.
December lt, 18.18. dec
8tO. aitltL. L 1 LIS IL a. I.AV1BB.
R L A N 1 E It & CO.
(Successors to Hart A Uollirgsworth,)
N. 5 narkrl Mrcel, aahville,
Forri;n k Domestic Liquors.
I'rcssou's Model (lothin Cazaar
With an eotirelj fteah stock of
I c a i y-Al a rt e-C lotting
cmcria-D ma slvoamcb asd CHiApaasa.
Together with a eonple'e astortment of
Ge iitlt-itieii" Vurnisliin; Goods,
At the Lowest Cash Price!!
deeSi lmo
Of BBLS of ihe abova in ttort and for sal br
J J. ii. 110BA.KTSON.
janlS Broadway.
1 AA BOXas of the above in atora and forsa'e br
1UW J. o. i;oaEkT.N.
D road War.
7 K I T X4 E T i CO.,
(occoaia to waiTLST a aaasa,)
THK above firm having parcfcaiad the stock cf ?an l'y
Or errWa of Wbitvv A are prepared to nipp y
IhoM who saa; tavor tham wita p ilronaare, apon very f
vorllr trrsua. A eouaiabt aupply of aruc.es in the F-imiiy
Oroeerylin. jaolO 1m
Coach ami Wajon Harness,
HATING with Ira vn from the Arm nf Howerton k Wilkin
Ma, ba keaie4 at the afenv placn, h- be will t
gla4 tae a:l M- old frlenii and oihersla want of acy thing
la the way or buatueaa. aepairioi a -c al ui sbone.t no-
tie. JanlO laa
sT ha a la-ger asaortiDent and a greater variety ot
VV Tea Trav and a.tf ituui caa ba fvn4 etaewhvra.
raaglng Iu prw tiasa 13j np'4
dU MtaAUii a rriUHi.
MtlTtllOM -H aoxra fresh Macearaat, a prima
artc:, t r : by
OV!TI.It- 1 dctaa Wrer e'rbra(4 rs.t.rs far
aakfcy deelti Wt(fLL A TBOMPrON.
fllll wgara, wan aaone, aa4 a44 W
Kj dealara al laa prtec, by
t am Aitt.i: i.a m roic sai.i:.
rOrrR Wr ac that e tea of tk Tlar mt
Laa4n wlrVh I llve.lyirg Korih af th L.
mom Turnmk optii th t5-ratia-, euuuilnlaf
attest fttta Hm.lrrJ Acre. Tht Uarl baa alKbl
(6; haadr4 ana m r-.l'ivatioe, kavt g abowt tare ava
4n4 arra a( imi. Ta wbala taeljr aJapteit to atack
1 i4 alaaMil abal Tbrea Handera aal Twanty Aaraa
foatb ' ai arvaral r.dnr. boating aOaat bait a satia
a lb LrkMBaa TaracMk. 1 his t'rt i J well aalaf4
and rraaarkably Uvwad ratart t.iiiJf
1bo xiruM parrba-ltig ara rtrf-rrtHl ta Mccar.
LlB4aiei A UnwaHt.af NaahviU. Utt the tatnt a aaysMat
aaUfor aosor arUeUraaMpuaaf lhaproerrty.
J. -4Aw. A. 4. IKi.lKiHia.
Whotrialr and Ketall
citocr.ii a t'onnMoi McnciiAMT,
MO. 41 kaOtCWAT, b AilslU-LaV.
agr T ll(bMl Mark prfc pai4 tmt Ocaatry IV.
deovoranklixW jAi jaalT-UWIy
RT. Tl TMMlNw baa (uved ba ral.'il bita rna "
to 4 1 l"a ift bea Ctvrry aa J fmmmrf. ht
rSliuill aOlfcHa lltll ll m 1 - m.www
luw astoikaVd y hlai, a4 wdl ba iaa4 ta b: aaa-
kmn a a aa ataaA ja iaa
Att9a AIaOa4C Jwtv-atvaby .
tisit.ii. tjrr a cu
Hheumatisill, 1b its most aggravated form, disepriears
from the lystem likefrMt before the rising ian, when Cai
Tea's rrAii H MiXTcas is broafht to bear opon it. This
great purifier of the blocd dives at o:ie to the root of all
such disease, and drives it from limb to Urrb, and joint to
joint, until iu stronghold is raptured, and it is orced cut of
the system through the pores of the sltia. Let the surler.n;
trv it and become hea'ed. janl4 S
H&ll0W2y'l Pillg. S.etera of he!th, thoae dyspeptic
or sutienrg from weairess, or dtbilitv ! any kind, should
take a course cf these fine nr.edieinea, which will quickly re
store them to health, aa they never fail t cure if used ac
cording to the directions wUich accompany each box.
EoM at the manufactories. No. 80 Maiden Line, New
Tork, and No. 244 Strand, Locdon; and by all dmggista,
at 23c, C2,Vc, and f 1 per pot or box. j anl 41 w
Great Cure of Eheumatism- The editors of the
Richmond Republican, of Dec. 24 h, lVi. says that Car
ter's Spanish Mixture is no quack medicine.
They had a man in their press-i oora who waa alicted
with violent Mercurial Rheumathm, who was cmtincally
complaining of misery in tbe back, limbs and joints; his
eyes had become feverish and mattery, neck swollen,
thro t sore, and all the symptoms of Rheumatism, combined
with Scrofula. Two bott'es of Carter's f panih Mixture
cured him, and, in an editorial notice aa above, they bear
tettimony to its wonderful effect, and aay their only re
gretis, that all suffering wits disease of the blood are not
aware of the existence of such a medicine. Thy cheerfully
recomend it.
Bee their certificate, and notice in fullareond th bottle.
This is stroi g iangnage, yet Boa La's Klictric Maib Era
(recently improved) was proved to be so, by the judgta at
the late Mechanic's Fair, held in Boston, (among whom was
Dr. Hays, the eminent chemist and State assayer) who
awarded It the PKIZS MEDAL AND DIPLOMA, over the
choicest Hair Dyes on exhibition from all parts of the Union.
Its unparalleled superiority consists in, 1st. Theingredienta
are nourishing to the hair, not destructive, as others. 2J.
Does not stain nor hurt the skin. 8d. Is easily applied and
dyes the hair any color required, from a delicate brown to
a deep black, so natural ai to appear marvellous. Manu
factured, told and applied by Wil. BOGLE, 277 Washington
street, Boston. declO tillmaj81
A PERFUMED BREATH. What lady or gentleman
would remain under the curse of adiaagrevable breath when
by using the "Balm or a Tbocsahd Fxowsas" aa a dentri
fice, would not only render it tweet but leave the teeth white
as alabaster? Many persons do not know that their breath
la bail, and the (object is so delicate their friends will
never mention it. Tour a single drop of "Balm" on yonr
tooth brush ani wash the teeth night and moruing. A fifty
cent bottle will last a year.
A BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION may eaMly be acquired
by using the "Balm or a Tbocsasd Plowsks " It will re
move tan,pi-npleaand freckles from the skin, leaving it of a
soft and roaeate hue. w et a towel, pour on two or three
drops, and wash the face night and morning.
SHAVING MADE A3Y. Wet your shaving brush In
either warm or cold water, pour on two or three drops of
'Balm or A Tbocsahd Flowmm, rub the beard well, and
it will make a beautiful soft Utber, much facilitating the
operation of shiving. Price only fifty cents. Foraa'eby
all DruggUta. Beware of oanterfeits. None genuine unless
signed by
W. P. FETKllMJE r :u.
Ppt2-dw6m Franklin Square, N. Y.
gST" C. F. R. Shehane, of Notaaulga, Ala,, i now pub
lishing a beautiful Semi-mrnthly neapaper at f 1 a year,
in advance. It treats oa Religion, Morals tlie Arts, and
fcieuces. Address him at the above oflice.
Williams' Pulmonic Balsam of Wild Cherry and
Wood Naptha.
A speedy and positive cure for consumption. It is a cer
tain remedy for Pheumonies, Asthma, Spitting of Blood,
night Swea's, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Plurity, Whooping
Cough, and all diseases of the chest and lungs, together with
all the afections which pred jposeto the above named com
plaints. All rersons who have used it in the above n tmed
complaints attest to its efficacy in the most unqualified
terms. This invaluable medicine is for site by ail the drug.
gists throughout the Southern and Wettern S'ates. Manu.
facturedby A. L. WILKINSON A CO.,
Uunlsv.Ue, Ala .
to whom all orders must be addressed.
liear hat the Hon. Jkhk Clkmkss says nf its nature.
Persona who buy one bottle are sure to get a second.
HcMTsvtLLs, M ireh 6, 1SJ6.
GtMT: I have used Dr. Charles Williams' Pulmonic Bal
sam of Wild Cherry and Woo-i Naptha with the happiest
elects. A negro man, now belonging to my lather, who has
been for several years afflicted wi h a disiresinr cough, is
apparently restored to good health by the use ol on bottle
1 have ned it also in other cases, aud none without de
cided b.-nent to thr patient.
Very respectfully, JERE CLEMENS.
Messrs. A. L Wilkinsos A Co., HunUville, Ala.
Da. Chas. Williams:
DiARbia: 1 take pleasure in giving my testimony to the
virtues of onr excellent "Pulmonic Balsam of Wild Cher
ry." Having Ufed several battles in my family, with de
cided advantage in every case, I cua recommend it aa the
best aud most pleasant medicine I have ever seen.
W. D. t. 8AWRIE.
Tnscumbia. March 22,1848.
For sale by Keroao A Rains, Berry A Demoville, G. W.
Hendershott, A. R. Rosooe, Ewing A Brother, wholesale,
Josiah Q. Brown. sept27 tli w6m
The Rnoa or Aet. In this wonderful age, Art lays her
matter touches on almost everything . The ceilings over os
and the carpets we tread on, are hallowed by Art. A't
winds the railway through the mountains and the mud;
makes her machines of wood ard iron, (T art aa if with
knowledge and annihilates spice with lightning tiirae I down
to the tuteledge of a boy. Nothing is too lofty for her touch
and nothing too humble. A new proof of thisold conviction
has just fallen under our notice, in tbe shape of a Catbab
tio Pill, from the Laboratory of that world renowned
Cheml t, Dr. C.J. Araa.
If we understand tlie subject, he ha carried that article
to the far'hest perfection of which It is capable. IntUead r.f
employing Drugs -n .ts composition, as we have always
thought the necessary and only way, he has with consum
mate skill extracted the virtu of tbe uedicine to be em
ployed and cxmbined them alove in their purity together.
The composition is then mixed and rolled by machinery aud
steam power into a sperolJ pill wnl.h is wrapped in an n
velcpe of gelatine, for protec ion from the effects of weather
or time, aod ihtc thickly coated with sugar, to aerve as its
passport over the palate. Notwithstanding a!) the labored
perfection they are offered to the Public at lesa than one
cent each. 1'owever bumble the department, w think this
may be eafe'y characterised as ti e consummation of Art in
Its line. JfomiAQ A'stcw- HiJ.
Are ) rflk Getting' Ilald 7
la yonr hjlr turning grey f Do yoa wish to cultivate good
whi-kersaad moastachof Tour hiir to be soft, siiky and
glossy f Ycur head lo be cool, comfortable and free of Qd
rufff Mothers I are yonr children to have luxuriant heads
ofhairT Then iie BoOls's Hirama Fluid, which rer
litttin IU unerring et ecta. Prices 23 eta, 50 eta, 73 cts, and
II CO per bottle. Bogle's Bilm of Cytheiia stands nnri
vallcd for eradicating taa ajd pimp!, aod beauti'yicg the
complexion. Price SO eta. Inventor and proprietor, W
Bocle, Boston, and sold by Druggists everywhere.
mj81 ly.
I'lanoa and "filiate. We learn that Horace
Waters, of 33 Broadway, N. Tn agent for the sal of aiaoy
of tbe mot celebrated makers of Piano and Melodeoas, Is
offering them al prices which we advise all who desire ta
parchas to avail themselves cf. He Is also selling hta large
and Wi U-knowa Catalogue of Music at one-third off from th
rrgu'ar prices, and will forward the same free of postage.
His offers to Lh trade, teachers, and seboola, ar of the mort
favorable character all of which ha wil lb able to fill to the
letter, for having wisely adopted the cash system. The
Horace Wateri' Pianos are known as among tbe vary baas.
W are enabled to speak of those Instromenta with seme
dgre of confidence, from personal knowlcig e of their ex
cellent tone and durable qaallty. .V. . Erangtlitt.
ALL Sportsmen who are la want of a good aud reliab'e
Gun, especially adapted for large game. Dear, Ac. ar in
vited lo call at th store of Fall and CunninghAm, No. 47
Public Square, and examine "Sharp's Patent Sorting Rifle,"
b!oh In rapidity of Firing, accuracy ef aim, and length of
range Is far superior to any Geo ever invented, and unlike
any other Patent Gca heretofore lutrodoced iu construction
I so exceedingly simple that It is not more lible Is "gel aul
of order" than the common Kentucky Kifie.
t. A C. have also a few Shot Gans mad oa tbe same Pa
tent. yt 6a.
Be ix deceived by base imitation. HEGIMAN, CLAAK
A CO9 OkNCINE CO'.t LIVES OIL, never disappoint
and aiae years' experience ha proved It superior lo all
others, end the only reliable car fc r CONgCM PTIOM.
As there is a great deal of spai loos oQ In thi aaaxket adul
terated with seal oil, wbale oil, Ac, As., too aach care can
not ba lakea ta procerc h Genuine.
Oar OU 1 Bade at our own factory ia Nevfbandland, and
each bottle ha oar eignatare over the cork, be careful to
get llniiul, Class A Co., ftr since the Oath uf Mr.
Ctrsaroa, ear late partner, there baa been aa article Intro-
daerdeallrd lush loo's, aLieh is la Be war eoaoeeled auh
B. C a Co., tfU.C A Co.
tvJd by J. it. strwwB,l.aia Bros., and by D-iegsi gea-
eraJly eeU aa
A Distinguished Stranger.
lIAHYt: Y lb great PnlUk44I.fciaCCTTta," being
bUgd ta aevi a asara graial chaaata la eooacqernea of
atpairad baWta, baa totaled hinseif at oar Aooae , It
Cedar strtal, and will take ieaBrca acj show caauescr
CWLba, CaacaMT and Tesutg hi great variety, (Nsa ahka
Uwy aaay seiacl to sail ibaasalve. Our Store Is fi8 af J
kiadsaf UtAUV IAUt: t LO Til 1 .It, aad th
rt furtUkiai fc4s was Mm sarpaaaed la NaahvUla.
127 ST0XS AS0 I0S I1L2.
Kff SACKS af ealra hailed DUCK WHIAT FLOCa
y-l K A MUD'S
Va. 11 Boa th I si !-
Eteam Doats.
WILL ae aa Ageal tut each Imii as sr-af fjbvsr aa with
itMubotiwte. UtLaa al it, L. saJ"a, irar Srjad
aat fral ut. t. . kltSilX,
IrK wi9 bay LA Weftaau u4 avi deaaalaaUeaa, at
Ii lave I
i beat HaAst paM.
Jtkf al ).-s.awAwV'--r...a .a. ij- Vlr .e--4X. .4fcjs. .ji.Jvt-'-'-' a m- J aa.i W
II I ..I, i , ill . . ' '1,1,1 -,. ; - :.. !:, .. . r - , ' ' ' , , , ';. ' i'1', 1 " ' "i ') ,J-;t
1 Tf
Jfiisous I9 at cut Ten-Hollar
On Exhibition at the Sewanee House Nashville, Tenn.
TT la not deemed necessary to io into further particulars
A relative to this machine. lt advantages n u.i re on.
vioua tc the minds of all intdligent personB. With the
view of bringing te invention itito general and immediate
nse, the proprietors have made arrangements to manufac
ture the Machines in quantities accordingto demand. State
and Count.v Rights mav be purchased of the subscriber,
who ia authorised to di pose of Ihe fcie. To (erst is of
ability and energy, an opportunity isofferel, whereby, with
a n.oderate outlay of means, sure ar.d mot ample profits
may rapidly be real sed. The enterprize ia one which coir
menna iiseif to the notice of those alio are seeking for safe
and profitable investments. If possible, p,l cants for
Rifhis hhoul 1 visit ns in person, in order not oLly to ex
amine ani satis'y themselves in regard to the merits of this
Auction Sale of Groceries
OS THURSDAY, the 2d, inst.. at 10 o'clock. A. M., we
will offer for cash, in front of onr s'ore, the follnwine
article, to which we wouid invite the special attention of
the trane:
inO bhdi Prime and Cho!ce Sugar:
4 Hi bagschoice KioCcffee:
10 barrels Molasses
fO bbls cmshel Sugar,
M) bbls Whiskv:
6(K) Reams Wrapping Paper: and sundry other articles.
Jan 12 td Corner Broad and Market its.
Valuable iy VroMerty
JSA, IPuilolic Auction
IN pursuance of a Deed of Trust, exeented to me by J. C.
Leak, on the 14th of March, 1S5H, for the purpose of so
curing certain debts therein aet forth, I shall proceed to
aell, at Public Auction, for Cash, on SATURDAY, the Slat
day cf January, lS.'n. at the Court House Qate,in the
eity of Nashville, the following described proper'y, via:
A Ioue and Lot at the Corner or Broad ana Market its.
being lot No. 1 ia the College Lots, now occupied as a
Drug More bv Koscoe.
ALSO A lot of Oround In the eity of Na'hville, f ont-
Ing4l ! feet oa Spruce street, b-.-ing lot No. 6 in S. V. D.
Stout's plan.
ALSO. A vacant Lot on Cedar street, being lot No 7 in
same plan.
ALSO A Lot on Cedar street extended, at the erts-eof
the Corporate limits, and on the Charlotte turnpike, front-
4U feeton Sdid turnp.ke anil running back 150 feet.
ALSO The undivided half ol a lt In S.-utti Nashvi le.
.'ront niff.S feet on College street: J. B. Watson owningthe
other half.
ALSO An interest of 3 S00 in a debt due from Jesse
Page and secured by Deed of Tiu't.
Sale to take place wLhin the hours prescribed by law.
Ian6 Id R. A. t'OLE, Trustee.
i I
Ciuns! fi..is!! (inns!!!
I .""ALL A CUNNINGHAM, No. 47 Public Square, have
I just received and rpened a splendid assortment of
Single and Double Bird and Deer (luns, among wh eh ar a
few of the celebrated "Westley Richari!'s"roanuf.icture,and
other flae Uuns in eves complete. These (us are all of
theirown iinpcrtation direct from Knilmt, and were all
made to their own order express j for this market
Also, Sharp's Kill a and Shot Uuns: t oil's Repeaters; Al
ten's Self Cocking Pistols, totti-ther with the finest assort
ment of Powder flasks, Shot Pouches and Belts ever open
ed in NashvKIe. novlii den.
o. 174 tsouilt Front Mrct-t,
IS AMI t II I 1 ,
Jl. saccesatirio Welier A ixtol, ta prepares w nianuisc
lur to ortl-r. B'-lisfir Churcbea, Stenilts and Planta
liona. Also. Steam Whistles, OJOIobes, Cylinder, Guage,
Feantain and Mop Corks, Hoee and bail-well Joints, tsun
UniK.tin. Anti.b'rirtiun Metal.
Ail work miii by me wita neatness and despatch, of tbe
hwt malarial. at lw -. sort siirinuq. I'"1"
COFFEE M baga fair aLd prime Rio Coffee In stare
and f.r sale by W. II. WOROON A CO. .
STAB CANDLES 1"0 hose Werk A Co' Star Cand:s
W-0 box.s li.utoer's TalioW Candle. In t.r,aud
for sale by Mi OR DOM A I u.
t'OAP 0 boaes Preseoit's Extra Family Soap. In stor
O aodforwleby W. It. OORDO.S A CO.
lilt Kl. I.N, SsAIION A.-iU Sl CI justre-
1 eetv.dby deeii LOStlHL R.-T a CO.
have now a aupero aaortiaeot of seasonable Cn-
derw.ar.lt aonaiata af
Shaser riannl,
Kxl Saxony,
Shaker Koltt,
Laabs' Wool,
l.i net Silk,
Canton Flannel,
Trilled Cotton, A,, all of which we are setting at fair
fates. .
A FEW Ebea,weil wadded, received aod for aale by
HANtt.-0UK lot of heavy Traveling Shaai an J Maf-
r- flera, received and for sal by J. M. .wcuii-u.
TRTfil'Z'.a Affi VALTSM.
Trrr raeelved a supply of twst fo lw'.hr Tracks and
Vaiis,aod aiargiaiaf iini iytes. an
a. J. H. McOH I.
JVST received every vassety of Cravaia, 1 ie aod tk.
J. H. MeOlLL.
Ladies' aod 0otlmn'Faraiatlng Store, eoraer of tbe
toaar and OolWg lri.
Aacricroaaa asb daal is
HA IS. CAKii A.NJ .C -
. 3 I'ubllr Saeir
NASIl II.LI., ..
7 1 ar re ns ap eooi beaatiful yla of th MOLE
II SKIN It Af for the holMay. I bM abo are Seeking
something tastr to adoro their eraainwi will please eaj
and exaiuta those beaa'iful sulce al the IIM listpoeiaqi,
-so. aO f no K Kuare Uo-SU A. J. raA.M.'lfUU.
as'. Tim LAD1C.
fTtriiE wht are dtipoaed to aaak Chrsstasa ar Nw
X Year Preaia to Ik.ir fTvots, swrt hearts aad
wives, nsuel bear la Bind that Ihe mo appropriate
lot such aa acrasioa baod-osa "ftT r Ol ft'Ra." We
bav tnl a band aeverai eeaauifal folia, bo'-h fo LaJWa,
Mia e aanl Mtruas o whca w ttirit tse attaaiwa af
lover, haands and frteatl at the ii ! ar4 Far (apurtaaa
af docaV A.J FitA.Nt'tSCO. &1 rB4 kVieare
Id Mti id oo.t tilt'i. AveryssyletU
aad featitj lobe aaa4 at lb FAtuaaalMa H ti gas- ov-
aosiamol 8fW A. J. fSUNUSCO.
lllt.lUi:.1s, HATH A ."MO rAPb,
IX rvwry vsn.ir aad sty, ta wawb aa lamte Ute aitea
Uea of tb Ladles. F A N C I AOO,
eWa ravlttnnaSI Hatur, tS rwfatw Skiaan.
W i: II A V i: nttW ia stor a nw t af WOOLIMs,
IF aiuptod eetciaJy (a th ktiaier IroJe. esak ae
are seliisg at very kw pr ove ta
iM) deot aagiiaa o"S; ,
IkxJ Sutia do;
at pce FWJUdSey;
tut) 4- Sattartt;
t ease Fru. n al.rlaa;
4 Ad trt ssj !.
t A S .U au J Fsncy pa La 'a;
f li asa nas aad ksu.!.-.4f DsLa-a;
t belas (Vatiag, b'v; ,
4 de b: k7i. c , te.
TVm Oonda, w.ta a vry lars varlfy af Fi.alea4
I auay attioeats, weare flru g tM lr rr-i I j )ari ut ta
atM-wl. A J in v,t, t) ih
4m ti - fatiie sVfsaa.
V 1 . t. r sr. f - lmm
invention, but to be ma.Te acquainted vith rur plan of ne
rtion. In ai'diticn to the prc-Cts frcm s: le of Machines
(which are fullv one humired per cent ) another, and p. r
haps, greater inducement i" offered, which we win explain
ami d-moctrate to tho-v alio may favor as with a call.
Partus who buv M-.-hts can be snvp'ied with Machines,
an-i to 'hem we refer o hers who may wish lo provide them
selves wiih the article. The rea er is particulvly rrqnest
ed to notice that ws DO SMT srpoi.T Aqints, that Machine
wil nrt be Reia l--u hy ns, or sent on: fi r exhtb tion. We
w 11 cheerfully exhibit ihem to any who feel ufJ cientlv in-te'e-ted
to c.-ll at orr r ms. ) u.-.Ker particulars will be
communioa'-ed by letter, if the kbove is not authcient'y exploit-
P. a. WEBJTER, Agent.
janlS tf Room 5.
NOEL &, CO.,
Wholesale Grocers,
Commission and Forwarding' Merchants,
r?I0 COFFEE.-:5 o nil Dil.iiaore prime Kin Coffee,
V ia a:ore und for thi- by NctL A CO.
VEW 0 RLE AX 3 STJaAE.-2S hhd in store and for
X 1 ii4ie by Nt KL A CO.
0LASSE3 --50 bbls Molasses; So half bh' MI.sse,
iA for saie oy NoEL A CO.
SALT C0J bbls in store and for sale by
jan'ii NOEL A CO.
1TJST RECEIVED 10 bbls and halves Mackerel;
J & kits Mackerel;
100 boxes SUr Cnod'es; 5'1 drums Figs;
fit dot Painted Bu k:s; Rt hates hhis cs;
10 nests I'aiiited Tub: M and boxes Raisins;
5 bi Almot.ils vuh Pepir; Alspic. Im!g, Madjrr,
G nger. Soap, Cignrs, lobace-, Shoi, Lead, Paper, with a
full and complete sluvk to arrive.
j' -'-' NQfL A CO.
SJNYDER A FRIZ.KLL hsv nir removed to the old stand
'- of Thompson A to.. No. 21 Public Square, (nfit duor to
their foimer li cation,) tl.ev are now ciTiring a wel aa ort
ed st'K-k of Hoots, t-hof s.Trntiks, Vaust-s, Ao , suitable to
the Retail Trade. Their facilities for g-tfng goods enatlrs
them to have a'wavs h:ver m.iy be c iilei for In their
lioe. They wou'd be gl 1 1 to see their Inends end the
tiaile a-enerally. Call at So 41 I'ubiir Square.
Juilu bNYDK.it A FRIZZEt.L.
Jobs D. Jaxks, Pres't. D. D. Jsasa, Cashier.
Deais in sight and time T'l's, Oold ant Silver anlCn'ar
rent Bank Notes, m ikes ci,llxt; m in al. pa ts of the coun
try, will give the h.ghe t market price for Land Warrants
end piy interest on depesites. jn!5.
'I'lIK BKICK liWFLI.INli on Marset street, a
L short distance b'hjw the o:d Nashville Inn, ia
oOVr ! for rem, to a good tenant, for the ear 1AT.
Apply to .! . J i--ifl U-;.SJ F. MIkLDS, Ageui.
rpilK f.r;-,K WARKHoL'.-L on Market street is
J. If. rei! for ret.t for the vcAr K,1. AdI'Iv Io
dec-Jo tf
HKN J. V. SII1KLD3, Agent, i
IOH lii:! f. That de-irahle STORE KO-'M adjo.n
tug my clRcenn Cl.rrry i'e-t, f.r the yer IKT.
4'so, that vt-ry desirable i)H Kl.l,lN(J on Cherry aireet.
South of Hroad, rcn'.amir.g some S or 9 rooms, and will be
put in thorough repair. A;i1yto WILL. L. ItOYD,
d'-c-' to Cherry a treet.
ISoartlhiff House.
undersigned kes a Hoarding House on Cedar
X street, next to the YrranJiti Hot.l. where he is ready.
at an ines, to a 'oiiiino I kte trans. ent or permauent
Uoaderi at f..tr rate. His Uble ia always provided wiih
the b-t the taai ket alforcs.
jn!7 GtO. W. COLEMAN
(yiV. ttl.sCK HKIFKR, three years old, and one BED
vr Er.lt also three yvars oi l, Irom tireeier s lot oa
Market street. They were bought the dav before yester
day Iron: O Rhea, in the vicinity of NoleusvUe. Literal
reward Is given for bringing them bsck to
jan1 lw , Near the Nashville Pork boos.
Tvtfll lit: XT. Th house at present o copied by th
j. iraaer s Bank, Is tor leut lor the ensuing yer. Poa-
session given 1st Jannary
Aj.lv to
w. ii. r.oitnov a cr.
ri"lIE BflLDlNHo.w occupied by the aubscrtber, with
1 its Fjruiture, a-id a (rood f hem'C kl and Philosophical
Apparatus Immediate applicstion ia necessar.
jiultJ-i JMO ktlMBULI.
rtHK suh riber offeri for sale his woman TKMPE,
X goc d a Cook, Washr and Ironer as there 1 In
Slate, aim underatands Pickling and Preserving.
I MATE for sale, privately, one of the most desirable
IlL'ILDINti l.oT in the city of Nashvil e, at the corner
el Pom Avenue, fronting &i feet on Church street and ran
ring back Imi or I'.m f-et to an alley. The lot juias there!,
d -nee of I C. Nicholson, and will bes-il I at a bargain. For
partK-ulArscsil oti me. a. R. OLASCoCK,
JstntS Agent.
X OF J. W. K'C' IM US, ia removed to Church street, op-
poai'e the o'.d sUni, in the nee boaa recently cunt by lr.
Y. ung, where we are ready, as usual to gir our at'cuuea
whenratled oa. J W. M'COWttd.
lam sr w. a. ouaaaurs.
I HAVE a large number of M s ROr 8 for tale, and among
them sonie very v!u .b'e ones. A first-rate blacksmith.
alio eStnn Mason and sv al Carpenters. Same ef Iheea
Mearof cannot be soJ le leave the ou.'itry
jo-3 Re.k.4 W. PORTER.
S:le or Ueal Instate.
"lis a valuatie pie ot ground, situate I on Csata
craarr, oppout the HawAsaa Coal Dsror, wtlh
aai'l proiKty I lo be sold for th parpoee ef making a
division aaongthr hrir of tVsnl. ti. fabler, dee'd.
TkKMS. Uu thud cash; lh balance oa one and two
yean' time
Jan 14. '57. Id JMO. hf. CABLEK.
year. Tba stse aad locauaa al
Ibis Stable make it one ot the net deitraole la the eity.
ALrO Th large V'AF.IUoLiE Dow eooapicd by P. F.
Peel aa a Car iage Shop.
For further particuUr apply te elthetr of tbe aadersiga.
en on Market street. MkA. M. BLOAN, or
nur;-tf IkU SLOAN.
ALSO. Th ICE mrfB eoeapied by C A. IL Martsa
will be rented on fav, ab'e Ursa.
rpHE copsrtnenhip heretofera nisting trw eb a.
X. aemgBt, andrv lb nam aad style af E CauOaV
MIAa A CO , la this day dissolved by actual aeaseal.
Th aoroents (toe said firm and Uabtlluee as the saasa wl '
be ciird by Fiodvrtck Sloan.
Nashville, Pec. II, ISZi. Ilkii. feXOAM.
HAVTNQ purchased Ue iotereetef A C Craekahaaas ta
the Carnage Maoatactery ea Market atrt, Ue eav
demgned aill cotm.a aaid basin at ibeSAsae F aoe wish
Uis asm wrkm o, 4 , as hereiefeie.
dl4 Fill). AL0A.
a. c. caavsa. rsui. a. t'nr, a. VASbcvaaa.
(.'aeoe ir la Tavis, rT'cbev A 0.)
M E U C H A 17 T S ,
as? bjuixaa it
No. 73, Public Square,
T3I B4-isJ h s v x mrd a eo partoerskia fee tha
tramatla of a wv:-if! Groeery, AaesWa aad
CnatBiioa Bastnesa, aud bepe, by g vie ear prsra4 as
tenttaa to all atasiae en'resiad la aa, A u tbe Ml aasreaa
aod finals ef aetr predca.aora will giv i h I and a-
aasia r f WKA. . A. C. CAkTlK,
ri.n . bfa AT,
Nashville, Jaa. IT ItFkCLCSlJUm,
csrrrH's nrrsiuE-i ale-i ti itt t,u
kJ tn ias.k"t l.
jaall C4ITIE. M EAT A CO.
AXUFACnrZlD TOEACCO -od'bx, aswonad
iaa, a auaMgaaseaw
:: CAtTEt, ht'Kar a ra
rxrsn A3.aiTAix-w'tr4rsjr
I kws l--
steasaer Bea
b rh Is ea fa Art
W V-kb'e aew Hi lasses;
10 besa FjiA,
l? bh s fsevswe.
f-sj kss K-a C .3a;
kt b -is Bs v aUiesaes;
irrr X EC SITED aed aew ta fur-
al (y p i nfs sMMtml sr isj
B- b-ie Crwd 9-gsr; le Uo l;
IB kt LomI urai hi bb. awitu'a 014 Esaerva
! bags .o. imxwI iki;
W bs Iteca t UJM W SmP
XI tj.
i ltttt M SI? A fwk
MAS 1 1 t v it xti iftais aad tatie
s !.l L'4 3j pti W aeM r
MM aae
Is-t iao4 Ft r.
A. ifCl SAA, rJAnta4i, ,
TaM rr, f;i i(i.
Vugii s
JWW 5L, T known LIVCaT STABLE sy
C -JX '11 " tower Market airvei, now oeea-At Vss)
la tZZZi?Y piti by juftB a. tn,,, ,u be f jt
reol next
The following ffchewie will be drawn by 9. IWsa A Ca ,
Managers of the FuRT OAINE3 AC4DEMT L0ITCET, of
LOTTEdT, of Alaoama, ia each of tneir Lett eriei far Fse
raary, 1-SI.
Te be drawn la the Cityaf Mobile, Alabaiaa. Iw asrtfl'S'a
To be drawn In the CJ'y of Atlanta, Georgia. in publiCy
TilI IiSU.IV, 1XB. 19th, HiT.
To be d'swn In ihe City of Atlanta, 6erf ia, la pwblie, 0
SAT7JSDAY, FE3STJABT 28, 185T, on t,t Jlaa tf
30,000 Ticket 3,260 Prizes !
1 Tra-; of. U)!ti is' tanr
i " otii jo.roo
1 " , " ID CtW is V. 10.0-t
1 " ,iX is t.Ofiw
1 " SiaOl - tap
1 " " T.OK) is..' J. T
1 - S.IHm is BOO
1 ......"..". s'iKHt is 4 0"
1 4 0 is 4,f"a
t n.isn) i y.. ....... B,te
1 " " IKX) t) t.ioa
1 1,isV i 1.04B
IM pr'ies" 11 are l,w
100 " " 30 are AU
4 priu, o.'t- Apvra'g ta $.VVM) pr sears fl.5
.a i4 mm . are)
li.iixt 9
lis) "
ts "
so "
65 "
60 "
4i "
80 "
Ii "
iO are.
JII.Oi " " . ...
9.o) f ra
'. eo "
: is o 4
ova if
S.OtsJ " .....
g'tC) 1
S,lA0 lt
3,2G0 priaesamoonlingto tZO OOO
Whole Tickets, SIC; Ealvei t5; ftuartan tT4.
The Knnthers from 1 toi.iuO, eciTespooding with those
Nacibers on tt a T cets printed on separata slipe of pajier,
are eLC.'rcIrd with small tin irbrs and placed la one a) heel.
The first 2i9 trs.simiUiiy printed aad eaeircisd, ara
plae din at other H heel.
The wheela aietlxn revolved, ard a ratnaer ia drawa
from the Wheel cf Numbers, and at the same line a pre
is drawn Iron, the other wheel. Ihe Noaiber aad Prise
drawn ont are oper eJ and eo.h biteJ to tbe audien , aad
registered by the Coromissiouers; the Prise beiag placed
agaiu.it the Number drawn. This operauea ia repaaUd
actii all the prises ar drawa eat.
The two pr-cedirg and wj suceeedisg Jtawber ta these
drawing the first l i l'nas will be entitled ta th4B Approx
imation Priies.accordirg in the scbewe.
a,OOt l'rlz, a ot 2i) will be erWwiined by tha
Ian Bgure of the Nuaber that draws the ." Ofiil Prise.
For etii;ie, if the Number drawing the 5t Prise ends
with No. 1, then all ihe Tickets where tbe Bomber end sa
1 wi 1 be enti led to M0. If the Nuaiber ends with ha B,
then ail the Tickets where the Number end wiih B will be
entitled tu S'iO, and so on to 0.
Cr.iiH .ie? ot 1'aiiL.ges will be sold at (he following rates
which is the ri?k:
Certificate ot Package of 10 Whole Ticket. t
1 l!a.f " ea
" " 10 wuaiter4 8
Ere!os 'h rn ney to our address for tk ticket ordered ,
on receipt of which ihey will be forwarded bv Brst Biad
Purcha e.-scas have tickets sndmgja aay flgare they aiaj
1 he h-t cf drawn r.urahers and prises will be seat ta pnr
chasers immediatel.v a'.er the drawing.
fdr-Pun -hasers will please write their sigaatares jlaia
and givaiheir peal office, county and Mate.
pay Rer-.ember that every Prise is. raw a, aad payable la
full without cl.doction.
ptAll Prtaesoll,t'andBndr,paJdlBiBiedistelyafte
the .Ira wing ether prises al the usual time of thirty day a
All communications strictly confidential
Prise liCkeU cashed or renewed ia other Tiekatsal sltbar
Address Orders for Tickets or Certificate either ta
8. 8W AS A CO, AUaaU.Sa.
jn12 or a. WA, Montgomery, Ala.
saVf nliu: d Rj oit cries
II. FltAiNCK & CO!a lManagen.
Drawings conducted utdec tie superintendent of tha
bt Loltrry Commissioner..
Prizfs p.iil as sdvh as dravn.
A (.rand Maryland Lottery
r.XTUA Cl..t!tS l
To be dntwn In Baltimore, Md., Saturday, Jail. 31, 1S97
20.C00 Numberi! 1,000 Prizes!
Ia these I oiterie every Prae mu-t be drawa bv some oaa,
as a.l tho I'r ses ar drawn out cf ihe wheel.
l"sw- T. II. ItcssihD A Co. aie authorised by tbe Man
agers to Qil all oroers.
s C II K ?I E .
1 prise of 41AB
1 pr a-or H.BoB
1 priieof If,
3 prues of B."0B
prise, of ,B
S pr aesof l'B
tiprsesof.. I.0"
1S pr.Ac of
ArraosiMATioa raixas.
4 of t'9 approximation ta
4 of H0 "
4 of
8 of
8 of
8 of
5 of
T!4 of
IfiOO prises.
Whole Tickets 10; Halves 13. Qnarters I1.IB.
To be drawn in Baltimure, Md., Saturday, 7am. 34, UST,
n c ii ii .n k .
78 Nnmlers 13 Drawa Ballot.
1 prir ef .....
. ia
. 14.UUB
. B.OwB
. IAu
. l.taiB
1 urn of.
S prtresof
4 prises of
S pr.se, of
ts7"loi pi.aesof -.
9 priaesat -
ti pr.aeof
M pnaesof
I'.'rt p.-'see of
Bti-S prist of
ii,rj" pi we Of .......
S4.3di iraes, amOBtir.g ta l,tC3,NB
Vt holes II"; Ualv 10, Quarter, $A Kghtha l BB.
Certificate of PaeWage of 24 tt Voi, east BB
do da II He.v.s, 1 BB
de de 14 (j jartere ...... B4 B
do do 14 k if bib ' ......... 44 IS
tW Alt order for tick si or packagos ia say af tha
Maryland Lottenee, w 11 receive nrorsa alteatiea, and tha
drawing mailed lo all purchaser In eiedla'.sty after It la
aver. Addreas X. U. ULaBAka A CO.,
Ko. tt Favoue street, ar box. He. 44)
dertt-dav ! n. Marvlewd.'
Havana Plan Lottery.
By AUkorily of tit Siatt ef Georgia.
..ri:n tiitiTV aC4Di:dit lot-
J Tk lY CL.M-3 , to be drawa at Cuacaav tlAXt, Maeea,
('a., anJer t e sworn wperlbUnoeaee af Cat. Oaoaaa M.
Lodsa :i.i w C. Assesses,!.., on Sstlhirdars Silik
Jan.) I SAT.
MVA Nsmwrs-Ir aws paat anhoui bsHeebea.
1 priia of
1 "
I "
1 - "
B prtac"
SO "
lo 44
1,3.-0 " "
, l.ea
, B.00
, taUB
..(Sao a ...
.. lot) are...
.. M are...
.. 40 aa...
Mil 44,B0
Tiehst. BA-llalvee, -Qoerera $t.
Fame ss the Eovtl Lottery it Cwbs wuh thia differsacet
Ue Has ana Lauery haa Ai.ftOj Aaasbars - Ibis baa ealy
rhr ar two wheels, ea each ef hieh there are plaeod
I ww Lock. Tha Pepennteadee'a hawa each a key la Ua
Larks, aa Ihe whse.s canaet b. epaed anieee both are
preserX There are p.acel ia tha wheel af aoataeva tla
tBLes rontiuing a ia of paper v is tae aaasbere frees Ma.
1 ai 15 (-. la theehewi 4 peia-a there are spaced tia
tabwe eeelainmg sitpe af s-apar Wtia) Ua artae ea Uaea
racg ag I. ea lia.Ctai tw Bltw-
Vtii.a the drawicg taaee place, w a en ann aa la aaafia.
the w'. ar aaiorked, and sf sr rrvufrtng Ueas.a Baas-
ber ks -Iraea eat of the wheel uf camber, a4 at tba ua
t at oee ta drawn Out af the Prise wkwet by boy (itkara
bwrsd t '. sewwaJer sad bhad (aided taa babe (a sctraed
off. aad the auaaast t'd ay aad eareUed, soiAal the w Beta
audience . aa m it-'Jie Bdether la thaa ea) ed a4T aad rwg
wiereo by the aaseriauadanta. The Prtaa drawa hi ersdia.
ad to Ui aasaber drawa at kre sasa line, aad aaea seul
aM til pscs are drawa aat. A eep y af Ua drawiag In lAwa
seal w ue asnateve, aad after raaLparteoa taa Baiertaia
dectscen f tba awaetaoea af lAa drawl eg. Tbeee Ba.
Sarin trades te are swera w per'a's Ibwir dsty wiitwet
ar oe lavwr.
ll wilt ba aereeieed that la Uwi aha every seise as
drawa out. aad at eemrsa swao pereoa swot get IAm; a
drawmg t net v ,ry awe essseviBf tMAeta. Tba primrg
are pyaa wins as aAer drawtwg, a ftaU, WAibaak di.
auans. Ajr- rav,ee; tekce place every aewrov.
tea- ordera twr iteceae addrwsswd sa w. . Wl.WTBS
Boa i, bab vilie, Teas. wt ae prwwMMtv aita4 so
JAU f. isisa.w.ssgsr,
Jaa . H-tw. Maeoa. Wa.
II o jr a I II a na Lot t c r y .
II HE S'sl ardiauary arasnag af Ua Xayal Etavaaa
Litev. eawuaesed by tae ctaiJah astwieii w aa-
4W U issrMa a Ue Caj4a.a aseaarai of Caa. wUl
lat. itie at nsvsaa. ea
' Saturday, January 24thf 1S37.
rtr -aitur AT A Uvdtatari.
Ca.ta 're 100,000 t)oi.
S Frtaeadl .l,Befl
- " UwB
T " 44
in " ia
aa appeeiiasatMaa.... T.tsfB
4 AevraxisBatteM to the i'JM si.. ef tm eaA; 4 al svd ta
fct,Mi. 4 el so Att.-'Win ., U.t-.i; 4 sdtk Xtv
Whole Tit Wets Ualtei $1U;
tjuarter ba.
Pvtaea ea-J at a.n at S ir ecni Aueaat.
Bt'Je as the Nsstit-j e tv B.als Uka at par.
A dssswuta Ui be 1 aa sua as the res?! W asset
i.ff- Oosuwan e:'.) atdres-d l I0"l AOPEIfirgB
earwef Cut ri, CttAfMeUHa, A C) aaui JBar t US.
.. 11."s
. 111,00
. i.eoB
. l.Sts
. l,oB
atti be aiwraie-t iu. l.'a. 4V, t

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