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T. B. G LEi'X, Lotal and Commercial BJiior.
Monday Horning:, March 16, 1857.
Official Journal for Publishing the
Post Office better List.
The circulation of th rally And Tri-Weekly
ditions of the Patriot, combined, exceeds largely
that or any other newspaper printed in Hashville.
It li these editions that are generally used for
advertisiag The Patriot therefore, it the beat
advertising medium in the city.
Ma. K R. Glascock tu been appointed our agent for tbia
eity. He is authorized to collect the aecounU, notes, sc..
I the ncera, and also to solicit and aaak contracts fur
advertising and Job Work.
Ha R. P. Um is our travelling agent, and is authorised
to receive subscriber, and to collect all monies due as out of
Daridson County.
Bedford Coualr
The Americana of Bedfjrd Count, held a meet
iog in Shaibyville lata week, Dr. Wat. E. Sutton
in the Chair, and W. A, Alln acting as Secretary.
A series of patriotic revolution were adopted, and
delegates appointed to the Sute Cooventien. De
legates were also appointed to a County Conrention
which is to meet on the 12th of nest month. This
Convention is recommended to select a Candida to
for the Legislature for Bedford coootj; and a Coo
eotioo at a later day i recommended to select a
candidate for Plotter from Bedford and Rutherford,
if the selection are not made before that lime by
general consent. The meeting also adopted a plan
of organlxtin which indicates that the Anvriians
of Bedford dou'l intend to abate one jot of their
seal. The following suggestion is worthy of seri
out consideration.
We also recommend the annual meeting of our
party fr the State to be held in the cut of Nashville
on the 12th of April, or day before, if the 12th be on
Sunday, and recommend our party throughout the
Sute to adopt a plan of permanent or ganizuion,
that we may co-operate throught the length
and bread to of the btate
Valuable Lot for Sals. It will be seen by
reference to the advertisement of Jo. II Thomp
on, Commissioner, that a valuable lot in this city,
will be sold on fe lit of May next, by order of a
decree of tli Coucty Court of Bedford county. Per-
ins wishing to invest money in this description of
property should bear this sale iu mind.
Commkbcial iioTst., Mm ruiii. Mr. Place, lata
of the National Hold, Louisville, will hereafter be
connected with the Commercial ITol 1, Memphis.
Mr. P. is well known as a hotel-keeper io Kentucky,
and it deservedly popular.
iy We regret to learn, as we do Irorn the Knoi
vllle Rtjitter, that lion. W. H. Sneid is prostrated
by an attack of piralvrU. fie is at Greenville, in
East Tennessee, his former residence. .
The WiATnEa. The weatht r continnes cool and
cloudy. The indie itions on Sturdiy were fAVor-abl-j
for riin. It wou'lseem that Februaiy and
March, this year, bsve changed 1 ices in the calen
dar, as during the former month tSe weather was
genial and pk-asant, wbilo the latter thus far has
bees cold aud cheerless.
J. II. Dobarl Ward, Commissary General of
the Mite of New York, and ei-Judce Birdsell, of
N. Y. City, were passengers by the cars from Al
bany on Friday, and on arriving at Slet street de
pot tney were handed ovrr to the police on suspi
cion of Laving picked the pocket of anothrrp mon
ger, who accomp tried them before the Captain cf
Police. Fortunately that officer knew tbe gentle
men, and the complainant being aware of his blun
der, made off with all possible dispatch.
Klokb P. B. Fall, of Frankfort, Ky., will preach in the
Basement of tbe Christian Church, on to-night, and each
Bight during the week, at early candle lighting.
CS, Otrry Strut, XaiJtvUlc,
ft a if ii a
O dm Fixturos
Fine Ch&ndelieri,
for Gas, Oil, or Candles ; and is prepared to have
marl 4-8 done in the best manner.
Kprlusraud Suiumer Bemueia. New York
.Tltlliiiery- Emporium by ltd Ceutre of
This new, extensively patronised, popular, cheap
establishment, will open in a few days the cam
paign, with a matchless display of new Spring Bon-
net and Millinery goods, for the present season.
Fo fascinating is the styles, ao elaborately rich th
trimmings, ii so brilliant the colors, that such a com
bination of artUtic taete and skill, canuot fail to rec
ommend Itself to the ladies, as well ss country mer
chants, who desire having the last link in the con
troling power of Fssl.iou for tlisir customers, in
preference to bad styles offered by parlies, who
cannot possibly be as well acquainted with the
business as thoaa who are exclusively engaged in
it, and who give it their undivided attention.
Parties in the country directing their orders to
this establishment, or through parties here, way
rely on beine promptly attended to.
Every description of Straw Bonnets and Bait
bleached in the new Italian Method, and trimmed in
a superior manner.
Remember tbespot, No. 32 Union Street, Camp
bell- new building. b. & . or r. nur2J tf.
' I ''II 13 ettahlithment will open Tor the regular Sprlnr and
L tammer Season, oa MOXJAIf EVA I. Its, MARCH
85ih, with a full anJfU -Jtat Stock Company.
sir. Coulduck, the emiuent Tragedian, la engaged, and
will appear in a role of fa rent characters.
inarctiT JOaL P A VIS, Manager.
Ulock. &. Hro.'a
Attorney at Law,
sraircntLP, no.,
Will a' ten J t all bAsinets entrusted te his ear In South
.west Missouri, mar 10 1 r
alllC tuSscrtber, having jit.t arrived In this Pity with a
. commiatitMi iroia one of th larrrai Piano Forte Ktd
Furniture Ware-roouu iu theeity of M-sitin, is anxious
to male arraieuta, up libsial trroM,iii llanufw
turersof Puruilure or Oedar-war, for a supply of every ar
ttcl in the abov tin U aaa, al what si siyie th
. ' I'lt'ti" in tlie y if ialor.arinr mariune., to
Tbis i entirety a ne article, aud "cicm th aticiira" of
every thing hrtoor latrodaoed in thu lis. II, it now
ready to cjo tract forth manufaetur of one tboaMtoii of
Ui machines, whrb he is deirai of baviiig ceuatntcwd
with lutilclay. A lew Caaty bJtbu,la Mitlui TenneMre,
for sale.
Tbe anderlKBd an 1 seen at Eoem No. ,Ci y Hotel
for th bkI taa days, at any Ilia kev I 'eioek A H..
or after o'clock f. aL St. w. UcOUUwAIX.
febl Av..
1X vlrto of an attbnenl -d oat before Joeiaa Per
li na, Sai , and .a ronl raeret Iu favor o( U, U.
lianmer, Si.iu.t a. C. rYiun, I rhall ciimm In publie m
to toe ht;tiet bildvr lor ea-.h, at lh Ceart tww yard, a
the "ih ft M4K0M. iS 7, a owtata NrtiKO UtltU, eaoied
MALI!) I, about lo years d, lened on a rb property of
wl Winn, t taiMy sad atuchurul aad ihi ooju tbrB
&1 in lawful hour.
T30S. llOBJrtX,
ma ant C. P C
r I 11 E tborealtant aoapel!y forBia- ,p saw (k
X d f ark!, WI S Brst tm .Mi f
tlona kir reKer, wilt ran rotaluly an- r
rtuf th betaeec tit atot pun. &
iu i. t
Th Swallow is iu cuiuwaad of aaperiwr aad sprirBo4
othcar. and iil uuut no hBral adceuetil t sweura a
fir proporttoa ol lb lr.de.
Kl arELj A ClAIBOtNI, Arents,'
febS a Ceraor Uroad aad Pruat u, Saab nil
lir . I TO KM will rv betroea th 1st asd roth ef
I April Beat, for th (.arpua of iucaliaf taad War.
-' rants ana Invwxtri nij ia Lae.n and low Loi la lit
Biat of Iowa, and tbaTeniiarw ef Uinncsota. rJcciportd
to visit al I parts of that Male and lrrntory aad tbacoua
try eroded take Superior City, and I pn-jHs ta invest
Rioney to lands aud lct warraatt fur otJitn at ib Ivw
pne of tra cttiU par acre, and at lo per eeul. as ibeH
luauulo laud aadtuaa pruperly. all wfa tuty arciieta
nirac bid asrviees, will aiire.t fciiu at Uberty, trltal
ewuuiy, Trase. This will b feu aaoawd tnj t iba
N.nli rtt far (h pu po ski Hi. uned, aad a
proiuieu fir prompt ao J rifilaat atleatwa t at baal
, ltrtbt m.y b eta.i(tii4 tobiui.
Boats Advertised to I.est'ro Thla Dt
J, G. CLINE....Cabiwkicht
- Arrived.
.... Memphis."
...St. Louia
... .Eowena.
The river is still receding at this point,
about i feet on Dsrpeth Shoals.
Fob Mmrnig. Thst general favorite with the
travelling public, the J. G. Cline, leaves to-jay at
12 o'clock for Memphis. For f peed safety and su
perior accommodations the CIie is unsurpassed.
She is one of the rtauncbest and best appointed
crafts visiting this wharf. Capt. Castwright under
stands his business perfectly, issn experienced and
careful officer, while Shackelford has an enviable
reputation as a tltrk. Get aboard in time.
5"" Tbe fine li'tle steamer, Alida, leaves this
wharf to day for Clarksvillr, with passengers for
the superb and popular steamer, Daniel Boone,
bound for Memphis. The Boone slopped at Clarkt
ville, Capt. Lee fearing that she might eiperienca
difficulty in getting over the shoals in going down.
Ahotbek Disaetir. We learn from tbaCincio
nati Commercial of yeterdty that the West Colum
bia tow boat, Sam. Snowdon, had broden her shaft
and lost her wheel overboad. The heads of both
cylinders were knocked out and cylinders bursted,
ki'Iing two meu instantly and seal ling one very se
verely on the face and bands. The name of those
killed are John Blake and John Snyder. That of
the rcl l"d one, German, name anki own. The
Snowdeii's wbe l lies iu the middle of the river,
about a mile above Manchester Ishud. The acci
dent occurred at 5 o'clock Sundty rooming.
Boat Scpk The Irene, from Tittshurg, Monday
evening Isit, sunk on the Kentucky shore, four mil s
above Portsmouth, with her bow out clesr, and tbe
water over the lower deck astern. She was loaded
with iron, glass aud other maoufacturad articles for
I! . 1
ff W are authorised to annoSBc Gea. 3 AMIS M
QUARLES, of Montgomery, as a esndldate for Conyren In
this district. Bubj ect to th ratification of a District Con-
ventinn. febS8 tf
Manny's Cclcbratca
General Agsnt far the 8ute.
Taa Btib aid Tai Clood; Or, A Daughters Love. By
A. S. Roe, author of "Lung Lsok Ahead."
Taa Quldbs Laaaor. A story of Life's Phases, Fy a
Ivors. By th authnr cf "Amy Herbert." In two vol.
Taa noosHJLD Aioel is Disucj-.. By Leslie.
KiTRia BhasDi. A Pireiiide History of quiet Life.
Doaa. By a Stroller In Earspe.
"My Dress is iiplendid yon behold.
Bluing with the ruddy gold." Fa8T.
Niw Gbsmada. Twenty Months in the And-t.
Tbb MsaCHiifT'a AMD Baxata's Bscisrka, lsT.
Just received by Express, and for tale by
DITION just received by CHAS. W. CM1TU.
mil a o
New Sacred MutTc.
THE NEW CAMERIA 8 ACitA, for sal by
TITS SHAWM, and several other like popular works, for
Hymn Books.
THE OHUBCH PSALMIST, ased by the New School
Presbyterian Church, a large supply for sale cheap by
I have also a lot of the Christian Uyma Book oa band,
mlft a a
Book Sellers and Stationers.
No. 39 Alai ket & No. 6 I nion St.,
Nashville, Tenneaaee.
did number, just recelvek by UAOAN A BRO.,
march! 89 Market and S Union itreeU.
at received by IP. HaQ AN A BRO.,
fb2 No. 39 Market street.
GODKT'B LADY'S HOOB, for March, just received by
TASSES NOTIONS, for January aad Pebruaryjust
receivedby febin HaOAN A BRO.
New JJooks by Kxpress.
HEFRY LTLC, or Life and ExUtence.by Emilia Mar
ryatt,dtnghterof Captain Marryatt.
THE PCDDLEPORD PAPEK8, or Hamors of th Wsit,
by H n. Riley. With Original Illustrations.
THE QDADR00", or A Lovv's Adventar In Loulil
aaa.by Capt. Mayne Reid.
TheLaugbsbi Adrenturei of Messrs. Brewn, Jones aad
Robnon. WithOomie Ensravings.
DOM Br.RtARDO'8 D A0QHTER, or Love, War aad
Adventure. by W. Harrison Aimaorth.
Jast received aad for sal by HAQAN A BRO, .
feMO 89 Market St.
HARPER'S NEW PAPES.-7.irpr's Wetkly, a Joaraal
of CirllisalioB, first namber, 500 copies Juit recaited. Bub
soripiioa rold aud sl&gl oopiessold by
feblO UAOAN A BRO., Agtnts.
THE SIT YOSt LEDaCR, a Weekly Nawspapsr.Taa
acriptioB received and single numbers sold by
fe10 Ht'iAN A BltO, Agsnta.
' : 54
WE have just rteeived from Berrraus', in New York, a
fine assortment of CHIlOKJCVS CAKkl A'4 t.f, coa
ta!nin some of the finest that ha ever been brought to
Ihi city.
Kaftan Chairs.
i ijt have ob l.aai a frw baad-me BATTAN SEWINO,
V ARM and KOOKIM; CliafR?, H AMI and
(!ai Cooking Machine.
WE have a variety of articU f.r Cooti ig by Gas, by
h rh, at a comm n Uas Burner, a k 'til of water
eaa be mote t boil iu tbre minutes. Owter Piatr and
Hhinof Cup. aliut to be brateit by Oa. Price t? ana up
ward, mm Mackenzie a niLfOx. '
TJK hav a variety ,f !ep oitera.
v roll) MAi"KtN'ZIE A WfLN.
WE have anmeroas paUrmtoi Oval, Reaod and Ob
toog W. Iters, from (10 upwards. Pea'.her lustra,
Dcruhbing ao4 Biarkinf Uruirie., Trench Scrubbing bruib
a. Mop, Hearth Brooms, a.
m U
Herring! Safe.
TE have suppiy of thoe erlthra ed Safe thai are
v I know a I b both bttdLi.it AND riE-PUOOP.
How orten does it happen ib-t an bouMa are barsl aowa
all the books and ' r In the sa'r ar fan uo to a so Saaw
as ttiat Itiry are auiie illrir'bi. lh, baa never ktppeaed
aiik th 11 err ids rah. NUl.e Various o,brr alcs hsv
eoeie oat cf the fire literacy destroyed, ttirir bar sot
bra la the aiifhieet acfie dainard. Tbev aiso defy
Burglar, as ltu locks caanot be pu krd and ar tunpaw.
der proal. n,10 AlACKr-.NZU A w iLc-o.N.
(Kurmartg oZroaita,)
Uaslocatrd la th city of Saahville I practirt bl prfaia
OfUce, J.7, Cherry Street.
WM, SIUMOIi'S, i .
CARrENTER AM) tLll.0Elt, r.pr Jail aaaa news It
lb utiaea .1 Naaa.iiM,. u, t aow lueaUd as lb
coraer f Vturra a runts Siiaau, rpeii th at.
Ciowd MwUi, wh.r a is rrpara la iimu ail kinds of
Crpal's aud Je.aer s nc. H-a, Hash aa B.ta4.
fclair C.a,ktow 1h, ML. Dwsaa, r.Ug ptres,
JuMiagaaA Ap.,A.,paSupi twaed la.
fbta tm
V0 I'CK IAD AtlAD in Prwoa 4
A.V atarriirs iat feaairs, 4 taat aairaPlwar aad
's in porau tf '
lab ; .P RC!ET
I F mniii ti TO '
1)L'tCJAaD Jrtb U.t.'prlejty Dr. B C. a
rMr aaA h. Wir, i aak hi aaa. f.
aon I Kiiiw.ntl. Pr.n(ia r ii, al 'lie farm f
mf.Ji k.l.-j, wr Ursa, , b:U
w-l- la
1)11, K I.JLU lALMOS., J awl ri4 Ma. I, at
welt AC is I f.
. Report Tarnished by the Associated Press.
WasHiKOToa, March 13. Sesate After along
and inconclusive debate opoa the Indiana contested
e!ction c -se, the Senate went into executive ses
sion, which continued three hours, until adjourn
ment. ' The Toronto'railroad accident, reported yester
dsj, recurred to tbe Local Accommodation train
from Toronto to Hamilton. Out of 75 to 100 pas
sengers, only 16 have been taken alive from tbe
wreck, and five of those have nince died. The pas
eogers, neatly all, belonged to Toronto, Hamilton,
and other towns, and many pooiioeut and influen
tial citiieus were included.
Washiugtok, March 13. Lord Napier has had
an iaiortnal interview with the Secretary of State1,
and on Monday will be presented to the President
of the United Stete.
. About forty persons from Eansa, including ten
Indians of that Territory, headed by Gen Whitfield,
formally paid their resprcts to the PresidenL
The Senate will adjourn tine d'tt to-morrow, the
President haviog no communication to make.
" The following appointments have been confirmed
by the Senate, namely:
J. C. Ramsey, U. S. Attorney for tbe Eeastern
District of Tennessee; Wo. M. Lowry, U, S. Msr
sbtl for the Eastern District of Tennessee; James
S. Smith, U. S. Attorney for Washington Territory;
Jesse B Clements, U S. Marshal lor Middle Ten
nessee; J. Hsrrclsoo, Surveyor of the port at Selma,
Ala ; Orion L. Cochran, Postmaster at Houston,
Texas; John L. Bunck, Postmaster at Tuscaloosa,
Ala.; A' ii. Machcssick, of Arkansas, Indian Agent
for the Wychetaa and neighboring tribes West of
the Choctaws and Cbicasaws; Flairs S. Lovejoy, of
Miseis'ippi, for the Northern District of that State,
in place of Orr, resigned; Jarnea W. Ncsirih, Su
perintendent of Indian Affairs in Oregon and Wssh-
ingtoo Ttrritories; Wo. E. Murphy, Indian Agent
for the Pottowattime Indians; i Livingston, Col
lector for the District of Fcrimnduia, t Iortda; Jo-
ae h Genois, Naval at New Orleans; Wo. P. Bay
bun, Additional Appraiser, General J. J. McCor
mick, Apprxieer of Merchandize at Nww Orleans; F,
Hatch, Collector for the Disuict of New Orleans;
J . L. Collins, Indian Superintendent in New Mex
ico; LI i as S. Dei ie, Marshal for Kansas Territory;
Hampton M. Mahew, Marshal for the Western Dis
trict of Tennessee; John Walker, Indian Agent in
Pew Mexico; Isaac II. Sturgeon, Assistant U. b.
Treasurer at Sr. Louis; T. Nelson, of Indiana, Super
Intendent of Indian Affairs in the Territory of Utah;
Wm. Wicr, of Kansss, U. S. Attorney for Kansas
Territory, vice J. Isaac, resigned; Lewis W. Sif-
ford, TJ. S. Marshal for the Southern District of
Ohio, vice Tbos. K. Saiith.
Among the confirmations by the fienatc, were
those of five senior Commanders of the Navy, to
be Captains; seven senior Lieutenants to ba Com
manders: all Masters, with lour Midshipmen to ba
Lieutenants. Medary and Anderson wire confirm
ed as Governors of Minesota and Washington Ter
ri torus resp.-ctively.
WASBiKfiTON, March 13. Tbe Senate discharged
the Committee on Judidaiy from further consider
ation of the Cameron case. The Dall s Treaty, as
amended, waa confirmed ly a vote of 32 to 15, tha
Sandwich Island Treat; was laid on the table, which
is virtually a rt lection.
Cart. Smoot. of the navy, died to-Jay. Lieut.
Conovr of the Navy has resigned. Campbell
W lnttWey resigned.
Philip Clayton was confirmed as Second Auditor
of tue Treasury: Assisunt Socrtury Mr. Tracy,
Vice Pet r G. Washington. John S. Cunningham
of Va., was confirmed as purser of the Navy.
Nkw Yore, March 13 The steamer Empire City,
iroin Havana, with Gates to the 8th n.8t , bus arrived
Tbe oflio'ri ol tbe British mail steamer, Trent, ac
knowledge partial successes to have been e incd
by Cola, Titus and Lockrilge over the Costa Ricsn
forces, staiioued at various pcinti alocg the San
Juan Krver.
LauisTtLLE, March I. There are 6 J feet water
in tbe canal. Weather warmer and clear. Thei
mornetr 45.
WagiiiNSTOir, March H D. J D;sney, formerly
Member of Congress from Ohio, died this morning
of pneumonia.
Toronto, Msroh 14. Many additional bodies
nave tx-eu recovered from the railroad wreck.
alAKca 15, 1S57.
Corros. We beard of sales of about 150 bales on gator
day, at ll.fcaW.fc cents.
Tosicoo Nothing doing worthy of mention.
Baooa Hogronad 10X cts. and britk. .
Nsw OaLaaas. March li.
Cotton raarketVxcited sales of 9,600 bales at IS cu. for
fair Or.eatii. Pork buoyant at Si3 Cora buoya;iU Lard
firm. Alcohol 65 cu. Praights iaaclivu. Aachang en
jnaon urm at a
CixciNNan, March 14 Flour very dull at 3.
Whisky onchanped. Provisiona firm, but lame.
Clover Seed 7 75.- Timothy Seed $3 50.
. Niw York, March 14 Flour heavy, bat South
ern has advanced 10 cla ; it useliiog at fo 00
75 ; Ohio declined 5 eta. Wheat unsettled and de
clining. Corn firm at an advance of one cent for
mixed. Mes pork declined 25 cts. sales at 24
lOaf-2 50. Beef firm. Lard heavy. Whisky ad
vanced safctat27. Stocks firmer.
Havana Plan lottery.
By Authority of the Stale of 'Georgia."
fjspnt forxTY ActDi:.nr lot
J TERY -CLA89 IT, to ba drawn at Cowcsnv Hall,'
Mama, ;a, ander i e swora suprriDtendsne of Col. Gso.
M. Loaaaand w. C. asdissos, Esq., on Saturday
.Taktrcla, 2 1 at, 1857.
15000 Number f riaci payable without induction.
CAPITAL l'ltI'.i:,4,OOOl
. Iw
. 1.IKMJ
. 1,001'
. 1.500
,.SbO ar.
.. ina arq...
.. Mar...
.. aOaie...
8.0 Hi
- 44,00
Ticket, ft-Halve, f J -Quarters 1.
fan as the Royal Lottery it Cuba with th!s difference:
the Havana Lottery has S-'.OOJ Number this has only
There ar two wheels, on each of which there ar placed
two Locks. Th Paperlnleodeaie have each a key I th
Locks, an th wheels cannot b opened anleos both ar
present. Ther ar placet In the wheel of numbers tin
tabi containing siipa of paper with the anmber from N.
1 to 15,000. In thahee ol pris-s ttar ar placed tia
tabes containing .lip of paper with th prisosoa them
ranging from 15,0u0 to lM).
H hen th drawing takes place, which win be In pablie,
th wheels are unlocked, and afir revolving them.a Bom
ber is drsau out of th wheel of cumbers, aud at the same
time one I drawn oat of th Pria wheel by boys with arm
brd to th shouldar and blindfolded the tub is slipped
off, and th number held ap aad carolled, a that tha whole
andienc ran se it th number is then called off and reg
istered by the Pcperiutendent. Th Pria draws is credit
ad to lb number draws al th (am time, aad as oa nntil
all th prisws are drawn out. A copy of th drawing is thea
sent Uhthe prlntars, and after conjarisos thgprtata
drntscertlf to th correctness of th drawing. Thcs Ba
pwrtntendenta ar swora tw perlwrm their daty wlttoat
far ar lavor.
It will b peroalvad that fa thl plaa every pria la
drawn out, aad ef wear ocn peraoa asast get them; a
drawing is seat to every on ordering tickets. Th prisas
are payable thirty days after drawlcg, la full, without dis
ouunt. S3f" Drawing takss place ry Falurday.
PT Order (or tickets addressed to G.H. WINTER
Boa A32, hiashvilt,Tnn, wlil be promptly attended to
J AM iS f. A IM ER, Manege,
mar. 14 lw. Maooa. Oa.
i;. t J. HOLsMCS'
UT E tk pleaawr Kkgta latrodacing ear Improved
reamlesa eklrt, as being th saot acceptabl aed rw
li.Mearti He la market; w ae awae that many new styles
called impressment ar bfr I'M public, aa as louia
Nanbrr. vutta Prrcha, Rattan, Ao , all of which w t aveif
calied irr bat eaaaot reouiaend lbtm,awa havra
perimented with aod letted Ihea aU ot of them two
years sine,) submitiiog tbe m to lb taisnsrnt of oocp
lect tables t dwid apaa their wsrita, and hav foeed
them, from actual as, t b la all taiwtaat respveta, e
cldedly tnfrriur to oar properly prprd Uhatibone,
which has bB la " th past twa .tears, and lor wbic
has be.a expreaeed trom all parts of th cvaotry a'ir
atiitacUutt. and w hsv lb mar poetuv riienca Asxa
oar own larva relaJ Us i', smuaating ta utny dosen per
day. Thar we awnadeoUy rewmssaad oar eUrU ta
be th lat waetMaa4 of aatib ng ia a; posavaaina;
many a lvaa vr J ta m arW S'ttrt, taa saut im
portKBtaf Kka aarie nf WMf srv at th boJtoea,
wad from th only malarial that caa b u'l. ibat wiUrw
covar It p!sce when presxed oat ol sp, will But roll nae
rarl,'M nut afectrd by heat ar cold and caa be washed
witboat lnary. Thw Crd at th bium, !od
wnae., whah ar rtBg1y awkward aad aoMivcnt,
wnh r wa tweparwd bone abov and a fabric maautao
utrtd by earaciew ctprewry for war g-ds, to oar ewt ma
tioa ati'l ik tlcnaikn of thcaaad wbet..d thrm,
proalue a feairt, aad tba aaiy bairt equally adspud ta th
irkj, U tn. I. and th ercai, gieteg aproper.g raw
Jul aad aireaot Mm t a Lady' Aram. Iijbt, pttaute, l!y
a4)Aed aad ta very reapewt a vamp el ariicla T l pub
lic ar aatHel agamu all tawsounssr nAr goads o li
ed rVaailea K4:rts. Irery geoaiit arlwl tssttatswd, E.
A J, L '' laiptteed 3asia MaabAoae rl.adar
tuwal)l startrt rtll, Ph.iaJlptiia, and ta th prttl"
C'psl JobO'ng Hoa la bw Verk an l Bt.
He. I. Iv'f. It;. ttOLKU A CO.
ttbll 8l4Wt-I4V
'PilK CI'TANI'.ltVSt valaaiiwHpfBrer
A. lav and kvaat'fyiaf th riaiv, giemg it that paestiar
wait aad (irl muvt drintd by a I tavtrs of beaasy.
Tto-e bru.g tvuf , ti r sl.ff Hair, eaa ntir:y r
a- ti. cjo br ay or tare t; pn&iUom t
utt vaiaabw ma. - A.o. euaaocMoa vita ibis a !'
aia aeoaipa lor rmvi Precktea, Piioii. aud trup.
titM !rva u rtia. t ii tfctta Mecen'm will a seat I
a part al ta V 04. AtaSea ar Cmda tor tb suss ml
1 pria of
I H 44
i "..'"!.'!!
i priseiM.
Hm ,
1 hCk)
va iMuiae. auJI eu .tttH'uw, .una, I
tebt -In Iraa.bcii av.uiiy, cA,
Aa Independent Literary and Agricultural Newspaper,
published weekly, at Winchester, Tenn, Wx. J. BLAma,
Publither and Proprietor, Lewis Mbtcalhi, Editor. Terms
tt 'IA twrmnnn.' J. .
The Journal bat a large and increailng circulation and
offers inducements as an advertising meuiam. mil
Leaar A Co.'s Nsw Qcastshat Pattxbji for Gentlemen's
Dress UaU la this day issaed, together with a large invoice
of Pabis HATScf lata styles including the celebrated Cam-
aaiDca forr Bat (a aew waur-proof article) ia vailoua
colors, and for sal at oar counters only. Lsast A Co.,
Leaders of Fashions f-r QenU' Hats, 8,4 and S Astor House,
Sew York. . , aaarlOlw
Wotth of Piece Good Just received, comprising an ex
tensive stock ef Cloths of various color and of the flneat
textnr ; also, Black and Fancy French, English and Amer
lean Casshneres and Yeatlnaa in the neatest Variety. All
adapted to the Spring trad aad mads op to order in the
latest style. - '
Habvet is still at his board.
Holloway'a Pills ar tamout in eases of termination
ofblood to the head, and save the Uvea of thousands who
suffer from Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints and Bile. Sold at
the mannfaetoriea, No. 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and
Ko. 144 Strand, London ; and by all Druggists, at 25o, t2Xc,
and 81 per box.
Neuralgia Cured- Head what Mr. Bo j den says: no
medicine vr had certificate from such respectable aoaree
as Carter's Spanish Mixture. Mr. F. Boyden, on of the
original proprietors of th Astor Boas, Nw Tork, and
for a number of years of tha Bxrbanga Ho el, Richmond,
Ta., was cured of a severe attack of Neuralgia, by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. The rapid and perfect cure effected in
his cas by this valaahl medicine, arrested hia attention
and excited hit interest; ha recommended it to others af
flicted with a variety of diseases, and in every instance a
cure waa effected, lie has seen It cur Agae and Fever,
Rheumatism, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Fevers, Violent
Coughs, and eases which were said to be confirmed Con
sumption, and nearly every other disease for which it is
ased. He remarks It ia difficult to know what disease it
will not relieve or ear, and as a Blood Purifier, and Spring
and Fall medicine,, h has never seen its esjnal. He cheer
rar.y recommends it on all occasions, and believes M to b
the moat valuable remedy extant, marchS lm
Mercury, when taken ta excess, debilitates the system,
destroys th marrow, weakens th blood, and brings abont
disease which renders life burtheneome. When auch la the
ease, tha tnfferermsy readily find relief In the us of Car
ter's Spanish Mixture, a never-tailing antidote tor this de
stractive poison. In Virginia alone there are hundreds of
persona who hav been permanently cared of mercurial af
feetiona by the nae of Carter's Spaniih Mixture.
Important to Consumptives Many valuable lives
have been saved by HaoaKaa, Class: A Co.'s Gkaoiaa
Coo Lit s Oil, which, in all human probability, would
have beea lost but for Its timely use.
It is no quack medicine, bat th par On, made with tbe
utmost care front the Fruh Cod I"UK titers, and i re
commended by the moat eminent physicianaln Europe and
America, and haa provedby ten years' experience the moat
valuable remedy for Consumption and Scrofula ever dis
covered, for, while it cares th disease, it increases th
health and strength of the patient.
Cannon Tner 1 a great deal of iparioas oil, adultera
ted with Seal Oil, WhaleOll, Ac, which, Instead of benefit
ting, Injures the patient, by deranging the digestive or
gans, but being cheapens by unprincipled personspalmed
off for genuine.
Notice, that Hbormab, Clabk A Co.'s signature (a over
the cork, and the Eagle and Mortar on the label; for, since
the debth of W. s Kashton, our late partner, !are has
been an article called Bashton's put in the market, which
is in no way connected with with R. C. A Co., or H. C. A
Co.; and thousands who had used other Oil without suc
cess, have been restored te health by the Genuine Oil of
our manufature.
rold by EWIN BRO.'H, J. O. BROWN, and by all respect
able Druggists. fet24 2m
White Teeth, Perfumed Ereath, and Beautiful
Complexion sb be acquired by using the "Halm oj a
Vunutand Flouiert." What lady or gentleman would re
main under the curses of a disagreeable breath, when, by
using th "Balm or a Tnscaisn Flowibs," as a denti
frice, would not only render it aeet, but leave th teeth
white aa alabaster? Many parsons do not know their breath
la bad, and th subject I ao delicate their frienda will never
mention it. Beware of counterfeit. B aure each bottle is
aigaed FETRIDGE A CO., if. V,
Hot sale by all DragglaU. febiS dm.
This la strong language, yet Boou'g Elbotbic Haib Dts
(recently improved) was proved to be so, by the judges at
th late Mechanic's Fair, held in Bdaton, (among whom waa
Dr. Haya, the eminent chemist and State assayor)who
awarded It th PRIZE MEDAL AND DIPLOMA, over the
choicest Hair Dyes on exhibition from all parts of the Union.
It unparalleled superiority consists In, 1st. The ingredients
ar nourishing to tha hair, not destructive, as others. 8d.
Does not aula nor hurt the skin. 8d. Ia easily applied and
dyes the hair any color required, from a delicate brown to
a deep black, ao natural as to appear marvellous. Manu
factured, sold and applied by WM. BOGLE, 2TT Washington
street, Boston ' declO Ulimay81
Taa Ratal or Abt. In thla wonderful age, Art lays her
matter touches or almost everything . The eeltinga over us
and th carpets w tread on, are hallowed by Art. Art
wind tha railway through tha mountain and th mud;
makea her machine of wood and iron, to act aa if with
knowledge and annihilates apse with lightning tamed down
to tha tateledg of a boy. Nothing la too lofty for her touch
and nothing too humble. A new proof of this old eonvietion
ha just fall a under our notice, in the ahap of a Cathas
no Pnx, from the Laboratory of that world renowned
Chemist, Dr. C. J. Aria.
If we understand th subject, h haa carried that articl
to th fartheat perfection of which It ia capable. Instead of
employing Drag in ita composition, as w hav always
thought th necessary and only way, he ha with consum
mate skill extracted thevtrfite of th medicine to k em
ployed and combined them alone in their parity together.
Th composition I then mixed and rolled by machinery and
aUam powerloto a sperold pill which ia wrapped in an en
velope of gelatin, for protect ion from th effect of wtather
or time, aad iha thickly coated with sagar, ta aerve as its
passport ever the palate. Notwithstanding all th labored
perfection they are offered to the Public at less than on
sent each. However humble the department, w think this
may b safety characterised at tie eonaummatloa of Art La
llsline. ilon&g Nmc. BaJ.
Pianea and iUnelc W Uara that Horace
Waters, of SSI Broadway, If. Tn agsnt for th sal of many
of th most celebrated makers of Pianos and Melsdeoas, Is
offering them at prio which we adri all who deair to
p arenas ta avail themselves of. Ha la also selling his large
and well-known Catalogs of Husk at on-third off from th
regular price, aad will forward th aam fre of postage.
Hia offers to th trad, teachers, and schools, ar of tha most
mvorable character all of which ha wil lb abi to fill to th
leitar, for having wisely adopted, th cash syatem. Th
Horace Waters' Piano ar known aa among tha very bL
W are enabled ta speak of thoa Instrameate with asm
degree of eonfldeaoe, from personal koowledg of their ex
cellent ton and durable quality. Jv. I". SmngMtt.
Williams Pulmonic Salaam of Will Cherry and
Wood a aptaa,
A speedy and positive ear for consumption. It ta a cer
tain remedy for Pheamoniet, As hms, Spitting of Blood,
alght Sweats, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Pluriay, Wheoplng
Cough, and all disease, of th cheat and lungs, together with
all tha af actions which psad'spoa to th abov named com
plaints. All persona who have asad it in th abv aamcd
complaints attest to its cScacy ia th most unqualified
terms. This in valuable madtcio I for sal by all th drag,
gists throughout th ftoathcra and Wasters fHat, Man,
factored by A. L. WILKINSON A CO.,
Hunts ville, Ala-,
ta whom all erders mast he addressed.
Hear what th Hon. J aaa C lb ass says of its nator
Persons who hay aa botU are sor ta get a second.
HcmrrLLa, March 1, 1S5A.
Gam: I have ased Dr. darks Williams Pulmonic Bal
sam of Wild Cherry and Wood Naptha with tha happiest
sleets. ' A negro man, now belonging to my father, whaaas
beea tor Mvcral years aCncted with a distressing oagh. Is
apparently restored ta good health by th as of one botU
I hav aad I tale la other caaae, aad son withaat 4
aided Benefit to th pattest,
Tery rpctrully, JERK CLEMENS.
Meaara, A. L WturaAOw A Oaw, Haatevilla, Ala. .
Da. Case. WnxtAaa:
Data ma: I tass piaaswiwln giving my tattlmoay ta tha
virtue of jour axceUeatPalmoaie Balaam of Wild Char
ry." Having awed arnl bHUe ia say family, witk de
cided advantage tn every ease, I aaa recommend it aa th
bast aad aaost pleasant madicia X hav vr seen.
W. D. F. BAWtlR.
Tascumbia. March M.1S4S.
For aakt by K tra an A Rain. Berry A DeasevUlc. O. W.
Baotrsntu, A. R. Rosooa. Eaing A Brother, whataial.'
tcpUI dAvata
Art tUwitlaia; ItstM 1
It yetn-hair tarartng gray f Do ywa wish ss aalrivat good
wniAksriaad Boatacb T Tear hair to soft, sftky aad
gtaaayf Toar haad t ba eoat, aamlortabl aad tn af ad
raffT Mothers rs year )ifidr t aa v laxariaat heads
of hair f Than at Boat Hrraawa Fivax which avasv
jCsIb tu vuMrrlBg ata, Ptms t9ta,8ta, T9 eta, aad
1 M per bottle. Bglal Balsa af Cythatla staada aarV
vaitod foe aradiaaaag taa aad pimp lea, Bad kvaatiytsg the
tptesioa. Prte) M at. lavwatov saw proprieiar, W.
Boaie, toa. acd sold by DntggrUusvsrywhcre.
miii-Iy., . .
ivma D. Jauia, PratX '
P. D. Jamb, Cashier.
Caalala aict aad tiwa E.Ht. Gelisad Bilve adCuar
rai Aaak AtarakaeUctMia laaiiparwaf tbvB
iry. tUintiM h-gt-ast ssatket n for Laad Warraata
ad pay utet aa Aeeiasitia.. i - v ' jaali.
! etcam Heats. I
Iwat t aa Agent tot mt ImW as may favor as with
their bst&e. ty&caalK-l. wU', CwaerBraad
aad rs t tUHtt. It. W. RLwaLL,
it - - - - - AawnC..
V A t Aw AAUilAA. dt it reewiVad a'f
w dwUA LUilllvWI A W.
AuclloTi Sale or Groceries,
OS MONDAY, MARCH 18TH, lRftT, w will offer for
saie, in front of our warehouse, No. 16 and IJ Market
street, the Mowing, to wik
i 65 bhds Sugar, fair to choice;
830 bags Coffee, choice New Orleans and Baltimore;
T3 boll Dew Molasses;
23 bbls Mackerel, No. 1, 8 and 8
no kiu No. 1 Mackerel;
t"0 boxes Herring;
75 boxes Pickles, quarts, half-gallon and gallons;
150 boxes 8tar Candles;
75 bbls Powdered. Loaf and Crashed Sugar;
150 bbl Liquors, various brands.
And many other articles to make up a complete sale,
march! td LKLLfATT, EWING A CO.
ON TUESDAY, MARCH 17TH, 1367, at 10 o'clock, A.
M., w will offer for sal in front of our Warehouse, eor
ner of Market and Clark streets, th following articles, to
100 hhdt Sugar,
35 bbla Loaf Sugar,
60 bblt Crushed Sugar;
200 bagt Rio Coffee;
60 bag Laguyra Coffee;
85 bags Java Coffee;
60 catkssoper Carbonate
cf Soda,
1000 kegs Nails,
60 bbls Vinegar,
100 doa Buckets,
100 bblt MolasseA,
100 bxt best Tallow Candles,
100 boxes Cheese,
000 bbls Whisky, assorted
85 bbls American Brandy,
10 X bbla do . do,
10 bbls Gin,
10 bblt N. O. Ram,
80 bbls Julias H. Smith's old
Reserve Whisky,
85 bbls Old Bourbon Whit) f
SO bbla Old By Whisky,
60 bblt Mackerel, Not. 1,8, lOO.fXtOextra Cigar, varitu
and 8.
10 bags Pepper,
60 baga Ginger,
8 eeroona indigo.
Sou boxes Star Ccndlet,
SCO X boxes do;
800 X do do,
100 boxes Melae Cigars,
100 boxes Cheroots,
107 boxea Tobacco, W. H.
Hon and other brands,
60 boxes Jars,
100 boxes Tumblers.
Together with various other articles in oar line.
mar. 18. H. 8. FRENCH A SON,
Auction Sale of Groceries
W. II. Gordon & Co.
ON WEDNESDAY next, 18th March, 1S57, ws will offer at
Public Sale, in our utual aaantites
800 hhdt fair, prime and choice Louisiana Sugar;
100 bbls Plantation Molasses;
UO hlf bbls do do
BOO bags fair and prime Rio Coffee;
100 boxes Roaa A Goodwin's Tobacco;
UK) boxes Gentner's Tallow Candles:
600 boxes Prescott's Bar Soap;
600 kegs Shoecberger's Nails, all sites.
6u0 bbls Chenowetn'e excelsior Whisky.
With various other articles.
Term. f Satle :
All auma under ISOft. ea.lv .11 ... conn ..j...
der 12,000, 60 day; all auma over 88,000, 80 da'ya credit,
for approved udobsko notes payable in one of the city
No. CO Comma ST., iiab Bboad, Nabbvillb,
A9 Just received and now in itore
100 hhds Suirar.Falr to Cho'ee.
800 bagt Coffre, choice Baltimore and N. OrUaae,
ffl bbl. choice Rrboiled Molasses,
40 bbls. do do do
2 X) bbls. Pike' - Magnolia WMsk),
60 bblt. Bourbon do
60 bblt Old Rye do
20 bblt Manongahela do
10 bbla Robertson County do
80 bblt Grape Beversge,
85 bbls New York do
20eakiPort Wine,
120 boxes Chewing Tobacco, various brands,
100.OO Cigars,
6J boxes Star Cand'es,
80 bbls Clover Seed,
60 boxes W. R. Cheese.
Together with Iron, Salt, Onpt, Tea, Pepper Saace.Yeatt
Powders, Pigs, Pecani, Almonda, Spice, Heppcr, Indigo,
Madder, Nails, Tar, Ac. To which we invite to attention
of farmer and country dealers.
mil R. C BANDY.
ALIO, Jut received, a large lot of IRISH POTATOES,
Meshanoe, London Lady, Late, Red and Forward.
cii a. c. bandy.
w. a. & j. g. McClelland
Are now opening a msgnificent stock of SPRING GOODS,
purchased mostly from flr.t hands and throath large auc
tion taics, and will be sold at a small advano.
Dress Goods.
Rich Silk Robes;
Rich Striped 8:lk;
Rich Chen Striped Silks;
Rich Striped Poulards;
Rich Plaid PooUrd.;
Rich Plounoed Foulards;
Rich Plaid and Plain Foulards;
klegant Grensdine Kobaa;
KIsgant Bert g Robe;
fciegant Challie Robes;
Klrgant Blark Silks and Plain Silks;
Elegant TamWe Cloths, for mourning;
Elegant Bombasines, Challiet, Ac
Lace Goods.
Handtoma Laea Setts Cellars:
fcmbraidered Handkerchiefs; Val. Collars, Ac.
Shawls and Sc&r'fs.
Handsome Stella Shawls;
Handroma Pal'm Shawls;
Handaom Cashmere Shawls;
Haodaom Grenadine Hhawl;
Handtoma Mourning Stella Shawls;
Handsom Grenadine Scarfs;
Handsome Cashmere Scarb;
Berate, In job, Scarfs.
Domestic Goods.
We hav evcrvthlnc In this tin that can b called for
English and American Print, tiheaiintrs. Domastiea. Tick.
ings, Ac.
Bell Factory Goods for Servants.
W keep constantly on hand Ihea celebrated Good for
Servants, Striped and Plain; Otnabargt, Plaid Domestic
ac, ac
Window Siiades.
W have a handsome assortment of thesa Shades for
Windows, aod the Trimming.
W would call th attention of our friends sad th trade
generally lo our stock this Spring, at unusual paint hav
been taAen In their teleetion
Bit w. a. a j. g. McClelland.
AicrtOToaia aaa dbalbb t
No. 23 Public Square,
Ready "Jox Inspection This Day.
IT1ZE8 AND STRANGERS ar most respectfully in
J vlted to calandaamlatbla beautiful Hat at tb HU
Cap and Far Emporium of A. PR ANCISOO.
no. as rubiM aqaara. '
Those Beautiful Stylet of Soft Hats
pTf, Wear aow receiving, and tak pleasnre--
1 In recommending them lo our customers.
Soma very baaatlfol NkW BTYLE8 ANDT,ti
NEW COLORS, at the Hat Emporium of
A. i. FRANCISCO, 83 Pablie Sqear.
OF every itit aad quality, to be found at the Hat Imp..
march T Fatbioaab! Batter, 88 Pablie Square.
rorx rauirs, ht;ts, ,
Fine Liquors, Cigars, Tobacco, &c.
n.7T TIarket Street, 2d door frmBrad
IT E would respectfully Inform tha sltlaea f Nash rill
V and ths trade 1b thu and the adjoinlue eoanua. that
whav rtoenliv fitted ap our abuhuot for th par.
pos of djing a Wholeaal and Retail baata, and would
retpt fully atk a ahara of public patroaaga.
W Or tier's for Candles, Fruit aad other artielw la
oar tin attended la with proaptn and dispatch.
arct. P. A f . AtLUQD.
W IIISK V. 6t bblt Dean't Aurora Whisky; '
If SO bbla Wetter1 Old Kentucky do; '
60 bbls Old bwurboa do.
In Iter and for sal by W. H. GORDON A 00,
K hav at received a freaa supply af a lapariof ar
ltd f Ireah Ai aad Lagar Beer.
CUAaLsA MILLaa m to , -frblS
aia. Cl.arry strnwt.
STJ0AE--T1 hhds Fair Prim, and Choice new Sugar
6 bbia Powdered Sugar. Ia tor aad tor sal by
aar45 W. H. ORIHiJtcri
rjHlS ewlebratad JACK wiS Maad th prtmaal Utna at
A thastabbriof J. W. CtMair. th Sraaaba aad Ca-
tutabia Turoptk rwad, hawf a asit awta af sla Hill,
Maury county. Tcoa., ad win aerv h as aao ta
la ras, payatx wbea th Saet kt asaartatawd. ar tha
property traa.frrrrd. fit j 0a w ta a ream ta asrvaaea .
Pastor g'Kd a gras aftf HU fr wt, aad
ha fed aith grata, asventy-flv etata.
, , . Deacriptiou. , . i
" Lord thIlea"l a bktott Jack, ml 18 haad 8 la.
his hj extra appaaraaw; deep ss mag rwaa i bdg.
with rreat weight; og. mraignt aac. arwaa aip, fa
arcAed tma. kS aad twattifany afcaacd rwatp; taa-. baa vv
Barter; Aaa attAs; bread Bo, wua 8a BvwaAlega.
letlitree. . j
Lord af th tslaa" waa tired by the aataaratad Bad aa.
wwaUed Imparted Jrk,OMi Kaiht bvaatV kua dam by
Jaa, Rdley' B g Blue, k graadam 0d Aaa Bayai, (wb4
by Dv.L J.Tbouia,af Maury aoaaty Teaa ) what yr.
due b ;ttl, tf But supsrior, la any ia tha Stat.
l Igi!a ear and attention Will be given ta ail Jeaaeta
seal t tva, bat w w U ai ba nabi tr Bcctdeais ar -
i pe. -
Lard ef th !! aad hit Jsaart (by sixrrisJ arraasa-
ateat) wtd b aoicr auprtatendaa af tha Frtaw af
Mca grawwra, taw . as4aa, t $.
. . taiAXiLs. hiAUXiXT m JOUXftOX.
fprlag UUi Maich l-itw ... .
Jacks Atsd Jenuetst 1'or 2ale. -
TRB adtaitd afrw fer tea Jark. teaa sf
whicaaf apward! tnm haad high, aad tittava
Jaat A!to,l&aru(bbri AaySuUuwa, Kaaaaaa
Mir year aid paat, apwara af tlx iocs baad hig bp
'mpotned Srr, daat t importae) LavtatAaa, graad
4m ky iwhauiar, dvral taareagh bred ktarwsaad
giUie by It3-artc4 bieaoM, Aavwreiga aa Mviathaa
ad ta b sa at aty piaaiAAwa ta j&aa awaaiy Tea
c. For fuJn-r i ar;tri&r a tirws tsy ageat, JHr. W.
LyaMt, Se4td trmt 2c, Taa, wtw ts ta Mwati
re. od V tv"f -Sii4 tvacli' ,..-- .
fcblAaAM.t&W w. w. woesycuc.
S have now ia store th largest and best asaortad
tock af SUpl and fancy DRY -.0003 thatwi hav
avrbfcr offered in this market, to wnien we mvit th
particular attention of city and country merchant.
a larg stock of Ready-Mads Clothing of the neatest styles,
aad of the very beat qualities. .1
818 Cat of Panaama Hats, Leghorn list. Palm Halt; Fine
Soft Far Hats; Fins fancy 3nk Bonnet ; Sjft S-raw Bon
neu; Boys', Aliases', aad In fan :' Uata, Cap, Ac
90 ease of Boots and Shoes, asaortad kinds, for Spring aad
Summer trade.
A large an I well selected line of Hard-War.
A 1 the abov Good will be told under th market price
for cash and nromot four-month' naner. Give aa a
hano at job; w charg nothing for showing yoa through
TftABL'S a LU'CLn.
T will sell this morning at the Court- he yard-gate, for
A. cash, between 11 and 18 'clock, rcva aaABc Baoaa St.
BBipaaSroc:. tmarU. E. R. GLAS0OCK,Agt
Ui a , . , 48, Colleg Street,
AS jast opened ad Htlonal anppKe 0f
Li dies' Gaiters, 8 d and Front Ltoed -"
Sapor flu Kid and French Morocco Boot .
w 2 1 H-alBlppwaamed;
" " " boots ;
M.'te and Chfldrwn' Shoe, Gaiters, aod aippara, to
whirs 1 lerpectfuUv inviu th attention of my customer
and tha public marld , JOHS RAMASE.
A li'.aBiar Eatdy of ld.whos hair hadbean gra
ClL daa'ly turning grey aine th at of IS, recoaMy dis
co re re in the deeootion ef a coa moo plans, a remedy that
hat permanently restored her hair to its former color. Bhe
will impart this invaluable cert to any peraoa aa receipt
af 15 rd postag stamps without further view af (aia other
than th aaU-ficti in of benefitting the who bar been
aimilarly anfnrtanat.
Adurass Mim Ar.be 11 Ujrse, ear af Beoj. Jam, Esq
Kew York City. mar 14 otw.
BY virtue of aevea Ft. Fa, to m directed from th Clerk
of th Criminal Court of Davidson County at it De
cember term, 1&. I will on th 11th day of April next,
expose to aai to the highest bidder for cash, at th Court
house yard gats, in Nashville, ail th right, title, claim and
interest that Parmelia Street ha in and to a certain piece,
parcel or lot of ground, lying and being In the County of Da
vidson, State ef Tennese, and City of Hashvill, fronting
37 feet on Cherry Street (east side thereof) and running
back to Crlddle Street, hounded on th north by the land of
Faony Scott and on th south by the land of Elisabeth
Rathbone.upon which lot ther is situated a two atory
house. Sale within legal hours.
J. K. EDMTJNDSO!f, Sheriff,
mil By R. II. CAuraau, Dep. Sheriff.
POTATOES; 100 bbls Whit Heshanock Potatoes,
to arrive on the stesmer Rescue
ALSO S3 Socks Pink Ev Potatoes, to arrive an the
steamer Seventy-oil
CLOVER S FED. 85 barrel Clover Seed, to ar
rive on th Seventy -Six.
mard CARTES, McKAY A CO. -
".BAJIQES. 100 boxes Oranges, InBn erderjartala
feblS On Broadway.
FKZSH CSACZZSS. Wine Crackers, Soda Cracker,
butter Crackers, water Crackers, boston Cractsrsand
Sugar Crackera made every day freth, and for aale at
feblS And Confectionery, oa Broadway
I BBLS. of th abov just received and fori! by
fcb 0 a Broadway.
lot of Sweet Masena Orange. Alto, a fin lot of
Sicily Lemon, Cocoa Nut. Soft-shell Almonds, English
Walnuts, Proans, Bra si I Nets, Filbert, Ac , to a told
cheap to salt th town or country trad. tcarcbd
A HOUSE and LOT on Summer itreet, tree from tax, 88
feet, wlih new brick house.
Two l otion Vine street, between Spring and Broad.
A Lot on Market street. South Nashville, on which Is a
eomfortnble brick dwelling.
Two Lou in fdgeSeld, fronting oa th Gallatin Tarnpik
near Caroj bell' 8tre.
On Lot on High street, North of Jffron street, .
Five Lots la MuGavock's Addition, on College street.
Two Lots in UcGavock's Addition, on Summer street,
Fortermt.applyto SAM'L CROCKETT,
fjM No. 85 College street.
$100 H.O"WaTiXc3. !
RANAWAY from Decatar Furnace, In Decatur Bounty,
Tennessee, In Jaly last, ear Negro, JOHN, foe who
recovery and puttirg in jail in this Stat w will pay 830
If taken outofth Stat and secured In Jail, w will pay
10. W purchased said boy of Jam M. MartwIL of
Nashville, Iti Mavlast. Said Soy weighs about 1W pounds,
is coal black aod heavy let, about 5 feat $ Inch high, very
bushy hair. Th only ma k recollected i th first joint off
of his right or left thumb not positive which. He talks real
African language, and teems a little toa rustled.
feblS Clifton Pot-olhce. Wayn cnantv, Tnn.
S30 XLo-WdrtrcX.
FOR THE TilEF that brok th lock from my atabl.
con on Wednesday night, ISth lost , and siola beau
tiful turned BAY HORSE, or I year ohl; black main and
tail; no whit recollected; about 15 band high; en eye
having rather a milky appearance, caated from short torn
IS months tine. Us it a doe harness horse, ithr doable
or single. For any information, ar the return ol th hor,
I will pay liberally. GEO. C. CANTRELL.
Ne.-hTllle.reb ' '
J WILL tell my RESIDENCE and about thirty acre of
GROUND, situated in th beautiful village of Edgefield,
on mil from tb city of Nashvilla, and fronting on lb
Gallatin Pi. Fatherland and Hobsoa streets. It is prob
ably on f th most beautiful places In Davidson eoaaty,
and would maka a very desirable residence for a gentleman
of fortune. It t alto well tituated to cut ap Into buUdiag
lota, having about tlx thousand feet of fronts. All object
in telling is to build upon a less vsloabl portion ol my
lane. Vary favorable terms will bs given both as to prio
and time. N. HOBSON.
frb19 Imdatriw aa .
IN eontequene of want of ateek during th winter months
and accident to machinery, by fir, at on of our prin
cipal Cotton Factories, ther is only one tenth Cotton-Cord
enough mad to supply th order wbk-h I receive for th
article. 1 am doing th best I eaa to supply my customers.
In fllllnr s part of the order as they com. In turn; aad pub
lish thlp by way of explanation to thou wbo hav favored
ma with their order. 8. af BARRETT,
Wood-Ware aad Cordag Dealer,
marchS lm Cincinnati, 0.
llagnolia Gardens.
CHAS. WILIER A CO. bava opened th tbov Gardens,
west of th Fraakiia Tarnpik, near th City Hospital,
where refreshment may b obtained. marebd
Hoarding House. -
THE anderslgned keep a Boarding Hon aa Cedar
treat, nit to th Verandah Haul, whrbis ready,
at all tim, to acrammodat trtntient ar pwraaaeat
Boadert at fair rates. Hit tablet always prcvidsAwlth
th ae.tth market afford.
-Marble Hanufactiirer,
Corner of Broad and Summer SU.t
OCLD Inform tha peoril of Kaahrlll aad th sar
roundtns country, that b ha recently tmpraved aad
greatly anlarged hi Marbla-Yard, and la now prepared to
fill all enter ha th Marbl lm at th shortest aoue aad
a tat mast fa verabl terms tor CAta H wowid sali parlta.
n ar atteatioa ta hisweil selected stock of Moaamaau, klaa-llc-Pvree,
Figure, Statuary, reuntaisa, Baptatmai Fettata,
turn. Vase, tomb, Ac, many of which ar of th purwM
Italian atarbl, and from tha chisel of th beat Earepeaa
mastars. Hit arrangemeatsare nowcompleU for furnihlog
ailktadt of Marbl, tithar of hia aw a atanaiaetar ar las.
ported.- He baa a haad aiarr auaalUy ol Italita alarala,
a th roagb ttate, wblrh he w ill nil vary low. Heat Far.
Biturs ia Agyptiaa Marbl of th beat quality aaa ba had al
hia yard. lit Oattert himself that be aa bow trv th pub.
lie oa at accommodating term as iy similar stabllshmaal
ia th Wast. A taart f pubh patranag ia aaUcttad.
ao8 twawly
MAScrAcrrma oi'
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Wares,
JTo.10 Broad St., and 94 Suit XAikstst.,
All bw receiving an ef th targe!
aad most dctirabi lota of Stevu aad
Grate of all kirdt aad pattern thai ha
SVar been brought to th markat.
Wholesale and lletall.
Abe AU kinue of COP. AA AND SHIiT 1E0N W0XK
for all kut f Mac! inary uca aa, gfasabaata, RXIiag
at ilia. Furnace, Foaodari, Facton, Aaiireaoa, Stul aad
DwuiJsry Works, Ac A.
. treawralAr aod Auda Fo-ant mad and repaired aath.
hortest aatiow. As ti.y do not iataad to b ssdertwid by
Bay, aU would d well t giv them a aa.1 betor parekassng
u a tMts ia wora is uiata, aad aaa ait
A Hare Chance
ANTED. A roBuh aad atsrprlslag man, V
hMasa al Natkvii!, Teaa a Geaeral Aveat af a
targBaaacrtptea Beta raalishing Haas la Pwia4wri.bia.
t aa who aaa fur a Uh a caahaptal t tra ta AjO,
this k a rar Cbaacs W make mauce. tar oartiealara. aa-
rrasktea 4S,rsi-JLc, fk tlstitel r Utat, tU
wajk;saTci camp, ki . juxics x. cf a.
MEETS wrslarrytrveryTHCMDAT KVElCINd. ta tt.
tAArd stary af tae Cart hew, Cetwmkia, Tea.
Tins asaaiHa is oa aieaiateo' ia itmitl tea tba ywuaa
titid vset Uti t Ameneaa krweawat, aad ta prwpar a
yrwetattwa af Apah&ta tt tuack) laci.aiiaa
" - r-at.rH,
W. th BBdereirtMrd, fire bora ywetha af Asaartea. i.
sera sMttti a lve aaa maio'Aia tbeprtsiipla that -li:i--ai
powvr r.;l bcuSaed tilaly th aaaw
f esf.t.o kybirtk, d ber'hf mate formal xp!uwt.iti
WmsiiwM Cab, . !, ef rh pstriuu oriar td tb
lift, a ra a Ae' or Tesse., i , rwaSe4 aad
taraUed a a r.-a'ar tam? f th Urier.
BAaas. B. occrtrtt-s. - awttawew.
. Aiiraat.' , , , J011S M. KILON, F. P..
h.i iif-L juaau.a. TsasL.
. Jttara . lUu, M. s. . ... . .
-" t ; ; A . : i , - '
Aatvricae i-rt thout Ul It,w:!l tiwna
Busy atd aotac u attus. aad SUrwist ajie af thtr aw
f cta ta. Dtioa, -
Itiaaat. Teaa . Mtrt ia. - '
'411 BtUlA9araadfofib .
Ar well known and aagsrly aooght for throaghowt th
whole Oonttnantaf America.
Never Before their introduction could-any aeriaa
of popular remedies b found that were equal to any emer
gency, that wer always to b relied an, and wore within
reach of tha poorest persons 1
Newer Before tha Grsafenburg Pll!a, could you ob
talo for So a certain remedy tor Billions Disease, Liver
Complaints, Dyspepsia, Cosliveneaa and Atthma.
"Tr Bf wrsj thl Fever and Agu remedy, !
anything b found that eared all easel of Chills and Frvat
lor ooe.
Never Befwre th Green Blountain Oinlmn was
ttier to foand, for tee, any immdite ear for I tru,
Bruises, Cuts, old Sor, krysiphelas. and lnHama attoja.
either external or internal.
Tterer Befwre Tlatrelaaira I'terlaie C
thelicwn was Failing of th Womb, and othrr rjterintj
di tease found to be curable. Now,tencajeoulof tweUe
ar cured by thia taed cin.
P? If any physician sappwes that thl I meraly
quack remedy, w would reply, that it is prepared by Dr.
Pomeroy, of Utira, a wealthy and old physician a f th Al
opsthic school that w will furnish any repuubM phyti
dan any quantity of It gratuitously to test iti merits ahitr
patients; and furthermore, by writing to Dr. Pomeroy, he
can be furnished with ia oompenent part. Iti the great
et bleating to th female sex that th scletce of mcttcin
has discovered ia a century.
Newer Befwre tha Gimfenbnrg Iventery Syrup
waa ther a certain remedy for Bloody Flux, Bysentery,
Diarrhoea nr CboIr-"-now, all can be cured in a lew hoar.
Never Before th introduction of ths Children'
Panacea, eon Id a mother fed th life of her bab safe for a
day, while ander flv year f are. Youthful disease aod
strong saediaia carried theta off now, this medicine cure
them, va after ih doctor and aurshav pronounced
their eases hopeies. Prio aly SO.
Never Before was ary Tonic Bittar to popular a
th Health Bitters taat eost x5c Why af ouM th world
suffer from Dyspepsia ar Billions diss, while this simple
msdioio can, at all time, prevent nf ,
Newer Before was any preparation of Sarsaparffia
ao powerful a that compounded by th Gi afcuberg Co.
Never Before has tha Consumptive's Balm found tta
equal. Uow many ar ther aow ia lit and health, wba
would, cr thla, hav entered Death's dark portal, if they
bad not beea recommended ta us till in preference to
many nostra ms that ar toadly vaanted T
Newer tswfwro war Pilaaand hundred disease cer
tain of euro. We hav certificates of person entirely re
lieved, after Dr. Molt and other great physician had as
serted that aotatng but th kmfe owld afford relief
Never Beforaeouid iadamed ys and waknof
tight be cured lor twenty-fir cants. Th Ky Ltioa
doe iL
Never Before waa any Book published that contain
as much madical koowladg a th Graefeoberg Manaal ef
Health, for fweaty-Av otata. It ought ta b in avry family
in th land. -
IVever Before haa aay Almanac been pabluhcdso
valuable a th Ileal ta Almanac. It is furnish) gratait
aoaly by all Drugguu.and by
Nashville, Town.
Entire Sett and CM Stoct fr
And a full Stock af
Gcntlemens' Famishing Goods.
HAVING purr hated oar Good ander th asrwt favorable
circumstance, w will offer great lndurmats la cash
or punctual time dealers, and toiieit from th trad aa ex
amination of owrtlock be for purchasing iewber. Wa
would call spatial attention to th astwrtmcnt of llotha,
Caasimerat aod VMtings, which w will mak np to order
in th latest style and warranted to fit or ao tale. W
also call yur attention t ear stock of Ready-mad Cloth
iog, manufactured expressly for ear trade, which w are
determined lo MS at the lowest price, aod thereby merit
your patroaaga. W wilt tsk pleasure in showing oar
goods and proving aar assertions as to prio., quality, Ac
We keep every thing asaally kept In Gentlemen' Famish
ing Storea , and e will have, in a few days, a t'ork of Boyt'
Clothing. ROY? It A ELVEliSON,
No. 80 Pablie Square, tooth did.
WANTED A few good Journeyman non bat good enaa
seed apply . fcbd 8m R. A E.
(Formerly aUngslaad A Caddy J
Broadway Foundry,.
Boiler and Sheet Iron Work;
And Iron and Uras Work
f vry daseriptiosv.
fj Pattern Litta and any inforaaiioa requirad, fotv
nithed by writing lo th abov firm.
fetS dUr-5m
ants tf.
THIS KILN will bara four hundred tathela of Lima
Moo (which. If good stona, la equal t oa thousand
buthclaof slacked lime) ia twenty four hours, with toar
cords of wood, and is arptual In IU operation, th lima
bing drawn nc in threw to six hoars, from th base, and
replenished at tha top of It cupola. . Thl It bat th or
dinary vry day capacity f the Kiln, at baa been abund
antly demonatrated by that already in operation. II
also make maea better Urn tbaa that burned In th r
dinary way, all Ute stone being perfectly burned.
Aay number of reliable caruncatc lo lb capacity of
th Kiln, and aay other Information la rlrrc lo it,
will b lurnishd, a applicatioa by letter cr otherwise, to
th subscriber, wb I agent for tba sale of right aad pas
Una ap Ellas in tha Stat af Tane.
MeMlnavill. Jan. 88, 1UT.
JaniW dWws
ALL who wish ta avail themtervaa of Mr.
DOLBEAR a inttracuoni ia WrUlagsheaid
do so without delay, as Mr D.' (My In tb Hy
tt BUt UmitWU. AUUSW wnw vim . - ww
permanent advantagaef his InttrwaUoa shaald Inquire af
I . 1 .. . aiu la tKIa n t.A. -
lao wnem a j - - . ...... r.wn.
Parents, laadiea and Gentlemen
Ar invttad to sail aad examine tha rapid Improvement af
tbos who art now receiving fotawaa.
la a few loatona War a te writ with and alagaaoa.
No whera do La .lie fee! th want of facility la writing mora
than whan atarrtag or ether ait separata tsmtUaa,
that tha only aneana of latarcoarta Is aa papw Tb waat
of thia ttaUty oltaa eauta tamili ta beoom attranr4
tram each othvr, becaus a stiff, cramped band rsndert that
an intolerable task, which wold thewi b a pleasar.
Tha following laatarks of th Hon. T. H. Uatrrcw are vary
.ppropriat. : p.,,,, ClTTi JaM 1S4A.
Sib: Considering a good band-wriung t ao aady aa
araomplishm, but a mean wf taecM ta vry man a
CSRd in baainaas, 1 greaUy applaad yoar BMritorloa awr
Uoua t lmp-v th chirography of th g- A gmttamaa
ar a lady ithr wh wilt badly, avr writ wiUingty;
and eoBarqawntly fail arua t erit wba they tbaa!; aa
whan tney d am, II kt doaa at lh last momant, whh
baste aad impatfoaaa, and eooaMiuently with fault af ad
kind,fta aotnmilliog and lojcrins both th writer aad)
ih eaoa whiebb advocate. WUhiag yoa vryasstta
la ycarlaodabi aadertaklngs, 1 rtms'a yar,iwtpe-tflly
... TUOa. H. BENTON.
Ar Invited to centra! Ik y facility af ehl drea 8 ar S
yrt of age, anr a few ttasoos from Mr. D., with tb tUt,
arampad tyi a thoa twice their age, waa have bn 8 ar
8 yara ktaramg la th aotnatoa mctawd, aad tha Judg
which ia ta cheap, aad baa BMtaod.
Should begin writing al aa early g Th aa and frw
dem aaqatrod from Mr. D.s kMiracuoa ar nevse isat, aa
ea rt sonlntrt fnrm atr-j familte la thw piaoa a have
Wh write aa iaforiov sty I taa hardly xpel u gt the aesl
AndprorsionIgBtlema r aftea four hotjraln dolaf
what facility ! wnuag would oabU th t do ba on.
- WrfUng Safoaalta.43 CMON 8IRAAT, avar Weawal
Tlte 11 A. kt 8 14 P.M., and I taf at aight.
IrbSri . . ,
ix stobz as tob sixx.
SACKS af aitra hailed BUCK WHEAT FLOCK,
at ttlilCK A MEAlVa,
tf II Sooth follegw a.
vnisiirmvniCAbs; :
BOXES WINDOW OLASS, euperior tjsallty, all
akawf varvtaa trm 8 by IS t ii by .. it rw
elvdaa4svalby KERNAAt A RAlMs.
WHITE riII.- 10 bbl. White Fish, Jutre.iv
aadteraaiaby. - fobto D. P. D1CK-T.
RAILnO AD 8CnAPEUSJat reIvd aad for
aai by Ihbasj D. U. DICKEY.
RA1LIIOAD 9PIK.ES jaatroewtved aad ter tale
by; ItebisJ D. D. HCKEY
PITTrBt' It 1 t-O 8) jast reid and for tale
by lfc.a) D- P- D1CK8T.
mi. I.! AND enow BAH T!14
and to Mkt by
CH)PsVEH UOr'AO.(8ia
a aaa toe tai by
J and lev aai by
l D. DfCKkF.
Wl .t t V A18ittrtjeM4andforalbf
)bH) - D. D :ICKT. .
IIEE1. BAUHOWfcJaat relved and ht sate
By , MBASi . D. D. Lit KEY.
t jib. a vog twtttj
- - -
TAKER aad CAbl JET MAKAA-brtrt
tear ta taforta kta Irmii -.! ta $. toertwy.
ha ha s4 hi dheo aad t--Ifia r4a ta caa A eaas
aaa taUl stand, DwsytorM atrwo. lASy oefd by J. BT.
siuOutatM, where a m wrevarod ta suaith 0maa l avary
deaartptioa, Wavtir wua gawd stars, black and every
thiag lias ttrj toe to aetata. H '! g'V hts pataaai a
tcioi ta ait itwa y trSai. '
Furaitare af aii kiM wpairwd " to r i-r la tha
bast syv. toast JJU.s a. Utlll.
il i T3 ia 25 CE2A5 IT1I2T.
Adjeiaing tS Past 03U , Ir fur Cash bit Stack af
.Winter and earlFSjirlnsCJoodA
At a amatt advsea a aott wt. la tUt t mak raeaa
.... - . j . . . fa a atees af -
rViUlMUlti CiOODSt
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