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5"w. '
8iniE, CASIP & CO.. Proprietor!.
"JS. HT. Siirni and IRA P. JOJTES, Editor.
Ofllew w. i, j , , , , Deaaerlek Street.
EOBEET HATTOIff, of Wilson.
I. K. ZOLLICOJTER, of Davidsoa.
IIEXlaV IttATVEV, of Davldion.
Tennessee Items.
The "American Stttetmin," formerly pnblifhed
at Dandridge, bat beeo removed to Morristown. In
it issue of Friday last, the Stuteeman baa some
thing to taj relative to the progress of ita new home.
It says Morristown traa iucorporated io 1855, since
which lime its march has been rapidly onward. Its
population now exceeds five hundred. It is imme
diately on the Hoe of the East Tennessee and Vir
ginia Railroad, and is made the point of the Cincin
nati, Cumberland Gap, and Charleston Railroad, a
portion of which baa already been graded and is
now under auspicious movement. The site of the
Tillage is an elevated one, and commands a fine
Tlew of the surrounding country. We doubt not,
ia a lew years it will be a large town.
A corn spondent of the Mary ville Eatt Tennee
an sjs Mr. Frederick Shields, of Cade's Cove,
Blount county, killed a paothar on the 1 2th of June,
whicn measured 8 feet 6 inches from the tip of Ms
nose to the end of his tail. The panther had kill
ed and carried off a young colt about two months
oi l, and Mr. Shields followed him with a dog, and
drove him up a tree. The writer adds:
SbitlJs drew upon the animal, the outlines of
whirb be could discover between him and the stars
and wounded him in the shoulder. The panther
immediately fell to the ground, and attempted to
make bis ess pe, but the dog engaged bim in the
branch, and a severe fight endued. Shields fearing
for the safety of hi dog rushed into the thicket,
and dealt pome several blows upon the panther with
bis gun, but finding he could not effect much that
way, drew his bunting knife, and koe ling over toe
animal, so as to not strike the dog, aimed a deadly
blow at the heart of the panther, when the end of
bis thumb, which was resting on the end of the
knife hilt, was cau?ht by a limb, which caused the
knife, when it struck the panther, to s ip through
and badly wound bis right hand. The knife having
dropped from his hat.d by the side of the panther,
Shields, kneeling over the ai.imal, gathered the
knife and by several well-directed thrusts soon caus
ed the panther to release the dos from his huge
jws, aud give up the ghost. A mor da.ing act
is seldom recorded. Alt. r having dispatched the
panther. Shields looked after the colt, and found
that the pamher had made sn incision near the
herr, and had taken the heart from tht coir, and
wallowed it entire without Uscerating in the least,
as was discovered upon opening the panther.
CgThe Fort Yuma and El Paso wagon road
expedition started from here yesterday, crossing
tb ferry to Arkansas. They will prored to Lit
tle Rock, and there join the party collected there
and from thence procceed on their journey A
great number of young men from thin places have
joined ihe expedition. Memphis Eagle and En
quirer, June 28.
Prizes in niik Citt Schools. We learn that
the following boys won pnz-s in the Senior City
School, under cbarg- of Mr. Pain, during the echo
lastiu ti mi just expired : T. B Tree -vant. E. Hous
ton M. B. Trezevant, C. Houston, P. Lilly and E.
Tbee prizes these little testimonials of cholar
sbip and good conduct should be highly prised by
the boy: and they should ircite thtm and their
chss-mates to nobler tffirt still, during the coming
year. We bear, from all quarters, that they rich
ly merited what they won. 76.
A new mail route bas been established from Leb
anon to this place to commence the first of July,
&ft-S-Ai ifMCe7 Contractor. The trips sre to be
Semi-weekly, leaving Lebanon on Mondays snd
Fridays at 6 o'clock, A. M. and arriving at Cooke
ille at 8 o'clock, P. M. on the same days. And
leaving Cookevilleon Tuesdays and Saturday at 6
o'clock, A. M. and arriving at Lebanon at 8 o'clock,
P. M. on the same days. This is the very route
we need iu this country; it brings us in direct com
munication with Na-lijie. It is to be a two-horse
coach route. Cookville Time.
Tin Sctix.(N Flkct of thi Black Sia. Six
teen of the Russian vessels that were sunk duing
the war io the Black Sea, between Sebastopol,
NicolaieCT and Odessa, have been raised. The
steamers Pruth, Labs, Reni, Danube and Chersonese
have been refitted, and are again in service. There
were eighty-seven vessels, in all, sunk; and those
that have been recovered bave been raised by the
Russians under the direction of their engineers and
D ival officers. The American company with which
the Government has contracted for the raising of
the vessels sunk at the mouth of the harbor by
Prince Menscbikoff at the commencement of the
iee, are expected to comraeuce operations soon.
!3r7 Dr. Bellows has won more fame as a
preacher in behalf of the stage, and the advocate of
actors and actresses, than as a supporter of Fremont
aoJ BUrk Republicanism. Since bis celebrated
ermon on theatricals, the members of the profes
sion have clubbed together and obtained a fine bust
Of their champion, which is on exhibition in New
York. So the actors and actresses of the Metro
polis may now fairly be said to have busted their
The Cast ass tor CoNOki'a m Tt!xii.Tha
following is a liit of the candidates for Congress in
the different districts in this State:
1 lion. N. G. Taylor,
2 Iloraee Maynard,
3 Col. Wm. HeUkell,
4 Gen. J. G. Pickett,
S lion. C R-adv,
6 No Opposition,
7 No Opposition,
8 F. K. Zllicoffor,
9 Uoft. E. EiheriJe,
10 W. U Stephens,
( A. G. Watklns,
( A. G. firiham,
W. W. Wallace.
Hon. S. A. Smith,
Col. J. Savage,
Col. J. C. Guild,
Hon. O. W.Jones,
Hon J. V. Wright,
W. M Queries,
Geo. J. D. 0. Atkins,
W. T. Avery.
Col. C. C. Crowe, of Pulaski, Tenn., who Is at
present on a visit to South Alabama, has accepted
an invitation to deliver an address at Newbcro,
Greene county, on Ihe 4th of July.
fgT" A letter from Troy, New York, says tba
New York Times, gives intelligence that General
Joit L Wool is dangerously ill of iofl.mraation of
tba lungs.
"It I" (says Hood) "a stern and startling thing
to think bow often mortality stands on the brink of
iu grave without any mi-jiving", and yet in tUs
slipping world of strife, io the stir of human basils
so rife, there sre d uly sound to tell us that Ufa is
djiog and death is living!"
A butuorous old man Ml in with ao Ignorant and
rather iutpertiutB, jong tuiuiater, who proceeded
to lufroui the gcuUetna in rather poiiie tcrsis,
that ha would never reach heaven unless ha was
bora again, aad added, "I bav experienced that
cUaoge, and now fstl no anxiety." "And bave
you boat, born again?'' said bis companion. Yes,
I trust I fcave." Well," said the olj gentleman,"
bleu Tery attentively, 'I ahoulJu'l think it
woUJ butt yoa to be born once mors.
An Irishman, who bad bra roilacad to a mere
shadow by a avre illaeaa, was asked by tbie phy
sician what he thought of a future state. Ab.
dojihor," was the answer, WU makes no difference;
js aiu'i left enough of ni for ta devil to baiur
l.z, no boP
ftf Ilsvayou got a uteif T.'ieo bwaodeUer
Isb bet wat a holy frtsudbip. Exchange.
U y oa bsvu'i got any akur of your own, take
so m aiU't feller's siater, and k-r tkrr. Ti ff. et
is jail u gvJ, Aad Smu.suuc txiicr. AaaiLer
LY I, 1S57
Tn,!r t.K hAA -r5 -eK-77 rtsf 1
American of yesterday, makes & quotation
from a speech made bj Hon. John Bell in
1848, in which he said "Distribution had
ceased to be a qnestion;" and, connecting it
with a Tote in 1850, in the Senate, against a
proposition to renew the distribution act of
1841, attempts to create the impression that
the distribution bill introduced by him into
the Senate last winter, was a mere decoy to
divert the attention of the people in tiie pres
ent canvass in Tennessee from other issue?.
Let ns look into this matter. In 1843, Mr.
Bell might have been justified in the declara
tion that "distribution has ceased to be a
question." Other questions of greater impor
tance, growing ont of the acquisition of terri
tory from Mexico, were looming np before the
people, portending bitter sectional strife. At
such a time as that, it was the part of wis
dom and sound policy to permit such ques
tions as that of distribution, which could be
revived again at a more favorable moment, to
be laid aside. It was i 112 politic to continue to
divide the people opon that issue, when the
question of the rights of the Sooth in the
newly organized territories, was about to be
presented; and the settlement of which bade
fair to involve the Union itself. In 1850,
when Mr. Bell voted against the proposition
referred to, there was no probability that it
would become a law. There was a majority
in Congress opposed to it. Besides Mr. Bell
had proposed to amend the bi'l to which it
was sought to attach the distribution feature,
(the bill granting lands to Illinois to construct
the Central Railroad,) with a view to secure a
portion of the lands for the construction of
the Mobile and Oiiio Railroad through the
State of Tennessee. It is true, a stated by
the Union and American, that this proposition
of Mr. Bell failed. But it is probable our
neighbor does not know the reason why it
failed. Tie reason was this: Mr. Douglas
and other friends of the bill privately ap
proached Mr. Bell and requested him not to
push his proposition, urging as a reason that
the bill as construed by them, and as it was
intended to be construed, already provided
for what he desired and that if it passed, a
portion of the grant would be assigned to the
construction of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad
through Tennessee. Thus assured by the
author of the bill, Mr. Douglas, and by others,
Mr. King, of Alabama, amongst them, Mr.
Bell did not press his amendment as he would
have done. To secure the pas-age of the bill,
and aid in the construction of an important
road through his own State, he deemed it
proper also to vote agsinst the proposition of
Mr. Dayton to attach an amendment re-enact-iug
the distribution act of 1841. Ia doing
this Mr. Bell did not oppose distribution.
Had distribution come up as a separate, dis
tinct proposition, who can doubt that he
would have supported it warmly although as
sured of its defeat?
The charge that Mr. Bell's bill of last winter
was conceived in a spirit of deception, is un
warranted by troth. It may be that Mr. Bell
did not expect it to become a law that he did
not have confidence enough in the sense of jus
tice of the democratio majority in the Senate
to believe that they v ould support it, and thus
manifest a desire to place all the States upon a
fair and equal footing. That was not Mr. Bell's
fiialt. Neither should the certainty of defeat
have deterred him from doing bis duty. The
States should be placed upon an equality in the
enjoyment of the benefits of land grants. If
obstacles are in the way, that is no reason why
measures having this object in view should not
be proposed and pressed. If snch a spirit had
governed the American people, the world
would never have seen the glorious spectacle
of a great republio on this continent. We
should have still remained slaves to the tyr
anny of Great Britain. If the democracy
stand in the way of the success of the great
measure of justice, now supported by the Amer
can party, let the contest go on until the obsta
cle is removed. Let no one falter who desires
its success, but labor, and continue to labor
until the end is attained. This is the spirit
which fbould govern freemen. It is the spirit
which never fails when pursued vigorously,
with fortitude and courage.
f3?The Communication from "A Demo
chat," which we publish this morning, was
written by a gentleman who has borne a con
spicious part in the contests in this State be
tween his party and the .vbii;, as well as
the American party. We don't like his no
tions about Americanism, as inferentially
drawn from his remarks, but he pleads the
cause of individual independence too well to
be denied a place in the Patuiot.
Letters received yesterday from M innesota bring
reports of a Bl ick Republican triumph inthatStaie.
Waehington "Stutn," June 2btu
The election in Minnesota was for delegates
to a convention to forma State Constitution.
The Black Republicans triumphed. Why t
Because the Germans there, as we are inform-
e l by the New York Expres voted with them;
Germans, who, together with other aliens
were authorized to vote by the bill which
passed the last Congress, by the Totes of
Northern democrats and Black Republicans
agaiost the remoustrances cf such Southern
men as Butler, Bayard, Brown, Clay, Rusk,
Mason and others. And now, we are to see
lb fall effect of this alien suffrage ia the for
mation of a Black. Republican constitution for
Miuoexota. Remember, voter of Toaa,
that alien suffrage is one of the doctrine de
fended by Gen. Harris, the dtmocralio candi
date for GoTernor.
Democratic Dark Lantern Circular.
Tbe Democracy have been in the habit of hold
ing np the former secret machinery of the Ameri
cana aa aomethiug very obj ctiooable; in fact as
dangerous to the liberties of tbe people. It appears
tbst these self-righteous rebukers of sin these
preachers egaioet the iniquity of secrecy have
themsolvvs beo guilty of the practices tbey con
demn, and will no doubt continue to practice them
during this presidential cauvarn. The Whig party
wondered ho it was that their candidate lor Gov
ernor, Nsax S. Baowii, was defeated in 1849, so
unexpectedly. The old fnends of tba Ex-Goveroor
wi;l not be astonished when tbey learo now, for the
firt time, tbe s-crrl machinery employed to cat
bim down. The weepoa that diJ the dead, was all
powerful, wielded by secret democratio conopira
ioa, known only to a few leaders, who worked tbe
wires. The facts are awl forth in the following ar
ticle from tba Knox villa CBpI$er, and the cir
cular appended
The followioK Is a copy, txrbatii tt ttleratim, of
a circular Uaaed by tba Ccniral Democratic Corn
mtttee of lone coaity, joat previoue to tba tlc
Uoa of Gov. Trowadal. fbie circuUr was sent to
evert citil dUtrictin tnsieouatv; mi J iii.urt
went fortA from 4nrrj cvnm'y t tie tutt nj rre
ry etrtt ditirvet. "lby era now arraiiug a in r
Ci ciout KKaui4lka at Nabtlte, aud til pitch io
tbia summer wuboot any scruj 1 at a!U fjy We
eat! atuusion to tbe 4th eeetios, which present a
piaa ol ecrCT more itU than tba oath-bound 00
ligaiioi'S of ktuow Notbibgiatn. Democrats wrs
not to be trusted who did bot tmloog to tbeir Secret
Uoa, and all wrr bet allowed to join. The
ti-O Noiiiifct let ail 0, and COtiBdcd to tUcot thair
StCfcU. A aest pack 10 t Ik about errtt tscie-
t- t Wonticr if sbf of Ccbtrai CouxJuiu.
" osriDzsTiAfc cacti.
'Tie n
eoii'.i, va
O. V,; Jo:
mueri-.w Ce"tri Concuitws cf Eo'
" T yped of ii-lff L"5t, Suv-r.;sr.,
j.'n, v.;;:i &. c'rr.tcr,i;:br;?--s g.s;: v
a-' f.,: ;. ;. Ditican, have ppoifVr i a civ u cs -trie!
comtnUte fur the 2d" civil district of RimuS""
county,J comprising John FinV, ehitmasn, W. H.
Karimore, Samuel Ilotcliki-'s, Sanford Ingram, snd
W. H. Baker, and tbey hope you, as chairman of
said committee, will avail yourself of the earliest op
portunity to notify them of their appointments. We
bsnd yoa the plan cf organization proposed, wticb
we trust snd believe you will iriort xealously carry
into execution ; and as the party organisation dn
rinz two last el.vuions existed more in name than
in fact, while that of our opponents was of the most
perfect and systematic character. Tbe committee
confidently believe that in tbe selection thy have
made in your district, they hsve sppointed working
men, anil thoe who feel a lively Interest in the suc
cess of our glorious principles. We hope you will
proceed immediately to your work, resolved to com
mence snd contioue the fiht with a determination
that knows no defeat, and a ral worthy the cause
we advocate. "
One subject we wish particularly to call your at
tention to. and that is the circulation of documents.
The proprietor of tbe Nashville Union is again pub
lishing ris campaign paper, and you must avail
yourselves of it as a means of effecting good in your
district, of which you should bave at least twenty
copies. But without further comment, we submit
to you the plan of organization adopted by tbe com
mittee. 1st. To make out, forthwith, and forward to the
Central Committee, three alphabetical lists one of
decided whifjs, one of decided democrats, and one
of the doubtful, of which you will retain a copy.
2. Tht you report all changes, every two weeks
to tbe central committee, which may take place in
your district.
3d. That you have regular meetings ia your dis
trict, in order to interchange opinions, end receive
information from each other, ia order to enable you
to give the most correct report to the central com
mittee. 4th. That you keep the fact that there is ir
organization, rigidly SECRET from ALL, even
democrats, save those ONLY who are engaged in
the organization 1 1
5th. All the time operate, and cause all calcula
ted to do so, on tbe doubtful.
6th. If at a loss for documents or arguments to
operate on the doubtful, apply to tbe central com
mitter for aid and advice.
7th. The laft three days before the election, see
every man in the district, who votes the democrat
ic ticket, get his promise to go to his own precinct
and po early, and alio make arrangements to con
vey tbe Kick and infirm.
8th. To atttxid early yourselves, and not be judg
es or clerks; get all our votes in as fast as tbey
come upon the ground, and secure, if possible, tbe
near an Old Line Democrat
For the Patriot.
The "Union and American of the 6th June
has an article entitled "A few words with nnself
ish Democrats," from which we make the follow
ing extract:
"This is not a time to adhere to individual prefer
ences at all hazards nor a time to gratily personal
dislikes, arising from real or supposed injuries.
The man who will presibt in forcing such things
into thi canvas?, U, in ff-ct, warring upon tie
Democratic parti, and falsifies bis own profession
of devotion to principles. Let no such man be
We sincerely hope there are none such, snd
that, seeing the danger that environs us, there will
be a determination among our friends every where
to at least bury their grievances for tbe present,
and labor for a complete and thorough victory of
the Democratic party in the spproaching election.
Those who do this will show themselves attached
to principle and deserving of their party; whilst
those who pursue an opposite coursn will not only
forfeit such respect, but satisfy the world that
Know Nothi.-igiUm has not completed its mission
until they are enlisted in its ranks, and that the
eooner tiey go the better."
According to the Union and American any man
who has a party nomination, and calls himself a De
mocrat, must be supported. No "personal dis
lixes ari.-ing from real or supposed injuries," will
furnish a valid excuse for withholding Democratic
support. If a contemptible miscreant should, by
fraud or otherwise, get a nomination, he must be
supported, or those asho withhold it are to be
denounced as "unworthy of trust."
Let this position be tested by common sense.
A voter may personally dislike a candidate calling
hiiusell a Democrat, for various reasons. He may
be a drunkard, a liarV a blackguard, a traitor to his
party, or a knave. For any one of these causes,
an honest, unsophisticated Democrat might think
it proper to withhold his support. If be, howev
er, presumes to do so he is denounced as "un
worthy of trust," the confidence of bis party ia to
be withdrawn, and he is to be driven into the ranks
of Know Nothingism. We do not put an extreme
case. The worst men of society sometimes get
party nominations. But this doctrine would drive
us into the support of the corniuee, although we
might know him to be a proper tenant for a cell
ia the penitentiary. I am a democrat by birth,
education and practice; I will continue such, but
this is a sublimation of democracy which I cannot
We made a fierce war upon the American par
ty because we charged tbey took an obligation to
support none but second degree members of tbe
order, Rni to comply witb tbe will of tbe majority.
For a violation of this obligation, members were
to be expelled snd posted as triitors, and de
nounced as unworthy of trust and confidence. Tbis
was the charge. Tbe editor of the Union and Amer
ican should observe, that be denounces tbe same
penalties, io almost tbe same language, upon de
mocrats who refuse to bow to tbe dictation of party
intriguers, and to support the nominee. For re
fusing to support a villain who, by fraud, may get
a nomination, sn honest democrat U poned aa no
worthy of trust, the confidence of his party is
withdrawn, and be is to be driven from its ranka.
We sre to pay no sort of regard to talents, morali
ty, decency, or worth in tha candidate, but, if be
is culled a democrat and if running as tbe can
didate of bis party, be roust ba supported.
Tbis monstrous doctriue levels all distinction be
tween an honest man and a knave. We mast do
looger enquire, whether the candidate ia an
honest, virtuous, upright man. But the question
is, whether be has tbe party nomination. To be
talking of morality or deceocy, or integrity, ia a
sort of prudish aotiquariauUm not to be tolerated
by these sell-created leaders of democracy. This
position cf tbe "laia d American eetkj to
force oa to resign oar right of thought iato tbe
keeping of et u political tricksters. If a pUiu
democrat gets it into bis bead that bim faiber
bled kr tbe right in matters of government, to
think and act for Liaise If, he is to be bauLhed
Irom bis prty aad ported aa untrustworthy. A
hungry pack of professional ofSca-seektag trick
sters are biased upon bim, and be la to be yelled
out of the party. The claiming of the right of
thought is a piece of stubbornness sot to be en
dured. Wa say to the Union and American, yoa do tie
same thing for which you abase Enow Nothing,
lisve a care, sir, that yoa do not "satisfy the world
that Know Noti.iogism baa not couipieird iu ait
sioa mud joa are enlisted ia iu ranks, and tbe
sooner you go tbe better."
Sentberu Pacific liallrstad.
It la gratify ins: o observe the interest which t1 Is
great aoderiakiog is every wher awakecisg.
Throughout tbia&ata, kli-st-eippt, Teeaeee, t,d
even in k3taouri. tnere (a but one voice and thit ia
iu favor of it. Io Texas itself, where at first there
was some coiduese, oaicg court ly to a miaappre
beuaioa io regard to th tatare oV the enterprise
exiling, now that it ii becoming andtrstood, aad
its futura resnl.a to tbe yooog aunt State properly
pprtciaied, tbe p opl and press are suiting to
urge it forward, that tna whofa vail-y of tbe at i
iarippl will be benefitted by tba contraction of
tbis rwtt Bauouat tig)wsy twthe Pacific thera e.a
l no quratioc ; and tbat coaaeqa.-nUy ail tbe tow; a
and cities within the radius cf tie center will Ueiim
mproit) U-JUoc ierqtlly ctiieit. iieoce, U
ia natural that tbey sbouid feel a rm lciei la
iu favor. It most be maa.fest to cur own cii t na
however that iu tffect epos tbe pro-peri y su J des
t ny of this eitr ill b more d.frl aoj p ue.
tloatvvr much it will ben fit the WtsUtra citu-a,
opoo New Orleans it will pour ia a stream of rr -1
a weiiK( and bcatdrs, we sbU receive liie in
direst, retiel ii-d-eoccS tor goo-i Wlk ft it tuf ex
art opon all the ubs ai tba teller. We Uwrv.'jfa
y .n re : - . .
t-i i. " uk i: b t'i
-e caiiiMry w a rj
,li lih tieir pres
Vi' believe ihey
o wiurers tn-esnal !
W' - '
ii it-
..r -.-.,
?pwV' Of
eaiy Aas.ii)ie, bt. Louis. Memphis, vifksborg.
Nstcha, Sbreveport, Alexandria, Marshall and nu
merous other towns will nil receive afresh imp-tog
when thi great trunk railway shall hive been com
pleted, bome of them will feel its effects lc-jsr be
fore that period. Tbe preat advantage of enlist
log tbe interest and good feeiing of so large a por
tion of the country in favor of this work i, that
the means that will thus be brought to bear spin It
win purn tne work so that it will be completed in a
period ef time shorter probablv than most of us sn--ticipate,
and shorter than would be possible if we
alone wr re concerned in it. Practical operations,
our readers will be pleased to know, sre still eoing
on witb increasing (.pirir. Contract? have recently
been made with Messrs. J. T. Grant k Co., G orgia
contractors of much experience and eminent ab?Ii-
r L. l i ....
lie. lor uuuuing seventy miles of the rosd, whicn
tney proiu.se to construct more expeditiously than
any other eqml extent of railwsv was ever made in
the United Mates! The iron for twent-sev?n miles
of tbe road is already on tbe ground, and a loco
motive nas wreaay been shipped from New York,
or soon will oe, to its Droner noinl of destination I
Tbis ci tainly is cheering and fully justi5es all we
have said in favor of tbe earnestness, good will and
ability or the present Southern Pacific Railroad
Company in carrying the pr j-ct into practical ex
ecution within the earli. at possible period.
There is another point worthy of notice as show
ing bow causes are at woik to ensure tbe speedy aud
certain completion of the rod. Our readers are
doubles aware tbtt in 1856, the Lcfclature of
Tex .s granted a charter to tbe Memphis, El Paso
and Picific Railroad Company. This road ws to
start from Fulton, on Red river, and run through
Northern Tex a to El. Paso. The route, as con
templated across Texas, is about sixty miles north
of our Southern Pacific, which it would meet, if both
should be cousiructe i, at El Paso, and thence be
come one road nltimatrly tnrough to the Pai ific.
It seems, however, that the Legislature of Texas in
granting the sail charter expected that the road
would be united to the Southern Pacific a long way
thii side of the Pass, aad that it would in f.ct be
merged in the latter road the wbole distance, for a
clause provides:
" That the provisions of this Act shall not be so
construed as to interferd with the provisions of any
Railroad charter heretofore granted by this State,
or the location of the Mississippi and Pacific Rail
road if located on or near the latitude of 32."
The papers iu tbe Northeast of Texas, we ob
serve, are warmly advocating the merging of tbe
Memphis and El Paso in the Southern Pacific Road;
and the Memphis papers admit that
"The charter of the Memphis, EI Paso and Pa
so and Pacific Railroad Company requires more th-in
they csn by sny possibility perform, but by a con
nection of the two roads at the Trinity river, they
will receive sufficient aid through the Southern Pa
cific to complete it. "
Col King who has recently been on tbe ground
has submitted propositions for the union of the two
roads at Trinity river, and we think that there is
little doubt that it will be tff cted. Every thing
therefore seems to combine to secure tbe early and
sure accomplishment of the great enterprise in
which we bave so large a stake. N. O. Bulletin.
A Good tblng- well Applied.
The scientific discoverer and the scientific inven
tor are distinct and different characters. It is rarely
that be who discovers a great principle applies it
successfully and thoroughly. Sometimes, however,
this in the case. Professor iJolloway was anion;;
the first to broach tbe theory that disease was the
result of the introduction of morbid matter into the
circulation. But of itself this theory, however true,
was useless. It could not subserve any beneficiil
purpose to point out the locality of the bane unless
tbe di-coverer were provided with an antidote
capable of reaching it. Professor llollnway came
up to the eood work doubly armed. He bad not
only traced the tyniptums of disease to their gen
uine cause, but bad, alter long research and innu
merable experiment', produced two remedies wbich
would infallibly reach it. Time, wbich tries ull
things, has tested the value nf those remedies,
What has been the resub? Dunns tbe twenty
years they have been befora tbe world, thousands
of medicines, hundreds of new systems of practice
bave been ushered into existince, ei j yed an
euhemeral popularity, and passed into oolivion
rot so Hollow at s Pills and Ointmsnt. they
stand first on the list of modern curatives. Tbeir
reputation is founded on a reck the rock of truth
and cannot be shaken. Scarcely a year ago their
inventor came to our shores unh raided. It is true
that laree quantities of his medicines were cou
sumed in the United States, and that bis skill, his
enterprise, his success, were often referred to by
the American press, but personally he was unknown
to us, and tbe great sys em of agencies with which
he had covered more than hall the habitable clone
had not ret been extended to this country, lie
CHtne hither for the pnrpose of affording us ne
laciuties tor tbe procurement of bis preparations.
and the consequence has been an increase of one
hundred per cent.', in tbe demand for them within
a few months. It sppear from the statement of
all who have takrn the Pills for indigestien, that
tbeir effect in cases of dyspepsia is almost beyond
belief. As this complaints hss with some truth
been called the national disease of America,
specific that never fails to remove it is of course in
Tbe public, on both riles of the Atlantic, had
been so often victimised by medical charlatans du
ring tbe last fifty years, that it received with some-
thin!! of distrust the first rumors of the efficacy of
Uollowats remedies. But every day furnished
new proofs of the fict, and at last such was the
overwhelming weight of evidence in their favor,
that it became more absurd to doubt than to be
lieve. They crew in celebrity, and the demand for
them increased witn a rapidity unexampled in tne
annals of medicinal science; nor has their fame or
that of their inventor yet attained its culminating
point. It never will reach tbst po nt, for culmina
tion pre-supposes cessation of tronress; and so
Ions a humanity ia subi -ct to diii. fjver. debility.
i i sv
it juries and death, Ho 1 iway's Pills and OinttnTnl
must continue to maintain their proud eminence.
N. T. Nat. rol Gazette.
Oa Thorsday, June ISth la Clark-Ti le, Tennessee, CoU
Jostra M. FacarLaaor to Mrs. Mas B- Vasca, all of Mont
gomery county.
Tbey err who deem Love's brightest hour ia blooming youth
la known;
Its purest, tenderest, holiest power ia afte Ufa Is shown.
When passions chastened and subdued to riper yaars are
'vn, .
And earth and earthly thing? are viewed In light that breaks
from Iiava. O. 8.
Nash Till, Juos 29, 1857.
On Thursday, Jane 85th, io Tamers rl a e, Tenn., Asvarw
J. ALDXSWoaTtf, Esq., of Montgomery ejuoty, to Miss
luu Hi-cats, of Turnersvllle.
There are two KearU whose movement thrill
In aniaoa so clone y sweet ;
That pulse to pulse responsive s'iU,
They both mttil hears or eease to beat.
Thare are two souls whose equal flow.
In gentle streams so ealroly run.
That whsB they pa t thypttrtt ah, cot
They cannot part Mass fait are one. G. 8.
KashvUle, June S 1SST.
Ia this city, at the r. sidenc ef Mr. W. O. Harris, aa
Taaaiiav. 8'Hh Jane, bv Rev. t. A. Thompson, Mr. Bras
Itorwiae. of Naahv !. to MUs SiLUS daughter of W. J,
CrsgaaO, r sq , of Wilaoa eoority.
'I 'HE WaVaerthlj hereto fra ssHitin between Dra.
i. Briggs k K or tan, tat&i AjJ dusjiJby muta O ea-
sent. Jtsiyi-si
For Kent.
n'HI Htaaaea soathwe oarne of Soath Cnloo street
A aad Ewiac avena Tie haaso has S room-" aad
kitchen. Apply at IMaaters' Mank. Juljl-lw.
THR Chaaiwry C mn Clerk has removed his eee to
I'aJoa auvat, soooad aoor ia CaaptaU new block,
jijfl It.
pic inc.
Hrttm),si WsdoMdas, July laL, oa board of the
atMsaer WM URT.wtich has kxi raud osprwtaly
for tea oceieo, T J- keta t i, adm tsin frsnilomaa
aad tad as, saa be obtained of any T ths CammiUoe,
aad at the pnncspal Mads acd Boos fitora-u Tho Teva
ara liwid. Tim CoassJuca will eeieavor t a.l ihjU
boa us thoir pooer la snaKe this oaa of ia em p)esaot
trtps f taa aaaseas. N. i. Hofi't grass aad airtoa: Band
hae so -a oasagad toe Dm eoanoa.
The Soai ami 4n t'.a aroad rtroot wharf ai I o'clock
araBt.aa4 lower wharf at S "e oe.
fi a. tottici, m Fuot.a,
Lawia buramaa, Wa. D.tjs,
Wsutcta,! w-.Hrs.aKH.
JaeaSS. W. C. Ixrt
Excursion and Pic-Me oa Che I Hi
of Jul.
i. lororf hm Sao a-oane "La-p.n'
1v tha Four a aS ansi
Mausf o a tM is we niui r-r M r otif ;.
Ticacu t adauu.gaaia
Sua ft 1 ! 1 t
Vx-" ta rj;ti4 aBj haa ao aa-
r tt4 (ur tha uruoa.
A Imuss Mates) wu ia axti oa aa abo fer by tho
S 4T klbars f ths C mK proctrs live r Tt kU
ofCtt Ii a a.
(a Mr. tMsgharu mtt aa aa hasaoit awpp'-y
l thiir. j
i.C r.i.ia saa fc t il' t fee &?.r.J ala ae4
i-mam aad a avw4 ii H.H4.
Lis o? Lmr-s
o!c-.4 for a poat. OSes at Ti
Juljf 1st, ii;7:
Indies' IAi.
Atklaon. Mt Etlen
Argo, Mrs Eebecea .
Wrown, Mia. Fn'tn
Plant, Mrs Rehrcca
Brou. 'taa M O
Bi-k". Mi ary
Pe'!. MHi Roben
Barlinrham. Mrs MoIIle
Black well, Mn Mary
Camb-1I, MI- Martha
Cortin, Mm SlTna
Cam too. Mrs Grace
Carter, MUa E
Carre", Mim Jalina
Co, Mr Mvey
Crln, M' M
Con oell. Miss M T
Dnwa'ne, Mr Nancy
rtriney, Bridget
Fme-o, Mrs N A.
Fox, MiM Mary
Anderson, Mrs Winifred
Aaitio, Mr W K 1
Bradley. Mrs J K
Bnrnt, XI J toe
Boeneh, Mina Ida
Bnton, Mm 8 P
R11. Mrs Ere'Ina
Belev. Min 8 L
Bawls, Mrs 8 0
Carrn, Miss L!ssia H
Cans. Ner
Coleman H n I
Collet, MiM O
Cameron, Miss M fj
Campbell. Miss J T
Croxnlnc, Miss M 3
Cowan, A A
Deery, Mrs
Ereeman, Mn H A
Foster, Mrs Sylvia
Gihotm. Mrs Mar
Grew;? El'aabeth
Goodman, Miia Matue
Soan, MissTabitha
Hamblen, Mrs V
Hart-rare, M
Harrion, HfflM J
HtnU'on, Mtsa N J
Hunter, Mi R O
Ila'l, Mi s Henrietta
Heoceu, Mrs B J
Har'ls, Miss Mary
Hont, K1en
Horn, Miss Jane
H ll, K A
He bert, M ss Fl!i
Hale. Mis,e V
Haghe, Mrs Mary
Jore, Mrs H l
Jones. Miss Afroess
J imef, MUs tlisa
Klnrsbmy, Mrs Jane
Lowe, Miss Aagnsta
Moore, Mary A O
Matthfws, Mrs K J
Mon'sal', MissSae
Miller, Miw ITIisaoeth
Morton, Mrs Amanda
Jones, Mi Parh
Jnnea, Mi a M Alice
Jones, Miss E A
Binf. Mis L E
Long, Mrs Ellen
Mills Hi Father
Mntt, Mr Wlen
M nrey. Mis- A M
Millar, Mf Sosan
Mimi, Mrs K
M'iPtgan, Mrs t
Neair, nrsjane
MnTan'el. Mrs Msrraret
MeMnrrv. Mi-s J
McLauehlin. Ma Pettis
McDeanron, Mrs S
Mes'errin, Mi a Cally
Price, Miss Mary
Poner, Mia VUxa
Pelton, Miss Margaret
Pickett, Mi A
or.p'eweil. Miss A
Phillips Mrs
Patterson, Miss Delia
Rayne, Mi JnKa
Robertson, Mrs F
Rice, Mrs Sarah
Richardson. Miss J A
R berUon, Mrs A T
S-nith.Mrs Pettv
Pweenev, Mrs
Ftaek. Hanorah
Pm'th.Miss M K
PS"f nson. Miss Fophio
Pheppard, Mi' Annie
foott, Mrs K M
Scott, Mi- Maria
8neir, Mr Frances
Scott. Mrs Al-X
Sinrp'on, Mrs K O
8'wers, tis W if.
Smith, Mrs Jane
Tsylor, M' V p
Troy. Mrs M J
Thorrhill. Josephine
Taylor, Mary B
1 hompson. Miss Hattis
Whltthorne, Mrs O M
Warren. 'bi Missonri
Walden M-a P
Wlttr, Mrs Praneia
William-, Mrs M O
WUHtmson Miss M 3
Woodfln, Mrs Susan
Write Mn K'esnor
WiUiams, Miss M O
Gentlemen's List.
Akm.E kln,JnoR
Akin, MiI!on A1'or O
Akin, CaU Amman, WD
Anderson, Miller k
Anderson, Jas J
Anderson, L S
Akin, At. S AI -back, T
Akin, R (i 9 Ausbin, M
BilT,Dan Black, Wm 8 Brown, Jsmei
Bane", K B B s, Horiee u Brown, Madl-oo
Barber, Gerre Powroao, Mr BecknKack, M
Bahh, David D 9 Boxu-, Ed Bryan, Wm
B'i(fel,RW Hone, John Hremen.CO
Peard.WO Bauhan.KM Bryaot JO
Benne't, Jamea B-". W A 8 frartford. J O
Bel, Wm Fovd.LA Bradley, Drjas
Berry, A D Bouret, B llurne, Oandy
Be I, John Boirne, It Burns, M 0
Birchett, Saml Brand, J I Burns, Wm 8
Berrv, John Brown. CR Burnett, S II
B shop, J J Brown. Louis Burnes, C 0
Bankley, Martin D Brain, John S
Csnoly, Mr
Camp, J J 8
Calley, John
Canes, Trios
Carrier, Iao
Cahler, Calvia
C'inard, A
Oak k
Coin. Martin
9 Cons'on. Albert J
Sloan, Coakley, J i
Cooper, Mr
Co-till, Steven
Cooly, Sul'iTaa
Connor, Tnoa
Coffin, 8 H
Cowley, Dr R D
Cru'cher, E M
Craft, Jerrj
Crane, Martin
Culverhouee, Eli
Cummina, ii t
Cunningham, W 1
Clav, Jarrea
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, L P
Cole i.ftn. 8 R
Cox.O W
Cooper, Mr
Conlan. Kdard
Cohn, Augnt
Conner, M rtin
Camp, J B
Charter, Ell's
Chapman Ed B
Choo beary, John
C i'dres. Thoa
Clark, Jcemiah
CUrk.Wiliam 9
C oa J, M K
Coll er, James
Clark k Co, Messrs Cock rill. Win
Daidon, W R
DlkeT.an.WK 9
Dickinscn, J M
Dial, G O
Dillan. Jno M
Do.ld, J
Dougherty, Pat
Eason, J K
Evans, W W
Firm. R
Fiarherty, Geo
Fiowrr., David
softer, R
Forand, Jas
Frankley, Ben
G!avin, A
Gould. WE 9
Goodwin, W W
Goad, Gus
t.ray, B W
Grren, A J
iry, J W
Grovejard, Alex
Harden, Jas
Hamilton, a B
Haa a, E
Herman, J II
Helv, Wm G
Hatin, Jas W
HellrnthaU, M
Herd, J
11.11. HA Co 9
II ill, J
Hill, J R
Howell Wn
H.Rea, K J
Holt, o J
I A jr
Jenkins, Jno
J ne.. C 11
Johnson, J .is V
Johnson, A B
Kelly P
Krnatin M
Kennedy, U
King, P
Led better, J
lais, U
UtUc, D
1 ee, no F
I-evi k Co, U
L iik, J
Liddle, J II
Meek, Jacob
Mile, MutiDieur
Merrimau, Thoa
M yer, F
Donlin, It
Douchlev. J R
Doonell. W L
Doey, Lewis
Dreh, L A
Dunson, Wat
Daniel ,1)W I
Davis, Jno TO
Dayis, C B
Davix, E L
Davis, J W
Delea, Mr 1
Edicar, Mr
Edwards, Thoa
Fany, E W
reugan, I.
Farmer, Thos
Ferguson, Jno
Kerguiou, N D
F,e .is, lw!Ois
Fiel is, Harris
Oavea Jas
Uano, A F
(J ay ton Wm
G-ary, Pat
rter -n, H H i
Gilliland, Wm A
tileon, I' 11
Glenn, 6 B
Eiam, Wm
Frey, Joseph
Friar, Danl
Ftaley, J M
Fcu'ke-, J
Fucknay, Thos
Grewaz, T
Greer, K V
Grrfrory, Wm
Grady, A
Greer, a J
Gravet.O 0
Grecn.lorT a
Guthrie, W N
Hart, Geo
Hamilton, JasT
Hamilton, C B
Harris, J is il
Haves, D
Hay s. J II
Heart, T 8
li.inno i, M
l arris, N O
H irniou, Goo
Hall, P
H rt fl. M. Wm
II . Iran, E D
llaiee, D
Irvine, W D
Jacobs. A
Jt n.es, Wm A
James, U
Keating, Jno
Kii by, K K
Law ton, J 8 '
I orie, JameS
Lanier, O
LaUiam, B
Lanier, Iaao
ewia, Thos
Leatia, W
Ueuard, A
Mason, A
Mrun, Jacob
Martin, J V
Mory, . P
Maford, A frrd
Harris, Woroly k
Horin, B
II .lines, P
llo'on, K P
Hope, J II 9
H.Mer, Jno
Hornry, V. A
I odw-U, W O
Hu.laon.J M
Hunley, M
II tch n , Wm
Hubb rd J B
Uugbea, K
Jones, W W
Jones, M II
Johustou, M 3
King it Co
Klee y, F
Kuun, D
Leroo'n, O L
LumpU r, Wm
Lovel O
Lord, W 8 9
Lylea, W
I un pkii, Dr
Lyon, 'ami
Lylea.0 P
Mora a, J P
Mueley. Tho
Moulciro, K H
klo- fan, jonathaa
klurpliy, Uenr
Mu grove, W
MUftiauna Joseph
Mjere, the ward
SJed, Fr-nk
Matthew Uaruesicoiller, t P
Matthews, O L Milier, F
Mnycr, Jaoub Miller, T J
VtoudaJ, Wm Mids, B W
MeSlelland, Jno McGnira, Ed Ue
Mc aaerar usk Mcualtran, Jas
McCartney, W Mcitehey tiro
Wei. an, W m Mctiulre, P
Mcuoael, P II a.cGirr, W 3
Nell us, Geo W Nichols, Florence
twsom,Jos 9 Sicuvi,tH
O'Naaiy, Pasriek 0v, Jub
U hMiy,lwaof w O'S'ira, 4uUn W
U'Couoo., Mickue t BoUitau, JaS F
MrC.uire, M
McM.ntius, Thos
Mc ul en, t
hlcNsai, P W
Nichols Ferdinand
Nulaa, J
0n. Wm C
O iHtuaeii, Caody
Paltoo., Jas 0
Patsersaa. Boraey
P-ine, r M
Parker, R
Payne. B
Pattcrsou, T H
Peper, Wm O
Paaouca, A
l'-cy, w m A
Fhilpo. I
Pusmh. Jaa
Puwcil, Joiin T
PrieM. J h
P.traon. u a
Philupa. D A
Bix. Ja
Eaynea, W R
Roath. M
Key ntua, i
has r
Kyuitrg, 3
Ii U
R ymond, 0
KeUng, M
Knd, J
mctia-ds, W D
K.gg- O P
garlea, Geo P
rvcuty, Jto J
rchM, t. haa
aerte, G t 9
tMa-euder, Lovis i
. y, ns I
gaveU, K R
Bvvier, T F
ra.ffr. J II
trba, Jamaa
bluil, Jwua
Tarvin, O C S
Taoimaa, S
TnauiAa. il O
Tiwraiua, J B
Tao-upauo Jaa M
Ihuaua.J P
K tba ao k tori RaaU It A
Kfc.e, Ja P
at per, US
Kyaa, is
KiUMitvUta, U I
Kj lUftii, jit
kij:Miy, TUa
Ku-tii, Jno
Ko a, cu
Sherbor, &
Sutupaoti, ai
tWo.K D
Ikeokyard, Jno
gctuth. A
tsaitb, kohl
tmiih G U
rmiia. I
biuitaMi, Was O
bmiui. Mm
8-itilh, A J
Tha i aa, S
Ttu aa, a B
T a 4ft oil, !
Timu, a
at-i .J
Pruith, W B
ivlaHB, & 3
ev is Juo 4
t-DJia her, f
bvnogrr, F
rim star, C F
aVvie, jew
Bii.ur, r
Ms art, Wss
fctaveaauu, Jno
Tativor. C
Trey. P
TitiMula, Jas
Ta. u a
Tthiaa, J B
Vastsr, Jeo
Taahorsa, Jaa
Vaadiver, W H
Waymack, Jaarph
ftuftM, AvIaA
M alta, a U
ttai, Patrwa t
Wa aer, uiim
M ateM, t
wa twa, W 3
M U.fe, Job
W era, iwrsooa
W Mm a, Jt a
W Mi,r, J W
al4,JsO t
Maatar J W
W per , UasraWi'llama, Wa W
Wftu CftlcO KuKBU, 9ftO.
W arrvs, r U Hm, J.Jka U
w t'ts, u W iio. Tm G
Woi.e.JftiO W ill. ! I
W u.teure. A Wtutrr, iaal
W a-la. at aa tui wut, Jha
t'Wl, J- J t W .1, p U
t lutcuna, K"ttr4 mtaaaa. Was
W bite, T A aoA b rl G
M'auo, i. Wxt, Mr
Sbbicr, 1 1 a.iua,j ii
W.ha, ? U We as., Lmue
HuuM.!l S tiiil,Uf
ua, t a Wr.tut,rij
Hut J s a .
ST" All Lattswsa4vru4 are stsl to aa attashars
ar FroaasaUiafotheWtura i'.!f Ua tj ii j
srs aurva4.
Jaae W. 6. &. AXLI;:iuS. P. Ii.
1 tbe
tit rr- "-i -
tt raev(J ocr ...
Suiircnig v- J .,' :
r'-'y. . . 1 ,
OB, a 0..i pt,;.;; a:',: t t
two years. "-Ji!,'. r-
ISM now offerlne ("fMltr. Tiehf tet '
which is b-lieve to be icitriof iw . t
ehine now beiore-be public lor that ? . 4 -
for this maebine vast ! on in ne
portaniti f ,r eajrasinK in a vrcfliat;
th-r infarmauoa adoj ess. .
Juljl- m. . . . . , - ;. ,
ON WJ D NFFDAT, JUI.1 "lST, at 10o'eek.(
o"er lor sale, at auction, at oat warehouse,
an srreer : . .
hhcls N . O. Pnrar: 100 I b' fqaors; . "
lOObt a Kefinrd rUKr; SUOhir? Olaasaara;
4," baea Bait. Kio CoBee: tOt'.OOQ Clears, vark
. 3( bas Ja do T kes Nails;
100 boxes yi k X boxes Star ltK rloa BiwkeU; .
ran lie.-; 40 Net- Tubs; r-:
80 bx Hrnnr; S'-' bx Tobacco;
60 coils Manilla Rore; 8',00 PereaTsion C .
S do Jiite do 100 pros- M itches;. .
15 do Hemp do 85. bxs Pcp. v - ' j
do Cotton do 1 f
With m ny other artfe'es nstnl In onr Woe of ts
NaihviU;, June 6,lbM. LELLTatT, IWISQ
a-li'lon to oar sa'e of aroc-ries this moralns
I off
I offer the followina- list cf Liquors and lcax.ier
or wi om it may concern
18 ca--k Port Wine;
8 " Sherry (very fi
Off'. . 1 . I -
13 X - - -J
8 i.his Boa-bon Whiskv, (very oldj)
1SO0 Dos HepnonanCieam; f
1MHK) Washington Kegaliai;
S7 boes Brauiiy;
10 e aksCherr Bounce: -
Taaai a tlsums n'xier Sv50 avjWv-Ji'ver
K f bht or' the ahovea atore.
J UlO bi 1 Pe.cn N it ;
SO bull 8ott fhell Almond": - , ' ' :l
10 bh s Knglish Walnuta, all frtshj " " '
10 bb s Fi teri;
10 hbls C a n Nut'; " - It
1 d. x New York Ale Pumps; " '(
ltl boxes L-mons: ' k '- -a
100 box s E D. Case e, in good order ! 4 (
100 boxes O. B. " " " v
Forsa'ebv J. G. ROBESTi
ju'y 1. l?5T. Bros
CAIfltAl.i: NEED. V"
JUST received a lot of fresh Drumhead And PL
Cahb ige Seed. Call and get them., , -
juneo i. as, r. W E
COOK WAN TEB For the balance of the
year. Apply at this om: , .June
Fplendid Family Carriage. '
TE have on conlcnmnt a new and splendid '
TV Carriage, which we will seil low.
juneSO. Corn-r 8rrlns and Col'e
Comprising a Double Troupe, Twelve
men, and the Osmpbsll .
Cniprimr ten ta'enled Mas.uaa.. .,' .
For partico'ars Fee small Bilis. '
Doors opei a t h If past T o'c ock. Oocaert at
af er fl. A. mission bo cen'. . .
sell to the highest bidder, at their establish
Nashville, on 5
vFi:sn.ftY. ifiTii jrnr wn
their entire ftock of Marhlnerv, To la, Ac Tho p
tohenftere l e nn tfts in part of tbe following otic
MACHINERY nch as Lathes, Places, ilrillina-
Borlnp; M .cMne, eto.
AIX-.Klacksmith's Tools, vices, Anvue, tia
Tones, Wrenches, etc. Al, a number of Steam I
various sites partly nn'shed. An enniora Tarter,
finished machinery. Alo. a arest variety af
Wrnnt-h' Iron, In a'l 'ise and -hapes. '
Most of t'e onfinishrn machrery wa' mora or M
ated by the recent fire at said etblitwawBt, It
qnence of which ft Is eperted trat a Sno opporiat
offer to by bargain. Klackamith. Maoblnisls.aa
dry men ara particularly rrone'trd to aueaa.
'ferine of Sale: ''.-
Gah for all snms nndrr one hnnrlri doCan; for t
over one htmdrei doll.irs six mrn'hs' 'Ime, wl'h
proved endor-ers: roes payable In b"v,-iTe Be'Cf
with In every case before securing pror.ey.
JU. B. 4"n -si
JuneiS, lo5T-d.
ALL perons Indrbtrd lo the NahvlHa Msnofa
Con-panv are rrqneHed to call and snake tms
uaymrnt as the business iil be cio-ed. i
Jone.8, IPiT. ' '- Freat
tAl.i: OP ' . :
Valuable Real Esta
rjlr Nahville Msnufactorlng Com aanj anil ex
X sale, on the premise. Io tbe highest btd.,'er. Of
.Tioi.tlay, 20tt day sf Jalf.
that valuable piece ot around recently rwpJHa
rhire -hop end loromoiive orkf, knte4 oa the I
Cnmberland iver, fronting about 15" fwlon Situ
and abort thesarreon Ihe aharf, be in from l.M
fret in de th. 8aid ground wl'l be sold In tot oc i
front rr s id Wster street, rot n'nr llirousb to n .
On the me day and piee, tne tr.it, a lot I 0 1
twern tain lo' ao I th rive', w. no cerea to tne
bid tee. Puttabie maps of said ground d) be rursl
the day of sale. . "
Trrms si alt: i
One. two an three vear. wl h lnere fresw da
two approve n.o er-; notes payable ta baak, M
retained on Ihe properly.
By oriler of -be I'oard. J0. B. JUKftl
Juneio. l!7. U. Frssl N. M
SOI'Tlli:ili I.OTTEKT.
jjsrcn cocyrr ACADtur iottert s
REM EMS KR his Lottery ha only TO,uO XanbosS
it. an an Lot'erv m 'h "O ld. i
F4TUKDAV PM ALL ajriEME. to bo draw la r
at Maroa, taw anler th sworn urrUitii(Soos
Geo. M. Loran snd W.C. Anderson. ra.a .
Caerjr Nalurday In Julf 19&T--1
Numbers! -i;
cAriTAi, phi t i:t tis.ooof
M tend lrlxe, A.OOOt. I
W" Pr ses payaMo wl'hoat dedueajos. .
Hats 3. draws July 4lh, I3T.
33 11 Ita., (
34 18lh,
34 5lb, a I
I0H1NI. V x '
1 Prsoof
1 do ot
1 do of ....... .... .
1 do o'.
S Pnsrs of
on do of
Vat do of...... ....
aa ...as...
.N0 o...
. 1" are.
. fOare
14 W . ajSaa w aSww at
lilt d of
1,668 PMisn.emoantiog to.
Tickets M. Halves 2. Q art.rs fl. '
CeKiflcato of Park acre of Tea Tickets are soil a
lol omg rates, whu-h is the r k: ,
IS tth 1 Tickets ..,..
10 af TSeaet M 1
le Quarter V l ket .--....-.,.......-
Bank Notes of tons d Biaka irki-n at r-ar. t bee -Kmm
Voea remitted for r.f. Ad lr m mnimftm Ii
OC Cetuicale" of 'a'-fcaee of Tlclo - i
AlfrB A ! MaftrTwAiawu
frfF" Orrtrs lor f ket addrruod to AA. il. t
B.. So. Si, Nastivulo, Tenn- ill prow.-
U ANUktU J-M ASOJI.slaaesreea.
July 1 aiaava, i
tliuET 5H00T1X3 Ot THE 4 TH ItJtiSLT-
COCtitlLL S 8PKISGS, ; ' " .
rpnE Tare st rVhoo I g wi'J bo dona ia ii,a Iwlbl .
A a)aBner: i , '
I viae sr Tawfta .
The diaaelee of tt w tage la It tnchosaad Is sJ.vite ,
-irele; t'iroe of IH k-ft shvts la the caue ASaiL i
tie fiist peifm,aeie Cap worth H. . . ...
1 be tcrcod pr- a am lor the tbre boat sbou Is a hi
CuoworUi I t0
Tbe t'.im pre a lum tut the t. ity'JtU S.iTcf
Tn fiurfh i us tme the thus test stuVtla t;
Cowor h Id .
ft thoUBf at h's target he Jo lhaia
tisooa. rraolirtnoirwbJUSl nt. . .i--..
IJ. vaaoav v.Twamt.vwu.w -' -,
Th'tae4v tit tbi- ta'grt l.ej laebsw. ' ' fc
Tbe t -at i rcm.oia kit ;a bi siiot ks a SJvev 4ate4
worth t .-.
IboSftOoad prwi!om torthS Hiomibt boatahdia at
PUta t ap Wi rth 4 O.
Prase ax-ihico sbvta rJ treu. ; . ,
ni t "v a va.
The iasto M ih -i
' :l ta the ahoy.
a ue I 1
the Srai prraauus kr
wi-na til
rae axeoa pr- v -r liie u:o!
Toe &.
e. aa r ) t a J 'x ' '
j e ve
avt . t as C -
.t W i5V;td
t w am s
h pr! .
tahHOtUr Paw,
DAlfaV M.N if "op
M ,'( V.-'.'s to KeT,',!,, $r,
tt r .;4 Lis.' ,a;
fS, At riUCL, Va-utr,,. ,
a t a
""o k-i tftai eat
- r , i c-j Tin ea-i.
" " luui
. ' " - -'tveif I
- ' t tia i. '..
ALS 1 a tiry
' - " r :" I a'. ;
...... ,i 9 wi a c. t i.,
as ! "'i ta:, H vci iay " i -t
i f rfcrii g vt ft; f .
vt it, t", a, ii, j
Ji. V i.Jft-l,

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