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ljc l'asl)Hlf patriot.
SMITH, CAMP & CO., Proprietors.
"W. HY. SMITH and IRA P. JOKES, Zditon.
Office Wo. 10, t i i : Deads-rlck Street.
Heavy Drfulcaiiou of mi 'fllccr of
Sunday School Union
The defalcation of Mr. Frederick W. Porter, of
Philadelphia, who has for thirty jma held the re
sponsible post of corresponding BecreUrj of the
American Sunday School Union, ia announced.
The following card hag been issued by tt.is inatitu
tioD, explanatory of the defalcation:
It is ascertained that Mr Fredrck W. Porter,
thirty yeais correypomiifie secretary of the
American Sunday Sthool Union, and ee. cuch haT
infr a general oversightof its business transactions,
baa issued coles and acceptance for hi private
purposes, without the knowledpe or authority of
th board, or of any ot it. officers, to the amount
of t8S,883 09. These notes and cceptauce8 were
BigDed i y Mr. Porter, but not ei t red upon any of
the bocks of the society, and were so arranged,
that, until within a few days, no tuepition of their
existence occurred to any person connected with
the institution. We are happy to say that no part
. of the funds appear to have been attracted, nor
have any partot the contributions to its benevi lent
ohjecta beeu lost or misapplied. All the obliga
tions of the society, which have been legitimately
incurred, have been, and will be, promptly met
The business will not be s rioui-ly interrupted,
though in these painful circumrttnces we eholl need
and we doubt not shall have, the warm sympathy
and liberal aid of our niim'rou friends.
rhiladtlphia. No. 1 122 Chestnut sU
Mr. Porter is well-advanced, ia year, was a mem
ber of a church vt fcti y for many years, and has bad
the full confidence of the religious community of
all denominatious.
A correspondence lias taken place be
tween our Government and that of England,
concerning possessions of the Ilnd-on'u Bay
Company south of the forty ninth parallel of
latitude, and within the Territories of Wash
ington and Oregon. By the treaty of 184G,
the right of sovereignty over this Territory
was declared to be in the United States.
The Hudson's Bay Company aert that their
rights of property are the enine as before.
Servants t f the Company have put in claims
to portions of this land under grants to settlers
made by our Government. The controversy
must be settled by negotiations with the Eng-
i&h Government.
Tub Products of tiik West. The ware
bouses of the city of IJuffklo are crammed to
their utmost capacity with grain, flour, and
general produce lrom the West. Fresh car
goes are continually arriving, but there is no
one to receive them. The banks, in mauy in
stances, have advanced the freight, taking the
whole cargo as security. One Brm has now
thirteen boats ljing at West Troy, heavily la
den with valuable produce, and they are on
able to raise the money (f 3,000) to paj : the
A Kfo of Spccik Dig Up. The Oswego
(N.Y.)Time9of the 28th ult., tells the following
6tory: Two men named, respect i vely, Ward
and Hall, were at work down the lake shore,
some miles from this city, getting out hoop
stuff, when they discovered a final! keg hur
ried in the sand. This they dug out, and open
ing it, fourd it contained sixteen hundred silver
2'iecI The coins were of an ancient French
cast and of the denomination of seven franc
piecep, valued at $1 09 each. The two men
. witb their treasure have left for Philadelphia,
where they intend to exchange their coin at
the mint. It is probable that the money was
Becrettd in the place where it was discovered
by some French officer during the old French
r -war, and afterwards the officer may have been
killed, Uaviig r.o trace where the treasure
'Was concealed.
13?"" According to Chicago paper?, Senator
Douglas is just, now making himself as bupy at
the Fair iu Illiuoi, as somebody il.-e in u gale
of wind. He i trying lo revive and comfort
the Democracy with some collnteral reference
no doubt, to the next election ot United States
Ituiac Itlore 1'ootl.
The New Yoik Poi't givt-a 6ome "advice to the
tillers of the oil," from which we take the follow
ing sensiule and timely remarks ;
The rtvolt in India is tb harbinger of famine;
one hundred and eighty million of human crea
tures wi.l Deed large supplies of food from the pro
ducts of other reioi.a. The army of India,, the
tram-port fl.-et for that army and its supplies, the
necessities prowin out of thu di-ttirbed state of
that jireat English ilepcn letier, will call for much
of our surplus beef, poik and flour. The two lust
articles are the product of every year, but beef re
quires years of nourishment before it is reaiiy for
uce. The wicked, wanton waste of breeding pow
er, which is the besetting aiu of American farmers
ought to be cheeked. Every firmer ought to be
required to give au account of himself who kills a
femah; call. We ouht to preserve every "cow
calf" for live yerrs to euro.-. By this until d we
might koou have a aupplj of bi-ef, uoi only for our
selves, but for auy emergency abroad.
Scoar The Xewburyport ( Maria.) Herald etitea
that a cargo of very fine sugar is stored upon Jo'iu
t Oil's wharf, in that city, for which a firm ia Boston
puid 12 cents per pound; now it will not brin t)
cents. The d preciation, storage, ehriukajre. Sic.
will occibiou a loss of forty dollars on a hogsheaJ.
Tlie Iuic A Cood Time.
We hear of foreign house in this city, three
partners iu it, which a few davs since drew their
dpMts, amounting to fll'O.t'OO, iu gold from the
Bank, which lliey re-deposited in their counting
hoU!e safe. But the fl 00,000 "elephant" thus
caged, became very troublesome. What to do
with Attn, how to guard him, who to have to watch
over iii, were very important problems to be
solved. The cteik might Heal. The tempta'.iou
was too creat for Uu atuhmn, or porter. If the
'burf;Ura" heard of it, tboy would be aure lo break
in and eteal, aud it tucei-sary murder loo. There
was a ti ry unhappy consultation auiong th part
ner, i to what should be done with the $100,000.
Wili. the conclusion finally was, that a brace
o( Coh'i revolver should be bought, and that
each partner should take bis turn in sitting up at
uight t y the sale, wideawake, with a revolver in
each hand. Now we wish tbetu a good time of
their watihfulni but if in the cure of the
weik, we do not hear of the money o'mg back
to B-.i k, we ehull pi tut the inreei and the
No h re Joe Si.o.iK- '"d Jim Snipe- ca have
the flUO.OuO by filling for It. ,V '. xj rem.
Mytteriou and fat it Dittos ot ChUojo. We
have u a private Inter lioui Chicago utiu; that
a nmtf liou epidemic ha broken out there, and
proved fatal to mauy ptroo. all of whom were
nick but a few Lour, 'lhe Uiaeaae ia aid to re
eemble black von.it, but the phyaiciaua hmiw been
uuable so far to determine its real character. A
large naruber of catila have also been carried off,
the itue jymptoma being presented upon them.
N. Y. 'jr rets, ! i(.
2r.' Webttera h'ye The lollowing reference to
Mr. Webster' eye occurs lo Trofrauor hedJ'a ad.
dreai before the Massachusetts Colouitioa Society:
Th tropical eye, when foan j ia cotjitutica with
Caucasiau features, U itidtrjtive of a very remark
able oigaulziliou. It 8ho that trtrouloua uM
biiitles are r poaing va a base cf logic. No one
could fix hii eyei for a moment opou ti e great
Northern Statesman who has reevntly gone down
lo Lis trave, without perceiving that ihn rare com
biua.iou was the f hyaicut tuh.-irti cf what he was
and what he did. Taat doep bbek iti, tit ctor J
ia peart white schl rotic, and more ilia a all, that
fervid tun ij glume and fcloam, were lha eipoueuw
aud expression of a tropical nature; while the tho
rough bred Stsouidtn of all the net of the physical
ttrutlure ludtcaied ilia calm nd tnastive atrcnglh
that undetlty an J auppwted all the pMtiD aud all
the fire. U was tu ut-ion of two gnat human
type a ria.l personality, it w the whole
ton id . ne tphel I in the temperate.
THURSDAY, 0CT0BEE, 8, 1857.
1 lie (Governor's IHeisage.
The pressure upon our columns prevented
us from laying before the readers of the
Patriot yesterday the message of Gov.
Johnsox, communicated to the Legislature
Tuesday. We make a brief synopsis of it
this morning expecting to publish it at
length in the form of a supplement.
In the commencement the Governor calls
the attention of the Legislature to the ac
tual indebtedness of the sate, which is
stated to be $4,190,850 66, on account of
Internal Improvement Bond?, Union Bank
Bonds, Bank of Tennessee, State Capitol
Bonds, and the purchase of the Hermitage.
The stocks owned by the State in Banks,
Internal Improvement Companies, &c, a
mount to $3,292,116 66. These stocks
when reduced to their market or estimated
value will amount to $2,444,827. This
would leave the actual liabilities of the
State $1,041,019 66 in excess of its cash
assets. In this connection the Governor
It is the opinion of some correct thinking and
ju'licious persons, rs well as my own, that it would
be sound policy and economy to dispose of all the
stock owned by the St te, iu Banks and Internal
Improvement Companies, or otherwise, as soon as
it caD b done on advantageous termp, and toapply
the proceeds of the sil; f f the same to the reduc
tion of the actual indebtedness of the Sute, aud
for the State as soon os practicable to become en
tirely disconnected with all corporations whatever,
either as partner or jfockboMer. The six per cent,
which would be eavFd unon the Bouds, will amount
to more thi.n all the dividends which will be paid
upon the stock so lonz as it is owned by the State.
The f -llowing tabular statement will show the
amount of 6tocks owned by the State, in Banks,
Internal Improvement Con pinie3, etc., it original
coet and its estimated value at the present time.
Bank of Tennessee,
Union iiutik,
Kast Tei. n. and Georgia Railroad,
Kra.kliu and ' oluinbia Turnpike,
Leba on mid Nashville '
Noleneville, "
! aidiviile and Charlotte "
Lebanon ar.d Sparta "
Columbia Central "
Nashville and Kentucky "
OlarksvMe and Kussellville "
Coliunl ia, Pulaski A Elkron "
Nashville anil Murfreesboro "
Gallatin and Cumberland "
GallHtin '
uu;l I'd and Stone's River "
Original Estimated
ct pre, value,
$1,MII,000 tl,!HI,lllt i
aMj.o o tao.iK o
C'.ryflO 8i'(i,i 0 I
75,9ft') 66,y.'
bo.Oofl 4s,2 C
4T,iwM) it r;o
3",OiW 20 HI
8M SI, 170
;S'J,"U0 41,170
60 (KM) 12,?-0
7,fW)0 9 (X
Iii6,ti00 12,2:
6",r80 66 8i 85U
6,(0 5,2-3
l;ii',r-(iO 2G,Onu
li'J.tW'O 2o,t)00
Total, J3,292,716 e6 $.',241,527
The foregoing Turnpike Companies to pay 0 per
cent, on the ei-timated value.
The liabilities of the State for bonds en
dorsed for and loaned to railroads, turnpike
companies and to the State Agricultural
Bureau, are $8,616,000. The actual in
debtedness and liabilities of the State
therefore sum up
Actual Indebtedness
Liabilities a3 above,
$4,190,851 66
8,616,000 00
$12,866,856 66
"And," adds the message, "if all the
Internal Improvement Companies apply for
the aid of the State which have been au
thorized to do so by the various acts of
Assembly which have been passed to en
courage works of Internal Improvements,
it will swell the State debt up to not less
than $20,000,000."
Relative to the value of the bonds in
market at present, and the means of the
State it is said
The Bonds of the StUe which have been already
issued to the various Internal Improvement Com
panies have been and are now selling! in the money
markets at ruinous rates ol discount; in tact, at a
lower rate of discount than the Bonds of some of
our sister States, whosn resources and financial abi
lity are not superior, if equal, to those of lennes
see, to meet their public engagements. Tennessee
Bonds are issued and thrown luto market without
any definite ii formation as to what amount of Bouds
can be, or will I)-', issued under existing laws, or as to
whether future Legislatures will extend the amount
to be isued. The want of this information on the
part of those who are willing to invest their capital
in State securities as to the amount of Bondj that
can and will be thrown into market, deters and pre
vents many who otherwise would mxke investments
in Tennessee Bouds. It ia believed that if the L"g
idlature will fix upon some dtiuite and knon n lim
it to which the btate credit is to be extended, and
especially sj if that li.) it is clearly within the finan
cial ability ol the Stat, it will have an immediate
iuflueiicj upon the price and sale of the Bonds
now in market, and tho-e that are to be thrown
upon it hereafter for sale; which will greatly relieve
those Internal Improvement Companies which now
have th- ir Bonds hypothecated, aud which are en
titled to the issuance of Bonds hereafter. I woul J
there-lore recommeuJ ttut the boumlarv ol our
prospective put.lic debt b well defined, aDd that it
be re duced to trie lowest hunt consistent with the
intense ami cteditof t'ie State. The credit of the
Stite can be su-t, lined by the aid of a little timely
and judicious legislation in the manner already in
dicated. It would also add to the confidence aud
credit ol the ilute, it the constitution was so
amended 8 to inhibit any future Lej.i-1 iture from
the creation of any public deht beyond a limited
amount, without first submitting the proposition to
the people for their approval or r j'-ction, unl a-- in
some great emergency, sui h us insurrection, rebel
ion, or invasion. A propositiou of this character
at the present time to amend the Constitution ol
tue Slate, would bean earnest indication to capital
ista that the public mind was healthy and sjuud in
regard to State indebtedness ; and its ultimate adop
tion would secure the people in the future ajtaiust
improvident, log-rolling leicLttion, and the creation
of heavy and excessive State indebtuess, without al
least first obtaining the people's consent.
The total value ol Uxable property, according to
the best datt that can now be o'-t uoed, will ap
proximate three hundred million dollars.
Total number of taxable polls 125,000
State tax on three hundred
nd liou dollars, at ten ceuta
ou the do.lar. 300,000
State tax on one hundred and
tweutj-five thousand polls,
at twenty five cents. 31,250
It will be perceived that from these two sources,
alone, the Slate will derive a l.ire revenue, amount
ing lo three hundred aud thirty one thousuuJ two
hundred anj fifty dollars, (3:;l,25U.) which, with
the other receipt luto the Treai-ury, ouht to nuke
a fund buiheieutlj largo ta dtfray the currctit ex
penaea of the State, when juuicioualy aud tcoao
mically appropriated.
Under the provisions of the act of 185 4
Feb. 27, there havo beeu paid over to the
(lovemor and Comptroller uf the bonus
and ditidends of the Union Bank, $157,
195 92. Of, this amount $105,103 14.
have been invested in C per rent, bonds ol
the State. Iu pursuance of the provisions
of the same act there has been paid of the
dividends, nriiug from the School Fund
Stock, in the Uuion and Planters' Bank,
upon the Governor and Comptroller's or
der, the sum of fifty-niue thousaud dollars,
which sum has beeu vested iu six per cout
State Bonds and the receipt of tho Presi
dent of the Bat.k of Tennessee taken for the
The message next takes up the subject
of Banks, and renews the former recom
mendation of thu G OTeruor to put the Bnt.k
of Teuucsiice into a slate of gradual liipiida
tion. In making thlj recommendation
aaln he says It muit not be inferred or tin
derstood by any that he ii in furor of the
creation or continu ttion of Stock or Free
Batiks; he would be "in favor of winding
lUetu all up, so soon as it is practicable and
consistent with the commercial, acrriculta-
ral and mechanical wants of the country
to do to." lucMeistuily, he condemns tho
proposition to increase the capital cf the
Sute Bank, and to mAe it the threat re
ulalor of the monetry nffairs uf the Stale
It is also recommended that a law be pass
ed prohibiting the circulation of bank notes
of a less doaomination than five dollars,
the I aw of the last session failing to effect
the object of its enactment. v
Attention is again called to the subject
of uniformity of weights and measures
throughout the Statct and a statement
made of what has been done by the Gov
ernor and Superintendent in compliance
with law, and it is recommended that a law
be passed to fix definitely and intelligibly
what is the standard of weights and meas
ures and to annex penalties for violating it.
The tux on merchants is referred to and
a reduction again recommended.
Our system of public roads is reviewed,
and a modification recommended.
The subject of law reform is again pressed.
upon the adoption of the Legislature, and
the announcement is made of the comple
tion of Meigs & Cooper's Digest of the
laws of the State.
Reference is made to the operations of
the Agricultural Bureau, and a recommen
dation made to assist the Mechanics' In
stitute. It is stated that trie Ilermitage has been
purchased, in compliance with the act of
the last session, and tendered to the Gen
eral Government; and iu case the tender
is not accepted, the Governor recommends
that the preperty be retained as a residence
for the future Governors of the State.
In reference to the State Capitol, the
message says it has already cost $1,204,-
012 12, and is yet unfinished. The hope is
expressed that the Legislature will adopt
some means by which its completion will be
brought about at an early day. It is
I would suggest the propriety of adding to the
present Board of Builiirg Commissioner", the Sec
retary of btate, Treasurer, and Comptroller. These
olhVers are in most instances from different portions
of the Stte, and would feel themeulves repponfible
to th e perple of the Mate for tht manner in which
they discharge their duty; and, furthermore, their
ofEces are all in the Cipitol, convenient to the work
now being performed, and also for consultation in
reference to the best, mode of having it done and
as to the mott vigorous means iu its prosecution.
Senatorial Election.
The election of a Senator in Congress,
to fill the vacancy caused by the expiration
of the term of Gov. Jones, takes place to
day. Gov. Jonxsox has no competitor in
the sham democratic ranks for the posi
tion no one dares contest his right to the
first reward.
From the Fayetteville (Tenn.) Juurnal, Oct. 1.
L,et the I're-. Speak Out.
On all questions of importance which were not
mcusse(i by the candt-lates in the late exevass,
and which will demand the attention of the ap
proaching General Assembly, it seems to us. that
the duty of those who have charge of the local
pres, w ill r quire tlvem to ascertain and r fl-'Ct
through their columns the views and wishes of the
people in their several localities: and not a some
of our contemporaries are doing in regard to the
election of a successor to Mr. Bell, viz, refer the
election to the legislature without one word, as to
who of all lhe distinguished names epokeu of,
would be most satisfactory to the people tbey rep
resent They seem to prefer to disregard the wish
es of the people, rather than sulject themselves to
the responsibilities of advocating the claims of any
one, no matter how strong a d decided thecxpres
sion ol popular favor may be for him, in their im
mediate locality.
This may be an easy mode of disposing of a dif
ficult eurject, but it will scarcely be approved by
those who feel a proper interest in the election of
so important an officer as United States Senator.
We regret to know that several of our contempo
raries have endeavored to evade the just responsi
bility of their pocition, by adopting the suggestion
of the McMinnville New Era, viz: to refer the sub
j ct to the Democratic members of the Legislature;
among this number we are sorry to find our coteui
of the Murfreesboro' News we had expected a
different course from him, we expctd of that pa
per au open independent coins', consistent with its
antecedents and i pan ihis as a!l other qu'-etions,
a full and frank expre.-sion of thi! s -niimentof the
liuth- rlor J Democr.icy; w know the Democrats of
Kuiherlord have a preference for the successor of
Mr. B-II, and we looked to iIk- News for an expres
sion of lint preference, but we looked in vain, our
friend heretofore so firm and uncoiupromi-ing in his
advoency of men and measures haj wilted down in
to a neutral position, aud is willing that the eh ctiou
ii ay pass without CDiisuhing his wishes or the
wi-hes of his p -ople as set for'.h iu his article
which we copy below.
The Union Si American notices the position tkeu
by the papers alluded to and commends them for
their soundness and sagacity.
Thi- neutral ground may be very proper for the
Union J: AmericiH, the central orgin, whose duty
it is to reflect the s--ntiinent of the party as collect
ed from the several districts of the Stito. But we
submit it to the camtid consideration of our coun
try cotemporaries if th -y are discharging their duty
to their several oi-tric s and to the State by a refu
sal to d'scuss the pi e tensions of those whose names
ave b.-en presented f jr S-nalorial honors and
thereby refei the matter entirely to the legislature
l he members are, or should be, the representatives
of the wishes of their constituents, but upon this
important qiestiou they can have no means of as-
rt.iming ttieir de-ir except through private cor
respondence and the local prea, as the claims of
os i) whose pretensions are now being pressed,
were uot introduced into the last canvass by auy of
the candidates for the legislature and hence the
necosily fur tile press 'o speak out. We desire
th.it the wiihi s of the peoule of the whole State
hould be consul ed, we believe if the voice ol the
whol - peoi!e could be beard, that Geo. W. Jones
would as certainly be called to succeed Mr. Btll as
lht Andrew John-ton will be elected to succeed
jov. Jones, but if the people quietly submit to a
surrender cf their rights by the locil pi ess, a man
may be placed iu power who haj no identity or
ling in common wi'h the mas of people, but
who by a P'!iticl diplomacy may secure the votes
of their repieseiitntives it Kit uniiistructed or un
iformed iu regard to their wisho".
Let the I'nas speak out, bit the voice of the
people be hear I, and ih-ir wiil obeyed, ou this and
ail iu,p,rtiit mallets allccting their iut reals aud
'I be loi trlne of Attraction.
The poet Lowe 1, iu his preftaj the new "blae-
li0- -Old eaiuou ot atielh'v. tljui delicate v ahat-
... . .
lers this atrocious hereaj:
"However the brain may philosophize, the heart
rriDiiiu loyal to its traditions, and although Mra.
S;iellev may h.ve been captivated with the doc-
ir'mw of attrai lions while it drew her husband to
her, she was not prep-ired for the more liberal ap-plu-a'iun
of it which drew hhu away. No itieo-
r.zirii; en ee. leu desertion; and the unhappy
uiusti, di-tifhante I of the dream and forsakrD
lit the siib-tanec, aouht shelter in death.
'Tlie luveia of heiley, as a nun and a poet,
have doue hi twey cou! 1 t j piliitie biiicouJuci
in th a uintter. Cat a n'nsti.m ot morals, as be
tween rnsn and ao.-iety, caunot bo reduced to
any iuiiivi iukl alandard, however exalted our par
tiality for tlie uimi ouly heightens our dntrautiou
of tne -iror. The t;rsier Shlleya genia, the
nobler bis character and impuUes, so much the
n.ore .Uitlit g is iIm ari,i:i. If w make our
uwu inclinations the measure of whatU riht, we
must be sterner in curbing them. A woman 'a
heart is loo delicald a thing to serve as a fulcrum
lor (be lever witb which man would overturn any
yatem, however con venlioual. The misery of the
elective aC iiiy acheme ia I' atniea are cot chem
icl aub-tatu'ef, and thai i i nine cisea out of Wu
the lorce of attraction aotks more constantly and
(astiu-ty upon the worutu thin tbe mi a. The
Mormon polygamy ia n.Khlng more thao a pistil
fiotn tUe aiiue ev4 seed oio ia a bsser aoi!, and
ta an euempt to cirupromi bvtween the hi-her
i;..t.ucta ot u:t;.k:uJ, orania-d in lh ir inttitu
1101 a, ar.d tie bestial projicti.iu'c of senaua'lacJ iu
tjiTiauaU."' UiatT Loss j a Nxasrsri Editor. Tha
S'ew Yoik News, in cetuiti; tb la.Lrj 0 feissd
& It rock', 1'ipef tuauufaotuftrs, va;
Tlii kiOut own Jamea (ordoa IUttnett, of tS
New Yok HeralJ, 1 70, WO, they bitug hi t-af k
r, atiJ hsa le?ea far oioj Ume pU B-uuett
tioutht recent! v a rotiutrv aeat for lH'.OCtil, but
ia.ua i iii pjtu Itt 11 uiuuej, a be tuitit, ..- 1
archil 4 uiurtaga ou it, j.-eteir.n to il v i'.-rs
UrKik Xi u-j-j li:!U!i i.
Wkdne-'Dat, Oct. 1, 1857.
The SeDate accepted an invitation to attend the
Address before the Masouic Fraternity, by Rev. A.
L. Baird. .
A joint resolution was adopted providing for a
Convention of the two Houses to compare the vote
of Governor, on Friday the 9th inst.
ine coma ittees on rules reportea ana me re
ports were adopted.
Senate bills to prescribe time and place for holi
ing Circuit Court in Cheatham county; to cede to
the Federal Government jurisdiction ovt r Cu-totu
House and Po&t Office property ; passed second
Mr. GofT Introduced a bill to amend the charter
of the Frackliu College and Stone's River Turnpike
Mr. Goodpasture, a bill to allow constables to
evy feei.
Mr. Davis, a bill to repeal the assessment law;
all of which parsed second reading.
Adj. to to-morrow 10 A. U.
W ids esd at, Oct. 7, 1857.
The House was called to order and the journal of
yesterday read.
Mr. Davie, to incorporate Lynnwood Landing
Mr Carter, of Carter, to repeal the Act creating
the office of Countv Juiige.
Mr. Newman, to restore the Tippling laws, re
pealed by the Act of Jan. 23, 1S56.
Mr. Copeland. to repeal the revenue Act of Feb
28, 1S56, to amend the Revenue laws of the State,
and to provide for a proper assessment, Sic
Mr. Wilson, to unietid the revenue Act of 1856.
Mr. Schmittou, to amend the Act of 185 1, cbap.
74, and to abolUh the office of Tax Assessor..
Mr. Cooper, to prevent useless expense in litiga
tion. All cf which bills passed their first reading.
Mr. Algee, a resolution inviiinc the clergymen of
theci'v to attend and ODen me amy iienoerauons
of the Uouse by t r.iyer which was arm D ied by
the aDDointmrtit ot a committee to wait on the
Cler;v, at d procure the attend nice of gome one of
them. Lc. Rule suspended, and resolution as amen
ded, missed. Committee. Meters. Algee, Wilson
and Manev.
Dr. Richardson, a resolution that the House meet
the Senate on Friday, the 0th inst , for the purpose
of comDarin" the vote for Governor. A eimilirre?
olutiou was received from the Senate and adopted.
An invit'tion to the members of the House, to
attend a Masonic Address, by the Grand orator,
Rev. A. J. Baird, this evening at 3 o'clock, was re
reived and aCCCDted.
Messrs. Holmes, of Gibson, and King, of Shcl'jy,
appeared were qualified, aud took their seats.
The House then adjourned till to-morro morn
in? at 10 o'clock.
Ukmarkadle Marriages. Of the mary China-
meu in Nt-w York not a Itw keep 9-2ar stands upon
the side walks. Their neihboia iu trade are the
MileMan arp!ewomrj. Twenty ei-;ht ol these ap
plewomeii hive gone the w.iy of ni iti iniony w'ith
their K n'iaiit-eyed, olive-jkiuiH-d conti-mi orati s,
and tlie most of them ar- now happy mothers 111
ransenueriw. The nhvsiolojista aver that the hu
man tieiiii- is improved a1 is the domestic branch ot
the quadrupedal animals, by "crossing." If thia
be tiue and we fuspect that it ia the natives of
this country oul'Ih to be remarkable tor pbyMCi
strength aud beauty; lor surely there was never
such a mixture of races in any part ot tne worm.
Ripr si'titatives of all nations hav-- located and
matried here. We know of two Bedouin Arab-,
part of an exhibiting troupe that came to this coun
try several years ago, who married wives and are
rearing offspring in one of the Hudson rivir coun
tii s. Sum has its representatives here in the fa
mous twins, and in one of the tip town streets, a
weatliy native of Morocco domicilites with a West
chester county spouse. The mixture of Dutch,
Italian, French, Spanish, English, Iris'.i, D.nih,
Swedish, &c , is perfectly bewildering; but lhe
amalgam. tion of the Irish'and the Chinese is mor
than bewildering it begets a chaos of ideas from
which no ray of intelligibility can be safely elimina
ted. Imagine a scion of thia stuck chatting gaily
about" Josh" in oce moment, and speaking ot hid
father Ping Sing Chi, and in the next, whirling a
shillelah at a priiu'uy election, and swearins that
he go -s in, tooth and nail, or rather bo !y and
breeches, for t;e nottiinntioti of his nioiher'a broth
er, Patrick O'Dowd. Oh, what a country id this!
Ar. Y. Mercury.
IIabits is toe Pclpit A correspondent of
the Clirixtiin Jlefiector is holding up a-few pictures
tru to life, for the DOlice of such of liia clerical
friends as nny hire need of them, hoping the re
flection will do no hirm. He siys:
I notice in 6ome cases handkt rchief habit in the
pulpit., which has led us to inquire if ihb use of that
very u.-cessary article i a part of theological train
ing. I notice soma ministers take it out of their
pockets, as they do their sermon, and lay it on the
pulpit. Some spread it out U'nlliwiB through
the middle of the Bible; some roll It up, and tuck
it undir lite Bible; 80iiit- shake it evry few mo
ments over their heads; some tl-.tich it in. their
hand, as if they were yoing to throw it at the audi
ence; ana some Keep ciowuins 11 jinn intir pueaem
and pulling it out again, with a nervous movement,
as if thev did not know what other use to make ol
their hau Is. I went once to hear a popular yount;
preachei, and as much as half his sermon wa made
up of pocket handkerchief ; and trie most ol the
other half was gold witch and scraps of poetry.
Gentlemsn Take Notice.
THAT we now olTVr offer sale at our store,
no. is ii:uak suti;i:r,
the largest and beet selected assortment of:
Collars, Handkerchief , Half-Hose, Ac, to be found In the
eitv- and that all our goo'ij are always ct tne very oe.i
make, quality and materials.
CLil 1 a rjtwn,
Oct3. l- Ctdxt atreet.
Dyeing and Scouring.
VMl-itTNPKiv.-rANDlSoi bavins? occurred between
myjtlf and 11. Kubly. in .ejard to the capacity of
each to do good work. I cal ai on bim to settle the same
bv reiieumjr him ta dye a numlier of patterns, and ex
hibit the tame with my work at the Pair. He haj refuted
to comply with my requet. an I I now claim to do the best
work, and he is so certain of the tact that ha will not ex
hibit hi work before judge".
Oci8 !8t A. HEINRICII.
Agricultural I-urcau.
THi: vrtTI! fa 1 it ,
PPV3 ON M'l.N'OAV. THS tiTa INST., to continue
lurin ihs week. Tickets of aJntioa mv be ad
at the 1 lli te ol tt. Lust. F,q., in the city at anv tl.De, and
iuring the Fair al the ticket o3i !e, ner tbe gste.
The gatekeeper wid mt re-aiv money, an 1 partiea
Ti it ng tho grounds will please supply tiieuielve with
tickets. TllUi. B JOHSSDN.
Oct! -d3 wlt. Treasurer.
sru vi;a cow.
STRAV-T) froTi this city on the 'i.'trt ult., a Urge Disc
atn Mri.T COW; "he has some white on her belly and
neck, and ts a fine 11 i'kr, A lineral revari ill be paid
to anv one giving information of her at thi, ofiee.
Broadway House.
I n 1. ."C HU-CI 1 .1 .... ,t..-...u 1. -
Boardrrs.bsing situat, in a c(itral lici'it ta fZ?
all Ihed tierent Kailro ds convenient to the Me tical
eohee, the post otfee and the rn er, ren lri 't tSe n t
denrsble place in the cltr fjr travelers an I dsy botrd-ri.
Members of the Legislature, Stale its and the traveling
public g- rll are earne tly requested to visit this hott-a.
No pains will be spared to ren 'er all who eo-ne comfortable
andcontected. WM. P. BNCH.
The Excelsior Corn and Cob Mill.
a AS just received the nlht preasiaoj at the great
National Fair al Louvn!-, an 1 ! at the t'h'O 8 late
Pair at Cincinnati, over lb. a Lutla Oiant, Eur and Slagic
It ia adapted 'a crn'hing Corn nd Cb, Kye, Oa' Ac,
for stock, and for grtndiug fr fdy use, distilleries,
Ac. Iu grind rg surfaces can be receaed at a wt of
three dol.ars, bo ng Ctst separate L'om the other portion
of the Mill.
.'arnuhed comp'ete. with tw pair cf grinding rinri for
flf y dollars. Trasaiing Ageo's wanted - sell the above
M il. J.v. BLuni3i J .
oc.7 UtwaaS a. f I Co:lea atree-, Naihvil e,
IXTK are now ia receipt of or Fall Importations, which
iV are uuosaa.ly large; consisting tn p t of choica
elections of
M. DtLaises
: shitaeooda.
Curtain Gcoli.
Table DaBiseka,
Tritaso.ing'a, sVc.1
Crest Crg.as U EICS SILX3, tmta larg aoctiiica
inKe Tors.
Toatitch e Invita the spet!l alleatjon cT the ttde
ielug dteraiaei 10 dJ an ciuiv Ci ssJsos,
feel cocali-Bi e ca f-fer g eatsr itdJcemejU (has caa
tefoua I in sn? ttbr Hoif in theenr, K-a a vanets ef
ti!- ti mice.. Ait we situs e.reiitl saajuiaauoa el
VT A.4 ). 0. "LCLLA'D,
JlftroncUtaa Eatius Htusf.
tl7l v.:l cuss s Fit' Lattmsat, txsrtitt t CJv aai
V t hsrr. .les-j.TCt-lA'Af,'1 u Ot'tt Jscit.
i. m vv. WtKijt;
M lillU 1IUV l Ott ks MI.
0.1 I ejr .y ran t tsl ff J arr'vto at
li.S t,lLvt. . u4li
UNSXAMPLFE) gocc.sacf On brilliant.'Comlo Artistes,
Mr. and 4fr. JOHN hhi w- h
lineatiooj continue to fill the Theatre nighly.wiih the
First Citisens of N ihville. .
n mia fveou.g, 1t,arsda, October 8th, 1S"T, will be
rTeenteti the tlegant Cumediet a, called I HE C0i-Lr 6K
BJ.. Overture by th Or-lKtr Th. mr'nrnir.c. will
concl'ds wi:h the roaring irrist Drama, er.t.tled MORE
Atter a retirement from public '.its fjr twenty Years,
On College Ptreet. in KashviUe, on Wed resdav, Thursday,
Friday, and ?at 2 d .y, ctober I h, Slh,9-h. and K'tb.
AFTESNOON from 3 to f; and EVES IN 3 from 7 to 9Jtf
The?e extraordinary individuals, universally ackno fl
edged to be an
Are row making a brief toor tbrou 'h the TJ-.ited ?ta'e,
previous to a v sit tn Kurope, and will be f uad agreea le,
intel 'ipen and comrnunicti ve.
Adm.aaion fcf y cents. Caildren anler nine jears, ha!f
price. Oct5.
Trom the erouDd wj niLe the Tent of L. B. Lent's
MamtnOtb. National CilCU3 Immediat-ly before open
icg me uoors for the afteraoou performance.
ALL. MLLK. AfiNI-8 I E LKRCQ will walk a TIGHT
WISE from the ground to the top of the Pavilion,
a iicksiit of i:k;iitv feet;
and FR0KFSC01 HEMMfNT will ach:eve a similar fet,
No or e should fail of witnes-sine this extraordinary dis
play of intrepidity and address, which is
At NashviPe on the afternoon of Thursday and Friday,
October Sih and 9th.
The largest and most completely equipped Iquestrian
Establishment in the World coirpries the Greatest
Tfoupe of tnropean and American Male and Female Ar
tists, and the most Magnificent Collection of Hi hly
Trained Horses and Ponies ev.-r brought together, afford
Ing facilities for the presentation of every imaginable
variety of Kijuest lian, inmatic and Acrobat ic Pe- form
ances upon a scale of magnificence never before attempted
in thH country. The i.orpeuu Entree of the K.-ta li-bx
nier.t into the vario is towns cf Exh biiinn ill te fo-.-.nd a
Spectacle cf sur a-firfr grand nr. Tlie brilliant pi occa
sion will be ltd by the 11 .NU CII RIOT drawn bv
And managed in pairs by U r N RY LACfcY, the mojetn
Jeh and
Each Ever.iniN entertainment will conc'u le with the
GKAND iri'VUAIiY -f'.OTxC' E of
Or, tlie. Seven Champions of Christendom.
Thurtdar and Friday, Oct. 81U und Otl.
Alio, at
Fiyetteville, Monday October Mh.
fhelbvvi le, Tue(lav " 6'-h.
Murfreesboio. Wejnes'lav " 7ih.
Doors open ai 2 and T o'clock; Performance commences
half an hour alter.
ADMISSION7. ...... 50 cents
Chil'li tn under 10 years of age and Servauts, "
Oct 4.
FALL, Al VI l'i;u
Bonnets and Millinery,
Thursday SIH ol' October.
X7'E have msde nnu-mal preparations and n-aeic liVe
v display in Fincy Fo iritt-, Head Iires-e. Ac, this
Fill, and hope to be crowded i'h onr l.ady friends aDd
strangers to make their feiec'ions. ilavn g been engaged
for over V0 years in thi. clianjreabie World. Of fuhima
we inupt please the ino t fastidious in goods and prices,
consisting of
J'Ki pieces of Ribl-on:, la'e't tvlcs.
1 Oi 0 of every new and rir-h design and stle.
Mti Caiituns of Paris r'loers , a perfect flower garden.
61) " Kirn Os 1 ich and Maraioo I'lumes ; Birds
cf Paradi e. Ac.
80 cases colored Straws, Bjgil and Chenille ; litest fall
10 " colo-ed Leghorn Flutts, Gipsejs, and Cl.il iren
B innets".
55I boxes Rnsias and Thule Caps.
1"0 dox. Hoop SHrts, a I the latest styles, for Fa'l.
2d " Cloth lal'iias and 1'loakn, latet sty es, at unpre-
re 'ented low p--ices.
50 " Rich Buck lijgle Collars, an 1 Trimruiug Laces.
I.ikewifu a fine stock of Needlework, (to j l in -et, Ac,
consist. ug f Jaconet, M .Heie, Mus'in. ll.mfnatun, Ac , in
Collars, rleeve. Worked H indi, Kmbro dend Handker- -chiefs.
Lie; Veils, Ac, l.ailies l'aris Ci lliut e Caps, Mohair
Head Presses and rich imixirted Head Ures."es iu lie (treat
est splendor. L:kewie rieli ornamented g o N, Combs of
every new .tvle, the Bnn;t Comb t keep Bonnets in the
right pltre; the new sty e KItit-tic Role fur the head, fine
aud medium Cabbanand many fancy t.oiid, too numerous
to mention. A Due stork of woolen poo. is of Talmas, Chil
dren's Coats.l ejins. Hose, Mi tlsc&rf. and the Ute t stiles
of Kigoteats for parties. It if impossible to give vou a lull
description of our i' lllS'O'k, it wi 1 require your personal
attention examine. Having 13 ve.rs experience in
Nashville, 1 li ttler unself il at 1 C tu cow plca-e U:e most
fas'idious, not only in goods but iu prices.
The great a-id uni.receilen'eJ pjtroLage we receive from
one sea-00 to the other, we tlatt-r our-eive, s fu'ly estab
lished our Etablishroeot fir Rich Millintry (jos. No
deceptiui as regar. s Ki.-luoli-. We have our Agent at
fans and London to keep us i osie J, and bring out lbs
tjles as soon as eihibiLcd at Kur'pe.
L. 1?K, Agent,
Parisian Vilhnery Hjtaar,
octfi. No. 46 t'nion M. nest door to Ctate Hank.
tW Countrv Me chants and Mil. iners supplied with a
mall bi 1 if gcodt at tu.lv as low tries as purchasing
K'st. II mucu renovated in s aperior sty .e a id reas -nable
chaiges. ocio.
ax an, 1 Mt jTiii:i:x.
B"NNKT3 of iivsav trairri ja isn raica, srd of th. j
Liro-T titt; llead-i-reues, I. ejs-Caiis. C.-nlJren's I
Euibr.iidered H od , Cim, Ac, Ac. 1
Constan l.v on hand a full assortment of '
Lad rs. ral and see. oct 6 tf.
Tiiuitsu av, ocroiMirt htii,
o r 1: x 1 x a i) a y.
MrS M. nARTY. No. ?J . Ca nnWI'i ft!o;k, Vn'on St..
u stair., r'-oeti'ul'j a moun-es to tie ladie if
Nas'ivi leanl Vic nit, hat she wdl have rea.iy f.ir th-ir
inspec im of her fu I sto-k of rich and r'rgant MilIir-.erT,
Bonnets, and 1 riaunings, that has barn selected with great
Care and tas'e.
S atnpinir, f-r braiding and embroidery, neatly execu
ted. tc6.
STRAVFD from the pl'ire of J A. Payne, ahoat the
tsl r.f auga-t li.t. lUlf HOKS", with a rn p nose and
a b'nish in the ett eve, on-, or
both, bird feet a bite.
a saddie-mieks on hi, baos, f
tint, and walk. well.
wm.t. waif sip-
oe tf.
R f. l. HOWS HTi)v, ho. C, Cnloa rec', nrs
Market, repeef ulle annotince, ts the ladles of thi.
city and v--ini?, thst hs ai!i oicn for eah bium and
sale 01 firunl Ji'Sf, OrtMirr tth, he nea le
of rLt. AD WlSftrt LOW. Ts ANt MlL'.PEHv
CO li s. Her a-0't"-.ert alii t e fcuad on isua'.'y rich
aal ele .?!', roufr-in tie tti t atiraciiv, at well as
n-eful ct the ehic't tt. tes of the dt. H.r aiipply
BONNaf s and U tC TatVDIi tus ,h tke t-p'CaJ
purauir ia e nmend.ng to the attention of btj.r,, as b
Is Brtkidc4 nuttus. o.r ntitdest or kutt ut can loand
laihec-ty. cc i - m
New York Millinery Emporium,
33 l-xiom stiii:i:t
LONNbTis tsl
roastttir.g t,f Urge asd ssr.ti iuU'tu,toU cf every
Bufei.r atd few thai euM be r.c-red at tiia lasiuoast
kie F-n Ui e-.i-,-i. In N V jra
H'-a U-JJ ss, fcv jig ott ml attcatise es verirae in saa
Mil iorg tio tot, aud basing parsaai y se ecexi Ui
?lois. L a users liii n ai trr irixui m p;c .
Ui irt Uxuatvus. la i.K.h.nt; tjuoat, the tt eu
tin fiilioti. ij iff luuaJ j. itite aiia evert t r-ichs le
s. ra.lt m La te.' fur. a.t tai, a. till a. Vi..nrT.
Xvvy a.- o! J latia htitr t, nt UVwU It s svaaoitl
- Oli H-tfivti retiiij.iasa aM Ksti.t l ta t. UvX sy:t.
For Exchange Bank Notes.
r"pHE undersigned offer for sale the Rio Mills, and fif
X. teen towu lots, some of them containing the most
desirable basinets hoa-es and dwellings in the city of
Murfrees-boro", U-peihtr witb twenty thon-aud barrels of
F cur, at the market vtlue, and wiil tit in payiutnt the
notes of the j.chacge Bank of Mu-freesboro at par
They havt lo aboai forty thojsiud dol as wortfi of
buib'.ou si gooa men as can be fount in Kuiwuru
county, whic'i tlie will eichange, dollar f jr oollar, for the
notes bf the said Bank.
Blurfreesbcro Oct. 8, H37 1w.
& CO.
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods,
I-o. 5, College
? 2 have now in store an rnnna'!v lare n-I eVgantly
Vt aborted utoc of Fll ar.d Winter GooJs of ery
de-cripi'oi, and e are prepared lo otfer greater induce
ments to rersns wihinu artii!e in ou' line, than it has
ever bi'en oa? pleiure 10 do. Ou tto"k, ho'h a to qoal
ity nd varetv, will conr.p ire w.tl iin.v n the country, and
price snal! be as low as ir is possible fir them to be.
V t.ien and itrn)fer vi Itio? th-i city mi r.o well to tnve
ou stock aa e-rlv and ttioro-iirh etam ntion, as we feel
we cvn make it 10 the'r interests. We wnuid call th ? at
tention of the biveri particulirly to the following dtptrt
uents in our butine-s.
Dress Goods.
Elegant three fl nineed i n ;
" two " do;
Doub'e fkirt do
" Bavalere do;
" Itiilal Dr ssec;
" Dinner do;
' Kveninp do:
" Robe;-'4-Qjil';
Mornini 'obe ;
" Print d De'aine.
Together wi-h an endle-s varii-'v of medm-n and low
priced Mlks. 'n Flounce. Koes a Q lill -, und bv the rard
in pla n. p aid, st' ioed nd bjvml re , alio a-in -lac-erl
and ioahle-twiUed Merim and Cashmeres Oreat va-ie'y
of all wool and L'nion Plaids, Voasde'aines, and every-
thlusnew an desirabein this way.
Cloaks, Shawls and Scarfs.
We have dow the largest and mo t eleen''y aborted
stock in this wav. ever j-een in the c-inntrv, manj of which
ere i rported bv e-r. A. T. S'--wjrt A Co , of Sew
York, expressly for oar sales. In Velvet, wt have them at
all prices, from IS to '2iKl. We have alo black and irrey
cloth, ard Beaver Tilmas ar.d lo rina'-s, c , fr ladles
and ch ldren in a'l qualities at frcm ihee dollars p
Shawls in al ii s and q i ilitles, ho h -qaare a' d ! ng. from
the mos' ord narv totoe mon elecant. A'sJ s received
a freh Invoice of tho-e e'e;sn'. hiuh colored all Silk Cl.e
nele Shawls that are reall b-au if ;l.
Iaces and L1ii1?i oideries.
In (h's line our st oc is superb euih acin al the novfl
ties of the e on. Collars an I NeiVes sepxrate and in
setts, both for colors and mourning; elriant Hrulal Vei a
ard HanokTchief-i, l.c- Kalln, real and imitation; J ic met
and .-wiss Tri r..ine- and Plouncir gi. Heal alcucieuui.,
Point Aplique L ces. In-ertins, c , "c.
House Furnishings.
3 4, 10-4, 10 bv 12 4. 10 bv 1 4 4, 10 bi 10 4, Pamak Ta
ble t ilth-, H-4, 7-4 8 4 and 10-4 lableDaoas bylheyard.
Ml is-s, eoli rel wol, I'ninn and To-'on Table t loths,
P air stri et Toillinette. Nap inn toirether wi'.h a" Uinds
of Diaiers. loweli les .M r-ei Ie. Qu Its, Ac.. c. Als all
widtliy cotton aud linea Sheeting-., Pi. low 1 iuens, Djmes-tic-,
etc , etc.
Curtain Cords.
Flegant Satin l.aines in a'l c ilor, with trimm!n(rs to
mi'ch. E ej;ant Kepi in hioli eo ors, m xh riinninus to
niatch. i Ke int l ace M si n ''.at tain; ail wo unio and
Coaon Di.aio in Krea var,ety, iot!et:;er wi h Co.cices,
Curiam P ni, and Ha d.
i'uretiii and Oil Clotli.
Real vvj ton Crp. n. I-'e taut elvet and Hrue's, in
areat variety. E eeant 3 I !' and Inm an. a, th-I;.iriairs
t eUriTitanilbe-t asi r'ed we lave ever oUred. aol
at oier 1 rirci. Al-o, Vciiet a- d B us-els l a i and hali
Carp, 's; I i e I and plain Venetian in all wmths; lone lier
wi n elt, Druiisjet-, Cruoil) cl ith-, i uts Mnls,c , so.
We are pie a edto :iake and put d;)n Carpet" l the
thiTtes: nn're. e have a 1 iCk-e ot or Floor 'il Cloths
of the t.st makers, ami in all wdth-, which we will ui in
any bhiie to suit purc'.aer.-.
Staple (Joods.
We hive an unit u . Ily lar.e lot uf ail kinds of Domestic
(toodt, leached 1 nd Itiown Cottoi s; wool, union and coi-
t -n F.auije s. Ht ripi d cotton for servant-, in prrat variety.
H- avi imo'ln for hou e and Held mtvhuh. Prints Uinit-
I anis, Hosiery, i.luvii in short every thing in our line.
an i at 1 rices that cannot fail to give ra'i.-lai-non
Oc 6 It C. M:NAIIvY A CO.
Gentlemen rurnishing-
RK now rtc-:iving and optr ning at their Store, No 2'
. S'oulh liile I'ubiio Pqu ire. a very large and entirely
new stock of Fall and Winter Clothing, Furnishing (soods.
and a f,o-d stock French Cloths, t as-imeres an Vrstnigs,
which we will make up to order and warrant to nil or no
eild. Most of our st ick of Keadymade Clothing we can
safely rcconimeiid it hs ne.ng free from the u ual object ions
of I-astern iniiil.- l lo hing. Our btocK CJli.-ia s in part ot
the fo lolnit aril'-e: :
French t lo.hs A Caimeres; Morino Uudershirts A Draws;
Velvet, Pluih Vettini: and AH Wool L'ndetrnrts:
Ve ts: Blea A ISro. Caovoti Flannel
Blaek and l'ncy Grenidioek; llraws and sM'ids;
Over Co;it; Woolen a Chcne Con:forti;
Muscovy Heaver Ragland:; Ml I ndtr-birts;
Royal Sultaud Cireulnrs; Col'd tbirt. an I Collar;
French ami knglirh t'eaver; jtanau rav ts and Scarfs;
U reek Sacks and 1 aim is; 10 s' at d Yout h--' .-hi rt.;
Dres an 1 Kroc Coals; Miti-' patented hhou'Jer
portsn.eu's t'oaU; Hesm Shirts;
A large Stock of I ants; Yiw. and Maraeiles Shirts;
Boys' tivercoa's, Shirt Cull 1 1;
Boys' Froc Coat A Ja kets;Linen Oa mb. and Ponge
Olliee snd liusiness Uoata. "rys;
Neck Ties, Olovis and bus- Shirt Uoorus;
pendrrs; Hose and I'mbrella;
Meleel thst with our loni experience and faculties we
enjoy, we have t-uccreJel ia b .ng ng an isiortmeut of
good-, wh'cli ctuiio' tail to p. a?e as regards styie- and
pr ces. Ve iuv.te the attention of consumers, and ill
ebgage to give sati f iction to a l who may lavor us with an
examination ol our Stock. KOYSK & t.LVKfON,
Nashville, S;pt 13. N . 3', South aide I'jblic 8.nare
F 11 A i C I S C O ,
Io. Itiblica Siiaie,
WAKI1 VlaM,Uf ti;nm.
T tiCroBS:R, lT.and he prepared to eshlt lt a largrr,
and choice st ick of La ti-s and Mli.es Fancv Prfs Kun,
'ban we have ever b -fore o lered, embraiig Russian,
Hudson Hav and Canada Sable, Stone Ma'ten, Fi'cli, H-
berim parrel, Lyna.aiil all the lower grade' of Fur.,
maJe tp i 1 the la e-t itvl. Some very ba .d ome Kobe,
and FOot' MCFFJ, fir cart i ices.
A. J. FKAVCI CO, Furrier,
ep:26. No. 23, fa "i Square.
For 1037.
CI KNTI.KMFJJ who are ae I.I I u-t 10 er sTt'TT II AT
X are in Ited to call and ex an iae tl.i. beautiful style at
tlie Hat and Fur t.mpori-iiu of
A. J. Frt NCISC .
i? I'ublic Sijunre.
Those French Felt Hats.
VFRFSH supply Ja.t received at lhe F.mporium fTI
of 'P FKSS- I-i" .S. IH
epfi3. 2 1 1'i.b ic Square. "
se I for Notes t-f the llink f fNa.-h.ilie, or rer.inrd
check oa it at the same triers that I hare aiaajs ataed
lor tt:e nroperty.
aept-i. A. V. f. I.INI FLF V.
;i .ti 111:1. f 1. m.
sTfAlifi FKPT
a so ted Outi Belling on hand and
II IMC A. r iltoxt:.
OV hand and for sale by
.ept!. i- n. di:kkt.
"" White Stetl Wheat.
TMHK nnders'gced bason rand some suirlor crops of
X M h.te w heal a hit b atll be to'.d lor teed la qaaatitic.
to sail purnhai-ers.
aep ii. D. D.D1CKFY.
(MLVA.MZLU Willi:,
ON han I and for aai by
sept .it.
D. D. riSKKT.
A Selrrt School fur Young Ladies.
l'i:ili:i ta opened I tr e ol in a retired
of tt.e c ly . Co' oer ot Inn and Hi. rate s rela.
Cast e uao 'a los. fl. ms has ta.ru the t r. ocfe o aat.
'r j: nr. .vi m :
Ej,lth Braccl es, per Session of 5 rcon-.hi, J3 00
Lat.n, Fretici. ,!;.!; uh, I -..li.a, and i.eroaa, each
per rnnih , 5 f0
Vla.ic, 1'iano, tr te s on go 10
tJuitar, " " i5
. Draatng, Fa ntisg aod Sarnie Wsri, a u. p-tiei,
Tu.tiua 1 Jbi suct::Ll 111 alva&ce.
Kirlkiitu J. F. r-aasL, tt-fertnieaJent of tie Nah
iile H tl bcboul, r. ii. Ifuhi, t-reskKut of tn Board of
Seaa a. ,4 sdtf
to thi: ptiTiMc.
A advertkemettt tn t- (,'m.tv, of vasierdav aoraitif
aso.Hiticea ti at -sbau,p beo Ukrn by tba
aiard krce," and Ifial esea "I m i Nsmicus a.s la its.
itt " t 10 teturtn iB M .jj., a 4j rroot (.,
s well barralwl at4 OiirJ, wild (sttet bd, and
Isruulif I asitt ad n ecaarv f.atu'es krf 'lyiog asa
"'i--ii ." sw-r w aay ti.ii1 ucai in i eiij. 4
0. liar araatvea Utat ae a wai twi e,u .l, bat a tperio
to au 1 tmul a ba Utians, sol .a la ptciuatf m
oi-i- lp wa 'fcir-k, aLl nsiibr. tf.a mu. s.ep iat, eteu-
ti(.iJ it!. A hklM.lt tl a tt ,
Is taiaaus a. tiatsa.-a,
tautti. d 'tool .ueet.
Autumn - Style
Klddltbtrfr's llatl i'oue.
SkVl ,t:JUKeii-tt ukes cea.iuu ta ibhuuu'S ta lb pub
1 :c. W ot, ike im cr Kits or, be Las g rrn liji lb
euio) ut vl 'rLSl t-iii.t) " atid ibii.r4 la loan, li.s
buu t s.a tvet.J, atiJ t fcpes 10 see agsits the
iciii.tl lcaa I t. O'sJ Irt.tiaa attii eostkuxra, ta b
(iias aUiU'ted a..b tuts el tte asr. kj '.a nts !. I
al-ajs i.ixfi:y .ui....u a.ta U to. 1 at I a'-
LifA. si a hvee
e'j'U. i, - I...
Fanny Fern's New Book.
F r c s Ii Li c a v c s .
In one volume. Blue and Gold.
From Vis Sew Vort Courier,
Fanny's leaves are alwavs fre-h. livlv and j iqnn, and
they have the aromi of na uie about -hem. 1 here are a
eroa msny t rofesred cri i-s who say that Kannv i ri de,
vul-r snd flippant. Fut thjg class of critic think lhat
anything is eoarse and vulgar, and flippant, that is not
coramon-pi-ice and rull, and stuiiJ. .S aketperre. and
Hvr. n, and terne, and Aridisnn. snd risl- ia , are drr.d
fullV carfe. and they re d'earif.dl pni. Ur. A Frerch
cri'ic bs comra'ed fhakpeare to a dung hii), but what
of i;T Critic will have their fay, od thev have a rih-to
say wht they think: a"d the p ihHc ha a right to hi"k
too; and it alTavs exerc-e 'I is ijhi without anv tore
regard to the OTinion of C'i'ics ihsn the wraiher shows
for 'he vane on a chorrh Jteep'e. The puhlie have given
nr.questionable eviderces of likirgKanny Fern's fleiches,
and the piib'is nevr a. prove o' wha- is eoar-t and vul
gar. Fannv's stvle has the viv( py, tersene-s, and epi
grammai ka' i;veline cf the Fremh school, while her
fancy ts so fuH of ger ill tendernes, ar d as teemin with
simple dramatic cenef and feclin' as the row t beany .nd
Minm-sti-o Engli.-h wilt rs 'ther sre oro viis com
plain that she It a irere par' grapl 1 t, and to she H, and
so were Solomon, art Franklin and I'ope, nd Wontsiitne,
ar.d La Rochefo cacld and Brcon. Hi:t it would be an
odd obuetion o ma e t- any author iha c" pressed
irto a t aragraph the wit whii-h another in vain .'temnted
to rtiffue throuuh an eiav or a volum. Fanny Fn 4
ciimbed into a reputatten threogh the grea"et difScmes.
!he wrote for ob-irure omai, and compelled th world
to recogi iz; her griiiu-i In sj i:e rf the unfortanata chan
nels through wt-ich sne addressed it
The present vo'ume i. a verv pretty little one with gilt
edg, and a qusi-t bind irr wi ich an aniiqjatfd look,
mating a very agreeable contra-.! to the common blue aod
gold cow the ra-e am ng book minur e'urers.
From Vie c Yji Z e-.
Finny Fern mat appenr a ihouiand t:mes wi-h Fern
Leaves, Palm Leav. s, nd anv leaves but final leaves tak
ing, and she will te as jg cexble as ev-r Al hough she
call hr iast book, i-i ue l in suye' h style bv Mes-rs. Ma
son. "F'res-h l eav. s.'' whatever she w riles ha" on i fare
the romii on loi k and ijtor t.f an ii'el eel in its orin e.
The eye is fixed as keen, the vo-ce just a d. c- ive ms ever.
Let her faults be w hut they o a w bei-ever F .uny Fern
writes on a sjhisrt jt is concluded ou leel the ron f i t
there is in being in 'he hand of a n a.-ter. or tii-ireRS
ra-her. This i rne of her lirhe-t puhlcarinns bun-full
of life, vr ed and abundant. The cad tor the book will,
no doubt, be loud and loi-g.
W. T. BERRY &.
sept 29.
Docsticks cu "Aolhin to M'far."
W. T. BEERY & CO.,
Nothing to Say.
W hich has
'Nolhirg to Do' villi "Nothiiiii to
1 vol. Su erbly I!lu.-trittd 1 n tii.Ud pti er.
V. T. nr.iuiY COMPANY
A new upply of
iVotliiiii' to Wear,
I'flll Iitrj'rl 's HVri ';.)
Profusely aiid Ilegar.tly Embellisted,
And printed . n 1 int-d I'p r,
With Kxqui.-ite aod Engraving, fiom Or ginal Desigcs
by IU l-i' IN,
(The first humormis artist in America),
12xo. Handsomely bound in Cloth. Pp. CS.
This wonderfully clever satire upon the fashions and es-
trsvaeance of New York fen.itlt a'istocrac.v , uppearnl first
in IttrjM-rs' Wttlly Journal, mid to cuntplete a lit did it
prove lha: Ore hund ed an.l fortv thou.-and cot ies were
sold, snd new rdi'iors are -til b-ine ra'led for.
DOCTOR ANTONIO, A Tale of Italy,
l'2iuo. elegantly bound in i-'oth ard 1 luslrated.
(Fro'it Me I'oflvn. Poht.)
"The most inte-e-ting story s in e Jane Fyre ....
gloa ii g ith rxquinte p elm es of Italian p enery. . .
. . It will late its place as one of the standard novela
of the Kngl.th language."
Just received by
,ept25. W. T. BKRRY C'V
outnumber, in 1 rarti.al ue. all
an 1 have be.-n exteusitely and
M. oihers oornbined.
profilaiilv used for the past nveu ye r, 00 ev. ry iou-
ceivabie detcnption ol woik. lit at eiage pi oti t oj using
one is
They aloie eon'hine the three great tiiential of me
chanism, via: si Kkl), "Tl.iMnlf, ami DU AUUiiv,
and will e the finest as men s tbe cosrsen imncs.
without fault. For fan II v use, Ires-n akiug, lalonng.
Boots snd fhn, Hsrnens aoik. H.ig. Ac, t'ev are In
valuable Both l.ie of the ttitcti temg time, it can
peith.T rip ror ravel.
The Machines will be eonrtrou-iy cm diu a, at an tnues.
at onr
ot rici't 40 it 111.it; tjt aiii;.
(Over rt'Ck.1 ' Ina H ill.)
Orroi les of I. M Pirger To.'s (iaxette ill be furnish
ed, cr mailed grali. 10 all who desire icfrmat.on con
cerning fcesing alachiliaf.
WM A. MNGER, Agent.
X3T Central office, 45S UroaJaay, N. V.
LL rkiod of I'lain aod Deci rativc Paper Ilantting
done in tb' beat manner and the cheapest prices bv
Orders Ml at VV'm. Reara, No. 17 Desderick street, w ill
be promptly attended lo.
Mass A.R. CaouiR, M.Mtaaa.
J. Ii. Wuira, Iloaaatoa,
hepUl I- M. ronav.
rHK snbi-cnbershave a TEAM PAW MI I.I. in suocens
ful opera! wo In Jne ion county, Ala., on the N.-h-Vllle
and CKal-anoiga Rii od, near Me-erion Depot,
and are prepared to furnish all k'r.ds f l.umt.er, a id in
any quantltv, on the .nor a t notice. 1 he.v re.pri fully
s-ilicit orders from persons in ihe oitv of Naahnlie wishing
I . n,i..r of a- v de cr ption They will deliver Lumber at
any derton ti Hailtoad.
elll.i m
crLt HRATin
of a Letter from a
Kedicsl Gfstleaatn,
M'iKieTia, Mst, 1-vM:
"Tel! LKA . I'KR
KINs that their SAl C
t luht. eteeuied iu !n
lia, and is. iu my opio
on. the most palatable,
TO EC Tilt
aso arrut'auLa to
a a. a c.i as trie iuusi
ffholei-unic tauce tbat is
Tne only Medal awarded by the Jury of the New York Vx.
hibituin fcir knre.ta huee, a tihtaiti'd by LEA A I'l R
RINS. for tlietr Vi uKfi.-Tt-iHIKL f Al CE the ao ll-ald
faro of whicn Laving led to nun.eroua in. I ationt, pureSia'crs
a. ntnr.l.r miur'sted lo ee that the i.aniea of ' LLA
PI KI-.1NS" are luiprc-aed upon the llottie and tilopper, and
pru.leJ upm the labels.
tole V bo.ifckie Agents for tlie L'u:ed Mates,
30im DUX CAS t S053,
405, It ro. tl v u , V.
A stock alaavsln suwa. AUo, orders rece'ved for dire
shipment frout LogUud. I . 'ti P-
N&shulle to Charleston and Savaaaili.
sir vl ., I . r... tVi. .lata eattoa will be eari'ed tftn uja
? to C ar.e.t .a aud t..l " T b,,e; of 0o'
OTSI fcaj .elaht. I.e. a.,lnf. fcf t-
ierx athg' au fr I e mcc Thta
I. a r.dacuoa uf Tlti. ft b frout Mroacr rat
f kipper, tna.t furai.k tl.. Agruu aith aoorfeclLat of
wauil.lT, and ar. iM.il t r "'" ut
.mt.arera.ed. CH AS. . A NDERWM
M,s , Ueaeral Ag.ut.
jjy- -! fro" a't e tat ions wrstef evevcuson a ill ba
(h-tgaJ raiea
S.i.i.i. ' lst.1.. m
' UA.1K ' MAIIVII.L.i:.
Tl hav. a cumpltta. aUck, of Oraccxiea. eoosisUCI ia
part a(
all Valikrt Nalta, C'nllH
Tea. CU'ars, T-aia.ea, Kran-ltaa, Ac. ahivh, aith Baa
Kpe-i ta-'Kiut, acd xt bales of Amcasta I'rilb., at. of abi.kt
a. a sc.- st rcauti.Uie rate Hr bak u aaavi ks No v.
a; f..r crt F.e 1 check 1 of deposit .
y l aa alto same desirable city a n J F 1,-efl U pruirty
,h.i!i as wi.l Utpa ii-i Uvurabie teru m -.J.a su4
w. i '7 W
1. I

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