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Krotu U. S. WcHELL late of the firm of Esoxia, Visscasa,
Own A Scaau, United States and Foreign Newspaper
AdvertisaiugTAkeutt Moffat's Building , &i5 Broel
way, New Tors'. . .-- -
railed to 8td every eiimate. Pet up in wood an4
tin ooxes expreel. for shii'ping eiid jobbing.- aVld on the
e.t lit eral terms ty CUAKLE8 PaKTUDvE,
ane24 8m 115 Slaiuen-ane, hew York.
Daily, per annnm, . . . f o 00
Tri-Weekly, per annum, 5 IKI
Weekly, per annum, 3 ijij
On Weekly for two year, or two Weeklie for one
year, In advance, 5 00
..uiksJ el lLe. OF SCHOOL FL'KNITCBF, mano
iAl faotured snd for sale by N JOHNbON, No. 480 Hod
son Et.. New York. A large supply kept constantly e
hand. Circulators forwarded on application as above.
70L. XXI.
NEYSER1ES.--N0. 004.
T. HY. SMITH, 1. a.Ciir, TH08. CALLCNOIB. 1. t. JOrBS.
Office, No. 16 Deaderlck Street.
ii i
t 4 i ie i i r a n i i it
A BOUT the 8th day of Angu-t, ISO. I wis employed
hy Mes-rs. Wan -n, Wooater A Co- comport of Vt m.
0. Wa'.son. Morris Kn'gh . and Ucorge li. Woos.er. to
manufacture fewlng Machines, which were known as the
"Watson I'en Doll ir r'ewing Machine." That thereafter I
receded a notice from the counrel of O it. Poter and N.
Wheeler, mentioned in the annexed copy of inj inctln.
informing me that tl.e e Machines were an infringement
Hin Letters Patent hich they ovgni, a-d that t-its
would he im itated against me, unless I rhould otherwise
settle with ih-m. This notice I h nded to Mr. Wooster,
cue of my rmntoyers
I then made ir-vevigations lo assertsin thefct,nd
fonud thst mild Mac ine, a I believe', w:is an Infringe
ment or ssid Patent, and 1 informed s.id Watson that Lch
was my opinion.
S'i eq lenlly a snlt wa commenced aealest me by s-iid
Potter and Wheeler, arid irnme 'iat'y thereafter I io in
forme I Mr. wt.n, and r.qiesiad him to take Ciarsre of
the defence of the tame, and he refused to do no, and I
then told hi n that I would have ro lone more to do with
it, and I then ceased 'o make the Machine; and the In
j unci on, a opy of which is hereto aon-xel, issued
and erved uoon me. JOtL C.iAaK.
iaiel Ne Vo-k , Kehmarv 1Mb,. 1&57.
In preenc of Mi.ims 11. ABDHrs
I o hereby e :rl. v tanttiie above statement, .nbscribed
by m-, is cirrott and true JOLL C.iAsK.
The rrtMi'lmt nf llif X'v 'teii StitUi i f A ; rim tn '.iy.L
Cass hiH AWtrn' SrranlH, A'Jhi.tHuwl Wot i'ntert,
ami eaA an I every oj ( .,
Where it hithbeen repre-ented 'o ns In our Circuit
Court nf the United Stuti-", f r tic fuiilliern Di-lrict cf
New Yor . it inn C riU of r.uit t. on of-Or-landi
Po'ter and N:;thniel Mli-e!er, rr p'ntriants,
that thev. thesa d Or!nri lo B. pjfer n.l Na'l.sn el W tel
er hxve l!ely ex b '"led their bill of conoid it' t rpa!n-.t
you, the aid Joel C a-e, the defen Uot, to be rei ered
touching mitt-M therein contained, n whiu't lull it is,
anviriH other thinss. et forth, that vou, the paid l'-f;nl-ant,
are 'datin(? anl threateni'T to vioa'e certain e.t
ciud e rl. ht- and pri viiegeii vete'l in said co'nj lui'iiit-,
forc-.n iruclin. mikititi, usln? an 1 v iidi'nt to '.tl er to
be tided, certa n t:m rveme ti iu - viua d e'.ine., anu
that the ct lift and do nj? i-f on ilie sa; I drfc idant.arr
ctifisrary to qu tv and go 'd cnn.v lei ce; we, l'''eft)re in
COuideratin of 'he pren ij-e, do ttricl , nd until 'he
further orders of tins ourl. erijoi i and com nand you, the
ai I Joe' I hf, d J 'ur t ornevs, irvni, ar.i t ork-mt-n,
and each n 1 every oi e of tl e , vn?r the penalty
t at mar f .11 the'eon; that iou, r.d etch of ou, du fr-itr.
heic--(ort, altotrether, an oiut-ly and until th" fur;her
ord- r of this crnrt detixt and 'efrain fr vn directly or in
dlrrrj'ly, con t' ucl bj:, maKiuir, worinn, u''n i. se linsr, or
puttin I ito i racti e or ope-i 101 or in any n-counter-tei
mat or i lufniMlie iwentionor Irai roveui-tit beloiiK
I'letosaid ronit.lHinant . andd -fcrihed cltf-ned, and set
to th iu eert.ii'i l'iers Pjtt-nt of the t'nited "t iti-s, re
lud o A. B. Wil on. and bi-aruuc d'e the 2 M 'ay of
Jin-arv,lS fi, and now owned the c impUinantt, and
from in nv ay or m nner inter'erioif wl'h the r nht-i of
il l couiplHinants under rt Pa'ent, and from in any way
or in inn r violat ng or ii f iumg said Letters Patrnt, or
any ptr hereof.
Wi'ne s the Hn. RooKa B.NT.CVefJiisuce
"f the Cujirem'C nr of 'he I n ted .-late-., a' 'he
Cr y oi M w t nrk, in hi II a r ci t h t the i7 I
I o! ep'temhr, in th- ver of our Lord ont
ihjuund e x'it hundred .aid nfly-six.
IA t; .pv.
i-i '.r a - d i f f!oun el f .r Cjiit.duiDatits, C erk.
17 W.tiisi.ee,N'e Vrk.
'lTdP undersigned are prpred to in;r..nee Into "ef Id
I Tenn-K e W. r. CHILI)." A Cn.V 1MI KM" ("'LAS
ak the atieution if rchitectt, Builders, Kti:ro:id C. i..
p n;e, and the public to exiiume ithsupc-rioritj overot'ier
ARC'rTITEOTS AND BUILDEKS f-tmuld not fi. to
exati this KoolinR, a it in belter and ct e it" r Hiau anv
thinvin U'e. The initenal fonf a hard in I m oih -i r
f;tce that will res'st the aetion of the atn opl ere in evert
eiimi;" I: i- Impervious to wa'er, elastic and liexiLie.
It contracts and exnHiirl wt h the changes of ti e a'ni m
phrre, and will neither evaporate, crack uor rot, and, as to
Its rluiai'ili y, there is no question.
It I" practicilly Imperish itle, am! will perf.-cifuliv resist
any ordi nary exiernal exposure to fire, as is shundan .ly
proved, an-l we will warrant i: witer-proof. We will t n
ane to put our KooPnir on over ordinary good he.tthir.g,
old shin "les, tar -"nd uravel. tin, tine, cr purr, or iron ro f-
it making no difference how steep or fl it ihev mav lit
for even dollars per one hundred square feet, it being far
cheaper than mv Hoof of the old style, and we are surt it
will t ive better sntisfiction.
It will also he found to he the bet ltd- g ever invented to
cove' or mend old leakv tin, tar and gravel roof,, or around
chimney, scuttle, dorms r windows, an'l guuers, here the
tin is rut-d through, 'this Cement can he put on to Ic-t
as long as lone, nnd form a perfect ad1 e-ion to anv ob
ject to which it is Hppl'ad Tin Coots can he pa'nted ovt-r
(an warranted no' io letk) at two d liars and lift v rer ts
per hundred square feet, which is ct eaper and mu h hi t
te.r thn paint. This ItooSng will be found to be n.e h, st
thcng f .r cover. n lairw rtoofs wlier thev are exposed to
flr BUC, as S.ram Mills, !aw Mills, ructories, li,ilre:i.
Cars, liridges Depots Nation Houses, Stet ni.oit Decks,
and. in faet. ev r kind ot Roof here there is mi external
nposure from fire. As the Koof in perfect, without a oi it
n it, it presm s n chance for tire to comnuinicale, and atiy
iirht sule tance will burn out without igniting.
f W Insurance Odice at Cincinnati, and other plae-it
where Child- Co.'s l"e-nent hs been u-ed, inure builj
nirs with Koofs oov re 1 'ih this Ceme:,t, at ttie same
rie as lor those covered with Iron, Copper or Tin
afW The Dement will be furnished to those at a distance
with dlrec'tons for using.
r orders rent io the under-igned, through the Post
olhce.wil be promptly attended to
o. 21 iriice Micet.
Orric-B BockXTi 1-tstx 'ssnaahca rnnm,
incsMTi, Deo. 16, tN'm
1V ALL WHOM IT MAT 0'citB : This is lo certify that I
have examined ieciiiiens ai.d Koofs of W. E. Chil.u 4 Co.'s
'Elaa ic rire and VAaier Proof ement Roofing," and be
lieve it to he eroinent.y fupe'ior to any other kind of Koof
ing lo use. I was an o witue s of a severe iril of one ol
these rtoofs from a Urge volume of Uame from au a .ioioing
building. wh'Ch struck directl i.pon the roof and coruice
or ueary hlfanhojr. It Hoot the tna. berond all ex
pectation, and raved the building, T. M. UAeKr LL,
President llucseye Sta'e lnsuran. e co.
seoruary ti, l07. f
I have examined W. E Chllds A Co.'s r l.irtu: K.re and
Water Proof Ce.-t ent Kooflng," and ' 1 CHU Ju-lk-'e,
coriMder it a great invention, and am willmii to injure
.Hidings ti us protected upon the same terms as I insure
those covered by metal. JNO. S. LA.,
Agent Royal Ins. Co., Londou and Liverpool.
Orncx or tub Oi.. Hi d Dattoji Railkoai.
Childs A Co.'s Patent Cement Roofing is now used I en.
on our het elas of Muildings. We are covering our freight
Cars with i .and our Master M ehsnic rei.ons ver., favor
able to it, t. L'tloMMrDlr-f, Pres.
rrom J. B. Bennett. General Agent ol .Etna Ins Co. for tht
Southern and Western States.
CiiiCimiati, Jan. i. Is.'. 7.
Hsvmg made conii lerable Inqiur, a io the merits i.l the
Patent KUsiic (ement ' ooBng," introduced into thisi uy
h i h.n. a Po . I find it lo tehignlv reco i.mended inihs
city by many eclleut judges; 'hat it is meeting ith very
readv and treneral introduction, that its superiority over
ti. tar eomnosition KootlDg 1 decided ami Ireely ad.i IiieJ
and finally, I exi ect lo adopt it lor my next roil, a Inch will
-te DfXi summer having intenoea io use tin, uui -in iry
rji.v.riiir ol i ' e ' Patent tlastio KooDog s a sui-siit ite.
Yours.truly, J- BtX.NfclT.
Orrics or tus Ohio ad Mihsismw Kailk.ud Co., i
Ciaci.nasTi, Jan. 3, Ibiu. f
Una 8ia: In answer to your li.q-iry, in rtiercncc to
oar opiniou as to the practical ue of your i.ool io thee , v. r
cg of ar. we may ssy that fro n our observation .we en
tertain a vey favorabk- one.-so mtch o, that e miend
teaunglt ttioroughl. ou r s i f building-, ca. s, Ac ; .iter
whica e wiU with pleasure g.ve you oui d s-i ie i opin ou as
to it. utility. Yours,. .ay, . LiPPNCO ir,
Mip,dy Agent Ohio A Mi s. K. R.
srW 8ince the above w wnlien, the Ohio and Mi-sis.
sippi Rallro .d have cou'racled for covering u eir cars, Ue
k.,,i.. hnsccu a. iminnatt and V iuciii.e, w uh
this Cement, csiniidcr.n li the bel arucle they have nsed
for the purpose.
H. C. Lokd, Pres. Iud. aud Ciu. Railroad.
E.viT, Pres. Wilulnarion and Za jesviiie da'lroad.
A.r'"iKLiia, Pres MerefcanU ManufaclU' em Ins. Co
Jas. H ,utkb, Agent lor .Etna and oihr i aitfoidCos.
Jlosl ' ' lei Central In-urauce Company.
Gsw- kR otves.dent Lsfayeite lUnk
, Gf Vo rsH.Vsnurr, No. lui tal Second it,
B-.. at, t10 '"Nf 'oui lh at.
ixaa "" . -, r ""JStarrn fourth and Eifih.
"rVsVlVooP. rt1Kjrourlt, St.
mAttmzt,w- . . ..... .e.
Ik' . '
. ... GBSL,
jirrcasua. tour;':', 8pl",? .alaouUcturers an
bu ,u ijitt''
IjlllV inV CraigtiraJ a Min hiu. is a.one
M'faOU1 -.s-1 C0SftCT1 0i-l' 'ate firm mliiiuuUti .n,
1 E-t1 the oldalaad. No. .9 I'
" . .. .1 1IILI " ' .v.. iliVUtt "
rut aOlar
.....ft -."".v io "00
""J"' M i -woU ..... aopi. .fr.
;:V' KSM.' w-W-. nd,eA.--V--l
.1 O4 0, CndVever kiua V!I aud 'rUr'
I u puti riv , niui-- .-.uilei"" . ..... neri. " t a
. BUs4 u ' r,ei OTr ,telr Con'et""-- , m wiov- -
. esrlv the
he "r-ilvrr I
10 t on " Kr ad. carefwU -
t quarter
uriij the
I'.al value C
jvrriuj; 5.4.
ere iu cjuar.
.a.A C LI'" UUI -
. .roui1 , our
.rtira" -- Oi - TCw"""
ool v ..lira
.r -
llO '
6ai!'e- -rrrrTaV. CO.,
We would
iA 'trd lo a r
Mfv' so. . ' r ; b.s j t-
u'wii CorJUl
t ".'.SI
"" ' - vtSi'W ' a " IO" ,t ri
. . .a lor f'yi.i aWD r ae."Mil
.e agentV, ur H0'
erita. We
:.,.t.es '
119Nassautreet,Nrw Voai,
And No.lOState street, Bostop.
P. A Co., are A tree t; for the most influential and largest
irculatinfr Commercial Papers both in the United States and
the Canadas.
Cordage, Oakum, &c.
S.HITII, f (Hil l II A t ., 152 Front rt.,Net
York, atd 7-' l tl uj r a'aa H.. Ntw OrltanP, Mano
durers of Crrrlj.e, itir.Ar., f.fer Ur tle a full aa
sort.ieDtof 'ii'U and Isrred F.tye Navy and txtr t
Oakum. delivertkle itj Nti Vera or New OrltaiS.
ma 16 6m
'I'O fell (J ,C for a n aniif icturinsr houtein ll.ii City.
X taliir Iron. JH tl tr. 1f Of n d r i th a jd est enses.
On receipt of H , we will forwurd S ir piet by kxprei
with insU uc'.ioDs. or, address enclo-ing 1' O. Stamp for
particu'.ais C. li.nis.
Keal Fst'teandStr.ck Proktr,
No. 20, Elm St., C inr i,nati, ' hio.
Pot Orhce box 2.U0
Jone 1 lyJ.
K. C. McXAIUY & CO.,
Foreign ;:i;d Domrstic Dry Coeds,
E hre now in dcre a-, i nu-usllv larpe and elegantly
! cripi on, tnd e are p-eiare I to o :er greater induce
ments to i e s .is wi -hing ir icies in ou brie, than it hits
ever been ou p!ei-ure to do. On- ttok, ho h as to qua!
ity and var.ei , wui con p ire w th i nv 'n :h country, t.nd
ou pr.ce snaii li as low as i: Is po-uhe fir ihem to he.
Ctiien- and -tr-nger vi.-lnnv 'he city nid do ell to give
ou stock an e-rlvand tl orough eam n-t oii.an we frtl
we cm ake it 'o tl eir interests. We would cvl the at
tention of the hi vers particuUrly to the lolluwics; dtpri.
meet .11 our buincs.
J)res9 (Jo oil s.
Elegant t'oree flo'-nced ril;',
4 two " do;
I'ouh'e fkirt do.
" K:ial"te do;
" Hi i '.li Dr sses;
' Dinner do;,
' Fvelling do
Pohe s-Quil'e;
" Momin ohe ;
" I r ut d Delaines,
of'th' r i'h a i enole s variety of medium and low
nriced Mlks. ti K ounce , Pot ee a Q md by the vard,
:n plan pad. si'ioed nd h vd. re , al.-o -a'm-laeed,
ml ouhie-iv i'ed Merims ami Cashmeres Great vnie'y
of .-ill wool and t'n'cn t'ikids, t'ou-de'aines, and every
thing nw au i d s r h e in this av.
Cloaks, Slmwts and ScaifV.
( hate nw the lari;e-l ar.ii n o t elegant'y "" e'e 1
tnck in t) i- t ii . ever ee'i iu ihe en nlr. , many of wroc'i
. re i po ii d hv e rs A. T. H'-wan A Co , of New
Y ir, xpre-i-ly tor our -ales. In Vl t , w. h ve them at
all price-, from IS '-''" we ' ave al o black at.d irrey
olo h.ar d Heaver 'fira-is snd lo g loa'-s. sc.. f r ladles
and ch 'dren in a I qualities at from di ee diller p
ti.i l-inl mi -f and q rihtie", ho'h quarea-dl n from
tie iiiom ordniiir- to t ie mo' e! '.'ant. Al8 jus received
a fre-h In voice of tho e c'tjaui hiih Colo el alt S ilk die
nele bhawls f.at arc t-..s b -au if j I
Lai-es and Kiuhroitlerieft.
In 'h's line out stoc tssuiierb - ( mh acini ali the noy. 1
tie of the sea o Collars and t- e. yes sen .rate and in
sens, b.th for colors ant mourning: el gtnt liridal Vei's
a d Hanuk- rchief , !. .r K .lis, real a-'d imit stion; J .oriel
and -i-s I'ri mi.igs and Kl mnci gs. t'eal aincienii.s,
Poiat Apliq'ie I. ccs. In ertin."-, 'c , 'c.
Ilui(e Titi iiisliings.
54.1,11! .j 12 4 In by 1 4 4. 1' h Id 4, Darnii'k Ta
Lie i -ll.ih .i;-4. ; I - 4 a'Ml l"-4 I aloe Da as- by the yard
Ml tizes. oh re I wo"l, L nion and (oi'on Table t loths,
p. ait uri e l 1 '.."iurettes, Nap ins. together w th ) klutis
of Diapers. I owe i -ifS M r-eide- yu Its, .. Ac. Als'. all
width-eo'ton and linen r heeling , P.ilow 1 inens, Domes
tic-, etc , etc.
Curtain Cootls.
Hegant S it in l eines i: ail Color-, with t rimming o
m i'eli. E ei'iint :ept in hmtico ors, w ih nimo mato
i. atch. i l. g ml I sic M si n 1 'uriaiui.; all wool, uni i and
cj ion Di -. as i- ii) great var.ety, loget .er i:u Co.cices,
Cuitain I'm-, ; ti I rard-.
C artielinu's and Oil lotli.
Real Wi ton Curpits. I levant elvet and Brusse's. In
great varie'y. E e;;aiit 8 ply. and Ingraif to, th- Ii. grains
l-e largest a'nd be t .assorted we l ave ever olered, aud
at o.er i riic.. Also, Velvet and H us-els hair and hail
Carpets: I tail ie I and plain Venetian in all widths; together
with Eelts, Drugget , Crumb cloth-, Kugs, Mats.AC , c.
Weare pi ei a ed to i.iake and put down C.rpets at the
rhortcst non- e. v e have a large 'ol ot Kluor oil Cloths
of fie nest makers, ftid in ail wdih-, which we will cut in
any shape to suit p. rcia-er,.
(aile Clouds.
We have an un; u.lly lar,e lot of a t kinds of Domestic
goods, meaciied i nd brou Lot tors; wool, union anu cot
ton F. anna s, si riped cotwn or servani-, in jin-at vatiety,
hi v voous lor tiou e and held t-ervants Prints. llng
hams, Ho-ier, nluvit in short eveiy th ng :n our hoe,
au I at , rices li.at canuot f-.il to giveca isfaction
tic 6 K.C. MNAli'lf A CO.
T E are no .n reoeiut of o"r F ill Impo tations, which
telectiuno of
Elegant Silks,
M LtLaines,
. bite Goods,
Hibb ls,
Curiain Gools,
labia lamasks,
fchf-.tticgj, 4c,
Tritumiogs, Aic.1
Great b.rgms in EICH SILEi, from large auctions
in Ne or..
lowhc.i e invite 'he f pei ial attenti' n of the fade
Peii.g d ur ined to do an esemsive 'a h ousine-s, e
feel louud in "e i-ii o l-r g rati' iud ice euta Ihsii can
he fuuu i tu !.u other "O i-e in .he cit ., bo h in vaiiet.v of
Myle, u I price-. All we ak is a ctreful exauiinutiou ol
slock befoie p.r..aiu.
W A. A J. n. McTI.FI. LAV D,
'eo",5 ' '"I " ' olleye st-ee'.
ti l V tlaO'l i.s.X4Ji VVOuW
31aiket Street,
.imi vii i i . i i immi:i:i
r I A V K iust r.c- ived a Isrire an I extensive FtocV ol
l FALL AM' WIM'm liOili.- We can (ill all oid
for Clolhirg on the thoriest nu ice at price, that will .uil
. 1 puri'h is r .
Oir -loek tf R1ADY MADE CI OTHIN i,l now ceo
- . h...i, for i.eri'Uiueu's and bo . ' wear, ii nd we confi-
.leniiv . ii. e that e Can ative geueral sail faction to a
whoidg ve us a oil.
heil 1 - ".it".
M. -Ul ZHAPH ER A't.
Xlifio Povvclor
11 VI. N 'I II. UIMi
5S5 kegs OLVO.NT'ii KIE'-E POe. Da.R,
IKI " lle.tetS
150 " Ketit.icky RiBe "
l.mai " l.ls.nui "
Hnd.t'OO fetifafeii Fuse. T. A. McC LL, Agent.
v. it u it a i.m:.
ILL keen enstaativ on hand a supply of Dry anu
t,)rniEg Wines, ;
rhich I
ilil furnish ihe trade at tin-
Cinuali prices, freig n
T. A. McCA'.L,
Apl 1
flows! IMows!'.
Tennessea Plow Factory.
It't have on I and nd wi'i . , for ssle. i.il tie vrie
It tl s of llo.s u.anutw tu ei a' ilos Fst..b.i h ' ent.
Vtrrhsu'.s and imtitri poc'iaiig iu uu ill ii aill be
furi.i.hed at factory puce.
OctlS (Jni. Vs. Agents.
psat-aa la
Sil lublic Nquure.
TAMFrt B. G RA IG H E 1 1) bavu g purchased the entire In
terest of Mr. WM. ii .
MlNCiil,iu the business ol
authorised o us. the Dame
and aiii eoul-ui-c tne bus!
uu.ic tuure, under the litie
B tro.'
DUlwsj l BasD-asox
wa. Losa.
. 1"
v-J '" ., , , . i
i ni'i i
ceut r"T...lAta'
. km
. . .-ta i, v . r i ,r f ai.
iug- r"S'. . ''J
hllll " . . atllt
. ..r tO V "- 1
to '
ro ':-.ott taW
i -
. .ISftaTa w -
' ,l.(lll-
" - VisV4."
uHt-tt k
.las ouo ti.1 " '
V" .. tore'
1B" -v Tin. rr . j,,.
At0-r.rill l UoU
..triy .4-m.Cf , a
' .td to 4r'. 'sTo. Coi'
tl . l1'" .ab"2H
'w v.iiaa
Prom YISCIIEft OWEN k CO., Gen'l Advertising House,
ArPLrroB ' BniiDia,S46 Broadway, New 1 ork.
Imported Wines. Groceries, &c.,
l. .vU w. r.iVaiw,
2C3 Casalt, and 719 Ercadway, N. T.
(1 tblik,la d 1S04.)
JFamili? Groceries.
Ofltr to the TRADE, HOTELS, PnivlE FAMILIES, and
a 1 wbo are cl eice tn their tane, and de.-iit a
genuine artitle, a large vane y of
FCNPdWDER, itLNG . YtoN, a.c , in chetU atd half
ciie-t, Ac.
Tery old and hit h giad s, in original packages, demi
johns, r agnurrs and bottles.
CHAMPAGNES 1oet A Cnaudon's, Cabinet Irnperia
Do Heidaick, G. H. Mum re's. Cabinet Imperial
LIQCOR? Brandies, liumi, Whiskey, Oin. Ariack, Ab
siathe, Kirsh, ao . Ac, in original packares. Also, Cu
rne o, Marscl.ino. Anisette N oeitU lU-trr-, 4c.
MALT .14 ORs London 11. own 8icut, tcotch and Eng-li.-hAies.
SEGA Rt A variety of Choice Brands..
PI KL1!- KNtsl.IeU and 1-hENcII.
8ALCE8 For Fih.Cu rie. Meat, Ac.
D ;TCU nd AV1EK1C.
81 GA it1 LuAE, CuLftfED, PCLVERIZtD, St. CHOIX,
Ac. in rarreis and nail barnl-,
OIL-- .LlVr.HPthM and WHaLE.
TTJ3 Our L.quors are warranted, unadulterated, and ol
our own importation iep:22.
Corn Excliange Ba Mnnufactory."
125 & 127 Broad Steet, N. Y.
OW readyfor the FALL TRADE cheap for cash
7: m o (E OlD H AND 8 and 8 Bu ,ln PTIMK ORDER.
SsHlilst.tJILh Ks.;.of all the varioa- kinds.
H- .V. Jt' ana1 l-lr r,h, Bug. de igne I etpres-ly for their
i r-oje. iuii auuiacture . iron' o .r Premium U x. l Cloth,
Vi.ri dit e i not to .-lit r lour ) l ni is a i.e a nc e an i
we c .li t ie particular alt-ntion of Mi. era nd Flou;
A! T PATOr.IE!!! supplied with Bags,allsise.de Ined
i x resiv f r use.
S:ff Ail oiderk etecjted with nfa'nt-sand dispatch Af
auiyi ni v. B. t. CLAKK. P.op ittor.
ed t:jn, d'Jti piges, Uni electrotype pictiire, c o'h, f ami
i iuri.iier stumps. Itisned tree. A.nong 1 1- con'en ts is
the anatomy of the sexual organs ol Ihe n sle and fema'e.
all their d'Bea.ses and eHuexies; laieetdi-coi res in re
prodttciion; a new s'd heaitiiy mode of preventing con
Ception; qujeks their recipes and tipeeinc the aut;ior
unequalled Parts aud L nuon treatment of Gounorrhw
itleet, Mnctures, tiyi.btlis. Primary and Cousntutinnal,
emissions, impotency, 4c., at B t Biercer si , opposite Ct.
Nicholas Hotel, New York. Addrefs letters to box 644 N.
V. r. O e recorrmend Ir. I armotit to the lllirt. ti
t'.iurier (ten t'UiU lnit Stunt Zeitittiy, lemot:rat, Vay
jut uri?urt yiitus, once u ait lc , ;;.
rn.ichl7 diy
la i !l t
siisUr!! Liilit!!
i) 1 1: r z
&. CO..
No. Ai W'illi.tm at., near Fulton, Stw Yurk.
tebi trv
Gold Medal Pianos !
STEISH.IY A N.N, ''I it ti at lac lit rem,
yi 1 nAixr.itfijti.il, rvfcW yuKK.
0"i' Received the followine First I'riik f"' 'JTTTf
Mkdsls in Competition with the best makersS Tjf""rj
of Bonon, New York, Philadelphia and Bal-i C J i
tioi ore:
TWO FIRST PR ZE MEDALS at the Metropolitan Fair,
tar v.- w m . , -. . .
A GOLD MKDALat theCrysta! Palact . Vew York. No-
veraher. (bein thr only gold meda given for FiaooH
within the lant six years )
A 3OLD MEDAL at the Mai y land Tnstitute, Baltimore.
TUsl FIRHT PRIZE M FDA L at the Kulr, Crystal Palace,
New Yorl, Novemner, lb56. Among the judges were the
nrst Musical Tab nt of the Country, i h as M. Mason,
iTOtisonai:; . ttoiiennaupt and raanv otrn-rs St. A n Pi
anos, (with and without the Iron Frame,) nre warranted
for ih-ee years, anu a written guarantee given Pianos
pace I and snipped vitkout charge. Prices moderate,
1"'. Til ITltS'l'ON has neen appointed sole Asent
for the sale of the ahove Pi inn Fortes for Nashville and .Mid
die Teunessrai, some of which are now in use in this city.
He w uld respectfully refer to Mr. J. M. Blis, Mr. W. II,
Whitos, and Mr-. J. V W. Drown.
.Mr. T cm be seen at 84 Summer street, or a line ad
dressed to Uox Tut), PostotSoe, Nashvil e, will rece ve al
lention. Mhv 5 tf.
IJ sS. wrlli:il
I AVIN'G esiahli.hel a geuersl Arricultural Depot al
I the above uUc I desire ail mv old and true friends.
and the puoiic at large, to call and see me, and examine
my st.x-k in trade. Th eshers, the lat-st and most ap
pr. y-d Mwer and Ke ip rs, Barnhi'l's unrivalled corn and
coitun I)ril'; B-iu ev's premium Plows and ultiy.itors. of
Ke itucky; Gjrilen teeds, of every variely also lover.
nuotnv. nue ursss, urcnsr i tsrasn, Ctnarv, Hemp and
tan- fe-d, Uuekweat and Btiley, c nM.tMW on hai d
All kinds of Agricultura. and Horticultutal liunlenient, on
All kinds of Copper, Tin. Brs-s slid Sheet Iron Ware
stil' e anuiaciured. and B ves. Gr.tes. Ac . 'or sale, si
ricu'tural I i.p eu.ei.ts not on hand, ordere-i and sold at the
U'ariu'actU'er s pru-ei ami transpor a'ion. A Iso , Tinners'
iscmnes mu lin I roo's irom Peck, 6 t.iih A Co.'s Mann
lactory, 0'ithmgton, G tin.
Ju-t receive I a sU .y of Push, L'ma an 1 Corn Perns.
i uuipsiu rer tur sale low lor ca-sb.
"av.-9. B. 8. WELLER.
O.M .niNIO 111 IU HAM,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
Kaihville, Tenn.
I Ii.f INC. purrhased the stork and taken the Mand
1 M Onurch Anderson, the undersigned is prepared to ao
eo iHiOai-.- t.u oid customers, and such dc oucs as mav
(1 e f i'o a cap, with the very best Groceries thai the mar
.i w.i: ai:ord.
teyiie will buy all kinds i.t eonntrv rjrodure. usual
or .ugtit to this market 1IVI4 K. L, WIAKI.aV
4 v i ; c i I a V ! a lister.
N'o. 53 College Street, up stain, opposite Sewanet
House, Nashville, Tenn.
I anl
ii. t. I''l.i:.mim;,
Uouso, Gi5rxa.,
o n a i v:' v a i a i a ii'v uu .
(i Ution St.. NASHVILLE,
i Between Cherry and Hummer streets. 1
"tw Orders irom the Country promptly attended to. i 1
cnavxi tr
Copper, Tin, Sheet Iron Wares, tits,
Ko.lO Broad St., and 91 SoaUi Karketit.,
STOVES Tl WA It II, etc.
lonipio.a a5Ciltaet.: ot Choking and llsitiog -tovtm.
f ever SiAe.pride aud pattern, that is brought to this
-ark si.
tte are anaui-f ictunec tbe 'ro:Ht Irca Cookia ru eta
ali eiui, ranging in prtcw trosti e to I los', of u, tst
id ticanik.l i. atcr .l.
ttu Mate ..o'e: aad retail.
Copper and s.ieet Iru at ura t jr all kin I of Machinery,
a-uUoj a, 2attaiiary Eaj ne. As, fc.i 't aad I'mticry
oi a, male at la i njruit nutue. rswla r ua aia cadt and
paired; do3Qf aud auu:iu djte witti ne-iic, .ad d.t
tkk. In L.ci, ctiylu,ug, t-.t reiuire llc.C' pps-r, or
wi lrwa,ts dune tj u. iu :r. be,( ioTi.-r, sd a, ct.ay
aoc td.VLtf A JoHNON.
. J Bioadat. and V4 Suiu iaarkvt .t.,
JiinaS. Itaahauie.Tcaq.
Se .
Wlieut! Wlieut::
t bK?"fl'''' tat'og orders Ur tailfAT, will pay
w of te l-x aa-araei raw Cm..t. u-c al U uai A lr
cat i . .. .
'fiitr srd aad toilers su.
" v " CulU.b and Proton, a.,,
run Ja.4i.ir.
Bom stfTSUli.
a, cdotUiiBf 4 Ura,
"HasurBlluSI U fHJ
slj ea iaavi y
i) CO.
HualsJ baihtls Barie ty
From the Newspaper Advertising Agency of JAMES E
DL DDK RIDGE, N o. 14 ceconuatreei, ei. liOUIB, Mo.
;. & C. TODD & CO.,
No. 212 N. Eain St., Corner of Horgan
Freccli Eurr Kill Stones,
Rubber Belting". Lacirg leather. Hose. Steam
Packing, Eolung Clota, Screen wire and
Kill 13 at rials generally.
t " a . I 41 B I ' 13 o
-S 1 "Z". -5 '
ii;'3 e o
r j C !
1 in 7c. j 10 id. 68 1-3 in. j 4c
IV ! 10 ; K.tf 87 '! 8-16 " 6
2 1 14 11 " 9li I 14 " ' 8
2tf " IS I " 95 j! 8 8 " j U
S 22 12 ' tl I'd i 18 " , 1
8 " 2ti 13 " 1 22 ! 6 8 " ' 20
4 ' ;-0 ' 14 " 1 84 I- 8-4 I 83
4VS " S4 15 " 1 46 'I
ft ' ;!S j 1i 1 t,i i
.'"4 4"? 1 IT " 1 7'l ;
fi ' 45 I 18 " 1 82 J
f)$ '" Ml 19 " 1 9ti j'
7 " r. i io " 210 i. i
IX " 60 i 21 " 2 24 ;j j
8 " 65 i 'J " 2 SS t'
" 70 V!3 2 62 ii I
9 " 75 ; "24 " 2 C6 , I
! ' I Ml I ! I
Iiouble .eits. Double Price, (made to Order.
march!7 1 y
'I'Hia great r-peciflc, which Is a tri'imph in the progress
1 of raedical scietic or the cine tenth cntury, t not
prvtnted to a public free from pain, suffering and dis
ease. It was not u.tcovere'', ror is it now prepared for
1 o e l osse s d ol so n 1 he-nth and lobust coa.litutioo,
but lor a laree ciass ho "re -ufTe ing pain.
Havejou the H onciitlt
Have tjii tne freurtiltfiti t
Have you the tar or T(m th Ach t
You mav rid ou s If tn irely oi . I ese dint etsing evils
by the ue of Bra'- Arctic L'mm-nt.
Are you alll eted with iud ijOrnt
Are. voi iS nu f on severe Brnie t
Are yon end rirg pain Irom Spra nt t
On- bo tie of the Arc.ic Lini iKnt aili au eij (tive relief
speeJiiy .
T'huimn'it n ha dreirifjl complaint.
Scii'fult i. h U.aih om- disease.
Y t uch is she vo id ri ii hi a ine properties of B-sgg's
Aict c Liniiner.t, tha' it ai l a n.ost inr'an ly ct.re ac.ie
ii nd chroni Rierin it is n, ami emo' e Hrohj'a.
V' h". w ill vou suff -r - ith Si-urreit
Wh w.H vou ffer win I'llmt
hy v ill vou -uhtT.iito CiHilainx f
WI en by u ipg; the Ar.-lic Liniuieut jtu u.ay find per
ms nent r iii f.
Tti. re are in this woild thru'snds rnd ten' of thousands
oho are. yeir af er year, n.lh riua aith ce or more rf t;,e
man d..-ea-es i( I ic.'i hun.nit Is iffl c'etl, un il dis
i mi.' ni nigh unto . he grave. Wound.-, bruises, burn,
srall i-ial ch nltiius, pres, cornc, whiib. bites of in-ects,
soieejes, I. nth aehe e tr ache, neuralgia, si re throat,
p r il . i-, ii e :s- of the c-kin, t mors wens, m g woms,
scut ve'.,c ikc in the hret.-t,-ore In f , stillness in the joints,
rhet.m a ism, go i' , c. have histe 'ed ut oa tiieia, and ihe
oor suere lire s-es.ing an n ido'e.
load uih.'r. lir g's A "C ic i-ini.nent cone-as a sure
and sje.-'iiv re'fedy, it i-a u:t"i for eve wound, and it
neve fsil-I II ni reds and houeands are te-ting i s vir
tuei, and art rtjoic tg it f eeJo n tr .m ptin :icd suflerinj.
Dr Bragg's Aieiic Lmim -n' i. slso a soyere'gi r'nedv
for the venous dise.ise, w th which horses are aiihctci,
duriug the moot alarm rn cases ot lnui-es, spraius, spring
hlt, wounds, tcrac he-, sweeney, sp in, ring bene, big
fa ad, poll evil, e'e. No ftirn e, livery 'ab ekeptrs or
any per.-ou ouiug valuable ho-se-suojIJ be without it.
The inirredien's of t te Arctic Li-emem are of the most
costlv kind while the .ttui t u ."e is ne to ed upon com-
oniidmg thetn h. ona of the members of ihj com any
who tu.tes ap.-rtaaii cxata uttioa of every botl.e pal
In csa of acci lent, it is .vis to r av a remedy at hand
to ppiy instan I. Ma'iy lives are thereby saved, when
d let t to the p:od ling t ne of a me lie it prac itiouer must
hive been lo t. The Arc.t e Liniment is the best speciuo
as it acts upon the p irt. tT;c e I inJt mt y.
it is nut up ii v , n: .niifl bM'.las. rne oue and
1 bot I acau'"in '0 d I'll pr ct more Liniment !han
he hott'es, ii'f are much di'aper.
Every pe 'on tu.n "i $ m.u.t of Rraog's ArctiO
IMJisT I bi furnished at Dr. Brturg's expeu se, w itn
E i.i s o's U nte I rt fes J nurnal, publis ie.1 iu .Mew York
loroueye.ir b tii'i.ii o tna cem tc re i'ouq . e.tK Dot
ar t o tie, and sendtug it tu J. M. bssRjdl X Co., No. oil
roadway, Nc York.
flol Pro irieiors, tfr. Louts, Mo.
W. W. Perry A Derv.vii'e, W Loh s de Agents, aud by
i.vv. lietidershott, A. 11. Kooe, auu j.siietcu.
oct. 1.
c 22 a: i: n r
13 T? n T n 1 A T SnlOS
i u J- yj .it ii u ,
Colds, Coughs and Hoarse
Bmairi'i.n MtHS.Sfi'th Pec, 1SS.
Pa. J. j. at-b: 1 do not hrsilaie to say
he lies' r Bed I have ever found lor
otigh , Hoaise ess, I tl en a, and the
c neon it.nt -y i pto s ot a - ol , ia your
UK st PkcroKA l. It c n-t.nt u e in
y pr ic: ce .n u y f.rr il , lor the last tea . ZL2s
tues for the tieatnre'it of ihe-e eomidaints.
lllr N KNIGHT, M. D.
i. nu,:. 1 nr. rnj., r.i 1 tica, n. V , writes : "I Lave
us d 'our Pictoral u.ystlf d in my y. mi y Ver ince
yu mveut.d it, and be ie ie it the b-st melirin tnr it.
1 u -pose ever p .t out itn a b id cold I -bo W sooner
1 ay teniy-flv do iar. lor a hot tie than do without it or
ta.e an, othtr remedv."
Croup, Hooping Cough. Influenza.
braiNcrinj), Misa , Feb 7, lM.
rsoiBU Aea: I wid cheerfully certify your PacronAl
Is 'h t'ftt rer- e ly we pis ess lor the core of HTioopina
i'ough, Orovp. and the chest d setse-of ch Idren. vteof
yo r irttemity in t' e South apjireciate your skill and
comm. nd jour medicine to o r ! o . '
AM- B LVF, F q , MowrraiLT, U , wri'es, 81 Jan., 1S5G:
"I had a tuliuua I flie it, w .ich confine me In doors is
w.rR-ttiea romv ruea ines it' out rcl.ef; n lv tried
our PkcroasL b' the a Ivice of our eierg rn n. The first
dose r. nevd the st)ren-s- in ir.y throiit and lung.-; 'rss
Ihsn ne half th- bottie m tl) me con plete y well. Vonr
ed e nes sre he chespest ds melt the i est se can bu ,
ted e e-te m you, Doctor, and your r medics, aa the poor
man's friend
Asthma or Phthiuc, and Bronchitis.
nt MsscaiLsTa.a. Pa , Keb. I, IS".
Fm: Vonr Cushat iirru.iL is p rloru.iug m.rvrlious
crer in tnl s. c i 'U Ib.srili vci se eral from a arm
n g syii piorus of runs jmp' Inn an 1 1' now curing a Dsn
wi ohas laOicd under an stf -etion of ine lung-fur trie al
forty years. 11 L.N H i' L. PA8K8, Merchant.
A. A. HAM-sT, ji i.t aLOBf Monroe evtioty, Iowa,
ri e , bept. 6, 1 S3' : "Du I g m. p a; I je of m py years
I bve l.i. n 1 i ouung -qual io yur (.'uataT I'sctoiial lor
gi lug ease s nd re if lo coa.umptiTe p..iiejla, or curing
sucn .s are cursh't "
v e in gh. ai '. yoluires of evidences, but the irost ron
v t, em p oof of tne vuta s cf Uiis rem edy U found In its
eCestj 11,011 tr.ai.
Coithuiu ption.
rrcbablv no one rcn.edy l as ever been known whlr-h
cured so many aad such oat serou. ca-es as this, ton tao
tuuan shic.u re.ch t.ut even to .hose ihe C'asaar P.CTU
sub aSoid renrf .-nd c fori.
Arr a ilil-a, Ntw Yokk ClTT. March 5, ISM.
T ocToa AT.., iowssl: t f. e it a ccty and a Pleasure
lo iaKi in . ou wnal jusi i M-asT PaCToaat, h ts dona for mv
if., ti e b-d b n five ii-uol' taburiuar under .ha dsn
rerous svo-pton. of o.i lamp iou. Iron which do aid wa
Cuuul procuiegtve her unci relief, bbe was steauilv laiU
iu , i li I vr. Mri ng, ii ibis cit . whe'e ve have cooie fur
aovice, r.ci rumen .o i ml I of your n-eua-ine. W o bless
bis tinJuca., e do jour k 11. lor ste lias recovered
fro-n that day. hbe is no. yet as s roug as slie used to be.
vsi tree inin i.rr cougo, anu cans neiseii wen.
lours with .laUUiJe and regard,
of BiielbytLie.
('pururUce. do not dcrair till you have tried Araa
iruii tarto.iL. 1 1 is m-.ue by one of the best medical
chcu 1 ui in iiie -or Id, at.d i.s cures a. I around us bespeak:
the hih n-eriLt t f iia virtue. J'ftua. Lmijer.
PKEPAEEO BY 2. J. C. AYfiit,
Fractical aad AaaljUcal Ch.aa.ijt, Lwell, Xlaaa.
Aad sold wholesale bv
JsEitaV Dtjit'tLLE, Niiliviile.
Ret ilu
J'. o. al OWN.aadalldrjgj stslo H.Ucity.
Hl.tir-oN itAV rtlNc, Coio-Uii.
, I ivaklkd A t;LO..v'iara-il.e.
8. t. DttrlV, sue,b)i.,r.
."SCHEIE, at UL. vvKM-jii-fc, Gail it'n
Aud allacatersin scc.cia crrwscre.
Oct l.-lu. A ivvrtuiag Agent.
-0. 42, COl.JL.i.1.1: si isi:i.t,
HAS JUar Bai llltE3
vrtu Sne rstluiUier Conrret Gaiters,
t'Aivld liwi,
feac'r ititched Cloth vocgies. Uaiters,
Lsutibg Ties and au do
" wa b.4 M dj
" ia d. OifjMTU.
f s p ioi Ca Oreii B sju,
" Calf rw'a aad pe'J bjou f vaxluia styles.
TitriUst .ti.ii s:! u. M:-r iioxa-.sJ
JlUJ t Itf ls,li.ll C Ult! t Trct.t,
dJ o dj fcogjy Triuiks,
Lasis large iaa Dr am Trv as a,
A lar attoiti!ici'1, flack aa4 Fav'r
UtlHttlkiMij, ,a ia.
A VsusaKi M taw r,.- !.; r a.hlaad Tails,
io d I'laia a. a.
Al. a va ledslca tf ct.p Uttliw t:k.
tSrtraua a atwat leader toaasl Uvtet,
aa fsM v9
b.seia aed tir ao &j
Atl e wi Kb are ski-re 1 Cheap far (.tis-V.
fecpt. 8,11,T. .
West's Patent Galvanic Cement
For 3H.ooLjra.er-
ri'HI subscriber is now prepared to cover roofs of build
JL tags, with a new and beuer article than ever before
known. The pnblio are aware that oar Government has
bad rcientifle men exper menting, aad that it has been the
amor oi jtrcniteets ana builders, lor years, to discover an
article for roofing purpose', that would stsnd the sndden
changes of the weather, aad be impervious to f re snd
water, and remain a pern anent fixture. As yet, nothing
n ceen atiainea wunout cottirg more loan tne people
wl-h. The con traction, expansion and rusting cf metal
roots, are so great In erangeable climates. that they be
errce uscie s, unless being repaired at great expense
yearly, f hir g'es are not hre proof, and cannot be csed cn
flat r of a, and the various Compositions and Cements that
hfve be- n brought into use lor rooncg, do Dot stand the
action of t e aesther, but they run when it is warm, and
crack whfn frostv, and aP.er ore or two years becon e
crumny.and worthless; wnerea, the inventor of the Wal
vrnic t'ement, has labored twenty yesrs to combine arti
cles to obviate those ailtictil i s, and can testify from his
lot g ixperif-nce, and nu ntrous te-timocials from reliable
persons, who have bad his combination applied to ti e r
buildings, that l is Cement i the cheapest md best aticler
ever before known. Th) eombinatioa of this Ce uent is sach
mi it is ca cuiate-- icr tnti e new roots, Dat or s"eep, cov-
erirg oyer old thirgles without removing them; lming
eave-titug"i, eau n g aroura b it ltments. chimneys anu
say -lights. Covei icg car-o., stetimer-deeks, a c This
Cemei t, by its dod conduction ard gaivatl ni, prevents
metal roofs from ru.stirg and unvol.lrrii g, and resists toe
evremes of hsat act Cold, better than any thirg ever in
vented, for entire roofs or fur covering rretal and the out
sioe of wood hu ldir gs. tr akirg them fie proof. Its ai
pearanceid 1 ke slate; beautiful for tlie rirh talic; or the
ha -nb!e cottage.
The undors gned havirg 'ecun d the i ;gh; to ihe State of
'fcneMiee, iu sell rights of Itriitor. lv Cotuiies or
Tjkqs, o i reasonable te. nu.
I lies b.-criher Is ai o prepared to cover roofs of build
ing', in any p ti of the State, at -hort oo'i.e.
i hi- Koof la now be ng put ou in this citv. for the bene
fit of all concerned, and warranted toe' eel ad othtr modes.
of Roofpg. The sub-criber has ad his mode of Roof
ing te-ted as o its qualities, dorttitr the la-t etrar.d a
ha.f in the city cf Men phis, which bas proved satis sctorv.
to whicu a number of the noit prominent cit it ens can
tes" fy.
For farther In'ormation eruuire at he office, where
ssmples may be sen. Office with A. V. . 1 ioddey, Real
S-ta'e broker. No 8. Col it ire stieet. Nashville, lem : oi .
address box 69, P. O.
cee teti'cpnlals of the fullowiaz Bentlemea who have
osed it, wilii hosts of others.
W. S. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Attached is a note from John L. Morgan. V.fa . Archi
tect, by which may be seen t e opinion of Mr.' Samuel
Sloan, the c-dehrated Architec . ana writer n ion Architec
ture, who-e experience with tjis mode of rooting, wiiho ut
a doubt, is sa.iafactrry tu all.
MKMprna, March 12, 1SS7.
Mb. W. ?. Benkictt When iu PruUdelohia. Pa., a few
d ivs a, ), 1 ca led upon Mr. Sa nnel Sloan, the ce ebrated
Arch. l.ct, and aut ir of the eioan Work on Archit. c-ure
I asi.ed his oti tion as lo the t uiabilitv. Ac. f West'.
attnt Rmf such as you are usine in 'be eitv of Merctihis
and lie to d 'tie th t he nd nohe itaticn iu saving to me
that it is a go id an 1 d i-aol- roof, and Is ail liiat it- advo
cates clai a it to be; farther saying that he is i sing it on a
nne Dunuing lor nimse.r. Kesnectf ill '.
JOtiN L. MORGAN, Architect.
Omen or Mt s. Ckstral A Tssx. R. n. Co , I
Eouvaa, Oct. 1, lv-7. (
This will certify that the M. J. A T. II. ,t Co r i. v a nur-
cna.-ed or Mr. w. . enneit. the rir t to m- ..n iheir
Csrs h-idges. Buildings, Ac, Ac , Wes.'s Galvanic Cement.
Having seen it used aud tes rj. I h ive no hesitation in r.
im reading it tu be the bis; and chetp s coverirg no
in use. R. p. NEM.Y. I re-id nt.
M. C. 4 T. R. R. Co.
FKOisata'a asd Gax'b PcrVs Omen, ManrHis A CBtax.ia-
MKMFHiti, J me 26, 15fi7.
To M'H M IT MAT Cosca .S. -Th.S is to certify that the
Me-nphis and Chsrles.on Kailioal t'onninv h.ve our-
el'.Htsst of W. i. B.-nn-tt, ther cht to nrma'aml use uoon
their Depots Uundirgi, tlais e., Ac, West's Caivanic
pale it tire md wa.er proof Rsi'lng, au i th t we be.i.-ve
o be an economical i-nd durable euverimr. havuur al
ready had ii in ae fo.- ei.ht luout'i ..
f AM. TATE, r-ree de it.
E. O. ARMS, Gen'i tsapt.
Mimphis, March 2, 1 Vi7.
W. H. FiN-wxTT, EfiJ Dear Sir. -ihe f.ic s uirn our
kno ledge of ttie durahilit , Ac, of West's tjalvamc Ce
ment; are the-e: Ihe budding ou covered for us last
nring, 1 amka.ipv to stute I as ans eredo tr exp C aliens.
We can therefore, rei otuiuen i it to the publ c forallr'of
ing j urposes; as a light, cheap, fire atid water proof roof.
It does not get soft and run fto n the flee s of the lit at of
tie sun; nor does il harden and crack Loui he edects of
the cold. Any per.-ona wishing to know more of .his ar
ticle, can call at our manufactory.
Carriags Manufactory. Monroe St., Memphis, lenu.
Memfhh, T5!i , Pec. f:h,l!51.
To whom it siay coNOVRN. T .is is to certify that A. g.
Bennett covere 1 two roof for me last spring, with a com
position called Wes'.'s Patent Galvanic Ce nem fne of
the n was a new deck, he other an old shingle roof, which
are giving perfect satisfaction. He also repaired a dor
n er window, ahlch leaked badly, aud had bailled the skill
of Csipen'ers to prevent its Itaklug, which he succeeded
in uiasiug perftetly tight. 1 no most cht erfnllv recom
mend his mo. e ot rootine to the public, fur all roifing
t urposes, and believe it tu be a permanent fixture arainst
Are and water. D. COiKKEIX,
Proprietor Commercial Hotel.
MasrHis, i knn , Et h IS, lio7. J
Ma IIkxkitt. Dear ?iit Our company having been
troubled very ounti with ieakv crs, put some of aour
Pa'ei.t Pafnt upon :hem, and so fr as my knowledge ex
tends, I can cheerfully recommend it to any who alsh a
ury rooi ol aDy sort. Vours.Ac,
II COIHS, fcuperlntendent.
MaiiPHia, Txn.i., Jan. 14, IS57
to Tea Prattc. w. 8. be.tiett, na ie a pii'A'iou out
last siiinmer to cover our b.dldiugs ith West's Oil value
Cement; i being a Lew thing, we f ought we would try it;
had it applied to our Itlacksn.ith ho;i, ai.d Engine Hou.e,
attached lo the Eo indrv. Ihev have proved al. reuuirctl
of a water proof ruo', having withstood some c f the great
est storms, and aaie giv.r g gid hatufaclion. Wc can only
auu, try u aaa you will lie -mi-ned.
CCR118 A KNAP?, Iron Founders.
Mimpmis, Jan. 14 1-."T
Mr. Bennett, has done some Mu.tll a '.ouni ot rooting for
m in his peculiar way, with t otion stud, cated with a
prenaration the ba-is of which apoears to b? a Coal Iar
Ii I- a ve'y ttTectual and lii-ht root, and epoears lo i.ron ise
coi sidtralne rurabiltty from the pre-erv.live quali ie of
ine con po i'ion, Men pene'ratrs the clo h nnd protect, it
from the ir flue ce ol I e air and water. 'I he C imtiosnion
do s not liqudy and run irom tlie i Hoc s of Ibe heat of the
son n summer; nor does it harden and crack fro u Ibe
odi ence in tae cold ol winter.
Octtf iy A. P. MERRIL.
Promote! the leiaare, health and happlatsiof home.
o. 4s Public Square, .uabr lilt-, Teoun
iZiiie ':-A- it- '
. . y :. -
Season why this Machine Is Universally
Preferred over All Others.
1 IWftur-e it is t lie only Sewfritr Macliine in
tfie worlil ever invented, m consirncied hh to
fully meet the deinaDJd ot fatnilied for general
2 It is very rimi-le and is icver lub'e to ret
not 'f order.
S It make ae.tm w IiicL will not rip, thouli
J every Uiird titch is cut.
4 It is not a Shuttle Machine.
j O il MfW4 wiiit two neetiie, u.aiirjg any
I entii atitcii de-pired.
i C It sew from two onimary nooi.i, and
. ibn all trouble at winding tlirt-ad in avoided:
! ... i :t . . a. f .. -a : a i .
vt tint) ine ertiiic aim tune tsu ie aufiueu ai
ptea"ure, by a inert cbange of e;toi, io all
varieties of work.
7 The r-amc Michine run ii!k or linen
tlirewd, and common ejool cotton, with esj'ial
8 Tlii Machine will new in the sleeve of a
coat with the sa'ue ee and facility that it
swi a atraiLt ee&m.
9 This Machine can be run to male one
thousand five hundred nt'itche per minute.
10 The beams are as elastic a the most eh
tic fabric, o that it is free from all liability to
break in waiiing, ironing or otrterwi.-.
11 The ttichea made by this machine are
more beuauful tLan any other made tither by
hand or machine.
The price t f thee Machine" at office in New
York, range from $75 to f lr0; an adJuiooal
charge of $10 only is made oc each machine
over New Yor i-ricea atoHico in Nashville, lo
defray ejfjecsti ot iinortatiun, tc to S&jh-
Nash vil'e dewing Machiae Company.
I r !- mt Itkcae) .TlstcUlae-a raits f rotas
( wl&O. (waens U.
Steel IMows, eAic.
V AM expect icr. dally a tot ef the Tii.tr aad JeCerton
si. etscl t-iews, tiud a and Kailroad " beel barroes. Cat-
ttag WI, C .1.. valor., tlarrwwa, A .
I at afeut tor ibe ss of ur aorse wagoat an 4 K til-
roads aula, aultUo hr Peatvody's ceaebvatee liaatbsev
Biawrry asJ fisuuSc Csira. aeat ia yur ordf rs.
efH. . .s.wii.iw.Pa.-
liia Lett is
Ieal list Ale, esroc 3tc.
a 7 k win pay the fciht prac tur luslr yeuag ae
I V g ee. Cash aevaiacee tuaje ta HvgriMM oobs.gaew
,s na wl kceaa cutttUy oa hand tirosi sue aaie,
, 1 12.S M4 St. a 1 est uL L. sty at, Is. , C'awrry a troy t,
titivlii, T.ttO. scpUl.
t "ALT- Wstt siere aad tut veto e
aa CR 4 00
On If roatd street, Sad door from College.
UTE are oTei-g for sal-, cheep, that value
ble .-tore House, el uxted on Broad ., andls'stQ
adjoininK the rhoe Store of B. U. Cutter, Sd door l 11
from College street. This is a desirable business T
Stand, and well acapted to bosine-s of any descripil n.
It wiii pay 10 per cent npo the porcha e money. Come
q'lick or ycu will lose a bargain, Por part ca lars enquire
of K. B. GLAS0"tK, Agent,
ent2t. No ft Cherry street.
Valuable Tract of Land
For Salo.
OS FEIDAT, 2vTa CF N0VEJ1BER, ISiT.I wiU offer
for taie
on whkh I re-ide, containing 330 Acrr. The land
lieslje; n.iles est of Good etsvitle, wi h a good read out
to the turnpike. About 60 acrei are cleared, the balance
is in tirnher. The Na-hvtlle and H-nderson Railroad,
which will-oan be m opeiauon, will have a dei ot in .Good-lets-.
1 e. 1 he 1st d is we I vatrI. and U finely ailamnl
to ihe growth of blue grass. An person wishiag to make
a 8toc Faici, will fiau it well suited in soil and position to
lhat otjec:.
as it hit a number of never failing Porins-s It I. .
Lie of being dividtd into a cumber of Ismail tiruj. as
ne T-act of 50 acre?, 80 acres cleared.
One Tract of 1 1 acres So acres cieated.
One Tract of about 70 acres..
I'ne Tiact ot about 43 jcres.
One Tract of aboat 6'i seres.
One Tra.-t cf about 75 acres, aith (be dwelling and im-
I will sell the lsnd all tosrether. or in mrr.l, Ut .nit nar.
cher. Any isrrson d-.-irire ir.forn-a'ion n av limi ua
C. DK A K e, or lo the tubstriber oo the premises.
Persons desiring to Durcnase orivatelv. may ai.nlv at
any li ne beloie the day of sale.
Ttaas: One third in hand, the balance In one and two
jears, with intt-rtit fr..m date, aid a lien retained on the
moo. ttu lo ta. I. K Willi I. VOI IC
UTS are offering for tale, privately, a two story fiK
briek house, situated on Cherry street". Mouth '!?
Nashville. Tne house rontains six rooms in iheXiiJ
mam building, besides kitchen, aervanu' room, carr age
bouse, sti bie, c. ail in good order. Ihe lot (routs 70 feet.
and runs back 143 feet to an aliey. We a ill give a bargain
in this property if application is made soon. It is situated
in a thriving portion of the city, tor particular: enuuire
of E. H. GLAr-CoCK. A rem.
augl2. Ko. 67, Cnerry street.
0'"e have, also, for sale Lots Nos. 17, 13, 19, 20 and S3, in
t-iucoli 's plan of lots, ttL-on which is a frame dwelling:
house. Tt.e e lots will he so-id to suit i urchasers, o. ex
changed for country properly, or good mules, at lair val
uation. e win give a ba'gain.
ALjtu, Lot tio. , in ltouiion's, Humphrey's and Martin's
ddnionto Nashville, fronting the kailroad Depot. This
lot is 4s feet front ou rraukiin street, and ISO feet deep lo
u sne. xi j uu aiut a usraiu, uow is your u tne.
E. K. GLASCOCK, Agent,
augl2. No C7, Cnero street.
hoi m: AM I 1" illlt SALE.
rAM ot'ering for taie. privately, a House and I ot, fr1,
situated on Hrou street, a lew doors above Sum- K '
mer; fronting bl feet on iiroad, running back if- ri
feet to an aliey. II. e house contain. 7 rooms in the main
building, wi.h Kitchen, bath-huu e. smoke-house. Ac We
wnl give a bargain in the abuse roperty, and our terms
shall be easy. Al. H. GLA.-COI'K, Agent,
junel6. No. 07, Cherry sU
H A VE f ir sale a large uuiouut of property which I will
sed lor Notes of ihe ll tnk of !'a hville. or certified
rtirck, cu ii at tne same ; rices that 1 have aivajs asaed
lor iiie property.
sjpWv. A. V. S. LINDpXEY.
iitnn II AN KS.
rHAVE a valuab e dwelhng house and lot for sale, near
the Pub lc "q nr.', for winch will 1 tske the cu-s of any of
the Free b anas of Tennessee. Now is the time for so i e
eniei p' i-ing merehaut to piocure a goud home, as I will
gi ve a r. asouaole u.i.e, ailhiu which he can barter calico
lor i te notes. Applv to
septod. A.V. 8. I.INDSLET,
ion saij:.
VI.OT oa Cherry street, South Nashville, Bear the
Baptist Church, cn which there is a small frame Ten
ement. The U t trouis id Icet, is ISO leer deep. Apply to
sepUo. A. V. SJ-IND.-LEY.
tn ur.T.
rIUE Rntledge property can be rented until first Jaau
-L ary.lsiil. Possession given iu mrdisttly. Anplyto
sep-.';. A. V. 8 LINDLEY.
Vor !"vie.
'I'WO handsome Lots in Edgefield, on Woodland street.
X Ihe Lou front Sal feet each, and are Ho fuel deep. ,
Apply to
Si pUS.
A Valuable Business Lot for Sale,
5 AM now offering fur sale that val table Lot sn Market
treet sd oiuing the store of Morris A Mathews. The
Lot fi onts 6'i feet on Market and runs taxk lu7 leel to
wards Front .-trei t.
It would make one of the best stands for a wholesale
Grocery rltore iu he i lly. or lernis apply to
stptlO. A. V. ri LISD3LET.
A Keat Dwelling House for Sale.
SITUATED in E Icefield, on the Gallatin Turnpike. For
fur t.er particulars apply to
reptll. A. V. S. tINDSLtr.
T'HAT valuable Dwellipg at the corner of Cedar and
X fcuiDn er street-. Tbe lot fronts tS leet. The Dwell
ing is large and cn.modious, and 'here is a fine orhce on
the lot. it is one cf the most desirable locations la the
ot ty. Apply to
septu. a. v. s. nsrpr.Fr.
Valuable Fr'e-Soil Lot for Sale.
I AM now oCering for sale a valuable Building Lot on
pruee stree, near the corner of broad. The lot fronts
ix'.y-aix feet on eprece, is one hundred td fifty feet deep,
att i a convenient alley in the rear.
1 In- property is eve npt from taxes for Sd years from 1st
January nest. This exemption is ol inure value than Is
u uai'y acoorued to it, as n ot only the grounds has all Im-prov-ments
erected thereon, but free from taxes. The
raving in the item of taieswill more than pay for the
ground and all ircproven ents. This lot is also situated in
a part of the City that is now being rapidly filled up with
fins dwellings and private residences. Terms reasonable.
Apply to Julviid. A. V,6. UNDSLEV.
l Olt S.tLL.
TABUABLE LOTinficuih Nashville, corner of Pun .
mer and Oak streets, fronting 120 feet on Pumms i
streriand 170 on ok street. Hill be sold as a bargain.
1' tie (its is low btiuk can icd Up iti front of this Let.
Aupiylo A. V. B. LI.NDeLK I,
march'.'U Sii Col lege street.
IS Dow oilered fir sale at a bargain. The LotfO
fronts bi Iret on Woodland street aod 170 on i,.'''-'
Mimes, l i e House contains four guod rooma, good
ei tern, Ac. Ihe house is new, buiil of brick and ibe
situation one of the best In Edgeneid. Will be so d low.
Apply to A. V. S. LI K DBLaY,
ui-elS. hi College street.
F Am new offering at a great sacrifice, that valuable
I Pproprrty, on College Hill, immediately optiosile the
I'nivcr-ity, so long occupied by the late Dr. 1 roost. The
lot fronts sixty feel on Market t-treet, with the same front on
College, "be House is large and vommouious, and the
tr.olo, at the price I uCer it is a great Bargain.
Cuaiboi net' aimnibus has practically moved College Hill
rigl t in o the Public t-quare, and any oce wanting a reti
cle ace convenient to business would do well tolooa at this
propssty. tall on A. V. 8. LiXDELkT.
Apr.an.'il bo
I A M now cfl.rlog fur sale, oa rea'oaable Urrns, the
Uousw and Lot at the enroer of llruad aaa tlighstx.. "
loruier.y oened by the late alarun New. Appl.lo
A.V. LlNDfLCr,
julyS. 83 College street.
J T AT'Vr", attociotrd with me in tte J bsdesale Oraeerr
s and r'oduce liji.nr, tin. rsimisa asDvasus. ax
I ebanon, the name of our Brat will be P. AC. A Dfc aeON.
Tlin.ful for the liberal patrocaae I bare beiwtoforw re
ceived, 1 would is s;iecifu!ly islor.n rcy old esttomert, aoe
ail new ones, that under the present arrangetneat thei
will be niucn better supplied than heretofore, and trust
they will call and exaoane our tarr suae ef rosads now,
tn store. WLiitu Aauiixs.
rtrvrnso atan.
rararai tsrraaiox,
AaaAriu, 7ms ,
Xeosinost, Zvta.
Waoletkle Greet re, JProdace aad Comraiatisa
at baauaaa 1
Brandies, Wines, Whisky, &c,
Dealer la Ilscsn, l.eird. ststst rCoutxtdrw
Produce, of every- l eacrlptlen,
No. Zt Broad Street,
UTK have new la store and efrrr for aade eLeap, the
Meainar cHotee anil Swiert articles :
r-eO taraa Ace fri..
tto be Ooffte;
to a-da tresa flea te
,t-0 " cits dj;
t, 0 keys Njis, ortsel;
ke basr Cotuaa larta
, a- 1' daca painted Backetet
At ate Cssdar o.
r el.
J l I b s Rectifleta It Ussy;
. J wweaa a su;
IUI Ueidijohos, assarted;
ti bt' S Loaf, Crtub4 m
Iewssrw4 faigar;
SoO Iwaa VTraptuu r'attw.
(Vo - Rye o,
( Ko irboa ao;
tsl MoeotisraHaia Shu;
i 5 bweet mna
Im V p; 1 - tae Waadies;
ti bets ttie; ,
V - kite;
. " ' a
Sis) eexee Oiassvare, as
'i dotao Waahbestrtis;
S b sr r pkw;
lvi - P-pper;
Vd Oiogvr;
1ia cask fesru. a Ms;
t bols brtaasaa;
" A tota:
cuu Uaddsr;
lot J Cigars, ajourled.
sVsvCd O 1 tp-;
to was Tobw&, aaer4;
rs Pvsseai's eats
Itei bars ataot, SaMaariwd:
5,tvd lb bsJ Lead;
e wct-a wiacstar;
la cxmm statctus;
3 C sreoc lauica.
4 1 avcrr oiher aiteie 1st the Greecry ha wh'ch are
eSarvd at urJxacT prvjea.
if ' if i n.rz
'OgrfsJiiTic 'rr.sva.t
SlrcnptUcnlus Cordial
THVpreateit remedy In the world. This Cordial isdls
1 till.d from a Berry kno vn only to myself, and enern
ica'ly eembmed with acme cf the most va.uahle medicinal
roo's, harbs and bsrks known to the mind of man, via:
blood toot, black root, wi d cherrybark. yellow lek, as
deliocs, sarsspsril'a. elder flue era, with others, producing
the mon infUlible remedy for tte rtstoral on of heal.a
ever 1 noun.
Curing d'sesses by natural laws. When taken. Its beklinf
iiflience is felt coursing throush every vein of the body,
purifyirr and ae-r-elersuiug the circulaiion of the blood. It
neulra auv bi ious matter in tie atoinaca, and streng
theos the whole oigin i.tion.
Mcleai's ftrenitthenini Orrllal wld effectulljr care
Livtr complaints. Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Clareiilc or nrrvom tlebillly, Dlernaeeol :
tlie Kldnt-yss Mild sill nitrates arlsiug:
from a. Disordered l.iver or
Tv-oerisli. Heartburn. Inward Plies, Acidity or Sickness
of the nu matt', luiinrss of blood to ihe Head, Dull Pain
or Swimuing in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, feli
ne sorWelnlit in the fclomach. Pour Kroctations, Choking
or tfuffocttiug Peeling when IvlDg down, Oryness or Yel-
lowce-s of the 9km and Ave, Mbt sweats, in wara re vers.
Pain in the Small of ihe BacK, Chest or biue, (Sudden C nin
es of belt, Lepres.-loa of epieita, Krightful Dreams, Lan
sror, nespondetiov or any Nervous Disease, rssre or
Blotches on the fk;n, snd Fever and Ague (or Chills and
Fever ) I; will also cure diseases of the Bladder and Womb.
such asS tmintl Weakness, Incontinence of urine, Btran
(raary, led immatiou or Weakness of the Womb or Blad
der, Whit-je, Ac.
Th;s cordial will never fall to eare anr of the above di
easei, if taken as per dittcuon on etch bottie, in German,
Eug ish a'ld t rench.
Have t een sold during the past six months, and In ne
in tance has it failed in giving entire asti faction. Wl.o,
then, will sufer from weakness or dtbllii J when JcXeun'e
Strmgihtninj CordUil will ture you.
Do you wish to be healthy and .troti.f Then go at once
and eel some of Mcl can's tor ital. 11 will strengthen and
ioviguraP: your bluod to flow tiirongu every vein, and th
rich ro-y boom of health to mount lo your cbeea agaia.
avery to tie warranted to give sat! faction.
We say to car ents. if tour children are alckly, puny, er
h filicted 7ith complaints prevalent amonv Ciildien, give
them a s nail quantity of UtLs.u'a Coruial, aod il will
make tnedi healthy, fat snd tonuil. Oclsy not a raomvais
try it aud you will be convtnoed
Should not leave the city until he had procured a suppi
of McLea.i's Mrsiigthcniog Cordial. I. rlls rapid'y, be
cause it a ways cures, a liberal Cik ojnt will be made to
those who bay to sell atiain.
' CAUTION Beware of drujgKts or dea'ers who mny try
to palm u .oo you lOtne Bitter ur banapkrilia tras i, which
they cau buy cheap, by saying it Is Ju-t as ,nid Avoid
such tuen Ask for JW.i' Strengthening Cordial, and
take ooth.ng else It is the only reotd ibsl w.h puii'y
ibe blood tl.oroughly, aud ai the same Uiue strengthen the
One tatlesj oouful ta eo every morn 105 fast'nz 's a cer
tain previ ntive 'or Cholera, Chili and r eirtr, show aYever,
cr any pn valeut deae.
Price 01 ly 1 per oottie, or six bottle for 15.
J. ti. McLtAN,
Fo! Proprietor of Uie v 01 dial
Also, McLean's Volcanic t il Liuiuitnt.
trf" Proicipal Oepot, on the corner of Third aod Pint
streets, Ft. Louis, Mo.
rrr For sale in t.oulsvll!- by BELL, TALbOTT A CO. ,
Cpnngtr Jt bro., and Kajmood k Pa'. too. ,
The best Lir.iment in the world for Man or Beast,
Another If. era a likable Cure
Performed by McLean's Volcanio Oil Lin meut. Read for
yourselves :
Thomas Ford, a blacksmith, living near Case avenue oa
Tenth street, had a hornb:e ruoning sore oa Ins lout. 11a
tried verb us Liniments, Halves, Ac , but cou Id do it uu good.
He de p.:ed of ever beii.g ab.e to work al his trade ay ain,
because tm could not bear anv weight ou hi. loot; andstiy
one s nail bottle of McLean's Volcauic Liuimcot, ne is uuw .
perftc ly cured.
Kheutuetisin, paralysis, neuralgia, braises, sprains, stiff
ness in the joints of muscks, swellings, sore throa , ear
ache or toothache, wounds, lresn cola, sores, burns, scalds,
piu; , Ac, ield to the "isagio" influence of this wonderful
For Hoi ses and Cattle It It an Infallible re-nedv for chafes,
galls, scratches, cracked heelr, lameraets, spavin, sweeny,
splint, flst ila, bruises, swellings, wound 1, raiuesuake bites,
and variois other d seases which annuals are liabte to from
injuries 01 accidents.
slvery Country Merchant should obtain a supply of Mc
Lean's Voicauic Oil Liniment. It ae.U rsplulj, because it
alway cures.
A liberal d.scount will be made to merchants who boy te
sell attain
tAy For sale by J. II. MeLEAN, proprietor, corner of
Thiru anu Pine streets, tl. Louis, Mo.; al-o fur sale as
above. apriU. nova.
nd the various afiecUone eonterinerit upon adisorde
STJ0H Ai Iadisestion, Acidity of the Ptorraeh, Colicky
Pains, Heartburn, Lo-e of Appetlie, Despondency, Cos.
ti yen ess, B'ind aod Bleeding Piles. In ell hervoas fcbee.
malic, and Kearaigie Affections, it has, ia aumeroos in.
staraees, proved highly beneCciai, and in others cfleeted a
ecided cure.
This is a ,erely vegetable compoond, prepared en eirlct
lysclentiSc principles, after the manner of the celebrated .
Holland Profeeaer, Boerbave. Because ol its great suceese
In most of the Cnropeaa rHatea, its latroduetion Into the
United atatss wa Intended more eepeeaal y for ibosa of ear
fatherland scattered here and there ever the faee of this
mighty eonntrv. Meeting with great sucrex a-.ocg them,
I cow offer It to the Ameoiean public, knowing tht its
truly wonderful tuedicmal virtues most be acknowledged.
It is particularly recomrrended to those persons whose
eonstuuiioLS may save been io paired by 'b coutmootis
naeofardet tspir ts, or ether forms of distipatinn. Gen
erslly tosuntaoeous ia eOeet, It end lis war directly te
the seat oil fe, thrilling and quickvaing every Mrve, rais
ing op the a-rooping spirit, aad, In lact,lafUain( Bee beaiUt
and vi ror in the s stem.
NOTICE. v Imerer experta to Snd this a beverage w i:l
be dlsappoiuted; but to the sick, the waa aud tow spirited,
it will piove a grateful aromatic cordial, pceecssed of al Lin
gular rciaiusJ propertMw.
- v a v x o w ,f
The great pepalarity of this dells-h ful Aroma has Induce
saany imiianoot, which the public should ruard agaitsl
purchasios- Be Dot perMis lcd lo buy aavthln else antil
you have given Boerbave's U diand Bitters a lair trial
One bottle will eon vine you how infinitely Si-pel lor II te
ts al thetc i'Oltattocs.
Sold at II pr bottle, er sic wattles tor 13, by tee
torn proprj irons..
PAGE, JR:, & CO, ,
X ittalDUi' sii 2?drt
sVeid by Druggists general 7 throughout ihe Ciiiledetelee
aad Canada.
P6T evld ia Ksshville by
t3" Sold also, by
' na. a. h. Eo&ojr
J. l. kstca,
apr2 sUTly atsf It Xvvtra-ta oemaUw
L. 31. TJUMPJLIJ, . "
ornct, tk'tx as utakirn offick caiaar .
NAXT iooa TO PoaT OFFICa, LP fcTAlaa,
Will eracsvee a ail the Coena hoidea ia Davidson aad BBa
aer aooat aas, aad will glv his Individual atceauee
te aU austaeaa eatraatca ie has eare.
" P, II. EDWARDS, . .
Attorney at Ia a w, , .
raixoritL", ao.,
Will attend Ie all eeatneae air aulas! te k:s eare ta lee , . .
est 5iaeirt. atari If.
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i 1 JT AS2TILL2, , . , . Vi
JfFICat Kd, " CBItlalKr talk ITT, UP BTAIR.e, TU ,
tiNk roketkLl iKlt-'c'rlAU t LS TliOltPrsoN.
fT" pa"''-r-W'eoUesunefCia4a,
. t Ail o!Ui aioa-'d te hji sir u u.i wit
j prvaupt aiMAU t
Jlodje . . Biiaa. - Kev. A. lP. 6acsx,
yr. J. a. AtVs''. y- k T. H. UaaaakraaaJI at C
, UstoaLB at CasAKSTV,
a dttelV-lT
f wiii devote kitajMlft ale rSssiie.
' fOSca, 50. 13, ST., U? ITA2SS.
CiCt a a. t bre4 V4.

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