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The Columbia herald. (Columbia, Tenn.) 18??-1935, May 13, 1881, Image 3

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-. '. i- ; 1 ! : .
ii'iiiiiiiiiisiiniMi'siiiiiiiisiii r 1 "" Imkih u.liij'jijj.i j. ..x '
. . . i
) -'
r - . - ' . . -..-.
WilJV,.'Iay 13, SSI.
Lsuisvillc ftlaslvillftDftatBrl. E. Scheie
Ktptiii 1 .-!.' ;,-) ., , , ,
ffl'lil t' li ) ...
Aeaouimotia.iou , ,
!prw.iiV:vi .
-MhU j
A oeomuioiiattou ...
9 i ! P. M
10. 4S A.M
W 1 U
6:18 A.
. iuop.m
Kiy' !.. .U.tuw Cann K. . Schedule.
.. . trOINli EAHT.
lilt Cnlambl.
.s retonbartt
, GOlN'a WEST.
r l:;-ft'Isimre;.
J ye coi union.,
7:00, A.M.
if-, "
:6j, m
.sen naoo'lon Is made with through
i tb Louis viUe-Jiaauvllia A Great
, : ;
Jile Florence Railroad.
- tlains south.
-i ar.S". . F. Junction.. 2 r. M.
- ar. -oiuinbla 8.04 P. M.
1 ar. N . A r Junction .5.18 av m.
' ar. Columbia.... 5 2U A. X.
. -2 v. N. A F. Junction....
. Colombia... ..............
. A F. Junction.
' iv
s.30 P. X
,..28 p. M
..6 04 A.M
J6.UU A. M
In a 4v of ahont l.Wf.crM oach, 4m!!f
w-t of & elt. Art,, steam ami horse, aiins,
70 No. 1 mil. -, li ps-d, v,j;ims. Ao. Plenty
wells, cist n du houses filled with ten
ants mitineirt, aid are now cultivating
hltout 1,7'A) 4;ra In c)' Ion and corn line
fu-oeitee. one good payment and balance
a i" i x aupuai instalment at 1U par cent, per
annum. Or would exchange my horns
placa tr a farm near Columbia, Nashville
or 1'aiaskl. Title perfect. Would sell be
car" I wish to retire from business. Ad-
tf.ma, " H. Cioiton,
Helena. Ark.
llofcrenoe. MaJ. I. N. Barnett. Uen. . E.
Pol. Hon. W. (J. whltthorne.
I tml tm.wd
Jnst received erery style and quality, at
greatly reduced prloea.
Bknson Co..
VT . I '..II 11
Apr.29m. Nashville, Tenn.
lev. Avm. Graham. D. D. preached in
8t Teter church, last Sunday morning and
night. - The morning sermon, was ou
"Angels," and is spoken of as an unusually
beautiful and comforting sermon.
Rev. A. V. 1'hUlips ot the uapusi
church, will preach next Sunday on the
"Perseverance of the Saints." lfis lecture
Fifty thousand dollarv worth of Carpets, I at his nrsver meetinir last niirht was on the
Wall Paper, Matting,' .Shades, Bugs. OU Ten Vircins." Next Thursday nilit hs
A nice cottage la West ene, short dlBtance
rrom nuipncr well. A Danrain ir laaen im
medlatelv. Address, Uko. C, SJilnkk.
The best assortment In the city.
. . . , Btbkkt, Kmbk v 4 Co.
forKncines and Threshers, Reapers and
Mowers. . Btkket, Ekbuv & Co.
J. w. 8. Taylor, of Woodlawn Mills, baa a
very large horse, half-brother to Alice West,
which he will sell vety cheap. It is a splen
did barnesa horse: can trot a mile In three
minutes: was never passed on tha road by
any horse. He is young, large and not
pretty, but ha Is the cheapest horse for the
money we know of, lor he is a goer.
at Fairmont, Palaskl pike, one mile from
Columbia. Orders left with E. W. Uamble
promptly ailed. . . M. E. CUIXKN.
may ty-ii.
Wboreyouwill And white eoods, linen
lawn, peuuet and poplins. Also custom-
t-l.-: a j cap in Advauee.
TEorLE'A coLuacr.' "
;.:!!: -.;uu wakt. kkowk iw tuis owu
r.. It iu. scBELr pat row. "Fivjt
' i:'4 pf? WfI P- ;
t u . ; mtt rri irwi v.r
' !.L-r,fcr-y "?r trrs err? h'-5-
h'- '-m fr ftf I
' v n F'"M rr ;fH rn- t- '
I- '-! I ii'i Frlerson'8 line of ladles ai.d
miH,,mn-ri!nui'rs and sandals. Their
sum-2. nevtr was iaiijtr, nu ba iriae never
were lower, ueou low ugiuuinkitui.
ally. - - .. . .; . : 'Z-v3
Your family, Vour ffiendx, and your neigh
bors Dy weariT;- an eictfam uress purcuasea
out of the iiiimiuatb dry hoou store of
Emory & Frie-ou.
Cloths. Cornices and House Farnishlnc
Uoods, for sale at the recent reduced prices
ai uenson 101, tio. im (Jouege Jaau-
Fifty thousand roll of Wall Paper lor
sate at reuueeu pnoes, v
" No. 60 College 8t-
Nashville, Teno.
The larerst stock In the South -everr
srmua ana uesign can ana sea us.
No. 50 CoUeae 8U
2m. s Nashville, Teun.
TJ0 pleona our Llaen Lawna allehtlv
uamagvu uy water at ten ceo la per yaro.
2U Naahvlllo. Tenn.
2,000 pairs Seamless Balbrlcgan Hoaa at 15
cents a pair. . ishbck ttaos..
xsaanvuie, Tenn,
McClnre's Temple of Moslo. No. 85 ITnlon
Btreet, Nashville, Tenn is the oldest house
in the elty; has the largest stock., beat in
struments. Bella at prioea which defy oom-
jjvuuuu, Kiiu men mstio at nau tne usual
rotu jwioch. Apr. iJm
Do at forget that UoClnra axils Hhaet
musio io everruodv at half tha lut orloe.
Call or write to bis Temple of Muato, Nash-
vujo, 1N1U. Jjn;
New Musle received dally at Mnclnrx-i
Temple. Nashville, and sold at on-hir
puDiisners marcea pnoes. . . it.
We advise our friends, who an In ni m
Furniture or Mattresses, when they visit
the Exposition at Nashville, to call and see
Weakley St Warren. Noa. 11 and I t Nnrth
College street. They are tb largest Manu-
h urnilure, and all kinds or " nH
HprlDfj Heus in the Southern Slatao. Parties
In waotof such fcoods will And It . to their
uiwrtsfc w nut to see uiem
Holding good. Embry A Frlerson's line
of J ruauiiDiiX, Laces, iiuttons and Edg
ings is more complete than all the stocks
in uoiumbia combined.
Who wish to be neatly attired should visits
iiuLry A friersoii aviii buy tnelr new anl
nobby style of B'IKfeON HAT. A large In
voice oi every suaue just reoi veu.
for Ldles. Misses and (Jliildren. at nriea
ims vuu we cost ui material, at Einury i
M. Bern krM llnr Mannr.tnm
Union etreot, Nashville. Tenn.
Smoke the La Rnso lie Hutium- ik f,,r it
M. BnuswALO,
Smoke none other than tha Kirkhanm .
cent cigar us: for It at all eigar storea.
AprtfAt. ai. Bjehbwald.
And ViltlDg Baskets In endless vu"!ev
now on display at Ef bry & Frierson's. All 1
tue newest aesigns ana shapes at bottom
Uray, the Naahviile Hatter. .
ismoke "Our Frlta" A nam.
ueiui o cro.,aoie agents, jNashvlile. Tenn.
the leading 10 cents elgar.
vie ages ta, n asn vine.
Rosenuelm A Ur
Will And at Embrr Frlerm's the latest
novelties lu r urointiluK UoihIs, Neck-Wear.
Jewelry, An. it will l av vuu to call and
see tiiem. ...
By ev-ry one thst Kmbry A Frlerson have
waiarKHilBnu wl Hel-cl HtW'k fif 1 .a.
Idlos Kid Uluvoi, lu all the lulut styles and
shades, fur ilraw, i vculuy and opera wear.
iuAm.uun suiiuiteu.
jlj V 'WILLI
. -tn- r --t C5T h
. , ., nave a Ih
IT.. '
JTT" r-. zr. t
But true. Er ibry A Frierfcon are offerlne i
splendia Lawn, extra uiillli. suitable for
I spring ana sum mer wear, at the extremely
w m yk VI lu vtru la. .
The larirest and iiicst aelnrt ktrlpn nf
WHITE I'lolJKH are to bodiuml nnlr it
r.iuury a rTierson s, anu iney nave them as
low as , cents.
The Parrot chtar iMki for itu.it una
auw agents. j asn villa. Tenn.
aprD-lm ,
Jonn w. Lawless sella new hitvIa iauiia
".m'j , oeruuarat, alary Attuer-
Ladles' house s 11 Doers, attn- MIbm and
folldreu's slippers, 2dc and 4Wo; Ladiea' New
ports, II; also, button Newpons, II: tMOdals
as low aa t: Misses' and Cmldren'a New
port ties and button, from Sue to 11. An i.
uRau jiue ui vent s dooia ami anna in imw
4atteroa as low ax J1.50. We nay them in
crrerj-buiug MSU prices.
When yoa visit Nash viiia. fail i tn to nil
Upon .LriMieet liroa.. the nonulavr tlrw anwvila
300 pieces eleeant Parlsla n Till (iM.
In all the newest deslgna, from 73 eenta to li
P' jruu. jJtl HK4 K A lijtoa.
Nashville. Tenn.
Uray, the Nashville Hatter.
lrs for Men, Boys and Cbll-
rc lot of all wool suita in
V' CKfll 1V '7, tlV,tll, WOICQ IUOQIU IW
4 (i.iilU'.Hi h evt-iy tiuyer before purchas-
. ..... ... UU w WO W V J
. fcv I- r yi.-abg men.
I filiir.onr 5j and 75 cents Bummer
.11 uh, with wide or narrow brim.
its, cur urnlerHUirta at Uo, 40 and
umtorr drawers at 35, 00 and to
,id aftract toe inspection of every
deviree to be olothed very genteel
KiiTate price.
V, Williams A Cch;iirak.
Ji''-baudtomest line of 1 quar-
k i-ii. ami laooy liaif hjee ever
Should not fail to supply themselves with
one of Kmbry A. Frierson's new style Para
sols. They have an excellent assortment at
ail pi ices.
Uoods at cost at Comstock's for 30 days.
Now Is your time to bur Wall Psner.
Window iShados. Picture Frames. Window
Corblce, Notions, Toys and a thousand
things cheap for cash at Comstock's south
west corner publlo square. - AprJ0l.dt
Comstock has moved to southwest oorner
public square, aud will for the ueitSU dava
Sf 11 goous at coat -4sj mako room for new
stock. at.
our buyer Is now in New York tmvina-
our second Spring and Summer stock, aud
out patrons can uepend upou It tha our
rrj ,t aure tue latest ana price the ioweM.
uubbck A tsuos ,
2t- - NaahriUe.bum.
Frank Uray. the Nashville Ratter, has all
uw leaoina su u in Hats and fine Knrnlxb.
lng Uoods. auay A. .
1 :.
Ttir trunks repaired with
dtOHCI 1). Hotri"S.
ill cost at the Soul
Ladles Uata
Straw -llaa
put pair ktUtniii.
very cheap at
Oooree D.
given away
at Ueorge I).
i--!'" s.
cauU i-'.oO
ClolUlns veiy cm
, r, .-j . -j.i " . -
Mho Tprpiu noils an all-U-ttir Top
j; .i nuHiry lor s n), ana a gooo. -!ni:e ilsr-
. l-,r - i j; unuoii) uainess lor l-i m. And
, ot sutue fw say they can save money by
away from home for what they
ca.eiui wnere you ten it.
'id you ever see the like? only once, and
'-t vifci st K.uhn A TurDina. Whins. 7;'
i:-, i Ai. il.M, and on up to tlioO, lor one
'.nip. V
JL i : :
' -YES!
y .a sett ni tuicKy naruessoniy V) w, LKubie
(it uniy tji.wi. Coma and see. Lap Roots
carreeponumg in prices.
eprl3 .il , ' - . KDHN A TURPIN.
Joues Valley, Tennessee,
Has Just returned from the East with the
jar;.-. Ki ami best stock el Biapie and r aucy
jiry itM-os ever wiine orougutto mis mar-
kit, w i- li I am oth-rlng at prioea which
ooty eomi'eutioii. 1 cordially invite my
!r.;un ul ljickuitn ami Maury to oaJl n
me au-l prc my tuotlH belnre bityibg else-
ct.l will s ive timm from a to 10 pr
ct-nf. In lbrir purchases. Country Produce
takwi lu exciiaiige lor goods as (Jsh. Pol lie
Kaliiien always read- to wivit on any one
woo may tvor me witn a call. No tronble
tOCh'lW glHMlS. J. W. IaYUIH,
Kt Ouorgw i). iiudge',
UiiiIh.ji n A HHiuii, f, t- I 1 . .., .
6" . ' '-1 puce
cornN tiuiSE,
lit tjt-ore
rjheapef than the cheapest at Ueorce D,
Dry Uoods. Clothing. Boots. Choes. Hats.
ao.,aiiueev loixouinti .
ipai-U Ph. HlKSHFHXl,
In order to close out our tock of Ilannan
and Reddish low out shoes, we will sell
tuem from this date at cost. Come and see
apa-2w li. W. Watki&'S a Co,
Remember that we are offering our stock
oi Newport ties at ooki.
apar-.w r. w. watkius a Co,
Come and see our 7o cents Hats, the cheao-
apai-ZW it, W. WATKiHS CO,
Don't forget that wo have the nlaest and
cheapest line of low cut sboes-ln the city.
.l-iW , Xi. W. W ATKINS A t.O.
Ladies, call cud get a pair of the latest
sty le ailppeiu, at
p-w It W. W ATKINS CO.
I dont, believe Kunn A Turpln can soil
a Mce t-atiier Top Buyi;ie and Uaruesa tor
IIAi.uu. iN neitner u 1. until 1 went and
saw lor m self.
l--Cl?-tl. ;
l t-.at lust .nova what close attention to
Duiits wnf tlo. kuuq A iurpin aotual,y
seils a itisi -ciass Buggie lor foo.00 luu than
auv u-hnuis-aufer North.
. ix-dl.-u.
have full stock of Uura. Bolting, Leathnx
Belling. Ihreshcr Teeth. Tbreatiiier r,iim.
llnss, Lsoe Leatner, Hemp and Rubber
racking, best quality "Maculns and Lard
Oil, KnlvuH, SeoUons and Rlveta, Pitman
Holts and Boxea for the Buckeve and
Champlouii iteapera. ALso Hectlons and
utvau lor all other Reapers and Mowers.
bulky lay Rakue,
v uoa njy luutes, for sale by
M h.M yu want anlceTrunk cheap, don't
ipimim.,i..iiiuCTn ouy tnem oi nidlivui
Wotttf t la.00 each.
"HfMi-tl Ubomok D. Hoooe.
V , ,
Mr? M.J. Bryant is tne only agent fur
iron i Lu rn, niiuesUirs, Metropoll
an t 1 svievts at htr residence. No.
lu wri
Tan Ml
uiiU niwi, n, nr ,ui tsireei. Any orilers
l!il ttu M is. Kjdy or the New lurk more
win be ,'i,)ii!puy nued. Mlie lias also ou
rii niioii i liirga assort in on I of Ltdies
.iMi-r. Huuiiianta ol irimmiiigH,
Iw- n l I fiibii.iut.rits. 4'uolce hi.m-mt ,,l
'i ii. V ens !! Neus all at New Vork pruves.
wuiiuary ami intvis
: tl s& J r""ptiy filled at Knl-
en, rsc
v-a . 'A -t tuvf K,t. .. i
I-H'-I.il. I'M.
11 li 1 A-: .
X -.. ..ts.l I 'i;-rt.-i
IS III ;t '"i tl. 1 1
1 l'nca i ".!
;i:i.l tl r
.ml positive core for
i, -t, (..anker mouth muU
uii'-n , Cniarrh l-uit-'iy.
'. with each boiue. L ne
t in nuu aweet brentft.
-- -.Alt by
i. it. iJtiu v .- -j a.
tit I:.
. '! r.!f wlMl ('! i-.l.t.
. " ;i nouaceiit'-?! t.,,tt
tr it a nevt-r-1 ui-.ug
i.t.-e most popuiMr intMt
iu, rival as a cure for
ilftHua) i Vie tnrttst am. luugs, and each
dav aliH lr-h lrnui. tius Ui its long list ot
vi-;tA,n- over fuuiis, Cuius, and more seri
ous ,l,-, il,,i s of tne tbroat and lungs. One
tri-il will nemtim-e you. Price oO cents.
. Mr. 1 1. - !d by T. B. Rains A So.
" " " T ' " ' '
Wa wji psln. .1 to heal' of the accident to
the btitiai pMrt ou last Tuesday evening.
Tni'f-'trst-a In ice carriS4:a containing Uie
br -lt and groom took fri,ht near corner ot
rWi'H" ami Hlrnels, precipitating Mr.
.i .l.n Jtweail hisluvely bride. Miss Annie
M-iy.iin lno miiiw curbing, spraining his
so wie, and loilicting a severe bruise on her
,-i-iiit cliwat, ail ot whlcu were relieved by
( nii-(-n' l,tgdtultii Liniment, a cure for
Kijt-u'naiisin, Lame Back, Hpralna, Bruises,
etr. i'riue ail cents.
F or teale by T. B. Raiss a ban.
Will you heed the warning. The signal
frp-: ot the sure approacb of that more
terriljie disease Consumption. Ask yoar-f-elv.-
li you can aHord lor tbesske of sav
in it -' -"tuts, to run tha nsk and do colli m
for it. tVe know from expenen,. thai .hi
at m lire will re your Cough, it- uever
la-Is. Xnlsexplains nbj ui"i -niia i mil
J , on b-rities were sold the p,t r. it re
Iivn v rtinp and Whooping Caaik'i at ones.
Mot tie; ! ''' not be without it. i Jt Lame
. .-iiile, or iciest, use Bhilon'f Porous
For sale by T. B. Rains A Son.
lv.i,Kt'siA ami i.rvr-rt ompiaist.
i m u-t worth tue niiti vr.-e of J5 cen'a
.rt free vuaraelf of every s.-M.f.tom of Ihtse
rtr..-li.4 c HBVia.i'w. i .--- toina so Crtll
OI KUiloh's
'ed guar-
l! it lioes
-. l.Ut. .1 .
nr r,ore aaa s-i-
. -i. sr. t very nv,tle lii-a pr.
at -r -o It. ue scoorcl in y and
-otnl it K-ill :o-
t't b t.1) t !
find - '
- - i 111 tiluc i;i
: l ;:lfhU.''i
I t-jii iie toiit. - -f
u no; lutt.
;.. AH it MOAK':-'.
., i w E-jckeje Uie llght
!,,.( inrtei- j el (ilionij
u4 1 ' "im aud isteei ex
nuJ U'.-i l ie Ittn.
H! i!ikT, Kmtuy A Co.
KEAU 3I0.E. -
Misses Autrusta and Annie Priile nf fnl.
liokrt, reminding one of two lilies in the
bosom ct a beautiful lake, were in our city
. Miss 1'attio llaluufunt, of Cuileoka,
whose beauty is like unto a moss-rose as it
grows lieside the garden gitte, or the myrtle
ivy as it climbs the old castle war, wan iu
the city last Saturday. '
Miss Ella fehenpanl, whose musical
skill adds to the music of her voicti and her
charming conversation, and her lovelvlirtle
sistet Miss Mattie, returned ou hist Siimhiy
from a Icnrrthv visit to friends iu Nashville.
Mr. Walter P. V olilriilvre; of Columbia,
one ot the travest nml cleverest mnf inr,st
genlloiiiauly oi the Maury county .tllautK,
clinic to uie city tins wet-k, and was eorn
ally welcomed by his whole host of friends.
uinlay Conner. - . )
Mrs. James M. Shenpard, accoiiiisaiiied
ly her handsome, brown-eved ilani-titer,
Nliss Florence, i-pent scveritl days iu Na.su-
vil.e since our last i-vsue. -
Mr. Walker Ilariu-tt w.vi hiik-ii- Hie Co-
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i : I folks 'rlio lips week visited tli caiv.
tal city t-.va'l 1 ! l.iu l-i.j-ol-1 oiuuilnaf
Imiked iu upon .N;i.-ht ilirf and its' many at
tractions Uie past few days Mrs. A. C.
lleech, fonnerly of N'ailiville, but now mis
treM! ol a beautiful country place near Me-
McMinnviJl--, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. E.
Sifter, 1 j i'ctnonbreuu. Sunday Courier.
Mim loula Uordon of Dark s Mill and
Jl':!- rirsie Ewing of ilulherford creek,
were in town Monday..
Mrs. W.J. Freeman, of Columbia, is on
a visit to the ICxpositiou, aud is staying ul
the Nicholson House. American.
r or the latest and most imnmtad atrku
'u iiawanu iiih r aruiaaiof ooouf, osll on
-.fuA. v.tj , Maas ittuuvuia Jatter.
Uray, the Nashville Hatter. I
The well-known Kvea' Hotel and lies to u-
rant, near the Chattannogo- depot, is the
mosiiconvenieut and comtortable hotel in
the city for visitors to the Exposition. The
house has recently undertime thoroueh re.
rjiairs r.Bd presents a most iVriting apnea.
j, nee rioth outside and witif a. .Read the
1 ihu t-- , , isue, and
I'rcv.V-'' ,he knowMrre reee Trv he
i -a -"" t, uu j vt. ,w. regret it.
- .. i nrwigie opruis;s,ane . " cr resor
on ' t'-p t CatUDerianu !' ' ..s
tt-. ; t-iiiiyciy aavenisea ui i,; A .- .The
ct tne magninceut notei lii - '-; o reac
,i: - t in e lor this issue, netwurt p eekers
win, ,nd this pisce a penect ttsrsixe,.
is t , j saiue height of the famous Ruersfcrba,
aocf.t e ii!!ic3 utoyij oewsnee, and 13
tneAfi ..road. . . - -. j
-siThe welJ-V "oa-n Tavel A 1 Iowell a pp-far
laottf -oi-in to-tiay with their caplay
card annouii(.i;,jr to the pub.io that tlaw
boeks, b'iks and stationery of sir kinds
can be found .n their house. This is a
liable firm, as years of experience baa prov
en, and it is impossible to find in the land
more elegant gentlemen and pleasant men
to deal with than Albert Tavel antt Bob
Howell. I We call especial attention .'of tjtif
legal Ineuds to their card. 1 .
John Wood may be found near tmv Ex
position building, opposite the 1 Custom
House, where he will entertain his -many
friends in a hospitable manner. Read his
j 1 j , -
caru anu oe sure anu can on mm. . rt .-.
Servant Sadler, of the Porter Rifles, ae.
knowledged the best drilled soldier in the
1 iiiieu oisLca, iias estaoiisueui 111 nisei 1 iu
business cn Church street, opposite the
Nicholson House, where he will be pleased
to see his old friends, and all friends of the
Porters. Don't fail to call oa him while at
the Exposition. 11k xiomi are newly fitted
bth elegant and with an eye to comfort
anu convenience. -
John GUyan A o.
V' wish to call the attention of the ladies
of Columbia and Maury county, sml our
readers generally to the fact that John tiil
gan ec Co., Nos. Ill and 113 Church .Street,
Nashville, Tenn., have the largest and most
tasty selected stock of Dress Uoods, tfiik,
Laces, ami Hosiery that can ' be found in
the city. " Their stock is suited to all classes
of trsde. They have extra liuo regular silk
Clock Balbrietjan Hose at 23 cents per pair
worth 50 cents. Their line of goods ex
tends to the most elegant and elaborately
wrought that can be procured at astonish
ingly low prices. .Sail 11 I.rocades J'A inches
wide, ail fashiouabJe- uaw J-pring shades, at
l.'-'o per yard; a drefS ol those elegant
goods will only cost 1.. fcipring Laces
elegant new designs in black and. cream
at extremely low prices. Special bargains
in Lace Buntings, 12 cents per vard.
Beautiful EavDs 5 cents. Silk Ciock Hose
10 cents. Fans, Parasols at prices that will
astonish you. We know there will be a
large attendance upon the r-x poi lion from
this Fectioti, and to convince you that w hat
we say of Uiljjan t Co. is true, don't fail to
call at 111 ana 113 Church Street, Nashville,
Tenn. Apria-tf.
The Juidii's Jlazitr.
OaipctK, Oil Clollis and Mai tings.
yu only ask an examination of goods un
der tins bending 4i be convinced that our
tiii-k is il: - largest and ciic;ipcit and hand-
foiiliv ! 111 to 11. A IlOftliNTitALifc liKO,
Mr Ueo W Kendall,
The Bkiiletl desitrneT and ".Brent '-of
the eelebrsitetl Mouumentval Works oi
AIuMoon& Co., of Louisville, Ky.,nd
;arara, ataiy, arnvea in our city on
Wednesday morning, and is stopping
tit the Nelson House. Mr. K. wiU ti
nitin here for several days to look after
te interests ot 11 is House, and will Ui
t jateful for any orders our citizens
l aay confer upon him. He has a Very
lar;;e collection of elegant designs with'
him, em tracing every variety of work.
and will promptly respond to calki or
com munlcauoiis eent through our post-
Iiow ig a list of presents given to Miss
Anns. K. Adkins en the occasion of her mar-
ri-' to Mr. B. A. Sattei field:
iiandsome horse and baggy, by B. A. Sat
trnid: sett of furniture, W. H Adkins; gold
aud pearl penoll, bv A. IS. Horsiey; sliver
iKKKiions, oy atrs, ij. u. r orgey: silver pickle
-Htor, iiy Ab. McMen and lady; toilet aett,
by J. t Regenold ni' W. P. Woldridge;
i 1: toe l-Hiu- rmyon by Miss An-
j ,c 1 . --j o-, 1 -; . o . ivrar vase, by Tom
B. M-Mn; r.,-.,. oy tl. A. Hardlsnn ol
iSashvliie; rrt j-tn t.i, by lr. Lu B.rergey
celluloid nin-r..r, -y W.J. IMle, Jr.;Kepbyr
plncof-hlott, l y v its Kate E. Uray; Jersey
cow, bv . k v- iLotn-Hpoon: decorated cup
and miiM-r t t ;:. v. K.tier field by Mrs. At
kius; ' . ,1 -i if-brtgH, by Mrs. A. M. (iu-l -
win' f i t-rier, t-y ;wi,ig Irvine; beau-
tliul .;.- i-incusntoa, by Mrs. Vour
toelp; S'-wing raacbloe, by Mrs, W. S. id
kiio,; .,tnuiy paper, "Household." by Mm.
T. M. i e'ienve; turkeys and chickens, Mr.
Ad i- iu and Mrs- Foigey; handsome bou
,, 1 t. y Mrs. Louise Brown; beautiful oard
t- ,-elvei. by Mrs. l'olk Uodwin; lastly, ahov
t i, t usei,- article) by Simon Thorn peon, eoL
An active, honest and energetic young
man of good family, who would like to have
steady employment and is willing to work
and build up a good trade in selling pianos
and organs. To the right man we will pay
a lair salary and expenses. Address,
V. U. Baldwin, A Co.
niayl3-2t Louisville, Ky.
Trip to the Falls,
On last Wednesday morning, a large par
ty, composed of the beauty and chivalry of
Mi! Pleasant, and a few eon plea from Or.
lumbla, visited this very favorite reaorV
the party was cnapBruueu. aj Bars. A. 1 L trail.
Mrs, Uoodioe and Mrs. Dr. Long, and was
composed of John Kegenold antf Miss Jeftte
Holding, Andrew McOord and Miss Ella
Lsn, Willie Cecil and Miss Maud Long' Lu
tner Krierson and Mlaa Mamie Uuodloe,
Alex Orr aud Miss Addle Uoodioe, James C.
Voorhles aud Miss Katie Kittreil, Ed, Kin
dell aud Muss Nettle Hunter, Brno Amla
and Miss Nannie Jackson, Seth Kittreil and
Miss Mattie Jackson, Mick Orr and Miss
Ida Frlerson, Lee Hughes and Miss J inmate
Irvine, Ernest KKUeli and Miss Tenuis
Diokaon, W iiiis Conner and Miss LI (sue Klt
trell. Jimmie Uocsiloe and Miss Annie Kit-
U-Ji, lis.rry Harlan and Miss . There
were tnree or lour vtner ooupler, whose
names wo failed to ascertain. The party
leltMu 1'Ieasaut about B o'clock, and arriv
ed at the Fails about half-past ten, and af.
ter remaining some time started for Sum
raartowu, where they touad a sumptuous
dinner spread and waiting for theio, whioh
they ate with lienrty good will The even
ing was spent iu garnering flowers, court
ing, etc., aud tieu the lenz; lomir. s.'isu-
ows wj u"U tricm 01 tne ttionui Uay, they
started for home, fefliing tlmf. the remem
brance, f t tUat day worn 1 It .. ;i tne vase in
wbicu rirf.w liav iong lie, n ot-u.lel.
ouiuny i,r :-ait, you may s iiitat the Vse
11 yiol wi:i,
But the Ki Kiit of the rosea win hung "round
It f-ua. . . - . - :
will lecture on "The Talents." The Doctor
is a man of trreat learning, and has travel
ed much, and his lectures are unusually
interestinc. The Baptists have quite an
aennisitiou in Dr. Phillips.
The General Assembly of the C. P.
church, will meet at Austin, Texas, May
20th: Kev. IL O. Pearson and A. Barr will
go from Columbia and Dr. J. G. v William
son from Evergreen, They will start ou
the ltb. Mrs. A. Templeton . will come
back to Colombia with them.
P.ev. A. D. rhilliDS. according to ap
pointment, visited Franklin last week, lie
was heartily received, ana on n eanesuay
met a good congregation, notwithstanding
the very inclement weather. Among the
audience was the beloved pastor of the
Methodist church. Rev. W. M. Green. Thurs
day morning, before leaving he had the
pleasure of visitiDg and addressing the
Prof. Hamilton's school. The school num
bers about 200 pupils, and is doing a fine
work for ednci iion. Prof. Hamilton for
merly taught in this county, and is- a good
teacher and a cood man. Parents and
Gnardians who want their sons and daugh
ters well educated would do well to send
them there.
Kev. G. T. Thompson, the able and ex
cellent pastor of McCain's, Pleasant Mount,
and Glenwood, has been called to the
church at Franklin, and has accepted the
call. He will preach his farewell sermon
at McCains next Suaday morning, and
will take charge at Frtnkliu on the first
Sunday in June. He has been at McCain s
several years, and has greatly endeared
himself to his people on his charge. A
number of revivals have been held by . him,
and hundreds converted. .The: harch
at Olcnwood has been built throuch - his
instrumentalities, and a flra risking congrc,-
gatioa established. Three hundred have
been added to the C. 1. church in the three
churches, and the old members greatly
revived and strengthened. Our people
will regret to hear of his departure, but
their prayers sad good wishes will follow
him. The ?. P. church to which he is call
ed is one of the handsomest iu Franklin,
we learn, and the congregation stronc.
Kev. Mr. Johnson will succeed Mr. Thomp
son at McCain's church.
Rev. Dr. Beckett, of the Enisconal
church, in this city, enchanged pulpits hint
Sunday with Rev. Dr.. Graham, of Nashville.
Rev. Georere Beckett. the able, learn
ed and.beloved pastor of the St. Peter's
church, preached in Christ's church, Nash
ville, last Sunday. Dr. P. says, "after all,
he is better than any that take' his place."
Rev. li. Cr. Pearson has greatly improv
ed since his evangelizing trips to Lebanon
and Nashville, lie will next Sunday night
start to the meeting of the General Assem
bly of his church in Texas. ,. . -
Rev. it. u. irviue- win preacu in the
Methodist (church next .Sunday, morn
ing . and night. In announcing " it
Rev. T. J. Duncan said that since Cro.
Irvine's great affliction, he preanhes
with an unction and spiritual power, -wlucii
was never felt by hts hearers before,
Key. T. 4. Duncan announced from his
pulpit last Sunday morning that the 3rd,
Quarterly Conference lor . this .station
would be held Saturday May L'L That
two thirds of the conference year have
passed away and one third of the amount
for Ministerial support had been paid.
Showing that two thirds of the workT
main to be done in one third of the year
or remain undone forever.
Rev. S. M. Cherry of ML pleasant oc
cupied the pulpit of the Methadist church
last snnoay nignt. lnougn tne weaiuer
was threatening the . audience 'was -good
and the sermon was excellent though the
preacher only consumed twenty five min
utes in its delivery.
The Presbyterian Sundarv School was
well attended last Sunday 4 P.M. The in
terest is said to be on the increase, and the
ceal of their workers undiminished. Dr.
Mitchell has a class in the School, and has
dispensed with night service.'
Five hundred and seventy three. Sun
day School workers and pupils in Colum
bia were engaged in the Study of "the
Prodigal Son," last Sunday. How aiuny
prodigal sons in Columbia were not study
ing the same lesson is quite another thing-
The assembling of a large class of small
children in Sunday School while their ever
faithful teacher is confined at hoiie by se
rious affliction is a touching sceiy,. Jf the
Master prefers that his servant llioulJ be
called home rather than continuN in snch
a blessed work the employments f heaven.
iimst be grand. f.
Anions the - onenugs ma-,? to - the
Mission Home is that by a nobi-.l hearted.
r'esnviernii jiijy or. stove, nv, l-oukiae
u.cnsiis .i'i turniture iur out, '-,,n, Bnit a
d-recB good soolts."- fcevctai ot," : m'Te-
spondiug generously." iaylor ..f wiiuTir'oiter
a year's bread stuff lor the noi ve,
Messrs." Leamon and Berk, of the Law
rence Press, were in town Monday, and re
turned home Tuesday. Mr. Lemon wished
Mr. Beck so see the hne country from Co
lombia to ML Pleasant, and secured a horse
and vehiclefrom Capt. Black to carry them
torougn it. -
Capt. li. K. Polk and bride were expected
at Col. . W. Polk's this week. 1
t. II. Hatcher went to Pulaski Tuesday
ana returned on Wednesday.
Ma jo Will Polk has returned from Mis
sissippi, and is busy arranging for bis biy
sale of stock on the 17th. .
Miles C Ms.y-j returned from Memphis
last week, having disposed of his intertst
thereV . He and Mr. Iodson will go to work
and build their fie w stable. We are gld
that Mr. Mays has returned, and is likely to
remain with us. .,. -
Mrs. Win. R. Uodge returned last Satsr
day from Puhuki, where she had been
Kjieudiuij a few dsys on a visit to her sister, '
Airs, james Tayiar. .
Jnduu T. V'il'url'T and John H. Hender
son, J."-.'L, of Franklin, were in. Columbia
tins H't f i. ''.''
. MissLi.xie'ikiii. Alex Parkes. S.- T.;
Cook and 'wife, went to the Exposition
.vreaucsuav. ' ;
Mrs. J. W. & Taylor left for Vikiniis
Wednesday moraine-. Mr. Tavlor -accom
panied her as fai-as Nashville.-
Major White went to Nashville last week
and returned the same day.
- Miss Armstrong, Misses Ella and Narcissi
t nersoa returned from Mississippi ed?
nesday mornings '
Ediriir Jsmes and Jainvea Ensrle went U
Nashvilje Wedmiiay evening. 1
CoL Fred de Funiak, General Manase L.
& N. A O. S. H. R.,pasied through tolntu.
bia Mi mriay .evenin;. on his way back from
Mobile. , a .
Mrs. IX. WZlZLtSV' Spring lliil.
has just returned fro-u Clarkswi!-, where
she has been visiy3i Mrs. iiV,hu AV"arfi(!,
CoL John Hon f nd Serror D-usitl. X-f.
McLemore is tiivLiJOther o.'our tow qsiuhii,
H. S. iicljeroorT " ' . . '
Roljert Kii !i u. 'A ek, of Na--- . Ua
been spending ietcS:!J,d'?8 ,a V'1' ;'
JUaicr w. 1'. Ino-f 1 rui im "
sas v cunes'iav
weeks. If is hi
lumbia ?ii 1-n
an Absence, "i
'"-s..i! licence fcjt
If vou visit the Exposition call at Win
stead & Bros., opposite Maxwell House, for
a broad bottom gents shoe, a nobby young
men's shoe, and. a ladies tancy siiji
per. - ; arr29-4t.
The contemplated fishing party to be
given my Mrs. Armstrong to her Sunday-
school class, has been postponed to the 'Jsa
of this month." ' -.,..' .1
An elegant pair of bay horses for; sale.
Apply to, i Wltf. rlAILEY, - li -
Snrinir Hill. Tenu.v tf.
The C. P. Sunday-school will have their
pic-nic at the t air urounds near uoiumnia,
on the ML Pleasant pike, to-morrow. The
teachers and scholars are expected to meet
at the church at 9 o clock sharp, where eon
veyancea will be waiting to take them out
to the scene of enjoyment. Be euro that
yon are en time, children.
Twenty new pieces of Matting just re
ceived at Kmbry & Frierson's. - ,,-tm
Judrre W. s. Flemine was not wen
rnoiiirh to open his court at Lewisburr an
Mooilsy, but recovered sufficiently" lo- ena
ble him to go up a lew days later. , ..; i-4
You will find the most complete stock
tf Parasols in town at Kmbry & Frierson's.
A full stock of Ventilated Hats aa band
lit Embry A Friei-son's. wc. .-
- The Criminal Court finished the' misde
meanor docket on Tuesday and took ap
the felony docket yesterday.! -EMhty-t in
dictments for playing "pool," rd Lb cases
submitted. . ," t .rmi Vi 1 :
Buy yonr Kid Gloves forjtte Exemina
tiom from Embry & Fr;j rionj Ask for the
E. P. Laced Kid Gloves a!l r-olora.t1 I .
The ladies of tlie Baptist church win
open a strawberry and ice-cream: festival
about the 23d or 21th of the present month.
The place will be given in timei ! We trust
they will receiye a liberal patronage.' i , ' i 1
Before, visiting the Kxpositioa, Ladies
should purchase their. Ulsters' auad Linen
suits rrom Embry & Frierson. , I - ' I rtt
The aweUiug-house of MrJ Ji T. Craik
has been rocked recently, bup-ika rascal
that throws them r-annotbe discovered. -. r
Miss Alice Williams-will read the vala
dictory, and Miss Nettie, Dewvwill read the
salutatory at the AtUcq;ium. at the coca
mencemeut. .' i f j j I ( -!- ''
The new hotel is t zoiiig f up ! gradually,
but surelr, and looks larger snd handsome'
ceiving his invitation wanted, to know the
meauiug of "Aller'a CheraL Upon being
told, he is now at a loss to know whether
be should go horse-back, mule-back or foot-
back.- We bespeak lor those w no ' are so
fortunate as to attend, a pleasant, evening,
.1 it::n ',
this v,
A. V
hi. . ,
11, JlUsa"
i r.erson,
t ue asU-
i 'k elo-iirua-froiu
lliniiui.uiis , t . . .
John D. KfEtu'j,
ThnrsUav morrrmg.
Mrs. Kllen Mays,
Nellie Mayes, Miss ilarr (
Miss Sailie P,uaavU2 went
ville Exposition Thursday n.
Judge John . Viri.'tit, our
cptent staiidard-benrer in tr,e
tonal canvass, retjrru-ia .,!
professional visit to Lawreuc
capu J. li. Murpay weat
bin's Monday attend court
Mrs. W. J.Lfale, Jr., went
Friihy to attikiVi'e Eij-c.;
turned V e-lnesday. -
Ueo.L. inomas, T,-':irv t
Company. out -to J't'i-sJc .
on business coiinec .d w.-h Hie i
Walker Barnrt sil N. Dale.-
o'r. nicest yonhii lnou, w,ivt ti 1"m'.
week or two t'ga, ui a t uircv him
very charmin ; Lim, drivini arotiu l
the sigh, Tfiey "" "yrned 'iae-vlsv.
Cspu J. W' St-. i nos, v : "
Mii-s., nrrj-,i. mi t ,i n v.:rUir, '
rismaiii ii--re several -ia) .s. il i.iuiiti:;
here sn ai"-"1 ot to see him.
iur weil-knot Tti4'sn,BiUie
is doioif a Ihriving f osijcV in ids . ,
tograpit gallery oa tiij --pnlnV ' ,, .ju
Nashville. . Gtad f hear !T"ei!. i'
Mr. Geo. VK. Kcmhiil... jraft-s- .m pi,
agent for M. Miildoon t C-o.Iof Lv't-, iie,
who have the most extcntjve pivi,i;r
possessed byaoy tim in, the SUU, i: iiie
line of designing and iiujxortinr y -mcnts,
is visitsng our city tsis wcr. ,ir.
Kendall is a picsng gentlejnan ii t sociiii
way, and, reiieentn.' as he doe,' is most
celebrated atii poridar houti fiit. Vviud on
the continent', ho has-met iii 3 kind re
ception" iron the people, i ' tsevf i clmste
aud rarely beAutilui mtlZ'i'X',JLiTit:r
Carrara stu-dios now ornament fenu
teries, and re would ju jrit to v of our
readers purposing to srect this l.t tyken id
love and rfuiembniime ever tlioi; 1. tha
thevsceui" uesici,.
111 tk;- hinds of
tnd iore imposing as it gets higher. . 1
lVini,, John T. Atkciiron, a clever young gen-
1S;V I j ieman of the Bear Creek county, isiagxis
ovi.te'-iselling goods in the reliable and popular
,-.rv 1 house oi C I . Dwt-n, in this city.
r aw. I Chancery court adjourned last Satur-
i st I day alter having transacted a 1 great deal
tile I of businets.
: "Major" White has a Hver-plated
Mdee. "Nelson House, ' . on his lappeL
"Msjor," iuherit the eloquent facility of
Kxprcssion that belongs to his name, and
is iull of business and enercrr.-- i
We have been assured by one who has
heard it rehearsed, that the Band of Nod
sdvertised eise where, is qmte an unique
ud chArnnng altair. Those who love , tne
sweet ways of little chidren, will find it
very attractive. It is under the "charge . of
several ladies who well know how to present
a good thins In pppropnate dress. There
are 30 children who appear in it . iu rich
costume. All things considered,: it is woll
worth the price it admission, find we hope
they will hare a full honse. " 1
The McKimmia conibiuMlion. 'ftaTcj' -of
;ive stock, which comes oil" et Nsshville on
the 20th of May, is quite alarge aflair. The
sale catalogue, which is out, embraces cat-
Je, principally of the Jersey sort, and
liire of almost all kinds. There" are some
well bred trotting stock.. Theatile oottui
up -I head, and the horse part 113 head
in all 131 head of vtocka Some, of the
eouiae) have for sirea cacrrnntabilitivs - as
A Uie WesLiJlackwood, Jr.,' Country, Gen
tleman, Indian Chief, Almont, Bonesetter,
Lookout, Ualsora, Blue JUiU. , Many of the
dams are on an eqoality asf to blood ' with
ereu these noted sires. &t pan ire to say. 111
eluded in the fcoml part of the offering is
a daughter of Alexanders Abdallah.
t T 1 . 1 ' h
tvillici V UIU IMU. . ,
In the case of the State vsj John II-
Holoornb, now. bv appeal bofort thc Su
prt-nie Court, aa . KmuieaUon was made to
judge McLemore to, take bail, and he de
cided that iiolconib wits entitle,! to be re
leased on bail. Yesterday was set for giv
ing the bond, but it not being made irp
then the matter was froutinued over until
Monday next. 1 ; '.
to 1. 1 reuce-
-( N.1-.I1 ville
i';:i, mij 1.
; -oi-i-i
-I li
,1 tnii;
' Esq. W. B. Erwin tells us of a eat at his
house, near Shady Grove,: which had a
"family" of Kittens, and which brought in
to them a couple of young rabbits. The
rebbits were not molested by the cats, and
remained with them for twi -weeks, when
they suddenlr disappearcd-Miupposed to
have run oft ; The 'Squire supposes the
rabbits must have sucked the old cat, as
they had no other visible means of living.
......Our young friend, Mr. Van B. Shouse,
formerly of this county, was married on the -4th
of April, to Mrs. Fleming, widow of the
late James 6. Fleming, whom our readers
remember was drowned in Duck riven, sev
eral months ago. AH the parties were form
erly residents of Shipp's bend, below On-
treville, 1 We extend our cougratulatioa to
Van and his bride, and wish them a long
and happy. ate miss Anna Adkins,
our fair correspondent of Water Valley,
Maurv county. ("Bansrs"! was married on
last Sunday morning, to Mr. Satterfield, of
River ; Station, Maury county, ; we have
not learned all the particulars of the happy
event, but are satisfied that "all want merry
as a marriage belL" We offer- oar kindest
and best wishes to Miss Anna, and her
worthy liege, and wish them all the good
life can afford. We trust that Ban;s" will
not allow this to interfere with her da-
tiesf?) to' the readers of ' the Pioneer,
Hickman Pioneer. '! I
'Sheriff Billie Wlthersnooh -and his
deputy. Bob Green, of Maury county, earns'
down this momintr. and will this even is 2
carry John R. Hofcomb back- jwiih them,
who will be tried before Jndze McLemore.
next Monday, for baiL He has'" been sen
tenced to the peniteuti iry for ttrenty years,
lor killing Mit carter, last .October. Ban-
Oer. ....:' 1 t .
" -Miss Hattie Hardison, of ilanrr coun
ty, who is exceedingly pretty and mltotreth.-
er lovely; visited her uncle, Dr. iJL M. PaV
tetson, last week. Marshall Ga itte. ' e
The Jcnrnal, Heratd, and Ha-atiiteL.'-ei
Columbia, have been consoliilated and bow
Rppear as one taper, at:d the Iertid is. the
nuaie taken for the cor'elid;ed paper.
Aif. Horsiey is editor, A. W. StockelL Eso.,
business manager. We wish the enterprise
unoonniiett success uuaen limes. . , .
' Miss Mamie Johnsoc, of our town, is at
Mnrfreesboro, visiting relatives-the fami
Uy of W. M. Street, Esq. We 3eni that
while there shir will take lessons: in "hard
finish'' crayon work, under a noted: French
artisLand thus perfect herself ia the art she
.w much admires and so ably and beauti
fully executes. . Her productions in crayan
work form t an important part 'ih' the Art
Department of the Nashville Exposition.
We hope she will not make her ' stay too
protracted Mr. Jesse Iloikjf, an oldj
cittxea. of Cheatham county, was drowned
ia Pine river, near Vernon, last Saturday,
while fishing. He was on a visit to Ksu.
Jesse James', near Vernon, where he lived
icw years suice, auu starteu oii oaiuruay
to go t Billie Mayes, in the same neighbor
heon, and stopped on the way to fish, was
not seen any more until the next iday when
his dead body was found in the river. He
bad caught a string of fish w hich! M as tied
in the water and he still held the. pole in
his- Jtand. - He is supposed to -have -died
of paralysis of the heart, as he Was partly
paralyzed...... Miss Mollie ' Thompson,, alio
spent several days rtoeatly visiting hef
sister. Mrs. If. Mclsnde, at bhadv Grove,
returned ou last Friday. She 'was accom
panied by her pretty sister, Miss I Aims, of
Maurv county, who will spend awhile we
hepa very eojoyably in our midst.
We are sorry to learn from Esq. Pick
Smith, that our friend Mr. J. W. Taylor, the
clave-merchant st Jones' Vkllby.Jiad his
hand very badly sawed a few days! since,, at
1 lanes saw mill, orr Leatberwood. We
learn he will lose all his fingers jbb the in
jured band. Hickman Pioneer. , ' . .
IS fOll
1 ;
" P.er. C. S. Gabard, insists. m . evuiigeli
tng a certain person of our cityf and The
peculiarity of the ease is that it is not on c-
fort to convert from ludaism to -cbristinittv
or iroui sin to salvation nut irom- the iaitv
to tha itiueraney. - .T
Joseph A. Bruton, repreaentmsr-. a creat
saanvmas, ueo. v. iielme, -of .New lork,
was in town this "week, . getting i Cornell j
Pucknau ta make him two snafl wagons. Mr.
Br uton says a Columbian won $4.t;00. Jrom
1,1. : 1 1,. A v.- - u
1UU Jiatll ,,tn AVIS,. . .
ci james 1. onices, a popular- and - success
ful young .business, maa of Pulaski, came
np andtook bis lumily home, Tuesday, wlio
nau -ie en on a yunt to v. j: uanea' lamily.
Tha Piilaskiaius have a high au.l just ojiiu
ionof JhInes,, . ' .
Miss Lo"U Kecse has lust le turned ' from
a' visit to Maury county. Review.
' Misses Ella and Maud Long, two . of the
most desirable young ladies in, the -county,
w ere 10 luwu recently. - ---
Hon. E. T. Taliaferro of Pulaski 1 in
town this week, on his way back home from
Nashville. He had legal business with Esq.
G. W, Stockard. one of the leading citizens
of the lower end of Maury.-: .,
Cant. Austin C. Hickev savs' 1r. 1 W. .1.
Matthews is making a splendid Siie.iJY of Su
Francis cirurity, Ark. The .circuit court
there recently. thanked him foe his' prompt
ness, eourt., and efficiency in the dis-
cure ti ncj aury, -
Major James. oedles returned from
Wifhoite's, Fnnt.River-Ala.,!hist iTltursdav
eveayir, wkh a 6i4 pound black bas alive
in, his taok' He rtut very proud of it, aud
justly so, for it is the largest .black bass,
with one exception, we ever neara oi.
"Gen. James A. Ekin, of Louisville,' came
to Columbia Friday, on a vit do bis son,
GepL V. M. Ekin, and 4o join his w ife,
Who was already here on a visit to her sou.
Theieneral is s very Laud some man, and
possessed in a pre-eminent degree of the
old-time coury, which is very beauiihii
and attractive in an old man. His vii!
here was a very pleasant one. At Mr. J. M.
Mayes' request, he accompanied that gen
tleman to Ashwood, St. John's church, and
other attractive features of our county.
Gen. Ekin was in Columbia in 1810, on a
visit to his friend, Hilary Langtree.. - Me
ssy he was so well pleased with I'olom'-dw,
and all of Middle Teunesree, that he in
hail a desire to revisit it. He was then 11 n oi I
ackson Democrat, and visited the II-.:'
aire, anu saw oltl .Jlickory. tien- l.-.m
eft Saturday morning for his post in J.01:
sville. If the distinct :ished eet'.i 'ecan V
Of hii'Mv nod Witrmlv t-"lo t - "
n-.l tj,;,..;.,, ,. i ni-iaH- ,Mi"t--.liv
: w ould not hiive dera.sed U'e 1 1 -
is pkuMi-t viiiii, -
W. F. iiecdtrr pitsstl thrmch. ChUi-ii'.-.j.
Saturday, on his way back from Richtiioud,
Vs., where he went on a visit." On his way
back' he stopped at Kitxville, sad visited
"Island Home," Col. Perez Dickenson's
model foim near Knoxville. He saw two
steers which weighed 'J."00 pound each, for
which he was ottered -10 cents per pound.
Mr. lieedcr says it was te most niagiiitii
cent fsrm he ever saw. He visited Frier
son and Morgan's marble yard, and saw the
nest marble he bad ever seen. .
CoL E. W. Gamble, a prominent Colum
bia merchant, came up to the capital on to
see the races. Nashville Sunday Courier.
James A. McNutt, an excellent voinii:
entieman of Nashville, who fs general ajv.il
or the Hartford Life and Annuity. Insur
ance company, of Hartford, Count Meut,
was in Columbia recently in the iui n -t of
the company hepresents. - y
Mrs. W. D. Kilough, oitMurfreeslK.ro. hss
been in the city for several Mays 00 a visit
to her sister, Mrs. G. T. Chatltu. . -
IloliL M. Gill, a splendid looli.; : -ihtle-
man from Allensviile, Kv.. srrive-i iu Co
lumbia, a few days ago on a vi.ti o the
family of bis friend, P. II. liirviueld, and
other friends in the county, .
R. Wi Watkins, One of our most popular
and- thriving young MMohsnts,, visited.
Nashville last Tuesnny C4 business, and 'in
take in the Exposition. ' :
Mrs. Ed Keebie, nee .Miss Tennie J.asiev-.
formerly of this county, is visiting
lumbrn. 6he is the guest of Mrs.
Rushton. .
Geo. C. Muner returned Satndav froi-i
Florence, Ala., where he went on a visit 1 0
lends and relations.
Col. K. C. MfcDoweU returned from K'.-
ucky last week. -
Capt. J. li. Andrews went to Nash ;;!
nesday and returned. He saw ami n I-
mired Mai-ir iieudes big trout.
Andrew J.. MoCord, of Eonisville, li tJ
been sojourning in' Columbia, his n,it't
iicath, for several days. . Andrew hasinai-"
frienils here find iu the country, who.
always plcused to sea liinu. " .
cordalt2udorsenii jr j
of their work, kah(i ;
tegrity In all ' ml"
learn that thejf '
services of v
get np A d
to be jiie
federal (i
A. ,'
viliTT. - ,
.- Chf-rie.
city, ;1)t."
vide, r isit.
Ung Wiih sir
will bo weh f
ITe snys the
fire pn'-j
ntr our
" .'-ility
h. . ' AilAlXS. A r
. wiiiit v.
May 17 id. Is
t'ainp'.ie!! :
Hill, "jut'fj -;
OvcM'jii. Kirkni
i s.' !. ' -.-
; -" Alio
Corn warn,!
11. tVtfsnf,
Rev. H . M. ;
li .is HCCepud ll'i
commen. eo.fjt :,
Study it id in tl
in 4, .!!'." i-i
wiii le ti:,- ';... -'
Dr. Left 11 :
gni.-!,el o
luinliia.".1, -
extend I .1
We '!.:';
ti the fine
t CViuml
faction to
shoes. G.
ou South
I ' -i
rt.rjcttlie'DiitPt. :
folk, A i," tod, T'j
tti r r.
'i ''b'
1 rr
t'ipson, fr-ckrill
-. 1
'""""' i'-Ziiliiri! tt
"i; '.. 1. IK, l
."!! tO
Ilrtl., st
!' ,'."-!!!U.
, 0! Puii'1
itiaie the
1 i s
- .1 I..-.
rt of uji-
- ;-"i(1L. '
1 1 r ! '
-..i ;
'."'liors i-a-.
i vet ot Lis '
re it
iiiii ,v
mn's o
-- U ;
.-I" -IC
I ..:!.-.
H !l r 1
'V Tt jr I.
,".p!) ! ' I
ll'l. 11
" -
i n . :
- i.eeu
;-: nd 1 i'm-
if usti .T-j- C"-
f-iends hre "w-H
nii, en the s'aove
Irom Ci'i'.'inua
ir erer broui;ht
f ' five sstis-
1 i.;.v! nAis or
an t exaruiie for
i e ' Haianer1 Hall"
" : . . "
s ct FK;fsoN.
I Joe If il, two celeb-
w ere in town Mu-
,.ta-T"iil si:'.es, at
. i Vein" SOS'S.. :
- 1 ot i. reeetttr, w", tne
,11 v int m la "iven
- 'V.v J i 1 t c rrn 1 urf-M i At ion
N. 1 fol
ium our
' ' s- of "lllC
- " ' ied s hand
' v f A to tiiiike
Co. 1
'. "i't-iii-,
-f iroi ni
tp..vii 0110m-
i ! ,yf0 Ijii.'ej' is tlie best.,
i-.e "e-tsclusivs atrnts for
--eet, Nashviiio, Teao.
hie l"dy. ,
The C'iui2usi.
Dcilil A Lord srt
this ."SUtW, Markft
. iu,' v tri't.
iiit- I.K.ies of tit. Peters 'hurh
r-'oeHty return ( hanks Ui! fUlowi''-;
t em, is. .Messrs II. li. 1 n eom. r
liic, ji i.tk 1'ickiird and V
many kindnesses, JL -1
tfnwell and Lattfuk-wn'"" 1
ff".-.-. to n iiber;J fiib'.i:' f'
ilead Quarters for Heady
Mixed Paints
'f arc - sole agcuts for -tlj. celebrated
H.iii! aar paint, which we i:;iv'u been selling
tor s years anu will gn:irai :ee . s,
mayOtf - , 1 ; i T. B. RaKvk 4k Sor
T ij
nvm tup rnrvTVii
t , . . v , y
We'.will opento-day .1 cases oewvafi-
cos, in all the latest styles, or best quality.
2w - -'-;. Embby FBiWiSfxr.
The oldest house in the county is -fjie
".'Uildiug on the ohl Dr. Tom Brown likl-e
-ir Creek, now owned byDr. Wm. A.
It was bnilt about fij years s.'i,
j beiu" umi os-u f re,) e!m,tiiy
j ny sonatt t iioy present- y v.
, ows conclusively, xuif valnc ami
....ty of the red elro lor -.yUdiUL-."ind t-iii-i
er purposes. Carit. tlolia Tf,,rier s--; -? oi i r-e
! n d ehu, "it is the best an; mo'W'darable
-lluber, and will make a bei- y-; than any
1 nllin, m-Aul t.Kat rrolC." -
I Examine the. stock of Tab! , r,inens.
.Towels and Nankins, at Embry fc'f'rierson,B.
Mr. F. M. Veuchn has bce'l v.
. . 1....: i ' ' :-
.not expecteu to live, uui. i 10-- better.1- '
' Ask to see the.T 'S.iylt" ices - for
tniming ginghams, Ac, at -
. LMtlKY & l-'KIERfiOH'S,
-Newt Vaughn, Jr., brought his hand-
souiad bright tookiDg oriue home irom
Alabama, last rrn lay.
An elrant.line of the latest styles of
Ladies', Misses', and Children's Slippers.
:..... S I., l..,r,.. t. ir,Ar?.,-., '
j i , 1 i,i ri vet, aa - , ..t, in x . tx, v 1. 1 ai,wn p.
Neil, the only brother ol James, ami
son of Harvey Hodge, 'deceased, died at the
residence ot Mr. Io'hj bhull, near ML
I'leesant, Saturday night,, the 7tb, of con
sumntiou. - .. - if.i i ' '
Miss Mollie I'rewitt and brottur,Vitli
Mrs. Frank Moore, of Cuileoka, spent two
oavs with tne lamily ot Mr. U. W. MCCord.
last week Miss Mollie is s blue-eyed, liizlit
haired blonde of lovely manners, matchless
grace and noble disposition; which has won
for her many admirers among. Jicr. owh, as
wen as tne opposite sex. , - ,
"The bloom of opening flowet'a unsullied
ueamy, , .. ,,.,,...--
MUdeet aud sweetest Innocence she wears':
And looks Ilka nature In the world's first
Hint Williams. Sam Cecil. Jim Fleming
and iley Harris, who went to the Upper
l ine L,niti noie on liunaio.iast week, caught
about eighty black perch and trout. The
larcest, a black trout, weighed three pounds.
captured by Hint volutins. ; . t
Mr. Harry Harlan, quite a hanitsome
young gentleman of Macon, Miss who is a
student- of the anderbilt, visited the vi
cinity of ML Pleasant, last we'ot. It is said
there is great attraction $cr inm.out, tbere.
Mr. Henry Grimes, an oidciueu of the
ML Pleasant country, died after a long and
painful illness of dropsy," Monday night, the
'.Hh in-t. A - short-time -since he made a
profession of religion and joined the M. E.
church. He leaves a wife and a large fami
ly of children to mourn his loss.
nday-scrtoois, Methodist and
Pf esbyterian, of ML Pleasant;'
pic-nic at Polk's Station, to-day. They will
come up on tne train in cnarce ot the ac
commodating conductor, Capt. IT. L. White,
A large party of lin-s sod frejitlenien
rut fropi ML1 Pleasant last Wednesday -to
l.-uth-Mieke Falls. ' -
Mr. Ben Perkinsou and John King are
tatiwfr up a saw mill near the depot st Mt
leasaut- Thev are I'.otie-t, loli-r.oned
gentlemen, wiih eueriry ami enterprise
which is sans to lend thtui to success.
-Mr. ii.oot. uui, 01 Aileutviiie, Ky., is;
ftiu; his fneud 1. Messrs. J. iv.. A. and
Mn:k Oi, near Mt. Pleasaut, -.
We'. regret to li ant tliitf Mr. I.nos
LOomsort, an Old and csiei ure-i eit:; toi of
lie 1 Ith district, is very sick Willi bilious
fever aud erysipelas.
itatuesniuie rmili has become
One Hundred WagviBR
' ;Two , Dollars per &y ai(l for
twri-hprsc wagons and teams.; to
Laiil chestnut oakbark froiu tbe
Helm Lanyard to Mt. rieaeant, a
ditstance of etx miles. ; Couforta
1)1 ii stablca aud rooms inriiietlicd
freer For particnlars anlyy to LT.
Ward, Acreut ST. & F. 11. lVjr XI t
rIcasant, "Teiin .-,
Jfay let, 'Sl-tf.
, ., - , . , . - o '
'.- :' Real l.stafe Transfers, -h
Tlie followiu-. Vs a list af rcceui I jl .es
tate transfers 1 various Qistri;! --. of ths
CJ -"
county: :
M. M. McKl k,' deed "to
iMKU juoll
Eli?., f .eth VL
;. - y. 3i. c. a.
. Although' the weather was very inclement
there was a good attendance at tne meeting
01 toe xoung men s -uunsuan jtssocinuou
in the Methodist church last Monday nigbL
The interest in this christian work seems
deep and abiding. . It is being put forward
by some of the best citizens ot the city, and
best workers in the various churches. One
of the most tonchine speeches ever made to
an association of christian men, was made
bv John Latta. Jr.. and the -result was
sironcr expression of sympathy and sub
stantial aid otleaed to tha ladies ia the event
they should establish a mission home.
The room in the Brown br.iJding is to be
furnished by next Sunday, and the young
men wdl hold a religious lervice there at t
P. M. Sunday, , .,.
: Milch Cows for Sale.
Several good milch cows for sale apply
IO . . . ..) 1H021AS IX WILLIAMS.
. .' , P0! tor the Picnic.
' To-morrow at 9 A- the Methodist Sun
day School will fall aboard" for ML PJ ess-
ant, where a delightful day Is i snticipatcd.
Send your basket to the. depot to-morrow
by 8 o'clock a. M., or report to J. W. 8. !
Taylo,KobL' McKay or II, i II. Ogilvie,
um uiey may sena lor li at yonr borne.
. fl '' ' I' " 1 ' I I
.;: 0bltry ;
Elinor Johsson Gordon, consort. of Jesse
M. Gordon, departed this life January 22d.
L58I, in the7'Jtb year ei her age. She died
of "pneumonia, .front whioh she suffered in
tensely. -She died in:peac,l calling her
children' and friends around bet aad asking
them ta meet her in heaven, where parting
is no more.' She had been for many years a
believer, a ! Presbyterian in faith. ' If er fa
vorite hymns "ere, "Amazing grace," acid
''Am I a soldier af the eross.,? i , .
Her death reminds as ot the olden tunes
as it resiwcis this resrion of eo-nntry. A
brief notice of her -parents will be of inter
est Johnson Craig . was bom in Orange
county, ss, c, November. I9tn,i 1774 died
September 17th, lfciS; atred 74 years. His
wife, Martha (Blackwood) Craig survived
him and died iOctober1 15th. 1&39, sped 76
feana, "Mr. rJohnsrm Osrlg married Martha
L-iaoicwoivi May tin, li t?, emigrated to Ten
nessee 1 "'., and set lied- wrar ML Pleasant,
Maury csutrty, on tha pla.-e aiof known as
tii- Katrll eld mill place, where a fort was
built as a place of safety. -His brother. Wit-
lim -came with, him-and settled -where
Capt.. Scotr Jennings now resides. . At the
time they came, there was not, even , a tree
marked where ML Pleasant . now stands.
Wolves, bears', panthers and 'ether wild
beasts infested the country.' They brought
salt, augaC'and coffee from Franklin on
horseback itTht) -brothers hsrl for several
milies to cut their Own road. Johnson Craig
roiuained in Maury county pntil 1838. when
he started for :MxnsiAsippi, brrt Iris health
failing. lie stopped near Sumntertown,-at
i. L'. .. .1 t. , r . Ai'-.Ui-
resides.- Here ha remained until his death.
He and Lis -wife were members of the old
sobsel Presbyterian church. They lived to
SCO all Lfteif children; 14 in' number 8 sens
and 0 daughters married and with farm
lies. The memory of the just is blessed'.
Mrs. Gordon was buried at the Cemetery
near MX. ' Pteasauu Services by it v. J. .
I- rierson. May her children remember and
f alllU her parting and dying request to them
tq meet her in heaven. ' v, J, r..
iAn .
A fine jeibWk m I"
lt stv voarfl old. Mil '!)
ness, and free from ad i; ' : ii !
ir. iua it.
Corn, Corn Vjncttd.
The highest market price pa 1 by ' Mi-Ic-
moreAliro. Office at V i - Giint , V. c t
Setaij street, Columbia. Nov.-Jti ti i.
Fathers ami Son.
You ere Invited to inspect omi i f the
Isrgest stock of men's, youths and boy ' lo.
thing ever oilered in Columbia. Our Mvles
are the latest, our material tlie best mid our
prices the lowest.
apn.'y-u. .. , . j- Atss,.Mii.ii .
014 FllcsjIVaktcd.
Ws lack the foil us in if imuibers of the
HERALD, which we wid thank our suli-u-ri-bers
to send ws at once:' 4sc. 27, )o7ri;
Feb. 11, 1879; June 4, I8W Octoln-r 3, l7U.
Please look them np lor us, friends.
leb.ll-U. ,. .
-J) ' -
Consider Yonr lott-ret-l.
Every msn who expects to bav a Smii:r or
Summer Hat would do well to examine our
60c ts. tt jpet. UaL They are certainly Uie
cheapest goods ever offered.
April th, tl. WILLIAMSk COtllllA' ..
1 -. .. I..
I'seil ia Searty Every Locality in
Hany Slate.
Settled beyond a doubL No one i ick-
Uobs the fact that more cases of wl.ius,
suppressed and irregular merges and -Tli-r-ine-obstntctions,
ot every kind, are ting
daily eared, by Dr. J. i UnuiUM Fom il;
Regulator, than by all other remedies c ui.
bined. I ts success in . Georgia and oiler
States is beyond precedent in uie sunn I of
physic. Thousands of .certificates iioiu
women everywhere ponr In npbu the i -o
pnetor. The attention of prouluient in li
e4il men ia aroused, in behalf W this utn
derful oompoand, aad tla stiost siircestlnl
practitioners use iL If wotawfifniUrr Ii(m
sfter it will be their .own- iaalL Fen lo
Regulator is prepared and mdd., by Jjj .1.
bradheld. Atiauta, Ga., and tuair be boui. it
for 10 per bottle at any respectable di uj:
store in tne Union.
ForSaJeby'Wl'P.'M'oldri.l.-e -
Apt-2Mn. t..-i "' - '
I 1 t l.,t -
,. , . , "L , , ,
vau eariv ana see tne coons we are ctoi-
iacr oat at Kriine ensfL' Now t the time io
save money sod get Imsintf
U .. v, it. AVt'-SV ATKINS.
- I o-' ' ' 1 ' v i - "."'
f-1 Chew the Befit. ; i't .t-
Tlie celebrated Tar Heel Tobacco. '
.'.i'--" 1SM.OAB TMK IlKeT. '"'"
i'fie Hot Spur Clears.' '- i': ' j .
,t ' SoleAgenU, ' ' !
J, AS. WlfORLKY,"' V ,
Apr-2tML i , Nashville, Tenn.-
Felix Torter, col , aged 23, eon-
;a;ii r
to n ilher;il t'ltu!
. h- Press iur
' i.'il tt 1
A ill tel.. .'ids, i
i-e I. J,. V. r.
Vt bott
to i.t-iinville.
Mineral wa'-
Dei hi fc Lord at -
healthy . suumi.-;
Ask yiki'r grore.
rrderf to us, ..'
Kire F-mritfs
Clark Taylor if
man it- This if
. 1. r.urk-cf a i
botlied beer, ei. :.
- - t'l.ft E(".TD J'i
.to 1
1 ;.. 1 :iU,
ir uisuy ciur
heir patrcnuja
ied cider -'lie
Tn-iy t-.:t .
io:.-oniiiitilt, J . ;
road, went tioM il
teti-j a pic-nic ou
Scott to 2-1 acre" j
trict. s.,.Kj- V
Heirs or A. li. s liliams, oeci f. j
noti'man'to Ids Vres lnnd ia I, u. nxsct,
:l,l'ii. i i
J. W. Harris i,ul wife, deed to t" . Us
ris. et al to interest in -10 acres 1jiii , iu Jlith
district, -5tr. I
Siinis latta, need to Isaiah Oio,, son to 1
acre lot in Macedonia, S-iJ0O. . ..:
J. T. Akin, to Cheatham, Pcarce t Co. 2
lots at Hurricane Switch. S . t
W. J. Ktishton, decil to BcDi. Haney to
lot in I'nd ward, $ltu,
. Jiosj. lLnnev,iieed to Austin I'oe4-r to lot
in 2nd -ward, iLsr:
F. M Titvlor, et al deed to M". 13. Tomlin
son, interevt in land in Uth district, 0..
T t , 1 . .. 1 J l . T , ' . .
v. en -.issuuii. uccu to o. ji. Jv Inzer, i
half interest in ViS acres in 18th district,
Moore i rierson, deed to Issiah Gholston,
to 2 'A acres land in Sth districtt. s-j.wt
r. ll. vvatklns, deed to Jno. V. lpltou
to AZl'k acres laml in 2fst district, MtiS-tiO.
Jetson Gantt to S. S. C Gantt. to lot in
Willismsport, WiH). '- i .,,
tfiiu m. McCav. deed ta Sarah . Lou
Brown, to two-third interest in 2- trscts of
land in 2Uth district, llHi. . ''" I .. ,
Chas. , Thompson and wife, to ; II. ' T.
Hughes to house and lot in Colombia.
B. E. Bolaerts and wife, .to deed tot Leon
Frierson, to 2 tracts of land 1n' 13th
district, 52t.o0. ' . (,-,
ipcixtut ui ianu a on. , , .
The Iand of Nod, with its King and glit
tering. Court, its sprite's, dreams goblin",
and veritaWceleepy heads, can all be visi
ted at Hainner Hail to-night for oO cents.
ft v I'-n. V,.lt,u.l
... sAIJ -aav ,3,.,,,,,!,. ,,, .
The Hoard of Mayor and Aldermen on
last Monday night, passed upon its third
and last reading, the bill providing for the
establishment of a good system of public
schools in Columbia. The bill 'provides
that there shall be placed in charge of a
Board of Education consisting of nine free
holders of the city three from each ward
elected by the Board of Aldermen, and this
Board of Education will select the teachers,
fix tha salaries and attend to everything
connected with : the management of the
schools, i A special school tax will be levied
each year for their support While the ad
vantages of free instruction are given only
to actual residents, yet the bill provide
hat those residing outside of the city lim
its may have the benefit of the schools-by
paying the actual cost of tuition. We are
glad to see our city looking upward in this
matter, and we predict that nothing will do
more than these schools toward increasing
our population sod our prosperity. The
cre-itf tf tite-4noee.ts of this mcaa-ure is due
larut iv iu Esq. V. J. Andrews, who as a
memiH-r of till 11,
pushed it through.
. '. ..... . " ' ...
infant ol W O. H itherspoon. white.
; May 8, Robert, Thomas, coL.ageai 60, bid
fth, Ned Hogan- white, 15, consumption,
Oth, Caleb Porter. c-oL, aged , brain fe
ver. ,. .
10th. Amanda- Tenuesse. daughter of S.
H. Howell, col., one year and 0 bios, old.
, i - i
Corn, Corn Wanted, "
The highest market price paid by McLe
more & iiro.. Olhc at R. C Uant's West
Seventh street, Columbia, Nov. 2t$-b'm
v '! - A Colored Jery. ,
VeSterday, by special request of the ate-
feiuiaut, ftuenn w, u. witnenpooa snm-
tnnooa a cotoreo jury to try tne aase oi wm.
very, col , chargea vuu atliung nnsiep
iq WUltain Holt, In, the Carter's Creek
soantry, jauinetltne last year. This la the
first eoiorett Jury ever empaneled in. tne
history of Maury eouuty. The following
r the aamea of the Jurors that enrn re
tne jurv: jssrnuel Wliiiama. unni numi,
R- V. Wia-d, Albert Foster, Henry Hsdn;
t'hiilp Hfittrt, Frank Wlgfali, 1 W. Wist
klns. Wm: i'K.rbtrlck, Win KUk-b rd. Hr.
m riaiiH ' t 'l. i.tew-, t hii, nuna
- -I Of lit:'
V it tulns i-"
C-JU-'ttry ij ji i
, 1 ""' A 'i v. ;
hs been thrown la tl:o
an j hss caused a reduct',
$7,00 un a suit. Our ji-ii
stock i niens,' boys,, hii
wbi so as to remain' im
Sotitinue so, at A I.os
1 OO'OftMi miu,
x- it.HL L ul v,iti y
' ne Mt. i'lwAbt
s ii thing iaarkcu
t. of from iv,0 to
won our iiHuiense
I youth, clothing
o-tiit'ed and will
U Til AX & DUO.
Meteorological llecord at Ashwood, for
- - , '-;:, April, - ...
Highest temnersture on the SU.. ...... .HI Arv.
Lowest temperature 0n the 2 .22 dcg.
una t aii...o.....-.,. 4.U
Number of days on which rain fell 9
" .: j' - entirely Iear.u 15
V . -k ,-t " lair...l..A(. .:. 1.1 '
" i eloudv.'' .v - .j . 11 :
Thunder storms lltbr 12th, 21st, ' . '
Snow fell on the first, twntentii inches
Unary, white frost oi the lutb.-t w
Very thin ice on the 14th,' ,i " - - i
Peach trees in full tiloera on the fth.
Apple trees snd strawberries on the 17th
Fesest trees commenced patting oat leaves
,.(0n tne ntn in on week were.fnlly
.., grown, : no ii..-.t ,
, Voluntary Observes l!i S. Signal Service.
... i I li i in I ll - ;
, ' Down They S, : ' -i
We have a Tine'"") toadies, il'isses and
Children's Side Lace Kid Shoes, Zeigler's
niak ' We sre selling at prime cost: come
. ', . .. I.. .A.
aad see. li, vv, WAIKINS ft Co.
maylStr " , o-
ard. dratted the act an
r b-il-.d nnd sold ly
iiie uiet itiiithtful anil
uriiiss in the market.
nr tflflil.or semi vour
i'"kt fctrec-L Nashville,
' mav6-2t.
K . 2 : U !u; depot, aud
.-f.iag Vf a, coaijiiiu v; to.
: L I Ul-' t C. ,.'
seii i "..;l) & Iord's
r aad uii.ior.ii waters.
who way-
te, as well as a popular and attra-iive
place of resert, for our young ladies and
gentleman, who every vear, sometime dur
ing ih month of May, go there picnicking.
Anoiuer party, cotiposed ot some as hand
tome youiijf ladies ami gallant young men
as are to be found in the county visited the
tails last r rni.iy. The couples were: Chas
Akin and Miss Minuie Wilson, C. M. Rey
nolds and Mis Lticretia Bunch. Charlie
Standard Pianos nnd 0 reran .'. -
Why purchaae from traveling agettis, an
pay lurte commissions, when the best pianos
and organs can be bought at home st lower
cah and time rates than elsewhere? -
A. D. iTtlEKSON",
Apr-22-tf." Public Square,
iiJ and kn; ..-flifW . " x..i io' si the head
l,i Dcc'iibcr.sas 'I ned - j aud cost in
the criminal cistrt, this week. ' ,-- ,
C harles Thurman, suj'p'iei tlie most
." : ;,l;ous taste ciNash'-'iiie .r.i ll line of
t ; h:ng and pants furnishini; -soiif. Suits
vu- it to order and perfect ga-tranted.
V-,.i wiD find him V: tlie Mux well
ji tse, with jjie lar-.'-t stock -f clothing
.M.'.e city.- - "j ,. 1 eurl'li-tf
l-.d. llem'.U'y has f ut nto Heaishrna in
f l-;--'-: ii McGaw's bur, t
i-i, tvs & Doiisou j, '!
,!.. .!- stau nun g tnem. i
. The finest wens, ladie. ini -sct, boy'g
-,.iI ehildren shoes aud slips ers ti,e U citv,
i , nr. Winste.1.1 l.ros, .No 7. I I
will int some
a i sia a.- he gets
Prosrainmo of the Mt, FleaKant Liter-
' ary Society, Friday Erening-, May 20.
Address by the President
Essay. Miss Camilla Bond. " ' ' '
s, - t . 1 v- .1 , il -r. ' t, .
, ,f. . , - I - imiivw mt; uu'icib vi uie jieeri. ur.
111 flmi and Miss Mnrv ( Gordon A rmulrnni, f ... ...... H
S,d Fleming and Miss Lillie Moore, Walter "iitsic on Pisno, Miss Ida Frierson.
Dialogue, bv Mr. I L. Frierson and Miss
ft aimie Jackson. '
Lecture, by Mr. A. S. Horsiey. '
Kecitation, ny miss ids r rierson'. ".
Humorous Reading, bv Prof. Swan. " '
i Hecitation, by Miss Dickson. t
XiscussioB-r"Prohibition" bv C. I W.
Brown and Dr. Thompson. ' ' ' "
. , Vocal Mosie, by Misses Dickson and Em
bry. - - - ' : : - ' '
.. Report of Tenngsonian Committee, hoped
for, Messrs. Horsiey, Southail, Dr. W; A.
Smith, L. I i nersoa.
Special Offer.
SOcrs. will buy a No. one dollar Hat at
Williams Jt Cochkax.
Cant snd kli-s Annie Kittreil, Joe Flemi
and Miss .Matt it; Williams.
The eommetirttueut exercises of Cul
leok Institute will besrin lo-niffht. and con-
. - t. ,'L- ; . . . ' ,
iruu-.w wees- aiiis lnstlturlcci grows ' 10
popular favor au I prohciency- srith every
' essifu. ' 4 . ' 2 !
Taui?ny Webster killed a lir?e rattle
faate.Vhile out hunting in W. Jl.'l'ntrlishV
"woods. . Some of the rattles 'wet-- shi t off,
but he thinks t hers were i'.t. Tiie sniike
was in alumpau-d Tommy kicked, nt it,
thinkinc it was i laru'e lniishroon, or toad
stool, liiwy snakeship ouickly .assumed
au attitude ot- defeLse ;Hi.t defiance, snd
Tommy 'khot L ' -:. J
F. M. Tang.tn, aV excellent cifien ,.r
this county, was taken suddenly aU k
Friday and Saturday., It it as reported
that he was dead Sunday, but we , irto,
to say that he is bettar; and will s-on be
Misses J.uJia. IJ. and Lens f.
down. last week, to see Mrs. ll.ii-!.,'
oi tne nicest pui isuies in tue worlnV und
1 one
Max-Jftil Ho'iH',
spent a lovely dy. They enjoyed it, al- hfjast I hiive been giving it to our little
11101011 iirimn vjrmjc uenry nor Alien
nor tlteir beloved was there. :V ,:'
On this evening there will be an erier.
tninment at the resident,, of W. t). (ionlon
Ifarks Mill, by tl,R yotiujr ladies
neighborhofnl. it is siiiietliing simiL4r t,,
the cooking ''"'', c:lf''' .vt-"n.g lady invites a
gtntleiaaa friend. One young iliau oa ic-
Oka VTVILLE, Ga., Adz. 2o'. 1879.
Dr. C J. MOFFATT Dear Sir I cannot
longer retram irom rendering to you my
(jiiiei'il BcKnowieugements ior tne price
less boce, you have given to the baby world
n yoer "leetnma. ror several months
ast I hiive been giving it to our little trirl
now teevhiug, and with the most happy re
mits. oineriJuicuucs are uroojung anil
oyiiiu' while our little darling is fat and
.cheerful. I recommend it to all with whom
I eiitue iu contacL
Y'ours very truly,
Apr-in. A. 15. St tin it
Inls Conuty, .
Since our last lo the Herald. we have no-
iced the consolidation, aad believe it will
be a great advantage toys editors as well ss
to the natrons.
The farmers ar very badly behind hand
n this section of Lewis, rain is the great
hindrance a lew have got their ground
broken, sad some corn planted; but some
have only a part ot then- land broken np,
There, ts considerable complaint here
against the fish is wj. Bat this will subside
as soon as the people can see what a great
benefit it wui prove to them alter while.
There is very lutle - complaint here
against the road law, and they that do coni-
luin do not understand w. ; . i ., '
I!tit!alo river has proved herself a better
protector to the fish in their spwaning season
tnau tue law uaa, lor itoas oeen quite iuii
for a week or two. . - .
Mr Jack Pope died a few'dsys ago. He
was very old snd been iu feeble health for
sometime, t nele Jack naa a nara me.
James T- Turnbow, one of onr nearest
neighbors, put ia tbe lowest proposition to
rari'V the mail from Tony to Newburg. nd
ttie nVnninitt was awarded So him by Jltll
St Braanelu. . , .-i . .: ' '
Warren Smith, J i., of Uoenwald, the
little village where the railroad depot H 01
pectcd to be bnilt, a hen our railroad is ptit
in runiiini order through Lewis, will yue
the iohsbitanls nf Tra-e. C'r'ifit a ieu:per
Hii''e bxlure ou the Sth inuL, every bolv is
iuvited. JhLs is anew feature for Uie coun
try and it is hoped frill prove a stepping
stone of much good. Uod rasas tlie t-n:-er-
ance cause. ,. -i ,: -
J. IS. Burns is having tan bark peeled, and
is going to have his .tannery mat on first-
class principles. Wa wish him much suc
cess. . ' -. , i , . i - '
; All well, no marriage no births to report.
. i . -.,.,-... t ;, -,'t '" BY TONY.
' Sontniort.'
W'e don't propose to wrlia a ikh-iu - r
otherwise express our joy at, the coining f
spring, but we wish to expri's.,nur syiupi'
thy for the husbands of fashibijshle iv.-s
and the fathers of eligible- daurh u-ru. for
spring has come, and so has "the time for
protracted and tyirraiuentul isetinca, Hml
many a husband and lather's ltart tiuol
snd the purse grows lean invpvniseqiiefii c.
While oar. preachers nru. exerting theiu-
lres t-i for a ard the cause. oi leniner.-im c
in the land, strange to ssr, ws. never Io n r
them open their mouths iu onlt .' to t,.p f h..
extravatjanee of the country. It u Wild
travagance that is, robbing the' ' ii.ircii and
ministry ot their just We, oaiikruptin;
husbaods and fathers, and Uoa ofU-n de
frauding the merchant ajirt oiUiis ;:wnlt,
making every sacramental .tsorasiou mid
protracted meeting a day ttdiafilay fooli-ii
extravagance or a criminal jditajday of the
merchant's misplaced , coufidcHce, driving -husbands
snd fathers to driiikjaiid ruin,
snd the swindled merchant (0 'Filicide or u
drunkard's grays; aad all to tsnke a dis
play at the big meetings. Suehls modem
Christianity! Oh, give us only small por
tion of old fashioned Christianity tliatal
lowed ot- fathers snd notrr to co to
church in homespun, and enabhil t.hciri to
dav their debts and kent the Sule nut of
debL The ministry wgu't at tads extrava
gance because their wealthy inruiliers set
the example and the poor encf loliow m
their footsteps. Slaves to.'so-Tuor'linaic
love of fashion are the ctimem i-Hnn li and
Slate, forcing members of tfcivl-fcurch to re-
pudiste their debts with tli meitiiant ami
the merchant his debt wist Ve wholesale
merchant, making the eh'cslv etai coumry
wholesale renudiatiou. Mamutoitv. pav
ing the way for State . repulifttien and dis
honor, all done by chunn bioajibcrs lire- '
paring for the liig meet o-t,1 making our )
country poor in everytbir hot fiile dollies. .'
Strange as it msy seem, ie hnmstry w iuk !
st this extravairsnce, bassa it is'jirai-tiep.t
by their wealthy nisnliers. "ifJow, dear !
ministers, help us as tftsbatrds and father?.,
for we cannot help reading tlie neason at
big meeting (tcssioi. l'oor as we are onr
wives and dHUiits are dear to u, am;
!ien fhey say tharvood sister Mrs. so-uuit-
so, tbe Miss w-iii i-u has a new spring hat
and has a lots siy: Ves, we nalUrally feel
in ihe bottom "nr (lockets and frequent
'y he pr.i-frS little' mite1 aud tl:,
suiumvmcrio',1 j i e to neip tna wives tic
da. -liters. V'v l.i.S 'on i -t,ioi the cau -e I
tetn erauce, pI'eaA strike a entJe: blow
Let ns le t i -n'" i.i
ivagait ' is In. i -. u; .' r .: . '
fcf-pr'i;.;!y where ihe pames if - ci. , .
lue.nu'fi aud exee,l their a'.U.-y to i
the merchant 'or i glister, tv ho 1et pnys
the preacher? Wef-.-twer ti'i-.-.: who j r ie
tice honest frugalit.-i cspeciaily iu o.c .s.
.Now if it was not 'h imposing farther on
your space, 1 would give you a history of
the II. g Creek liahiog party, but mince it to
say it was a so, csri-s, oystu- sitppst nnd all,
and we join Mr. 1.1am in bsvup that no
cleverer Jicojile can be found tiiau those
living near tbe iiaptist ci,'.ii.hTon Big'
Creek. Now you ask a hard 'jm- njon when
you ask what happened to W. J'.. H. Mat
thews on that fishing et cnrsi"ri. II.- is
known to be a modest msn, I tit, -rfekaowl-edges
that either a bad I. v scared iln got.
after him or be got after a badly fx-ftred dog.
Any way, it looked that way toal uian ou
top of a stake fence. Ask Jtob, to colored
cook, he knows, and aiu't bashpil. f
i-fis ,:"' LL
Casipbell JiUtloh:''.'
That ohl military chief taia. Ceo, Urecii.
has almost complete puiuession otthe coun
try, and unless his enemies, the. larmeis,
tan get some yeiulorcemenls In Uic'way ot
several weeks of fair weather, they; will be
forced into winter quarters the nK season
on short supplies. To be sef.i", there-
never was as much complaint -on the part
of the farmers as there has been In She last
few weeks. Tbery is a gsod, deal.,f torn
aud cotton that has not been plotted up to
this date. The rains have not, beea heavy
except in a few localities, but emtu di has
tslleu to Keep uie iarmers iroin wuk. tin
Friday, the 5th, a rain fell oh the Unii of
O. A. Tomlioson and his Irainedjiije ncit
borhood which played Fad havoc1 with
things generally. A stoue fence was w ash
ed away on the farm of Mr. Tomlinson
where there was no stream, except a sm.Ul
one in wet weather. . . r
the sect imi
foreman at this place, is putting tip ii steam
saw miJl on the farm of John f lickuini,
ear Stiversville. , ii
Mr. Mc G. Ingram has put np a attire u
the old Pulaski pike, on the farm heuoulit
from Jesse Tomlinson. ;t -;:!'
Sundsy night, the 2d ititL. .a.racan the
accommodation train going isouuUaot nil
the tiack at this place. The sccidcBt wits
canned by s piece of casting lulling oh of a
nat car ana breaking a nraae on oua pi me
ears. Ihe train was not delayed mire than
twenty minutes. '''.;"'
Dr. Bernard Uracey lrom isuivrnn, Kntli-
erford county, came out last See' So visit
Ins parents. He staved only a i iow'ii.i v t
and returned. , - - i l
The sons of some
are goiog u ocuool
some how tave got
Dr. Smizer related the fo.'lowlrc luiisa
few days ago: Hicks Ellis, from Mit- i 'ijpi,
lound a buzaard nest which" was tip ji li ir
iK-.plar he conld not clisib.- .He took a
rope aud went up a beech tree c!m' ib ll,e .
poplar. When he got up aa hirli a the
nest, he tied one end of tbe ropo ro the
. . ; - ' ' I i
of the preai ln r.it w h. j
1 to tlie llt'rn. y'ei,i , .
)t into a. sireakrof hi-',
; ; . ,w ...... Tor Sale. . -
The charminz' residence, known ss the
Finley place, -t between Spring Hill and
Ewell's station with first-class, cistern, gar
den, orcnara anu outnonses. .Apply to
. ...i. t . ,i W, Whitthorse,
. Dec 3rd. 1880; tf. 1 Columbia Unn.
For Sale by W. P. Woldridge..
; ! -'.3fotiee.: " '.
T mve a n'ortable nrine, and Senarwtne
that I will sell or trade for a large - i.nguie,
situable ior a Sta". Jllill. ".Vildress U. P,
Webster, Cross Bridges, Tens, -
I . -,,, i , Mil ' l
! " TotheFftlls.
, ...
We are offering bargains in our Dry
Goods Department. This , department is
replete in all,. and our shelves are crowded
to overflowing with a handsome stock beau
tiful dress goods, which will win their way II
examined. ; " a
apr29-tf " A. ROSENTHAL & BKO.
I'nblic SiHotsi Directors.
There will be a meeting of the Public
School Directors in -Columbia, on Saturday
tie .lii uay oi ji;iy, insi. , r.very Director
n the county is earnestly requested to at
tend. Give one day to tlio public good.
ud let us endeavor to promote the eflicient
list of the means within our reach. Don't
forget Ihe day. ;W, B. Woon, Sop't.
AprJ.tf. .
beech and threw the other end .ov-er s.a titer i
sprout on the poplar, and then rsa.lo a fust
to the beech, lie then started .'!. i3 the
beech to the poplar on the rope. When
about half wsv. the wster sprout brte aud
he fell to the ground, a distance irrf -s-fWiit
sixty-five feet. The only thing thftt,'"-ved
him from immediate death was, be'fo'rrin a
soft, marshy place. No bones Were brWken.
1 le was out in a few days, ready for sssther
climb. tiiicrft
Two young men, one a sou of Mr. Da tics n
and tbe other a son of Mr. Futuiaiufjoth
eame very near losing their lives la.st,.itur
dayby being drowned, at Mr. JlelrViuill.
We do not kuow tne particulars..
We would state for the benefit! of fliose
who exoeot to attend the Exposition at
Nashville, that tbe grand military -ijmrade
will take place on Monday, tjjo '3d.'t Ou
tha three days following the parade, the
different companies will- drill at the Fair
Grounds for a premium. Tha UxiU Mill
commence eich dav at 1 o'clock. . TJ.e in.',
mission fee to the lair Grounds will be .50 ,
cents for adults, and 25 for child ren. Those
who go out to the Fair Grounds wili have '
to go on the street-cars snd the Chattariuo-'V
ga railroad. The fare from this place-for
round trip will be $3.o for sin trie nnrsT,,c . ,
M for parties of five and less than ten. ,.! '
2.35 for parties of tea. and over Ju addi
tion to this, each person must pay 2 etjiits
fora ticket of admittance into tl,,. r. ,..-' ;
tion, to be bought at the station yiWe j
starts from. Ihe return ticket bins'
stamped at the Exposition buUdin; t r j 0 tkc
it good. - ... ,. ',
At the Bt. Louis lUir thf.
Dremitimsi are to be if 1 yen t
Ant us cattle.
It U aitiil that "11
cows alive to-day are
, t
' f
- 4
V : J

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