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jMiiasi jm lis... j.i JL" 'f I'M
-t the Tide.
it Is V :
A fl r u!f
Ton w wi,
n v:th the rirt
i rtlii of Lima,
i tr:tj fourfM oi iLe river.
I-.lKe rnr.Hie to Honift old rnvmA
! J! laies cojn-a HnJ ptUono
AgHluBt ita current tj rtile ;
And we muKt iiav strength, from heaven
H'i" ruwiug HgaiuM, lae Ude.
We may lloaton the river's surface -W
bile our oan muw toocU Uie stream.
, And vlut oim of etgrly glory . ...
- Oa ourdiltu sight may gleam; .
We forest tliat ou bciore us ' "
The dashing torrents roar,
And. wlule we are tally dreaming,
lis waters carry uso'ur.
Bot a few ab, would there were many '
Itow up the "btreain of life:" -
Tney sti-uie against lta surges, i r
And mind neither toil nor strife
Though weary and faint with labor, ;
logins-, triumphant, they ride;
For Christ is Uieh.M-C Captain '' '
When, rowing aaaDt-tlie tide. '
rr ob thronich tbe hazy distance,
Utte a mist on a tHHtant snore,
i Tbey the wsjia ,f a olty, .
Vita it banner flouting o'er.
Seen through a gltwt so darkly - i
They almost mistake their way;
But faith throws light on their labor,
. Wlios darkness shuts out their day.
And ahail we be one of that number
Who mind no toil nor pain T
Shall we mourn the loss of earthly Joys '
When we have a crown to gain?
. Or shall we glide on with the river, -
With death at 'Jiu end ot nor rldn.
W nils our brothi ,r, wit b heaven before him,
rirtil Tennwsee ItejlmerU, or
a iue buow 01 me isig
April 20, 1861 vs. April 26, 1SS1
About twciity years ago, I think it
was ; 1 won't be cei-tam, though, a man
Whose name, if I remember 'correctly,
. was William Lu Yancy I write only
from memory, and this vas a loag
time ao tooit a strange and peculiax
notion that the sun ruse in the ast
and set in the west, and that the com
pass pointed north and south.- Naw
everybody knew at the time that it
WM but the idiosyncrasy of an unbal
anced miud, and that the United
B tales of America had no north, no
South, no.eu.at, no west. Well, h be
gan to preach the stranga dvctriue of
there being such a thing. B.9 began
to have followers. As you i inow, it
matters not how absurd, ridiculous and
perposUrous doctrines may be preach-
ed, there will be some followers. Well,
one man by the name of (I think it
was) niieu, said it out loud. '. jtie was
told to "s-h-e-l-l." Then another fellow
by the name (I remember this one be
cause it sounded like a grave-yard)
, Toombs, said so, and he was told to
"s-h-e-l-I." Then after a while whole
heaps of people began to say that they
thought that there was a north and a
south, and after awhile hundreds and
thousands and millions said that there
was a south. But they were the per
sons that lived in the direction that
the water courses run. Now the peo
pie who lived.where the water courses
started from came down to see about
It, and they said, "Gents, you are very
much mistaken. We came over in
tbe Mayflower, and we used to burn.
Witches for saying that the sun rose
in the east and set iu the west, because
the sun neither rose nor set ; the earth
' simply turned on its axis, and we
know, hecRHse we are cropeared Pure-
(I J tans." The spokesman of the party
i Was named I think I remember his
i name because it always gave me the
tines when I heiird it) Horrors Greeley,
od another person by the name of
Charles Sumner,' said there ain't any
north or soutn, east or west, and you
han't say so either. Now the other
. people who lived iu the direction that
the water courses run, just raised their
bristles and continued saying that there
H a north and there h a soul. When
thoseat the bead of the water courses
came ont furiously mad, to coerce
those in the direction that water cours
rtin; and to make them take it back.
Well, they wen t to gouging and biting,
to pu.lr.ng and scratching at a furious
rate, one sid, elected a captain by
the uaie of Jeff Davis, and kuown as
one eyet Jeflf, and a firt lieutenant by
the nam ot Aleck Stephens, com
monly styed smart Aleck. The other
Side select! as captain, a eon of Nan-'
ty Hanks, yif Bowling Green, and a
on of old Eib Lincoln, tiie tail split
ter, and who iiuuie was Abe. When
be was a y, he was called Abe
Hanks, but be became- age htv
took the n:nvrr his father, the-rail-eplltter.
Wei! after he was elected i
captain they J rWti as firt lieutenant
an Individ uai(f doubtful blood, by the
came of Uau:.jbal Hamlin, Ixing ade
ceiidant of Vie ''iurabion -of Ham,
the bad son of old Noah who he went
to curse bluvb overdid the thing
and cursed jfn black. .
Well, an 'said before, tbey went to
fighting, iut old Abe's side cot the
beet of tie argument. ' But in Ketting
tbe best of tbe argument they; called
In all the people and wise men of oth-
. er nations or trie carta, and they, too,
said that America had no cardinal
joints, and that the sun did not rise in
the east and set in the west and that
the compass did not point either north
or south. .
Well, then cairtain Jeft Davis' t-ide
, , save it up and quit, and the-' too went
iomyinsr that there is no north,
nth, no east, no -west Well. 4
. boys" all took a small part in the fra-
- en, ana bnep, the prophet, remarked
that the dav would come when ! those
Who once believed that the American
ranUneut had cardinal points, would
be ashamed to own it. That day has
arrived. America has no nori, no
ovth, no east, no westr-tue sun; rises
over the biJis and seis over the moun
tains, the compass just points up and
Md clown, aml we can -laugh now at
the absurd notion of there being such
a thins as a north and a south.
Well, reader (let me whisper in your
ear) I was in the row, and the fol low-
Inn pages will tell what rxrt 1 took in
I the little unpleasant misconception of
2 tnere neing sucn a thing as a nortn
sad a south. t
In these memoirs, after the laiwo of
twenty years, we propose to fight our
"hatrJoa oVr Airain."
' , -1
To do this is hut a pastime and
pleasure, as there is nothing that so
msch delights the old soldier as to re
visit the scenes and battlefields with
Which be was once so familiar, and to
recall the incidents, though trifling
they may have ln.-cii at the time.
The histories of the Ixst Cause are
all written out by "big bugs," (ienerals
and ienowned liiftoriuiip, mid like the
relica- that called a turtle a "cooter,"
being told that no such word as cooter
Was in Webster's dictionary, remarked
that be had B inuHi right to make a
dictionary as Mr. Webster or any oth-.
T man ; so have I to write history.
But in these pages I do not pretend
to write the history of the war, but
nly give a few sketches and incidents
(hat came under the observation of a
"bigh private" in the rear ranks of the
rebel army. Of course the histories
are all correct. They tell of great
enlevements of great men. They
wear the laurels of victory; have
grand presen ts given them; high po
sitions in civil life; presidents of cor
porations; Governors of States; offi
cial positions, fcc, and when they die
long obituaries are published, telling
C their many virtues, their distin
guished victories, &c., and when they
ax Dune! the whole country goes in
jnourning and is called upon to buy an
elegant monument to erect over the
remains of so distinguished and brave
a General, Ac. But in the following
peges i propose to ten or toe fellows
rho did the shooting and killing, the
fbrtifying and ditching, tbe sweeping
Ct the streets, the drilling, the standing
r i&ra, picsec ana vinet, and who drew
t was to draw) eleven dollars per
V.nth and rations, and also drew the
fwrod and tore the cartridge. Par
wen me should I use tbe personal pro
noun 1, too ireqnenuy.as l do not wish
to be sailed egotistical, for I only write
ofwnat 1 saw as an nuuabie private In
tB0 rear rana in an iniautry regiment,
eenynonly cafted webfoot. Keither
So I propose to make this a connected
jouiual, for I only write entirely from
memory, and you must remember, oh,
kind reader, that those things hap
yeaed twenty years ago, and twenty
years Is a long time in the life of any
Individual. !
J was twenty-one years old then and
at that time 1 was not married. Kow
1 have a house full of young "rebels,"
clustering around ' my - knees and
bumniitir ncaiast mv elbow, while
write thefe reailniscences of the war
of secession, rebeUs. State rights,
8laverv or our rizhta In the territories,
or by whatever other name it maybe
called. These are all with the past
now, and the North and Bouth have
Ions' aeo I'shaken hands across the
bloedv cbHm.t' The flajr of the South
era cause has been furled never to be
aain unfurled forever: cone like
dream of-yesterday, and lives only in
the memory of those who . Ilyed
through thsme bloody days and times,
. 1861.
Reader, mlne did you live tn that
storm v wrlod? In the year of sr
Lord elgateer? hundred and sixty-one,
do von rcmerr.ber those stirring times'
Do yeu recollect In that year, ft the
nrst tiaie jd your me, or Hearing jjix
le and . the Bonnie Bine Flag? Fort
Sumpter was fired onon from Charles
ton by troops under General Beaure
gard, and MaJ. Anderson, of the Fed
eral armv surrendered. The ale was
east : war was declared : JJncoln call
ed for troope front, . Tennessee and all
the Bouth'va States, but jTennessee,
loval to her southern Bister States,
nassed the ordinance of aeeension, and
enlisted nnder tbe stars ! and bars
From that day on every person alMost
was eager for the war, and we were
ail afraid that it would be oyer end
we net In the fight. -Corfifeanies were
made tip, regiments, organized; left,
fefti left, was beard from, morning till
night. By the ngnt name, file lert,
march, were familiar sounds, ivery
where, could be seen Houthern cock
ades made by the ladies and. our sweet
hearts, v And the Union men of that
day-, made ' the 'tnost' fiery secession
speeches. Flacrs madt by I the ladles
were ' presented to companies, and to
hear the young orators ten 01 now iney
would protect that flag and that they
would come back- with the. flag or
come not at all, and if they; fell they
would fall with their backs to the field
and their feet to tbe foe, would fairly
make our hair stand on end witb in
tense patriotism, and we wanted to
march right off and whip twenty yan
kees. But we soon found out that the
glory of war was at home among the
anies and r ot upon me ueia or uiooa
ani '. carnage sod death, where our
comrades were mutilated and tern by
shot and shell, and to see tbe ebeek
blanch and to hear the fervent prayer,
nay, I might say the agony1 of mind
was very different indeed Jrom tbe
patriotic times at borne. "
' The Greene county Democracy are
in favor of General Hancock for Pres-
dent in 1S.U
' Smyrna
John GFJesple might si m little stool
with Marsh Martin on his lap without burst
ing it down, if you would brare it np with
rocks. John T. Dcrryberry might staud tip
toe on the bureau and perp over the joist
pole. David ft. Sowell might sleep on a
six foot bedstead if he wonld draw hie
knees np to his chin. 8ix big (tout men
might whip Frank Wheatley with their
fists after two diV bard fitthtit)?. Your
Uncle Jim might be good looking if he wag
not so dratted ugly. It von read the Bible
you might find where it says, "clap your
hands and rejoire," bnt I will be blown to
London with blasting powder if I can tell
just when s north wind is roing to come
sweeping across the valley where Bill Jack
son's old mare died day before yesterday,
and bringing with it a sweet perfume that
makes every person in the neighborhood
clap their hands to their nose and stagger
backwards, those that are not church mem
bers can be heard sending forth a blue
streak of cuss words that would make a
whole campmeeting qnake and tremble, and
those that belong to the church tarn quite
pale and no doubt think d n, if teey don't
say it. - " s
We learn through letters that V r. P. H.
Martin, wh left this neighborhood about
nine years ago and moved to Obioa county,
Tenn., is now one of the best farmers and
wealthiest men in that county"; he has had
a fine house of eight rooms erected and haii
given it the finishing touch with five lk-Mr"
nine rods. Kir. Martin is a strict 'wmi -:r
of the Methodist church and no doti!t tii,
people ot Obion are glfed to hove him iu '
their midst. . ' '.
About three weeks sco some devil o
devils who have neither teart or concie ' ,
in their bosom, went to A pile of timber ih .
Mr. K. M. Nicholson -Jind got out IS se-H J;
snttron snoxea anil ,cat itreo.it Jver loree. -
seres ol ground. - Ota the fofloicur Biornf
night laHt wflek the heartless wreehesic:( f '
bnck dud rejwated the same dtrjyriek t"
then had the impudence to call the t(-i
and tell him to send Etta and Katie bsr-.
to pile his spokes. The ones that did tt
guilty Cf a dirty trick. Mr. Nicholson i m -.
old man, worn down with the long yenr i f j
k l I I 9 A .1 - t
IIQie, U2U WWH unr iiuiu ur.j " t " ,
, ... . . , i - i , j I
tbe Close OI aay, who gray oiiinhi uid low
to keep hp a siclly family.
Yot'S UsiT-S Jia.
Letter From Texas. .
y Dresden, Tbxas, April "24, Wl Mr.
Editor, as wa have been so fortunate as to
get the Herald on time, we will write
again. After reading my last lette, I guess
some of my friends are preparing to come
to Texaa Hold on friends, do not , be in
such s hurry, perhaps you had better look
at the other aide of the picture; 'you per
hsps ware sever cant ht out in a - blue
Norther, several nv'iea from boms without
your overcoat, or ten er fifteen miles away
in time of rain and have to drive home in
yeur wagon or buggy across the black mud
havine to ret out every few hundred varda
to clean on the wheels, and perhaps you
would not uxe to nam your wood lonr or
five miles; you might get s home ia among
the timber, but tasa it is not so healthy
there as it ia-os the -prairie. Sometimes
crops are cut very short here n aecount
of drought. ' We have been having about a
month of dry weather up to this time, bnt
we are having a line ratn while I write. It
will bring tbe cotton an and then the (arm
era have to go to work in earnest. The
Ppnng has been so cold, but few ef them
are done planting. I have made three
!lantings ot mine, and my first is up. We
tad a freeze here on the niitht of the 1.1th
of this month that rve our corn a check
some little that was nearest water courses,
was killed. Gardens, more or less, were
damaged. The leaves on the fruit trees
were ianre enough to protect the fruit to a
great extent, consequently but little of it
wsa killed. 7 he nroste-ra are trrwl fn
fine crop of fruit of all kinds.
The health of the country is eobd at thia
time. We have had an epidemic of meas
les that at one time nearly broke up tbe
schools, but they have subsided, and onr
schools fre flourishing again, . I am in
clined to think this country is as health v as
Tennessee, if not more so. I can see no
local cause for sickness on the prairie lands
unless it be the raising of cotton. I have
long been of the opinion It has been the
cause of chills and malarial fevers to some
extent. Persons auftering from lunir dis
eases seem to do much better here than in
Tennessee. We have rather mere wind
here than most other 8tats, but take it up
on the whole, I think th .s is a more dIms-.
ant country to Ure in than Tennessee.
we are having fresh arrivals from Maury
truuiitj every w weeks, among me nuiti
ber is iominte Jamison, eon of Mai. Jami
son. of Carter i Creek. ' Tommie stayed
mth us about a week and then procured a
s-tnation on a farm near Dresden, and has
gone to work ia good earnest. He savs he
is roing to stay three years. I think he
will do well; he is living with a very nice
htniily, and if be will hold out as he has be
gun, he will succeed. And I would say jnst
here that there ia a demand for aober, in
dustrious young men, noc only on farms,
but in other pursuits. I am always glad to
see a ynarjg man irosperinf, makinc not
only money, - but character, that has left
home and friends behind, and all the influ
ences of heme life, that have cast their lots
in a new country and mmoas stnanrera. I
have known some young men that were not
only sober and steady ia their habits, but
seemioEly devoted members of the church.
after leaving home and getting from under
its restraints ana influence, became com
pletely changed in many i a stances, taking
the lead in vice and sin. Now, young man,
from one that W'"1 1 70 u well, take this
advice, especially U you are a Maury coun
ty boy coming to Texas, if you are sober,
pious young man before yoa come here,
stick to it and try to become more so, for
sober, industrious, reliable young men are
at a premium ia aay connti-y. Hut on the
other hand, if yon have formed bad habits
before you come here, now is the best time
in the world to reform and make a new
character, and be sure it be one of honesty,
industry and sobriety; that is the best in
vestment you can begin life with.
In my next 1 win give an account 01 a
trip West, taken soon after I came to this
county. - T. M. B.
11. aa reported. Samuel J. TiWen is re-
sponsible tor the exposare of the Star route
thieves, it ia in order for the honest people
of America to rise up and (ail them blesa-
Spring ilM.
i: We a f sire,
Mr. Editor: We desire, thronch your
columns, to express otir hiKh appreciation
of the princely manner ia "which we were
entertained at the recent meeting of the
Richland Presbvterv of the C. P. Church at
Sprinc Hill. Tenn.; The resolution of thanks
unanimously adopted by the rresbytery
was onlv an intimation of the "immense
denttia" nf otir en tlesa arratituds to the kind
peopla who so . widely opened their doors
andso heartily welcomed us to the hospi
talities of tbeir beautiful and pleasant
homes. Their eenerositT was nnbounueu,
and from the depths f the soul's great
fountains there come wslling p emotions
of gratitude unutterable, and from bosoms
tilled with tnanktulnesa ana praise uren k
np fervent prayers that heaven's brightest,
sweetest benedictions may ever rest upon
tbe good people of Spring Hill, who so cor
dially received ua and so transcendently
eladdened our hearts with ths sweet sun
shine nf kindness and love.
Among ill the homes that hsvs crowned
and blesxed us with their angel !o ministra
tions, and have forever enshrined them
selves in memory, none deserve s more sa
cred mention, none are more meritorious,
none more worthy of a hallowed and anri
vsled place in living, loving hearts than the
charminir homa ol Mrs. M. ' Stephenson.
When wa entered Its sacred precincts wt
felt th.it ws were in an atmosphere refresh-
Ine. enlivening, ennobling and transform
ing in its influence upon our heartaV'Ia it
there moved, ss an angel of light and love,
Miss ATollie StenhenBon with lorm OI lnex-
nre&sible irracefulness and loveliness, voice
as sweet as the "music of the spheres" and
ai gentle as "evening sephyrs wafted from
far off seas,'-' manners ss bewitflbing the
most beautiful nrmchs of . Ideal lands,
smiles as lovely as the rainbow jof hope and
f'roniise, and eyes a-sparkling as the
winkling, silent'stars in the bright dome
of h kv. In her nresence we seemed to
be in a land of enchantment, of fairy forms,
beautiful visions, rapturous music and de
lightful dreams. Kever again until e en
ter tbe land beyond the ahadows, do wa ex
net to nass another threshold ; where our
eyes shall behold such radiant beenty, such
matchless eletrsnce. such transeeadent love
liness, and where our ears shall be ravished
with such ecstatic converse and such fasci-
natinir sontr, and where we ehau meet our
beau-ideal of all that is beautiful, nobis,
lovely and captivating. . ' M. C V.
Preparations lor Iswolng tbe
ew Bends About the Mid
dle of Jane.
7, . . New York San. ;
Col. M- T. Polk, State Treasurer of Ten-
vmim. - ann uii. j. ai. s:iu. cian
Comptroller, have been in the city for some
days past on business connected with the
refunding of the Tennessee State debt and
will return, home ia day er two. CoL
Polk said yesterday: "We ooias to make
arrangements in regard to tae printing of
the sew bonds, in aoeordaaee ' with ths
recent act of the Legislature, i The terms
of the contract have been agreed upon and
sent t Gov Hawkins at Kash villa for hia
rati6cation. The statement that he was
going to remain away from Tennessee to
avoid a possible injunction la entirely un
true. The contract for printing the new
bonds is on the basis of an Issue ef $25,000,-
000. About 11,300,000 of the total debt ol
$27,000,000 ia held by the Federal Govern
ment in trust for the Indians and eoidd
not be refunded except by consent of t oa
Kress, and $700,000 is held by charitable
and educational institutions. These last
bonds are not affected by the refunding
law. This leaves $25,000,000 to be refunded
at 3 per cent, share for share. About $1,-
600,000 of the debt is held in Tennessee, a
good deal of it is held In ftew 1 ork ana
other Kastern cities, but most of it is held
n Eurone. These bonds were fl noted in
this market a year ago at from J8 to 33, bnt
to-day they stand at 73. Tbe refunding
will probably not bcem antu about the
middle of June." '' ' i
A low-lai Intllgoatlon Mealing
i - at Slnrlreesboro.
Nashville. April 30. A Low-tax in
dignation meeting was held in Murfreestx
to-dav. A special to the Banner from th
savs: "The Low-tax iudienation meeting
was called to order ov jueveriy iuuiaoipn,
Chairman of the Rutherlord County lut-
ecutive ' Committee, and John Buchanan
was elected Chairman. A Cemraittee on
Kesolvtioas was appointed. John U. 8av-
nire. JY. l'rotean loiiey ana u. Ij. onoa-
iTnuu are . here. The tatter was the speak
er, and he arraicns Democrats who voted
for the J00-3 hill, lor violating the pieuges
contained in their platform opposing cou
pons, and said thai Wilson would have
neen eiecieu nut lor me uisihtbii.ivu i
Democrats to vote for the regular nominee,
There are about 200 persons present and
tbe meeting is lacking in enthusiasm. Ihey
l'tok like men whoos cause is hopeless. -
1'rfcduian'n Bank lroperty
Comptroller-Knox. Is tryinjr to sell the
Freedman's Bank Property at Washing
ton to the Government under the appropri-
ation for a new f'eusion Office. Tl At-
ttirney, General 1.1 diwided that the srpro-
, nriatrou cannot so usea except lort me
- purchase of a site-:- -
Mr. Knox has in,'t for the Freetfensn's
"fc Jhe rropeity on a part of "thlch
stands tbe LuiUlSig now occupied by the
rtttorney tiencralVnd Court of Claims, and
. o argues that oth the appropriation it
be purchased, Ixx-suse there can be no
i jection to buyjJg a site with a building
t. rean'y npon iw M". Knox will sell it or
'o0,000, whic would bring the total div-
, jt-tiii of fie . defunct corporntion an to
sboat fifty per cent of its liaoiliiivs, an4 )
it will erer pay.
Costal I'nrd Itegalatloun.
The following new order has been issued
by the PostofHce Department.
PosTOFFioK Department, Wasihnc-
TOS, D. C, Aprd 21 1881. "On and sfier
June L, ISM, no printing or writing will be
permitted upon the address side of postal
cards, except that imprinted thereon at the
manufactory, and such aa may be necessary
for tbe proper direction ot the , same.
AU post ul cards bearing any 1 other
writinsr or printinr upon the address side
are declared unmailable, and must be re
turned to tbe sender by the Postmaster at
the othce where thev niuv be mailed. . Huch
cards may be treated as 'spoiled,' and re-
aeemea oy any l'ostmaster upon applica
tion of the holder as prescribed in section
171, postal laws and regulations, 1879."
"Future supplies of postal rarde will be
printed on the address side with the words,
"nothing but the address can be placed oa
inis siae.
Thomas K James.
Postmaster Geneai.'
Four School Boys Killed b;
. , UKniuiBS.
lyOrisvii.i.B, April a. a ncarr' rsin
with liciitnini; iirevnileu in this city at
o'clock P. M. rutir Iwith were killed at th
v est r.nd by lizlittuiiir. .
The acciueul occurred at Trenty-tixth
and Marktt streets. The boys were play in
nase call, ineir ages range iroin 13 to 14.
They were pupils at the school and tbe
disaster uBieuel d urine reoess. Thei
names are Lee fleck, Joe Shnltx. Will
Tahalscr and Harry bocty. Tbe three first
named died a few ruinates after being
taken to their homes in the neighborhood.
Tbe latter was burned beyond recognition.
Their gauie was just concluded, and the
bell summoning them to their school duties
was ringing, thereby causing the boys to be
in the saine-t-iot, wbere tbeir coats and
hats bad been placed before they began the
game. As tuc nasn 01 lignlntng struck the
earth, the boys were lor a moment obsenr-
ed from sitrht, so vivid waa the liehtninsr,
When the few people in the neiirhhorhood
seatu looked tewnrtht the hors tliey were all
fiat oa the ground. Two guiitlemen ran to
the spot, and to their horror discovered 4
dead facts upturned in Ilia ilim-tlM of the
sky, from which ther had but shortly re
ceived their last summons. I we other hnys,
stunned lay near their companions. The
gentlemen quickly procured- water and
quenched the fire in the clothing of the
boys, as well 113 FUuuping out the flames
which were fast burning xrls of their ap
parel mat nnu Dec 11 torn Irom tbeir bmlies.
Vain efl'orts bad been previously made to
revive tne boys, all 01 whom appeared life
less, and fonr ef w hom were recognized as
positively dead. J)rs. J. Wi Griffith. Given
and Dougherty, who arrived shortly after
tne accident, examined tne boys, and foand
that four oat ef six had been struck dead.
1 he lightning culminated directly over U'ra
Soete, son of the teacher, to whose elasa all
the boys belonged. The spot of earth
which bears the marks of the bolt could be
covered by a bushel measure. The surface
of tbe ground is but little disturbed, and
resemoies a Hole which might have been
driven in by a crow-bar. On th Konnd.
two or three feet from the rjtot where the
bolt entered, coald be seen, -when the re
porter suited the place, pieces of clothing,
parts ol thirts. drawers, suspenders and
fragments of a boot, all bnraed by electric
his, resembling niaes of chopped-up rags
baked ready or the manufacture of paper.
Young Soete was worse disfigured than any
01 tne rest. 111s clothes weneiiteaally burn
ed from his body, and pieces of searched
clothing were picked 00 on the sret wbere
be fell. Ilis body was burned to a crisp,
and blackened and charred in e horrible
manner. A piece of his nndershirt picked
np by a reporter looks like a rag which had
been burninc on a stove and suddenly ex-
tingusihed by a dash of water.
KnoxviJle Chronicle: Col. R. M. Ed-
wards, the kind-hearted, good-aatnred tren-
tieinan who fooled away his time in can
Tossing the State on the Greenback tick a i,
is now canvassing Sumner county on a
matrimonial platform with better hoDr-i of
suecess thau he had last summer. One vote
will elect him.
, - -NEW : "
Largo Pictures
NovJ8-ly. ' " .' ; .
Cerriap, Bh
- 1
IfSSTRepository on South Main Street,
to tt. lAzarus' unxry btore. i
AprU U-ly.
ggy Jin
.' : : ;' at Tin:'-'. - - i
.iaisfiiioy s
Havl'na received my second stooJt of Bpnc J'n't Rummer oda, 1
brrolna my customers and frlentU and I lit public" generally thatrt
oiler as fin and aa well selected Aock 0 j
fmlno ,n V .
aa waa ever Been la Columbia, oi VsUnjof the very litest novelties la
Dress Goods, CloiIiiiis,j4lH' anil 0 tilts' Boots and
fc V fin n Vnns-Tis. linrlifnir
Shoes, fine jmilincryxiW)oiis,.Tis, Uueliinj
" . JVnd r'ino"Asortnicnlof -
Gcntis' I nr, jicaYiSliTm Ooods.
Our stock of Clothing for men, boy youth
.m. v.. vLt i h.v.uiiu to iu
tbo county, from ths very finest ..worsteds
ilnejif.ladloB' and gent's Hue
in French Rostand kid cannot he
Hoods to select from as yoa will find '
will enumerate prices, and rnep,;
Ylnord that we will sell bettor y . ',
- New Spring and
New Kpting and S'
. ". , caucd an '-
v tbe vir
Just rtceivci
horn v
- than 75c. ,
Our Hue of' flainbtir
. , and Jniruciisi rt
tbe same and t
We bare a very fine f
, bsndkercbiid'n
inyite cvo,ryho!
tve nae taireu spft.iw
tiiiest Freni-j Coat an
' acc,-from t jo up to
Onr grand second Invoice of sprlns nd
bavs marked them down to tbe very Towei-t
Ktoii wors't and oiaconfcl nnltn tliat hid
We alto rM-' vd a very fino HMnrofiit r
In short. w have tbe flneet and mnsfWleot
la fair and Impartial trial nnd lnperlWn,i
that we are the ladlng hoo In U10 ctiJsJor
Clothing I-t jpcf - J T
dt.m one and all anrl esamtne nr .K!l, Biol' m will g'- j ou tlt we ptopoe to
do exactly wbat we advertise. We bKM-1 lie cools and ,' A unil shall be mid re
saroless of everything, and If jnn want 1 save money ' ' -t i i.e bwt rornls for the least
money, eonie to the Hontberu Trade ,Klc,
and eqoarely, ana every iuid jusremreu n
Tl'leSUAY, 31 AY 17.
W. & Y. L. rOLK.jDoIinubhi, Tennessee.
tuenilern l V
The three davs' sale will inelu.lelul'i-a
HOR1E3. by such Rtlll-n as C-inwiU-i l-.U),
(2., Trouble (lre li'.ste M.'i'Jii'A ih years). A l .uiui,iit u j ,;ire 0 Memento,
1-yenr tril a.so.si.Tom HhI (Kire L.Hlve llrowa Jan. p-1ji reo-.rn- un Almont Jr. (slrw
Annie .), Chieltjiln (A. ill, Coluioba (-lire Little alack Pfitco i'liluskl (-lro Mattie
Hunter, pacing record a U.
Fifty head of H. 1 JKKHICya, lm-lmllno the entire roar.lri.t Brtl cT Mr. V. L.
KlTknun. (sold because tno owner irtvee ni (srmmt), BDtl reprt,-?iit.lne nliorwt all the
text log families ol tne l nnwi rttxToa. roriyoeuum ireii-oreaii t;HiiKT-HtiKNS. Two
nanarea nasaoimunjuguiwi wuia-iAjn,,
head of H1UH ORADK hllEKl.
Mr. Klrkman's herd Is deemed wortny or
hard, mt Naehvllle. 1877 and 17S. the Heooud
Imp. Jaael (I) and Lord Uwrenre (14141, by
iflj; wiwt imp. m.i, jRun ir,, -
p. Sprightly (2t), 1st prize u rU. IxmiIh, 1W-.
ne place and time, and elttht other Imported
attH. Low Is, lbTS, Maid Marlon (lUli ), aauKiiMtr ol imp. Liy Mry (1HS), and young ani
mals from all tno above dams by Irnp.Jasei-and I, rtt L,wreii-n,Jt Is believed,, that no
pi ore superior lot of Jorsi-ys has ever beon uiiortd at pubito sale7Vv f May 6.
Keetw constantly on hand, a (treat variety of Metallo CaskoU and Case. snl a. wi
Caskets and Ca, and all kinds of cheap wood
, .. . ,1 Alauant uuutrl muf.l nl M iu.,'
iocs i-'i" " -- & - - - " .
: & BBffliU !
lttw".fcJ. W. Gamble's an 1 next d
' ,
wida, f take pleasure rn In-
nt ehlMo cannot be excelled 1 by any
the mnniuitas well as the lanjwt ion In
,ar.d cabsliifeie suits lomo eneapeai.
in -LbSl -
iave as flne strck of
Hbllssment. Kelow
sy rs and! be oon-
; ttHi-clty .
V y .
and bro.
'is. and all
' 'uwish it.
vouju wr icss
A si ill pi v graud
. just to TtiKpect
y. - , t
.tKllk aiui linen
'hicU wi.eincially.
Mir Ktock ol iduies
i 1'sfromti
jheapest to the very
u, Bitlc lifce jpid frout
a kiti.,iuttoiiet
li (ores si
vo just arrived and
rtT, u-e evpry artlol
fier for H. w!J noil at
iiuv ooutp "fmiM.r,, 1 former pnoe
M-,ck of -lo, ;ia t tho city, and all we sK
m- xtock, ai' , ou will noou le couvlrced
n, iwsi ti"1 ij sold tor the leant mrney
-nnre 5 , .-!. 1.1 i (rr xl horej-tly, fairly
MSr , . T i
i ITfTivnnr'nfi
MAYA 1831:
l -
f 4 r C -
hun'lv, . - ,".f N ai .irs,F:
h.v .., .. -j.'.,. jt ijrtm ). Kniivid
nuuvuiiiryijitMiu;!!,!'. rive uundied
upocini ntitice. It include the first nrlze.
i ir.o lim4 al HI. Imi. ihtx- um imi ,nll
Imp. I.wrvnv ni Mt of lrnp. Lady Mary
,ri. ,,m .. .h, wwk u 4 years old,
and Imp. ilj- tiuHioBtin ri71:), 2d prize
rows. A.Ua Ppita fSh-jB), 1st prize, hot'er
' :H.' '
J"tim. 1 liavn aisojOKt addert to mv
T a 1 1 mm' m Ti ! (.,,: ! . '.. i . .
, . '"u-u - uuniu r j u-s
j .- y!, -to
: f . K:n ,.: ... ,
: j m -
:-- :' , ' ) I '"3
- - 'i .i N a ' ts
- j JJ j:. , I 5g :
' I T'Ti,
-': B- j -
wm eaasarsu.iilifi.
I A Certain Cure for every form of Fever
aiiu KUC , : c vuic ' . . .
The chill once broken will net return.
Th'u -preparation hai all th -virtue of
quinine, without any ot its auarr;eaDie
ciTocts. All who have had Chills and r ever
and have taken qninine, calumel or arsenic,
(which are the principal injrredients of most
of the medicines now in use) are aware that
the medicines often iuave the systeia in an
unhealthy condition, mak'ng'it more diln
cutt to relieve it of their eilccts than of the
I srifrinal disease. Winter. -.nith lmprovec
i Chill Cure leaves the system in a perfectly
I healthy condition, with no bad effects in any
vav to be worn 01T. Unlike chill remedies
I gecerally, it requires no purgative to be
taken witli it, the meaicine useu acoot
rentlv and acreeablv upon the liver and
I bowels, effectually removing the cause of
the disease, not merely temporarily check
ing it. . - .
The Great Diuretic. Saperior to ny
Preparation of Buchu in. the Market.
It is a certain remedy for all disease of the
Bladder, Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsical Swell
inp, &c, &c. It has cured everyi case of
LHabetes in which it Las been given. It
a specific remedy for Stone in tke Jiladder,
diseases of the Prostrnte Gland, Retention
of the Urine, Mucous Discharges, Gleet, Ir
ritation of the Bf.idelcr; in hort; for all
diseases of the Urinary orgsns, whether
existing in male or female. For many dis
eases peculiar to females it is of great ser
vice, and especially so is it at that period
termed CHANGE IN LIFE. ForChiorr
sis or Retention. Irrejtlarity, Painfuloea
or Suspension of Usual Periods, Ulcerated
Slate of the Uterus, Leucorrhoea or Whites,
it is a specific remedy. It is a certain cure
for Ncd-wcttinj in children. For weakness
arising from early indiscretion, excesses in
youth, and dissipation, it will be found a
specific. .
. It is not a secret noctrum, but i recom
mended and pricrRied by our leading phy
sicians. ! .
Worn Canty or Santonin timm
The most reliahla vermifuge ever offered
to the public. Entirely harmless, frafe for !
rliilrfn if anv f "- i
Thousands of children die annually foi
want ot a reiianie worm acsroyer. a n.scan i
be depended upon as a certain reracdy.
Iodized Sarsap3ri!!a&Sti!!jng;ial
Contains three grains Iodide Potash to the j
done. A certa'n cire for all di-tenscs arising J
from an impure' ttrt- of the blood, such as
Scrofula, or King's F.1, Pimple on the facr,
Cutaneous Disise. lioils, kheumatic Tis-
l j eurial Ui!cases, r-icaiu ricaa, uyipepsia, iet-
If er Affection,
Femnle Complaints, Loss ol
j Appetite, Costxvenes, I vr Spirits,, I.ivar
CotuplAiut, General Debility.
Bottle Medicines SI each ; s for $5. i
iZIBOL PiTB 0, C il UhiU. tin-!. at.P .
'.111 .nam. iiaiuwunoaftuiact
ery Lady . Should Read
The OMenipied, with additional facilities dn r ifler
along ana sueccsstui experience in the purer, .nuns,
busioeu. desires to nznin call ecnccial tErcion tn hmm
amnsements for filling orders rom a distance lor
vay uuc, iu wie complete sausiacuoa Ol tcas Wile
iut uunor ncr wiLa mar patronage. t
A specialty is made of buying and tuperlntefidfns
the manuiictirre of TrOssbai', and the ordering and
trimming cf Bohnhts ami Hats. Children's suits
will bo trade to order, sad Patterns, Dresses and
Cloaks cut and basted. A mistake has never, been
nade in fitting any article of dress and ehargt tuiil
Hundreds of patrons can be referred to yhe will
certify as to successful operation of Agency. Every
Nwuwmumi Mtjgjo w li do prepareu cy a tfianipg
artist in their particular line. 7
Hats,, Cloaks, Gloves, Hosiery, Jewelry, Cuffi'.
Collars, Lace, Ribbons, Carpets, Furniture, and
ruuuiung wou5. ana every article or wear ov
Domestic use bought upon the most favsrablo terms.
leathers and Gloves cleaned and dyed. Private sr.
rangements with the most skillful modistes and leading
wholesale and retail merchants in every line enable her
to hold out rare inducements by which from so to 5q
per cent, can be saved by buying through this Agsncy.
Every article sent out will be chosen with the greatest
care. J!.verytnmg manufactured is made under- per.
s vuficrruion ana wiu do ot tne oest material,
finest finish, and in the latest modes. If more elegance,
in style, more beauty of material, and more eemolete
work for the same money can be obtained through this
Acui.y, ia W ine iniUCH Ol SKU1CV OC5UV1&; W ttXWS
The large clearing and bankrupt sale fd th City
continually present magnificent opportunities for get
ting great bargains. Samples sent free upon receipt of
sump, ana iuu miormation as to style ana mode.
Correspondence solicited. It costs little to mail a
letter, and it will be promptly and satisfactorily
The LouIsviTle Market la esnecfally adapted' to the
Southern taste, and it will be found to give better
satisfaction than either Philadelphia or New York,
while prices are really less. There is an elegance,
conservatism and crace in tha lressincp of Southern
Ladies which cannot be imitated, and which is one of
win, uiLaivuarmG, X O BUUCUin LUIS IS DDQUI UIO
chief efforts of the Manager of this Agency. Any
article mads or purchased East, will be duplicated
with to per cent. olT. Refers by permission to Key.
Stuart Robinson, D. D., W. N. Haldeman, Manager
Cmirier-Journal; and CoL Bennett H. Young.
Testis s per cent on all purchases. Money eaa
be sera by Check," Registered Letter, or Post-ofiioa
Order, or Will send C. O. D. Address,
9 -- . MRS, B. P. MITCHELT-,"
' - LoVmviu.b.Kk
37 Conrt Place, LOUISVILLE, KY.,
A Fwiflrir MTirt'1 aofl (fsfiiHr nitlr1wj physician ssri tfat
Uio-r niuoc-iul, 'tii rr'tic wilt .ti?.i'.
Cures nil forms tF PRIVATE.
Spermatorrhea and Impotoncy,
S tr.f r-vtH nf ll-sruT-ie in ''num. "fittini txcws tn ma
t tr'T r.'- i. or " J-r s'ld r-ti-tn-inr fw.aj.fit ttt'
fi 111, 1 rr ; .- ;t o" -; M i ii'iril Kmmittii', tnic'trl ernis
' si'Ti" ! 'lrcaii!, t'tiHUOM of Jii-lit, lirfir-'Uvr Mttnnrr, i'liy
si Bllnv, Fi'M).(1ii Face, Avci -ton t Kociitr of Ferns r
G'-niir--a r c;t, I.'-m of t,KH!tJ Pr.wer, ., rr-odt-rmic
isrnsTt' imnro- r.r imh.tpr'. ro ihmtjuirhly sni piTtin
tuty mrc-. SYPHILIS rifit-.'lv cur. 1 autfeii-
I'll- s Atidottitir riTti2 ItM'airf .juii klv curii.
It tsscif-erid-tst Hint a ..hi v tf jn srrial t miion
t si oerutn clsu of ji--e.-ue!. ami trt-atin" ibmiymi'ls atiiut-
allr. .--itirT. ervst afciii. I'ltiu-.i.tn iue tliis f.i-H ci'n
rrmmtnt'tnl fwrson to my er'. Vt in n if i" iiit-nifui,ihr to
rtM the oitr frr imtmi bt, ir.(i.;itirs em b scut friMtiiiy
and -arsly .y niiil or ix.rr5 any i Uere,
Cnres Guarantaed in all Case i
CtiuHsiK.nt ('"ta-mrtllv or bv WtlrT fry rind itlTitfeV '
barge rntsoBabk- ua corrcflnd:iict: strictlj ctuLiwutiiU. -
Of 70 psxjs, pvrtt to inr pAAmn, prnrelT isiM. frr thirty
r eena-. rhviM rt-i hv ail. Adr-. aa ilne.
(Mom homm from A U. tul P. U. Snodsff s. 1 to t P. Is-
With the AKti-Malaxia.
CffniTQ t till Is nnrt lover, Iys
LbilimXJ pepafft, Mver Com.
plaints. Kidney Alloc! Iouh. nrnl
: In. tonstlinlloii, Sick llrsil-m-lie,
l-viiinio 4 m jl,lil, Hilioii
11 ., liili t.-tt ion. ni,,l nil JlMlarlHl
IiirtsH nliiiont mciliclno. No Dot
in(f no inconveoience, and a positive cure.
Price, including Bottle Anti-Malaria, $a.oo.
Sent by mail to any address upon receipt of
riee. Principal Depot, 1S 0rlMia ft.,
IhIio., Ma. Sold by Drucists eetieraily.
Buy none but i-Ihix" I'Hli ut 1.1 r
aikI Stwimtcli I'H'I, others are buiiy,
hard and troublesome to w---,
W. P. woldridge. Druggist, "
Sole .ts'cr-ti fr Columlij, Ten,
I ! i J
Ext. Buohu
-. 1 !
Lincoln and Robertson County Whiskios;J3ourbon and Bye w.h:rr't
Poach Brandies, Imported Brandies, Gins- Hums, Scotch and Iririi V
' : . . - Sherrj, IrTcdeira, Malaga, Clarot. and Champagne Vr.!
; Afr.2!).Gm. . ' ' ' . ,
xllJlA tLJdmll
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Varziislies Cigars anckT
' ' f, . t ! No. 55 North Market Street,
"(ilnser(r, Bewwir, Koatbem, Kacs, Wool and Country Produce generally, takon on accounts from cunJouu
charge for their aocounts at highest market price.
T ?W. -Frierson.
- with -
. Ho. 2x PuDlic Square,
Kctls on liiinil tt fun.iin of fiosli
ran :g.h. wi nes, lkiuoiis,
rrcscriitioiis- -
Jay or Xight. ! ,
Ph. Hirshfeld's
Cor. Korth Main St. & rubltc fciu:irc,
coiuuioia, leun.
. liOt;a A.U JiOTlU.VSAT
25,000 Pounds
For wliicli we will pay
the Highest Market
Price. ;
Apr-22 8t. ? r
ISarifieldi I
2,1ffl (Trial, i:2t.)
Will be twrmltted to serve a few choice
mares at S-s) hy the w-ewm,
Kystly k's Jlainbletoni.m the sire nf Kn
fleld, stands ftrston the list of xli- of '2-.:ii)
horses, having ;! to bis ctedit; his (re. Vol
unteer, stand second, havina U. The tlHm
of Eo field, J ulla Mmihre", (finl KtHtor to tbe
wonderful nuirp, WkIow Mn-ftri,) was sluo
the dam of I'lieMler, wit h roconl of 2:27
makinic tier t dam ol two trailers In tlio
3li c1okh; showing her to bo Hy piolnor of
t,roii.r. American Htar, tlie Hire of Julia
Machree. wns the Klre nf more mires tnui
Tsrodnced ll:So trottera than anv ltlier horn.
ENMELi) i a reinsrkxlilt' pure Kfllti l
horse, and iseversl colls lfi.t have I ituli,
better Uiaa a: . HewillmVfl the ni-f-,m
of 1.-1 at Ali',-od i arm, "nary ,; M
Tenn. W.AT.Ul ji ,
Apr-3 tf.
J. il. Titcomb,
City DrujrStonv
No. 21. Public Square,
Keeps on hajid afull line of fresh
.i.X AKXICi. ts, iiKUSHES,
Carefully Compounded at All Honrs,
Day or Night.
July 23-ly
k ..... -.
M. 41-
st Irrltsiksa saa"
Pr-.M, 1 'i,ii
' T'or sale by W, P..
Aeit Yo Prices m-
i , fsfl cSs
2 - m- & L. . ,
- 11? hi- - r.
II -- 5 f W.
1 I III! -3
. - f Mil e 2 tlli'n
l - i- Ill & r:f
1 ' Sa- v ext. k; r.
h . m i i-fo)
' : fit - ' ' -?a . '
Wo. 11 Sontl Market ,Slr ,
lis Wf4N 9 tWWsU
Finest and Best Selected Stock il tbe H ukei j
Wines 'Cz Liquors.
Special Inducputciils to ja-i-oiis
wi.ihiiig' to
rurshase hy the Wliolc&ulc.
BROWN & CHALMERS ha vo just rocoivod a. mautn
cent stock of Dry Goods, Notions, Saboa and Hats
and offer great bargains in every department.
Good Handkerchiefs 5 cents,
better " " 10 cenU.
Beautiful Ilenistitcbed 15 cents.
Lndies 1Ioe3 10 cents up to best.
Silk Embroidered -'5 cents worth 40.
Large stock of Feather Ivlge ami
queiioc Laces, every variety, cbeaj
Cords and Tassels 75 cents worth $1.25.
Zephyr Shawls 50 cents up.
Kid Gloves 25 cents periuir up. '
rar.isols, a trerueailous stock. We have extra bsri; -.iiis, a.
at $ioO actual -worth from if t to ? ",
Lead reucils, rubber head. 25 cts. a doscu.
ToiletSoaps, line quality, 5 to 10 cents.
Beautiful Iittvus, "Mc.
Kxtra fine, t and 12c. .,
I-ace Bunt.lri?i, 12Kc. and up.
AlfUUlM, M-liK, and rip. ,
Brocadea'oplius, lovely styles, 10c.
Calicoes, fast colons, ltj yards for $1.
It will pay to examine this Stock,'
less than you will
Black Silks, bii bartrains.
Silks at $1.45, worth $2. Quality guaranteed
Bleached Cottons, 8c. worth 10c.
Bleached Cottons, 10c. worth
Good Sea Island, 7ic worth 10c.
Heavy Browu Cottou, G'sc worth g
A Large Stock ot Jeans and Itrbivn Linens IVr
All Wool White Flannelt. 20c worth 25o.
All Wool White Flannels, 25c worth 30c.
See our Pretty Shetland Shawla at Si-rj). vorth $2.")0. -
See our Silk Handkerchiefs at $l.oa. worth $2.r.
See our Silk Handkerchief a at $1. l, worth $2.('K
Good Note Taper, 5c er quite.
(omhI Kuveloties, 5c per pack
Men's 4-ply Linen Collars, 8 for 1.
Calico shirts, 25 cents each.
We have a large stock of Goods aii-.l ii',iKi-te to ivAl tl
Au examination anl comnarimn of
IJliST WlWli-iT
Lilian' .
1500 Trimmed Hats and
Mrs. M. Kuttlehaa Just returned frooi New
traouve stocir. oi uimoery ana iMotions. r tji.ij an
Hats, Bonnets, Normandy Caps, Etc.
Flowers, Plumes, Ornaments, Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery,
and in Fact Everything Kept in a First-class J
Besure to call before purchasing.
And for oub it ia no trouble to show goods, aj that la on r " i! OT TO. "
Sale anc
iNos. 17 andlffSodth I;ui! 'Ziioci,
. i.
AT ' , :
and ?ctail,
'c i
Corsets TM cents worth 7".
t'or8:ts 75 cents worth .M.
We have reduced our .7
Our Z cornels to i I . Id.
Our jv! corsets ts jf J. s
Iiiok-ll;uk lirai 1. Torflurii
prices, C-tHb'a llf :i intj- ail
I Collar and CtifU .-;! 'nsr-'nyi--.
Tinted IVarl !'.ntii'... i ii-. nl.s -,v
Fans in every lyl, nil tlj ij
Sl'h Mil f
PitjH-r Coll vrH, linen cuvored, I-
l aper Ottlli, linen covcrcil,
'ft r
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Victoria IjtwiiK.-.i'l Afti-Oiii--1
has, Organdy, KiuTirwAerv f
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Piiines, lti yards f-jr -il.
ns e nell many if thine
lintl them eL,wlit.'r'.
ilks, $1.75, worth 2 .VI; (ii!iii
Silk, $2.00, worth W.i k; unlit .j.
HM Sliceliiif.', heavy, '.'. '.2;. north j
flood Cotton I'luiils, lo-; worth 12'.
I Cottouades, U
Cottonadoi, V
ja. uui th
All Wool White i-'l-iiinel-i, ll'if.
All Wool White- Kia-ini-N, :,nt.
won h -Ilk-,
Men's tinlaiiuilrieil whirls, WaiiiMUla
lilt.. 2-'txl line lincu, r iiiln--il,
1; ti for $.)..hi. i
ilea's White Sbiil", Cue qtt.Jily, I 2 ;.
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prices will imivo tmr inMi-rti.m of havin;;
rJilClii, lo Ikj true.
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2 - ' j .
Yorlr, where she puwlmsed lt'.-i
AU goods will j; solil at
v - TENN.
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