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r r - 1 11 .A
susr -A,
NO. 0
No iarrives at 9.11 ft. m,
.- i leaves at .!
No. 4 (last line) arrive 8:31
" 4 do leaves 3::
" 8 I Accommodation) leaves 7:25
" 6 (fast line) arrives 5:57 p.m.
" B do leaves o:w
No. 3 (fast line) arrives 9:06 A
" 3 do leaves 9:11
" 1 (fast line) arrives 9:55 p.m.
" l do leaves io:i)U
" 7 ( Accommodation) arrives 5:11)
" 15 ( Pulaski Accommodation -
leaves 5:03 "
The local freirhts. No. 20. leaving here at
J: to p. M.. aud No. 19. arriving here at 8:30
A., m., carry passengers between here and
NtKhville. '
No. 23 I-ocnl freight Iv Columbia.
" un ivus M t. 1'leuKunt
" Suiruiiertown
" ' I.nwn-ncehurK
" " SI. Joseph
" ' Iron City a
..... u
" " Florence
No 21 PiifM'mrer l''nvps Columbia
" "arrive-. Mt. Pleasant
" " " Sumniertown
" " " I jiwreDcetjurg . . .
" " ' M. Joseph ,
" " " Iron City
." " " Florence
" " " Sheffield
No i'lMix. Am. Ix't. Columbia and Iron City,
1,-uvt t'olumf.iu v. M,
" arrives Ml. I'leiiKiint :H3 "
" Huiiuiiertown li:"H "
" " I.uv reuechiirg 7:.Vt "
" " St. Joseph 9:19 "
" " Iron City 9:13 '-'
The alove trains carries passengers.
Nn.26mix. ncc. bet. Iron City and Columbia
..6:00 a. M
...7:06 "
...H-.tl "
..11:02 "
ll:4.i "
f 3:ir P. M
...4::t "
A, M.
...I0:2U "
...10 MM "
'..11:5a "
..12:11.-1 p. m
. .12:i "
.. 1:10 "
" leu ves Iron (Uty 8:K A. M .
" urriv.MutSt.Josci.il S:2t " .
" I jiwrenceburg 5:05 "
" " Hunmiertowii 5:42 '
" " Mr. Pleasant : "
" Columbia 7:05 "
No. 22 passenger Iv Hhelned 1 :50 P. M.
" ' arrives Florence 2:15 "
" " Iron City AMI "
" St. Joseph 3:15 "
' I ,au rcli clturg 4:0 "
" " Sumniertown 4:50 "
" " Mt. Pleasant 5:23 "
" " Columbia 5:50 "
No. 21 Ixx al Freight can les' passengers.
leaves Florence.
arrives Iron City
" St. Joseph
" Lawrenceburg. .
" Sumiiiertowii. . .
" Mt. Pleasant . . .
arrives at Columbia. . .
.:: A. M.
I 1 1 :liT "
j 12:05 P. M
.12:4) "
. 2:10 "
. 8:.Vi "
..4:5:1 "
..6:10 "
. m.
N. C. i ST. LOUIS It. II.
No. 1 leaves Columbia, l::10 a.
" arrives Lewisbure 11:25
" arrives Fayettevlllo 1:50 p.
" arrives Dcciierd ti:2o
No. 2 leaves Columbia 5:20
" arrives Lewisburg 7:05
No. I leaves Decberd 44:55 a,
" arrives at Fajerteville '
" " I'wisbur; 12:50 p. in.
" arrives Columbia 4:50p.m.
No. 2 leaves I"visbur(? 5:15 a.m.
' arrives Columbia 7:C5 "
f-t'Iose connection is in:idc with through
trains on the lOiii'!lle. Nanhrille A
Gieat Southeru Railroud.
Fussell& Wilkes,
"Atturneys-at-Law and Solicitors
in Chancery.
Will practice In all the courts In this an J
ilJoiniiiR counties, also in the Huprenie and
federal Courts at Nashville. All business
eistrustvd tothetn will receive prompt atten
tion. Office, Wait Seventh Street, Whli
horse Block, Columbia, Tonn. JanC ly
Will practice In the Court ol Maury aud
adjacent counties, and In the Federal and Su
preme courts. a ecu ly
Attorney jit Law
Piactlce.-i In the courts of Maury anJ ad
joining counties, also In the Supremo and
Federal Courts. KT01nVe in Brown Block,
south side public square, up-stal'-".
sep ly
Fiuers & Padgett,
Will practice In the courts of Maury an '
ailjacent counties, aud iu the Feiicral and
..prvme Courts. Innl ly
Letter Lists.
Letters rcmainin in tlio ofllce for the
week ending tVb. iistli, Ihsii.
Adams, (1 A 2
Anderson, J
jvnacrson j
Atkerson. C
l.riiun, H
lirown, S J
Jirown, Juo
l'.oile, A L
lluilV, K
Hills', V
Harnett, J
ltala, )
'.urns, II
ltonds, T
Itutton, W
Jlradly, J L
llrowh, C
Ilrancloii, 1j
V&nn, M
ODiH)r, W D
Dark, A 2
Detn, E F "
Dolson, V E
Dalv, Joe
Karls, J
Friorson, W A
Frierson, B
Jreon, D
lood, A
Jaskins, S 2
ircr, J
Hill, W C
Hultinifs, K
Haertv, I) J
Ilallv, Land S
HoKlinu, R
lloiisor, G K
Hill. A
Harris, A
Hill. J II
Holdeuian, M F
Abernatli v, W
Hell, V It
Ilond, I W
Horry. 1 S
Hasson, J I)
Hryant, J A
ra'rutliors, I
lark. A
C'arutliers, H
Hawsev, 1
iMklins, J II
Kmbry, S
Frierson. E '2
ilordon, V
Gaunt, V
Ilelev, .1
Heath. I.
Hine, W
Haley, H
Harrison, M
Harris, S
Isaack's H N
Jones. H V
Hiijrsrins, W A
II lisliuildt. J
Huston, M
llillard, i
Johnson, J T
Johnson, H (I
Johnsn, J A
Jackson, Cant
Jones, J 2
Littleton. I)r II S
Marsh, Joe
Martun, A X
Moor, H
Mc4'ord, J A
Morris, X M
McCannn, J C
shorn, J
I'rnden, V
Tortor. 1,
I'iirker, J R
Pet mon, W F
Perrv, V.
Itutlift. S Tl
Railing, W -Rolierts,
Scott, P
.Smith, L
Smith, P
Stew art, R FT
Sanders, K
Sanders, V
Stone, E E
Thonas, A M
Travis, T O
Tomb, J L 2
Thomas, ico
Winger, E E
Williams, X
West, S
Whitaker, R
Webster, E
Wilson. M .
Warren, S A
ilxn, 1889.
T Kraward, II
Iftwich. C
Lent, J M
Mrt'onelty, II
Mcliu, II
Porter, H
I'hillips, It L
Parker, J R
Pickens. C
R air an, E A
Stephenscin, M T
Strousmun, S M
Sheniiv. T
Weister, P B
Wilks, H
White, X
Webster, X 2
Ward. M
Walker. R E
Ward, E
Webster, M
Williams, K
Williams, i
for the altove letters
King, S
Parties calling
will nlease sav advertised
J. T. Williamson. P.
Blood H ill Tell.
There la no question about it blood
will tell especially if It be an impure
blood. Blotches, eruptions, pimples
and boils, are all eimptoms of an im
pure blood, due to the improper ac
tion of the liver. When thia impor
tant organ falla to properly perform
its function of purifying and cleans
ing the blood, impuritiea are carried
to all parta of the system, and the
ymptoma above referred to are mere
ly evidences of the struggle of Nature
to throw off the poisonous germs.
Unless her warning be heeded In time,
serious results are certain to follow,
culminating in liver or kidney dis
orders, or even in consumption. Dr.
Pierca's Golden Medical Discovery
will prevent and cure these diseases,
by restoring th liver ta a healthy
condition. It.
Separate Circuit and.Cliancery
Court Proposed Tor Maury
At the instance of the bar at Columbia
the following bill was introduced by
Senator Pluimiier and Representative
Wilkes Saturday. The representatives
win ascertain tne wisnes oi ine ciuxeiis
of Maury before attempting a tinal pas
sage of tho bill:
An act to amend an act to divide the
State of Tennessee into j'udicial circuits
and chancery divisions, and provide for
the administration of justice and equity
in the circuit and chancery and other
inferior-ourts of this State, and to lix
t he time for holding the terms of said
chancery, circuit and other courts miik!
providing for the appointment and elec
tion or a J lingo In Maury
! bv the gen-
(it I'!lIH'SH.-e
-.s.-ion of 1SS5,
I that Maurv
Hint h judicial
sion and
any bill changing the method of hold
ing tho Courts in Maury county, and
that thev do all in their power to pre
vent any chance. That no meeting was
held to which the voters and tax payers
were invited to consult about the mat
ter, and the bill was unknown to the
people until it was drawn and sent to
tho Legislature for' passage.
English bpavin x.iniment remove
all Hard, Soft, or Calloused Lump
and Blemishea from horses, Blood
8avin, Curbs, Hplins, Bweeney.
Uing-bone, Stifles, Sprains, all Swol
len Throats, Cough, Etc. Save 50
bv use of one bottle. Warranted.
$h by Rains & Son, Druggists, Co
lumbia. Tenn. feb24-ly.
eountv, who
will hold the circuit and chancery
courts of Maury county, and also pro
viding tor a State's Attorney in that
Section 1. 15'" it en-set
cral assembly of the Stat
tha? the nets of tho extra
c.iapter, 20, be so am mi
eountv be taken iroiii tic
circuit and aev. litl chancery
and a separate clia .ccrv divi:
judicial circuit.
rsee. ue it lurtner enacicn, i mil
there shall be elected by the qualit'iedr-i
voters or Maurv eountv a iiiuge learne
in the law, who shall be thirty vears of
age, to be stvled the circuit and chance
ry ludge ot Maurv eountv, who shall
hold his ollice lor four vears from the
dav of his coiiimisMon ; said person to
be a citizen of Maury county and of
good moral character.
Sec. :j. lie it lurtner enacted, That the
nrst eitction for the chancery ana cir
cuit Judge ol Maurv county shall be
held at the same place and by the same
ollicers that other eountv elections are
held on the first Thursday in August,
1S!K), and under the same rules and reg
ulations that are prescribed bv law for
other county elections, and subsequent
elections, except vaonncies, which shall
be niled when tlieyoccur, in the man
ner prescribed bv law, on the first
Thursday in August every eight years
tin reafter.
Sec. 4. Ho it further enacted, That
the circuit and chancery judge of
Maury eountv shall have the ouali Jica-
tious of, and exercise all the rights,
powers and jurisdictions that are con
ferred by existing laws on circuit
udges and chancellors of this State,
ind shall comnlv with all the require
ments of, and perform all tho duties ini-
xiseii ijv law creating ana reguiat nz
he powers and duties of circuit judge s
and chancellors, and may interchange
with ot her circuit judges' and chancel-
ors in holding their courts when occa-
ou or convenience reouin s in accor- I
lance with the laws in such cases nro-
Sec. f. He it further enacted, That it
hall bo the duty of said charcry and
ircuit judge of Maurv county, so elect-
d to hold the chancery and circuit
onrts of Maurv eountv, and Ticrform
11 the duties of circuit judge and clian-
ellorwith reference to those courts.
Sec. (i. He it further enacted, That
the circuit and chancery courts of Mau
ry county may each always bo kept
open, as the interest of tho State and
lie said county oi Maury requires, ami
no conflict of powers in jurisdiction in
his respect shall arise, asm wnen sant
udge is sitUn' as circuit judge the
Jerk of the circuit court acts us circ 1
nirt clerk, and when as chancellor re I
clerk of the chancery court n'--. .i-,
clerk, as it is not intended that tni.- - c
hall in any way disturb the clerks vf
either of said courts of Maury county,
but both courts mav be kept open at
the same time.
Sec. 7. lie it further en-icted. That
the time for holding said circuit and
chnnncrv courts of Maury county and
terms of tho court to which process
shall be returnable. ?itull l the baton
as they now are, except that it shall !w
in the power of said circuit and chan-
eery jin'ge to hold iiis court continuous
ly, or adjourn from time to time the
hearing of causes from day to day; also
the meeting of the grand" jury," as he
deems the public welfare requires, and
have all process incident to such con
tinuance made returnable to the day
appointed ; but all original process of
the circuit court shall be returnable as
.thev now are, and also provided that
j.aoi circuit ami i-imiircrv juuge. w nen
acting as chancil or, may appoint rule
days for the first Monday in every
month to make process returnable un
der the law.
Sec. S. He it fu -ther enacted, That
said circuit and chancerv judge shall
not practice law or perform any of the
functions of an attorney or counsel in
any of the courts in this State, except
in cases which lie has boon employed
as counsel previous to his election.
Sec. Ise it lurlher enacted, t hat it
shall be the dntv of the governor under
this act to appoint a bit lire, and dulv
commission him to hold the chancery
and circuit courts of Maury county, un
til the first Thursday in August IhsM).
Sec. 10. He it further enacted. That
the Chancery and Circuit judge of Maury
county shall receive a salary of i,(KHI
annually for his services, t bo paid
quarterly one-half thereof out of tlie
nuitv revenue tor the v-.irs in whic.i
the services are rendered, and the other
half to be paid in tho same manner as
circuit judires and chancellors are paid
out of tlio State Treasury.
Sec. 11. Ho it further enacted. That
the present Attorney Kenernl of the
ninth judicial circuit shall perform the
luties ot attorney lor the state in
Maurv county, until tho end of his
term, but in case of conflict with any of
lus other courts, by adjournment ol
causes hv the circuit ana chancery
judge of Maury county so that ho can
not te present at the trial or aaiournea
terms of said court, or grand jury, said
circuit and chancerv judge may appoint
an attorney pro. tem. to act in his place.
whose conixnsation shall be the same
as now h xed by law br attorneys tor
tho State so appointed.
Sec. 12. H it further enacted. That
it the next regular election of judges in
this State there shall be elected an at
torney for the State for Maury county,
to hold for tho same term as other dis
trict attorney generals.
Sec. IX He it further enacted. That
the att -rnev for the State so elected
shall attend the circuit court and prose
cute all crimes aud off -uses against t he
State in said county o'" Maury, and at
all times do and pe'rfor.n all "other du
ties by law required of attorneys for the
State, and his compen -tation shall be
tho sam. as now fixed b law for attor
neys for the State.
Sec. 11. Pe it further eirieted. That
the. provisii ns of the code of Tennessee,
a:ii all acts and parts ol a.-ts ot the gen
eral assembly iu conflict with Jlhis act,
be and the same are hereby repealed;
and that this act shall take "etTect from
and after the first Thursday in August,
1SS9, tho public yvelfaro requiring it.
local notes for
The following protest, in printed
form is being circulated all over the
county, by parties who are opposed to
the passage of the bill; and we are in
formed that the several protests have
over one thousand signatures. It
reads as follows:
To the Jlonorable legislature, as
sembled at Nashville, Tenn., aud par
ticularly our Representatives, Hons
F. A. INummer, V. J. Strayhorn, X.
It. Wilkes aud V. J. Whitthorne:
We, the undersigned citizens and vo
ters and tax payers of the county of
Maurv, do protest against the passage
ol a bill, which has lately been gotten
up by some lawyers in the town of Co
lumbia, to establish a special court at
Columbia. Tenn., for Maury county
alone, taking jurisdiction from the reg
ular Chancellor and the regular Circuit
Judge, and putting the jurisdiction in
one man for all the courts, and legisla
ting out of the district some of the offi
cers eleeteil by the people for a to "in of
eight years to the said offices. Under
the present management of the a Hairs
in our said county in tho past three
years, tho warrants of the county have
advanced from it cents on the dollar to
aisiut par, and the jurors attending the
present court are paid for their war
rants in cash, the first time this has
Ikmmi the case in Maury for years.
From a certificate of the "clerk of the
circuit court we see there are fewer
cases on the cri ninal docket left over
for the next ter:n, than has been in the
pitst several ve:rs. And that the pres
e.it flleers holding and attending upon
the said courts are eilieient and atten
tive business men, and do their work
well, and we s e no use making an ad
ditional court and Judge to be attended
bv dditional officers to bo paid by the
tax payers of the county, when we al
ready' haw ollicers elected and fully
qualified to attend to the business of the
We "therefore respectfully ask the
General Assembly to protio us, and
vote against any bill to change the pres
ent method of holding the courts in the
county of Maurv; and we hereby re-
riuott our legislators from MAiirv, both
in thn lioust and Senate to vote ngninit
Godwin Station.
.In. Editor: Here I am again
ing to jot down a few
your valuablo paper.
To-dav is amiost like miawimer, ana
lust sucTi a dav no energetic, thritty
farmer ad mire at this season or the
voar; void, wn.'i a. .sunless sky, to add to
the irloom, and enough wind to braid
he sluggish waters ol s n dl pools and
Your humble servant i ! not attend
.lurcn touav, not lee'.mg wen tne
bitter cold prevented mv going. Rut
the host attended and informed me that
the attendance was but few in number.
Wo have not procured the Sunday
sch ! lesson i-.-at vet, but have a Bible
c'ass. Our subject in charge for to
day's rehearsal was "The Conversion of
Lvdia." recorded in the lhth chapter ot
Acts. The next subject for our consid
eration is, "The Contribution ;" a very
important sitbieet, and one, 1 rear, we
are uuite deficient in. Its a subject that
should be thorouirplv investigated
Brother Newt I.eiryberry will occupy
the pulpit at Chill. t.i the third Loru s
dav (17th) in March.
- - . . ........... . . . . . . . n'nnL- . . n . . : . .
tho lightning flared from the vaulted
skies above and the thunder roared and
the rain fell in torrents a regular
water snout, rue temporary structure
across Rutherford's creek, near Dark's
Mills, was swept away. During the
ection ot another tressel work, it was
the center of attraction for a day or two.
Some of the workmen had the misfor
tune to fall iu the creek while at work,
and came out as wet as rats; I mean
wet rats, of course. They changed
their garb very quickly and were ready
or imsiucss again.
"Koxie," come out from under the
hink of your former usefulness and oc
upv tho front. Too many items of in
terest happening on Knob Creek; we
need a regular reporter there. Now
send in the gleanaire, if you know 'em.
ir. tiodwin. or Memphis, spent two
days with his brothers. Col. and Mr.
olk Godwin, of this place, not long
Wo had tho sad privilege to attend
the-solemn funeral services of little
H -nnio Koan. conducted by tho pistor
of the C. P. Church, of your citv.. Lit
tle Bennie, a bright; promising child of
seven summers, irreathed his last Feb
ruary 20th. All we could say here
would not dispel the gloom, the heart
felt pangs, the dark shades and night
scenes of poor mother's experience. A
child dying, dies but once; but poor
mother dies a hundred tunes. Dear
mother, -
The loss that gives you so much pain
is liciinie s everlasting gain.
Christ says: "Suffer little children to
"-"le unto me, and forbid them not, for
s .... is tiie kingdom or heaven."
Prof. T. Williams and lady are board
ing at Mrs. Lou Itoan's. The Professor
commenced teaching school at this
place last Monday.
Mr. Thos. Tiinmons returned homo
last Saturday evening from an extend
ed visit to different points.
i millions, t raser Y Co. will build an
additional room to their large ware
house, for coal oil, meat, (lour and such
like. ; .'j . )
ell, we have written an the news
we can think of, and. fear more than
will prove interesting. Now we bid
you good-night. r
' Vivian.
For the Herald.
Written before sickness had stolen
the roses and kissed the dimples from
her cheeks.
Nothing so vain, like endeavors of
As picturing the simplest of graces like
thine. .
Natural roses bloom on thy pure, fair
Nestle the dimples that add to thy
trraee :
In the soft beams of t'.iine eyes of dark
prow n
Kvervthing lovely and true can be
Wholesale or Retail !
Lofs of I Ons 7 to One Thousand.
tre:sses of brlrht sunshine
brow . that is fairer than
now you
Over that
Welcome the pleasures
Long may they live, grief and sorrow to
Ever may beauties, delightful and
Thus mingle and speak of a heart free
from care.
This be thy lot all through life, is my
Vkbxa Villi ers.
Advloe to Iotlter.
Un.Wmuw's SoorHiiioSxRUFuhonldaliraya
tw uaed when children are catting teeth. It re
lieve the UUlesuSeremt once; itproduoesnntural,
quiet sleep, ana the little rlieruo awakes aa "Dngnt
as a button." it is very pleasant to taste. It
soothes the chil.1, softens thegum8,alluysall pain,
regulates the boweis, and is the besiknown remedy
lor dlorrhcua, whether arising from teething or
other causes. rwoaty-CTe cents a DOMie.
June22 ly
First Mational Bank,
When Baby iras sick, we gave her Castorio,
When she was a Child, she cried for Ca&toria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave them Castorio,
Feb-2-2 ly
Water Valley.
Mr. Editor: After a silence extend
ing over several months, 1 shall again
write up the doings of our village.
Last Wednesday the administrators
of the estate of the late XV. . Bratton
sold all the personal property, for which
good prices were realized, especially
Lve stock.
Mr. Jas. XX. Jones and his lovely
bride, nee Miss Maggie Charter, who
wore married Jan. 21i.li, iiave gone to
house-keeping. Jim is an energetic
and worthy young man, and his young
wife possesses all those amiable traits
of an accomplished woman. A host of
friends join in wishing them a full cup
of life's joys and successes.
e have two good schools in prog
ress in tho neighborhood. One at
XX' i enn's. taught bv l'rof. Hoiran: thn
other at Akin Academy, taught by Miss
noy a.
Last Wednesday night some person
or persons got into the smoke-house of
I nele J limine .lolinson and took Irom
li in four hams and two s'.des of meat.
He anil his wife live alone, and Uncle
Jimiiiie is in his eightv-tirst year. It
was a cowardly, mean act, aud it is a
misfortune that the guilty parties can
not bo discovered and severely pun
ished. The Rev. II. A. 'firav has been em
ployed by the Cumberland Presbyte
rian church f this place as pastor " for
this year. lie will preach for them
each lirst Sunday, beginning with the
lirst Sunday in March. '1 he church is
to be congratulated on securing the ser
vices of such an able preacher and de
voted christian gentleman.
Misses May Sparkiuan and Cammie
.'hureh, of Williamson county, are vis
ting t heir uncle, Mr. S. I). Oa'kley, who,
at this writing, is confined to his room
lrom sickness.
Mrs. J. 11. Sowell is also unwell.
Misses Minnie and Jennie Bratton, of
Mt. Pleasant, are spending a few dav
with their cousin, Miss Ueulah Bratton.
Messrs. Robert and Ewing Oaklev. of
Tlieta, spent one night last week with
their sister, .Mrs. l . rs. Harbison.
J. K. P. Allen, of Timmons, spent one
night last week with Dr. L. B. Forgey.
Miss Mattie Harlan, who is in school
at the Athenaeum, came out home Fri
day evening and remained until Mon
Having Iwen absent for some time
from the Hkr vao'h family of corres
jHmdent, we hardly feel entitled to a
vote in the selection of the manager of
the contemplated re-union of its item
guvherers, and will therefore refrain, by
saying that the movement has our
heart v endorsement.
Editor Herald: Mr. and Mrs. Gup
ton's little jrirl is irettinn over her burn :
we expected this under Dr. Orr's skil
ful treatment.
Mr. Thomas Robert's little 6 year old
girl had her clothes to take fire, and her
. . i . . ... . i . . . , -. . : . : . i. . . .
lamer in ms ruuri. tu t?Ai.iiiguisii mt;
tire, had his hands badly burned but
saved his child from getting burned,
and perhaps saved her life. Since this
accident happened the child climbed up
in the lott ot the Kitchen and leu down.
and received a verv severe wound on
its head ; and is suffering from it.
Mrs. Robert Warden was visiting her
father's (Mr. Mitchell,) a few davs ago
when their two year old little l ov fell
in the lire and was badly burned on the
lert sure or irs nead.
Our merchant Mr. J. C. Harris is talk
ing of going to Hot-Springs, Ai k msas,
to try the virtue ol those waters, tor a
cure of his rheumatism, which is grow
ing worse, lie is suffering with what
is called rheumatism of the heart.
We learn from our merchants that
thev have purchased from our good far
mers' wives sonic rive thousand dozen
hen fruit; and have shipped nine-tenths
of same to Birmingham, Ala., This
season has been extra tine for fowls,
and tney nave made ood use or same.
Mr. Campbell Urent, lrom Lewisburg,
our county cite, regular egg merchant,
was in Mooresville a few days ago,
wanting to buy all the eggs the
merchants had, to till an order from
New York. We learn Mr. B.. ships a
car load about every two weeks.
The farmers report -wheat prospects
very good so far some few have sowed
their oats.
Some few of our farmers have suc
ceeded in keeping their apples; and are
enjoying themselves eating the fruits
of their labors. -The winter has been so
mild, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes,
apples and field pumpkins, have been
easily kept.
Mr (Jeorg-e Stipes, one of the best
trappers in this country, has trapped
quite a quantity of cats, coons, opos
sums, one lame fox. and a larera trround
hog. This doos away with the idea that
Mr. Ground Hog, never comes from his
winter quarters until winter is DroKen
It no bad luck happens our farmers
good wives will have lots of "yellow
leg pullets" to put on the market this
Miss Josie Orris still confined to her
room, she has wen sick about two
years. We see Dr. Williamson of
Campbells istation is attending nor.
We prav God to bless th3 means being
used to"restore her to health.
No deaths nor marriages to report.
J. M. A.
Everything on Wheels.
I. C. W00TEN.
J . M. Mayes, President,
July24 ly
We resjiectf ully ofler our sentices to the j.ublic to do i
J. C. WOOTEN, Vice-President.
II. li. Tl 110 JIB.
general banking V-awlne.
Farming" Implements,
AVe are Southern agents for the Ohio Buggj' Co., Columbus, Ohio,
and Sayers & Scovill, lirightou, OIuj, aud we carry a complete line
of thei.1
.SucUlcirti Arulca ShItc
The best salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Itheurn
Fever Sores, Tetter Chapped Hands.
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, aud"iosiUveiy cures Piles, or no
iay required. It is guaranteed to
five perfect satisfaction, or money re
funded. Price 25 cents per box. For
ale by
mal3-ly. W. P. Woldbidoe.
T. T. Turner and wife to Campbell
ltrown, land iu 22nd, district, $i00.
Alice U. Morrow to Jas. Bullard, 1
acre in 2nd, district, 100.
v . l Kinnard to it. li. oguvie, inter
est in his fathers estate, $87o.
Kobert l.hafhn and wite to K. It. Ugil
vie, land in the .9th, district, ln0.
A. J. Poster to W. K. Stephens, 20
acres, lil perches in 6th, district, 500.
A. tJ. and J. XX'. Xeeley to John A.
Xorton, 4ai acres in Maury oojnty,
H. A. Hrown and wTfe to Mrs. II. J.
McCain, land in 9th district, $100.
J. T. Cheuault to John Featherston,
lotinC.ili district, JiVi.
C. S. Dugger to W. It. Holder, 5
acres in 7th district, $200.
II. J. Harlan et, al, to A. B. Harlan,
quit claim to land in 10th district.
A. B. Harlan et, al, to B. J. Harlan,
quit claim to land in Maury county.
A. B. Harlan et, al, to Kats) L. Harlan,
quit claim to land in loth district.
B. J. Harlan et, al, to S. P. Harlan,
quit claim to land in 10th district.
C D- Fitzgerald to School Directors
orith district, gift.
C. XV. Trvlne and wlfn to T. P. Hem
injr, lot in Columbia, $1600.
A Sound Legal Opiulou
E. Bainbric'ge Munday Esq. Coun
ty Atty., Clay County Texas, says:
Have used Electric Bitters with
most happy results. My brother also
was very low with Malarial Fever and
jaundice, but was cured by timely use
or tnis meaicme. Am satisnea Elec
tric Bitters saved his life."
Mr. I). I. "Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave.
Ky., adds a like testimony, saying:
He positively believes he would have
died, had it not been for Electric Bitters.
This great remedy will ward off, as
wen as cure an iuaiariai, diseases, ana
for all Kidney, Liver and Stomach
Disorders stands unequaled. Price
)0c, aud $1. at Woldridge & Co., Drug
Store. mayl8-ly.
Al in Academy.
Mr. Editor: As I am at leisure I
have concluded to write a few items for
your valuable papar, hoping they may
una a place in your columns ana per
haps interest some of your many readers.
Mr. Peeler Lawson happened to a
very paintui accident wniie naming
logs not long since, but we are glad to
sav he is convalescent.
There was a sale at tho old residence
of Mr. U. W. Bratton, Wednesday Feb.
M iss Sadie Williams, of Water alley.
who has been visiting relatives iu Nash
ville, has returned home. 44 You will
undoubtedly be very cordially welcom
ed to achool again, Sadie."
The school at A Kin a Academy is pro
gressing tinelv at present, aud has the
est wishes oi the community to con
tinue so; but how could it be otherwise
under the control oi sucn an accom
plished lady as Miss Lucy Floyd.
Miss Maine narian, who nas oeen go
ing to school at ARm Academy lor
sometime, is now in Columbia attend
ing school at the Athenaeum. We miss
her very much.
Aiisses I'.mnia iteavcs ana ooia
Evans, accompanied Miss Novalean
Howser home troin school last Tuesday
Mr. Arch Howser, a handsome beau
of tho neighliprhood, paid allying visit
to the Valley'not long since. "
Messrs. Arch Moore and leon biied-
dau, were calling on the Ridge a short
time ago. Come again gentlemen.
The health of the community, is very
good at present.
Yours Truly,
L. H. R. E.
Is Consumption Iucurable?
Read the following: Mr. C. H.
Morris, Newark, Ark., says: "Was
down with Abscess of Lungs, -and
friends and physicians pronounced
me an Incurable Consumptive. Be
gan taking Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption,' am now on ray
third bottle, and able to oversee the
work on my farm. It is the finest
medicine ever made."
Jesse Middlewart, Decatur, Ohio,
says: "Had it not been for Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion I would have died of lung troub
les. Was given up by doctors. Am
now in best of health.
pic bottles 10 cents at
Co.'s Drug Store.
Try it. Sam
Woldridge &
About A. Hatch Which was In
Good Shape.
We asked Mr. T. C. S. Hatch in re-
f ard to bis luck in the Iuisiana State
.lottery; he stated that he had leen in
vesting for somo months past in the
lottery. That he s ;nt his money in and
received his ticket promptly. He pur
chased ten fortiet't tickets about the
loth of Dec. 1SS-I; among flie ten was Xo.
C9.70J, the number that drew the capital
prize, $000,0i0. When informed that it
had drawn l.',Ki0, he went at once to
Waco and there deposited his ticket
with, the American National Bank.
Four days after he was paid by the
American National Bank the $15,000.
Mr. Hatch has a wife and six children.
He was comparatively a poor man,
working as overseer of the W. P. Gaines
big valley farm, three miles south from
McGregor, on a salary. McGregor
(Tex.,) Observer, Jan. 5.
Old Papers
Tot sale at thli office, SO
in all the LATEST STYLES; and we can always offer the manu
factures LOWEST PKICES. We also handle
The VatiRhD One SpiinsJRoad N agons,
- Single Center Spring Busgies,
Mh I hoi rand lload Wiisons,
Indianapolis Toad Carls,
Calvin Toomey's Track Sulkies and Speeding Car's.
And the fltest stock of Single an1 Double
Saitoriicld Church.
Febl 4m
Or the Liquor Habit, Positively Cured
It can be given in a cup ol coffee or tea. or In ar
ticles ol food, without the knowledge of the per
son taking it; it Is absolutely harmless and will
effect a permanent and opeedy cure, whether
the patient isa moderate drinker oran alcoholic
a complete cure In every Instance. IS page, book
PREE. Address in confidence,
GO OEDi SPECIFIC CO.. 1 85 Race St., Cincinnati- a
Feb22 ly -
monTHLV Sickness.
Qreot" clanger Will he. ctfotuzddi
Aii3 e.- lmkWIArjn. Unn
rnr I A i- .
My Charges are Reasonable aud
Satisfaction Gifen to All.
OiliceBianeh Block, West Se?
enth Street,
dec-9 ly
aug-Jt ly
Pure and Fresh Drugs,
Perfumery and Fancy Toilet
Articles. S
Paiuf, Oils, Varnishes and
Dye Stuffs. (
Wholesale and Retail Agents for
Prescriptions carefully pre
pared at all hours.
Jan20 ly
pacing record 2.13,
trotting trial 2.21.
(fastest stallion record),
. At10O.
trial 2.?", sire of Reata,
cord i-fci.
thre-year-old re-AtlU0.
bv Nutwood, 2.184, (he out of ,ho d"m of
Maud s., S.if1), dam by Harold. ireof Maud
K., 2.0S. Nuthill has been exhibited seven
times and taken seven premiums. At ')
three-year record 2.25', by McCnrdyV ITam
bletonlan, 2.2H1$: dam Mary M., dam of
Annie W, 2.20; McKwen i.ii,1,, Audante 2.84.
Limited to 3D mares At too.
For further particulars address,
fr-Utf Spring-III VTurl.
Mrs. W. Efflo Neelcy,
The Metropolitan Is located within a
stone's throw of tho depot. In one of the
most desirable parta of the city.
Having roeently been entirely renovated,
Uie liouwi is commodious and convenient,
and us clean and fresh as new paiut and pa
per can make It. The lnrniture is brand
new, and the table Is supplied with tlit
choicest food. The new additions and Im
provements make It one of the most desira
ble hottls tn the South.
Mrs. Neelcy, the proprietress, will be pleas
ed to welcome her friends and guests, who
would appreciate a home combining ele
gance and comfort.
$1.00. $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
with steel beam and sod eutter. iiijk1 of lilo-h trradf utol omi rnoronun.i
JSJharid plow, regardless of price.
Prices $15 to $20.
auy other
the only Dic Harrow with automatic 6craiK?rn.
The famous Dick Feed Cutter with straight knives and fine corn splitting attachment, a mont excellent
tiling for stock men. All sizes in stock, from $22 to $U3. Also Horse Powers, Smoothing Harrows, Y leld
liollers, Grain Drills, Etc..
East Side Square.
Feb 13
Wholesale Growers and Dealers in
SouthernNursery Product
roses and cvcrsireens, raispd at our nur
Horval Columbia, will do well by callinir n!
our ollice in the Branch Block, West Seventh
street, and purchasing their nursery pr -ducts
from us.
aug3 ly
Wanted In erery county. Ishrewdnvnto.ctnndrt
Instruction in oar ecret senrioe. Kxperi-me not
neenwary. Tbo InternHtion.I letctive, the official
paper of thellureu,coutaio:Xct likenMne. of crim
lnil wanted, nd for whoee capture Urg rewards
areoffered. Send 2c. stamp for particulars. Addrw.,
6r4noaa Detective BweauCo.44Arcade,Clncinnau,0.
Keb22 lP.t
We wish a few
men to sell our
goods byssmple
to the whole
sale and retail trade. Wearethe largest
mannfactorerslnourllne. Enelote two-
cent stamp. A permanent WAfiES I
postal cards. Money advanced
tor waees, aTtniBioi, eio,
Ft b22 131
JJ Cholera Cars!
v Jw f I
Thousands of dollars worth of
chickens are destroyed by Cholora
every year. It is more fatal to them
than all other diseases combined.
But the discovery of a liquid remedy
that positively destroys the Microbes
has been discovered. Half of the
young chickens are destroyed by the
Microbes before they are fryers. A
50-cents bottle is enough for 100
chickens. It is guaranteed. If, after
using two thirds of a bottle, you are
not satisfied with it as a cure for
Cholera, return it to the druggist
from whom you purchased it, and
he will refund your money.
For sale by RAINS & SOX.
prl3 ly
J. W. Fbikrsoji, Jr.
II. B. Titcomb
Corner Public Square and West Seventh SI
Janl2 ly
Who are Weak, Nervous and
Debilitated, who are sutter
inir trom the effects of early
evil hnhlts. the results of
Ignorance or folly, will fiod in Pears' Spe
cific a positive and permanent cure for
Nervous UeUillty, seminal Weukness, In
voluntary vital losses, etc. Cures guaran
tuul. fcAnrt .i - iM.nii in a tarn na for Peaia
Treatise oa diseases of man : their cause and
cure. PfcArtts,
fceia ly 813 Church St., NMhVllle, Tenn.
COKLi and
Orders promptly filled
CASH. Telephone oW.
I fork all mv cool: none Is handled with a shovel. Terms strictly
Office No. 11 W est Seventh Streei,
sc pi 4 6m
0 lit
s f.mmmf-'-:i o
fre.?.-; ?sr ' ? ,; 1 :. : ' i grs
mm ? uM . .... S
Spixialties. Sugar, Coflee, MolaHKce, Itice, Flour, ProvlHionH. A fulllin
Clgaru, Tobacco, Canned GootlH.Toafl, Spleen, JrocerB Sundries.
Merchants will And a complete Stock at Low Trices.
Janl ly
No's. 2, 4 and 6 Cor. S. Main and Eight 8ta.

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