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NO. 51
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T3e sure and get prices at the
South-east Corner' Public Square,
"Have you dug your grass?" asked
city chap
Of the starving fanner man,
For he thought he would not crush
Beneath his social ban.
"How was your crop when you
your grass?
Iid the weevils hurt your peas?
And did the canker worm destroy
Your young cucumber trees?
"1 love, good sir, the country air,
From the town I fain would lice,
And lose mvelf in rural dreauis
Neath thepotato tree;
I would pluck the turnip from its vine,
Thro' the parship meadow push,
And rest beneath the grateful shade
Of the bending cabbage bush.
"Oh, I fain would be a simple swain
Aud drive my yoke of cows,
And rest at noon beneath the shade
Of the rutabaga boughs,
Oh, I'd hunt the woods for the cocoanut
The whole of the livelong day,
Or start at morn with the rustic doe
To dig the bills for hay.
"And 'fat noon Jay I grew faint
With my labor's strain and rush,
I would mix the milkweed's luscious
With the mushroom's luscious mush,
I would pluck the pineapple irom the
Hut why4has your color lied?"
But the farnior fell with a sickening
The farmer man was dead!
Texas Sijlinys.
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irregularities, hot Hashes, are cured
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There's Many a SIIp, fctc now me
Mighty Haye Falleu.
.Special Herald Correspondent:
Washington, L. C, Jan. 12. Mr.
Harrison now fully realizes the an.-
cieut adage, "There's many a slip" etc.
It would be liaru to miu a more un-
gruntled mau. Just as he thought
the pins were all wet up for the pus-
' " ' ,1 Uirn of the Force bill, by which he
Who are opening up a new aim tuuipiu iu Hpe(,t9 to obtaiB another term itt the
- n I White House, presto.
... . line ui
No old goods.
Everything new
and well
Culled by OurCorrespondents
It is said by old people that the first
twelve days in the year govern the
twelve iticmths; if so January will be
quite wet, the spring months will be
dry, also of the early part of the sum
mer; August will be wet and perhaps
autumn. We do.not profess to be a pro
phet or a foreteller of future events but
what we have stated above corresponds
with the views of those who have taken
notice of the tirst twelve days of the
year. We have had beautiful weather
up to the present time; line for saving
pork; quite dillerent from last season.
Indications are favorable for a tine
yield of fruit, as we had light nights
daring Christmas week which is said to
be a true sign of a good fruit year.
We notice an article in last weeks
Herald from John Moore, Jr., address
ed to the patrons and school directors
of public schools, which has the proper
ring about it and which the people of
Maury county should consider. We
are far behind in our public school sys
tem, and it is high time for the people
to awake from their lethargy and en
deavor to improve their system of pub
lic instruction, remembering that the
future of our country depends on the
young men. Our friend Moore has
given some timely suggestions and we
hope ho will continue to write on this
subject until he arouses the masses to
clamor for fewer schools, better teach
ers and of longer duration; that is the
correct policy. These public schools
if properly conducted would prove a
Ustinur benefit to the rising generation.
as the majority of the people are de
pendent on the public schools for the
education of their children, ineory
without practice is worthless, theretore
we insist on the practical part and we
hope all lovers of education and en
lightenment, which only has a tendency
to elevate humanity, will come to the
front and raise their voices in behalf of
a correct svstem of public instruction.
There nave oeen a great many vim
tors -in this county or vicini
Cathej's Creek.
To-night, while all the earth in hushed
In silence I'll chat you awhile through
ine meaiuin ot my pen.
Prof. McConico opened school at
Cathey's church on last Monday morn
W. A. Kittrell has crone to Atlanta.
Ga., with a car load of mules.
Little Ross (son of Mr. E. Jones.) we
are glad to say, is convalescent.
Mr. T.J. Kirk, and wife, of Wax
ahacbie Tex., are visiting their many
friends and relatives on the creek.
Mrs. Satterlield has returned from a
visit to Knob Creek.
Miss Nannie' Cathev, is on the sick
list this week.
Mr. K. N. Tarkington, of Centreville,
spent Christmas on Cathey's Creek.
Jack Neblette, is often seen wending
his way up the creek. Wonder what
the attraction is?
Miss KateChappell has returned from
a visit to Obion Tenu.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Cathev paid
Cathey's Creek a flying visit this week.
Sorry to say Robert Brooks was hoarse
on the night of the singing at Esquire
Cathey's ana ms voice was sauiy missed.
Sam Kirk speaks of going to Texas
If these lines escape the waste basket.
will try to do better next time.
We claim some things for Cheatham's
Chill Tonic, but not everything. It
will not cure softening ot the brain or
iusrowing nails, but it will cure chills
cold chills. Guaranteed. For sale by
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1891. LOW PRICES. 1891
to veto it, as
The Oiivsr Lead sthe Procession ! IsSls
Farmers and Plowmen know that the
mm mihh tpwdw i
Is the best plow on earth.
Prices reduced as follows :
A to
B to
10 to
change, aud
his hobby goes glimmering aud is re
placed by a financial measure which
Will probably, X IUlgut saieijr oay
certainly, include what Mr. Harrison
is as strongly opposea to as u cu
be to anything the free and un
limited coiuage of silver. To say that
the radical republican Senators were
dazed by the side tracking of the
Force bill but mildly expresses tue
situation: they were completely de
moralized, and are still in tiiat con
dition, in spite of constant consulta
tions with Mr. Harrison aud Speaker
The charge that the result was
brought about by a bargaiu between
the democrats aud the silver republi
cans was too silly to need the denials
which promiueut gentlemen on both
sides have given to it. The demo
crats entered the light agaiust the
Force bill determined to take ad
vantage of any opportunity that
might offer to defeat it, and they
were fortunate enough not only to
succeed iu having the most obuox
ious measure ever before Congress
laid aside, it is to be hoped perma
nently, butiu getting upa bill, which,
when amended, will afford the
country a much needed financial re-
It is hoped that the financial bill
may be disposed of in the Senate in
a fnw riavs. aud it will be. u iless the
republicans oun succeed in whipping
enough of their Senators into agree
ing tn take ui the Force bill again,
nr th anti-silver republicans, who
are now hatching up some mischief,
unless all sigus fail, fchall resort to
fillibustering to prevent a vote. If it
passes the Senate Speaker Heed and
Mr. Harrison will have a hard
time to stop it iu the House, aud it
is extremely doubtful whether
Mr. Harrison, in view of his cau
.li.iunv for a renomi nation, will dare
to veto it, as ne wouia otntrvuse hb-c
do. Democrats are leeiiug very
their victory, as tney
it to do: it was lairiy
gilauce aud constant at-
ou the sessious of the
Senate, no matter wbat tue mcou
veuieuce might be to individual
Senator. m .
How the mighty have laiien: is.-
Senator Mahoue, who once posed as
the Czar of the United States Senate,
a now dividing his time between
pokei playiug and lobbying. He has
a piece of "made" grouud, which be
bought for a song, that he wants to
sell to the Government at au exorbi
tant price as a site for the new
Government Prlutiujr office, and he
is lobbying to carry out a aesigu.
H also has another scheme mat uas
"millions In it," provided the Force
bill ever becomes a law, in the shaje
of a patent ballot box, ostensibly
owned by his son, wbicu ue caicu-
lates to sell to tne uoveruuicui, w
used in every voting precinct in the
United States. He will have to work
fast, as after the fourth of next March
the name of Mahone will be all that
will be needed to kill any measure
that gets before the democratic House.
'rii a uim in titration seems n
makintr as blur a muss of li-aian
matters as it has of everythiug el e it
ha touched. A resolution, ottered
Texas: thev sneak in glowing terms oi
the Ixme Star State. About the only
great objection urged against the State
is the mud, which .adheres so tightly to
No 10 brocran boot as to require consid
erable strength to carry the load; it is
said to be a tine farming country and
money is more easily procured there
than it is here; but when a person gets
sick, his medical account la mucn
larger than it is here. Money perhaps
is more plentiful but the expenses are
greater, and taking it all in all Tennes
see will compare favorably with any
other Mate.
We had the pleasure of listening to a
very able discourse delivered by Elder
Willie Morton at Antioch last Sunday;
his subject was the new name which
the Lord was to call his people; he
preachod an excellent discourse to
large and appreciative audience.
6 Wild Bkn.
Sawdust Valley.
Editor Herald: Mr. W. C. John
son shipped a ear load ot cotton mules
to Atlanta last ween.
R. N. Alayberry and family have
moved to Summertown, . Lawrence
Alias waggle Stewart, aner a very
pleasant visit to friends in thia part of
the county, returned home to Summer-town.
Miss Lillian JonnBon, one of "Foster
ny visi- Chanel's" fairest young ladies visited
ty from I our village during the holidays
Mavberrv liro. are making arrange
ments to erect a steam saw-mill at this
On cloudy nights the electric lights
that Illuminate the city of Columbia
can be seen from thia place, a distance
of ten miles. ;
It is a "true and laithrul saying, ana
worthy of all acceptation" that money
matters are very Close but not ciose
enough to reach.
Miss Lea. Mcnennon, 01 rriersou,
visited friends in thia community since
our last.
Mrs. SarzenUlan octogenarian who
has been in very feeble health for some
time, is not improving as fast as desired.
Mr G. W. Kinzer has gone to visit
his son, Dr. J. W. Kluzer, of West Ten
Mr. Alex Bingham, of Cathey's Creek,
in our village recently, looking
ror ms aaugnter, -iit.s
V 4:0 to $9
DOBBINS & E WING, Sole Agents.
' A . 4V. n 4- V.rt nnmn by Representative McAdoo, has been
Bewarerot imitations; foee mat tne name adopted by the House, providing for
,u , . 1 an investigation of the killing ol
Oliver is on all extras ana wearing parts, sutmg Bun, nd it i. bene
Jllji- (V1.1" , . 0 A the investigation will expose
We now have the Agency for the
Improved Aspiawau Potato Planter
We keep constantly on hand a full stock
of these planters and guarantee them to
work well and are substantially maue.
cliutler Wagon,
vea mat
a shame
ful state of affairs
The House is still hammering away
ou the Shipping bill, aud its fneuds
iim that its itassaG'e is assured, but
this is not couceded by us opponents,
who am numerous and energetic.
At last the correspondence in tne
Rhrhiir Sea matter, which was asked
for months ago at the last session, has
been laid before Congress. 1 cannot
give a better idea of what is thought
nt it. than hv ouotimr Ilepreseutati ve
. " ,
McCreary, wno was cnairman 01
House committee on Foreign Affairs
in the last House. He says: "The
time has arrived lor ivir. iiaiue 10
lo.w.Ur lla viornrmia nollcv. The mat-
ttt 1 .:,t.w1 lrtorl nf th O ter most be settled between now and
W O in vn 1 1SL I'UUUIVUU a iw I Mlirin. h must adoot a more
cl I " . , " - 1
1 vi corou a uoiicv ui eiw uwk uvnu
iirAvlH rniinWnflfl I lnirthr.
V VJL 1V4. ivuumv- I '"S,u7 V ; momW of the
Senate Census committee have made
a minority report on the Apportion
ment bill, lavonntr au amenumem
living Arkansas, Minnesota aud Jew
Vnrir one member eacn auuiuuuai
hAAAiiae of the lartre fraction each of
IhnaA Slates has after dividing the
population by the uumber requirea
per Ilepreseutati ve. This, if adopted
would make the total Membership
1 h II mi ho '.V).
The two new Senators from luano
arhn oA-tt their maiden votes to lay
aside the Force bill, have according
to cmtora drawn lots to decide upon
their respective term-. Mr. i-nou
trot the 'o ii term, which expire:
. . ... r . it. I.,.
March 4. IS'.Ij. atiii Air. .ui'v niuieii ir
short term, whiuli eudi with the pres
nt (ouirres?'.
It never looke, mire like an extra
HesslOU Of the 1" lltV-iOCOUa U iugresa
than it does ow.
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It rA solutel v cures catiarrn. tt
T 1 1 1 1 ,
pnr.-M JNeuraiia auu niieuiunusin
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Rheum in the most soothiug manner.
f 11 res Innamed and Urauulated H.ye
1 lids. Cures Coughs aud Colds. Can
be taken internally. Cut, bruises,
burn, chilblains, sores of loug stand
ing, corns and bunious are cured
quickly; different from all else;
superior to all else; it his no equal;
. - n I . 1 - . I. . l
. , i-m . 1 1-1 1 J liM ana DUO Doxes S large sue cuoai-coi.
large line of Avery Steel Plows ana repairs. Bo0ldta2t4I,n,&bon dtug 8tofe
Pl.oatliam's Tasteless Chill Tonic is
now on the market. Try it and be con
vinced that it is the only real pleasant
and nftective medicine known that will
in nvArv caA cure the chills and fever.
It contains no ouinine or poisons and is
sold under the familiar motto, "bo cure
no pay." For sale by all druggists,
Isom's Store.
FniTOR He it add: Alter a protracted
iinn(!A. wa come aeaia asking a little
uiv.ir- in vour nfiwsv column.
The old year with its toils and tribu
lations, has goue and we -are one year
nearer our home beyond the grave.
The young men have prayer meeting
t. thn Christian church on Wednesday
nights and I feel proud to compliment
the young men at this place. That's
riirhtbovs: continue 'faithful to the
on,i ami von shall have a crown of life.
We had a great many parties inXmas
Our farmers are busy at work getting
their eround ready lor another crop.
little Ed Cbanuell has returned home
from a trip to the ljone Htar state.
Mr. W. A. Kittrell has gone to
hint a. (;.. with a car load of mules.
On the lourtn uay 01 iuis uiuuw i
about seven o'clock the cold icy hand
of death fell npon Mr. W. C. Kennedy
and ushered him into eternity, tie
inri a larire number oi menus, to
inmirn hia although it is verv hard
to give him up, we should not mourn for
he is awaiting onthe other golden shore
f.o irrt 11s. and if we will hold out
fnit.hfui to the end. we will meet him in
the realms ot eternal bliss. oi. .
When attlicted with auy of the miser
able skin diseases which make 1H6 a
burden, try Hunt's Cure, it is guar-
if it does vou no Kooa 11 win
cost you nothing. For sale by all drug
gists. JUiU..
Tli dav is done and the darkness
Falls from the wing of night,
As a feather is wafted downward
Front an easjle iu his night."
An unusual loneliness hovers to
night, which the slow but continual
pitter-patter of rain-drops upon the roof
In no iwav serves to dispel. Items are
varv warm. No services were held at
either the Methodist or iresbyterian
churches Sunday, as the day was so
Hiua.i-rfittnlilo. There has been a great
deal of moving done in the last week.
Miasi 1.1 1 1 1:111 Hive, alter an biibiiuou
viit to her friend Miss Ella Loury, of
Mt. Pleasant, returned home last won
" ... T I AHn e.:ctw str AH
teacher Miss Sudie Myers, has return
ed to her home at Wartrace. Miss My
ers is a wide-awake, ambitious young
tanniier and seems to keep tins inspir
ing motto in view, "Knowledge is Pow
er." we may wen ut pruuu ui
gressive teacher. ...
Mr. will iviiiorts v rt o.a
oiiooi last Kridav. Miss Lena Covey,
uiinnn " list a also linen 011 the sick list.
'"" ' :-.-r---- -,,r:,ii .
Klldd 1 1 M I M -I H II HliaUlWU U..O7rv.
1 ia.t Fridav OQ account of sick
Ask Mi. Wilson it ne aoesn i like ior
it n ruin nn acimoi dava. bo that be can
have the pleasure of going after some of
the school-children.
Miasea 1.011 tockriu ana uora vyiis-
r.iri have returned Irom xnasnviiie,
where thev have been visiting inenus
.....J mlulivAfl.
Miss Nannie tlubbaruoi oiyversvino,
was the truest ot Miss Vashti Ballau-
f.trt lout week.
The health of the community is goou
and if there is anything in what any
one hears, there will be a marriage in
future. "UETsr.
after a school
-wjffrstw r.
Fully warranted.
We carry i a full stock of trace chains,
back-bands, 'liames, bark collars, etc. A
the near
To live or not to live Is a question
which annually confronts the residents
of our low grounds and iwampy ais-
tai;ts. Take Cheatham s iasieiess
I'hiii Tnnin and live to die a nobler
Heath than bv a commonplace chill.
For sale by all druggists. jans-iui.
Spring Hill.
Mr. Will Greenlaw, ot Florence, Ala.,
after anendimr several aavs wim reia-
.1 . i . : i.
Mvuu iiere lias reiuriiHU ui am.
Miss MollieCaperton is in Nashville
llm trnnat. nf f iss Kllen Milan.
Miss same urinaii ten. last wm&
T .e h n a and leinoixlis. Ala., where she
will remain the rest of the winter.
Mr. H. 15. Mooner. wno nas oeen
nnite ill for some davs. left last week
ror his home in Clarksville. Mr. Ken-
non Matthews, bis assistant teacuer,
haa nhurire of tlie School,
Mrs. Sallie Htieppara. oi uuiumum, i
. i. ,u.mr Mrs. I. K. Geers.
Miss Minnie Thompson has returned
in her home noar this place, alter a
.,ullunt i-iait. t.o (ohimtna.
Misa Marv Hrvant. who has been with
the familv of Mr. II. P. Wade for some
to Columbia.
Hr I'lirLe iti-vantsuent several weeks
:.. Manrv oitimLv witli relatives, but
io.n lust. Weil nesdav afternoon for Bow-
limr (ireen. Kv. He will go from there
to Uiuisville, whore to will attend
t iUU Marv (int hrie has returned to I
Franklin, her home, after visiting Miss
Annie Molloy.
itr .iar.iris Martin, of Dallas. Texas, i
raa here hist week to see his brother
Ik. W 1." Martin.
uri-;...a were conducted In the Pres-
i.i-teriaii. Rniscopal and Methodist
churches on Sunday, although it was
Unique individuality in original in
vestigation and appreciation by the
most enterprising, intelligent farmers
says J. J. U. Gregory, 25 cents, for 10
weeks' trial.
The Rural New-Yorker, limes Build
ing, New York.
Shady Grove.
Our little village has settled down to
the usual routine of business again.
There has been some changes made in
the business relation of some or our
people. The new firm of llouser &
Cathey, dealers In general merchan
dise, occupy the house belonging to
Cathey fc Anderson, formerly ruu by
Houser fc Kvaus. Miller A Evans,
another new firm occupy the new store
house on Nortu Mam street, xnese
urentlemen have returned with an ele
gant line of new goods.
several iamines uisu to i:uus""s
their places of abode. Mr. P. P, Ander
son is moving to what is known as the
Chamberlain." place, belonging to
Esn. U. A. Smith. Mr. tt. u. suntn.
with his bonnie bride will take up their
residence at the '-Jewell" place. Jas.
Nichols and family go to "Beechwood,"
belonging to Mrs. Dr. Harrington, auu
Mr. Henderson will occupy a house ou
the farm of W. A. Baker.
Samuel IIoo;-er, oi the nrm ot H..
Hoover and Co. will move back to his
farm in the "Kettle."
Messrs. Shannon and Craig "knights
of the grip" were interviewing our mcr-
cnanis a lew nays biiiuu.
Col. .lohn T. Alien, a prominent law
yer of Pulaski, was here this week to
see his mother. Mrs. B. S. Allen, who
has been quite ill at her resilience, nut
we are glad to report her convalescing.
Mr. Jas. Jewell has been ill for some
weeks, and is still wittering very much.
He is oue of our most substantial cit -
zens and we hope for him a speedy
Mi s. .William An lerson.who lias been
spending soma months with her late
husband's father and mother, has re
turned to her home in Ark. She was
accompanied as far as Pinewood by
Miss i;inn Anaerson, one or our iweev
est young ladies.
Mr. Y. i. Hirwin, Mrs. jas. miner,
Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. Willis Har
bison; spent last Tuesday very pleas
antly at tne nospitaoie mansion oi jars.
Clara Nichols, out on Dunlan.
T.nv lif tn tha Prat.tler anil rnav
his fame reach unto the ends of the
earth, Homola.
State op Ohio, of Tolkdo, ) sa.
LUCAS county. i
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is the senior partner of the firm of F.
f f rTi-i-vL' v .tr iV flnlnir hnalneaa in
the City Toledo, County and State afore-
saia, ana mat said nrm win pay
for each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of Hall's
frank j. Cheney.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, tuts bin osy oi wecemuer,
A. I). 1886.
seal. A. W. Glkason,
Natarv lablxc.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is (taken inter
nally and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of tne system. Send
for testimonials, free. -
F. J. CHENEY fc CO., TpiedO, UDIO.
-Sold by Druggist, 7o cents.
He bought a brand new pair of shoes,
lie inougni ue a get some spats;
He thea discovered that be lacked
The latest thing in bats.
He bought one. Then his trousers bag-
lie ordered two new nair.
And then, strange fact! be noticed that
His coat was quite threadbare.
He bought another. Then he saw
eouie waistcoats, just tne imugi
He had to get some ties to match;
He bought a diamond ring.
He joined three clubs. . He bought
Then changed it for a team;
He bought a sailing yacht at first,
And then moved up to steam.
FTa bouirht these things, ami many
more, ,
Phi. man ao flrraat and Wise!
For during his career he had
m I. t,Ana tr oilvArriHH.
-rm. Hfnuxnii in Clothier ana J ur-
very disagreeable
Piles! Piles! Itching Tiles!!
Symptom:-Moisture; Intense Itching
and stinging; most at night; worse by
.,.ini.in7 1 r allowed to continue tu-
bvl.-b. -,,T7 1.1 1 1 ..!,.-
mors form, wnicn uneu uiwju buu uicti-
neeoininir ci y wio. j -
Absolutely Pure.
mot tartar baklag i
of all in leave Ung rtrwiE h.
mnt Be port, Aogiut 1, !
A rrnam of tartar DaUag power, onuwi
. . . Nil Va. I4ctvarna
ointment atona the itching and bleed-
ry sore, swayi
itching and bit
tnr im.i. n lonratlon. ana
reuioves the tumors. At druggists, or
h man. for 60 eebts. Dti Swayne A
son, Philadelphia. aprl-91.
Trintr'B Ntatlonerr.
nintA stock of crint-
er' iUtionery, a new press, and typ
of tery description. Job printleg
Eider the eondi
tions wliicla
n be
found in our
mi foe secured foy any oeae
who will honestly
cL, people a wc have always done
o few are willing to sell goods at
reasonable profits; hence
o lew achieve
secured by us.
the seicccss which is
Count and
oiiirteoas toeatuMcat have wMe
ADING Jierchants in Columbia.
The LE
in t z a
i 1

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