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The Herald.
NO. 52
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. rn nro)
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3? -;-
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1891. LOW PRICES. 1891-
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Culled by OurCorrespondents
Editor Herald: Again we come,
nol our own bidding, but at the request
of others, do we contribute the recent
news of our neighborhood for the Hkr
ald of this week. And right here,
what's the matter with the Heralds
that were due this point last Friday
eve? They've failed to come in, and
here it is Mouday night and no Herald
received yet. We are growing impa
tient. But nevertheless we change
our tone to give news.
Last Tuesday our community was
called upon to mourn and pay the last
tribute of respect to the remains ot
sister Thomas barton, an aged lady of
73 years, who departed this life last
Monday night at the residence of Mr.
Carrol Sellers, whero she had been
boarding for a short while. Her son
Mr. Crotl Irvine, of Birmingham, was
telegraphed for and came and attended
her during her brief illness. But now,
sho is sleeping in the silent keeping of
the Irvine Cemetery, awaiting, "'The
glorious appoaring of the great Uod and
our Savior Jesus Christ." Last Thurs
day the bier passed out en route to the
vicinity of Santa Fe to attend the re
mains of another aged lady, Mrs. Carth
son, who has quit the walks ol earth
and is numbered with the dead.
Services at l'hillippl on last Sunday
were conducted by Bro. Newt Dorry
berry of Lasea.
M r. J. Amis Tiinmons and his niece
ot this place went culling on the West
side of the river fast Sunday.
.Mr. Uee Cooper, ot Mt. I'leasant.cliap-
eroned one of our fair girls from Nebo
to this point last Sunday afternoon, and
slopped over night in our midst.
Miss Lucv aedberry, accompanied by
Mrs. J j. wedberrv ol this place, returned
to bcr home near Carter's Creek last
Mrs. Woody (nee Church.) of West
Tennessee after a visit to kindred at
Santa Fe, hero and at Columbia, re
turned borne last Friday.
Mr. ana Mrs. I'oiK Alien, ana Mrs.
Will Edsell of Tiinmons were in the
village on a shopping tour last Friday.
Miss Mamie Osborne, a pupil or the
Columbia Institute, very pleasantly
graced the village on last Saturday
The Public School building in this
district is completed and school will
continence soon. We do hope that the
former system of conducting schools in
this vaciuity has had its day.
we regret to note that it is rumored
that Mr. Mit Coggins will move to the
city soon, in order to educate his child
ren. 1 lie dlstauce rrom this point to
the school on Knob Creek is too far for
small children to have to foot it, the
distance being little over three miles.
lieware young men how you protract
your calls during Sunday evening.
(Jhosts might capture you. E. M. F..
just did save himself one night recently;
but on his return home, his horse was
attacked by a creature of the canine
species, causing his animal to leap for
ward furiously. But all the same he
says, he would rather encounter dogs
than ghosts. Vivian.
We predict for Cheatham's Tasteless
Chill Tonic an unprecedented success.
The well known reputation of its manu
facturers is, of itself, an ample guar
aiteeofits superior merits. For sale
uy all druggists. febO-lin.
Cam pell's Station:
Dr. Frank White has had a terrible
mental strain upon him for the last ten
days or more. His father has a very
Aggravated case of the "La 'Urippe;" his
lillle niece, Mamie Lee Kincaid, is
down with the typhoid fever, and Mary
ltedus, colored, the cook, is down with
a bad case of pneumonia. In addition
to his patients, he has had to look after
his father's business at the store, the
K. K. Express and Post Olttces. The
three sick ones are thought to be better
at this writting.
The "La Grippe" seems to be spread
ing all over the country. It is a good
worse in some families than others.
J. R. Perkinson's family in this place
are nearly all in bed with it; Measles I
has bokeu out in the neighborhood. B.
F. lloobs' family and Sam Well's
family have them. The measles were
introduced here by parties going to
Nashville and getting them on return
ing. John 11. Martin, a young man
from this place, who recently went on
the road as a breaksman, is now down
with measles a:; his boarding house in
The It. H. has made a change in their
section foreman at this place. Mr.
Sbaftnon, who wr.s here ten Jvears ago,
is new the foreman. John Shields has
movod back to Prospect.
our farmers are rattier inclined to
plant lrfoly this year of Irish Potatoes.
They have one trouble confronting
them seed. They are very scarce and
high. A great many who anticipate
planting a big crop will necessarily cut
down their acreage on account of the
high price of seed.
John K.uracv, his mother and his
laughter Annie, left last week for Flo
rida, lie will be back in about two
weeks, but will leave his mother and
daughter to spend the balance of the
winter. maury County,
On the night of the 6th inst; Miss
Alice Bond gave a delightful Apron
party" in honor of Miss Maud Church,
of Santa Fe. The boys' "manuvres" in
hemming the girls aprons presented a
very comic scene; Mr. Eugene Barrow
won a handsome, plush card case for
being the most "adept."
Mr. Kobert W. Stewart having spent
some time with his mother, returned to
Florence, his place of business last
Mr. Ed Brooks, of WaxaTiachie,
Texas, has been circulating ani-fj
irieuus mill reiawvea m iuis uuiiiiuii..ir
tv recently.
Mr. Jim Giddeus, Sr., has gone South
to sell mules.
QMiss Gertie Robinette, of Hampshire
has opened school atltocKdaie.
Mrs. Lee Hughes, of Dallas, Texas,
made a Hying visit to relatives here last
- Capt W. S. Jeunings is "chilling"
We are sorry to report the ill health
of Mrs. Ed Orr.
Rockdale Furnace being out of fuel
and owing to the reduced prices of iron
and the large quantity already on hand
has "banked up" and suspended opera-
lion lor a short time. a
Mr. Editor we beg the opportunity of
extending our thanks to Mr. J. Clinton
Ozment, Editor ol the "Clifton Times"
for a copy of his bright and spicy jour
nal, last week, we mean no ouence
whatever, Mr. Ozmant, but you will
have to '"double quick" to keep pace
Beware of Oitiueiits for Catarrh
Contain Jlercury,
as mercury will suroly destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except on
prescriptions from reputable physi
cians, as me damage iney win do is ten
fold to the good you can possibly de
rive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manuiaciured uy . d. uneney x Co.
Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is
taken internally, and acts directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
uu re be sure you get the genuine, it is
taken internally and made in Toledo,
onto, oy d. J. Cheney ot co. VSold
by druggists, price 7o cents per bottle.
Services were conducted at the M. E,
Church Sunday, both morning and
evening, by our pastor, Bro. Pat v. al
though it was a very disagreeable day,
Our farmers are busy at work getting
tneir grouuu reauy lor anotner crop.
It seems as if the influenza is visiting
the community Our teacher, Miss P E
Aiacon is sii neri n g iroin a severe at
tack. Mr. T. N. Stephens is able to be
out again.
inline rranK Patterson ten with a
knife last week, sticking it through his
We are glad to state that Miss Re-
bocca Williamson is imorovinar.
Will Blanton, a handsome young gen
tleman oi rsen tsucKie, is visiting the
family of Clabe Taylor.
Mrs. Joe Moore has been quite sick
for sometime and is . not improving as
last as desired.
Airs. Jessie l omnnson received a se
vere burn on the arm last week, but it
is healing rapidly.
Miss Nannie Hubbard has been quite
sicit ior ine past weeK. untie Jim Pat
terson is also on the sick list.
V e are sorry to chroncle the extreme
illness of Miss Irene Suinmerford, aud
wish- her a speedy recovery.
iir. aim w liners is sunering with a
severe cold.
Mrs. jouii liaiiantant and her son,
Mr. ill Ballantant, are visiting
irienus and relatives in -Norm Carolina
Miss Brownie Tomlinson speut a few
days of last week at Hillsdale, as the
guest ot Miss Clabie Taylor.
Mr. Seth Martin of Mt. Pleasant, was
in our in our milst Sunday. Wonder
what the attraction is?
To certain young gentlemen of this
community, we will say, when you are
crossing the railroad bo very careful
how you "Wave" at a certain young
lady, for fear you will mistake someone
else for her and thus "Wave" at a
stranger. Boys beware!!
a its, spasms, &t. v itus dance, ner
vousness and hysteria are soon cured
by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Free sam
ples at drug stores.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic is
now on the market. Try it and be con
vinced that it is the only real pleasant
and etlective medicine known that will
n every case cure the chills and fever.
It contains no quinine or poisons aud is
sold under the familiar motto, "no cure
no pay." For sale by all druggists.
Editor Herald: The young people
nave oeen enjoying memseives at sev
eral entertainments given them lately
singing was given at the residence of
Mr. J. A. Little one night last week;
wuicu was an enjoyable ullair. aud
another entertainment of the same kind
was given at the residence of Key. J. N.
Martans last Thursday. On Tuesday
night ot last week a play party was
given at Mr. Win. Kelterner's, and was
very much enjoyed by ail present.
Mrs. latiKersiey is on me sick list.
Miss Tallie Hardison was visiting in
the Lick Skillet neighborhood last
week. Mr. Blake Lenham left last
Monday for Texas, where he expects to
remain several months. Mr. Bob Jack
son, who has been visiting In our vl-
iiuty for several weeks, has returned
to his home in Ellis county, Texas.
Mr. Munro Froelaud, who has been
visiting his parents, has returned to
his home in the Lone Star State,
Snow Ball.
Let's reason together. Here's a firm.
one of the largest the country over, tin?
world over; u nas grown, siep by step,
through the years to greatness and it
sells patent medicines!-ugh!
l n at s enougu: -
Wait a little
This Arm pays the newspapers good
money (expensive work, this advertis-
ng!) to ten the people that they have
aith in what they sell, no much faith
that if they can't benefit or cure thtv
don't want your money. Their guar
antee is not ludetinite and relative, but
le,inite and absolute it the medicine
oesn't help, your money Is "on call.'"
Suppose every sick man and every
feeble woman tried these medicines
and found them worthless, who would
be the loser, you or tneyr
The medicines are Dr. Pierce's "Gold
en Medical Discovery," for blood dis
eases, and his "Favorite Prescription,"
for woman s peculiar ills, if they help
toward health, tliev cost 1. a "bottle
each!. I f they don't thej coat Hottiwi
Fully warranted.
:; $Te ; carry a full stock of trace chains,
back-bands, hamcs, bark collars, etc. A
large line of Avery Steel Plows and repairs.
Mt. Pleasant.
Quarterly Meeting convened at the M.
E. church, last Saturday and Sunday;
itev. R. R. Jones, the pros 1 ;n.t Klder,
lei i ve red sermons both days in hi
tisual impressive style. He was accom
panied this trip by Mrs. Jones.
La grippe has again made its appear
ence in our midst, much to the displeas
ure of its subjects. Miss Camilla Bond
nas been confined to her bed for several
lays with it. Mrs. Johnnie Irvine also
lias an attack.
Mr. P. Brownlow, of Lynville, ar
rived here last week aud immediately
eguu building the vault of the Bauk,
kvhich will soon be ready for the recep
tion of all "surplus finance." Just here
we wish to say it oau no longer be suf
fered an illusion of the mind to say Mt.
Pleasant is "booming," for sooner or
later all must awake to the realization
of the fact.
Last Saturday Messrs. John Wesley
King, Mumford Smith, Webb Ridley,
Jr., and Alex Orr, purchased the Dickson
property, on Main aud Depot Stieets
anf expect to "renovate" it generally,,
in the near future. We oau also boast
of a butcher and barbershop.
Mr. L. U Frierson is able to be in
Nashville, attending to buslntss.
Editor Herald: Coming too late to
describe with a tender gush of entusi
asm the Death of the Old, or Birth of the
New Year, will instead confine my
self to commonplace topics.
Our neighborhood is a quiet one at
present, the roads not being in the best
condition but a little too muddy for con
Mrs. L. R. Amis and little daughter
Agnes, of Tracy City, are visiting rela
tives here.
Miss Jennie Watkins has returned
home alter a pleasant visit of several
months in Nashville.
Mrs. S. T. Brown, who has been quite
sick, is better.
Dr. Theo. Frierson was called to Nash
vilie last Saturday bv the serious ill
ness of John T. Hendricks of that place.
we received cards some days ago
irom Mrs. luia Armstrong, ot Alem
phis, announcing the marriage ot her
daughter Mary, to Mr. Wm. Iiice, also
of that city, Jan. 15th, 1891, The young
lady has many relatives and numerous
friends here who unite in wishing the
young couple a bright future.
Mr. Gordon Armstrong aud family
nave moved to ine r. jn. Jones farm.
"They say" we will have a wedding
in our community soon, as this is a
novelty for us, much excitenlent pre
Your readers are earnestly and ten
derly appreciative of the Herald'h
merits, and trust the year l&U may be a
prosperous one ior your paper.
When afflicted with any of the miser
able SKin diseases which make lite a
burden, try Hunt's Cure. It is guar
anteed. If it does you no good it will
cost you nothing. For sale by all drug
gists. fan9-lm.
On Wednesday January 14th inst.
Miss Hettie Sheddan was married to
Mr. J. P. Choate," Hsv. G. D. Byrne
oiliciating. The bride is one of our
most popular young ladies, and the
groom is an energetio business man
They lett immediately alter the cere
mony for a short tour. We extend to
them our best wishes, aud may theirs
be a lite of unclouded happiness.
Miss Ida Eakin, of Fayetteville, at
tended the Sheddan Choate nuptials.
Misses Media Wilburn and Kiltie
Fleming, of Bigbyville, are visiting
menus tie re.
Miss Fannie Burnett, of Mt. Pleasant,
is the guest of Mr. Byrne aud family.
Miss L'ma Tate has returned to her
home in Lvnnville. She was accom
panied by Miss Ada Dansbee.
Mr, M, R. Porter, of your city, spent
Saturday and Sunday with his parents.
lie leaves ruesday, ror the caroiinas
and. Virginia on business.
Mr. ine:an, ot the tlrmor isaidwin
& Co., was here last week, and lelt an
organ at the parsonage.
Air. j on ii tiouser, or stiaav urove.
was in the "Port" Monday.
miss jiaggie j ones nas returned home
after a protracted visit to natives in
and near the village.
Mr. J. v. neik has returned from a
visit to friends in Bedford County.
Misses Lucy Tomlinson and Beulah
Porter visited relatives and friends al
Lipscomb recentiv.
Through the columns of last weeks
"Democrat,'' the question, was asked
"Eunice," "How does a person feel
when he gets left?" Now "Grandpa
Snider," if I had ever, in all of my life,
been lelt as olien aa vou have during
the past three weeks, I could easily
answer the query without furth riufoi-
Some changes have been made in re
gard to th alMide of different families.
Mr. Li. r,. coiner has moved to Lewis
oounty. Air, b. T. Jones has purchased
and now occupies the Collier house.
Mrs. King the Hotel. Mr. J. W. Har
lan has moved to Cathey's creek, and
Mr. E. C. Mangrem will occupy the
Djau house. Eunice.
Mauy years practice I ave rlven C.
A. Snow & (J ., Solicitors of Patents
at Washington, D. C. uu. ur passed
success in obtaiuing patents for all
classes of invention. T-iey make a
specialty of rejected oases, aud have
secured allowance of n a ly patents
that bad been previously rejected.
Their advertisement in a lotber col
umn, will be of interest to inventors,
patentess, manufacturers, and all
who have to do with patents. tf.
Continued to steond pagtj
Washington News.
From our regular correspondent:
Washington. Jan. 20. Mr. Harrison
has succeeded by persuaion. bull-dor.in
and promise of pattonage in getting the
icuuircau ouiiawrs to maKe a last des
perate effort to perpetuate the power of
the republican party by passing the
force bill, and the fitrht is now on
wnicn is to result either in striking i
deadly blow at the liberty of the Amur!
can citizen, by the passage of a measure
wunoui a parauei in American annals
or in the nnai deieat of the bill.
r inuing 11 impossible to unite the re
publican Senators in support of the rev-
olutionary gag rule proposed by Senator
Aiuncu me republicans nave adopted
mo tiring out process, ana hope by
continuous night and day session of the
Senate to succeed in compelling the
democrats to accede to a vote on th hill.
i nis, it is not ueneved, they can do
J he session which began last Friday
luumiug uas ueeu ill coutiuuous SCS-ilOIl
ever since, except on Sunday, and is to
continue until the republicans tire of it
or succeed. i tie democrats are makinir
a grand hght in talkiug against tim
and express confidence of being able to
How the democrotic Senators feel in
this matter may be iudized from the
following extract from a speech of Sena -
tor iteagan, wnicn reflects the senti
ments ot his democratic colleagues, ai.d.
nows that tney will never wiliinirlv
surrender: "As dear as my life is to
me, as God is my Judge, if I could save
the American people from the pending
measure by giving up my life, I would
surrender it as lreeiy as 1 ever per-
iormeu any act in my ine. ' it was an
imposing sight to see Senator Reatran
as lie stood, every teature showing his
earnestness "and sincerity, and spoke
these words, and it was not surprising
that they were greeted by an outburst
of deafening applause from the galleries,
wnicn Mr. Morton was qulcn to remove
by threatening to have the galleries
senator Stewart on Saturday gave
notice oi a motion to recommit the elec
tion bill with instructions to the com
mittee to report it back with a provision
for the election of members of Congress
on days when no other elections are
held in the several states; and this mo
tion may be made the excuse for getting
ridot the bill quietly when the republi
cans discover their inability to pass it,
for if it is recommitted to the committee
it will never get before the Senate again.
Notwithstanding their having made
speeches against the Force bill Senators
Teller, Wolcott and Stewart are now
acting with and voting with their re
publican colleagues in their efforts to
pass the bill. This is significant, in as
much as it shows that the democrats
need expect no help from republicans
in defeating the bill.
A.. AA.caarwrB a ucut-uuivn m j nv w
trying to prevent the passage of Senator
Vest's free co'nage bill, which was
adopted last week uy the Senate as a
substitute for that hodge-podge of
absurdities known as the republican
caucus financial bill, by the House by
taiKing vote., ine Dill, which is now
betore the House committee on Coinage.
is in far more danger from Speaker
Reed's opposition than it is irom a
Presidential vote. Reed has the au
dacity and the nerve to resort to any
methods to deieat it, and n he doesn't
attempt to do so, it will only be be
cause he prefers seeing Air. Harrison,
whom ne disuses' very much, weaken
and sign it, as I believe he will, it it
passes the House. Mr. Harrison has
made threats betore, but his spinal
column has always wilted when the
time came to carry them out.
Another erstwhile prominent repub
lican is in the toils ot the law. W. P.
Canaday; who for many years, because
of his ability to control the North Caro
lina delegation to republican national
conventions, held the position of Ser-
reant-at-Arms ot the united States
senate, has been arrested for obtaining
money under false pretenses. And ve
gods, how cheap he sold his character.
The amount he obtained on a worthless
check was just $35.
Some startling exposures will shortly
be made by the House Committee
which is investigating the silver pool
charges, unless the witnesses among
whom are ssenator Stewart and Journal
Clerk Smith of the House, shall refuse
to tell the committee what they are al
leged to have told to private parties.
The democratic leaders of the House
are carefully watching the proceedings
n the senate and should the Force Bill
pass that body they are prepared to
make a dosperate light on it in the
House when it goea there for concur
rence in the Senate amendments.
George Bancroft, the historian, who
was Secretary of the Navy during the
Polk administration. wJhen he estab
lished the Naval Academy at Annapo
lis, diod here Saturday afternoon in his
nmety-nrst year.
Senator Quay has taken the trouble
to deny the rumor that he iutended re
signing his seat in the Senate, it was
entirely unnecessary. Everybody
knows that he isn't one of the resigning
The House Committee on the Woi!5
Fair think the otliuials connected with
that concern are drawing too much
money and recommends a cut in sala
To live or not to live is a question
which annually confronts the residents
ot our low grounds ana swampy dis-
taicts. Take Cheatham's Tasteless
Chill Tonio and live to die a nobler
death than by a commonplace chill
For sale by all druggists. jau9-lm.
Manor Texas.
Since mv last piece appeared in the
columns ot your paper, 1 have changed
my place of residence, and will now
write to you from my present home,
We bade farewell to home and friends
in Campbellsvilie on the seventh morn
ing or January. Hi; had a very pleasant
drive to Pu'aski, where we spent the
night. The next morning we: starte i
on our journey to the "far west." We
saw. on our tr P. many sights, new and
beautiful to n e, the tall pine trees, with
their weaitn oi moss noaiing jjraoeiuir
in the wind, and palm were plentifu"
In the low, flt helda through which we
parsed. Orange trees, laden with beau
ful yellow oranges were in profusion.
We spent nearly a whole dav in New
Orleans, but the weather was so disa
greeable we oouid nt see much or the
city. It was a great novelty to us -to
watcn tne ooats cross ine river, me
waves were rolling high and the great
Mississippi seemed to oe in a perfect
tumult. We reached the city of Hous
ton. Texas at about eight o'clock next
morning, where we spent the hours
very pleasantly. We passed through
some beautiful country that day, and
reached our journey's end at four in the
afternoon, where loved ones were wait
ing to meet us. The wind has been
blowing ever since .we came, as if King
Aeolus had unlocked the door of his
cavern and given the winds permission
to roam at win. we nave oau two
small rains this week, and Ihe drea led
black mud keeps us in doors. The
country here is a little rolling -not so
level as some we saw on the road but
it is considered fine farming country.
There is a large number ot Tennesseans
in and around Manor, and several of
our Giles county acquaintances have
b en in to see us since we arrived. As
the roads have been so - we c i d not
travel, I can not teil you much of Ma
nor, will write moie anon.
f ;
Absolutely Pure.
A creim of tartar baking power. HI ah est
of all In leave ling Strang! h. U. P, Govern -
mailt tt sport, a n trust in, 1-. " n o-j30 I y
The beet naive in the world for Cut
Br -liB. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rhtum
Fever Sores, Tetter Chapped Hands,
Ch iblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, orno
pay required. It Is guaranteed to
ive per loc t uuuk!uuu( or money re-
urdel. Price 25 cents per box. . For
tnaitMy w. r. woldkiixib,
i 0
Eider the contli.
tioiis which
an he found in oue
asi he secured hy any onel
who wall honestly
"cj3 ngage to lo as much for the
i people as we have always done
o few are willing to sell goods aU
reasonable p&ofits; hence
o f ew achieve the success which 5s
secured hy us
onest' Wei
Count and
Measure, Square Dealin
Coiiflaicoiiis f reait-BiocDEit -to&ve mnmh
The LEADING Merchants in Columbia.
' ." .,11. I,,., i. ,) i I 1 " -'mim mm w. i.ii. ,a. .-
1' , nmnii'-j ,'- , ' inr "iti i ii ii'i''"-'iir'inT" rminiTf ""'- ." MaMllfatJ' - '

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