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Culled by OurCorrespondents
C'athey's Creek.
Now3 19 scarce this week. La Grippe
is'juite an epidemic in this vicinity.
Mr. John II. Catliey is quite sick.
Tlie writer had the pleasure of attend
ing a grand oyster supper last Friday
flight, given by Miss Mamie Itaker.
Mrs. W. C. Kennedy and grand
daughter are residing with Mr. K. A.
Kennedy, at Kettle Mills.
Eugene Worley is sick with La grippe
and is absent from school.
Mrs. M. L. Cathey and Mrs. Tom
Krooks are both very'sick.
Miss Alice Cathey has been visiting
uer sister Airs, lveuneuy 01 nettle Mills.
A. A. Barker, 1-Jsq. has been through
this part of the, country assessing tax.
Mrs. L. A. grumbles that the "Coon"
is catchinir her chickens and she is fear
ful ho will catch her daughter.
J. D. Cathev. of vonr citv. spent last
Saturday night and '.Sunday with his
holder J. M. Morton is sick.
lrake Stanlill. ot Centreville. has
been visiting on Cathey s Creek.
narian ros. nave rented tne isniltn,
Wiley and McLean saw mill on Loves
branch, and will run it this year.
.Messrs. Aicuiure ana Liiinn, ot Dixon
county, have been on Cathey's Creek.
V. f. Worley is right sick.
Prof.' McComic has enrollod twontv-
four pupils at this place. He is an ex
tra teacher and deserves the patronage
of every one.
ihev haven t anv regular preacher at
this place, llojx) to have soon.
w e ure Having plenty or rain and
mud. Marvel.
ing some stock.
Miss Minnie Alsup paid M'sses Lizzie
ana Delia Morton a pleasant visit w ea
ncsday night, and were joined in social
chit- -hat by Messrs. Elbert Alsup, Leo
1'urUom and J. A. Morton.
Mrs. Sallie Hardison and Mrs. Mic
Bain spent last Friday with Mrs. Eliza
Misses Lizzie Jackson and- Bettie
Williams were the welcome guests of
Miss Laura Jackson last Wednesday.
Mrs. Ida Howard and Miss Melissa
spent last Friday with Mrs. Eliza Tan
kersly. Misses Lizzie and Josie Harris and
Callie Little were visiting Miss Nannie
i. Hardison recently and was joined by
Walter and Uid Bain and W ild Ben,
who enjoyed the day very much.
Mr. Leber t Patterson and wife made
a Hying visit to their parents Dr. Marsh
Patterson near Verona last week and
were accompanied home to Mr. W. I.
Wilcox's by Miss Ella Patterson.
Death recently snatched from the
fond embrace of loving parents the in-
faut daughter of Mr. a he rod Hardison
and wile; its disease was tonsilitis,
To the griel stricken parents we would
say. weep not for this pure and spotless
babe, but remember that it is done with
this world of sin and suffering, and
will be a bright jewel in the Heavenly
mansion. wild .ben.
which custards, tapioca, rice, etc., hare
isouimon norse raaisn grated into a I
cup 01 sour milk, then strained, is said
wj uu an excellent 1011011 lor freckles.
An ounce ot lemon juice in a pint ot
rose water will also answer the samel
purpose. Both are harmless and good.
Only a smooth whalebone and a little
patience are required for the renovation
of ostrich feathers. Beginning at the
base ot the leather, draw each frond
lightly but hrmly between the whale
bone and the thumb; the firmer the
pressue the more pronounced will be
the curl ot the leather.
If the face has become roughened by
mo wiuu, sponge it oiteu witn equal
parts of rose water and brandy. Do
not use toilet washes containing much
alcohol, as they are quite apt to produce
harmful ruanllu Tl. 1 .. ., I 1
me sain, renders it brittle and impairs
its nutrition.
When the lace is usually Dale, hatha
it in tepid water, rubbing briskly -with
a xurKisn towei. men apply every
uy tuo lunowiiig preparation: rour
ounces ot rose water, two ounces of
glycerine, and one ounce of diluted
liquid ammonia. Bub it well into tho
SKinior aoout tnree minutes, and then
wipe on wuu a sort towel. If any
irritation is felt, add a little more gly
cerine to the preparation. Canadian
To live or not to live is a question
which annually confronts the residents
oi our low grounds ana swampy dls-
taicts. Take Cheatham's Tasteless
Chill Tonic and live to die a nobler
death than by a commonplace chill.
For sale by all druggists. jan9-lm.
South-east Corner 'Public Square,
V r
Who are opening up a new and complete
line of
No old goods.
Everything new and' well
1891. LOW PRICES. 1891.
iver Leadstlie Prccessica
'Farmers and plowmen know that the
Olvor Chilled Plows W
-Is the best plow on earth. Prices re
duced at) follow 8.
A to
B to
10 to
13 to
19 to
20 to
40 to
mm a a a a .
7 00.
8 00.
8 50.
9 00.
9 50.
Sole Agents.
'Beware of imitations. : Bee that the
name "Oliver" la on all gxtraa and
wearing parts.
r - L
ii fj
We now have the Agency for the
ImprovedAspinwall Potato Planter
When afllicted with any of the miser
able skin diseases whicii lnake.liffe a
burden, try Hunt's CuW'i--i guar
anteed. If it does you no good it will
cost you nothing. For sale by all drug
gists. jauiMui.
Santa Fe.
Editor Hekald: Since my last
commuuicatiou, death has visited our
village and claimed lor his victim, Mrs.
f 1 1 1 1 i it I 'umrltri.n I 1 1 ir i f r raaH.
ers will doubtless remember that dur
ing the late war, and at the same time
her liushaiid, Mr. James uaugnron, was
murdered for his money, she received
a very severe wound. The ball taking
effect in her mouth and1 passing into
her neck, where it lodged and remained.
Many think the wound was the cause
of paralysis, from which she died after
many uionius 01 uiieutw auuoriug. .
Mr. Thomas v . McKee, wnne dress
ing a rabbit accidentally piercea tne
end of one of his fingers with a bone
causing blood poison, which resulted in
his death on last i nursuay.
We reicret to otate that Mr. Kobt.
Whitaker. of the firm of Whitaker Bros.
1s dangerously ill with typhoid fever.
Mr. Whitaker is one ol our best citi
zens, ami a successiui muie aeaier, ana
we hope lor a speeay recovery, under
the skillful treatment of Dr. J. W.
Hu I me.
Mr. J. A. Bynum and family, oi your
city, but formerly ot Spring Hill, have
moved into our vuiaire. Air. isyuuin
comes highly recommended as a black
smith. We welcome him into our
midst, and wish him much success.
We also welcome air. it. u. seweu
and family, who have lately moved
into our village.
We resret to learn mat Mr. J. K.
Sattertield will soon leave for Collin
county, Texa, where ho expects to en
gage in Ntock raising. i lkk.
We predict for Cheatham's Tasteless
Chill Tonic an unprecedented success.
The well known reputation ol its manu
facturers is, of itself, an ample guar
antee ol its superior merits, for sale
by all druggists. febl-lm.
Spring Hill.
Quite a pleasant evening was spent at
the Musical at Beechcrott School on
last Friday. This being the close of the
first term, each music pupil was brought
forward. The little " w alter" song by
the primaries was quite pretty. J,iuie
Miss Allie Hardiman rendered well
her recitation "The Hawk," The mu
sic by tne auvanceu pupiis, misses
Louise Schoot, Annie May Bell, Mary
Lou Campbell, Sarah Hicks, was
very much appreciated. By special re-
'inest Mi 1'urvis, with her sweet mu
slcal voice look part m mo eiiieriaui-
mctit. also MiwMes iuiiau isyrn ana
Estabrooke, Mrs. Lxtes is indeed for
tunate in securing sucii an excellent
director of music as Miss .hstabrooke
Wo are ouite glad to see Mrs. Sprouil
back at Heecheroft olico again, as she
has boen absent for sometime owing to
il Iness.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam J. Caporton and
son Sam were out from Columbia last
Miss Annie Lou McKay nas two
young lady friends from Carter's Creek
visiting uer. ,t.
Mrs. lorn . waue, irs. r.a a urn pier
and lovely little babe of Giles county,
after visiting relatives here have re
turned. Miss Mary Lou Wade accom
panied them.
Alias Aiiianua l.ane wus out iroiu
Nashville this week.
Mr. Ivennon Matthews was In Nash
ville one day this last week.
Mr. jouu w. laieaira naa gone to
Dallas, Texas to spond sometiuio.
Mr. Joe w. Aiexan ler is luiok. iroin n
visit to his sister Mrs. Buchanan, of
Mr. J. M. Snarknian and Miss Mary
Ijou Lane were married on last Thurs
day at 2iVi v. M. at the home of the
bride's tatner Mr. w. w iane, near mis
place. The llev. C. K. Sullivan per
formed the ceremony. The happy
couple left on the southbound train lor
Columbia, as their future homo will be
near there.
Kev. B. J. Craig performed several
marriage ceremonies during the past
It will be a surprise to many to hear
that Lieut. W. B. Caperton, U. S. N. ol
Washington, will be married to Miss
tieorgie W. Blacklock, of Washington,
l). C. on eo. tftn, at oumi p. m. a grano
reception will be given to them on thai
Iiev. Chas. Gray conducted services
at the Episcopal Church both morning
and evening on Sunday.
MornuiK services were neia in tin
Presbyterian Church at 11 o'lock by th
pastor ltev. Charles K. Sullivan.
r .... i s. ml I ci 1 - . . 41...
Tlie pilipifc was uueu oiiuuajr hl mt-
Methodist Church by Rev. Kobt. J.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic is
now oil tne maritei,. ry ib aim ins uou
vinceil tliat it is the only real pleasant
and effective medicine known that will
in every case cure the chills and fever.
It contains no quinine or poisons and is
sold under the familiar motto, "no cure
no pay." For sale by all druggists.
Andrews, A L
Akin, M
Akin, J T
Armstrong, R L
urowuing t z
Benfort, M
Bally, J
Bell, N
Benson, N
Bobbin, L
Brown F C
Shady Grove.
Our village school began on last Mod
day morning, under the management of
t roi. J onn . uummins, son or Jolin
Cummins, Esq. of "Lotty's Bend" and
a young man of sterling worth. He is
boardine in the family of J. II. Houser
Miss Lula Harris, a fascinating young
laay oi i.arter s creea, is spending
sometime with the family of Mr. Frank
Williams, at this place.
Mr. H. S. Thompson, of the "City of
Mules" was in the village recently.
The smiling visage of Humphrey
liaruison was beaming on our various
merchants last week.
Dr. W. K. Sheddan, of WiUiamsport,
has been called to our town profession
ally during the past week, to see Mr.
Jewell, Dr. Allen and Mrs. Harrington. XnBUily
Dr. Allen and family have had quite a I Karr' , f
Hftrions Limn with the monster "Iji I " ' "
Grippe." The Dr. is now able to re
sume his practice 'in a moderate de
gree, but his father and mother Mr.
and Mrs. .H. s. Allen, are stin very
Mr. J. S. Wheat and J. B. Lathen are
the latest victims of .the dreaded dis
ease, and are quite sick.
We are sorry to inform the many
friends of Esq. W. B. Erwin that he is
again very feeble and confined to his
Mr. Wm. Harbison is on the sick list,
being troubled with his old enemy,
Would like to say to Bro. H. O. Moore,
ot Texas, if he reads the Herald
(which of course he does, as who is it
that doos'nt?) that his letter to the
Herald was read with pleasure by his
many friends in and around Shady
Grove, who hope to hear from mm
again through the same medium.
riles! Files! Itching riles!!
Symptom: Moisture; intense itching
biiu Bunging; iiiuai hi, mgut; worse Dy
scratcinug. J fallowed to continue tu
mors form, which often bleod and ulcer
ate, I ncoming very sore. Swayne's
"inimeni stops me itcning ana bleed
ing, heals Ulceration, and in most cases
removes tne tumors. At aruggists, or
Dy man, ror SO cents. Dr. Swayne A I
Hon, imiadelphla. aprl-91.
Letter Lists.
Letters remaining in the orhce for the
enatnguaiiuary Mlh, 1SU1.
Joyce, F
Jvidd, li
Lengley, F
Lurndin K 3
Ieszy, M
Mitcher, M B
Nelson Hotel
Ogelvie, N
Rankin, S
Rankin, A
Stockard, A
SheUon, A O
Thompson, L J
Trousdale, M
Tracy, W L
Wallace, E
Williams, D
Wilkerson, J
Wilkes, A
White, E
Wild, M
Jonea, B li
U M'fgCo
Cindinlo. S P
Davis Tom
Uullam. W A
suitor sneiby cnronicle '
Parties oaJlini; for the above letters
will please say advertised.
Bridges. L
Chanor., R
Daniel, R
Doris, L
Editor Enterprise
Gusst, A L
Ganaway, L
Green, J II
Hayes, C E
Jemisou, E
Johnson, H
Joyoe, J
1'ariee, Lue
(Continued to inside page.)
Many years practice have given C.I
A. Snow & Co., Solicitors of Patents
at Washington, D. C. unsurpassed
success in obtaining patents for all
classes of invention. They make a
specialty of rejected cases, and have
secured allowance of many patents
tnat bad been -previously rejected.
Tueir advertisement in another col
umn, will be of interest to inventors,
patentess, manufacturers, and all
who have to do with patents. tf.
"We keep constantly on hand a full stock
of these planters and guarantee them to
work well and arc substantially made.
Wc have just received a car load of the
world renowned
Sclintler TfTagon,
Fully warranted.
We carry a full stock of trace chains,
back-bands, hames, barlcollars, etc. A
large line of Avery Steel Plows and repairs.
Telephone 73. DODDtfJQ & GYVING.
It again becomes my pleasant tluty to
write up tho news of this vicini y for
the ever welcome iikkalo.
Changes are rapidly coming, our
hitherto healthy region is being in
fected with disease; la grippe is laying
its firm crasp on many of our citizens.
Among those suftering from this epi
demic are Mr. J. H. fox and Mrs.
Marthi Fox, Mrs. Martha Jackson and
family, Mrs. Eliza Tankersly and old
aunt Peggy Bennett; also Mr. Robert
Craig and wife. This disease seems to
be quite prevalent over this Jcounty at
W. L. Cheek, whilo passing Hardi
sons mill on a ral'f, was' struck by the
oar stem about the head and knocked
dowu, being brui.sed very badly but not
seriously. . -
We gladly welcome "Snow Ball" to
our family "of correspondents, but feai
when the scorching rays of the sun
comes down upon him he will nieit
away; but perhaps not; at least we hope
this will not be his fate.
Elder Felix Sowcll preached an inter
esting discourse at Antioch.last Sun
day to a small but attentive audience.
Snow fell quite rapidly on last Satur
day, but the earth not being iu a suita
ble condition to retain it on account of
a previous rain it was not very deep;
but we havo plenty of mud, making
travel quite disagreeable.
Mr. Anderson Morton paid your
scribe a very pleasant visit last .Satur
day n'tfht.
. Air. W. A. Bain and Mr. W. T. Hardi
son spent several days in the city of
mules last week. -
G. E. Bain made a pleasant visit to
friends and relatives in Williamson
County recently.
Mr. Aaron Cheek Inade a business
The designers of ball room costumes-j Mr. Jay-r-Miss Gay Oh, .Caroline
appear to oe mucn more uesirous oi may 1 nope? do you care lor me?
Although these gowns frequently com
bine all the qualities of beauty, their
extreme oddity is sometimes attained
at even the cost of good taste. Fur is
combined with the gauziest of fabrics.
and jet and gold trimmings are used in
abundance. Flowers, feathers, and in
lact almost anything to render an even
ing toilet elaborate, is within the
bounds of fashion. Of evening slippers
Etclka says, "Now evening slippers are
oi gold, silver or uiaca suk coru in
open work designs, sometimes enriched
with gems; the dainty rich stocking of I fn it'
a shade to match the costume shines I The renedv in Dr.
Miss Gay I cannot say that I am
Indifferent to you, Mr. Jay.
Mr. Jay Oh, darliug! dont speak to
me like mat! say that you are crazy
aoout me.f rom.J'uc(x
Let every enfeebled woman know it!
There's a medicine that'll cure her, and
tne prooi s positive I
Here's the uroof if it doesn't do vou
good within reasonable time, report the
tact to its makers and get your money
oacK witnout a wora out you won't
through the interstices, and sometimes
n rliiiiHHtone crescent or star is net urxrn
a strap just over the Instep. Other slip
pers have eyelet holes at regular inter
vals throuuh which is passed a silk or
ribbon lacing.
Tn shoes, cloth toDS are consideeed
more dressy than kid, and the height of
fashion Is attained when the tops are of
the same goous as tne eostunie. siue
laced boots reaching to the knee are
considered very stylish, but they will
hardly be popular as so much patience
is required in putting tnem on.
Well matched trloves are essential to
a tasteful costume, and the variety of
colors in irloves this season rivals that
of the dress goods. The most striking
feature of the new gloves is the buttons,
wnich are very large. These may not
bo altogether as ptetty as small buttons,
but they are decidedly moreuonvenient
and substantial.
Tho large corsage bouquet is a thing
of the past, and In its Bkead we find a
beautiful rose with a stem about two
feet long. Gentlemen's bontonnieres
are very large, however, and are
generally composed of larg flowers.
As a substitute for. the expensive
feather ruche and boa, those made of
re ue lied silk are used. These are be
coming and not coatlv.
Girdles are very stylish, and any kind
of a girdle la worn.
The black hats with their forests of
nodding plumes remind one of hearses,
they are so solemn looking, and it
perchance a flower or two nestles
amidst the sable plumage, it seems as
if it were but a part of the floral offer
ings to the dear departed.
liKe monster turtles are some oi me
hats in shape, and the reptile kingdom
is furthermore represented by thejetted
and jeweled snakes which often com
poses an entire oonnet, ana oetween
whose toils appears, in the most utterly
irrelevant manners, a knot of violets or
a crimson-hearted rose.
Coquettish little toques are made of
irridescent impian breasts or ot the
plumage of the golden pheasant; they
go with any cos to me, and as a rule, are
extremely becoming.
The Stanley hat named in nonor oi
the explorer's is round in shape with
a very narrow brim, a round puffed
crown, and a single quill feather erect
in one side.
Violets appear to be the favorite mi li-
nery Diossom, lor tney peep out irom
folds of black velvet, yellow gauze or
even blue; the blue mus, however, be of
that very pale greenish tint, or tne con
trast is abominable. Violets are oftei
tlaced in juxtaposition with fur, the
minirlinir ot winter and spring beinc
some what anomalous. Memphis Timet.'
Among women there are two distinc
tive schools of dress, the mannish and
the feminine; the women who cling to
the fourreau skirts, the tailor-made
jackets, the four in-hand tie and the
waistcoat may oe ciasseu among tne
adherents of the masculine cult.
In contrast those who have adopted
as their own the draperies or the pictur-
isiiue tasnions ei tne miaaie ages oo
long to the thoroughly feminine school:
the latter class have long since adjured
the linen collar and the stiffly boned
Mxliee, the derby hat and the mannish
.ie. Each school has its adherents, and
it must be acknowledged that each one
to some extent is in the right. Certaiu
styles suit certain peop.e, and the
variety is mucin to oe aesirea. .cc-
A few droos of ammonia in a cupful
of warm water appled carefully will re
move spots irom paintings.
To prevent tin pans irom rusting, run
fresh lard on them, and set iu a hot
oven until thoroughly heated and tieu
rub on.
When the hands are stained used sail.
and lemon juice ; this will take oil stains,
and render the hands soft and white.
Soak clothes that faae, overnight in
water, in which has been dissolved one
ounce of sugar of lead to a pailful of rain
Don't rub vour fi oj with a coarse
towel; just remember it is not made of
cast iron; and treat it an you would the
finest porcelalu gent y and ueiiciteiy.
To loosen stoppers uf toilet bottles.
let a drop of oil flow trotn I the stopper
and stand it within a foot or two of the
tire. After a time tap it gently, and it
It does not loosen, add -another drop of
By rubbing with a damp piece of
flannel dipped In whiting, the brown
discoloratlons la y bO removed from
cupa and portw.ala pudding dlaaaa ia
Pierce's Favorite
Prescription and it has proved itself
the right remedy in nearly every case of
temaie weaKuess. it is not a miracle.
It won't cure everything but it has
done more to build-up tired, enfeebled
ana DroKen-down women than anv
other medicine known.
Where's the woman who's not ready
for it? All that we've to do is to get
tne news to her. The medicine will do
the rest.
Wanted Women. First to know it.
Second to use it. Third to be cured by
it. ine one ooines or tne otner.
The beat of sick headache is not in the
brain. Regulate the stomach and you
cure it. Dr. Fierco's Pellets tare the
Little Regulators. Only '23 ceuts a
Policeman Are you drunk?
Reclining Inebriate You bet!
"Shay, are you drunk?"
"No, I am sober," was the indig
nant response.
" Then ( hie) why dont you move off?
You can do it k blamed sight easier
than I can. Shee?" Texas Sifttnas.l
We claim some thintrs for Cheatham's
Chill Tonic, but not everything. It
will not cure soften inn ot the brain or
ingrowing nails, but it will cure chills
cold chills. Guaranteed. For sale by
an aruggists. jany-im.
"Bring your umbrella." called Mrs.
Brinkley to her husband, the other J
Sunday, as she waited at the door for
bim to go toohurch.
"Who's golug to preach?" he call
ed back from upstairs.
"Our regular preacuer."
"Is that so? "Well, guess we won't
need an umbrell." Texas Stftinqa.
Most trustworthy of all papers of its
class, and the U Kni advertising me
dium, says J. J. Harrison, of Storrs &
riarrssou co wnion means it has the
best readers. 25 cents for 10 weeks.
The Rural New-Yorker, Times Build
ing, New York.
Pompano I gave my wife a hand
some diamond ring for a Christmas
Dolt ver Wasn't that rather costly ?
Pompano Yes. rather: but lust I
iDinK, I'll never nave to buy uer any
gloves. f rom Jiarper'a liazar.
Oar Coupons Are Still Selling.
The Herald cannot devote too much
space to advertising itself, but we wish
to say tnat our coupons are selling pa
pers for us every day. Our old sub
scribers are renewing more promptly
than they ever did, and we are adding
new names to our list raster than ever.
Our offer of Thk Herald and $15 for $1
is still open. Tell this to your neighbor
ana inauce mm to suocribe.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking power. Highest
or an in leavening i renin i. "u. . uovern
meat Boport, Anmt 1. 1-tKa" Innoap ly
The best salve in the world for Cut
Bruises. Bores, Ulcers. Bait Khiutn
Fever Bores, fetter Chapped Uands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It ia guaranteed to
1t perfect satisfaction, or money re
funded. Frio 5 oenU per box. For
aftis! W. P. WoLfiftxaaa.
1 UBiJ . V'iiaJ 'r sJ I
.ndcr the conili
fiosis wSiicli
an be fount! in our
w ta m
mi &e secsireis ny any one
who will honestly
usage to do a nineh for the
C37 CZ7
j3 people a we have alway ilone
o few are willins: to sell goods at
reasonable profits; henee
o lew achieve the ssbcccss wliicli is
secaired hy n.
Count anc
Eleasore5 Square -Dealing and
Courteous tfniiid E2aeofii llogiye' nsosnd
The LEADING Merchants in Columbia.
- i

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