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The Herald.
' : r
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Telephone 73. DOBBINS & EVINC.
Culled by OurCorrespondents
Liltic Kigby.
On last Tuesday evening a goodly
number of youiif? people assembled at
the residence of Mr. Abb Adkisson to
participate in a Pound Supper. After
spending some time in conversation
and music, the guests were invited to
the dining room where nice refresh
ments awaited them and were enjoyed
by all. Mr. and Mrs. Adkisson, as
sisted by their daughters Misses KUa
and Cora Adkisson, were important
factors m aiding those present to spend
tlio evening pleasantly, and the happy
smiles and joyous "laughter attested
their full enjoyment of one of the
nicest entertainments of the season.
Miss Kthleen Iavis has been suffer
ing with a blight attack of L.a Cirippe
since our last.
Mr. James Adkisson, of your city,
spent a few days of last week with bis
pa rents.
Jrs. l nompsoin ana iiowieit, Messrs.
Thurston Neellev and .loe Ferry, went
to Columbia to hear Thos. W. Keene.
Mrs. Mary Trousdale, who has been
quite sick with pneumonia, is better at
luis writing. .
Air. and Mrs. K. is. Adkisson returned
to Columbia last Saturday, after a
week's visit to relatives. Mr. Adkis
son, who has been sulieruig with Jja
(irippe, was somewhat improved.
Miss rsirilie runner roiumoii irom
Florida last Friday al ter a three mouth's
We had a heavv rn
evening which sotll
n ud caused bv the recent snow.
Rev. V. A. Thompson, of Spring Hill,
preached in liigbvville last Saturday
ami Sundav.
Mis. I'. Nelson, v. ho has been troubled
with asthma for several days, is some
Mr. and Mrs. James Beckett, of Zion,
were visiting in the community Sunday
3It. Pleasant.
The First National Bank, Howard
Institute and, the "proposed enter
prises'' are the subiects of many com
ments and produce a deal of "lofty
ideas in the minds of onr citizens just
now. Verily, the last decade of the
nineteenth century shall find our Mt
Pleasant people "up and doing:" after
having laid dormant so long, we think
it time that our village should arouse
from its lethargy and establish more
business capacities and assume a more
business like aspect. With such men
at the helm as we now have we may ex
pect to achieve success.
Mr. Jim Montague, of Mexico, Mo.,
passed through 4iere last week with a
large drove of mules that he had pur
chased ui Wayne county.
Mrs. A. B. Beech left last Wednesday
to spend the remainder of the winter
with Mr. S. B. Stockard's family, at
Pensacola. Fla.
Mr. Kugene ilinton, General Freight
Agent ol the Texas x Pacinc 11. K. and
whose home is in Dallas, Texas, is out
on a v.isit to Airs. J. (t. Ingram's family.
Miss Mary Lou Williams attended
the "Ovide Musin" last Friday night
maining members of the cabinet acted
as nonorary pall-bearers.
The resolution to discharge tha House
coinage committee irom further con-
siueraiion 01 tne iree coinage til 1 1 is 1
liable to make the largest sort of I
rumous in the House at anv time, if I
that committee persists in its present
euons in kiu me out oy aeiay.
How not to Investigate the silver
pools seems to be the real object of the
House committee, which is ostensibly I
engaged in investigation. If this com
mittee slurs over its work the demo
crats in the next House will try their
Hands at probing it to the bottom.
JNervous debility, noor memorv.
diffidence, sexual weakness, pimples,
cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Sam
ples free at drug stores.
New England's Shame.
There is nothing in this life more if
tiable than a jaundiced old age. Th
riepuDiican party oi jew England
once vigorous and powerful. In
was I
days of its strength and glory it rode
Prof. Abell opened a free school in the triumphant from Cape Cod to the White
i . . r - i 1 1 . : 1 1 L I 1 nil til u ma f rntn ILfswia.
We predict for Cheatham's Tasteless
Chill Tonic an unprecedented success.
The well known reputation ol its manu
facturers is, of itself, an ample guar
antee of its superior merits, for sale
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Campbells Station.
The disease that has been going
through the country for the last two
years, called "ija Urippe," certainly has
a vise like grippe on this community.
There is hardly a family in this neigh-
rliool that is clear oi it. J. is. iverr
lias just ten in lamily, nine ot
were down at the same time. He
self was the only one able to be up.
Mrs. is. t. Jlobhg has pneumonia.
Mrs. Ann Walker, daughter of the
late JohnU. Kamsey, who was married
to William Walker, of Giles countv
ibout three years ago, died on the 20th
l .1 anuarv ;islie leaves two children.
John Branch, wife and sister, Mrs.
W. G. Kerr, have returned to Texas
ifter spending several weeks very
pleasantly with friends and relatives.
on account oi the rainy weather and
the grippe since Xmas, the farmers
have not done much towards preparing
'or their crops.
John 11. Gracy lias returned from his
Florida trip.
Miss Maggie Stevens, ot 1 rov, West
Tennessee, is to bo the teacher at the
sow school house at Kvergreen. 1 he
chool will commence as soon as the
weather and tho health of the commu
nity- will admit of it. Miss Stevens
ame last week. She will make her
home with tho family of John 11. Gracy.
Miss rsanme Keuding was to have
mmenoed school in this place last
Monday', but on account of so much
sickness the lime was put otf until
sometime in the future.
The Rev. Win. Neelv, of I.awrenee-
burg. preached at Kvergreen last Sun-
iy- . . .
sterling m alone colored, wonted on
he railroad here before Christmas.
The force was cut down and he lost I: is
ob. lie loafed around from place to
place until the th ot Jan. On that day
lie was in Thos. White's store, and
watching his opportunity he stole live
dollars out of the casiij drawer. Dr.
Frank White got a warrant ami went
o Wales Station in Giles county next
lay and had him arrested and put be
hind the bars in Columbia. The pres-
nt term of Court has given him one
car in the pen lor his smartness.
Malky County.
old Academy hrst Monday. He will be
assisted by Mrs. Abell and Miss Lizzie
Kate, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. liufus Long, who has been dan
gerously ill with pneumonia, is slowly
Miss Amy Long left last Friday
morning to make a protracted visit to
relatives 'neath the "sunny skies of the
l.miil tf flnwf.ru " Tt. wn mlhnr un
in last Saturday agreeble coincidence that the same idea
ed the slush and 1 BlKideiily seized Mr. James Ward, who
decided to "take a rest," consequently
lound it convenient to accompany Miss
Amvasfar as Okalona. Miss..
Miss Lucile Giddens of Porter's is the
guest ot Mrs. B. Howard, much to the
delitrht of her numerous friends.
Mai. Geo. Jones and Mr. lied Kittrell
are victims oi La Grippe.
Mrs. Robt C Church of Santa Fe,
speut a few days very pleasantly in our
vicinity last week.
Mr. John W. Irwin and family have
moved to what is known as the "Wat-
kins farm," but recently purchased by
Mr. II. C. Church.
Miss liottie Akin begun teaching at
Camn Branch, last Monday.
Mrs. Mary Troy and children of West
Tennessee arrived here last ween ana
will make their home with Mr. and
Mrs. It. D. Kicketts.
Messrs. Vaughn, Page Moody and
Griggs of Frankliu, are employed at
work on the College.
"Verna Villiers" (pardon our Imper
tinence) but why have you forsaken the
" Hekald family ?" AY e ask that you
abandon your silence and are sure that
our request will be endorsed. Hope
you iouuu your "disabled pet."
When alllicted with any of the niiser-
ble skin diseases which make life a
lurden, trv Hunt's Cure. It is guar-
nteed. If it does von no good it will
ost you nothing. For sale by all drug-
lsts. ianu-lin.
IMautous Chapel.
Kuitok Hkuali: Last Monday night
nfr.rmation was received here ot the
ith, in 'Talladega, Ala., ot Mr. Win.
McConnelJ, of that cit v, of paralysis,
n the ldth. He leaves a wife and four
hildren and a great many friends to
lourn his departure. He was a liieni-
er ot the M etuodist L iuirclj, a devoted
ushaud and father, a kind and gener-
us iii! ii. ills wile lias relatives in mis
eighborhood who tenderly smpathi.e
ith her in her sad and sore bereave-
Services were held at this place last
Sabbath by Kav. Mr. Haggard.
Mrs. Katharine Johnscm. who resides
ear Kedron, Is quite sick with pueu-lonla.
Mrs. Killingsworth, who has been an
lvalid for soveral years, has beeudan-
erouslv ill recently.
Miss Uose Parks, a handsome bru-
ette who resides near Kedron, is at-
mding school at Gallatin.
Kedron was quite a place of amuse-
teuL last Saturday. A fox chase called
order about 40 long eared, spotted
lounds which trailed after the huge
arment followed bv Messrs. Kinnard
Wade, Walker Parham, Henry Parham,
Maury Wells, Bush Overtoil, Hob's
arinon, .lotin urown ana ijoe lsiair.
Mallard's was a great place of rende-
ous last F riday, l wo law suits were
eld, which drew quite a lare crowd to
the place. Ksqr. Kd Looi ey, of your
t , auenueu.
M. . Will Parham, of Nashville, was
isitintr relatives near Kedron la't
week and has returned after recruiting
from an attact of pneumonia.
To live or not to live is a question
which annually coul'ronts t he residents
of our low grounds and swampy dis
tricts. Take Cheatham's 'Tasteless
Chill Toni: and live to die a nobler
death than by a commonplace chill.
For sale by alf druggists. janD-lm.
Spring Hill.
Brooks and
eon, of
Franklin, have been the guests of Mrs.
J. W. Alexander for several days.
Mr. It. B. Moonoy has returned from
a visit to his relatives atClarksville.
M r. It. W. McLemoro and family of
Xcbletts Landing, Miss., are expected
10 return to their homo in this place the
last of t his week.
Mr. Frank Dale, of Columbia, has
been spending several days with Mr.
A. K. Greenlaw, of this place.
Miss Mary Guthrie has been the guest
of Miss Auuiu Molloy, for the past
Mr. Guthrie and family will move
back to their old home near this place,
this week.
Mr. C. Kinnard Wade, of Nashville,
was in this place on Sunday last.
Iiev. Mr. Dixon occupied tho pulpit of
the Presbyterian church Snuday morn
ing. Services were held morningand even
ing at tho Methodist church by the pas
tor. Bev. U. J. Craig.
Xo services at the Episcopal Church
on last Sunday.
On last Saturday night one of the pu-
ils of the Franklin College, MissKaui
een Prewett, of Corsecaua, Texas, left
the College and was married to Air. 1.
Coahen, of Texas. The ceremony was
performed by Judge Perkins at his resi
dence in Frankliu. They immediately
left and canio to this place and have
been at tho Caperton House since Sat
urday night. The young lady was
brave enough to go back to the College
Sunday afternoon and spend several
hours-. with the teachers and school
mates, and intended to get her trunk,
but Prof. Kd Gerton thought best to
keep and return it to her home.
Sawdust Valley.
Editor Hkbald: Rev. G. D. Byrne
preached a most excellent sermon at
Mt. Xebo. last Sunday.
Miss tlzora Kichards spent several
days in your city last week, as the guest
ot Mr. and Mrs. 1. M.sulivan.
Mrs. Mary C. Mayberry and two in
teresting little boys spent last week in
our village, visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morton, of Fri
erson, visited the family of G. W. May-
berry, last Sunday.
Mr. John Houser, of Frierson, was in
our village Monday night.
H.N. Mavberry was in Columbia,
Monday. He's a "hustler" when it
conies to working for the "Herald.'
Mr. and Mr. Gabe Mayberry, of
Jones Valley, visited Mrs. T. M.
Wilkes, last week.
Miss Kosa Pigg, one of Santa "Fe's
most charming yoiiiiir ladies, spent last
week as the guest ot Mr. and Airs. w.
P. Katcliff.
Messrs. Kinzer fc Linn are on the
road with a very line entertain meut.
"strictlv moral."
Mayb: rry Bros, are preparing to erect
a "Mammoth business douse, will ue
quite an addition to our village.
e need a turn-pike, railroad, or an
air ship to enable us to get to the county
seat, or any wnere else, as our roau uas
sunk about three leet.
O for a graveled turn-pike road,
To help the jaded horse,
To pull a light, or heavy load
And hush the driver's curse.
Vissie Veal.
Cheatham s Tasteless Chill Tonic is
now on the market. Try it and be con
vinced that it is the only real pleasant
and ettective medicine Known that will
in every case cure the chills and fever.
It contains no quinine or poisons and is
sold under the familiar motto, "no cure
no pay." f or sale by all druggists,
'l!o- to Cure All Skin l)i;enjea." I
Simply apply "Swayne's Ointment J here Monday,
io internal meuicme required, cures
tetter, eczema, itch, all eruptions on
the face, hands, noso, Ac, leaving the
skin clear, white and healthy. Its
great healing and curative powers are
possessed by no othor remedy. Ask
your druggist for Swayne's Ointment.
Special Herald Correspondent:
Washington, D. C. Feb. 2, 1891. Mr.
Harrison has had as hard a task before
him in the selection of a successor to
tho late Secretary of the Treasury as
his worst enemy could possibly have
set for him; it is a task too in which the
country at large is more directly inter
ested in than an vthing he has yet un
dertaken. It will be very dimcult to
tind a man willing to accept the place
who possesses tue anility combined
with tho conservatism of the dead Sec
retary: and what w.A add no little to
Mr. Harrison's trouble is the fact that
all the prominent republicans in both
House and Senate who have been ri
cently reduced by their constituent
will be, in fact are already clamoring
lor the place lor tnemseives. wnoever,
he selects lie is bound to make new
enemies in his party, and being a can
didate for a rononunation that is just
. i a. .1 . i I T 1
v n a L ue cannot auuru to no. xiesiueo
this, the man selected will have to be
satisfactory to tho business men of the.
country, or a iiuauciai panic may ue
So iar the men who are mentioned
for the vacancy are Just those who
should not be selected. Representative
McKinleycan.it is thought, have the
place if he wants it, but he has high
protection on the brain to so great an
extent that his appointment would be a
very great mistake, and one that would
be certain to bring trouble, senator
Spooner is talked of, but he is a lawyer
and lacks the financial experience and
executive ability which"" is absolutely
necessary. The others may De bunched
in one bad, very bad Jot, whipb includes
Senator luualls. ex-Gov. ("Calico Char
ley") F'oster, Representative Cannon
and that ex-boss, particularly known
for ways t,at are devious, Stephen B.
Klkins. - 1
It has been a lone time dvinsr and
numerous false repirts of its death have
been given out, but tins time tne f orce
bill really is dead, dead beyond all
hones of even a partial resurrection.
owing to the notion of twelve republi
can Senators iu deciding mat tney will
not vote for it. It is hard for such radi
cals as Senator Hoar, Aid rich, Edmunds
and Spooner to give up the idea ot in
timidating the South, but even they ac
knowledge that the thing is dead and
that no further attempt will be made to
revive it. In consequence, the legiti
mate business ot the session tne an
nual appropriation bills is fairly hum
ming in both the House and Seuate.
The Senate bv a nartv vote refused to
amend tho apportionment bill, framing
what was so clearly the right of Arkan
sas, Minnesota and New York one ad
ditional member to eacn, ana passed
the bill just as it left the House. Sena
tors Davis and Washburn, of Minne
sota voted with the democrats for the
amendment, and strange as it may seem
Senators Evarts and Hitchcock of New
York voted against it.
Brother Johnnv Wanamaker will
have to get himself a new hobby. His
postal telegraph scheme, in spiteof the
amount of Government money he spent
m tho publication oi nis views inereon.
is as dead as door nail, the llou.'e
coininitteo on Post othces will not even
report it.
Representative Mccreary, who Is re
garded as one of the most conservative
men in the House, paid his respects to
Czar Reed on Saturday in a manner
that was quiet but severe. His com
mittee Foreign Affairs having been
refused a day for the consideration of
its bills, he said: "Never beiore iu my
experience on the committee on Foreign
Atfairs, has that committee been re
fused a day for the consideration of bills
reported by it. Tho refusal to give this
committee a day is but another error in
the comedy of errors which has marked
the Fittv-hrst Congress.
Secretary indoiu's iunerai occurred
All of the Government
departments, the local otfiees ami the
public schools were closed. There was
considerable growling among that large
class wuo inaaes it a point to attend
Mountains. Irom Moosetemauntio to I
cnesuncook, and took no thought of the
morrow. But tne seeds of taritt reform
were scaitered abroad, and thev found
lodgment on New England soil. The
ripening revolution was promised by
tue autumn elections oi itvsy, ana ap-
proacneu iuiiuiment at tuose oi iyu.
When they look upon the conduct oft
their representatives in the Senate aure-
lv the Xrt w Eno-la.ndnrH am ramiv at.
claim: "Lord, thv will b done." and
cast out the Republican parly forever.
How have the miarhtv fallen! The
spectacle of New England's Senators is
enougu to mane tne angels weep and
the imps of Satan lausrh. Verily the
shades ot Webster and Sumner must
walk at night and bemoan the degener
acy oi tne times, rsew Hampshire's
favorite son is a Senator who prides
himself on his skill in trickery, who is
valuable to his party because he knows
an tne wnes oi tne politician oi low re
pute, wnose latest achievement or mak
ing a Democratic Legislature Repubii
can is his greatest. In short. New
Hampshire's best boast is a Chandler.
V e all know the meaning of the new
word, "Chandlerism." It is worth r of I
its origin, and needs no further com
Matched with Chandler is Blair, the
opposite of his partner in many respects,
out scarcely less narmrui. imaging
that he is a reformer, aa full of isms and
crankiness aa an aged bookworm, ready
to wreck the scheme of government if
he can thereby carry out any of his ec
centric ideas, and, with it all, enough of I
a party man to swear that a spade is
not a spade, if his Republican collea
gues say so. New Hampshire may be
proud of her Senatorial pair, but it so,
priae sometimes tanes a strange iorm.
Neither has Vermont, so lone an im
pregnable outwork of Republicanism.
much to be happy over. Edmunds has
perverted his high gifts to base uses.
He has ceased to be anything but a par
tisan. He sits in the Senate merely to
find pretexts that will force the passage
of a bill that he knows to be wicked
and ruinous. Hoar, of Massachusetts,
has made himsel the champion of the
same measure, and hopes to find party
prout wnere ne is sure to receive noth
ing but ignominy. Behind him is A'-
drich, of Rhode Island, who is willing
anu anxious to De tne toot oi nis lead
ers, and so the tale runs through the
No wonder New England thinks that
it is time to purity, it is said ot the old
Puritans that they crossed the seas in
order that they might practice their
religion and make others worship God
as they did. Their descendants havo
the same spirit ot liberty, though they
are perhaps disposed to be less exact
ing with the remainder of us, and it is
scarcely true t'lat they can endure the
political chains in which they have
been bound
It is nonsense to tell us that Chandler
and istair and lioar and Kdmunds rep
resent the best spirit of New Entrland.
Thev belong to a darker age. They are
the barnacles clinging to the new ship
of liberality and tarirjt reform that New
H.HL1 mi uas launcned, and tne wave oi I
enlightened indignation will sweep
mem on, Dye ana bye, uniamentea ana
un remembered.
We hope much of New England. The
whole country should be proud of that
stony bit of suacoast that has done so
many great things, and ot those people
wno nave planted themselves so deep
and strong in the soil. We are proud
ot her poets, and historians, and nov
elists, and orators, and philosophers, for
tney are ours as wen, ana we snail
make her a greater boast when the po
litical regeneration, now so manirestiy
In progress there, is completed. New
England can not afiord to make adver
tising signs of Chandler and Hoar and
the others, and the sooner she casts
them aside, and gets good men in their
plaoes, the better it will be for all.
Courier-Jour mil.
Last year:
Her eyes were rheumy, and weak ana
Her breath you could smell it afar.
She had ringing and dizziuess oft in
ner nead.
And the cause of it all was catarrh.
This year:
ner breath is .as sweet aa tne new
meaaow nay,
Her eves are as brieht aa a star.
And the cause of the change, she is
reaay to say,
Was the Dr. Sage's Cure for Catarrh.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy will posi
tively cure catarrh in the bead, no mat
ter now pad or - how - long standing'.
Fifty cents, by all druggists.
Many years practice have Riven C.
A. Snow & Co., Solicitors of Patents
at Washington, D. C. unsurpassed
success in obtaining patents for all
classes of inveution. They make a
specialty of rejected cases, and have
secured allowance oi many patents
that had been previously rejected.
Their advertisement in auother col
umn, will be of interest to inventors,
patentees, manufacturers, and all
who have to do with patents. tf. .
Over i0.000 PROFIT stained by
patronizing it, says Geo, S. Josselyn,
because its readers want the best. 25
0 silts for 10 weeks' trial. The Rural
New Yorker, Times Building, New
"And'sou, I hear dat
mudder suffers a good dea
il v
wid de
toof ak, heah lately."
"Well, kuius, ii sne do, it mus' be
a mild ease."
"Why fo'?
"Kaze. I have knowed dat ole
ooman gwan on fo' teen yeahs,. an' I
ain't nebber seed her hole her jaw
yit." LouiHville Times.
Absolutely. Pure.
A cream of tartar baking power. Highest
of all In leavening strenet h. "U. 8. Govern
ment lie port, August is, lsm." j uneJU ly
every prominent iunerai tney possibly
can, because admission to the Church
was by ticket, and the tickets were only i
furnished to prominent people. The re 1
Meteorological Record at Ashwood for
Highest temperature on 1st, 31st ..61
Loweut temperature on 25th 22
Mean temperature 41.5P
Averaee for month.. 40.3
Kain fall ltr lncnea 0.33
Snow fall 1.75
Noofdayson which rain fell 11
No of days in which snow fell a
No of days clear 3
No of days fair 11
No oidays cloudy.... 17
wild ireese nyinij rt. c. on ami.
Ttun ic on a, , o o, , o, is, ia, it. ia, us w,
Voluntary Obasrvsr, U. a. signal 8ryioe.
1 n Bider the condi
JJ tion which
IIWIH. .11..-
an he fount! in our
an he secured by any one
who will honestly .
ngage to do as much for the
people as we have always done
o few are willing; to sell goods af
reasonable profits; hence
o few achieve the success which is
secured by us.
I eight, Count and
Measure, Square Dealing an
(DoiniD'tcoiis tMtmcDi tows nunafc
The LEADING Merchants in Columbia.

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