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Columbia. 3
Unanimously Passed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Endorsed by the People and
Presented to the Legislature for Final Passage.
AX ACT to compile the several Acta incorporating the city of Columbia into one Act, and to amend the Bame, and to
repeal all Acta in conflict with this Act. - r -
Section L He it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That the several Acts, and
parts of same, heretofore passed incorporating the city of Columbia as are herein complied and codified and
amended, shall be aud are hereby declared and designated the charter of the city of Columbia. -
fc.EC. 2. lie it further enacted, That the inhabitants of the city Columbia, in the county ot Maury, as the
same extends aud is laid out, are hereby constituted a corporation and body politic, by the name and style of
the Mayor aud Aldermen of the city ot Columbia, and by the same name shall have perpetual succession ; shall
sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in all courts of law and equity, and in all actions whatever; may pur
chase, receive aud bold property, real and personal, within said city, and may sell, lease or dispose of the same
for the benefit of said city; and may purchase, receive and bold property, real and personal, beyond the limits
of said city, to be used for the burial of the dead; for the erection of water-works, for the' establishment of a hos
pital, for a poor-house, work-house, or house of correction; and may sell, lease or dispose of said property for
the benefit of the city ; and do all other acts touching the same as natural persons; tb,ey shall have and use a
common seal and change it at pleasure.
Stic. S. Be it further enacted, That the boundaries of said city be and continue to be, until otherwise provided,
the same as tbey are now according to Acts heretofore. passed, and as are now recognised.
Sec. 4. He it further enacted, That the legislative power of said city shall be exercised by the Board of Alder
men eltcled uuiier the provisions ot this Act, over whose meetings the Mayor shall serve aa presiding officer and
cant the deciding vote where there is a tie; a majority of all the Aldermen shall constitute a quorum for the
transaction of business. In the event the Mayor shall be temporarily absent, the Board shall elect one of their
own number to preside over the deliberations of the body, in which event one more than a quorum Bhall be
present. In the event of the death of the Mayor, or should his office become vacant by removal from the city or
resignation, or impeachmeut or other cause, then the Board shall proceed, at the first regular meeting thereafter,
to elect one of their number as Mayor to rill his unexpired term, and the Board shall then elect some other per
son eligible to the place to fill the vacancy thus occasioned for the unexpired term. The Board shall be - com
posed of the Mayor and two Aldermen from each ward to be elected for two years at a general election of the
qualified voters of the town at large. If at such general election there should be a tie vote between the candi
dates receiving tbe highest number of votes for Mayor or Aldermen, the tie shall be decided by a majority vote
of the Board of Aldermen at the first ineetiug. No person shall be eligible to tbe office of Mayor or Aldermen un
less he be a resident of and tbe owner of a taxable freehold in said city and a citizen of Tennessee who baa re
sided in the town at least two years immediately preceding his election, and should either cease, the office be
comes vacant. At the electiou, as hereinafter provided, there shall be elected a Mayor for said city ami two
Aldermen from each ward to serve for the period of two years, and biennially thereafter to fill the vacancy by
the expiration of terms. - '
Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That the Mayor and Aldermen, before entering upon their duties, shall take .
an oath that they will honestly and faithfully discharge the duties of their offices without partiality favor or
affection. , '
Sec. ii. Be it further enacted. That the Board In session shall Judge of the qualifications, election, and re
turns of the members of the Board, and shall prescribe rules for the determination of contested elections. It
shall prescribe its own rules of proceeding, the punishment of its members for malfeasance, misfeasance non
feasance, drunkenes, or any misconduct in office and enforce the same; two-thirds of the remaining members of
tbe Board present aud voting to concur, may expel a member for such malfeasance, misfeasance nonfeasance,
drunkenness, or misconduct, which vacancy can be filled as provided in other cases. A less number than a ma
jority can adjourn from day to day, aud under.the provisions of ordinances may compel the attendance of absent
members by nnes and penalties. For all investigations of charges against its members or other officers, or such
matters pefiaiuiug to the affairs of the town, the Mayor shall, at tbe discretion of the Board, issue subpoenas and
compulsory process to compel the attendance of witnesses, and the production of books ana papers. -The Board
of Mayor and Alderman shall hold its meetings at such times as it may determine, not more than one regular
stated meeting per month. -
Sec. 7. Be it further enacted, That the Mayor of said town shall receive for his services the sum of two hun
dred dollars per annum and perquisites of office and on no account, cause, or pretense whatever shall be
paid out of the City Treasury for his services any other sum whatever. The Aldet men of said town shall receiv
no compensation whatever. And it is hereby declared a misdemeanor in office, indictable in the Circuit Court
to be punished by a flue of one hundred dollars, one-halt to go to City Treasury, for the Mayor or any Alderman
to. accept directly or indirectly, or to vote to himself or associate, any fee or compensation whatever In addition
to the compensation herein provided.
8. Be it further enacted, That the Mayor and Alderman shall have power by ordinance within the City:
1. To levy and collect taxes upon all property taxable by law for Btate purposes, being in the bounds of said
corporation as it is now or may hereafter extend, whether improved or unimproved.
2. To levy and collect taxes upon all privile fa and polls taxable by the laws of the State.
a. To appropriate money and provide for tb i payment of the debts and expenses of the city in the manner
hereinafter provided.
4. To mase regulations to prevent the introduction of contagious diseases into the city ; to make quarantine
laws for the purpose, and enforce the same within ten miles of the city.
5. To establish hospitals and make regulations tor the government thereof.
6. To establish a system of free schools and regulate the same so as to avoid sectarian influences.
7. To make regulations to secure the health of the inhabitants, and to prevent and remove nuisances.
8. To provide the city with water-workB within or beyond the boundries of the city.
9. To open, alter, abolish, widen, extend, establish, grade, pave or otherwise improve, clean and keep In re
pair, streets, alleys and sidewalks, or to have the Bame done, as hereinafter provided.
10. To erect, establish and keep in repair bridges, culverts, sewers and gutters.
11. To provide for lighting the streets. . .
12. To erect market-houses, establish markets and regulate the Bame.
13. To provide for the erection of all buildings necessary for the use of tbe city.
14. To provide for the inclosing, improving and regulating all public grounds belonging to the city, In or out
of the corporation limits. '
15. To license, regulate and tax auctioneers, grocers, merchants, retailers, taverns, brokers, ooffee-house, con
fectioners, retailers of liquor, hawkers, peddlers, livery, sale, and feed stable and hitch yards, keepers of Jenny
Liind and billiard tables, ten-pin alleys.
16. To license, tax and regulate hackney carriages, carts, drays, omnibuses, wagons, etc., and to fix the rate
to be charged for the carriage of persons, and of property, within the city, and to the public works and ' property
pertaining to the city.
17. To license, tax and regulate porters, and to fix the rate of porterage.
IS. To license, tax and regulate and suppress theatrical and other exhibitions, shows and amusements.
19. To regulate, or prohibit and suppress disorderly or bawdy houses and houses of ill-fame.
20. To provide for the prevention or extinguishment of fires; to organize, establish and regulate fire com
panies; to regulate, restrain or prohibit the erection of wooden or brick buildings in any part 'if the city; to
regulate and prevent the carrying on of manufactories, dangerous in causing or producing fires. v
21; To regulate the storage of gunpowder, tar, pitch, resin, saltpetre, gun cotton and all other combustible
material, and the ute of lights, caudles aud stove pipes in all stables, shops aud other places.
22. To establish standard weights and measures to be used In the city in all cases not otherwise provided for
by law.
23. To provide for the inspection and measuring of lumber and other building material.
24. To provide for the inspection and weighing of stone-coal, wood and other fuel, hay, corn and other grain.
25. To provide for'and regulate the inspection of beef, pork, flour, meal, oils, whisky and other spirits in bar
rels, hogsheads or other vessels. . . .
2t. To regulate the inspection of butter, lard and other provisions; to regulate tbe vending of meat, poultry,
fish and other eatables ; to prevent and punish forestalling of provisions, and to suppress hucksters.
27. To regulate the police of the city; to impose fines, forfeitures and penalties for the breach of any ordi
nance, and to provide for their recovery and appropriation.
28. To provide for the arrest and confinement, until trial, of all riotous and disorderly persons within the
city, by day or by night; to authorize the detention of all suspicious persons found violating any ordinances
: the city. "
29. To prevent and punish, by pecuniary penalties, all breaches of the peace, noise, disturbances or disorderly
assemblies, in any street, house or place in the city, by day or night.
30. To fix, from time to time, the numbers and boundaries of the wards of the city. -
31. To preveut and remove all encroachments into andu pon the Public Square, streets, lanes, avenues and
alleys established by law or ordinance, aud remove all obstructions from the Public Square, streets, lanes, alleys
sidewalks, etc.
32. To regulate and provide for the construction and repair of sidewalks aud foot pavements, and if the own
ers or o a ner of any lot shall fail to comply with the provisions of any ordiuance rexulrlng such owners to build
or repair sidewalks, after due notice, the town may build the same through the agencies of the Board of Com
missioners or Supervisors hereinafter provided for and the town shall pay for the same, and the amount so
paid shall be a lien on said lot or lots, which may be enforced in any court of competent Jurisdiction under a
proper proceeding, brought in the name of the Mayor aud Aldermen. But no ordinance ordering the building
of such pavement or repairs shall be made until the town has first caused to be built and put dawn, at Its ex
pense, a good and substantial curbing of stone, cut of uniform height and size, along the outer edge of said in
tended pavemeat. To graut the right of way through the streets and squares of said town for purposes of street
railway and other public improvements and may institute such proceedings as are authorized by law to con
demn and appropriate ground for the uses of said city to widen or extend its streets.
33. To contract for the loan of any sum or sums of money on such terms as they can borrow the same, and to
pledge themselves in their corporate capacity, their successors in office, and the faith of said corporation for the
payment of the principal and interest of any sum of money so borrowed in the time am manner specified la the
contract. -r .
34. To pass all ordinances not contrary to the Constitution and Laws of the State that may be necessary to
carry out the full Intent and meaning of this Act, and to accomplish the object of this Incorporation. '
35. Be it further enacted, That the city of Columbia shall have power to erect and organize a work-house la
or near said city, and any person who shall tail or neglect to pay any fine or cost Imposed on him or her by any
ordinance of said city, shall be committed to the work-house until such fine and cost be fully paid. Every per
son committed to the work-house shall be required to work for the city at such labor aa his health and. strength "
will permit within or without said work-house not exceeding ten hours each day, and for such work and labor
the rterann so emnloved shall be allowed, exclusive of board, a credit UDOn such fine and cost of not less than
fifty cents per tiay uutil the whole is discharged, when they shall be released; Provided that no person shall '
be compelled to work longer than ninety days for any offense. - . "
Sec. 9 Be itfurtner enacted, That ?t shall be the duty of the Mayor to wefully examine all bills passed be
fore affixing his signature, and should any such not meet his approval, he shall, at the next regular meeting of
the Board, return the. same with his objections in writing, and no laws so vetoed shall go into effect unless the
same be again passed by a majority of the entire Board. No bill shall become a law unless the same shall have
passed three several readings by a majority vote, and until the same shall have been signed by the Mayor, or
unless he fail to vetoe the same by next regular meeting. The Mayor may make temporary appointments to fill
vacancies occasioned by sickness, absence, or other disability of any city officer, such appointments to be made
alone on the recommendation of the Board of Supervisors, or a majority of them. Likewise be may, upon each
recommendation or upon his own motion make tempoary suspension of officers or agents for misconducts or
inefficiency, but he shall report the same to next regular meeting of the Board, who shall have power to dismiss
any such officer or agent by a majority of the Board of Alderman voting to concur in such dismission. ' But the
Mayor shall have no ower to suspend any member of the Board of Surpervisors, nor to fill any vacancy in said
Board. He may call special meetings of the Board of Alderman, when, in his judgement, the good of .the city
requires it. Aud he shall state to them in writing the purpose of such meeting, which, together with the action
of the Board, shall be spread on the minutes of the meeting in the regular minute book and signed by him.
The Mayor shall, every three months, or oftener, should he be required by resolution of the Board, cause to be
presented to the Board of Alderman a full, true, and complete statement of the financial conditon of the town,
which, if accepted, shall be, by the Secretary of the Board, spread on the minutes of that meeting and published
in one of the city papers. Auy ueglect or violation of any provision ot this section is hereby declared a - misde
meanor, Bubject to indictment in the Circuit Court, and upon conviction the offender shall be punished by fine
of not less than twenty-five nor more than fifty dollars, one-half of which shall be paid when collected into the
city treasury. The Mayor shall from time to time communicate to the Board of Aldermen such information,
aud recommend sucli measures as may in his judgment tend to the improvement of the finances and general wel
fare and interest of the city. He shall take care that all the ordinances are duly respected and observed, and
perform suc'i other duties, as may by ordinance of the Board of Aldermen, be required of him. He shall have
power to bid iu property for the city at all tax and judicial sales, when the city is a party.
Sko. 10. Be it further enacted, Tiiat the first general election for Mayor and Alderman under this Act shall
be held on the third Tuesday In November 1891, and the new administration shall be sworn in on Friday follow
ing the election. The voters shall vote by ballot at such general election,and any person entitled to vote for
members of the General Assembly under the laws of Tennessee, aud who shall have been a resident of the City
for six months preceediug the election, shall be entitled to vote and have his vote counted in said electioi
Non-resideuts, having a taxable freeholder in said town, and being a qualified voter of tbe State, sna 1 also be
entitled to vote. .... , . t
Sec. 11. He it further enacted, That the judges and clerks and officers of such election shall be appointed by
the Board of Aldermen, and shall take an oath to faithfully and fairly discharge their duties. They shall open
the polls, con i net the election, and close the same, and count out tbe vote in such manner as is provided by tbe
electiou laws of tbe State. Aud they shall certify the result thereof to the Mayor, authenticated by the judge
and clerks. The ballots shall be-received aud the voter's name entered and numbered on tne poll list, "and tbe
officer shall write a number ou the back of the ballot to compare with the number of the voter's name on the
poll list and the ballot deposited, and after the ballots are counted out they shall be preserved, replaced In the
1 allot-box, and the same locked, and the box and key delivered to tbe Secretary of the Board, who shall hold
the same subject alone to the intqection of the Board of Aldermen, or count in case of contest. And in the event
of no contest he shall destroy same when the Hoard shall order at any time after thirty days. Upon the returns
being certified :o the Mayor, he shall present tbe same to the outgoing administration at the next meeting,
which shall be Friday after the general election, when the same shall be publicly canvassed and the result de
clared, aud Install the new Board. - -
Sec . 12. Be it further enacted, That no member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall be eligible to the
office of Supervisor, or any office or place of employment in the service of the city, during the time for which
he was elected, nor shall they be directly or iudirectly Interested in any contract whatever in which the town
is concerned, and a violation of this section Is hereby declared a misdemeanor, and shaM subject the offender to
impeachment. ' '
Sec. 13 Be it further enacted, That at tbe first meeting of the Board, after the passage of this Act, they shall
elect, from the resident citizens, three competent freeholders, each of whom shall haveljeen a resident of said
city two years next preceding his election, who shall compose and be known as the Board of Supervisors of said
city. At the first election to membership to said Board there shall Jm elected one to serve tWOv years, one to
serve four years, and one to serve six years. And, thereafter, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, by a majority
or the entire Board, shall biennially elect one qualified citizen to fill the vacancy occasioned by the expiration
of term, who shall serve six years. In case a vacancy should occur in the Board of Supervisors by d eath, re
signation, or otherwise, leaving an uuexplred term, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall fill the vacancy by
election for such unexpired term. The Board of Supervisors shall devote their time and attention to the duth
of their office, aud shall not engage actively in any other business that will interfere with their duties.
Sec. 14. Be it further enacted, That any member of the Board of Supervisors may be removed from office
for incompetency, inefficiency, or neglect of duty, drunkenness, or other misoondut. by a vote ot m majority, of
tbe Board of Aldermen. - ; r -. " " & , - a
Sec 15. Be it further enacted, That said Supervisors, when elected, before satsrlagapon ths dischargt el
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