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3 OUR. &
"Governor's" Message.
rrrmiiinni ininniinnns in u tinsnumrw
Em hi iimii urn iiuin nnm 1 mi 1 1 1 mi it u; ie
Kanufacttirers of
Men's, Boys' & Youths'
The only manufac
turers of Clothing in
the South, selling their
products direct to the
consumer, thereby sav
ing you the profits of
the middle man.
We can furnish you
with any price suit or
overcoat you want,
from a child's suit or
overcoat at $i to a
man's broadcloth dress
suit, for full dress wear,
at $50. Our system
of doing business is
You send us your
order for what you
want, give us the size
wanted and price you
wish to pay, we will
send same to you by
express c. o. d., with
privilege of examina
tion before paying, and
if the purchase does
not suit, you can re
fuse payment and have
same returned to us.
Can anything be fairer?
Country dealers will
? also find our stock the
fbest in the State from
which to make their
selections for the Spring
Call on us when in
the city.
the United States jurisdiction over the lands
and tue highways appi oachiDg it. I, therefore,
recommend that an act of cession be passed.
As apprehended in the last regular message,
the State of Virginia baa instituted suit In the
Supreme Court of the United. States asserting
ber claim to territory ov vbicb Tennessee
has for a long series of jrars exercised undis
puted possession, an-i,'ly. authority of your
predecessors, I have, employed attorneys to rep
resent the State of Tennessee in said suit, ami
the bill has Leon fully and ably answered. The
causa has nor yet been called. ' -
I recommend that your honorable bodies au
thorize the tending at par of tho bonds of the
State nowield and owned by Mrs. J. K. Folk.
Her immortal husband shed glory and honor
upon h State, and helped to make It gruat,
and this reasonable request .of his nged ami
worthy -widow cannot be slighted without dis
credit to the Stale.
Sow, that the time of my retirement is at
hand, I can with more propriety urge the pur
chase or election by tho Slate of a mansion
honscfotita Governor. Tho honor iu being
called to such a high station is ample compen
sation, but the State should surround Its Exec
utive with facilities for maintaining the dig
nity of his place and the reputable honor of the
Commonwealth. It should be furnished and
maintained in a manner befitting a place where
the dignity and honor of the State is lodged.
I present herewith papers and suggestions
emanating from the American Bar Association
looking to unifoi-mity til, legislation in the sev
eral States relating Vo marriage and divorce,
insolvency, notarial certificates, descent and
distribution, wls, etc. It presents a matter of
grave importance, well worthy the serious
consideration of your honorable bodies, and I
rccommexid that actisn be taken similar to
that a -opted by New York. The papcra pre
sented show some very remarkable and lament
able statistics upon divorces, and reveal an
a'jtrming increase. When it is stated that one
'iivorre wag granted in 1880 to every 425 mar
ried couples in Tennessee, it needs no argu
ment to prove that our laws aro too loose and
that a remedy is needed. In Nashville the pro
portion was 216 to 1, and in Memphis 243 to 1.
The evil is becoming so prevalent that it is at
tracting attention all over the country and
arousing thought. It merits your thoughtful
interposition at once.
That our Constitution is obsolete in syme par
ticulars and incomplete in others is patent to
all. The progress we are making in material
things, as well as in the scions of popular gov
ernment, and tho regulation and adjustment of
individual rights and ifie rights of property,
merit a revision of wr fandamental law upon
a plane in keeping with such advancement. I
do noV believe tlnat the time is yet arrived for
the ioldng of such a convention, but the initial
st';p shoulu be taken looking to a convention
Tithin the next few years, in order that the in
telligence of the Stato may be directed to the
subject, discussion had and the necessities of the
case determined in advance, that the conven
tion when it meets shall begin and perform its
work In the light that popular thought has shed
upon, the subject. A resolution by your honor
abl 6 bodies declaring that a constitutional con
vention is desirable, say four years hence, will
r.vail to arouse such thought as will lead to in
telligent and beneficial results.
I transmit herewith the annual report of the
Trustees of tho Confederate Soldiers' Home for
your perusal and consideration. By an exam
ination of this report you will find that one
year's energetic and devoted effort has placed
the home upon a good initial basis and it is
now ready to begin thegre.it beneficent work
in earnest. The Trustees niako request for ap
propriations for the farther improvement and
sustenance of the institntion, which I commend
to yon as reasonable and worthv of favorable
M. B. and W. H. Tnrkers, Toulouse Goose,
P. Ducks. B. P. Rocks. Lsnirahxna and Wtin.
Vesta, I nd.
action. The Legislators hss little opportunity
to be generous to these mfferiDg aud decrepit
heroes of the Lost Cause, and the most llbersj
id you can give thein would be but cant
response to the sacred obligations that
rests upon the State and those of us who
are able to shield them from want and priva
tion in their helplessness and old ago. We nave
been csntealed loo long to feed them npon talk
and clothe them upou praise, and H Is time
now to stifle their cries with bread instead of
blarney. The rotting headboards in our ceme
teries cry pileously to us to ULekl the muti
lated and un-lirouded occupants frea ebtirim,
but while we revere their memory and lore
them for tho blood they shed, conid U&ey speaJt
from their graves they would implore us t.
leave them unmarked and let their names jicr
ish, if that be necessary, to secure relief ad
consolation to their orphans and lhoir llmp-ag
comrades. The Federal GoTenwncni Juts im
propriated hundreds of millions to pension
its soldiers, their widows and orphans,
to preserve and beautify the graves . of
those nlio fell and to provide amines for tho so
who are destitute; -tnt thete brave men, our
kindred and friends, who lost pioperty, health
and thousands of them their lives, under tho
folds of the bloody cross, have no strong arm of
Government to shield them ia their old age, no
treasury to sustain them in their poverty, and
no public fond exists with which to preserve
from oblivion tba graves of those who died.
The tHaies at whose call to arms they so gal
lantly responded should at least supplement tho
noOletffojts of the few generous citizens who
arc seeking to alleviate their sufferings sod
smooth a pillow for their weary heads.
I retire from the executive office to which the
people of Tennessee called me. with iho con
sciousness of having sought diligently to dis
charge its trusts in the fear of God and the in
terest of the people. The gratifying accom
plishments of the administration swell my
heart with pride, although I am far from
claiming more than slight share in their con
summation. I bavo been, ably assisted in all
departments and by the oflicials of the State
and by the Legislature, and all together, the
conditions being all favorable and the times
propitious, Tennessee has been placed upoH a
hisher plane of prosperity and is in better con
dition than alio ever knew. I congratulate ber
people upon ber splendid condition and more
splendid prospects.
Feeling confident, gentlemen, that you come to
the discharge of your duly with patriotic pur
pose to make sure that which we have gained
and push forward to higher accomplishments
i.nd richer results, with utmost confidence in
your ability to serve your people well, I need
not exhort you to duty and diligence.
Kobt. L. Tatlob.
Officers W ho Have Beld This Important
Position Since 1793.
Daniel Smith (Territorial Secretary), lT8t-
William Maclin, April 9, 1796-1807.
Robert Houston, March SI, 1807-1811.
W. G. Blount, March 81, 1811-1515.
William Alexander, ilarcli 30, 1S15-181S,
Daniel Graham, appointed August 26th (vice
Alexander, deceased), lolS-1830, (resigned).
Thomas II. Fletcher, appointed (vlee Gra
ham, resigned,) September 1, 1S30; March 1,
Sam. G. Smith, March 1, 1S32-JSS5.
Luke Lea, December 4, 1SC5-1S39.
John S. Young, December 4, 1SJ9-1847.
W. B. A. Ramsey, December 3, 1847-1855,
F. X. W. Burton, December 4, 18-6-1849.
J. F-. R. Ray, December 5, 1S59-1S65.
E. II. East, appointed in 1SC2 by A. Johnson,
Military Governor, served to April, 1665.
A. J. Fletcher, 1SCJ-1S70.
T. II. Bntler, May 23, 1870-1873.
Charles X. Gibbs, February 1, 1873-1S81.
David A. Nunn, February 12, 1881-18SS.
John Allison, Jr., February 12, 1886-1889.
Charles Miller, February 12, 1889.
Thm Pepolntlon of tti &everl States svnd
Territories In 180.
Below we gHya the official and verified state
ment ot the population of toe States and Terri
tories: Alabama 1 , 1,18,01T
Arkn:w 1,128,179
California l,aua,i
Colorado 41,!
Connecticut , 4 4o,E4H
Delaware Jfo,49S
Flotida B91,.3
Georgia l,B37,3oa
lueio ,
Illinois - J,8MS51
la.llaua , i-Ui,H4
Jons l.H,si
Jvanaas. ..................... .... 1,42 .096
Ccaracky 1.668,6S.5
1 AuiHiAna. 1.1 '8.7
Maine 661.0S6
Maryland l.nA--"1
Massachusetts S,S3s,W8
Michigan 2,tW8,N9
Minnesota l.S01,82
Mississippi 1,W,600
Missouri ,079,184
Montana 132,169
Nebraska 1,058,910
.Nevada 46,781
Hew Hampshire 878.5)
New Jersey 1.444,938
Kew York 6,H9,M8
North Carolina 1,617,147
North Dakota 12,719
Ohio 8,872,916
Oregon ' 813,787
Pennsvlvania 6,268.014
Rhode' Island 84o,50fl
South Carolina 1,161,149
souih Dakota 828,808
Tennessee 1,787.518
Texas 4,236,623
Vermont iMi.42
Virginia , ; 1,66,980
Washington 849,890
West Virginia 762,794
Wisconsin l,tK,N40
Wyoming 80,705
ew Mexico 158.698
Arizona 9,sao
Utah SC7,05
Total 62,622,250
8. H. Gabbett, Mansfield, O., sells his
Picket and Wire Fence Machine, also
pickets, wire and fencing tools at whole
sale prices direct to farmers.
Ministers Plenipotentiary of Kerosene in
the State of Tennessee.
The Garrett Picket &. Wire Fence Machine
Waives totheposts. A uni
versal favorite. TboiuadJ
In use. Goaj-antaea. Freight
Fald. Amenta are report
np big Bales. Machines,
Wire, ttc, at wholesale
direct from factory to
Farmers where I have no
S(tnt. Cataloju. f ree. Ad
drens the manufacturer.
ft jj fl
fP LjC
Coal Oil Inspectors are appointed by the Gov
ernor, for two years, in cities of 1,000 popu
lation and over. Salary, fees. Those appointed
by Gov. Taylor are as follows: .
Union City Henry Mayers, appointed Feb
ruary 6, 1890.
Johnson City R. C, Hunter, appointed Jan
uary 22. 1890.
Dyersburg E. E. Ellis, appointed January
13, 1890.
Martin W". E. Sebastian, appointed Novem
ber 25, 1889.
Clarksville W. A. Shelby, appointed October
10, 1889.
Bristol J. O. Bondurant, appointed July 15,
Chattanooga C. E. Powell, appointed April
SO, 1889.
Memphis James M. Coleman, appointed Hay
5, 18hS.
Nashville Charles L. Ridley, appointed April
13, 1889.
Knoxville Jerry Jnrnigan, appointed March
20, 1SS9.
Bolivar Jos. J. Keely, Jr., appointed Janu
ary 16, 18S9.
Morristown J. R. Wilkerson, appointed Au
gust 19, 18b8.
South Pittsburg E. T. Warnock, appointed
July 7, 1888.
Covington Thomas B. Tipton, appointed
April 1, 1890.
I otxre delicate. tJIOcwTt mr Mnrrloff d.Mft f both
nil wobb. bowmr vitrMl. irufTrtr,f lrm Urrfc,
Lief, iioart. Liver, Kidoar, Blavddcr, Stia an Kcttom
Affections, Blood Potto u, KfcimtHia, XScnroos DeMlUj,
lrO Mevnhood, Brmin Khkiln, KpiVp7, Pret. &trie
r, Uu)cb, Farotxi Oonptautv. te.. I e mm W.
w jtM of bom tmtnMCt ; call or Writ eossrwl Utt ro
eaUoru stvored. 9
aaisxl unoraatMi
A WwTj ts WOfvtm. W tSsSBip I
si. H. KTH, rrftaW, JU T.
Best Record for the Longest Time in tho Coldest Climates
Men Dwellings of tlie Better Class, GreeiloDses, Spools, Hospitals, Etc., Etc.
Hot Water Heat is CHEAPER than STEAM or UOT AIR, requires LESS REPAIRS and LASTS LONGER.
-:- Cannot Cause Fires or Explosions, Most Cleanly, Healthful and Comfortable
CHAS. KELSOX, ESQ .Greenbrier Distillery, Nashville. EEXJ. HEttMAN, ESQ., Ilorman Bros. A Llndaoer, KashiilU
J. W. THOMAS, ESQ., J. W. Thomas A Son, Nashville. J. . BRENGELMAN, Greenbrier Distillery, NashvlUe.
H. T. TEMPLE, Chattanooga Faratture Co., Chattanooga. C. G. BOND, Attorney at Law, Jackson.
P. M. IRWIN, Jackson.
Send for Illustrated Book, "WARMTH FOR WIXTER II0JIES.'
Detroit Heating and Lighting Co.,,
Combination Gas Machine.
Best Independent Lighting Apparatus for Country and Suburban Residences and Otber Buildings.
Send for Illusti-txtecl Boole, "Jiglit lor- Evening- Hours'
MOONEY ft BA1NE, 819 and 811 North Cherry street, Nashville. THE P. FLEMING CO., 85 Market street, Cbattanooja.
G. C. ANDERSON ft CO., Jackson.
Brewers of Pilsener, Lager and Export Beer. : :
Nashville, Tenn.
Hardware, C
uns, Iron
Wire, Farming Imp
Clothing Company,
Weil's Block, Broad and Market
Avery Plows.
Syracuse Hillside and Level Land Plows.
Tennesso Wagons.
r '
Iluilalo Scales.
m" Dudley. og
' ' "r r,,,,.; ... ii iwsi i 1 ; f I f
I. Hollis &,Sons.
Parker TTammerless Gun.
BreQiozxo Patent. Braided Daxl)15 ZTeaco t71ro.
Thai filter hi made ot I Krmada of IS Srvn. Bpum ilMittM.wtr, sns I. lbs Si mimihi Tmmcm Wal trrtr pjt span
tksnaricnt. OooUOo. Kbout 19 toot per tb.( Modi ln.Ufi.l onuiiW Ma lea twlor btmkint. beta Mrlf Soubla MM
taarotbtvvtr Wimaud not to break In cohl wwubor frooi contention. Vry Durable ma& OrnamMtU. and I yrf
popular W.ih tb. larsex Kallroad Companka. ramwrm, aod U laBt Brardem of Aae Mock tbrovboul tba eoanay. Wo
Barb to tajur. Mock, aak your Dealsr for this irtra, aod If ba dual Ht kap ItwrUu. for arottlar, taapl and SfteM, Sa4
ssj ntafiir r '-"""'
Preston's Braided Barbless Wire Fence.
TTTTIr-est stock of Shot Guns, lllfles and Sporting Goods, all Imported before the McKinley hill passed, and sold at Lowest Prices. Let any Farmer bear in mind that
HE largest siock 01 anoi uuns, i - Q., 1,Qf hnv. a S12 Averv Plow for 85 he gets more for his money than anybody olo will
tnere is no ii a i y lolwiT.x i.ott, unn ifor. Itnffalo Scales are tho most accurate and highly finished, the standard of the United
,lf iiiiiside nlow worthy of the name except tne Syracuse, ana tnai wnen ne uuys j . . , J , , ; i."..
re is no jiuimu iuuw y j i ,. eAniao Tt -ur:ilo and hicrhlv finished, the standard of the llnllo.l
ive him. Tennessee Wagons (now maao witn iree moor, a ut-r mau eer u -c. Jlt w nf fn for stock and children. t
cftps finvpninient Preston's Braided Barbless Fence vire maKes tne most oeauiuui uim iuuv x, " ' " ' Z . , r 6o. , r,
Dudley Dus Wrech-loaains Gun at 8S5 is tho best sun for 'o1
Oalnes Chlsliolm, of Walling, White County, Tenn., killed three deer at two shots with the latter. COOP GOODS Af lOW EhT i-lClCLS.
130 and 133 North,
Market Street, NasHville, Tena.

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