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Culled by OurCorrespondents
- Andrews.
Bringing back a genuine case of "la
grippe" Irom our recent trip to Hick
man county, and other cases having de
veloped In our family since our return,
has rendered us incapable of news
gathering of late; and, really, I think
there is little to be gathered except the
two inexhaustible subjects la grippe
and the weather.
To-day makes us feel as if we would
like to be gardening; but the monster
still has too linn a grippe on us.
Mrs. Kosalie listen has been quite
sick; also Dr. Long; Dr. Jno. Wilber
spoou having been called to see both .ol
them. Mr. and Mrs. George Irwiue are
on the sick list.
Olie Davis was bitten on the finger by
a dog recently, but seoms lo be doing
very well now, and ho may have no
further trouble with it, but dogs are a
dangerous plav-thing for children.
Mr. N. A. NiHioNon will move his
family to Carter's Oreok soon.
liiither An. hews is now acting as
siilcMiiuiu for Mr. lagan.
Mr. J. K. Evans and family, from
near Thompson and Miss Lillian Uibb,
from Junes Valley, were visiting rela
tives here recently; also Mr. J. D.
Kvaiia, of the lirm of Miller A livans, at
Shady Grove.
Dr. Chisholm caino down from
Spring Hill Saturday to get a lot of
grape vines of" the Lutie variety from
Mr. T. W. Sowell. The Dr. is the origi
nator of this grape and a liner variety
it would be hard to find.
Well, the long anticipated marriage
did materialize on last V ednesday. and
the groom, Mr. Sidney Dooly, looking
his handsomest, and the beautiful bride
her loveliest, attended services at
Corinth Wednesday, after which they
tlined at Mr. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cook and Mr. ana
Mrs. Walter Davis, from Columbia, at
tended the marriage.
Elder D. K. Hardisou will preach for
the congregation at Corinth on the
third Lord's Day in March.
It's sometimes said patent medicines
are for the ignorant. The doctors fos
ter this idea. "The people," we're told,
"are mostly ignorant when it comes to
medical science." Suppose they are!
What a sick niau needs is not knowl
edge, but a cure, and the medicine that
cure is the medicine for the sick. Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cures the "do believes" end the "don't
belioves." There's no hesitance about
it, no "if" nor "possibly." It says "I
can cure you, only do as I direct." Per
haps it fails occasionally. The makers
hear of it when it does, because they
never keep the money when the moiii
cine fails to do good. Suppbso the doc
tors went on that principle. (We beg
the doctor' pardon. It wouldn't do!)
Cooking, sneezing and every other
form of catarrh in the head, is radically
cured by Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy,
fifty cents. Sold by druggists every
where. Cathay's Creek.
At the reeidence of Mr. U. A. Kennedy
on last Thursday evening at four o'clock
Miss Iettie Houser and Mr. J. L. Stan
till were married. Hev. J. M. Morton
Mr. W. A. Howard of your city, came
down to attend the wedding but was
prevented by a sudden sickness.
Death has visited our vicinity again
and taken Mrs. Jesse Savage; she leaves
xvnr:il children to mourn tier death.
Miss Mattie Galloway is the guest of
Mrs. II. It. Delk, ot Kettle Mills.
James D. Cathev. of your city, atton-
l.j.l tli.i iimrriairn hmt Thursdav.
Kev. J. M. Morton preached at the
Christian church last Sunday at eleven
Miss Ida Cathev snout Thursday
night with Miw Melia Morton,
kittle Koss Jones is sick again.
Vaunie Stanllll and J, j, Shipp wore
at the wedding.
It continues to rain and the roads are
very bad.
J. It. Wilov has la gripDO.
Mrs. Anna Kittrell has been visiting
her sister, Mrs. W. L. Delk, of Kettle
Mrs. W. A. Wetherly is visting her
daughtor in Shady Grovo.
A few very pointed reasons why
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic will
le a great success. It is absolutely free
iVniii nil deleterious iugredieuti as
pleasant to the taste as honey; an abso
lute and never-failing cure for all ma
larious complaints. Guaranteed to
cure. What more could you ask? For
Male by all druggists. feby-liu.
Little Bigby.
AppHrilinir to the dictations of my
own will, and for the gratiiication of
those wlio reau our scaueriug luuupum,
we will still attempt to give your reau-
ers some 01 ino items iruui tuw uu,
The health ot the community is gen
erally good, with the exception of La
Grippe, which has been tjuite prevaleut
here tor tne lasi uiuniu. auuui
Ca mill in the neighborhood has had
from one to four members dowu with it.
Nothing serious, only slight attaexs.
The farmers have been quite busy the
inuf uik nrenarimr their ground for
potatoes; some have commenced plant
ing, others have their ground ready.
Mr. rellX nelson nau inn cur
broken one day last week, while at
tempting to break a couple of young
Miss Lena Nee'.ey, a beautiful and
all'ible young lady, returned Irom East
Tennessee last Thursday, where she
has been teaching a live months term.
She was called homo on account of her
mother's sickness. The presence of
Miss Lena acted charmingly, as Mrs.
Neeley is decidedly better.
Miss Maxie Perry has a nourishing
school in liigbyville. She Is an excel
lent teacher ami deserves the patronage
of all that are in reach of her.
Mr. J. F. Tinnon returned to Law
renceburg last Wednesday, after sever
al days visit to relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Adkisson, of Co
lumbia, were out last Sunday afternoon
Mrs. Dr. Boyd, who was seriously ill
last week, we are glad to state is some
I will bring this communication to a
close for fear the Editor's patienue will
be so sorely tried with my orthography
rlu-torie that ho will consign it to the
the llames.
Wo predict for Cheatham's Tasteless
('hill Tonic an unprecedented success.
The well known reputation of its manu
facturers is. of itself, an amiile guar
antee of its superior merits. For sale
by all druggists. ieuu-iui.
Left wich.
Editor Herald: News is somewhat
scarce at this writing, out 1 leel it my
leasant duty to send in wnai news J
iave fathered this week. There was
no meeting at Autioch last Sunday, on
account of the bad weather which we
are having at present.
Misses Nannie 1. ana iai riaruison
mul Mrs. Callie Little were the wel
come gucots of Miss josie ana lizzie
Harris last aionqay niKui anu iney
were joined in social chat with Air.
Johu Tindell, Johu Harris, Gid Bain,
Cnlman Fox. Tom Little and your cor
respondent, who enjoyed themselves
until a late nour.
Mr. Walter Hardisou and wile and
little Katie Lee were visiting thejr par
ents Mr. llamp Hardisou on last Satur
day night.
Mr. Willie Wright spout last Satur
day night with your scribe.
It is toojmuch to have to scratch for a
living and for relief also. Hunt's Cure
will not help you in the former case,
but will sura cure tho Itch or it costs
you nothing. For sale by all druggists.
Kni-roR 11 krald:-I find myself sit
ting this beaulitul evening, with pen in
hand, trying to recall the events that
have taken place since our last writing,
that would be of interest to your many
readers. I have been keeping house
sinen last Friday, and tue result is i
have not had time to huut up soarcely
any items. I would give you a descrip
tion of my house-keeping, but fear it
would take up more room man you
have paper.
. Uro. Patv preached an excellent sor
mon Sunday, to a large aud attentive
audience. A service of song was held
Sunday uight.
Miss Maggie Howlett, who was our
organist at church some time ago, has
again accepted the plaee.
Miss Mike Wllsford has returned from
a visit to relatives anil friends In Giles.
Mrs. Lizsis Taylor, ef Nashville, is
the guest of her mother and father. Mr.
and Mrs. John Ballanfant, of this place.
Mr. L'ndsay Hobbs, a handsome
young gent, of Campbell's Station, was
calling in our midst one night of last
Our roads are not in the best condition
now, but a little too muddy for con
venience. They say we will have a marriage in
this community soon.
Mr. Will Moore spent last Sunday
with his friend, Mr. George Jones, of
Park Station. The general belief is
that his visit was for a particular occa
sion, but we won't tell that 'till later on.
Miss Ella Lowry, alter a visit of two
weeks to Miss Ionian xjovb, u
turned to her home in Mt. Pleasant.
She was accompanied by Mr. Willie D.
Love to Columbia.
The health of Culleoka was never bet
ter; very few are comp.aiuing or in
disposed. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Tomlinson and
little May spent the latter part of last
week, and the first ot this in Nashville,
with Miss Virgie, who has been quite
81Miss Brownie Tomlinson spent from
last Friday until Monday with her
cousin. Miss Willie Tomlinson.
Mr. James Covev, who has been at
tendingschool at the Medical College in
Nashville, is at home now.
Messrs. Covey, Withers and Tomlin
son, Misses Lena Covey, Neeley Ab
ii Krownie Tomlinson. were
the guests of Mr. Allen aud Miss Willie
Tomlinson sunaay lasi.
Mrs. Lafayette Wilkes has been quite
sicjf , but is slowly improving.
fcMnilincr it imoossible to ascertain
anything interesting for this week,
with one more tnougm, 1 win cww.
AnvnnH wishinor a "sure" receipt for
chocolate filling will please go to Miss
a. Tomlinson. ii.
.(.!. o ... i tlilnrci f, f Hi am 's
Chill Tonic, but not everything. It
will not cure softening of the brain or
ngrowing nans, out it win cum
cold chills. Guaranteed. For sale by
1 druggists. . jan9-lm.
Shady Grove.
d PniT.in- TVk-ilav bearins to savor
of the season for fried chicken, green
t.suu oml Bnri n nnntr: hut to-morrOW.
ah! to-morrow! "that pale, misty phan
tom of a dav," who can ten wnat it may
bring forth? Our farmers are tiring of
the monotony of doing nothing, and
a va nnt vnt innmnti to aDnreciate the
divine injunction. "In patience possess
ye vour souls."
liygeia nas once more resumeu uor
sway. Prof. Cummiugs opened up
school again, aud now "all's quiet along
the fotoinac. '
Several of our people attended ine
iinnuur Mt.ntiti murriftcw last Thurs
day, at the residence of Mr. A. A. Ken
nedy, in the nettle.
Mrs. IS. It. uarner ana nine asuguwr
Fannie Mty, of Williamsport, are visit
ing Mrs. Grs parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.
M. Miller, in the village.
Mrs. Wm. Dean, of Prim ms, has been
spending several days here with her
daughter, Mrs. Dr. Allen.
Mrs. Amanda Harbison went to Lrck
Creek last week to visit her aunt, Mrs.
Jerome Keevos.
Mrs. Willie Bobbott, of Columbia, is
here now with her father, Esq. Erwiu,
who is not so very feeble as at our last
you take our breath away with
the "Harris phenomenon." Please give
us a rest on the "howling, tuning fork"
theory, and while we are trying to di
gest it all, let tome one, well versed in
psychological lore, give us the benefit
of his opinion.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum,
Fever- Sores. Tetter Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price ' cents per box. For sale by W.
P. Woldbiikik & Co. marlo-ly.
Jit. Pleasant,
Last Friday at 10 o'clock a. m. God
sent his destroying Angel to snatch
from loving arm's the bright and pre
cious little jewel of Mr. and Mrs. Tup
Howard, lie in his innnite wisaom
had ordained that Hattie Bethel be
transplanted in his garden of Everlast
ing ljlte. liurial services were tuu
ducted at the residence Saturday morn
ing, by ltev. W. B. Lowry and inter
ment at tho family burial ground. The
bereaved family have the sympathy of
a host of friends,
Mrs. Fannie Arbithknot retprned to
her home in Nashville Monday the
liith inst; after a pleasant visit to Mrs.
Jim Walker.
Miss Camilla Frierson. a young lady
of unusual grace and beauty, of Flor
ence, Ala., visited Miss Donna Frierson,
last week. She and Miss Donna are i.q v
visiting in Nashville.
Miss Susie Sullivan and children, of
Shellield, Ala., spent a few days with
the family of Mr. Tup Howard, last
Miss Ella Kowerv has returned from
a two weeks stay at Culleoka, where
she was the guest of Miss Lillian Love.
Mr. Orange Connor, of Paris, Texas,
is stopping for a fev days at the Frier
son House. 1 f our conjecture is correct
as to what his object is, you will be able
to write something more sensational in
the near luture.
The amiable and popular Miss Flor
ence Williams of the Institute, spent Sat
urday and Sunday with her parents.
Miss Jennie Bratton, of Porter's, is
visiting iriendsin Nashville.
MiiH .innsiitt Both, is sueudin? a tew
days with Mrs, Webb Ridley, Jr., near
twn , ....
Miss Nettie Halev. our brilliant
"Tempest" of yore, paid a flying visit to
this place last wee.
Miss Alice iiotid, nas reiurueu iruiu
the "kunlry."
Our village was Infested last weeic
with commercial travelers, "snutf
agents, bag-pipes and monkeys; what
On last Monday night the residence
of Mr. Henry Johnston, about fonr
miles from here, was entirely consumed
bv tiro. It was formerly the property
of Mr. II. C. Jones.
Bro. Lowry went to Kntherford
county last week to marry a couple.
Miss Annie HicKett s, an aocouipnsnea
musician of Florence, Ala., is visiting
her grand father Mr. It. D. Ricketts.
Mr. Editor, we ask that you pardon
our "prolixity" but we thought we
would mate amends tor our past pro
crastination. Athsne.
Files! Piles! Itchinar riles!!
Symptom: Moisture: intense itching
and stinging; most at night; worse by
scratching. If allowed to continue tu
mors tornr, wnicn otien bieeu anu ulcer
ate, becoming very sore. Swayne's
Ointment stops the itching and bleed
ing, heals ulceration, and in most cases
removes the tumors. At druggists, or
by mail, for 50 cents. Dr. Swayne &'
Sou, Philadelphia aprl-91.
William port.
Mr. Editor. Rev. F. A. Thompson
delivered three excellent sermon at
the Presbyterian church Saturday, Sun
day and Sunday night. He left an aji-
nointment ior tne lourtn sunaay in
There have been several cases of la
grippe in this community, during the
past few days, thouvu noue of them
proved fatal. .- t
Rev. R. Hull and wife, of Santa Ee.
are visiting her mother, Mrs. King, who
we regret to say is very aiok.
Mr. M. M. Russell has returned from
a trip to Franklin, Nashville, and West
Mr. James Russell is visiting his
sifter Mrs. James Walker, of Centre-
Mr. J. A. Bynnm has moved to our
town and taken cuarge ot tne biaca
smith shop.
Mr. Jim Stockard came down Sunday
to see his little daughter Laura, who is
attending school here.
Mr. A. C. Moore has been suffering
during the past two weeks with a severe
rising on his hand,
Mr. G. 11. Harlan attended service
here Sunday night.
Rev. O. D. Byrne being called to Nebo
to hold the funeral services of Mrs.
Teranle. Sunday evening, could not fill
his regular appointment at Foster's
It Is rumored that Dr. Forgey is going
to leave our town soon. During ins
short stay here he has been very suc
cessful as a physician and we hope the
report is a mistake. - tuvsiCK.
Eugllsn Spavin Llulment -
Removes all hard, soft, or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses,
gave $50 by aae of one bottle. War.
raotsd. Sold by Balm & Son. ap4-lj
Spring Hill.
Misses Susie Cheairs and Pointer, of
Price's Colioge, came out Friday and
spent until Monday at Miss Cheairs'
home near tms place.
Mrs. Josie Ludiman and little daugh
ter Freda, of Tuscumbia, are the guests
of Dr. L. C. Chisholm's family.
Lieut. W. B. Caperton and his lovely
bride, or Washington, u. c, are now in
this place visiting relatives.
Miss Willie Figures returned to
Prices College on Monday morning.
Miss Mary Lou Wade is again at
home from a pleasant trip to Mrs. Tom
B. Wade, of Giles county.
Miss Kena Fitzhugh has been visiting
in Franklin' and Nashville for some
days but has returned to this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam J. Caperton and
little son Sam are the guests of Mr.
John Wade and family.
Bishop Quintard administered the
rite of Continuation at Grace Chapel on
Sunday. Services were also heid there
on Monday morning. Kev. Mr. Met
calfe was here on Monday morning.
Hev. C. E. Sullivan conducted morning
services on Suuday at the Presbyterian
Church, as Kev. K. M. Kennedy, uf Zion
Church, who was to have beeu heie
could not be present.
The usual morning services were held
in the M. E. Church by Kev. K. J.
Craig, and on Suuday eveuiug there
was a song service there.
Mrs. Robert Grayaud two children ol
Bigbyville have beeu the guests of Pr.
W. E. Martin's family. .
Mr. T. W. Caperton, of Guutersville,
Miss., is here visiting his mother, Mrs.
M. J. Caperton.
Summer cometh on apace, and soon
will the granger be engaged in his an
nual struggle with chills and fever.
Take time by the forelock and lay in a
supply of Cheatham's Tasteless Chill
Tonic that your days in the land may
be many. For sale by all druggists.
febtMin. -
Sawdust Valley;
Editor Hkrald: Death has again
entered the home of our friend and
neighbor WV L. Temple, and claimed
his bosom companion, as another of :t
victims. Mrs. S. C. Temple was
a daughter of John and Hannah C.
McBride; was bom December 5th ISIS,
professed religion and joined M. E.
Church South, at Mt. Nebo, in Septem
ber 13; was married to W. L. Temple
April 10th IStW. Six children blessed
their union, four of whom having
crossed the mistic river, no doubt were
standing on the sunlit shore, waiting
to welcome their mother who went to
join them, on February 21st 1891 at 1:30
p. M. sue was an nouest, earnest, zeal
ous, christian woman, whose Lands
were ever ready to labor in the Master's
vineyard, and whose feet were quick to
go on errands of mercy. Often during
uersbort sickness she would speak of
heaven, bright, beautiful heaven, her
eternal home, and longed to join the re
deemed of earth, who had washed their
robes and made them white in the
blood of the Lamb. Just before her
spirit took its flight, she called her
heart-broken husband and her two
weepiug children to her side, took them
by tue hand, prayed God's blessings on
tneui, asked them to meet her in
heaven, and bade them good-bye; after
which she called her friends one by one
to her side and in like manner bade
them farewell, sending a message of
love to many who were not present.
Then calmly fell asleep in Jesus. Sho
leaves an only brother B. F. McBride,
three half sisters, namely: Mrs. W. K,
McKennon, Mrs. S, A, Stephens, and
Mrs. H.J.Estes.to wnoui we tender
our sympathies. -To the heart-broken
husband aud motherless children we
would say, weep not. Your loved one
has quit this vaie of tears, and found a
home where all is light, life, aud love,
where all is harmony, happiness, and
heaven, a home in a world tilled with
the unsurpassable grandeur, goodness
and glory of the eternal father.
Her remains were followed t) their
last resting place by a large concourse
of relatives and friends, where they
were deposited to remain till the trump
of God should bid them rise. Funeral
by her beloved pastor, Kev. G. D.
Mrs. Helieua McBride, accompanied
by Mrs. A, u. ivinzer, visited ,ue iauiiiy
of J. L. Williams, of Water Valley, lasf
The Sawdust correspondent "Lloyd"
to the Maury Democrat two weeks
ago, stated that:Mr. W. O. Wither
spoon, of Alliance fame, on a given
date addressed the people ot this
place. "Lloyd" must have beeu the
people, as we nave not seen auy oueeise
who heard M.r. W. O. Witherspoon.
Mrs. W. K. McKeuuon, of your city.
is visiting in this part ot the county
this week, -
The many friends or "uncle" Abe
Kinzer. of Loioer's Creek regret to liear
of his serious illness, and of the little
hope eutortaiued of his recovery.
Mr, and Mrs, ueorge ajayoerry visueu
the "old folks at home'' siuee our last.
Miss Laura Johnson is visiting in the
Foster neighborhood this week.
"How to Cure AH Skin Diseases.
Siumlv aonly "Swayne's Ointment
No internal medicine required. Cures
tetter, eczema, itch, all eruptions on
the face, hands, nose, Ac, leaving the1
skin clear, white and healthy. Its
great healing and curative powers are
possessed by no other remedy. Ask
your druggist for Swayne's Ointment.
Mount Nebo.
Mr. Editor: Permit me again to
enter, after a silence of several months. I
I deem it mv duty to chronicle a lew
lines in memory of the doath of one of
our best Christian women. Mrs. Billie
Temule. who was born Deo. 5th, 181'.),
and died February 21, 181)1. She was a
consistent member of the Methodist
Eoisconal Church, and died with the
fulL assurance of meeting her God In '
peace in heaven, where there is no more
death nor painful separation ot kindred
souis. Her blessed spirit is now at rest
with her tour children that proceeded
her to the eravo. She left a husband
and two darling little childrena pirl
and a boy besides a host of relatives
and friends to mourn her death. We
deeply and truly sympathize with the
pereayeu lanpiy, out tui f- j is uoue mat
can enter so deepiy into your troubles
as yourself,. There's a sad spot iu the
heart of almost every living person sa
cred to the memory of some loved one
who has gone on beiore. It may nave
b eu father or mother, sister or brother.
busbaqd, wile, or child, but tne spot is
there. In the first hours of our bert av
nient we think and feel like our sorrow
is more than we can bear, and perhaps
long and pray for death ourselves to
end our troubles. Beit as time passes
on the necessities of living occupy our
thoughts, ana gradually tne blow seems
less sever". W e never cease to mourn,
we never forget our dead; we remember
every good and loveable quality, and if
they possessed others, wo never think
of them, and gradually we bring our
selves to think and believe they were
perfect, and we cease mourning so bit
terly, and only a sad, loving, tender
recollection remains. We ought to so
live as to have our happy home above
in view; let the glories of a eoming
eternity revive our drooping spirits,
amidst life's trials and lile's contlicts.
There will be services at Nebo next
Sunday, by the regular pastor.
We are very sorry to hear of the ill
ness of Mrs, John Mayberry, also
the serious illness of Uncle Abrel Ken
zer, who is. not expected to live lonv)
we expect before this gets into print the
cold, ley hand of. death will have
claimed him for its victim.
Mr. Ben Fly had a fine colt to full in
to a well he had dug at his barn; fortu
nately its life was preserved, the water
not being quite deep enough to drown
it. It was drawn out by a pulley. The
well is about twenty feet deep or morp.
Mr. W. T. Houser was at the Mt.,
Dr. W. W, Jovoe and family speak of
sellintr out. and moving to Columbia to
live, it would be very hard for us to
have to give up the doctor and his
amiable wite.
Mr. B. F-, has his neat cottage house
about completed ana also ms commo
dious barn. Bv-the-way his neizhbor
Mr. J. F., has erected him a nice dining
room and kitcnen. story and a naif nign
We did not get angry when we got
our oorulo valentines, out tne nice one
we received I presume helped us to
Keep our temper. i.ut;iLK
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His Idea of Colonizing and Coulls
. catiug the C'ouutry South
ot the Ohio.
Cleveland, O., Feb. 15. Ex-United
States Coinuiissiouer A. J. Williams,
a member of the Loyal Legion, to-day
gave out for publication a letter writ
ten by Geu. tsherman to his brother,
Senator Jno. (Sherman, in 1S02, while
the former was at Memphis. It is
interesting at this time, aud is as
"Memp'iis, Aug. 13, 18&2. "My Dear
Uioiher: I have not written to you for
so long that 1 suppose yi u luink 1
uaye dropped tiie cor es.wudenet.
For s x wee to 1 was n arching along
the road fro n Coriutu to Memphis,
meudirg roads, biiildu.g i ri lg-s and
doing an sort of work. At latt I got
hero aud foud tne city coutribulii.g
gold, arms, Kiwder, salt and .ver$
luint! the enemy wanted. It was a
smart trick on ibeir part, thus to gi e
up Memphis, that tbe desire or ga:U
to our Northern merchants sIioujU
supply them with things needed in
war. 1 stoimed this at once aud de
clared gold, silver treasury notes aud
salt as much contraband of war 1 8
powder; I have one man under sen
tence of death lor smuggling arms
across the lines, aud hope Mr. Lin
coln will approve it. But the mer
cenary spirit of our people is too
much and my orders arereverseu, out
I am ordered to encourage the trade
in cotton and all orders prohibiting
gold, silver and notes, to be paid for
it, are aunuiieu oy oruere uum n
imrton. Grant promptly ratified my
order, and all military men here saw
at once that gold spent for cotton
went to the purchase oi arms ana
ammunitions of war. But what are
the lives of our soldiers to the profits
of the merchants?
'After a whole year of 'bungling
i he country has at last discovered
that we want more men. All knew it
last fall as well as now, but it was not
popular. Now, 13,000,000 (the General
evidently intended only 1,300,000)
men art required, when 700,000 was
deemed absurd before. It will take
time to work up these recruits, and
thev will reach us in October, when
we should be in Jackson, Meridian
aud Vicksburg. iStill I must not
growl. I have purposely kept back
aud 1 have no right to criticise; save
that I am glad the papers Have at
last found out that we are at war, and
have a formidable enemy to combat.
Of couree I approve the Confiscation
Act, ana would be willing to revolu
tionize the Government so as to
amend that article of the Constitution
which forbids the forfeiture ot land to
the heirs. My full b.-llef is that we
must colonize tbe country de novo,
beginning with Kentucky aud Ten
nessee, aud should remove 4,000,000
of our people at once south of the
Ohio river, taking the farms aud
plantations of tbe rebels. 1 deplore
the war as much as ever; but if the
thing has to be done, let the means
be adequate. Don't expect to overrun
such a country or Bubdue euch a
people in one, two, or five years. It
is the task of half a century. Al
though our army is thus far South, it
can not stir trom our garrisons. Our
men are killed or captured within
sight of our line9. I have two divis
ions here, mine and Hurlbut's, about
13,000 men ; am building a strong fort
and think this is to be one of . the
dopots and basis of operations for
further moveiceuts.
"The loss of Halleck is almost fatal.
We have no one to replace him. In
stead of having one head, we have
five or six, all independent of euch
othc. I expect our enemies will mast
their troops aud fall upon our detach
menta before new re-enforcements
come. I cannot leuru that there are
any largo bodies of men near us here.
There are detachments at Holly
Springs and Seuatobis, the present
terminal of the railroad of the South,
and all the people of the country are
armed as guerillas. Curtis, is at
Helena, eighty miles smith, and
Grant at Corinth. Uragy's army from
fupellQ has' moved to Chattanooga,
and proposes to march on Nashville,
Lexington and Cincinnati. They will
have about 75,000 men. Buuli is near
Huutsville, with about 30,000 men,
and, X suppose detachments of the
new levies can be put iu Kentucky
from Ohio and Indiana in time.
"The weather was very hot and
Bragg can't move his forces yery
fast; but I fear he will give trouble.
My own opinion is we ought not to
venture too much into the interior
until the river is safely in our iosses
sion, when we could land at any point
and strike inland. This attempt to
hold all the South would demand an
army too large even to think of. We
must colonize and settle as we go
South, for in Missouri there Is as
much strife as evtr. Enemies must
be killed or transported to some other
country. Your affectionate brother,
" W. I , SHERMAN."
An Anatomical Proposal.
"Why did you refuse the learutd
and rich Mr. Signence?"
"He is too precise, wnen ne pro
posed h a9ked me for my hand and
liver. . He says the liver has been
prow j to - be the seat of affection.
Fancy living With that sort of a man!"
i m r
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