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The Herald.
NO. 7
i 1
And Prices.
Beds, . . 8 1 35 and up.
Bed-room Suits, 10 00 and up.
Bureaus, . . 0 00 and up.
Tables, . . 1 00 and up.
Tin Safes, . . 1 95 and up.
Chairs, . . 40 and up.
Rockers, . . 1 00 and up.
Plain solid facts like these prices speak
AVl "U w m-m-m. j v w J
plain figuers and at bottom prices. Give
us a chance to save you something when
you need anything in our line.
Cokbia Furniture Company,
South-east Corner Square, next to Embry
& Anderson's, Columbia, Tenn.
1891. LOW PRICES. 1891.
All I III "ft
Oliver ieansracsssicup!
Farmers and plowmen know that the
Is the best plow on earth. Prices re-
duced as follows .
A to : : 8
B to : :
10 to : ;
13 to : :
19 to : :
4 50. &JSW A
20 to : : 9
Bole Agents.
"Beware of imitations. See that the
name "Oliver" lu on all extras and
wearUag parts.
We now have the
Improved Aspiuwall PotatoPlanter
We keep constantly on hand a full stock
of these planters and guarantee them to
work well and are substantially made.
We have just received a car load of the
world renowned
Scfiutler Wagon,
Fully warranted.
We carry a full stock of trace chains,
back-bands, hames, bark collars, etc. A
large line of Avery Steel Plows and repairs.
Telephone 73. DOBDIN8 & EY7INC.
I .11 "-.'?.
wV' f 'V
Agency for the
6 oo. m. Ml
7 oo. fm. plf
8 oo.teii if
8 50 Mint If
A Kill
f Si I 1
A Model
First Installment of Letters on
Ladies Competinz for the $10 in Gold rfize Offered
by The Columbia MeraH-
One Who Practices the Golden Kale.
One, who never complains under
any circumstauces, but is, at all tunes,
pleasant and agret.ab!e. Knergetic iu
business, unswerving in duty. Ten
der and patieut, noble, charitable,
and O d fearimr. One who thorough
ly practices the Golden Rule.
Gentleman ami t'!i; isi i;i n.
Editor Columhia IIkiiaui: I
will cudfavwr to l-1 i what I think
makes A Mod. -i I lusb.ttid. It takes a
"CJeutleman" ami a 'Christian."
One who lovei his puieuts and pre-
it r-i liie!r 1'oiiipaiiy after Ins any js
iinifli-il in I rt-rereuce to hanging
around the v ruer or the public
iio.ises of the city or town. One who
don't drink and swear and frtuy out
at nights One who has a kind word
and smiles for every one. One who
is kind to animals as well as man.
One who does not kick the chairs
over and fuss when his little sister oi
brother cries and keeps a racket. He
mubt stop and think what he was
once himself. If he can not do this
he cannot make A Model Husband,
for if he should marry and be blessed
with children he would not Know
what to do when the baby was sick
aud fretful. He would storm at his
poor tired wife and say he wished he
had never married ; but if he is a
model husband he will be patient and
try to quiet his little babe while its
mother is t rying to make home cheer
ful as a home should be, aud when
tbe baby is asleep they will have a
nice quiet evening and not fuss about
marrying, but that he was happier to
have a wife that was kind and loving,
and that he would sutler most any
thing rather than Rive tier a cross
word aud caus-e her to shed tears
He will always meet her with a smile
aud kind words. 2Cow that is what I
think it takes to make A Model Hus
band. Yours, Tolly Ann.
Must bcUeutle, Kind aud True.
Kditor Columbia IIkuald:
Permit me to let the bachelors of
South Columbia know what it takes
to make A Model Husband.
To begin with, he must be a man of
good common sense. One who tries
lo make his home comiortauie anu
his family happy. And will not go
iu debt for what he is not able to pay
cash for. One who will notmortgage
'a is home nor go beyond the reach of
his pocket book just to keep up ap
pearance so he will have thiugs look
as fine aa his neighbors. One when
his day's work is Un shed enjoys
being with his family insteaa of
loafing around a saloon ; aud in the
place of a frown and htrs i words has
a smile and a kiss for his wife, who
has been at home all day unable to
see the outside orld and trying to
iiave eery thing ready to ncieve
him He should not me bad lan
guage at home nor abroad, aud be
willing to help those who are old aud
not be ashamed of his parents because
they have to work and he can live
without it, but wherever he meats
them always be proud to see them
and be thaukful they are spared to
enjoy old age. Oue who does not try
audaltmdto his wife's affairs but
attends to his own business and lets
every oue do the same. Amanwheu
his wife does the best she can to please
him will be satisfied aud not tell her
that Mr, Dewit's wife can do such and
such a thing much better and theu
not halt try. lie nuisit appreciate
what his wife does, aud if not perfec
tiou!will!8av."!well my.dear ,you have
done the best you couid and it suits
me." A nuinwhen askoa to get a
pail of water or a little coal will not
tell his wie to get it herself, and tell
her that is what he marrte I her lor.
A man, when asked to do a little
turn around the house when it is
cold or raining mid he lias t me to
save his wif.-, instead of looking at
her aud complaining that she is so
slow or too lazy lo move and that it
was a seven day's wonder that sue
ever gets through. He should be glad
to know he eoulu be or any service
aud be able to help his wife, but above
all he should serve his Master and do
by all as he would wish to be done by :
A Model Husband now the rage,
Ladies try and llnd him.
He must be gontle, kind and true.
And you will tiud them precious lew.
Tll'TV Witcu.
A Model Husband.
Eimtok Columbia Herald: We
take pleasure iu tilling the blank and
in trying to help the Hkkalp along.
I think everybody ought to take an
interest in n-aking the Herald in
teresting. 1 hav'ut mucli to write
but I will inform the geutlemen what
is expected of them as husbands and
express my views of what is ai"Mod
el Husband." A husband is to be
looaed to for aid and protection; a
kind and loving husband, and oue
who fulfills his duties, is a source of
pleasure and happiness to auy wo
man's heart; but the man who is rude
and haisli, I do not think he is
worthy of a wife. YouDg men, be
fore choosing your wife think it all
over well in your mind ; do not rush
into married life so soon, but enjoy
your boyhood grace, aud when you
have become a full grown man then
it is time look out for a full bloomed
rose. Think out if her temper and
yours are certain to agree well to
gether, and before you put your haud
in hers tell her that you are willing
to fight out the battle of life together.
Taiuk it all over well and remember
that you are choosing your sweet
heart not for a dav or a year but all
through life, and then it is according
to the way you walk whether your
life be spent in happiness or sorrow.
If you are honest aud upright and
please God, your pathway may be
strewn with beautiful tlowers and
sunshine, aud if you falter your rose
may bend her head iu darkness aud
sadness all the days of hei life.
A husband must be atteutive to his
family and household duties if he
wishes to make a sweet peaceiui
h mie, aud by this he cau have his
bosom full of joy aud love, aud if he
toiled in the field all day he cau come
home at u'ght and the smiling face of
his wife a id fond kisses cau allbrd
him more happiness aud pleasure
than anything else on earth.
I am a married lady ot eight
months; have experienced married
life and I take pleasure in writing to
all ho read the Hekalp. I "will
bring this communication to a close
for fear the Editor's patience will be
so soiely tried with my orthography
and rhetoric that he will cons;gu it
tothetlames. H.vi'i'V H ou its.
Soi!ictlilnr for Nothing.
For $1, paid iu advance, we will
send The Hkkald to any address in
this county for oue year, and GIV.S
THE MONEY BACK at the expira
tion of the year, if the subscriber has
not already paved MORE than that
amount by using some of the coupons
that aocompauy every receipt
aud which cost nothing. In other
words if you pay for The Herald
you get the coupons free, and we are
j so certain that you will use enough of
them to moke than get youk
money hack, that If you do uot, aud
I will prove it to us by bringing all
' your coupous back at the end of . the
I year, we will refund you your money
j and The Herald will have ooBt you
i nothing. tf.
this Interesting Question by
Culled by OurCorrespondents
Spring Hill.
Mr. Henry Pointer and his bride
spent last week with his sister Mrs.
William M. Cheairs near this city.
Miss Minnie Thompson returned on
Monday from Columbia, where she has
hemi the guest of Mrs. J. M. Mayes for
tli past six weeks.
Lieu i. and Mrs. W. H. Caperton were
in Columbia for several days last week,
visiting Mrs. Sam I. Caperton. They
will return to Washington, i. C, this
Mrs. Josie Ludeman and bright little
dauifhtor Freda, after visiting the fami
ly of Dr. L C. Chisholm, has returned
to her home in Tuacumbia, Ala.
Mr. Frank Dale was out from Colum
bia on Friday last with his friend Mr.
A. 10. reenlaw.
On next Thursday the Administration
of the Lords Supper will be instituted
at the Methodist Church. Kev. Mr.
Fisher will be present.
Kev. R. M. Kennedy, of Zion Church
will conduct service, both morning and
evening, at the Presbyterian Church on
next Sunday. Rev. C. E. Sullivan will
exchange pulpits ahd will hold services
at Zion church.
Tbe usual services were held on Sun
day at the Methodist, Presbyterian and
Episcopal cnurcnes.
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cukney A Co., Props.'
Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
bv their firm.
West and Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan t Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
KniToa Herald: Death has again
cast a gloom over our sad spirit and
robbed us of another member of the
home circle. The sad intelligence was
wired here last Saturday at eventide
that the spirit of Mrs. Annie Baker Fly,
I ho boMOiu companion of Mr. Jim mie
Fly, of Mt. Nebo, had passed away after
a briet illness at the resiuence oi ner
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Uaker, of
Sh id- drove. The memorable closing
scene of her earthly life ended last Sat
urday at 7 a. m. with the full assurance
of a hanov home above. She was a
devout child of Ood a true member of
the church of Christ. Before dying she
spoke of death a-id ix, r jf-set ner wil
lingness to d:e, if it was Go i's will, and
requested the loved ones to meet her in
the "Sweet by and by." If in this world
only we had hope we would be of all
most miserable. But we have a hope
beyond the grave. Karth is not our
only abiding place. There is a realm
above for our sainted loved ones tnat
pass out before us like visions, and if
-. i i-. i i i. . .-: 1 1
Wt) MO lUltUlUl UUU LI UD UCJD " will
meet them again. Vivian.
"How to Cure AH Skin Diseases."
Simply apply "Swayne's Ointment
No internal medicine required. Cures
tetter, eczeina, itch, all eruptions on
the faL-e. hands, nose, kc, leaving the
skin clear, white and healthy. Its
great healing and curative powers are
possessed by no other remedy. Ask
your druggist for Swayne's Ointment.
Mu. KDlTOlt: As "Betsy," our bril
liant correspondent from this place has
been unavoidably detained at home,
and hence unable to collect the great
(?) store of news, we will try to send
in a few items.
There were no services at either of the
churches on last Sunday morning, as
at the regular hour for services the fun
tral services of Mr. W. M. J. Williams
were conducted, by Rev. W. H. Wilkes.
Death came, but not before our friend
and neighbor had suffered greatly. We
extend to the bereaved ones our heart
felt sympathy.
On Sunday evening Brother Patty
tilled the pulpit at the Presbyterian
church. His discourse for the evening
was cbieliy for the hearing of the young
people of the congregation, but we feel
sure that hU sound reasoning aud
friendly warning furnished food for
even older souls.
The song service at the M. E. Church
neijt Sunday night will be something
worth hearing. The choir will meet at
the home of Mr, W, K Stephens next
Thursday night to practice lor the ser.
vie. It diligent practice aud hearty In
terest will suttice, our service will not
fall far behind those of McKeudree, so
highly praised.
Airs. W. K. Abernatty has gone to
West Tennessee to bring home her
daughter Ivela. who has been quite ill.
We nope the coange will call back her
roses and strength. We grieve to have
our dear friend ill but look forward
with pleasure to having her among us
again. Sadly have we missed her, and
it hearty welcome and loving embraces
will act as restoratives she shall be
Mrs, M. B. Tomlinson has been quite
ill, but is some better.
Miss Kstelle Prewett is now with her
father. We hope she will be with us
for a long time, for her sweet smiles
and happy disposition lend many a
charm to our social circle.
Mr. Ben Mason, of Albuquerque, New
Mexico, was iu our mi 1st last week.
Strong aud sweet indeed must be the
charms of the blue-eyed lassie that
called him from that far-off land.
Come again Mr. Mason, we too, would
like to get a peep at you.
Miss Clauie Taylor, of Hillsdale,
breasted the storm aud wave, crossed
the mighty waters, and is now en
sconced in the hospitable home of Mr.
J. B. Tomlinson.
Mr. W. W. Cochran has returned from
Fla., and is now behind the counter of
our wormy merenaiii, v. iv. ompucus.
The Iadies Aid Society of the M. K.
Church are making preparations for
the new lamps soou to be put iu their
A quartette of our winsome bonny
lassies wish to publicly render thanks
tor a quantity of delicacies leceived ou
last Monday afternoon. In gallantry
our young men cannot be excelled.
In answer to a laughing remark made
bv a party of youug ladies, that some
thing be administered to auiet the
uerv8 of our "pride," eahy did a
vouuiz M. D. trive him a dose ot arsenic
The result we have not yet learned, but
we hope he is not silenced forever.
We wonder what imp picks the filling
out of two youug ladies teeth. It seems
that two especially are comppllea to
have their teeth fixed often. We are
quite sure the work is v eil done, but
we fear the girls purposely lose tbe bits
of trold.
Music seems to be the all absorbing
topic of to-day. Our j-oung men are
trying to become experts in tnat line
Thev are proirressniK rapidly, and
some can play several operatic airs on
the tin-pan and cow-bell.
Mr. Joo Moore has a hue new horse.
It is a beauty, lit for a king to ride, but
he still lons for the little pony we
know so well by the name or Pansy.
We have read the letters ou" "
Model Husband," and fouud them so
good that we have given up all hopes of
ever getting eyen to look at the $10 gold
Miss Keely Abernathy is grieving
ever the loss of a faithful watch-dog.
It seems that some uuknown "stole him
away" during the absence of the owner.
But no! We must not write another
line. Please, Mr. Kditor, do not put
this in the waste-basket, for this is the
tirst time we have called, and it is so
cold iu that ever gaping and grasping
basket the terror of our lives at this
time. 'Tbk Thbkb Fubiks, Plus."
Change of Hie, backache, monthly
irregularities, hot flashes, are cured by
Dr. Miles' Nervine. Free samples at
Drug Store.
Mr. Editor: We are very glad to
note that quite an interest is being tak
en in a matter of a direct turnpike road
from here to Columbia. e under
stand that there is already a guarantee
of enough subscription to bring the
road to Green's Lick Creek, a distance
from Columbia, on the direct Columbia
and Williamsport road, of five miles.
Then we have authority for saying
there are parties here who will guaran-
i L. .. : i i : ; w . I .n i.
Hill, a distance of four miles, also on
the direct Williamsport and Columbia
road. This will leave only three miles
to be taken, and as these three miles
pass through the premises of very able
and enterprising citizens, we feel confi
dent they will guarantee the building
of this part. There is however a report
in circulation that there is a movement
being made to build a pike, beginning
at Flemming's store on Hampshire
pike, thence through theTlndal lane, a
distance of two miles, to Williamsport
and Columbia road, and thenc ) three
miles in the direction of Williamsport,
where a gate is to be placed and the
rjadtostop. We have futher under
stood that some of the citizens of Co
lumbia have promised to contribute to
the building of this road amounts ag
gregating seventeen hundred dollars.
We cannot think this last can be true,
provided tbe.donors know of the pro
posed direct road. We know these 1
same parties would prefer to trive to a
direct road leading the whole way from
Columbia to Williamsport, rather than
to an indireet road, two miles out oi the
way. and stopping three miles short of
reaching Williamsport. wnat the pur-
nose of the protectors of this road is, we
do not know, unless it be to connect
with another projected snort road lead
ing by Zion church on to Polk's Station.
If this be the purpose, it certainly is
not the interest of Columbia to contrib
ute to the building of a road the effect
of which would be to direct trade from
their city rather than draw it there.
The people of our community are na
turally and justly opposed to such a
road, tor should sucu a one ue Duwt it
will prevent us from ever building a
direct road, and at tbe same time force
us to go two miles turiher oolh in going
to and returnl.'ir from Columbia, iu or
der to travel on a turnpike. We hope the
good people of Columbia will pause a
little while in this matter. The propo
sition to aid in building a direct road
will shortly be presented them, and we
know it will be greatly more to their in
terest as well as ours to assist in build
it rather than the one refered to.
Duck river is said lo be higher now
than it has been since tbe year 1874.
Mr. M. M. Harris has sustained great
losses. Besides losing several hundred
rails, he had between thirty-five and
forty sheep drowned Saturday night.
The losses of other farmers of this
neighborhood are more limited.
Miss Cora Foxall, of your city, is visi
ting her sister Mrs. E. C. Mangrem.
Mr. A. C. Moore and Dr. Forgey went
to Bigbyville last Sunday.
Mrs. Mayberry, of Arkansas, is
visiting her sister Mrs. W. E. Tomlin
son. Dr. Otey Porter, of Nashville, visited
bis parents here last week.
We are glad to see Mr. W. B. Whito
out, after a short but severe spell of
Mr. J. F. T. Jones has improved his
place wonderfully, and is now seeking
a "better half."
Mr. J. M. Bates, of Columbia, is here
this week superintending work at his
Miss Lucy Floyd had to suspend
school a few days on account of nigh
W ft t IH
The many friends of "Uncle Abe"
Kinzer will be glad to hear he is con
v ft 1 6 so i n 3
The friends of Mrs. James Ply, wee
Miss Annie Baker.were sorry in Joe 1 to
hear of her death, which occurred at
Shady Grove last Saturday. We ex
tend to the bereaved husband and par
ents our siucerest sympathy.
Pilesl Plies! Itching Piles!!
Symptom: Moisture; intense itching
and stinging; most at night; worse by
scratching. If allowed to continue tu
mors form, which often bleed and ulcer
ate, becoming very sore. Swayne's
Ointment stops the itching and bleed
ing, heals ulceration, and in most cases
removes the tumors. At druggists, or
by mail, for 50 cents. Dr, Swayne fe
Son, Philadelphia. aprl-91.
It continues to rain. The farmers are
getting auxious to see some fair weather
so they can make preparations for their
present crop, as coru planting time Is
Rev. S. T. Sewell filled the pulpit at
Antioch on last Sunday and preached
an interesting dlsoourse to a amall au
dience. Mr. Joe Jones, of ParkStation, was
calling in our midst last Sunday.
Mr. W. 1. aua y aiiace imruisuu
made a business trip to Verroua last
Monday. .
Mr, Will Little who has been making
his home iu Florence, Ala,, for a few
months, has returned home,
Mr Kim 1 1 nni iarm And 1'nmilV of the
Joues Bend, were visiting the family of
Mr. H.J, Hardison on last oaturuay
Miss Delia Morton, of Cedar Creek,
was the welcome guest of Misses Hardi
son last Sunday.
Mrs. Mary Whitehead, of the Jones
Bend, has been visiting her son, Mr.
Robert Whitehead, of this place.
Mr. Ottie Fox. of Lewisburg, was in
our midst last aamraay wu ouuub ,
There was an enjoyable singiug given
at t h rnsidAnne of Mr. R. C. Campbell's
on last Wednesday night; we extend
our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Campbell
for their kindness.
The sohool will commence at this
place next Monday: it will be conducted
by Mrs, Sallie Hardisoni she has our
best wishes for her success. The school
at Forest Grove also begins next Mor
el ay. Wild straw.
luiUon Xfo.linnl TMaonvArv" cures
those diseases which come from blood
impurities sorofula and skin disease ,
sores anu Bwwiiiuna. ...
i II . mif nn hv Infl tnftll-
sands of gallons, and sold to hundreds
of thousands. Can it oure as well as
though it had been oompounaea jus.
for you? . ,
Its makers say that thousands of peo
ple who have had Tetter and Salt
rheum, Eczema and Erysipelas, Car
buncles and Sore Eyes, Thick Neck
and Enlarged Glands, are well to-day
because thev used it.
Suppose that this is so. Suppose that
a quick-witted man was lar-seeing
enough to know that to cleanse the
blood was to cleanse the life. Suppose
that by many experiments, and after
many failures, he discovered this gol
den key to health and that his taith in
it for you is so strong that you can go
to your druggist, buy a bottle, if it dou't
help 3'ou, you can get your money re
turnedcheerfully. Will you try RT
The remedy to have faith in, is the
remedy the makers themselves have
faith In.
Mt. Pleasant.
We have had a terrible combat with
la grippe and are not confident that we
have gained possessions of our physi
que yet, but will try to interest the
readers of the Herald with a few ol
the events that have transpired since
our last and if we fail, we ask that they
take the will for the deed. The change
able weather and continual inclemency
causes the human system to fall heir to
various diseases and the faces ot tbe
farmers to "grow in length." A few
have planted Irish potates, but with
that exception they have made but lit
tle advancement towards making a
Rev. Andrew Baker, of Mukel, Texas,
was circulation among his many
friends in this community last week.
Ho was accompanied as far as Camp
bellsville by Mrs. Baker.
Mrs. Fannie Hunter is visiting her
sister Mrs. Lee McKeunon, in Ruther
ford county.
Mr. Mylie Johnston, who has been in
a critical condition for several weeks, is
at the present somewhat improved, al
though partially paralyzed.
Mr. James Goodloe, of Florance, is up
on a visit to his mother.
Mr. W. B. Foster, solicitor . for the
Gaskell Literary Association of Chi
cago, is stopping at the Frlerson House,
ini tiating members.
Mr. Charles Jackson is back from
Nashville, where he has been spending
several days with his mother.
Mr. James Giddens Sr. went to St.
Louis last week to purchase a car load
of mules. - ....
Rev. R. D. Ricketts preached tbe fun
eral of Mr. Abb Beckum, who died at
hliTntu home a faw weeks aso. at
1MW Joy last Sunday. It was also
pre&ohed la Texas the seme day.
Mr. Tea Alexander tad family left
last Saturday, for Moristown. their fu
ture home. We regret very much to
lose them from our midst but wish
them much success in their far Wes
tern home.
Miss Mamie Stone, whose home is in
Hillsboro Texas, but who is spending
the winter with her auut, Mrs. Dave
Rose, of Lawrencebure. spent from Frl
day until Monday with her grand-
motner, Mrs. m. itegmaia.
Miss Minnie Brattou opened school at
Porter's last week.
Miss Annie Ricketts after having
spent a few days with relatives and
mends here, returned to r lorenco, Aia.,
Sunday morning. While here we bad
the pleasure of hearing her execute
"The Mistletre," a beautiful piece of
music, ot her own com josition.
Mis Lucile Oiddens of Porter's vis;
ted Miss Carrie Jennings, on "Old
Bigbv" last week.
Latkh Mrs. Ruth Beckum died
Sunday last at the home of Mr. Jake
Kin j;, at Rockdale Furnace.
(Continued to insitle page.)
More money, more brain-, more labor
than in any other rural publication iu
the world. Either one 011 trial 3 months
for 25 cents. The Rural New orker,
The American Garden, New York.
Letter Lists.
List of letters remaining in the office
for the week ending March 13th, 1891.
Anderson W A Jacobs, L
Alexander, E Jenkins, C W
Armstrong, N Lee, S
Armstrong, 1 JMyrs,
Anderson, E F Moor, W A
Armstrong, H Manor, R L
Bryant, o Aimer, tt J
Bells, J Maxwell, A
Craig, E B Michel, G
Cecil, J L Nichels, J
Duncan, F O'Brien.N II
Davis, A Porter, R W
Edmenson, E Powell, J T
Estes, J Parker J W
Kasly, J Payne, J
Estes, R C 2 Rushius, V
Erwin, D Riley, H
Fleming, J Rogers, W S
Frierson, W Sowers, A
Frierson, G Sanders, J
Fitzpatrick, T Tracy, W L
Gibbons, F Thompson, E
Galloway, H Taylor, E
nays, li s 'ion nib, J
Hughes, A Vance, F
Irwin, E C Worthoin, B
Webster. 1 Webster. W
Jones, A Fish, Jas.
Parties calling for the above letters
will please say advertised
Popularity is one of the hottest fur
naces any mau can be thrown into.
Ham's Horn.
In Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic
will b6 found a sweet without its bitter.
Pleasant to the taste, without a paral
lel as a remedy for chills and fever. It
is the production of the well known A.
B. Richards Med. Co., of Sherman,
Texas, and guaranteed to cure. For
sale by all druggists. mar9-lm.
The great difficulty about common
sense i that it is so tremendously
scarce that it Isn't common.
Away with the bitter, nauseating,
nasty, sweet-tasting chill tonics. Use
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic, as
pleasant to the taste asrock candy syrttp.
The children cry for it, tbe mothers
won't live without it, and the servants
slip It from the side board. It aids di
gestion, contains no (juinine, Arsenio
or Strychnine, tones up the system, and
is warranted. No cure no pay. For
sale by all druggists. iuar9-lrn.
"How delightfully you write about
children. You mutt be a father."
"No, I am a 'bachelor." Yankee
Quinine impairs the hearing, destroys
the nerves and injures the digestion.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic is
pleastfnt to take, leaves no unpleasant
taste, improves the digestion aud builds
up tbe entiresystem. No cure no pay.
For sale by all druggists. martHin.
"Place a dollar olose enough to
your eye and it will hide the sun,"
says some philosopher; and yet the
further away a dollar is the bigger it
seems. Indianapolis Journal.
We have received hundreds of testi
monials as to the efficacy of Hunt's
Cure iu cases of skin diseases, and tru
ly believe it the best remedy known lor
Ringworu, Tetter, Ecgema and simi
lar diseases, Guaranteed. 50 cents per
box. For sale by all druggists.
She I am sure you would make
somebody happy if you should get
He (eagerly) And who who
would that be?
She The minister. You are so
generous in mouey matters. (Ifjioch.
Priest Well, Dennis, you're mar-
rlori T Ht'ur T'tti vprv ir ! m i nf it.
How do you and your wife get along
togetner 1
llonnia Wll. vor rfvfrnc. oi
t'ink we get aloug besht togither
wnin we re apart. isosion courier.
"How pleased that lady looks!
She seems perfectly happy." "Ye?;
she must either have fouud pure re
ligion in her own heart or the seeds
of sin in the heart of oue of her neigh
bors," Boston Transcript.
Oilao T n rH nojl lltnf vrmt frionil
had his coat collar buttoned uo. A
cold, I suppose.
Merritt uo, no. lie was caning
on his girl and wore the tie she made
him for Christmas. L,ife.
Teacher Tommy, to what race do
tbe people or this country belong 7
2HTommy (with a prodigious effort of
the memory) 10 the caucussin' race,
ma'am. Chicago Tribune.
"Was'nt it dreadful to listen to the
whistling of the bullets in battle?"
"Oh, not so very. You see the bul
lets never whistled any of the popu
lar airs of the day. Aew York Sun.
Wingfleld I hear that Tom Lyric
published a voiume of poems the
other day and that they have had a
great sale?
Uoothby Yes. His relatives club
bed together and bougl t up tne
whole edition. Chicago Times.
Many years practice have given C.
A. Snow A Co., Solicitors of Patents
at Washington, D. C unsurpassed
success iu obtaining patents for all
classes of invention. They make a
ppecialty of rejected cases, and have
secured allowance of many patents
that had been previously rejected.
Their advertisement in another col
umn, will be of interest to invantors,
patentees, manufacturers, and all
who have to do with patent tf.
Ward's Seminary Sold.
The Presbyterian Co-operative As
sociation of Nashville has purchased
Ward's Seminary. The school will
hereafter be run by the several Pres
byterian churches of Nashville.
Absolutely Pure.
Aefm or tartar baking power. Hlfhert
or all la leavenlnc ttwofi 6. "U. B. Oovera
j '
Of our
But our business principles will continue the same.
In the future, as in the past, we will handle nothing but
And will continue to flutter until every citizen of Maury
County comes under its protection and buys his
Of us. Our firm has been reinforced with additional capital
and in the future we will endeavor to make
Even closer than heretofore. Everything will be marked in
And that will be the price to all no favoritism shown. No
deception practiced. We solicit your patronage.
SSajeSp Walker & MeirsoiD
Firm is
3 Jl
And undersell all would-be competitors.
oris aad
1 lId
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