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The Herald.
NO. 8
I Li
And Prices.
Beds, . . S 1 ?5 and up.
Bed-room Suits, 10 00 and up.
Bureaus, . . C 00 and up.
Tables, . . 1 00 and up.
Tin Safes, . . 1 95 and up.
Chairs, . . 0 and up.
Rockers, . . 1 00 and up.
Plain solid facts like these prices speak
r themselves. Everything marked in
us a chance to save you something when
you need anything in our line.
(Mia. Furniture Company,
South-east Corner Square, next to Embry
& Anderson's, Columbia, Tenn.
1891. LOW PRICES. 1891-
. mm
Farmers and plowmen know tbat the V
Oliver Chilled PlowsW
artlu Prices re- -'ail':!
,iiowb- fefc
$4: 5C
G 0(
7 0(
8 0(
8 5(
9 01
40 to : : 9 51
Ti Hw. lutuf i1iur on P.I
M.O HIV v. ' ' - - " "
duced as folio
A to
B to
10 to
13 to
19 to
20 to
Sole AgentP.
Beware of imitations. See that the
name "Oliver" ia on all extras and
wearing part9.
i m
? I 4
We now have the Agency for the
Improved Aspiawall Potato Planter
A Model Husband.
Third Installment of Letters on this Interesting question by
Ladies Coinpetins for the $10 in Gold Prize Offered
by The Columbia lleraM-
Must Not Chew or Smoke.
A truly Christian gentleman, who
does not chew or smoke; always
comes home with a srnilo and pleas
ant word, for his wife and all be
meets. "One who keepeth his own
counsel" when it is best. A kind,
considerate man, who will forgive,
and ask forgiveness when he does
wrong; and does not stay ut late at
night, when it can Oh prevented. A
man that is not slothful in business.
Such a one would unko :i model hus
band. Novice.
He Would '-ltaliier 15e Right than
My ''Model Husbaud" must be a
mail who would "rather be right than
President." Ouu who is so truly
brave that he is at all times ready to
wield the pen or sword in defense of
right, or erformauce of duty, irre
spective of the shafts of malice, which
always love a shining mark. He
must be so Christ-like in his tender
ness, truthfulness and wisdom, that it
would be my joy to follow wherever
he might lead. Such a man would
not oulv care for hia own household,
but would so love his fellow men that
the cry of the needy would never go
unheeded. Subscriber.
Modeled After the Divine Model.
Editor ol the Columbia Herald.
This subject is of paramount im
portance, which should be duly con
sidered by ladies; and if they desire
a "Model'' husband, make a "Model"
wife. People are of various opinions,
and a vast number ready on all occa
sions tocriticize, but that will not
keep us from displaying our Igno
rance, and expressing our view. I
have pictured to myself, a gentleman
( D. V. preferred ) that has modeled
his life after the divine model; not
addicted to drink, refusing the beve
rage even in cas-e of sickness; never
chews, or smokes that filthy, un
pleasant weed, tobacco; and in no
way makes use of slaug; also heeds
this verse, "L.et another man praise
thee, and not thine own mouth;"
gives "honor unto the wiTe, as unto
the weaker vessel;" remembering
"Adam was not deceived." Polite
to all, uukiud too none, rendering
"unto the wife due benevolence "
United to one that believes in Chris
tianity, and not to one that believes
the "commandments and doctrines of
men." To illustrate this point, par
ents sometimes get into angry dis
putes about the teachings of the IJi
ble, each thinking they are right;
when Sabbath comes Father goes in
one direction, Mother in another to
church. No doubt their ancestries
wonder which has Christianity, or
why they d. n't attend church togeth
er? If a man would comply Jwith
what I have written in my estima
tion, he would be "A Model Hus
band," even if I urn a country girl.
En xi sr.
Must Treat his Wile with Pride and
KJitoroI the ColumuuIIebaid:
Allow me to enlist a letter on the
subject of a "Model Husband." I
think a Model Husband can in no
way contribute so much to the happi
uess of home and a confiding wife,
than always act devout with pride
aud honor, expressing feelings or pro
found affection and veneration ior
ler. A Model Husbaud should strive
o live so as to leave a name, spoken
f as a perfect model, and one of de-
. it 1 . . XL L.!.-t. ... .
vine trutn, mat leans ki too unguicsi
lappiuess, with memory sacred while
he lives, letting the image or a great
model be mirrored upon oath, renec-
tion of such a life, so that it may be
come a perpetual iuiuiauu oveu
when the llowers bloom above his
sleeping dust, for others to emulate.
V Model Jiusuauu enoum let his
virtues aud attainments make room
u society, drawing around huu coti-
idenee, aud respect, of all that is
worthy, 'and good, that will cause
thers to measure his owu me oy
your model; inougu we suuuiu re
member tnose models wnoe mem
ories are left for a succeeding genera
lion did not come such by accident,
or by a single leap, but rote by "suc
cessive single degrees eaeu wiucu was
wrought out by sweating brow aua
achimr muscle. A Model Husband is
oue we should speak of as one whose
name was heard aud reverenced in
every home, whose image was en
shrined within every heart, ioesesing
a life tilled with grandeur and great
ness, striviug to lead a judicious lire,
worthy the imitation of all with in
tegrity and honesty that may become
proverbial, so pure in me, wormy 01
trusts great and small. A Model
' Aisbaud should never visit the
ball-rooms, card tables, theaters, or
use any intoxicating drinks. A Model
Husbaud or genius aim goouuess is
always sure to dwell with men and
nature. And they are men of firm.de
cided principles, of fair open conduct,
of strict honesty, with a noble un
bending regard to trutn and auiy.
duty. "Model JHusband," ;these are
the characters wnom an mouei meu
should respect -and esteem, for they
are most credit, and 1 am sure will in
the end Bhow largest in tne mauy
plea-urea of auy approving mind, and
in the abiding counueuce oi love
for you an 1 yours around a happy
file-side, added with vw iuterest,
aud fresh ties as acred and tender
bv tender ministrations and muni
devotions that will live forever w
the iunerm st recesses of a com
oanions heart, and a happy home
circle; also a M-del Husband, should
cultivate the loft. est integrity even iu
connection with smallest matters,
kuowiug that a new and thrilling
iutere-t beioiiKs to h me, and with
what a tender service he owes to the
wife. I will sav no more upo i the
subiect of a Model Husband, for fear
of taximr our k nd h litor's patience,
or the waste basket will get my letter.
Wo keep constantly on hand a full stock
of these planters and guarantee them to
work well and are substantially made.
We have just received a car load of the
world renowned
cfrutler Wagon,
Fully warranted.
Wg carry a full stock of trace chains,
back-bands, names, bark collars, etc. A
large line of Avery Steel Plows and repairs.
Telephone 73. DODQINS & EWING.
ion, large brown eyes, redish brown
mustache, smiling lips, a full, firm
chin, and; white, even teeth. Of
course he must possess an Intellect to
correspond wi'h this splendid casket,
and a heart and soul to excel them
both. Above all, he must be a chris
tian. Hut, the mournful part of the
matter is this, I never expect to find
my ideal. So, must needs be coutent
with a les perfect companion. (If I
ever get any at all ?)
liul let his eyes be black blue or yellow,
A iirl will leave parents and cleave to
her "fellow."
This is first class poetry. The news
papers teem with witty(?) paragraphs
on the subject of meu leaving home
six evenings of the seven, to lind re
creation at their clubs. The Model
Husband will spend his evenings
with the wife he loves, filling her
life with joy and happiness, and nev
er giving her cause to feel that his
love has grown cold, or that she is
that pitiable object, a neglected Iwife.
Tt is said that second thoughts, on
any subject are best. In looking
over this etl'usion, the thought strikes
me that I had better not be so hard
on the "elderlv trirls;" be wise all
things at presecijeem to indicate the I
mournrui ract tnai, j. win oue uay
join their ever increasing ranks.
Then the young folks ill laugh at
me, and I will remember the young
men of the Bible who were torn by
bears for mocking at Elisha's bald
head. My case will be something
similar, though not quite bo bad.
ndO how the 'memory of my
"Model" will rankle In my maidenly
And now, Mr. Editor, if this is nci
worthy of publication, just throw it
i n the waste basket, and there let it
lie. Bekna.
A Model
in the
a nice
a girl
Hnsbaud will Oyercome
Fussy Wile.
Kditor of the Columbia Herald.
I chanced to meet one day a
Husband, as he proved to be
future, lie was at bcIiooI;
looking boy. Aud there was
there he admired verv much.
mates and friends: each day finds
that their love grew stronger and
confidence more implicit. It was al
most June; days and months have
rolled away on the wheels of time.
Aud a serpent has entered the gar
den so lately trodden by "our two
friends." "Whispering tongues can
poison truth." And so they have
ceased to speak to each other.
But little they knew the sequel to
this episode of school lire. "Heaven
from all hides the book of fate and we
cannot see what is before us." Hchool
closed and ere a week had passed
away; the boy wrote to the girlior an
explanation of the estrauce neut; but
not even a word vl reply was ever
If we did not follow this boy any
farther, this willingness to ask for an
explanation would show a noble
heart that would make him a Model
Husband: but we will follow this boy
still farther. He in a year from this
married a nice voumr lady. And he
was everything in my mind to her a
Model Husbaud is to his wife. She
never had anv trouble, but to him
she would go; aud he would always
trv to show her the brijrht side of the
picture. He was generous hearted;
but not too much so; . 'tind to her in
every respect. Never .rumbled when
she wanted to go to se her mother or
said ".Let's not go to church to-day,"
but always went aud took a great
delight iu pleasing her. It seemed
he never thought that she "put
ou" when she was sick ; or went
into business trausactions without
saying "Myrtie, what do you ihiuk
about this?" Nor never went to the
saloon at evening, as he came from
.lis business, aud drank to his Heart's
content, till the last nickel in his
pocket was gone; aud come nome ai
uight and his footsteps on the door
make his wife shudder. He did not
make vows at the altar he did not try
to fulfill ; but did everything for his
wile's comfort he could; did noi
lazv around" aud see her do the
work to earn their bread; but put his
owu shoulder to the wheel. Never
come In at uight with a harsh word
to speak as soon as his wife looked at
him : but always greeted uer who
broad smile; as much as to say "I
have dime my part to-day and you
have done yours."
This Is a Model iiusuauu iu me
true sense or the word, isui some
husbands would be model husbands
but for the wife they have; it takes a
very very good Hearted nusoana w
endure a cold stern hearted woman,
that is forever fussing and trying to
boss him; but this a model nusoann
will overcome. Minnie.
stand up "straight aud high"
straight in the daily walks ot life,
high in all the virtues that constitute
a Christian husband we could, we
would be better wives.
The safest, surest investment to
fortune and happiness, is to cultivate
the virtues that constitute a "Model
Husband." Felicia.
Culled by OurCorrespondents
Once I took my pen ariVl down I sat,
Wrote a piece to the IIkrai.u signed
"Thoughtless Chap;"
I proved to be "thoughtless" all the
Fori forgot to give the Kditor my real
Now, its against the Editor's rules you
To publish a piece that comes to him
Imagine my astonishment when I be
gan to peruse,
And found he hadn't published the
Isom's Store news.
I did not think ho did mo just right,
Aud began to abuse his paperawith all
my might;
I said 1 would write for his paper no
Because he would not publish what I
sent bitu before.
But when his rules were explained 1
could see
That it was I to be blamed, and not he;
As if he had published it I write Just
tne same.
And this time will give him by real
And, now, Mr. Editor and readers of
the Herald,
I never have traveled around the world,
Hence, must come to you, as I did be
fore, With only the news .from around
Isom's Store.
We have been having our share of the
But one of your eorrespondents.tells us
not to complain;
For all the people in every "compart
ment, '
Have committed to Uncle Sam the
weather department.
certain that he has the
weather or brin;
ou a
He is Very Beanti ful But Can He be
Editor Columbia Hekald:
No doubt all the old maid-i ot my
acquaintance will think it presump
tuous iu "a mere chit of a girl" like
me to be airiutr my views , on matri
mony. I can imagine just how they yil
sound: "What business has a child of
eighteen, thinking of husbands?" Or
"What can she know oi wnat nus-
bands ousrht to be?" But let them
talk, 'li's jaelousy prompts their
criticisms, I am sure my standard
for husbauds is juwt the same now as
it will be when 1 am thirty-six.
The "Model" must, in the first
place, lore his wife, or, at least, try to
love her. He must be a man, not a
fashionable pigmy, nor a lordly ty
rant, nor the servile victim of a
shrewish woman ; but the brave, true,
sympathizing gentleman that God in
tended every man should be. He
must be kiud and courteous to all, of
a forgiving dlsiaitiou, sober and in
dustrious It doesn't matter about
his earthly goods, so long as he has
"start" enough to keep a woman from
starvation, and is blessed with health,
a pair of strong bauds, a willing
mind, and a heart free from vice and
Aa to his outward appearauce, my
beau Ideal is very beautiful; tall and
straight, with broad Bhnulders, dark,
waving hair, clear, healthy complex
Model Husbands Make Model mves.
Editor Columbia Herald.
Entering the arena against our
better-half is a serious business.
They can pay us back when they
take up the theme of "A Model
If it were not the virtues, and not
the number, that constitute a model
husband, the editor need not have
limited us as to space. They are a
scarce commodity. We are surprised
to know of the little thought they
tjive this valuable accomplishment.
When they shall have educated them
selves in this, the milleuium will
have come.
Wmau ia a peculiar being; intui
tion ia a part or her nature. She may
not know a Latin i.oun from a Greek
verb; she may not understand the
Tariff or the Silver bill; she may
have never heard of the Mayflower
that came over from the "Mother
Country" bringing the Pilgrim fath
ers, the brave Capt. Standish, his fair
sweet ltose, and Triseilla the Puritan
maiden. She may be ignorant of
mauv thinwrs. but sho reads htr hus
band most accurately. Love is the
capstone of her me. "Liove hides a
multitude of sins." Nav, nay! It
oulv "Makes her keenly alive to every
one of them. She hides them in her
heart that the world may see them
A model husbaud will purify his
heart, aud make it a fit temple for the
indwelling or his wile, in a man's
household a wire is a slave, but in
his heart she is Queen.
A model husbaud'a wire never
bankrupts him. He confides in her,
keeps her informed as to hia condi
tiou financially. If in an evil hour
he is led into temptation, stakes and
losses all, where should lie go but to
his wife, with a confession as deep as
his contrition ? It is the man who is
husbaud ouly iu name that ignores
his wife's counsel, simply because she
is a woman, auu ueems uer unaoie iO
help him in a disaster.
A model husband's wife is not in
sympathy with "Woman's Suffrage."
She has no detire to lecture from city
to city. She does not want to rule in
the household; she safely trusts in
her husband.
A model husband does not sit on
the street corners aud discuss woman.
He throws the mantel of charity over
her faults. He helps to brighten the
home for "wee wivie" by cheerful
words of commendation. lie is brave,
tender and true, patient with her
faults, gently but friendly helping
her to overcome them. He la a man
1 as God planned he should be.
Oh! husbands, if you would only
But I am not
To cause dry
And when this fact is settled with me
I will go immediately and Uncle Sam
I shall tell him to "hold up" if he
And give us some fair weather, but no
For it has rained so much tbat the
farmers can't
Their potatoes, corn, and gardens ever
Mrs. Fannie Curry was Mrs. Kittrell's
And was compelled to stay like all the
Till the creek run down, it was so high,
That people could not cross and there
was no use to try.
Oneother iteiu I would write to the
The guest of Mrs. A. Kittrell is Miss
Ida Fitzgerald;;
She lives on Carter's Creek, so they sav,
And came down to visit Mrs. W. A. K.
There are many otherthings of which I
would spe ik,
But I haven't the thne to write them
this week;
But sonifl tinie in.tho future if here I
I will probably write again "some
sweet day."
"Marvel," I'suppose, Will give you the
If you will ti'rn to her article and it
So 1 will content myself for this one
By writing a few thougnts to you in
I never wrote much to a paper before,
So I will lay down my pen and say no
For fear this piece to the waste basket
nnus it way,
I will bring it to a close and bid you
Aud now, dear Kditor and readers of
tne 11 KRALi),
Seeing I know but little of the world,
If in this article you tind a mishap,
Uemember 'twas made by
Thouuhukss Cuap.
In Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic
will be found a sweet without its bitter.
Pleasant to the taste, without a paral
lel as a remedy for chills and fever. It
i . - i- i i, i . a
im me prouueiion oi uie wen miuwu rv.
M. Kicbards Med. Co., of Sherman,
Texas, and guaranteed to cure. For
sale by all druggists. maiiMm.
Jiear Kock Spring.
Editor Herald: Rev. W.iT. Ussery
tilled his appointment at his place to
day. His appointments will be the
second and lourtu Lord a days, lrom
this on. We will not have any preacl .
ing at this plaoe until the second Lord's
dav in April, Kev. F. A. Gray preaches
at Union Urove the third Lord's day.
e changed our day inorder that people
might attend both churches.
Airs. I). IC. Havs ia nuite sick: hone
she will be restored to health soon.
With sad and sorrowing hearts the
relatives and friends of Mrs. Fannie
Lisen by have been watching over her
sick bed expecting each moment to be
the last on earth with her.
Mr. Walter Scribuer, son of Mr. John
Scribner, of your city, died the fifteenth
of this month. He was a member of the
C. P. church at Pleasant Mount. We
deeplv sympathize with his wife in
her afflictions.' She was an old school
mate of ours; abought eight months ago
Mr. Walter led her to the byinenial
altar and she went by the name ot
Laura Watson no longer,
Mrs. Bake Adams, of Lynnville. was
visiting Mrs, J. W Alexander last
Miss Ella Naly, of Elmwood, .
spending a few days with Misses Hay
and Leath Davis; Misses Ella and
Leath and Mr. Will Davis attended
church at this place last Lord's day.
Mrs. Harrison Tankersley, of Bear
Creek, spent part of last week with
Mrs.ti. K. Irwin and Mrs. W. F. Scott.
Mr. Wm. H. Davis spent several days
last week with his daughter Mrs. It.
1 Stegall, of Carter's Creek.
Mrs. Sallie Lamar went to visit Mr.
and Mrs. L. Lamar near Columbia last
week, and the river got too high to ford
on the pike, so she had to stay several
days longer than she Intended.
llowers of friendship, nourished by the
gentle dews of sympathy and the
warm sunlight of affections, bloom in
perennial beauty.
This neighborhood has apparently
lost its identity among the Herald
family since the gifted and intellectual
Madoliue has ceased to give her effu
sions to the Herald. It she will join
the "model husband" club I assure all
to bo highly pleased with ber essays;
and furthermore, I think while the
ladies are to first write, they are en
titled to judges of their own sex, and
gentlemen the same if they prefer it.
The heavy rains ot late have greatly
retarded the farmers in planting, and
unless we are to have a week or two of
fair weather wo may naturally expect
late crops. Potato planting is tho topic;
of the dav; can't tell what will bo next;
hope 'twill be something more easuj
digested than the Harris phenomenon.
Another interesting feature was to
Wi Iconic toour mids on a visit, Parson
Baker ami wife; ho was once the pastor
at Concord ; served the people twenty
years or more; lie moved from here to
Texas in 'si, where he permanently
Mrs. Sarah Itaird, v'io has been quite
sick, is much improved aud iu no im
mediate danger.
.We have hail iiite an inllux of agents
for the past week ; the renovating com
pany has been repi eseuled, the patent
fence, and so on.
Well, we have no cow committee as
Uncle Ned speaks of, but have one com
posed of wheat, oats, aud potatoes,
which met regularly last year in front
of cburidi doors, and they will probably
commence now soon to meet again. One
of the members of said committee re
marked that the minister carried a
pocket of potatoes one Sunday to throw
at them, but he didn't hit hard enough
to keep them from making resolutions.
The matrimonial mania has sub
sided for the season, and left the poor
bachelors to lament.
If I knew the editor would publish,
some time I would send a short sermon
delivered by a colored minister, which
some would" enjoy reading, if it is
short, send it Kditor.
As you have heard from me before
take then the assurance you will hear
A Childless Home.
Smith and his wife have every luxury
that money can buy, but there is one
thing lacking to their happiness. Both
are fond of children, but no little voices
tirattle, no little feet patter in their
teautiful home. "I would give ten
J'earsofmy life if I could have one
ealthy, living child of my own,"
Smith often says to himself. No woman
can be the mother of healthy olfspring
unless she is herself In good health. If
she sutlers from female weakness, gen
eral debility, bearing-down pains, and
functional derangements, her physical
condition p such that she cannot hope
to have healthy children. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is a sovereign
aud guaranteed remedy for all these
ailments. See guarantee printed on
One of the young men of this vicinity
Mr. S. MclCniglit was married last
week to Miss Ella Montgomery, of Wa
ter Valley; she has won a gentleman of
high mind and a noble heart; and from
what I can learn the same can be said
of her. They were married in tho
evening at the bride's home and that
night came to his father's homo, where
a delicious supper was awaiting them.
The attendants being Mr. Add Fogey
and Miss Nanio Jones, Mr. Ladd ami
Miss Ida Wakefield. The next day his
sister Mrs. W. W. Stanley gave h'im a
nicodinuer, which was served at '1
o'clock p. m; all of the crowd seemed to
think that life was all sunshine (but ah!
sunshine and shadows are seldom far
apart.) In youth (for I am getting old
and my hair is silvery,) our lite is full
of sunshine ;but when we approach
manhood and womanhood, life changes
it's appearance as the ocean changes be
fore the advancing storm and becomes
full of dark shadows, which Hit across
our pathway and leave us in darkness
and gloom. The way before us may
seem bright, but when we come to tho
reality the shadows are always there.
But I am about to forget to finish about
the dinner, for when I get on the sub
ject of being young again I "go wild."
Well, sulliee it to say words are too in-
adenuate aud language too impoverish
ed to tell you how much it was enjoyed.
All I know I would hive liked for some
of those girls to have told me (tho old
bachelor) "1 will bo your bride," that
day. Cora Leu.
'1Iow to Cure All Skin Diseases."
Simnlv anolv "Swayne's Ointment
No internal medicine required. Cures
tetter, eczema, itch, all eruptions on
the face, hands, nose, iVc, leaving the
skin clear, white and healthy. Its
great healing and curativo powers are
possessed by no other remedy. Ask
your druggist for Swayne's Ointment.
Callioy's Crct-k.
The waters have been so high there
could be no traveling done, ho uows is
very scarse.
A. A. Kennedy, Esq., had a bone
taken from his foot last week. He
stuck a rusty nail in it two years ago
and since that tune nas been a cripple.
Jesse Savage is very sick.
Miss Ida Fitzgerald, of Carters Creek,
is visiting her cousin Mrs. W. Kittrell.
Mrs. 'anme curry, oi Lurry's tirancn,
spent last week with relativo iu this
Mrs. J as. ht. Davis, oi Hampshire, is
visiting her father J. H. Kennedy, Ksq.
Mrs. Del Cathey and sister Mis.i Liiz-
zle Taylor, have been visiting their
grand father Mr. James Whiteside,
near the bead of the creek. Mr. Whilt -side
is very old and in feeble health.
it. A. ivenney nas iw acres oi ciover
for rent.
Prof. Chappell was forced to close his
school at the Strayhorn school house
for want of pupils. He is a good teach
er and should be patronized by all.
It. A. Kennedy lost a mule with blind
staggers last Monday night.
U. H. Wliiteside nas removeu to
Swan and some of the young men are
wearing long taccs on account of the
absence of his daughters.
The crowd was small at prayer-uieet-
ing lt-st Wednesday night; we hope it
will be larger the next timo.
Piles! Piles! Itching Piles!!
Symptom: Moisture; intense itching
and stinging; most at night: worse by
scratching. If allowed to continue tu
mors form, which olten bleed and ulcer
ate, becoming very sore. Swayne's
Ointment stops the itching and bleed
ing, heals ulceration, and in most cases
removes the tumors. At druggists, or
by mail, for 50 cents. Dr. Swayne &
Son, Philadelphia. aprl-91.
Wayside Gatherings.
The prime minister of death has tolled
the bell in the tower of another life, and
the solemn sound strikes a knell to our
last departing hope as we see the mol
ten clods pile up above the smiling face
of dear Annie; the light of life Hashed
low to cleam along the river of hope no
morn and she sot'tlv whispered to the
world her last fare well for she with us
will mingle never more. She passed
away while life to her seemed to wear
its sunniest smiles; she was a devout
christian, a model in the church and to
societv. All who knew her intimately
will love her memory and lament their
loss. There should be a stronger word
than sadness to express all that we feel
we will miss when we meet amid scenes
she used to love iu days gone Dy. JNOV.,
lKtin. she was married to A. J. Fly. and
March the 7th ld, she was oallecl to her
eternal homeHeaven. Besides a host
of relatives and friends, she leaves a
noble and true hearted husband to
mourn her loss. How my heart goes out
in loving sympathy to him in this hour
of deepest sorrow, for to him the skies
will not Mem so bright as they have in
days gone by, nor flowers bloom, nor
muslo sound, any more. But we must
nmt mourn and feel before we can know
and think) the deeper we go into the
J . 1 1 1 . . V. n .1. a II A
send Into the higbU above. The path of
lire ineanaera . tnrougn a origni ana
beautiful., werid, Wkef the fragrant
(Continued to inside page.
Away with the bitter, nauseating.
nasty, sweet-tasting chill tonics. I so
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic, as
pleasant to the taste as.rock candy syrup.
The children cry for it, the mothers
won't live without it, and the servants
slip lUfrom the side board. It aids di
gestion, contains no Quinine, Arsenic
or Strychnine, tones up the system, and
is warratuen. ino cure no pay. ror
sale by all druggists. inar!-lm.
In Cloves. She "So you are en
gaged to one of the Musgrave twins?
How can vou distingu'sa one irom
the other?" He "I don't try to."
Quinine impairs the hearing, destroys
the nerves and injures the digestion.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic is
pleasant to take, leaves no unpleasant
taste, improves the digestion and builds
up the entire system. No cure no pay.
For sale by ail aruggists. manj-im.
"Was your elopement a success?"
"Hardly." "What went wrong!"
"Her father telegraphed us not to re
turn, and all would be forgiven."
llurper'a JJasar.
Absolutely Pure.
A'trMto of tartar baklnf power. Hlf heat
ftf all la iMTe&inf etreiifi n, u. s wott
Of our Firm is Changed,
But our business principles will continue the same.
In the future, as in the past, we will handle nothing but
And undersell all would-be competitors.
And will continue to flutter until every citizen of Maury
County comes under its protection and buys his
n tj an in i
0Ofi uMlffi
Of us. Our firm has been reinforced with additional capital
and in the future we will endeavor to make
Even closer than heretofore. Everything will be marked in
And that will be the price to all no favoritism shown. No
deception practiced. We solicit yofir patronage.

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