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The Herald.
Friday March 20, 1S91.
V. I. LAXDUK, Kdllor.
The railroad coruniisuion
kil'ed In the Keuate.
bill was
CArT.W. D. Betiiell has resigned
the Presidency of the Taxing District.
Failing health and business reasons
were the causes.
Williamson County is much ex
cited over the report that the Super
intendent of Public Schools is a
forger. His name is R. I. Ballow.
Mb. Hakrison has so far turned a
d af ear to the neg.oes who demand
that one of their race shall be ap
pointed as Commissioner of the
World's Fair.
A bill has been passed to pro
hibit pool selling on any races except
thosa beine run on an enclosed
track." It seems funny that a legis
lature will pass laws agaiust gamb
ling, and then pass laws in favor f
gambling. Legislatures are funny
things; almost as funny as New Or
leans juries.
The bill amending the charter of
Columbia has passedboth branches
of the legislature, and only waits the
signature of the Governor to become
a law. It was passed as amended at
the citizens meeting. The Herald
was opposed to the bill in its
amended form. Imtmpwlt is tint law
we hope it will brtug thV reforms
friends claim for it.
The "ex's" turned aurift by the
death of the Fifty-first Congress are
still on the ragged edge, their eyeB
turned pleadingly toward the public
crib, while hope grows fainter and
faiuter of receiving that coveted
Presidential appointment. Evident
ly it isn't the fellow who has been
turned down" by his constituents
that Mr. Harrison wants to provide
for. lffi'H after the fellow who can
control votes in the next republican
national convention.
The ablest lawyers in the country
are in doubt about the constitution
ality of the law enacted by the late
Congress with the avowed purpose of
relieving the United States Supreme
Court, and it is stated that Mr. Har
rison is in so much doubt about it
that he will not appoint the nine new
judges therein provided for, until he
has an opportunity to consult with
the best legal taleut in his party.
Upon the constitutionality or the new
law we-are not prepared to express an
opinion, but that it is rough, unfin
ished and difficult to comprehend is
apparent to its most rareloMB reader.
The Schuhkkt Male Quartette
outing on the 11th of April, ft th
last or the Star Course engagements,
and the best. Tiie music cousins
iuiiniy of vocal, and the voices are
all superb, and by l ng association
and practic, blend perfectly. Tins is
a class of entertainments all can en
joy; thoae who are ur.isicians and
those who are not, if they have any
music in their souls. It will perhaps
be the last gooJ attraction at the
Opera House this seanon, and we be
speak for Mr. Fusch, the Manager, a
full house. Let's join together and
make it a "Fusch's benefit" enter
tainment The Xcw York Tribune is at least
candid when it says in elleet that one
of the reasons for the unheard of ex
travagance of the Republican Con
gress was the intention of confront
ing the incoming Democratic Ifouee
of Representatives with a big deficit
snthaTroiuiirv for the purpose of
f i -"- J -
putting that party in a "hole," so
upeak, aqd it sneerlngly wants
innur "what are vou going to
about it?" The first tiling the Dem
ocratic House will do will be to sli- w
the country where numerous mil
lions have beeu fraudulently spent,
and to stop the leak. That's one
nAnnlfl&ra dispose I to cen
sure the chief of the fire department
of Nashville for not responding more
promptly when called upon to go to
the Asylum fire. And they are
right; he ought to be censured and
ceusured severely. Rut wtiat ought
to bo done with the Trustees of this
Asylum, the state's agents, for not
having some fire protection of their
own? The water was there, why not
an engine? Such mismanagement
is what becomes of the peoples
money. A thousand dollars put In
an eugiue, to be kept ou the ground?,
ehould be appropriated for each of
the asylums In the state.
The people living on the road from
here to Williamsport, are making a
very strong effort to macadamize the
road from Williamsport to where it
joins with the Hampshire pike, at
the top of Perkins' hill. We sincere
ly Iioimj they will succeed, for tlure
Isuo part of the county where a
turnpike is worse needed. The road
in its present condition is almost im
passible, and iustead of being a two
hours ride from here to Williamsport,
it is a days journey; and when night
overtakes the traveler, in places the
way is dangerous. The benefits that
would accrue are Incalculable. The
increase In the value of the land will
PSA- for the road ; then the damage to
vehicles and to stock, the light load
and the delay, are little things that
T,a unnoticed but count immensely
in a year. There appeared at
time to be a differance between
..mirtfitors ana. moving ry.
, .hr. we can learn there
is no
real difierance at all. All parties, we
understand, agree that.the direct road
ia the best, if sufficient money can be
sed. If these are me iaci, u
information we think is gooa,
then the money ougm, 10 uo w.i..
ieoniiug. In the first place the people
on the route ought to give, and give
liberally; if their stock never pays a
direct dividend, the indirect returns
,,u av them well. M'he more laud a
man has and the more he raises,
more he Bhould give, but every
nrht to eive something. No
who has a wagon to travel that way
ia too -poor to take a little stock or
eive a email donation. If he is poor
he cannot afiord to nave his wagon
torn to pieces by a bad road; such
economy is "penny wise and pound
foolish." The merchants of Colutn
bia are interested too. A pike to
Williamsport will bring them trade;
cood roads all through the country is
as advantageous to the town an the
country; where there are good roads,
people will come to town, and when
Ihey come they will trade. Our mer
chants are subscribing liberally, and
when the road Is flnlahedjhey will
receive their wd. ZZH
Mr. Henry Watterson's
and Lecture.
The lecture of Mr. Henry Watter
son at the Opera House last Wednes
day night was fairly attended; but
not so largely as the character of the
epeaker deserved. A more apprecia
tive audience, however, it wouia nave
hpn hard to assemble.
The subiect. Money and Morals, Is
not a new one by any means; but, for
that matter, neither is anything else
,iur t.a onn The manner of Us
treatment, however, was unique,
The lecture has evideutly been con
structed with reference to critical but
popular audiences. It is polished to
meet the demands of the most exqui
site taste aud in that respect displays
the finish that could only be given by
a master in the art of language.
The subject matter embraces some
of the gravest problems of the times
and a vein of the broadest pnuosopuy
runs through it all; but the style of
its treatmeut is anything but heavy.
The object of the orator throughout
seems to be the expression of tne
profouudest truths in the most spark
ling language possible There is no
laborious rigidly connected argume it ;
utwio ia Aitlorrarumatlo. rather, and
-" "'-j - i - , ,
any paragraph niig-.t stana ai-mo uu
convey perfectly U meauiog. The
speakers manner of delivery ia in
.ierfect harmony with the character
of his lecture. His individuality im
.rutmLLa 1-111 from the moment that he
makes his entrance until the close.
His bow, his gesture, hi voice are
diflerent altogether from those of any
one else vou ever saw. The delivery
is animated without being loud (con
versation! without being common
place. The charm i that of elegance
and thorough culture, and the elo
quence is that of the Intellect father
than the emotions. Through more
tt,.., n imur h entertained his au
dience with mingled wit uud wisdom
and received that most complimeu
tArv of all auDlause, the luUuae inter-
Mt of a cultured assemblage
nonsl-J of his
vatn a rba VI Oil i he useless here. We
A. 1 A. ft nnlmi
may say, However, iuhi h.
lated in the highest degree to pro
mote good morals and to place the
nufHtion of money in its proper
The central proposition is inai nit
o-ilv real men ince to our happiness
and greatness as a nation is the wor
shin of the "Money Devil."
Mr. Wattersou was iutrodu?el
the audience by Capt. W.
thi) no with characteristic
J. Whit
giace aLd
eloquent brevity.
After the iet!Jre, a number
n.....ii mut Mr. WalterMon in the
Hethell House parlors and spent
pleasant hour in conversation with
Still later a few fortunate gentle
men were invited to his room in the
hotel, and speut the evening unti
late bed time with the great journal
ist. In the freedom of this small
circle, the great qualities of Mr.
Watterson oatue out with a force that
coul4 not be felt in luora formal re
lations. To them he was displayed
as the maguetic companion as well ar
the great journalist and statesman
For hours he talked of the men aud
measures of the present, recalled re
miniscences of the many famous men
with whom he has beeu on the most
familiar terms; aud displayed
wonderful and minute knowledge of
the history and present afl'airs of the
country. As one of these gentlemen
remarked, lw knew more of the his
tory of this state and county than
auy one present. He se3ius never to
have forgotten a name, place or eveul
he has ever known. He knows more
thoroughly than any living man the
inside workings of the politics of the
day, and gave some facts in regard to
them that his company could never
have otherwise learned.
It was delightful to see how closeTy
he has kept up his relationships with
Tennessee He spent the day before
coming here, with Maj. Campbell
Urowuand with him aud other com
panions of his boyhood visited the
residence of Mr. Will Cheairs and
other places where he spent his
earliest years.
Sir John Macdonald will proba
bly give ex Speaker Reed a summer
engagement, as he is anxious to in
crease the government majority in
the Canadian legislature by contest
:ng the seats of the minority mem
bers. Iteed'e experience in the Fifty-first
Congress will make him an
invaluable assistant to the Canadian
Legislative Notes.
The special committee appointed to
count aud burn the cancelled Tennessee
Ui mey and certificates in the Compe
troller'a oilice reported that they round:
For two veara ending Keeeniber a)
eertilicates, f'JS.oOl; old issue, l,2l!.'i4:
treasury warrants, fi; total, fWJSi 24.
For two vears, ending December -20,
JK-m, certificates, f:UJ.l!i; old issue, 1,
V21 4-J: new issue, ls.tNMlj treasury war
rants, 7; total, !7.!,12l.4.'l. For two
years, ending December 20, lssii, certifi
cates, ;2(t,:ilU; old issue, H2.022.St; new
issue, I.VI0; treasury, warrants, $;1;
total, fVm,9-.i3.8t. The total of Tennessee
money taken up and cancelled during
the six years ending December 20, 1S!M,
isaa follows: Certificates, $'.isl,liol ; old
issue, $i."l!M,"l; new issue, M.10; treas
ury warrants, il; total, ?1,UVJ,S17.51, all
of which was burned.
One of the most important bills passed
bv the present ueneral Assembly
ailects railroads, it provides for the
assessment of the value of any live
stock killed on an un fenced railroad.
This appaisenient shall be made by
disinterested parties, whose report
shall be prima facie evidence of actual
value. If this vaUie is not paid within
ninety days the company shall be liable
inr attorney's fees. A penalty is also
nlni'H.l nooii section bosses who fail to
reiort to the owner the death of an
iniuiHl thus killed within twenty-four
hours after it occurs. The bill passed
without a dissenting vote.
In the Senate last Friday Senator
Polk rose to a personal explanation, iu
which he said: .
"Further, sir, I wish to explain
innthnr niHtter. In sneaking alout a
report in The American 1 said that
ouper was owned bv the Tennessee
Coal, Iron fc Kailroad Company, and
that it was controlled by Maj. Stahl
inan in the interest of that monopoly,
the Louisville te Nashville Kailroad.
Now, sir when-I said that I believed it,
and on what I considerrd suflicient
authority. Since then I have learned
that I was mistaken entirely, and I do
lot know of anything that could have
'iven me more pleasure than the knowl
dge of the fact that I was mistaken,
for it had been a matter of deep concern
to me that the great organ of the Demo
cratic partv was, as I supposed, in the
.ontrol of "that monopoly. Hut it has
been shown to me that the paper is in
the full control of its owners, owing
allegience to no one. and that Mr. Car
mack is the editor in fact, when I
bought he was so onlv. in name. The
Democratic party will never sutler from
tnything he may write, for he peaches
mly th true Democratic doctrine, and
s one of the people, and no writer in
.he South wages wore etteetual war for
the people than he does."
The bill amending the charter of Co
lumbia his passed both branches of the
The railroad commission bill was
killed in the Senate last Tuesday.
'Twas ever thus.
A bill to allow betting on an enclosed
race track, and to prohibit pool selling
on races run elsewhere, has passed the
Itch, Mange and Scratche of every
kind on human or animals, cured in
so minute by Woolford's Sanitary
Lotion. This never falli. Bold by
Ralni and Bon.
tablS 3m
The Action Endorsed Dy tne commer
cial Bodies, the Mayor and the
Leading Citizens of Xew
New Orleans, March 14. New Orleans
struck the Matia a death-blow to-day.
It rose in its might almost at midday
and wreaked a terrible vengeance upon
the Sicilian assassins, who relentlessly
..i... r..niri c iioiiiipssv. and. tnouiru
there are eleven men dead to-night who
were happy yesterday over their victory
in trie greaiusi t-i nmuoi
h vr witnessed, the work ot blood
was accomplished without unnecessarv
disorder, without rioting, without pil
laging and without the inlliction of sur
fnriii" udoii any innocent man save one,
and he was only slightly hurt. It was
not an unrulv, midnight mob. It was
ir .i siillnn. determined body ol
citizens, who took into their own hands
what justice nau iaueu w uu.
The fMiief of Police was slain on Oc
tober 15, and that very nigut tne evi
dence began to accumulate, showing
that his death had been ueuueraieiy
ulanned by a seorot tribunal aud carried
out boldly unci successfully by the tool
of the conspirators. Tue trial lasted
luiantir.livn ilavs. and though the 6V1
deuce seemed conclusive, the jury, our
rAtiil v nliurirnil WItU 11HV111K ueou mm
IlflTT.tif Wit ii. railed to convict. Last
iii,ht a lw.lv of cool-headed men, law-
.---J -t ..-. i . i:,:i
yers, aoi'l-ors, uiervu.tIi,.' w-;
Ifliifirs-all nersons of lunuenoe aud
social standing quietly met and de
nuia.l that some action must be taken
and the people's vengeance visubu
upon those whom the Jury had neg
lected to punnlsh. This morning s call
tr.r a mss-ineeting at Clay Square, on
Canal street, appeared iu the papers
. hidi ml toriallv ueorecaieu violence,
pf7 Bi.miH iant closing sentence of the
nail 1 tinonie nr.oasjd for action
Down in a large room of ijienyille and
Uoyal tlieia wa HI) arsenal, wuicu uau
been proviueu oy me uouy ui i'iwt"
The call was answered by the populace
t in i.'i.loi-k there was a crowd of
ucvi.r.il thousand anxious people con
.rrAir.-it.aif around the Statue. They
hardly kue Whaf yas going to happen,
but they seenjed r&ady ,q gq to any
inot.li and while there were, of course,
many of tbt lower element in the
throng, a large proportion wore the
lAailintr neoDle of the town. There were
t. h mA mi ldresses. short aud pithy, aud
business-like, and the assemblage, not
inurfitiiiitiv was soou keve I up to a
hiirh nitch.' demonstrative in its de
iim-iHtion of the assassins. Each of
the speakers said there had been a great
mass-meeting monius ueiure, wuitu
uad met quietly and dispersed peace
fully so that the law might take its
course. The law had failed, The time
in ui-l hnif crimp.
VV. M. Farkerson, the leading speaker,
is a nromlnsnt lawyer uere, tue resi
dent of the Southern Athletic Club' and
tlio muii who led the vigorous city re
form movement three vears ago. Wal
tar IV llHnnurre was another of th
ci l-r. He is the leader of the New
I ' . i -r
i AhnA hr.
John C. wieklilj-j was another spaak
af. He is a prominent attorney
Another speaker was James I). Houston.
. I . ' I .
one oi tne loreinun iiibu 01 --..m.
Alter denouncing Detective O'Malley,
who is supposed to h ive tampered with
the iury, the speakers announced tha
they would lead the way to the Parish
those Wdm "Shall the execrabb
priHnn. ill r. iv icKiuitt i;uhuiuumis ii-
Mafia be allowed to flourish iu this city
shall thn Matl.i be allowed to cut down
mir i-itizcin on public streets by lou
mnaii-4 of assassi iiat ion 7 nhail in
Matia be allowed to bribe jurors to lei
imirilnrArs an scot free?"
Bv this time the crowd had swelled t
three thousand or more, and before an v
one could realize what had happened
th croat thronir. training recruits at
Avnrv steD. was tramping down the
streets to the neighborhood of the pris
on. stoDoim; onlv once, and that was
at the arsenal, where double-barrel sho
uns, Winchester rifles and pistols wert
han-leu out to responsible aua respect
lilf citizens iu the nartv.
The st irtiug of the uro'wd had an elec
trie elleet on the citv. Soon the street
were alive with people, running iroui
all directions and joining the main
body, which moved sullenly down to
the jail, near Congo Square. Doors and
windows were thrown open and men.
women and children crowded on tht
galleries to encourage those who w ere
taking part and to witness the scenes.
When the main crowd from Canal street
reached ftTjferison there had already
c)llectelaSifre a dense throng, all eagei
to take hand in whatever might happen.
When the vanguard of armed citizens
reached Hie prison which is many
squares from Caual street the grim
old building was surrounded on all
Cant. Davis refused the request to
open the prison, and the crowd began
the work of battoriug in the jail doors.
Soon there was a crash, the doors gave
way, and iu an instant armed citizens
were pouring through the small opeu
ing, while a mightv shout went up from
lii.ooo throats in glad acclaim. Then
the turnkey was overpowered aud the
kevs were "taken from him.
The inmates of the jail were ready to
direct the way to where the Itallians
"(Jo to the female department," some
one yelled, and thitht r the men, with
their Winchesters, ran- liut the door
was locked. Iu a moinont the key was
produced. Then the leader called foi
some one who knew the right men, and
a volunteer responded, and the door
was thrown open. The gallery was
deserted, but an old woman, speaking
as fast as she could, said the men were
A party of seven or eight quickly as
cended the staircase, and as they
reached the landing the assassins tied
down at the other end. Half a dozen
followed them. Scarcely a word was
spoken. It wa the time for action.
When the pursued and their pursuers
reached the stone courtyard, the former
darted toward the Orleans side of the
gallery and crouc hed down beside the
cells. In fear aud trembling, they
screamed for mercy, liut the avengers
were merciless.
Bang, bang, bang, rang out the re
ports of tho murderous weapous, aud a
deadly rain of bullets poured into the
crouching figures.
Gerachi, the closest man, was struck
in the back ot the head, and his body
pitched forward and lay immovable
on the stone pavement, ltomero toll to
'lis knees with his face in his hands,
and in that position was shot to death.
Monastero and James Caruso fell to
gether, Cometez aud Trahina fell to
gether, their bodies literally riddled
with buckshot. Macheca, Scolfede and
old man Marches! ran into their cells;
thither half dozen men followed aud
slew them,
Polietz, the cray man, was locked up
in a cell up-stairs. The door was rlung
open and one -of the avengers taking
aim, shot him through the body.
Bagnetto was caught in the first rush
up-stairs, and the llrst volley of bullets
pierced his brain. As soon as the bloody
work was done, Mr. Parkerson ad
dressed the crowd and askeu them to
disperse. This they consented to do
with a ringing shout, but first they
made a rush for Parkerson, aud lifting
him bodily, supported him n their
shoulders, while they marched up the
street. The avengers came back in a
luxl y to Clay Statue and then separated.
There was intense suppressed excite
ment; but from one end of the city to
theother the action of the citizens was
O'Malley, the detective, who would
have shared the fate of the assassins, if
he had been caught, disappaared, and
is not expected to return, and members
of the jury are in hiding.
Ill the afternoon a meeting of the Cot
ton Kxchange was called, and tho fol
lowing unanimously adopted:
"Wiikukas, The deplorable adminis
tration of criminal justice in this city,
and the frightful extent to which the
bribery of juries has been carried, ren
dered it necessary for the ultiaens of
New Orleans to vindicate outraged jus
tice; therefore be it
"llexolvrd, That while we deplore at
all times the resort to i'iolenee, we con
sider the action taken by the citizens
this morning to be proper and justi
fiable." H Resolutions of similar purport were
also adopted by the Board of Trade,
Produce Kxchange, the Sugar Kx
change and Stock Kxchange.
Seligman, the foreman of the jury,
was expelled from the Stock Kxchange,
from his Club, aud dismissed from his
business position.
Says a New ()rleans special, this
trouble started several years ago with
two societies of stevedores the Ms
ran go and the Mafia. Tho Marango
Society is the oldest, the Mafia having
beeu organized afterward. Their busi
ness is the unloading of fruit vessels
We have a number of these societies
tliereknown as screwinens, who handle
cotton 011I3, and then there are the New
Orleans stevedores and longshoremen,
made up negroes, Americans and
Frenchmen. They ara all secret socie
ties, and have lodges and halls. What
tskes place there is never kuown to the
outside world.
"The feud that caused the death of
Hennessey began by tha Marango and
the Mafia bidding again. l9u other
I for tha unloading of fruit raels. Sud-
denly a number of the members of the
Mafia w ere assassinattd by Marangos.
The mn were arrested and confined in
iail. Chief Hennessey luteiestea uim-
beil in u&naii u tun xriana
cured their release. The Marango is a
very powerful factor in pontics, uu
Hennessey was a very u
trickster. He secured the acquittal of
these men, and the members oi ma
Malia decided to put tne uuiei 01 on
out of the way. These societies nave
members in all American ciwes, uu
when the-v decide to kill a man iu
man is doomed. The Supreme Lodge
meets and the sentence is passed.
There are black and white balls, and
the members who draw the black balls
are to do the killing. It you draw a
black ball you must commit the mur
der or be assassinated, ine society
stands up to its members, dui n. is cur
tain death not to carry out its man
dates. ... . .
"This is the secona time tiuruiR mo
l,.tcnt.iirv that the citizens ot rsew
Orleans have had to take the law into
their own hands. The jury was pacaou,
and officials who were paid by the eiry
to uphold its laws were paiu 10 urine.
. .. i I XT t l r. r, 1 CI unit it
INo me was saie 111 .ic --i
was worse than the reign or Aiiarcny mi
1 m, rr. v Ih t 110 nroteoiioii. auu 111
-- -- r,-- - ... f.-i. ,1,,,.
J l-tlUA llifl t.ma. lilt 11711-
i..o ku.i tn'takn the law into their own
bands. No one deprecates mis vumg
auv more than tue imjsl euj-ia w
nr ..oii4. 1 twas not tue aonun 01 mo
T in nr.'.M reit mai me iaw
i.o.i i.o.i r..,r rno-eii. and one of the best
,ni..iU hid aided in the outrage. At
the trial there were attempts to prove
.lihia im r. aviiliMice was uroduced be
fore the court of SiUoh a character that
.rnl.l not nisi il v au acuuiltai in any
-'- j
St 1 UA
"The strength ot mo aiaruiK"-
10 mm in fs.'iv krlnans. and lliat 01 me
VI olid u hitiir. ' (UHi. W II lit? LliO inaua men.
' . n , I - 1 . A I. I I', n kiait'
iur.i.in niwr the umteu aiaies win
uinh 11 11 to lfi.00,1. may be Jl.tKX). V
the jury was being secured threatening
iattrs wereMent to the Mayor waruiug
him that if he did not prevent a con vic
tion he !Would be assassinated. Some
of the Judges and the Prosecuting At
torney auu members of the jury re
;...:.,a.i ti.iw t.hrnateulng letters. This
uoiioi v . . mi. rt
oituritiirn hncame uesueraie. iuo
.T LI. lH " . " " . 1
...u. Hi,l not. know WUere to nmiio.
Something bad to be done, and I think
. a.uomLnra nf the sooietias are
thoroughly subdued. If anything
...rth.ri uttnmnted. 1 do not uesuate
to say that every Italian will be swept
out of New Orleans, such is the leeliug
of the people."
a;.r Rml n . Italian iviinister ui rui-
P . ... . . L 1 .. .1 il,A Ituliun
" , l. Ihut liu
press 01 iew lormruin immo u..
has already demaftt'od Iron, tUe fed
eral tioverument energetiu anq prompt
..nuni nn tor uin ivncuiuu ui mo iub-
riu ...ui.ini ut New Orleans. Denuu
ii-.r oil torlals annear iu tue iiauuu
nowsnaoers. air. dmiuo k.ior."i-m
iiiaine nas leiegrnpu'
ed the governor of Louisiana deploring
u Atld . ami nririnir IIIUL LIIHTH iw 11 U
further disturbances or disorder, as un
h tim trH.tv Italian subiects in the
United Rotates are t
protection aud security. Ha adds that
the President hopes oljenders agaiust
tho law may be promptly brought to
justice, Tl4e Italians are making a
nhoiit this attair. but no
f.rirni7tion as the M alias can nourish
;.. ti.iu nmintrv. and the Italian nor any
1 h.i'uriimnnt. cn.11 prevent or ellee-
n,.0iir n.niisli sin:h manifestations of
noniilar n.iwer as that at New Orleans
I 1 r -
lust week.
'I'huro w.a no uniisual excitement in
V ir I IrlAmm MondHV. although thou
sands of people yiiiited tUe scene q( the
mob s work. The mob's viotiiu's were
.iirinii mill some of the funerals were
iar.ri.iir .ttn tided. The Vigilance Coin-
.nLt.; is still working, and it is said
that Detective O'Malley and the jury
will be attended to, the latter through
tha i-nn rt s
It is hardly probable that
any of the mob will be arrested or cou
iTis.roii nil li.mili the grand iurv is now
.m sAsiion. and tha Attuniev iJentral
says all the means of enforcing laws
are in operation. The Superintendent
nf p.iIikh. lltiiiOMnv's successor, de
clares himself unable to arrest tUe
whole commuiilty.
And Eight ot its Inmates Perish iu
the Flames.
The western wing of the Tennessee
Hospital for tho Insane, located seven
miles from Nashville on the Murfrees
hnro Turnpike, was destroyed by tire
last Friday night and eight of the in-
mams, who were in the ward No 7, per
ished in the Haines. Tho names of the
. 1 .. rJ u till tiiU'tf I
Dr. Frank ijojlowell. qf Ilavfdson
county; John Poindoxter, of Wilson
coinitv: J. K. Uoodrich. of Davidson
countv: John F. Johnson, of Rutherford
county : Wr. J.ISettles, of Wilson county ;
W. II. lieasley, of lliukmau county;
David Brooks, of Davidson county;
John Kellev.ot Waviie county,.
At 10:15 oVlock Watchman FiUhaagh
discovered an ugly tongue of flame
hreakinur through the rear part of the
wHst. or male, wing of the building.
How it caught none could divine, but
it reached from the ground through the
scond and third stories and cut oil' the
fw rooms that were behind it. In a
moment the alarm was given and the
four hundred inmates of the institution
were thrown into V!la t;auimouoii.
There were twentvreight ri.en in the
wing when the lire caught and twet
of them were nuieklv removed to the
main hall, the other eight being left to
their fate behiudltho impassible wall of
The citv was telephoned for aid, but
Chief Carrol, of the lire department,
could not be found, anil his suoorui
nate refused to move without orders.
Finally, after two hours delay, the Chief
was found a:id he with two engines, left
for the scene of the disaster.
In the meantime, the west wing had
collansed. the tire had caught the main
building and the inmates, made frantic
by this danger, were beginning to break
from the guards and scatter like af
frighted animals over the surrounding
The lire department arrived on the
scene at 2:15. aud in a few minutes a
tine stream ot water was playing on the
maiu building. Previously the inmates
of the asylum, the servants and the
uruards. had rendered tire service with
buckets aud succeeded in holding the
tire in check to some extent. Had it
not beeu for their valiant services, the
entire structure would have boen in
flames before the arrival of the tire de
The escaped numbered between thirty
and fortv. many of whom have been
captured, some of them many miles
from the scene of the tire. The loss of
the building is estimated at about $50,'
000 fully covered by insurance. The
tire is supposed to have been caused by
Lee A 1 ford, an inmate, who in some
mysterious manner escaped. He was
recaptured nar Lavergne
, '
ii! at
Ab nit 125 of the inmates were tra
ferr ni to the West Tennessee As
at liolivar. unt l tho Central Asylum at
Nashville can bo rebuilt.
Fits, spasms. -St. Vitus dance, ner
vousness and hysteria are soon cured
by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Free samples at
drug stores
Charles A. Parker and wit'6 Jq Martin
A. Cox lot in Columbia. SIOOU.
W. V. Adkisson and wife to G. L. Ad-
kisson lot in Columbia $835,
S. R. Vvatkins to Wm. Chapman in
terest in land in 12th distriet, $200.
Margaret MeOavoek to II. Y. Weisin-
irer interest in land in 22nd dist jftXJO.
J. F. Hriggs aud wile to Abb Adkisson
lot in Columbia. l.MK.
J. L. ltushton and wife to J. Cr Stall-
ings lot in Santa Ke, VrO.
J. 8. Orman to Allen Nicholson lot i
Columbia. $200.
O. C. Taylor and wife to J. U. Foster
and. wife 44 acres of laud iu 23rd dis
trict. .")14.
Mrs. M. C. Collins to J. F. T. Jones
lot in WilliamsDort. 255.
D. K. Dortch to J. M. Mayes and A. 1$.
Kains lot in ilth district. $503.
W. O. Gordon and wife to Emma
Dowell lot in Columbia $iU5.
W. J. Dowell aud wife to City of Co
lumbia. 100.
J. M. Mayes and L. Frierson to City
of Clumbia.
J. 11. Keddy to K. (i. Allen house and
lot in 22ud district, $132,50.
A. N. Akin C. Ai M. to D. A. Akin 23
li-10 acres of land in 21st dist. $1 S.
'A. T. Voss to Miss C, K, Henderson
lot in Columbia. irtKh
K. N. Martin to Dr. J. II, Wilkes lot
in ilth distriet, $400,
Frierson Me 12 wen to J. II. Cooper
acres of laud in 21st district, $M.
D, B. Cooper to T. U. Williams land
in ilth distriet, $508,71,
W. J. Andrews and wife to Jas. An
drews lot iu Columbia,
II. C. Harlan Sheritt to J, R. it W. L-
Cat bey 40 acres of land in 21 dist. $.'J.')2,71,
J. a. rtouirers io it. v. rummers ai,
ai.-res of land iu 17th distriirt $.'XJ.
James Andrews to Mary A. Tucker
lot in Columbia, SJoO.
li. L. MeKisniek to W. C. MeKissiek
tlu; aeres of laud iu 11th distriet.
We have receivedJiundreds of testi
monials as to the ellleacy of Hunt's
Cure in cases of skin diseases, and tru
ly believe it the best remedy known tor
Hiniiworn, Tetter, r.czema and sum
lar diseases. Guaranteed. 50 cents per
box. For sale Dy an druggists.
The Crank Heard From.
The Herald received a postal card
the first of this week, dated Mont
gomery, Ala., and containing the fol-
lovrimr: "My namuiocc ana l are
doing well and of course will continue
aa uual.
V youri, IIaTl Road Jac
Spring Opening
and Tiissilay, March 23-21
Will take place on the above dates.
will be the
Grandest Exposition
Ever held in Nashville. The display of
Embraces goods from every known
country. They extend to you a special
invitation to visit their stores
Monday and Tuesday. March 23 and 21,
(GonliiLued from first page.)
Hurricane Switch.
Measles and la grippe are still in our
neighborhood. Little Annie and Lizzie
Thomas have been very sick with th
measl.es, but we are glad to learn they
are some better at this writing. Mr.-.
Neeley has been quite sick for several"
days with la grippe, we hope to see her
up again soon.
m w. I ....... .1 1 ot i.:u
... , .. w.. . ..
... fr, Uttfk olH,.e , Pleij
1" ----- . . . .
ant Mount Sunday evening at 4 o cloctc.
The bereaved family have our qeepesi
ihee win LiO services nere next sun-
day evening at 3 o'clock.
Miss Minnie uougiass, o uecaiur
Ala., is visiting her auut, Mrs. Cook, ai
this place.
Miss ISuzie Majors lias returned hunt
after speuding several weeks iu this-
ueigh uorhoou.
John i;uok is quite sick witn measies
this week. Mr. T. J. Douglass js out at
home this week. Mrs. Jietsy l-iemmii
is on the sick list this ween. i.api
Walker spent last week, with Dr.
M allies. He has Loeu on the sick usl
for the past week.
rioiue oi our uoys went caning iasi
Saturday night, and we think the
must have Igot a goou urenciiing, a.-
somo of them had to swim the ereek aim
some coon the railroad trussel going
homo. Beware boys,for Saturday night
is an unlucky night. ;
Mr. J. W. McCali was very it.li b ri
day, not aljle. lo yoriii but we aie glad
to know he was wu enough, to oan on
the voung ladies that night. Mr. Ueorge
Patton ami uaraiu iuomas went to
Nashville Tuesday.
Miss Mollie oss was the
guest of
Most of
Mrs. M. OS. Host, last week.
our farmers are preparing to
large potato crop this spring.
put ia
Deafness Can't be Cured
bv local applications, as they cann
reach the diseased portion ot the ear
There is only one way to cure deafness
and that is by constitutional remedies
Deafness is caused by an Inflamed con
dition of the inucoqs lining of tle lius
taohiai. Tube. When mis tuue gets in
flamed you have a rumbling sound, or
imperfect hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed, Deafness is the result, and
unless the iufiaiumutioi) can bu taken
out and this lube restored to its norma
condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine eases out of ton are oaus
.ed by catarrh, which is nothing but an
luil'iuieu COIIU1LIUU Ol LUC uiuuous aui-
We will give One Hundred Dollars
lor any case of Deafness (cassed by
catarrh) that we cannot cure oy taking
Hairs Catarrh Cure, send for circu
lars. free. F. J. Cukxkv ife Co., To
1 do, o. soiu oy uruggists, io cents.
C'aqipl4clb; Stiltlun,
There was an unt'ortunaie kiiliii'' iu
Our sister town of I.ynnville last Satur
day the Hth inst about sundown. The
town MarMiai or cousiaiiie kiioi. auu
almost instantly killed Mr. Alexander,
who lives on Big Creek. Mr. lleliiuek.
the constable, weut to arrest Alexander
and got into a dilliculty with him, and
the result of the matter as stated above.
Mr. Thomas Martin lost two horses
recently from colic.
Hogs are selling at three cents gross
U. A. Wilkes bought a lot ii, this ueih-
bbrhood laat wetk, at these figures.
Mules have been ouite dull but they
are looking up a little,
A. W. McDonald is still butchering
beeves and shipping to Decatur.
We are going to lose our principal
hunter, I. It. Perkinson; he is going to
move to Prospect, In Uilescounty. The
people here will miss him.
K. li. layior ami lamuy, iroui jy nu
ville, were visiting in the village last
Miss Lizzie Hannehn spent last week
in Pulaski, with the family of Mike
L. U, Fleming went to the oity of
Rocks last week.
The Kev. W. M. Neelv, of Lawrence-
burg, preached at Evergreen last Sun
day. The school at this place and tho one
at Kvergreen were quite small during
the prevalance or tue measies unn
grippe. The wet weather had sorn f
thing to do with it. They are increas
ing in numbers since tht he ilth has im
proved, and not quite so irn h rain."
The potatoe men arejab Ut one plant-
ing, oat sowing is now on "ijand. Corn
Planting will be late con v ired to the
two fast years. maury ui i'stai.i.
Died, on last Monday morniug, of
consumption, Mrs. Lisenbv, wife I
Ksq. ltuie Lisenov, at ner nome near
Lasea. She was nuried the focowing
day at the Hardison grave-vard. Ser
vices Dy rtev. p . c. esowii.
We deeply sympathize ivith Mrs.
Serihper, Kee Miss ' L.aur'a Wats' Q, in
being so soon berfet of the companion
ship of a kind and loving husband;
may the uiver oi an good sustain tier
in this great affliction.
We were inexpressioiy siiookgu nun
saddened to hear of the death of Mrs,
Annie Baker Fly, having known her
from child-hood ; and to know her
sweet amiable disposition was but to
love her; and O how our hearts go out
in sympathy for the parents bereft of
an only, a loving and a lovable daugh
ter, and young husband almost frantic
with griet.
Mr. J no. L). r.vana stoppeu ovor last
week on his way to Cincinnati, to se
lect a nice line of spring goods ior tue
firm of Miller fc Kvans, at Shady Grove.
Mrs. Helleu Uarrim;toii, who has
been visitins her sister, Mrs. Mary
Sowell, left Wecjuosday for ashyille.
Mrs. Liuina Ueyiiolds was here
among relatives the'tirst of the week.
Little Miss Fannie aowell has re
turned from an extended visit to her
The "Model Husband" contest seems
to have created quite a sensation and
several have expressed themselves as
beimr anxious for the otfor to be i-e-
iieated for the '!Moiel Wile" when this
is ended. NuYicu-
Mt. Xebo.
Editor Herald: Yesterday was a
lovely day, but our sad spirit did not
feel like attending services.
Mr. and Mrs, John Fly aud family,
little Clarence and L,ulie, spent the day
with us yesterday,
We feel deeply indebted to Mr. w, r.
Houser, for the kindness he displayed
during the time of the high waters.
Mr. Urnest ximinnns ana ms um-ie
Amis were in our midst not long: since.
We snent part of last week and week
before at Mr, S. U. Baker s, of Shady
jrovei it was a very saa visit with us
indeed. We witnessed the death oi
Mrs. James Fly. I tell in love with the
hospitality of the people while there.
Mr. aud Mrs. a. ii-isaner anu nine
l.-... I- n m mir iniilat-
It irrieves our heart to-dav to inscribe
the death of our lovad one. On hatur-
"piri t orMrl Annia Bakr Fly tV
1 l a Wi. ! 7th 1 Wtl I I ha Kll t.
wmarrie.1 to Jaufes Fly Kovem her
'2Mb, 1AS9. The only dauhter or S. U.
anrt N. B. Baker, wm born July 3rd,
1870. Mhe obeyed the goapel under tha
teaching of Elder F. C. Sowell, Serteni-
rr stb lfafter which tlm he lived
Ke floryof
vDsavw 3hi mi saamavo avh
3 aioju3MOd
dmd jun
K- lrr . SSHV3A
w v ' i . r"v
sr?3 SH013 aduad i iriri ne ?tiv!!A. ni w'l va uiaiiu?ji.run
. - i- t m t rw
OB r"---,;V
nai . she was a true member (l tne
church -f Christ. Her place is vacant
and no one can fill it. She never failed
to S eak a gi.od word fur the cause the
loved so wt-li, win n im opportunity
presented itself. But our sister is go in .
O.ie Lad but to know her to love her;
and 'is hard indeed torus to realize i
that v e will see her sweet face aid'
he ir her gen u vo co no more on earn .
lieu re 1 i . l ig sue si oko oi tieain o
11 1.1 11 11 1 c-l t j . i;v iici ii iitiiiuv.i,
die. ai 1 she did not lo r oea.u, il it
was God's Will, only regreti d to leave
her dear companion and precious liule
oube; r-ald she was ding so young.
She requested all of her friends that
were standing around in r dying bed to
neet her in heaven, and &l-o sent good
tidings of joy lo a g;e-it mauy ot her
relatives and friend? that could not be
present in her dying hone. Sl.easkwi
s i olteii lor some one to sing ior rc , uui
n one couid sing, fi r their hea t w: s
,ver tilled with griet. I h-n she pealed
f.rth in a low sweet solemn soi nd.
Safe in tho arms nf Jesus; ' then her
V -ice tattered, couiu not iiuueisiami
what she said. After to long a lime.slie
asked again lor some one to sing, but no
one felt like sii g.ng. Th. she begun
herself; "I rsk not io .stay. ' she re
marked I can't si"g; then' she tried to
hum tho rest. She atten pted to sing
several times, but her swiet voice was
too near gone. The sweet' st of all just
betoro death was so near, sue pean u
f rth in a clear, sweet, low tone, "Oh!
how I love Jesus!" the chorus though,
her voice never faltering. Her laith re
mained firm uulo, Hie eii 1, and her
hope anil conlidence unshaken to the
last, ller sky was clear and serene,
h -r mind calm and composed, uud thus
she fell asleep in Jesus, and entered in
to the lov ot her jjora. as tne writer
gazHil upon tne solemn scene oeiove uer i
ho could not but feel the force of Ue1 t
. " " . i 1 I
. I V . li. liies'eu arc Hia ueu miiru
lie in the lord.' May tied console the
tieartbrokeu husband, parents anil
brothers and guide their trail barques
into Hie haibor of eierual re-t, where
hers ix now peacefully resting in the
quiet breeses of iod's everlasting love.
X, loving frieiid. Li.i n.i:.
My brightly burning lire laughs and,
plan's, talks and sings, out I can iii'.er
net'notliiug it says. Al tmiis il. is try
ing ti give ine an al;iiudii;t-e. of news
fc.V tlio li;KAi.i - but uta! Its words
ftfo as so much Hoorew to me, and 1
must put on my thiiikiny-ciip, and
origma.e my o-Afii ideas.
As th -io were services at no other
Church last Sunday, a goodly crowd was
in att-iidiince at liio Methodist. J fro.
Pattv ga.e us an excellent sermon ty-ut
G.m.'V 11: .
At nig t .vas the S'.-rviou ol soiig, and
5t " tsev. ii iieller than we antiei ialeu.
Tfe pioy:aiu, co.isis ing ol' el.oiu.-e-,
d lolls and solo-', interspersed wiin
lessons aud pr.tyers, was interesting
t iiuugliuul. Tue songs were well
8J;e-ted and b.-tier sillier. Noilieii.iie
we Will print one of our programs, it the
editor doesn't thhiU it will consume too
in'-ch space.
The lamps, all bright and golden add
muc.i to the appearance of tue church,
On! v a carpel and newly panned btius
arenecdeii to make tlie luriiishiiig of
-lie church complete. The ladies are
do i g the work th-iuselve-, aiulla- th y
succeed i i aiiytuing liiey und.-rlaiv 4
the carpet w ill soon bo now i and the
seals w ill have on new cals of pamt.
Miss Mjuuie li;iWiutt, who has been
taking a special course in Mu.-ic and
Art, at (i.tliaun Teuu., is at home for a
few weeks vacation. .She has accepted
a sch ;ol near Gallatin, an 1 wiil b.'gm to
teach as soon as she sliail have ;e ameil
her slrentih. fSiio deservedly bore oil'
the scholarship medals last year, a'd
is well competent to leauil.
Mr. Jamea .Suiizer was out f rom Co
lumbia last Sunday visiting his parents.
Dr. Kd Giant was also out lroiu your
Mr. Joe IJallanfant has returned from
a trip to Chicago. Suppose he lias been
up lo select rooms for me World's i-'air.
.Miss Lela Abe.rnalhy is at home no w,
and is rapidly improving. As soon as
sho i eco ers her strength, she, w ilh the
aid of a friend, hopes lo organize a
Dramatic -Club, for the enjoyment of
our young people. .
I Jr. Iirby ljowlelt, aooinnpai'.ied by
Mr', liussell Perry, was in our town last
Saturday, Mr. Perry doesn't mind
climbing the hill, f r fie is repaid w hen
he rescues the top.
Mr.". J. II. Toinlinson expects to buy
a handsome carriage soon. Several, llie
writer among the number, have been
invited lo diive with her sometimes.
We shall surely accept.
The weather will soon permit the
young ladies to appear to their best ad-vaiilagos-.on
horseback. Wl:e. i the
new habits are completed Kippl", Bon
nie, AYild'Fire, ami the other pretty
ponies will have the reins drawn on
them. We love to ride, and shall make
up for the time lost during the muddy
w inter.
The few boautll'ul davs wo have been
havi nr. have put our "brains to work.
The nlaii' inz must be done for veget:.-
bus-aul flower gardening, spring-cl'-'Mtn-r.
aud last but not least the
spring dresses must be selected, bought
and made. The men say they are
thankful that they are men at such
times, but we are giad we are wit men,
for tlwy can't L. ive pretty boon, t and
dresses t any cost.
What has bee meol'"Verna Vilbers?"
We suppose she is saving herself for the
"Model Husband" contest. It is with1
'fear and trembliiifr" that we attempt,
to till the pliieo she once had, and to
follow just i.ier "ltetsy," but as the
form r is a wav and the latter has ceaseu
to write, we will try to send in some
thing to llie 11 krami, until some one
more competent will take the place of
ililiiifd to lLalh.
James McCandless, who lives near
Triune, iu Williamson County, met
with a terrible death Monday even
ing, lie returned home iu au intoxi
cated condition and iustead of going
to the houe laid diwn on a pile of
strw iu the bam. Iu some way the
barn caught lire and the unfortunate
jjian was cremated alive. It is
thought that he set the tire acciden
tally lighting liia pipe. 1 was a
son of Carroll McCandless, a formtr
f ili-knowii aud wea thy citizen of
Wtlliamsou county
orxs enjoys
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and act3
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Uowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches find fevers and cures hahitual
constipatiou. Fvnip of Figs is the
only remedy of its hind ever pro
dueed, pleasing to the taste and ao
ceptahle to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the r.iost
healhy and agreeable- substance?, its
mauy excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the mobt
popular remc-ily
Syrup of i"vs
and" 81 bottles !
3 is for siilo in Coc
I anfl
bottles by all
leailing tlrug
drusirist v.lio
An reliable
may not have ,t on hand M ill pro
I . v .-
trv L V0 Dot accent any
i , . "
Mt.tr vnnifi riv mi iiui wv
LOUttVtLU, r. - HEW fOHKt .f.
naisa3A3a 103 ju3j isow 3Hi
3Tt3vano 3ndwis
30HOJ mmmiim
300HH03 lOH1ll(
" w r .t- . - rst iai-uim
SATTEHFIKLl) & CHUKCII, Columbia, Tcnn.
.nnw VVi
0;$ ir-
s,f..- r v
Vk? SHLjr" lk-s for eult-m.-n.
t?4-v W B mmm ,a1li-6ti-le..nr-war-
riinti-ft, ftnd so stamper! on lMittom. Ad Irt-sn
W. L. OOt'UluAS, llrockiou, ill u as. Bold by
jaul 6ui Acent.
Xon-ltcsidoirt Notice.
.March til h, Wll. S
W. K- Smith, Complainant, vs. W. H. Wil
liams, i t at., Hefcndant.
It apf tirin? from amilavit fi'ed in this
cause that the defendant, W. H. Williams
Is a non-resident of the State of Tennessee,
It Is therefore ordered that lie enter his np
ma unee li rein, in-fureor within the first
'Hive iIhvb of llie next term of the 1 iianeery
!l'.lll.f Ilk IU I
;Ver or .l.-iiiu
t tlUrl, U IK lieUl HI IIIIUHIUIM, Oil mi- IUM
pril next, l'.n, ami pieHii hii
r lo complMiiiant's hill, or tlie
same will tie taken toreiinfessed as tohim an-t
set for lieurim; ex iarte; and t hat a copy of
thisorler tie put. lishod for lour enuseeutive
weeks in the olumbiH iierain.
mc!i U A. N. A K IN, C. Jt M.
Pins Furniturs.-
Wholesale and retail dealer lu
I'll A M HKR,
CUllbKK 11 A I It,
Spiral Woven Wire and Stiel W Ire
All kimlsof CHAIUS, KOCKKKS, an. I eve
rvthina pertaining to tlie Kuri.itur Trade.
All orders will ii;le prompt attention.
I Hill l V V
J . ti llliluli
we c.v r: xt::k Tiri-i
to tie 1 lie lir-t
reliable lTiiiL'ly
i- tl'.'t
;i!il iheu.ii
'..r-rftliielll tif
eorofula, Old Sores, I'imples, Blotches,
Eruption, S'ln Dlaoanee, Humors,
Itchiiiff, Tfcttev, Scald-head,
Swollen Jolats, Ach
in.i F.ouet.,
Soro and Tired Feelings in the Limbs,
Sore Eyes, Pyspcpsia, I'isorderei
Stomach, Derantred System
General Dtbilitv, Uifti
eased Kirtnsy!) livid. Liver.
jt i mis.1 oiio tt tt.e
elrenji-tlieii tlio t-nfet
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A certain
blood cleanser
and health
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Cklrhe.ter'a V.zll.ft Diuim' Brm.d.
OrlclnBl and Ouly C en nine.
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l-rm'irit for Chuhrttrr fnjlish I'ta-A
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"Keller ror iiBiii-," reiani
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Bold tj all Locl iruiii'. i'hllaaa.. i'
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Our Oli.cs is Ciposilc U. S.Pa'tn: (Jttice.
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lion. We iiti v i so. i liatotitJii.ns r ""-
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lifscni.i. liiciits iiiyuuravuu, cuuuiy,ur
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Opposite Paten! OW.c?. Wahif fllun, D. C.
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oaiise, in til. 1 he ili-1'i-inlnni. .hiiiiex V nilerwooil.
is n n-in r- si i n. of llie Stale nf 1 entieoKi-u.
It i th'-re r-otilere 1 ilni' lie enter lux tip-
iii ariiiu-ii herein on the fi r.-t Mmnhty In -May,
iH-in ' 1 !ie ii '-! ' ' rni ot the. O.rcun Court. witti-
in me lirl I lilt t- -1 iy-, -ui i' u I. uiiKwer or
il.-iinr to roiir Ii-.iii i-ifx hi I. r llie Mime
will I e l-iken 1 .i- eotif lo him iifil net
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..r, I r !.- n i';i-ln-! fo.ir .i'. uti ve Meek
In i tie ( ol'.iiiilii.i 1 1 I
A . . Il l U1. Cleik.
l I', s. 1 il o i-x N , h-ul'r fir I in oil. '
m-i-i h !' 11
Xon-IUs !ent Notice.
Mnrc:i U', lWil. i
l. L. I'-' i jtieriy c-t hi , l.iniiiiiatnaniK, vs.
j " Tl!iiii:in Hul-hc-r, et ul., Deleiiduulb.
' It a!.ie;iri!ii; from nHiilavit filed In thin
' c-.inse.' ! I. nl I lie defendant)!, lllliimn IluU-her
, n-il wil- Sin-ie Huli-her, Joseph llarkey,
i Ma-.K-e Murker, liertrmle I .olcoinb, Jun;en
I iiili oinb iind Slurifarct E. H-iIconib lire non
i resident of the State of Tennessee. It U
' therefore ordered that they enter Hielrnp-i
I pearanee herein, on Monduy, AprUtL'O, lhl. 1
! I ' fLtffil&VS'XX
the hillne iM-lliB a ruie unjr in imn niu i l. miu
; ;';';o"them arid Bet for hearing ex parte; and
i,ut. copy 0f thl order be nufiimhed for
'our ooa.ecutlve weeki In the Columbia
ntrAiJ. . a. N. A KiX, C. M. J
rigaMlAPnagettiSol'rfot Counirt.
LliMim-KF i' for-rftrftC1'!
We Hirttish -vr-i i 'iiinir r-iT :
y-'tir :T'' iit-'iii' 'i - i :U",;r
-ittir.-. V in w 1 f.!. tii I : 'i i :il . w On
li.-jrn.M r- drt- ir- irni
ti'l in nr at"-r .in (
plot iiintt and t---i h '
Agents for
EColumbus Buggy Company.
XSdgTroy Carriage Company.
ggIIenney Buggy Company. -gKaufman
Buggy Company.
Sre carry the largest stock of strictly
In the city. Our
Photons surpass all others in quality, fin
ish and style.
FINE TRACK HARNESS in nickel and
rubber mountings. Full lino of medium
quality Buggies and Phiutons at moderate
The "Farmers' Friend" Corn Planter, im
proved for 189 1 is the very finest one ever
seen in the count v.
discounts anything
Street, Emtry & Co.
East EJido Public Square, Columbia, Taxxa,
'the J '.am r jjo HonuJiA nYerojusYabii WrlEEIS,
Covering HoEG GuoD1ftRS
Tho most Complete Planter on tho Market. Un-
equaled lor Llcht Dran, Keguianiy in Diop
a id Covering the Corn.
Kpkimo Hll.L., January 'Ji, 1K9I.
S ATTfKFi Ki.ii CurBrii: Pear Slr: We tttke jileuxure In atttMiiK Ui you llmt tho
llaniiltoi: t orn Plmiter " bout; lit of you Utxl irlnK tfav ua nitlre HHtiHfuct Ion in every
iiarlleulur; we I .out: lit (he marhiue complete
hv hnn.l iinil with drill attaehment ami have
Iiii; 2"i nei-es of Heed millet anil it worked like a
IeiiU-rN mid eoverin hludeH, a8 we got voud
Very rexjeclfii!ly,
"Jhe Hamilton"
tViriii It f( i
Y,tU l If
Not eiiftled by any other. lla
islied with Seeder iittiielniieiit.
lueha :iu
les nei k
-K,-.. i J 1 3 1 l I 1 I 3 i
I u.tihleJ ly any otLei
telS Sm
x r ir. , ''.Xi-W. f-jri
x ii
.-. 1TE1SICI.13S-:-
Surreys, lsuggies anil
The Drill attachment
ever before introduced.
iiidii: ly
(V ''. -. , f r '-1",-rV7'
nuit UKeil 11 wltn ll liawortu nei-K ivowt-r,
no c-oiu plain t whaUiwr. Wo imil It In l'-
nharm. Wo think a trreal.Uoal oi llie eii
utaiid of both millet. iu I corn.
UkU H. & HAM (LtiAKY.
Hamicton. Ohio U.8.A.
weight than any IUc Ilurruw made. Furn-.
Smocthibe Larroir made.
OokbabU, Tent,
V """" - -n.iSl
m l i i i k li
if ( I r
n si r. ?i ;

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