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A Model
Fiflh Installment of Letters on this Interesting Question
Ladies Competins for the $10 in Gold Prize Offered
by The Colombia Herald.
KUitor of tlie Columbia Hkrald:
"The race, is not to tlio swift,
Nor the battle, to the strong"
So I will join the number,
To help the Hkhalu along.
It ia an excellent paper,
And the Kditor is wise.
To otter ten golden dollars
As a "Model uuauauu" prize.
If there's any subject
More tempt in sr. man me goia.
That would induce a woman
Her ideus to unfold
It is this Modtd Husband,
Will: chai tcriHtics rare.
Who asks a winsome maiden,
His lot in lite to Hiiaru.
I'm uwaro that imperfection
in every wire 's round.
If there's a Model Husband,
Loud, let his praise resound,
ve read, that in the scripture
Kyerv tvie of man
Is portrayed, for our improvement,)
with a master' snauu.
From Genesis to Revelation
I've scanned the pares o'er:
And lind this "Kara Avis"
iJiveth nevermore.
Perhaps with a combination
or tue groatest types, on nana.
We can make a Model Husband,
Or at least a model man.
The wisdom of a Solomon,
His riches too, must share,
But be as meek as Moses,
And. as brave as Daniel, dare
To serve his Great Creator,
And humbly bow the knee.
Acknowledging God's mercy,
From all eternity.
The faithfulness of Abraham,
Auulied unto ins wife:
There is nothing imire essential
lu a Model Husband s lire.
The love, aud tender feeling
Which Jacob did sustain,
Who labored fourteen long yeara
His Kachel he might gam.
The beauty of an Absalom,
tor beautv is a charm
That holds affection in its chain,
With admiration warm.
The righteou suess of Noah,
in warning tellowmen,
Jod's wrath is surely coming.
forunrepeutea sin.
The patience and endurance
or poor, old, lione.si ,ioi.
When sorely tried, atllicted,
ould never curse ins iouf
The accomplishments of David
so, wnon sitting uowu at ease,
May produce the sweetest music
ins cnaruung wire 10 piease.
The health, and strength of Samson,
For health is pleasure's gain,
The life is full of shadows
That is ot ten crossed with pain.
.villi a moral sense or auiy,
And a liitle sparkling wit,
I think upon a model,
We have surely hit.
Since our faults are only virtues,
Carried to extreme,
What to one appears perfection,
Doth not, to another seem.
If, in this poor description,
A thousand faults may loom,
Remember tiiat perfection
Is only Heaven's boon.
Husbands present, and prospective.
lie notdishearted by this plan,
You'll be, at least, to one a model,
If you '11 do the best yon can.
JCkith Hazelktt.
A Christian.
Editor of the t'ol.r Mm A Herald:
The man who takes the Holy Bible
for his guide, who loves the Sanct
uary; who prays for aud possesses the
Holy Spirit, to enable him to put on
the breast plate of righteousness, that
he may staud against the wiles of the
evil one surely wiU make "A Model
Hubband." Teddy.
A Happy Combination.
Editor of tho Columbia Ukualo:
A true American;
A devout Christian.
A sout'ierM gentleman;
A brave soldier ;
A tender lover;
An apt scholar;
A thorough business man and a
"Democrat" through and through.
"Child oftjie Confederacy."
Manliness and Parity. '
KUitor of the Columbia Herald:
A christian; one who does not foi
get tlie little courtesiea lavished on a
wife when a girl; a man that loves
aud appreciates home and wife bo
much, that he is mauly enough to let
hei know it. A man that can be in
fluenced by a good noble wife. Un
selfish in all things; having a princi
ple and courage to say no when
tempted; remembering a wife's hap
piness depends on a husband's ac
tions, aud home is a desert place
without manliness aud purity.
N. H.
Panics Standard.
Editor of the Colombia Herald.
"Husbands, love your wives, even
as Christ also loved the church and
gave himself for it;" "Ho ought men
to love their wives as their own bodier.
He that loveth his wife, loveth him
Thus the inspired Paul writes to
husbands, and the man who loves hiB
wife that well, will protect rier aud
provide for her comfort and happi
ness. as well as his income will ad
ruit, from the millionaire in his man
sion to the com men day laborer iu his
dmgy hut; will be temperate in all
his habits, and when he returns to
his home will have a friendly greet
ing for all present, will be courteous
aud considerate aud not too exact! nf,
but to whom his wile can at an times
turn for counsel, aud iu whom she
can safely trust. Iu prosperity or ad
versity he will ever implore Divine
assistance. Sibyl.
Courtesy will Tame a Petruchio's Kate.
E.iitor of theJCoLUMniA Herald:
A model husband must be God
servinir. ana man neiping.
He must be both physically and
morally brave; not needlessly putting
his foot upou a worm, yet ready if
need be, to die for the right.
He must shun low couiinoy. and
vicious habits ; and be above a little
In business he inut be prompt,
energetic, persevering and econom
ical, that he may be liberal. He must
not refuse his wife money without
giving a reason. -
He mutt be gently linn, not yield-
in? to her idle caprice, arm ever ignor
ing any iii-nunior ou ner part; treat-
ng her at an time courteously, ana
though a Petrtichio'rKate, fhe would
tweome amiable, at l-n-t t him.
He iiiunt be a- considerate of tli
mifort. and as d-drou of pleasing
tbe gray-haired wife win has walked
by his nd- a ia I -r i a century, as
when 'i her girlhood he wooed her
and was still uncertain of her love
Sara Hue a.
He Must Dote on Bangs.
Editor ot Columbia Hebald.
This we girls so seldom thiuk of
when we are choosing a husband
but rather take it as an honor, to
promptly answer yea sir.
A "model husband" Is one who
never wearies in well doing; who
doesn't Bcold if dinuer is at oue in
stead of twelve, who, when .asked to
accompany bis wife to church, never
answers, "its too eold or bad for you
to attend this eve." puts on his hat.
lights hia cigar andj-ttepsnut; but tells
her to come and ro with him. walks
and talks oheerfuly to her all the eve.
When his day work i aone, never
stands on the corner, takes, as he
calls it, a "social drink," talks to some
friend until after dark, but come?
home and entertains his own dear
little wife. When he asks for his
clothes finds he has to wait an hour
or so he only smiles and realizes "a
womans work is never done." He is
as particular about his wife as him
self. He never tells her how Mrs
Jones makes coffee, but rather boasts
that she makes better coffee than any
lady in town. Should she Abject to
attending the theater he should never
say she is contrary and pout about it,
but kiss her and say "she don't feel
well or she would go with me." If
she gets rather a costly spring bonnet,
he should think how costly she is.
He should first see if he will be by
his wife as a child is by a new toy,
soon become tired of it. He should
never chew tobacco or smoke cigars
iu tbe presence of his wife, but re
member she is as (she once was when
lie wouldn't have done it for any
thing. He should never ask his sister
to get the coal. He enould always
remember hia mother, . and never
get angry at her economy.. He
should not spend tQa evening calling
or walking wttu sorre rriena. due at
home with bis wearied and lenesome
wife. He should not object to her pit
flowers, etc! In fact,' he Id a real good;
hard working, christian man. He
should never object to her bajigs, but
ratuer insist that she snouia curl
them regular. Do my ideas agree
with yours? Iva D.
Find Him aud Take Him.
Editor of the Columbia Hihalu.
I am a little loth in expressing my
sentiments, for their are so few
model men; it takes a great-deal to
constitute the word model. Marriage
s a solemn thing a choice for life.
Girls be careful in choosing. Many a
girl has married a man whom she
knew to be anything but good, "be
cause he loved her so." The most
perfect man who does not love you
should never be your husband, for
marriage without love is terrible, but
love alone will not do. A husband
mujt be a guide to bo trusted a
companion a friend as well as a lover.
He must not above all things, be de
ceitful, but steadfast and uumovable;
always the same at home aud place
of business. Due that makes home
happy and life worth living for.
Woman has a great deal to do in
making a model husband. She
should live the life that she expects
her husband to live. I should not
wonder at so many unhappy homes,
when girls never stop to realize what
i y are dmig. Taey doa't like the
l lea of being called "Old Maids, "con- j
sequeutly they marry the first oppor-
umty. 1 mean some of tnem. 11 1
were to veuture to assert I had lived
u u married for quite a while, you
would censure me with being Ian old
maid. No one, of course, denies that
there is such a thing as "old-maid-
ism" (we employ this word for want
of a better.) iou so often hear peo-
olosav: "W hv. vou are as neat as
an old-maid!" a reproachful compli
ment paid to the Miss, I am sure, but
as the tastes aud habits of married
women differ, so likewise do those of
siugle women, but we are inclined to
think if tue .girl can nud a model
'eutlemau she had better take mm,
to avoid critism.
Our life is what we make it,
tlow sweet our homes should be;
Vnd a dear loving husband
Just as model as model can be.
Ouanuk Blossom.
"llusbuuds. Love Your Wires!
Kditorof the Columbia Herald:
I have at last concluded to write a
etter on the ever Interesting subject,
'A Model Husband."
He is always ready aud willing to
do anything in his joer to promote
tbe happiness of his wife, and lesten
her labors and care; even though it
should cost his life.
Affection is also a groat feature iu
A Model Husband." When his
wife's heart is almost broken with
sorrow, he cau come with a lew Kiss
es aud loving caresses, aud change
ner tears Into smiles, aud in a snort
Lin I I u DlUllCO. BUU AU B I
her sorrow will be foreotteu.1
He should not drink strong drinks.
i. A. 1 - 1 A. j I l .
or gamble, 'as a great many do; but
he si ould nud his . greatest pleasure
at home, with his owu family, .and
thus brighteu the long, sad t hours,
they would otherwise have to Bpend
He should love, and protect his wife
in all cases; but particularly in sick
ness. When disease has laid its
stroug hold upon .her, and her
strength aud beauty are gone, and in
every way she seems to be only a
wreck of her former self, he should
uot then forsake her, or grow cold
aud harsh in his actions toward her.
But he should still love, aud cherish
the wife of his youth; and speak -to
her his most loving and consoling
words. He should realize how great
ly his wife's happiness depends upon
him ; and always come home with a
smile aud a kiud word. He should
be very careful to never (und.T any
circumstances) tell his wife a falser
hood. What could be worse than to
have a husband in whom you have
no confidence!
"A Model Husband," can be told
in a few words. He is temperate,
honest, kind, affectionate, thought
ful of his wife's happiness; aud most
of all a true christian. For it is
my opiniou that no mau can be "A
Model Husband" unless he is aJ
"Husbands love yonr wives.
Wives obey your husbands."
John's Wife,
Mil I not Leave Clothes Lying About.
Edi r of theCoi-MBiA Hekald:
A Model Husband Is a true, Chris
tiai gcutletiian who considers his
lovt . duty, aud allegiance as belong
lug .Irst to his Maker aud second to
his wife.
He resiectg all women aud believes
in them.
Who is a manly man and believes
in womanly women.
Who appreciates his wife'B good
qualities and praises her for them.
Wiio is strong yei geniie, ana is al
ways kind and willing to overlook
'Who is a real companion, aud
doesn't thiuk it a waste of breath to
tfll his w fe the latest news, and con.
'ide his business troubles to her.
Who is affectionate. All women
like to have thejjassu ranee that their
husbands nre as much iu love with
them after years of their wedded life
have fled, a-i they were in the old
davs of courtship.
Who doesn't forget tne little
courtesies and attentions of the fire-
ide and tries to make everything
about home as pleasant as possible.
Who will make a reputation and
whoso name bis wife would be proud
to bear.
Who tries to conceal the faults of
his wife and never corrects her before
Who gives his wife an allowance
and does not have to be asked tor
every cent she needs.
Who can be serene In the midet of
embarrassing circumstances and la
deliberate in the face of emergencies.
Who remembers that he and hit
wife are one, and that there should be
no secrets between husband and wite.
Who often takes home to his wife
some little token ; such as fruits, flow
er" r a new nooK or magazine.
Who Is always neat and tidy, but
not fastidious, and loves to see his
wife dressed neatly and the house
arranged tastefully.
Who spends his evenings at home.
Who thinks to shut doors and does
not leave bis clothes Ivlng about.
Who speaks approvingly aud cheer-
iuny wniie tneir ears cau hear and
their hearts can be made happier.
Who is "diligent in business, fer
vent in spirit; serving the Lord."
Who Is all in air to his wife, her
stay, counselor, aud guide.
"A Model Husband" So It is.
Editor of the Columbia Hekald:
Well let me see first I must refer
to Webster for the li-eral meaning of
me woru mouei, ah: Mere it Is;
model means a copy a natieru.
rnereiore, a "model nusbaud" la a
pattern busband I suppose, one of
those perforated kind, so filled with
intricate notches, dots, and seams
that none save the most practiced eve
of an expert could ever hoe to shaje
into any sort oi lasnion. mil enough
ox tuis iaie jest ana in ail serious
ness l say that to the mind of the
thinking woman, the one whose
Individuality calls for, more than or
dinary bread and . meat existence of
an every; day, life, th question of
what traits are essential to the, char
acter of a' model husband is a problem
only jo be solved by each individual
lor., nerswr. Jiactr . woman alone
knows the. kind of natural affinity
that must -exist bet ween herself and
her husband to produce , that perfect
state of blisa so rarely attained in tni
ge oc r'-mamage$ .(feeonvenanccs."
To be a model husband therefore,! he
man mast nave his ideal wife. The
one is as dependent upon the other,
as the shadow is upon the sunshine.
luui i say to every - man to every
woman-who look to their wedded
future as the time coming when peace
and sweet rvat shall . encompass and
shield them from the vanities and
worldly follies of their younger; days.
to these I eay seek ye though it be
unto the last hour of your life the mate
wnose sympathy. love, and . confi
dence comes so close to your own.
that there is but the difference be
tween them, that may . be found in
two chords of musie, which when
struck together give out perfect har
mony. Thus after this prelude Mr.'iiiditor
I deolare my idea of a "model hus
band" to be that of a man who ac
knowledges his wife's dependence
upou his Btrength and his bounty,
aud complains not of the care; who
governs his home, and his family
with firmness, tempered with mercy,
who looks upon his wife as his confi
dent and his comforter, giving to her
the honor of being the good mother of
his childieu, giviug to her the perfect
freedom oi tier individuality, . (so it
be in keeping with her marriage vows)
taking pride iu her desire to be more
than an idle drone, iu the busy hive
of America's bred winners, giving to
her all the faithfulness, love, and
honor that she may deserve. With all
of these rich blessings-" well may any
woman say my husband is my Hfe,
to me he is the iersonfied model of
what God would have all men be..
Just Because.
Editor of the Columbia Hebald.
A model husband! Who has ever
seen one? Do you think, Mr. Editor,
you could make oner Oh, i ho! a
lough question! Oh, well, excuse me.
An old maid, you know, is considered
a privileged person. But, as you
have asked me, personally, for my
opiuiou ou the subject, I will cast my
eyes around ou tbe husbands of Co
lumbia, that brightest jewel iu Ten
nessee's crowu of towns, and see if,
from them all, I can choose one iu
whose likeness I should like the
creature I called husband, fashioned.
I have appealed to Mrs. Thinks her
selfallowed few privileges for her
aid in this weighty matter, and she
pointed out her friend, Mrs. Da-as-
you-please's husband, who, she
says, fills her ideal of a model hus
band. Mrs. D's husband buys her
silks, satius, fur, and jewels, and per
mits her to Hurt with the other men,
aud. while he stays with the children,
lets her drive off in the carriage to
the ball of the season." and spauks
the children himself, without calling
out,. "mama, take the hair-brusu to
rnkii Jl n.tA'rdns.lil'iiri.AASla k in naiutp
I lll 11 II . . U. .riCllV. T . J u W frv
whil" JobufiT bawls from the stiugs
l - i. --. - Tr 1- a ' -
Mrer- Careless-about-herh house
sighed deeply when it carne turn
to answer, and then exclauied "a
model husband! and pray, whoever
saw one? Ah," a model
would be a rare curlositV !"
"So he would I Mrs. Careless-about
herbone," I replied,' when she' weut
on to si "Well, since I have oome to
think of it, he is one who keep" you
well supplied i with money, doesn't
grumble and swear if - dinner is too
late, the soup scalding ijot, the bis
cuit burned, the eteak tough (as if we
could help tbe steak's being; tough)
and If the middlng lsnt flavored right
ly, and the sauce is not rich nor sweet
enough, and the baby cries (wb.eh .i'fTe
his place to make behave and keep
quiet) and when you forget to darn
his socks (when be should have new
ones) and ti sew the buttons on his
shirt, cut .'down your allowances of
pin-money (q twenty cents a week.
One who Ireata hia wife as if he anew
she' was mLstxeaa of his house as well
. .. . ncaA - lu u l,iiu.
baud." , I thanked her and bade her
good-morhlngnxl walked off., Now,
all ol my married mends gave similar
descriptions, but somehow or; other,
thev don't coiucide with mine, ana
to. finding that I can't sponge off of
my friends for an opinion, I will have
to give mine, out and out. Ui course,
when an ol&tnaid begins to say what
she would do if she had a husband
and family, you married ladies begin
to sneer and say "Of course, you'd do
just as the rest of us do " I can most
always find an answer for them, and
don't mind their sneers at all. A
model husband should love his wife
and children and unless be does, can
never ascend the ladder to "model
busbandship." Next, he must have
a pleasant, comfortable home for his
family, and never scold when his
wife tells him she must have mohv-y
to get the oldest little boy and the
baby some shoes, and she would like
to have a spring dress, but Fay, "ray
dear, you will have to wait uutil I
pay for the parlor set for your drss,
and here is $3, will that do for the
shoes," and kiss her goodbye, and not
say "Gosh! they kick out more t-hoes
thau any children I ever saw, and
vou got a new dress only a week or
so ag" (when lv. was in tbe fall) and,
taking from your pocket a twenty
five cent cigar, light it, and walk out,
slamming tbe door, aud waking up
the baby, who begins to bawl, making
its mother Bit down and cry (aa any
sensible woman would when her
husband was cross, the baby bawling
and everything topsy-turvy.)
A model husband must be a man,
for if he is a man, he will be a Chris
tian and a Christian man will be good
to his family, aud make a really
model husband.
Lastly, the husband, to be a model
one, and an example to other hus
bands, musihavea model wife. Now,
that's the opinion of an old maid, who
has remained single, lo! these many
not because sue has nad no
"'nhinMi.' hut. for th almnla reason
that woman always glTes, juat "be-
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sold at 25 and 50 cents per box at
Rains & Sou drug store. 3 oct24-ly.
It is a love of a bonnet that en
courages tne Easter hat.
Dr. Hale's Household Ointment
Is the finest remedy in the world
It absolutely cures Cattarrh. It
J ml rAH Neil r nlir in Hllil ltlielllim! im
1 - - - - - r- - - -
I Cures Piles like magio. Cures Salt
I T K All tvt in rv rn- - ......ilwura n a
I Cures Inflamed and Urauulated Eye-
lids. Cures Coughs aud Colds. Can
1 be taken internally. Cuts, bruises,
burns, chilblains, sores of long stand
ing, corns and bunions are cured
quickly; different from all else;
superior to all else; it has no equal;
25 and 50c boxes; large size cheapent
sold at liains & son drug store.
oct 24 ly
Even vinegar has to work in order
to be worth anything.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salvo in tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheuui,
Fever iSores, Tetter Chappod Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures flics, or no
pay required. It ie guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or nioney refunded.
Prioe 25 cents per box. For sale by W.
P. W'oldriduk !c Co. nialt-ly.
Whether on pleasure lent or business,
should take ou every trip a bottle of
syrup oi rigs, as it acts uiosi pleasant
ly and effectually on the kidnevs, liver
and bowels, preventing fevers, head
aches and other forms of sick nets. For
sale in 50 cents aud $1. bottles by all
leading druggists.
A growing trouble a baby.
Quinine impairs the hearing, destroys
the nerves and injures the digestion.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic is
pleasant to take, leaves no unpleasant
. . : . i. . i : .....i L . . . : l 1 . .
taste?, improves wi uiihum mm uunu
up the entire system. No cure no pay
For sale by all druggists. liiaiU-lin.
The glazier is always giving peop'e
We have received hundreds of testi
monials as to the efficacy of Hunt's
Cure In cases of skin diseases, and tru
ly believe it the best remedy known tor
lUngworn, Tetter, Kczoma and simi
lar diseases. Guaranteed. 50 cents or
box. For sale by all druggists.
The New York World says that
Harrison's vote of tariff agitation lu s
been overruled by a majority of 1,300,-
000 votes.
Absolutely Pure
A Araam of t&rtai btkl&t ttowdi r.
btbll n leavenlDt trnilh. Ut U. i. I
Borirnment Food port, JuMfclf
Ml of tk Mi
7 1-2 cts.- Sevan and one half
A " Bargain " means something for less than its real value,
and we all know that the term is often misapplied, but when
WE offer a
The public know what it means. It has long been our custom
to give our customers the benefit of all the real
That we can secure in the market, and when wo saw a chance
to buy this lot of domestic for below its real value, we imme
diately " took it in7 and decided to give the public the benefit
of the BARGAIN". " We only have
Three (3000) Thousand Tards,
So call early if you want to get the benefit" of this price.
To1 To1 EI73
cents. -71-2 cts.

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